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Mainstream PRP Character Bios

Name: Roy Severias

Age: 17

Hometown: Aspertia City, Unova

Appearance: Roy wears a red jacket with a blue undershirt that has the Kansas City Royals logo on it, he also wears blue jeans and has a red hat with the Kansas City Chiefs logo.

Personality: Warm, happy, and friendly. He’s generally kind and considerate to people. He is incredibly friendly and constantly full of energy.

Goal: To become champion of the Unova region.

Likes: His Pokemon, music, anime, video games, the Kansas City Royals, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Dislikes: Politics, the St. Louis Cardinals, and the Oakland Raiders.

Roy’s Theme Song: Moth Into Flame by Metallica

Pokemon on hand: Meowstic, Sylveon, Mawile, Arbok, Venomoth, and Volcarona.

Bio: Roy is a young trainer from Aspertia City. Prior to his journey, he would help his parents run their ranch and adoption center that was home to a number of Pokemon from all over the world. While he didn’t work with the customers, he would take care of the Pokemon within the ranch. As he worked with them, he became particularly close to two Pokemon, an Espurr and an Eevee. After discussing with his parents, they took the two Pokemon of the adoption list and they would later join Roy on a journey around the Unova region to become the strongest. Roy has a tendency to reference video games (Most often the Super Mario franchise) and the real world in his speech.

Gender: Female

Ability: Infiltrator

Special Trait: Shiny

Personality: Loving, energetic, and sweet. She loves playing with her fellow Pokemon and her trainer. In battle, she will never lose her cool.

Most commonly used moves: Psychic, Hidden Power, Charge Beam, and Calm Mind.

She was one of Roy’s starter Pokemon. Being one of his first Pokemon, the two share a large amount of love and trust between one another. She absolutely hates traveling in her Pokeball and will rest on her trainer’s shoulder or in his arms. In battle, she is the fastest member of the team, but is heavily reliant on the boosts from Calm Mind and Charge Beam to deal much damage or take much damage. She is very close to Mawile and Sylveon.

Gender: Female

Ability: Pixilate

Personality: She’s a sweet, loving, but very timid Pokemon. She loves her fellow Pokemon and trainer dearly. She tends to hide when new people are around, but will become close once she trusts them.

Most commonly used moves: Hyper Voice, Toxic, Quick Attack, and Iron Tail.

Sylveon was Roy’s other starter. Much like Meowstic, they share an incredibly bond with one another. She is very close to Meowstic and Mawile, treating them like sisters. However, she isn’t particularly to Arbok. In battle, she’s similar to Meowstic, just slower and stronger.


Gender: Female

Ability: Hyper Cutter

Personality: Sweet, kind, and gentle. She’s not a big battler, but will give it her all when she has been called upon the battlefield. She loves feeling the warm, gentle touch of her trainer. She can usually be seen clinging to her trainer as they travel.

Most commonly used moves: Iron Head, Fairy Wind, Crunch, and Protect.

Mawile was met shortly after leaving Aspertia City. She had been watching Espurr and Eevee play for a while before joining them. The three instantly hit it off. Much like the other two, she is incredibly close to her trainer, often serving as emotional support for him. In battle, she is very slow, giving her trouble with faster opponents, but she hits hard and can take hits fairly well. She can also Mega Evolve, further increasing her power. She is incredibly close to Meowstic and Sylveon.


Gender: Male

Ability: Intimidate

Personality: Lazy, quiet, and mysterious. He isn’t very close to anyone besides his trainer. In battle, he is very merciless and will fight until his opponent can no longer move.

Most commonly used moves: Gunk Shot, Aqua Tail, Seed Bomb, and Mud Bomb.

Arbok was met as an Ekans on the outskirts of Castelia City. He had initially attacked Roy’s newly evolved Sylveon, though Ekans had quickly regretted his mistake and was caught by Roy not too long after. In battle, Arbok hits hard and moves quickly, but has trouble taking many hits. He is very merciless in battle, striking quickly. He is also very deceptive in battle, often resorting to mind games and tricks when he’s close to losing. He isn’t particularly close to anyone on the team except his trainer. His relationship is especially strained with Sylveon.

Gender: Male

Ability: Tinted Lens

Personality: Gentle and docile. He is a very gentle and loving Pokemon, usually helping Roy as he takes care of the Pokemon. He has a tendency to land on people’s heads whenever he wants to show affection.

Most commonly used moves: Psychic, Bug Buzz, Roost, and Quiver Dance.

Venomoth was met on the outskirts of Nimbasa City. As Roy and his other Pokemon took a moment to stop and rest, a random Venomoth decided to take a rest on Roy’s head. The other Pokemon seemed to find it quite funny, though Roy didn’t seem to mind it. In battle, he is very fast. He will usually land on the heads of people he likes as a sign of affection, though this often annoys people.

Gender: Male

Ability: Flame Body

Personality: Quiet, calm, and collected. He is a very quiet Pokemon that seldom interacts with the others. He isn’t particularly close to anyone, not ever his trainer.

Most commonly used moves: Quiver Dance, Roost, Fiery Dance, and Leech Life.

Volcarona was met as Roy ventured through the Relic Path. After Roy came across the mystical Pokemon, he challenged him to a battle, though he soon regretted his mistake. Volcarona was able to easily plow through his team, until falling to a powerful Gunk Shot from Arbok. Volcarona is the most powerful member of Roy’s team, having extreme power and speed, but he does struggle taking many hits, though this can easily be alleviated by Quiver Dance while making him stronger and faster. Volcarona is often called upon when the situation is looking grim.
Name: Lucas
Gender: Male
Hometown: Ecruteak City
Age: 15.
Hair, eyes, and clothing: He normally wears grey sweatpants and a white tee shirt with a jeans jacket over it. He has ice blue eyes and short light brown hair.
Personality: Lucas is a fun loving joker who has a hard time staying serious. He will stick up for his friends when they need help. He also tends to be careless at times and forgets to do things.
Skills: None, he's just an average trainer.
Past: Lucas started his adventure when his parents gave him a Pichu, He took on the gyms in Jhoto but eventually decided he wasn't interested in being a champion and just wanted to battle for fun. He now travels the world, looking for challenges.
Family: He's an only child and his parents still live in Ecruteak City where his father works as an inspector for Burnt Tower.
Love Relationships: None so far.
Extremely serious and very bashful. He enjoys battling over anything and is rarely seen smiling, although he does care for his trainer a lot.

He's extremely reckless, he doesn't think before he acts which can often lead to him getting himself and his trainer in trouble.
Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.
Extremely hyper and fun loving. She's very outgoing and friendly. However she's always racing around and can sometimes be annoying.
Kut Tana
No guard
Kut is a loyal Pokemon who believes in fair fighting, he will not battle if the fight is unfair and is driven by honor.
Name: Evan Paul Advent

Gender: Male

Hometown: Tellur Town in the Ferrum Region.

Age: 13

Height: 5'6"

Weight: ECH

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Brown

Clothing: Blue Hoodie, Shorts (Because they are comfy and easy to wear,) and some black and red shoes.

Identifying Marks: The Blue Streak in the front of his hair.

Musculature: Strong, but lazy.

Personality: Kind of lazy a lot. He's shy when he doesn't know you, but when he does, he is generous and funny.

Skills: Not being dead.

Past: He did quite well in Pokemon School, and he plays the violin. He wasn't as good as his Older brother in the Ferrum tournaments, but he and his Samurott (don't ask) did their best. When his brother left on his journey, he was inspired to start his own.

Family: He has a Mother and a Father, who both live in Tellur town, and a Brother named Kaleb, who moved away and he hasn't seen in quite a while.

Love Relationships?: He has a crush on someone whom I am not allowed to tell you. Don't tell me what to do, this is my profile.


Name: Sam
Species: Samurott
Gender: Male
Ability: Shell Armor (Prevents Critical Hits)
Origin: He was his starter Pokemon and his battle partner in the Ferrum Tournaments.
Personality: He is a very happy Pokemon, and is very reliable in battle. He and Elegance are a force to be reckoned with in battle.

Name: Elegance
Species: Gallade
Gender: Male
Ability: Steadfast (When flinched, speed increases by 1 stage.)
Origin: This was the first Pokemon he ever caught himself, which makes him VERY lucky, considering it being a shiny.
Personality: He is brave and honest, and not afraid to stand up for his friends and trainer. Also, he has a standing rivalry with Lucas, Kaleb's Lucario.
Strategy: D-E-Stroy.
Oh yeah, he's my Mega.

Name: Silver
Species: Sylveon
Gender: Male
Ability: Pixilate (Turns all Normal Type moves into Fairy Type moves.)
Origin: The Eevee he got as an egg in the Alola region.
Personality: He is very nice and considerate of other People and Pokemon's feelings. Here's some advice about fighting him.
Strategy: Lure them in and then Sneak Attack.

Name: Rapster
Species: Staraptor
Gender: Male
Ability: Reckless (Increases the power of recoil moves by 20%)
Origin: His first Pokemon in the Sinnoh Region.
Personality: He likes to rush head first into battle, not thinking about his actions before he does them. This takes effect outside of battle too.
Strategy: Can't fight forever. Keep attacking.

Name: Maddie
Species: Medicham
Gender: Female
Ability: Pure Power (Doubles the Pokemon's Attack Stat.)
Origin: He caught this one in Hoenn as well as his Gallade. He found his Second shiny ever and Mount Pyre, while chasing after team Aqua.
Personality: Very calm and collected, but don't disturb her while she's meditating, or you'll get a Focus Blast to the face!
Strategy: Stay calm, and wait for an opening.

Name: Dixie
Species: Dedenne
Gender: Female
Ability: Cheek Pouch (Restores 33% of HP when a berry is consumed.)
Origin: The first Pokemon he encountered in the wild in Kalos, and also his first catch there.
Personality: A little trickster, he likes to sneak up behind people and use nuzzle when they least expect it.
Strategy: Sneak up from behind!
Well... since I rarely ever use Pokémon Trainers in RPs; below is one of my Pokémon characters that I have used a lot in the past. (Way before I was roleplaying on this site here.)

Name: Clyde
Species: Mudkip
Gender: Male
Hometown: He was born near Littleroot Town, which is located in the region of Hoenn.
Age: He is roughly 16 Years old.
Height: 30.5 cm / 1'0"
Weight: 4.67 kg / 10.3 lbs
Eyes: He has brown eyes.
Special Features: He still has not evolved yet, as this is due to the unknown gas inhibiting his growth.
Hidden Power: He has slight Psychic-type powers.
Musculature: He has a babyish, skinny build.
Personality: He is extremely pusillanimous around others. Unfortunately, he is easily intimidated of other Pokémon that are significantly bigger than him. He is apprehensive with talking to others, since his youthful voice can easily make him the laughing stock in front of a group of Pokémon. Alas, he has aquaphobia; the utmost fear of water. Even though he is a Water type Pokémon, he would often show his stubbornness to his mother by refusing to take a bath.
Skills: He is able to run quicker and for longer periods of time. He is also able to utilize his small, Psychic power for sprinting at breakneck speeds; though this will quickly exhaust him soon after some brief minutes.
Backstory: He had it hard in his early days, as he was often harassed by other Pokémon; on top of being hunted down by various Pokémon Trainers. He was separated from his mother after falling off of a hill from a Pokémon Trainer that attempted to battle him and his mother. After some time, he eventually had enough of the Pokémon Trainers catching him; after he was almost caught by a persistent Team Magma Grunt. He decided to stalk the grunt and go into the small HQ that the grunt went in. He quickly unleashed a barrage of water guns at the machinery; jamming and even destroying some in the process. Unfortunately, the HQ started to collapse after various fuel tanks were now exploding due to the immense pressure from the broken machinery! Clyde swiftly sprinted out of the HQ; while he was exposed to an unknown gas that caused him to collapse from extreme fatigue soon after he was out of the HQ. In the end, he was rescued from his long lost mother after she recognized his small, neonate body.
Family: He is with his mother, as she is a Swampert. She is much older than him, and her name is Amy. However, the identity of his father remains unknown.
Love Relationships?: N/A
Name: Westley
Gender: Male
Hometown: Blackthorn City, Johto
Age: 15
Height: 5’6
Weight: ???
Hair: Wild Short Blonde
Eyes: Red
Clothing: Black zip up with yellow stars(wears half zipped), Yellow t-shirt, Black jeans, Yellow and Black sneakers, Yellow Backpack
Identifying Marks: Old Dragon Fang Necklace

Musculature: Mostly fit but still average

Personality: Reckless always rushing ahead without thinking he is a bit naive always trying to help someone out that he feels is in trouble be they bad or good. Sometimes helps bad guys without knowing it thinking they are the good guys he becomes lot of calm in battle.

Skills: Able to understand Dragon Pokemon

Past: Westley was born in Blackthorn City. He is the grandson of a Dragon Den elder when he was 5 his grandfather gifted him with his lucky charm an old Dragon Fang and a pokemon egg. The egg hatched a female Dratini that he named Beruka she is his loyal first pokemon. When he come of age he set off on his journey his goal was to become strongest trainer in the world.

Family: Mother and Grandfather

Love Relationships?: None

Pokémon Team:

Species: Dragonite

Nickname: Beruka

Gender: Female

Ability: Inner Focus

Special Features: None

History: Was Westley’s first pokemon has been with him since he was a child.

Personality: Very protective of Westley she doesn't like strangers near him, she can be selfish at times not willing to help people or pokemon unless asked by Westley.


Nickname: Heloise

Gender: Female

Ability: Prankster

Special Features: None

History: Back when she was still wild she often use to follow Westley around trying to steal his necklace. Only after Westley saved her she joined his team.

Personality: Mischievous

Species: Houndoom

Nickname: Zane

Gender: Male

Ability: Flash Fire

Special Features: Some damages to his horns

History: Zane was part of Westley’s main team Westley first catch him as a Houndour Zane was one his strongest fire type pokemon but after Westley got reckless in battle which led to Zane being severely injured in battle after that Westley no longer uses him in many battles in fear of hurting Zane again.

Personality: Zane is actually a friendly pokemon despite his fearsome appearance.

Species: Tauros

Nickname: Benkai

Gender: Male

Ability: Sheer Force

Special Features: None

History: Benkai was wreaking havoc all throughout a town Westley was resting out many trainers tried to subdue the raging beast to no avail. Being amazed by the strength of the pokemon his mind was set on catching it.

Personality: Serious, Strong Willed

Species: Bagon

Nickname: Nino

Gender: Female

Ability: Rock Head

Special Features: Shiny

History: The newest pokemon in Westley’s team was sent to him a good friend of his grandfather he sent him a pokeball containing the oddly colored Bagon.

Personality: Prideful

Species: Nidoqueen

Nickname: Helga

Gender: Female

Ability: Rivalry

History: None at the moment

Personality: Careful
-Name: Dante E. Young
-Gender: Male
-Sex: Bisexual
-Age: 21

-Hometown / Nationality: He and his twin sister Grace are from Vermillion City. He speaks with a crisp, precise upper-middle-class accent.

Dante stands at about five foot eleven, with an athletically muscular build and a stern, angular face with a slightly squared chin but otherwise smooth features, albeit worn hard from a life of self-imposed isolation and distance. He hasn't many lines on his face – he doesn't outright grin very often, so there hasn't been much cause for wrinkling – but for those few people who get close, a small, mischievous smirk is never far away. His eyes are light ice-blue in colour. His black hair is cut short out of his eyes, and always kept in a neat style. He doesn't care what other people think, but he cares what he thinks, and he isn't about to allow himself to become unkempt and unprofessional. He always, therefore, makes sure to be sharply dressed...but when he's in the wilderness, he tends to relax his strict dress sense. Practicality trumps style, of course.


- Practised martial artist. Primarily a blend of Akido and Krav Maga.
- Practically photographic memory, allowing a large category of recallable information.
- Intense focus on tactics and strategy.
- Though he comes across as cold sometimes, his refusal to give up on training his pokemon – training beats natural talent every time – leads to an intense bond of trust and loyalty.

Dante is cold, aloof and above all else, logical. He prides himself on being able to keep his head under pressure and make the tough calls, and views emotions as a distraction that - whilst important to being human - must be kept under control when necessary. Dante may come across as arrogant and rude, but he does not intend it that way; he is just now learning many of the social skills that people should learn in their pre-teens, and Grace is there if he steps too far out of line. For all his perceived arrogance, he does acknowledge when he has made a mistake, and is more than ready to apologise if he has done wrong. Most importantly, he always strives to learn from his mistakes and keep a realistic analysis of his strengths and weaknesses so he does not overexert or overestimate his abilities. Therefore, he is not above asking for help when he needs it; taking the most logical path, after all, just means taking the actions that are most likely to result in success...something that Hollywood doesn't quite seem to understand. He tends to hold most people at arms length due to some undisclosed experiences in the past, and neither he nor Grace ever talk about the specifics of the case.

What is apparent is that Dante went cold and distant in an effort to protect his little sister, and he would do anything to keep her safe. Also apparent is that the Twins have more than a few skeletons in their closets...even Grace. Dante is cold in regards to almost everybody and everything, rarely smiles, almost never laughs in public and is 100% serious, aloof and distant all the time, only focusing on helping himself and Grace. He may act aloof and distant, but he does genuinely care about the people close to him, though you could count them on one hand...he just has trouble expressing his emotions, and secretly feels an intensely crippling loneliness that he can't seem to remedy. He pretends to be strong and unbreakable, but beneath the surface he actually hurts quite a bit, and he's constantly at war with himself over what he needs and his perceived inability to get it and protect his sister at the same time. He goes out of his way to protect people who are being victimised - it being a sore spot for him - and does honestly try to help. He may come across as a dick sometimes, but in reality he's capable of being really rather sweet and caring...he just doesn't doesn'tshow that side of him because life has forced him into a shell that he's only now learning to come out of.

Basic History:
Dante was raised, along with his sister Grace in their parents large country estate. Before they were born, their parents had managed to make a name for themselves in two vastly different industries, and as such were relatively rich but always busy. They had babysitters and nannies, but growing up, the two siblings only had each other. This bond strengthened when they entered school and, when people found out that they were rich, they did what every kid does; they cosied up to them in an attempt to leech, and when that failed, victimised them for their perceived arrogant selfishness. As the years dragged on, Dante became colder and more aloof in an attempt to deal with the bullies, and devised his own coldly logical way of dealing with people. Everything he and his sister did was planned to make them less tempting targets, from training in martial arts to focusing on cultivating their intelligence, though Grace did manage to twist his arm into a variety of less stimulating and practical hobbies. There were the stickers, the trading cards (though he'll admit, some of the card games did require a lot of strategic thinking, so it wasn't a complete waste of time), little figurines (everything from wrestling figures to Barbies, she literally went through them all...and she made him join in. The Tea Party of '99 is forever etched into his memory)...you name it, she had a passing fascination with it. She never stuck with any of them for very long (they were probably the biggest contributors of old toys to childrens charities in the area, to be honest), but that's what kids do, and Dante was inclined to indulge her flighty nature...at least she had fun. She did stick with the guitar, though, which surprised him, though he did end up learning the violin himself (Grace pressured him into an instrument, since she thought he needed a "relaxing" hobby, and he does find it rather therapeutic (though he would never admit it; can you imagine how insufferable she would become?)). Of course, he hasn't touched that violin in over a decade. Training pokemon and studying martial arts doesn't leave much time for anything else.

But as they grew, Dante found that he was...just going through the motions. He was keeping his sister happy, but he wasn't really content himself. He was restless, he wanted to go and see things, do things, meet people and generally see the world. It might sound odd coming from somebody as precise and disciplined as Dante, but he wanted freedom. He needed to be off somewhere that people didn't bother him, where he could enjoy life by himself or maybe with a close companion or two, where he could just...relax and enjoy life. Grace, being the closest person to him, hatched a plan; she made noises that she wanted to go on a Pokemon Adventure, pressured Dante into agreeing (though it didn't take much pressuring, honestly) and began to make preparations...only to “lose interest” only a month or so after they set off. Not so long that he grew suspicious of her interest suddenly waning after being held longer than the other whims, of course, but not so short a time that he didn't develop a taste for it. He protested that he would take her back to Vermillion, but she refused, urging him to go on ahead and have the adventure for the both of them. He was reluctant, but her insistence that she would not climb down from that tree until he pinky-swore to continue his journey eventually wore him down. She returned home, and he continued...and it was the best decision of his life. As he captures more pokemon – really only grabbing the ones that he needed to fill a tactical gap – he intensified their training. See, Dante didn't just want to explore...his natural urge to excel demanded that he be the best that he could possibly be, that he push himself and his pokemon to the limit.

So every pokemon he captured was integrated into the rigorous training regime he implemented for them; every day, they would have at least two to three hours of intense physical training, followed by another hour or two of mental exercise (after all; if you can't think whilst exhausted, what good is intelligence), followed by a rest and then several trainer battles. They had plenty of time to rest, of course, and in the event that they won a tough or landmark battle – for example, a Gym Boss or a particularly powerful pokemon – they earned a holiday without training. But when they weren't doing other things, other tasks, he would train them all mercilessly. He didn't do it one at a time. He would let them ALL out and would put them through the grinder, push them to the edge, force them to hit and then break their limits. Many trainers might end up being resented by their pokemon for that treatment...but not Dante.

See, there's a difference between him and a lot of the other trainers that do that. He didn't meet failure with punishment or admonishment or cruelty. If one of his Pokemon collapsed or couldn't do it, he knelt down, tended to their injuries, encouraged them, comforted them and was a friend. More, whatever he asked them to do, he would do right alongside them. If he told his Rhyhorn to swim a lap of the island, he'd be swimming right alongside it. If he told his Spearow to go out and survive on its own in the wild for a week with no supplies whatsoever beyond what it could scavenge or hunt, Dante would be right there with her, supporting and helping and suffering alongside her. And in the time between their training, he would pamper them and treat them like family, because between them and Grace, they're the only family he has. So he bonded with them through them knowing that he only pushes them because he loves them, wants them to be the best...and will never abandon them. So long as they do their best, Dante will always be satisfied with their efforts.

And so, eleven years passed. He trained with his Pokemon, rearing them both in mind, body and soul – making certain that he was always there for them, always helping them with their issues, always making time for their goals and aspirations – travelling across the regions, training and battling and exploring. He returned home often to see his sister, share stories and see how she was getting on, but every time, she would insist that he go and continue his adventures, for her; she was fine where she was, and there was a world that needed exploring. He will always run when Grace calls, of course...but for now, he is busy striving to be the best he can be. It can get lonely, of course, and he's had his moments of weakness and doubt – never really making any friends is a hard way to live, especially with the cynicism and distrust sowed by his negative dealings with people – and he's even had his heart broken on more than one occasion (which just makes it that much harder to get close to him, now that he holds his very emotions close to his chest), which is why he tends to avoid cities when he can even as he craves human contact. He much prefers the quiet of the wilderness; better to endure sometimes crushing loneliness than to have what little pieces of his heart ground into fine powder, no? In any case...he has his drives – making his sister proud, being the best trainer he can be and seeing more of the world than anybody else ever has – and he has his neuroses and his fears and his doubts...but that's what it means to be alive, no?


(Credit to PentheWonderful for the amazing Art! )

Theme Song:

Battle Theme:

Tournament / Champion Battle Theme:


Dante has a mixture of traded, gifted and trained pokemon. He has 14 pokemon in total. 9 pokemon that he has caught and trained from scratch and 5 that he has either been Traded or Gifted. Any pokemon who have a specific story is mentioned. Otherwise, just their personality is given a brief overview.
NOTE: He has 14, Pokemon, yes. But to be fair...he has been doing this for over a decade!

Houndoom: “Jason”
Dark / Fire
Jason was Dante's first ever Pokemon; Dante grew up in Kanto, true, but his parents roamed the world in the name of their business and – as an apology for not being around enough – gave them each a baby pokemon when they were little, to keep them safe and to give them a friend besides each other. Dante was given Jason, the Houndor pup, and they quickly became as inseparable as Dante and Grace herself. Wherever Dante went, Jason was trotting along beside him, panting and yipping happily at whatever mischief they happened to get into. And when Dante left for his journey? Jason was the one that left with him, giving him the start of his own adventure. Jason is perhaps one of the few pokemon that Dante has that can see and sometimes provoke the more playful side of him, hidden well beneath the jade and the cynicism.

Alolan Ninetails: “Tails”
Ice / Fairy
Tails is one of the pokemon that Dante didn't catch, precisely. When he was 14, he stumbled across a plot by Team Rocket to – you guessed it! - steal powerful pokemon from accomplished trainers around the world. He himself was in the Alolan region at the time, and despite himself, he simply couldn't walk away from the abhorrent practices going on there. So, he investigated and fought his way into their main local distribution centre, freeing the Pokemon from their captivity, handing them over to the authorities for return. Except Tails. Tails wasn't on the system as a missing Pokemon – which he later found out was a glitch in the system – so he set out to find her owner, seeking out any rumours he could find of a missing male Alolan Ninetails. His search eventually led him to a small cabin on a nondescript island in the Alolan east ocean, where he was surprised to find an elderly lady of around 70, who – upon seeing Tails – tearfully explained that Tails had been stolen from her a whopping twenty years previously...but she had lacked the strength to pursue her, and living where she did, there was nobody to help her or even care.

After graciously accepting dinner at the older womans house, Dante bid his farewells and made to leave...only to have the older woman ask him something very peculiar. She asked him to take Tails with him; Tails still had a long life to live, and she didn't want her to be stuck on the island when she passed away, unable to see the rest of the world. Since Dante was obviously a skilled – and, more importantly, morally secure – trainer, she wanted him to take care of Tails. Dante – after some reluctance – accepted, and Tails joined the team. Tails reflects Dante himself, in a way; secure in her own skills and power, cool and collected even under pressure and constantly playing straightman to the more rambunctious of her fellow pokemon, she often ends up helping Dante wrangle the group together and keep them under control.

Gyarados: “Gary”
Water / Flying
Gary was actually the first Pokemon that Dante caught on his own; a Magikarp that had flopped out of the river and was flailing on the bank, Dante was forced to capture him for his own good, since he proved far too flaily and slippery to get a proper hold on. Instead of releasing him, however, Dante decided to keep him, and the next six years proved to be the biggest challenge he had ever encountered; he trained Gary day and night, over and over again, desperately pushing him to defy the stereotypes the Kanto region had of Magikarp – since back then, the connection to Gyarados was not widely known – and become a viable, effective combatant. It...didn't go well. Every time he sent him out, he was defeated with little ceremony. Every training exercise he pushed him through, he only got a small way through before giving up. Part of it was his own self esteem issues; he knew he was useless, and he honestly believed that Dante would get tired of him.

Except he didn't. It took him three years, but he finally managed to teach him Tackle, and then he started to do better. He didn't win, but he did better...and his own confidence grew. The turning point came when Dante was 16. He was down to only Gary left conscious in his party after a gruelling trek through a winding network of caverns, and was confronted by a rather obnoxious trainer. He sent Gary out. The trainer ignored Gary, kicking it absently into the nearby river, scornfully declaring that he had won, if Gary was all that Dante had left. And then...he evolved. And the rest is history.
As a result of his constant belief and refusal to abandon him, Gary is probably the most loyal pokemon that Dante has; he's twisted and emotional and driven by impulse and rage, yes, but also a fierce protectiveness of Dante, the loyalty bred by years of patient training focusing his anger. It doesn't matter what Dante tells him to do; he will do it without hesitation or compulsion required.

It is perhaps fitting, then, that Gary is the only Pokemon in Dante's Roster to have access to a Mega Evolution. During one of Dante's excursions fighting Team Aqua, he happened across one of their underground labs. In it, he found a series of computers hooked up to a small, mysterious orb in the centre of the room. From the looks of it, the researchers had left in a hurry when they'd heard that the base was under attack, and - for whatever reason - had left the orb in its place. Though he had no idea what it was, he figured that if Team Aqua wanted it, it was probably for the best that they not have it at all, so he opted to take it. Removing the orb ended up cutting power to the entire facility from the feedback it created - hence why they hadn't removed it - and he had to withdraw quickly. He took the orb to one of the Pokemon Professors, and found out that it was actually a piece of Gyaradosite. Upon learning about Mega Evolutions, Dante made it his mission A) to research as much about known Mega Evolutions as possible, and B) find the Keystone so he could use it.

Thus began a good year of constant searching, chasing down every rumour and legend of hidden treasure he could find...until one day, about two years ago, his search took him to an ancient ruin of a sunken temple just off the southern coast of the southern most Alolan Island. After battling some powerful rare Pokemon - which apparently were acting as Guardians of some sort - he made his way into the inner sanctum. There, half buried in the Altar, he found what he was looking for; a small coral bracelet, with a hole just the right size for his Gyaradosite. As soon as he took it, the entire Temple began to collapse around him, necessitating a speedy escape, lest his prize prove to be his final one. Once back on dry land, he called Gary to him, explained the Gyaradosite and the Keystone...and proceeded to try it out. The immense power and energy coursing through the both of them almost overwhelmed Dante in his exhausted state, but he was able to claw back control long enough to shut the Evolution down. After getting some rest...he and Gary began training with it in earnest. Power without control is meaningless, after all. And now? Well. Now, he has a trump card if he ever needs just a little bit more power than Gary can provide.

Rhydon: “Falcone”
Ground / Rock
Falcone is...emotional, to say the least. She's impulsive and aggressive, never able to back down from a challenge and often offended if it's suggested that she is incapable of doing something. This was actively encouraged by Dante during her training – since she can also be very stubborn – by using reverse psychology to imply that she couldn't do any of the training he was setting her. Of course, that's come back to bite him in the arse a little bit, since now it can be a touch challenging to control her. If he tells her to retreat, it's even odds as to whether she'll actually listen. Still, she's a fearless fighter and often has the durability to handle a lot of punishment, so Dante tends to point her in the right direction and then just attempt to direct her rampage. With some people, there's not much else you can do!

Aegislash: “Mrs. Stabbington” [Dante's Note: Blame Grace]
Steel / Ghost
When spending time in the Kalos region, Dante came across a mysterious tower standing in the middle of nowhere. Intrigued, he decided to investigate; nobody nearby seemed willing to talk about the tower, only noting that “going in never seemed to be a decision that people came back from,” which was...disturbing, to say the least. Still, his curiosity was piqued, and he couldn't rightly leave a Murder Tower out in the open where anybody could wander in and fall prey to whatever was in there. Well, he went in and explored, and was soon set upon by a mysterious shade that assaulted him and his team at every turn, striking without warning and disappearing into the shadows. Dante attempted to retreat, only to find that the door had sealed behind him, and the walls were seemingly impenetrable to his attacks. So...he fought through the tower, getting by by the skin of his teeth until he came to the top of the tower and confronted the shade; it turned out that it was a vengeful Aegislash, driven mad by its rage and isolation.

Dante managed to subdue it after an arduous battle, tempering its rage long enough to figure out what it was angry about; an unidentifiable body lay behind where the Aegislash had manifested, with clear signs of a struggle, years passed. It was hard to tell how old it was, and no way to determine the murderer...so the best he could do was drag the body out of the tower while the Aegislash was recovering to give the body a proper burial. Upon laying the body to rest, the Aegislash manifested directly above the grave, but instead of attacking...it seemed to submit, laying itself at Dante's feet. He knelt, experimentally tapping the ball against it...and it went in, sealing without struggle. To this day, the identity of the body and its relationship to Aegislash (Or “Mrs. Stabbington," as Grace insisted he call it upon hearing the story) remains an utter mystery.

Galarian Rapidash: “Esper”
Fairy / Psychic
Esper doesn't really have a story as such; whilst many of the current members of Dante's teams have some unique or dramatic story of adventure and derring-do, Esper is somewhat dull by comparison. She was encountered on Dante's first League Challenge in his home region of Galar in Glimwood Tangle. She was evasive at first, leading Dante on a merry chase through the labyrinth of roots and branches before he managed to shepherd her against a nearby river and capture her after a quick but brutal battle that left several of his team licking some serious wounds. Following her capture, she wasn't all that difficult to train; she seemed to take to Dante and the team rather quickly, and soon proved herself a valuable member of the squad.

She didn't have an abandoned family, she didn't have trust issues or a rebellious streak. She was just...a wild pokemon who needed training. But that's refreshing, really; no drama, no fuss...and her personality helps as well. She's solid and proper, with an ethereal grace and reserved, stoic demeanour no matter how bad things may get. She's dependable. Reliable. Rather unflappable, compared to the rage that is Gary, for example. Needless to say, she and Tails get along rather well.

Sirfetch'd: “Galahad”
Dante obtained Galahad rather by accident; he happened to be passing back through his home region of Galar on his travels – just after he obtained Mrs. Stabbington, actually – when he heard about a small Pokemon tournament being held nearby. Intrigued by the possibility of testing his skills against the other local trainers, Dante entered. Long story short, he won. The first prize was a Large Nugget; nice to have - especially for a travelling trainer with Pokemon to feed - but he counted his experience in a competition and a chance to remind his homeland why he was an ex-Champion as a greater prize than just cash. Little did he know that one of Galar's feistiest and most martial-focused Pokemon had also been watching the competition with great interest.

When on the road, Dante found himself accosted by a Galarian Farfetch'd, large leek in hand, refusing to let him pass until he bested him in battle. The little guy was tough, there was no doubt about that, but Dante didn't have much trouble overcoming him with his varied and well-drilled team. When it came time to try to capture him, the Farfetch'd did not resist, instead joining Dante eagerly...even to the point that the next time they made camp, he all but demanded that they start training right away!

Galahad is, much like Falcone, a fighter to the core. He loves a challenge and loves proving himself against strong opponents, but unlike Falcone, this isn't driven by a stubborn confidence or refusal to accept that he can't do something; it is simply for the thrill of the fight itself, the adrenaline rush of fighting an opponent worthy of you, of being pushed to your limit and beyond. It's about that feeling you get when you stand victorious, or that sudden urge to knuckle down and break past your limits if you lose. He isn't reckless by any means...but he's always eager for trouble, and jumps at every chance to prove himself.

Magnezone: “Maggie”
Electric / Steel
Maggie has, from the beginning, been an enthusiastic Pokemon. She's always cheerful, making happy, content sounds at the slightest provocation, buzzing around with seemingly endless energy, chasing the other Pokemon in some weird kind of Thundershock-Tag, always being ready with what he thinks is her version of a grin and a dizzy, giddy spin. She does get somewhat upset and despondent for a short while should she lose, but soon bounces back with even more vigour than before. And if she wins? Be prepared for an enthusiastic tackle-hug, and just pray that she doesn't get too excited and zaps you.

Cloyster: “Clay”
Water / Ice
Cloyster is a prankster at heart, a mischievous grin never too far from its face. It revels in playing pranks and practical jokes on its friends, and never seems to take anything too seriously. It's been known to tease and taunt its opponents in battle – a fact that Dante tries to exploit as often as possible – and is very rarely serious in any way, shape or form. Even when the battle gets serious, it never loses its sardonic, sarcastic smile...but its eyes do harden in determination. The one thing Clay hates more than being admonished for his jokes is losing, and if he does lose, he will be sulking for days afterwards, no matter what Dante tries to say or do to bring him out of it. He's learned the hard way...just let him come out of it on his own. It's far, far simpler that way.
Honestly, Dante isn't surprised that his old trainer practically begged him to take him away; even though Dante insisted on giving him a Pokemon in return, the poor kid just handed him the ball and ran. He gets it. Though he can handle Clay's...mischievous ways, he knows full well that some people just don't have the patience or the temperament for it. Hell, even Dante's patience gets tested by him on occasion!

Muk: “Sludge”
Dante encountered Sludge in the sewers of Celadon city; the huge cities massive amount of waste had attracted all sorts of polution-based Pokemon, primarily grimers, that were clogging up the disposal system of the populace. Somewhat obviously, this was a problem. The city was beginning to rather stink, and there were numerous hygiene, tourism and logistical concerns that the mayor didn't really want to deal with if he could at all avoid it. The Grimers themselves weren't the problem; they were tiny, and actually fed on the waste that got deposited in the cisterns and drains underneath the city. The problem was that there was a rather large blockage in the central tube that was preventing the waste from moving past, causing a huge pileup on the way to the waste disposal tanks in the management plant outside of town. Numerous work teams had been dispatched to try and address the problem, but all of them ended up coming back unsuccessful, telling stories of something underneath the city, stopping them from progressing further. They didn't get a decent look at it; they were sewage workers, not Trainers, after all.

Well, Dante and a group of other trainers banded together to explore the tunnels, trying to find the source of the blockage and a way to get at it, and after a good long time wading through days-old sewage – that it took him months to get the stench of off of him – he eventually came across the beast that the workers had described. Turned out, the creature was the blockage; a Muk had taken up residence inside the tube, feeding on the waste pouring down it...but even Muk and its appetite had a limit to how quickly it could consume it, so the delay was causing the backing up of the waste. To cut a long story short, Dante managed to capture the Muk and clear a way forward for the sewage workers through the Grimers, and the waste management issues were solved. Well. For now, at least.

Sludge himself is somewhat of a “lone wolf.” Used to living and moving alone – save for a few Grimers hanging around his shadow – he never really takes part in any of the team exercises, and likes to consider himself very independent. He takes orders from Dante, yes, but suggesting that he needs help to win? Not a good idea. Needless to say, he doesn't like Paris's mothering. Like. At all.

Corviknight: “Corva”
Flying / Steel
Corva's favoured strategy can be summed up as “Attack attack attack attack attack until one of us stops moving.” Extremely aggressive in everything she does, Corva can be a little bit of a handful to reign in sometimes by anybody but Dante. Corviknights are often regarded as the strongest force in the skies of Galar, and she knows it; she knows exactly how tough she is, and just how much trouble some trainers have in bringing her down. Alas, this has given her just a bit of an ego. She isn't especially malicious, but she is a bird of prey and extremely confident in her own physical abilities. She is confident, aggressive and very much views herself as an Alpha, making her unpredictable at times. Not that Dante minds; if he ever brings out Corva, it's because an overwhelming assault is necessary, and for all of her flaws and overconfidence, she is very good at beating down even the best of defences. A good tactician never gripes about what he has; he uses it to its full effect, exploiting strengths and covering weaknesses. Outside of combat, Corva is aggressive and dismissive to most people, unless she decides for whatever reason that she likes you. She doesn't really play well with others, so Dante tries to keep her “social time” to a minimum in polite company.

Ariados: “Ariel”
Bug / Poison
Ariel was captured when Dante was lucky enough to stumble across her in Kanto. There isn't really an impressive story involved here; he fought her as most trainers would, caught her, then proceeded to train her as hard as he could. The story comes from what happened afterwards; as he was training her over the following weeks in the area, she was especially difficult and disobedient, every day a battle to get her to listen to him. It was during one of these butting of heads that he heard a great commotion coming from the town nearby; apparently, Team Rocket had cordoned off the nearby forest and were proceeding to fight, subdue and capture every rare pokemon they could find. Dante went to investigate, and found them in the middle of attacking a Spinarak nest (lair? Den?). Turns out, the nest was Ariel's; she had been rebelling because she had been separated from her family (though whether it was siblings or kids, Dante had no idea). Ariel was less than impressed, and rampaged off to deal with Rocket, regardless of what Dante attempted to do to stop her. He pursued, and soon found her in a tight spot, cornered and desperate (she was, after all, only a Spinarak). The battle was brief but brutal, but at the end of it, Dante and his Pokemon stood triumphant. They managed to rescue the hoarded pokemon, placing them into the care of the Rangers, and Ariel calmed down immediately. It wasn't that she was angry or rampaging against Dante's control, just that she was concerned for her family. Now that they were safe...she was more than happy to follow Dante's lead. Now, she's translated that protectiveness onto her new family, Dante's collection of pokemon, often mothering several of the smaller pokemon when allowed to roam free...especially, for some odd reason, Sludge, much to his chagrin!

Noivern: “Zephyr”
Dragon / Flying
Noivern is the most recent addition to Dante's stable, only having been caught a couple of years ago. It just so happens that a Noivern had been terrorising a town that Dante passed through in his travels – quite accidentally, to be fair; his hunting grounds just so happened to be in the same area the townsfolk kept their livestock, so it wasn't like it was deliberate, premeditated aggression on the Noiverns part – and nobody really had any idea how to deal with it. It was a fairly rare Pokemon, such that none of the local populace actually knew what it was just from its shadow (they tended to run when it approached, rather than studying its features) and its legend grew from simple livestock devourer to a man-eater. Completely undeserved, but it drew the attention of many an ambitious trainer nonetheless. One of whom was, of course, Dante. Where the other trainers steamed on ahead to deal with the vicious Pokemon, Dante did his homework. He spoke to the local populace, gathered the stories, scouted the area, studied the ground and figured out fairly quickly that it was simply a predatory Pokemon prowling its territory.

He staked out some bait, waited for it to land to eat, engaged it in battle and managed to drive it off, away from the area; it was a brutal fight, and one that Dante was at several points uncertain as to his ability to win. Tails was the right typage, but Noivern was so fast that it was tough to get a solid hit in. After the battle - and after Noivern was successfully chased off and dissuaded from returning - Dante managed to track it back to its lair in the nearby mountains...and as the creature was sleeping, just so happened to come across a discarded egg outside its cave. The egg was cracked, and obviously the mother had decided that it was therefore useless, so Dante took it in instead. A few days later, the egg hatched into a baby Noibat, which Dante raised with his own brand of care and discipline until it evolved during a particularly nasty fight with an enemy Hydreigon to carry the day. It's been a regular member of Dante's lineup ever since.

Sylveon: “Syl”
Syl has been with Dante for about seven years now, ever since she was a younger Eevee that Dante found wandering the woods, looking rather lost. After following her for a while, Dante decided that she had no idea where she was going, and tried to approach her to capture her. Syl heard him and darted off into the undergrowth, provoking a good day-long chase deeper into the forest. Syl darted beneath trees, into rabbit holes, into bushes and through rivers, Dante always hot on her heels – using his various Pokemon to keep track of her as best as he was able – until they both eventually stumbled into a small meadow with a bubbling brook gurgling away nearby. They were both exhausted, breathing heavily, their throats burning for water. They both staggered over to the river to drink, then collapsed in a tired heap on the meadow floor, chase forgotten as they rested in the cooling night air. When Dante made no move to capture Syl, with the autumn night quickly getting colder, she crept closer to him cautiously, warily – survival in the cold outweighing fear – and hesitantly snuggled into his side. He slowly closed his arm around her – sparking a quick look of panic and a freeze from Dante – before she relaxed again, allowing him to gather her up to keep her warm.

In the morning, Syl was still there, sitting on his chest and watching him curiously, her tail swishing behind her. She nudged at his chin, then bounded off of his chest, looking over her shoulder at him as she scampered into the undergrowth. As he started to pick up his stuff to leave – with that headstart, there was no way he was catching her – he noticed her watching him from the bushes, almost...expectantly. Taking a gamble...he gave chase. This time, instead of trying to get away, she would always double back and make herself seen to him if he lost her, apparently enjoying the newfound game with the strange two-legged creature that had stumbled on her meandering path through the forest. They spent another half-day running through the forests, Dante actually managing to forget his usual stoic persona for a while as he just enjoyed the running game of hide and seek. It had been a long time since he'd been able to just have fun and be a kid, after all, and he found the change of pace refreshing. This time, at the end of their chase as they sat underneath a large oak tree – Dante idly feeding Syl some treats from his backpack – she nudged at one of his Pokeballs. He tilted his head at her, slowly freeing the ball from its loop on his belt, then dropping it on her back. It clicked open, and in she went. After a few half-hearted wiggles, it fell still.

Ever since then, whenever they've gotten a spare moment, Dante likes to let Syl out of her ball and just...have fun for an afternoon, forgetting the responsibilities of the real world in favour of feeling a little bit like a kid again. Was it any wonder that when Syl evolved, she evolved into Sylveon? Dante doesn't think so. Syl is...in a word, playful. Childlike, even, and even in battle treats it like one big game, her favourite tactic being running from place to place, hiding, then pouncing on her opponent from an unexpected direction. She seems to view it as a playfight, even in the serious battles, and as such Dante doesn't employ her in battles unless he has to; Pokemon get hurt in fights, and something about Syl makes him abhor seeing her injured even above his other Pokemon. Kind of like...they know the risks, and they know the deal, whereas Syl still seems insanely innocent of the realities of Poke-battles. He's a pragmatist, so if he needs Fairy attacks he'll use her...but he'll always do his best to keep her away from real harm...and most of the rest of his Pokemon also seem particularly taken with Syl, too. Even Percy lets her nibble idly on his wings with only the most token of complaints. Hey. Everybody is allowed their secret favourites, right?

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Name: Shouko
Gender: Female
Hometown: Littleroot Town
Age: 17
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 132lbs
Hair: Milk chocolate brown with baby pink highlights at the tips of her bangs and hair in general.
Eyes: "Glittering Sapphire" as her mother calls them.
Clothing: To begin, Shouko wears a baby pink tank top, which is covered by a black leather jacket. She wears a puffy, petticoat type skirt that's also baby pink and a dark purple, with lace on the ends of the skirt. She has white tights, and wears pink Mary Jane strap shoes. Also, she has a pink heart shaped clip that resides in her hair.
Identifying Marks: None.
Musculature: skinny in the arms, but the rest of her body has some weight to it.
Personality: Shouko is a happy-go-lucky girl who started her journey as soon as she turned ten, always keeping her head up as she went on through tough challenges. However, when she knows it's time to get serious, she gets serious, and is a very kind and caring person.
Skills: One of her skills, even though most wouldn't call it a skill, is Pokemon Breeding. Most wouldn't have the patience to run around with eggs in her hands, hatching them one by one. She's also the former champion of the Hoenn region.
Past: Shouko was naturally born in Littleroot Town in the Hoenn region, and her mother always knew she was going to be a trainer due to her being comfortable around Pokemon. Whenever she accidentally ran off and encountered a Pokemon, she was never afraid, and gave said wild Pokemon a berry that she picks, and walks off. This is how she encountered her very first pokemon, Twilight the shiny Spinarak. The little Spinarak was given a berry, and as Shouko left, berries fell out of her basket, and Twilight followed her. Shouko, not knowing the difference between shiny and non shiny, asked her mother if she could keep it, and of course, she was told yes. Ever since then, she and Twilight have been very close, and even as Shouko gets her starter Pokemon, Leif the Treecko, she always remained close with the purple Spinarak, whom is now an Ariados.
Family: Her mother, father, and big brother. All alive.
Love Relationships?: A crush on Team Magma's leader, Maxie.

Species: Sceptile
Nickname: Leif
Gender: Male
Ability: Overgrow
Hidden Power: N/A
Special Features: N/A
History/Personality: Shouko met Leif as her starter Pokemon, and he turned out to have a Lonely nature. More often then not, he keeps to himself, and refuses to interact with most of Shouko's other Pokemon. However, Shouko would sit by him when she let all of her Pokemon out, and would always interact with him, and they became close due to the interactions. Despite his Lonely nature, he got along well with Twilight, Shouko's Ariados. Shouko spent her entire journey with Leif, and once she obtained the Mega Ring and Sceptilite, she found out that she was close enough to him due to the fact that he let her Mega Evolve him.

Species: Shiny Ariados
Nickname: Twilight
Gender: Female
Ability: Sniper
Hidden Power: N/A
Special Features: A purple and black bow that rests on her head, tied to her horn.
History/Personality: Shouko met Twilight when she was young, and as Twilight was an Ariados. She gave Twilight a berry that she picked, and walked off. As Shouko left, berries fell out of her basket, and Twilight followed her. Shouko, not knowing the difference between shiny and non shiny, asked her mother if she could keep it, and of course, she was told yes. Ever since then, she and Twilight have been very close, Twilight hardly leaving her side, and not wanting to go into her Pokeball, but she does anyway. She gets along rather well with Leif, Shouko's Sceptile. Twilight's nature is Adamant.

Species: Emolga
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Ability: Motor Drive
Hidden Power: N/A
Special Features: N/A
History/Personality: Shouko met Emolga accidentally, as her wing was injured, and she couldn't get around well. She nursed the sweet Emolga back to health, but the Emolga wouldn't leave her side. Despite this, Emolga is still technically wild, since Shouko never caught her in a Pokeball. She's a mischievous little devil toward Leif and Malla the Cinccino, but is a sweetheart to everyone else. Her nature is Lax.

Species: Roserade
Nickname: Rosa
Gender: Female
Ability: Poison Point
Hidden Power: N/A
Special Features: N/A
History/Personality: Shouko met Rosa as a Roselia protecting herself from Nidorino, and sent in Emogla to help. Rosa noticed that Emolga was injured while protecting her, so she used Aromatherapy to heal Emolga. Ever since then, Rosa and Emolga were close friends, and wouldn't leave without one another, so Shouko caught her. She's always looking forward to helping her teammates, whether they want it or not. Her nature is Modest.

Species: Primarina
Nickname: Prismarian
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Hidden Power: N/A
Special Features: N/A
History/Personality: Shouko met Prismarian as a Popplio whom was abandoned by his trainer. He was injured and unable to find anyone to help, but when Shouko stopped by, he reached out to her. When she nursed the darling back to health, he quickly became attached, and nudged one of her pokeballs. She caught him, and renamed him Prismarian, which means (this isn't real!) "Singer of the Stars." When he became a Primarina, she realized his name suit him due to his ability to sing. His nature is Relaxed.

Species: Cinccino
Nickname: Malla
Gender: Male
Ability: Cute Charm
Hidden Power: N/A
Special Features: N/A
History/Personality: Shouko met Malla as a Minccino in the Mirage Forest thinking that he was one of the prettiest Pokemon she's seen yet. When she caught him, she didn't know he had the Sassy nature until he started to show behavior that his nature was in fact Sassy. He's a little snobby as well, since she babied him before she evolved him, which is proven by the way he acts around Shouko's other Pokemon. Specifically, he doesn't like Emolga, since she constantly picks on him and messes with him. Despite his personality and nature, he's very sweet and will always help a friend in need.

I hope this was good!! Took me quite a while to write. Shouko's Mary Sue point count is 8.
-Name: Grace E. Young
-Gender: Female
-Sex: Bisexual
-Age: 21

-Hometown / Nationality: She and her twin brother Dante are from Vermillion City. She speaks with a crisp, precise upper-middle-class accent, though it is markedly warmer and softer than her brothers oftentimes harsh-sounding tone.

Grace stands at about five foot nine, with an athletically curvaceous frame, gifted with the classical "hourglass figure" that tends to be presented as the ideal body shape for a girl her age, her "assets" being somewhat generous in their proportions. Unlike her brother, her face is distinctly warmer and more friendly, smooth skin being accompanied by an almost perpetual smile - whether it's a mischievous smirk, a playfully sly half-smile, a flirtatious curling of her lips or an out and out beaming grin of joy - and an undeniable level of warmth and mirth that has often had people wondering whether she truly is actually related to Dante. Her eyes, like her brothers, are blue, but that's where the similarity ends; whereas Dante's are the colour of ice, cool and discerning, Grace's are the shade of the open ocean, deep and dark and inviting in their depth and intensity. They peer out of a cascade of gold-spun locks that are usually kept in a curled, wavy flow that bounces down to roughly mid-back level. She always dresses for fun and comfort, tending to favour anything that lets her look good and have fun at the same time. Her adventuring gear tends to be a tight-fitting loose-hemmed orange and white mini-dress with long black removable sleeves and fashionable white gloves, with plenty of belt room for items and her team a pair of sensible hiking-heels. Her casual attire can vary wildly from tight jeans and a slightly-too-small tanktop to a miniskirt and bikini top, to a flowing, elegant red sparkling gown, depending on the weather and the setting.


- Unlike her brother, is an excellent people person, frequently able to make friends in heartbeats.
- Whilst not as skilled as her brother, she has been trained in Aikido to a reasonable degree.
- An almost unstoppable deluge of optimism helps her bounce back from even the worst of losses.
- Her overpowering warmth and friendliness has kind of forced her pokemon to love her, regardless of their initial feelings about her.
- Whilst nowhere near the tactical genius that her brother has become, she has a knack for coming up with creative and unpredictable tactics mid-battle which only work as well as they do because of how outlandish and off the wall they are.

Grace is everything her brother isn't, at least to the outside observer; warm and bouncy, perpetually friendly and full of fun and vigour and warmth. The first thing about her beyond her appearance that most people note is just how enthusiastic she is about meeting new people and making new friends; she's always quick with a joke and always ready to smile and laugh, but at the same time if she sees somebody in distress, you would need a pack of Taurus to drag her away from them before she's tried to cheer them up and help them. This gets her in trouble more often than not, but it's just who she is; for the longest time, the only person who rushed to her aid when she was hurt or alone or in need was her brother, and not everybody can have a brother as loyal as Dante, now can they? She also shares his somewhat impish sense of humour, and if you manage to become regular friends with Grace, you will be treated to being dragged into her brand of mischief more often than you might otherwise expect. Everything from sneaking into closed or abandoned buildings to scrumping for apples from a local farm, she's impulsive and adventurous which makes her more than a little bit of a handful to deal with!

Being as warm, friendly and impulsive as she is, she's also prone to being very liberal with her affections. She travels around a lot, after all, so she can't really afford to have a steady boy/girlfriend, but she still has needs and desires, so it isn't uncommon to see her with a new boy on her arm every other week. It isn't that she gets bored of them, it's just that they naturally diverge in their paths, and she's the sort of person who needs to be with the one they're with. This does stem from her childhood a little - abandonment issues, don'tcha know - but she'd never admit anything of the sort. As far as she's concerned, it's just fun to sample a variety of spices, and she's young, so why commit to one person when there's so many places to meet and people to explore? She isn't disloyal or duplicitous in this regard, of course - she's very upfront with her promiscuous nature - but she doesn't see it as a bad thing. If boys are allowed to love 'em and leave 'em, why aren't women, eh? Of course, if you piss her off - whether it be through poor manners, hurting somebody she loves or mistreating your pokemon - then be prepared for one of two things. Either, she'll never talk to you again - and any attempt will be met with frosty silence - or you will have a very fiery, very passionately angry young woman on your hands. She's less uptight than Dante...but one thing the twins share is just how intense their anger is once they lose their temper!

Basic History:
Grace was raised, along with her brother Dante, in their parents large country estate. Before they were born, their parents had managed to make a name for themselves in two vastly different industries, and as such were relatively rich but always busy. They had babysitters and nannies, but growing up, the two siblings only had each other. This bond strengthened when they entered school and, when people found out that they were rich, they did what every kid does; they cosied up to them in an attempt to leech, and when that failed, victimised them for their perceived arrogant selfishness. As the years dragged on, Grace withdrew into herself as the bullying intensified, becoming a shy, scared, almost skittish creature when faced with the abuse of her peers. In response, Dante became colder and more aloof in an attempt to deal with the bullies, and devised his own coldly logical way of dealing with people. Everything he and his sister did was planned to make them less tempting targets, from training in martial arts to focusing on cultivating their intelligence, and though Grace loved him for his forethought and his dedication - a dedication that allowed her to start coming out of her shell a little more to start making friends whilst the bullies were distracted - she was still only a kid! She needed some kinds of childish activities, so through pleading and rampant abuse of the "little sister doe eyes," managed to twist his arm into a variety of less practical hobbies.

There were the stickers, the trading cards, horse riding lessons, flower collecting and daisychain making, little figurines...everything her young mind fixated on, Dante would entertain her with. He'd grumble, of course, but she knew that he'd never deny his darling little sister anything and she abused that fact like only a child can. She never stuck with any of them for very long, but that wasn't the point; the point was to feel like kids...and to give Dante something to try and distract himself, in the desperate hope that she might see him smile when he played with her. Hell, the biggest grin that she ever saw from him with those flights of fancy was when he heard her play her first song on the guitar, which was exactly why she stuck with it into adulthood; she came to enjoy the instrument for its own sake, but...she wouldn't have kept it as long as she did if Dante hadn't enjoyed hearing her play. That was what prompted her to force him into starting the violin, and of course, she was right; he could try to hide it, but it was telling that whenever he got stressed or upset, he would pick up the violin and the tension in his shoulders would disappear, if only for half an hour. It's also why she travels with that violin; one of these days she's going to run into him on the road, and force him to pick that instrument back up. He might be travelling the road, but...some music on those lonely nights in the wilderness might make him think of home, and her, more fondly.

But as they grew, Grace began to realise how selfish she was truly being; Dante wanted to be free, he wanted to be away from the pressures of other people, he wanted to roam and be content on his own. He wanted to relax away from his responsibilities, and she knew for a fact that he needed his space, that he was going through the motions and that if she didn't push him into leaving...she'd lose him in a way too permanent for liking. He needed to be off somewhere that people didn't bother him, where he could enjoy life by himself or maybe with a close companion or two, where he could just...relax and enjoy life. So of course, Grace hatched a plan; she made noises that she wanted to go on a Pokemon Adventure, pressured Dante into agreeing (though it didn't take much pressuring, honestly) and began to make preparations...only to “lose interest” only a month or so after they set off. Not so long that he grew suspicious of her interest suddenly waning after being held longer than the other whims, of course, but not so short a time that he didn't develop a taste for it. She was actually loving their adventure, but...Dante had already made so many sacrifices for her, could she really begrudge giving up one thing for him? If they journeyed together, he would constantly be worrying over her, forgetting to enjoy himself as he hovered around her, making sure that she was ok. She wanted to adventure with him so much it hurt, but in the end...she knew that it wasn't what was best for him. He protested that he would take her back to Vermillion, of course, but she refused, urging him to go on ahead and have the adventure for the both of them. He was reluctant, but her insistence that she would not climb down from that tree until he pinky-swore to continue his journey eventually wore him down.

So he set off and she returned home, but her own story doesn't end there; she was still flighty and adventurous and impulsive, and after having a taste of the outside world beyond her own hometown...she grew restless as well. She tried to hold back as long as she could, holding on desperately to every piece of news that Dante sent back - and becoming giddy with delight when, a year after he left, he came back on her birthday with a brand new adorable Pokemon for her - but it wasn't long after his second departure after their birthday that she decided she couldn't take it anymore. She had her stuff packed literally overnight, and before her parents could talk her out of it or send word to Dante to come and escort her that she was walking down the road on her own adventure. She had no interest in the Gym Challenge or the Elite Four - she might have been competitive, but that wasn't her drive for leaving - instead resolving simply to see as much of the world as possible before she could no longer travel and had to set down roots. She was young and adventurous and filled with wanderlust, and there was only one way to cure that!

So she went travelling, from region to region, mountain peak to the bottom of the ocean floor, everywhere she could possibly find to see new things and meet new people and battle new Pokemon, she was always at the head of the queue. She became a decent enough trainer in her own right, but that was never really her focus. She just wanted to see the world instead of pictures of it, and as she grew up and developed, well, her tastes started to become more refined. She started to search for more dangerous and remote sights, more out of the way treasuretroves, and - of course - more exotic beauties and hunks to spend a night or two with before moving on on her journey. And, of course, she got into plenty of trouble on the way; Team Rocket, Team Plasma, Team Magma, Team Skull, Bandits in Mount Moon, Fraudulent Pokeballs, midnight heists and even just cases of lost or escaped Pokemon...she got involved in it all, simply because she could never walk past somebody in trouble and not offer to help. Some of the things she's done...well, Dante would have an aneurysm if he found out! Which is exactly why she isn't telling him. >.>

And now she's 21, and still only halfway through her exploration of the world! No matter how many times she goes through a Region, there's always something new to see or something new to do, somebody new to add to her ever-growing Friends List on her Pokegear, something new to experience. She knows that one day she'll have to - like her brother - return to her responsibilities in Vermillion City to "Take over the business," but until that soul crushingly boring day comes...she's going to have the time of her life, and offer no apologies whatsoever for being who she is while she still has the freedom to do it!


Theme Song:


When their parents came home and gave Dante his Houndor Pup, they also had a Pokemon for Grace; a little Meowth Kitten, barely out of the litter, and Grace immediately adored it. It went everywhere with her, perched either on her head, on her shoulder or padding just alongside her little toddler feet, always getting into mischief with her wherever she went. As Skitty grew up - and closer - with Grace, a little bit of Dante rubbed off on her; whenever Grace ended up getting into trouble, Skitty was always there to try and pull her back to safety, or to cover for her if it looked like she was going to get a scolding. Was it any wonder, then, that it was when Grace was at her most desperate that Skitty evolved? Grace was cornered by a horde of Zubats, and after a particularly gruelling run in the catacombs of an ancient cave, none of her team were exactly in the best shape. She tried her best, but when you're being mobbed by a good five or six Pokemon, it isn't exactly easy to get away. Well, Skitty tried her best but was quickly overwhelmed, being piled on by three of the six Zubat, and when Grace refused to run away through the gap that had been created....Skitty came through. A blinding light filled the cavern, as well as three knocked out Zubats; Skitty had evolved into a Persian, and her new attack - Power Gem - made quick work of the rest of the Wing of Zubats. And really, nothing has changed; Skitty is as mischievous and adventurous as her Master, but when things get hairy, Grace can always rely on Skitty to keep a level head and drag her out of danger.

Phanpy: "Trumpets"
Trumpets is - compared to Skitty - not really all that exciting. A year after Dante first set out on his Pokemon adventure, he made the journey back to wish his sister a Happy Birthday, along with a special present; a Phanpy he had caught just for her in Johto before he started his trip back. He'd seen it in the wild and immediately thought of Grace for two reasons; 1) It was adorable, and he knew she'd love it. 2) He happened to know what it evolved into, and the idea of having that monster protecting his sister appealed to him greatly. Of course, Grace loved her present and doted on Trumpets constantly, always making sure to play with it and feed it exorbitant amounts of treats. As such, he's just a little bit spoiled and is fiercely possessive of Grace whenever he's out, to the point of making her carry him so she can't hold anybody elses hand while he's there. He only just tolerates the other Pokemon in her team!
Grace is always just a little hesitant to risk him in battle, but she knows that when push comes to shove, the little monster is more than capable of handling himself. He hasn't seen enough battle to evolve just yet, but...who knows? All it takes is one desperate encounter to give him that push!

Yangmega: "Yuna"
Bug / Flying
Yuna was the first Pokemon that Grace captured on her own - rather than being gifted it by somebody else - and as such is one of her prized Pokemon, always being one of the first that she sends out into battle, and one of the first that she shows off to other people. Hell, as soon as she caught it she called Dante, all excited that she'd managed it, and rambled on about the battle - that wasn't all that epic - for about half an hour. Was it any wonder, then, that Yuna was the first to evolve of her team? And what an evolution! It turned out to be quite a monster, surprising Grace with just how fearsome it ended up looking...but that didn't make her love it any less. In fact, she was even MORE proud of it - Yuna being the only one of her team at that time to have evolved - which admittedly did give rise to a small level of jealousy amongst her team until she learned to reign it in a little. Despite her fearsome new form, Yuna continues to be a permanent fixture in Grace's picnic lunches and tea parties, and is generally the most laid back out of all of her Pokemon; she's very protective of Grace, but if there is no immediate danger, she tends to lazily lie on a nearby rock and bask in the sun with no apparent wish to move in any way, shape or form!

Ponyta: "Dasher"
Dasher was only captured a year or so ago, on the plains of the Kanto region on an occasion where Grace decided to visit home for a few weeks to say hello to her parents (Her parents ended up cancelling at the last minute, of course - as is typical them - but at least the trip wasn't a total waste!), where she found him alone at the base of a particularly nasty ravine. The poor thing had slipped on some loose scrag and taken a tumble, resulting in a nasty sprain on its ankle. Obviously Grace can't move a horse on her own, so she had to capture it - which wasn't hard, given its pathetic state - in order to get it medical attention. She took it to the nearest Pokecenter and - since it was a fairly out of the way Centre - lent a hand in fixing the poor dear up. When it was ready to walk again, Grace tried to release it back into the wild, only for him to refuse point blank to go! Well, Grace took the invitation happily, and added Dasher to her team with a broad grin on her face. She'd always wanted her own pony! Dasher is much like Grace; impulsive and eager to be free, when he isn't in battle or in his Pokeball, he's itching to go for a run somewhere. He always has excess energy to burn, and most of the time he is more than happy to take Grace with him!

Lanturn: "Chunny"
Water / Electric
This one is pretty boring, honestly; she came across a school of Chinchou whilst walking across a beach one night and - on a whim - decided to capture one. It went pretty smoothly, and after some training and some heavy use - being both Water and Electric type, it saw a lot of use in battle - it ended up evolving into Lanturn. Chunny is pretty quiet most of the time, as opposed to most of Grace's exuberant menagerie, though he does tend to go a little mental around Chocolate Cake. Like Trainer Like Pokemon, you could say!

Lucario: "Lucy"
Fighting / Steel
Now Lucy is quite a handful! Lucario always are, and perhaps Lucy would be more so if Grace hadn't made such a good impression on her. See, Grace was taking a leisurely hike through another out of the way cave system, exploring and generally poking around, when she found an injured Lucario curled up in the corner. Concerned, Grace approached the poor thing and - managing to avoid its lazy, half hearted swing - gave her a few berries to help patch her up. The Lucario promptly departed - obviously too good to be seen around a trainer! - and Grace simply considered it her good deed for the day...until she took a wrong turn, took a tumble down a steep side tunnel and ended up facing down a rather annoyed-looking Salamence. She engaged in a frantic battle, but it was only when Lucario - having wandered past the tunnel and recognised Grace - begrudgingly joined in that the Salamence decided to withdraw. Lucario then proceeded - apparently out of some sense of being in Grace's debt - to guide her out of the cave...a process which, alas, took three days.

Over the course of those days, something odd happened; Lucario apparently began to like Grace! Begrudgingly and in a way that she would never admit, but the warm bubbly nature of her friendliness and her constant concern over Lucario's old injuries eventually won her over to the point that when they got outside, Lucario allowed herself to be captured. She didn't make it obvious of course - she provoked Grace into a Pokemon battle and halfheartedly resisted the capture attempt a couple of times before giving in - but she did kind of let Grace win. That doesn't mean that she's being bossed around though! Lucy does what she wants, when she wants...she just...lets Grace suggest things to her sometimes. And she only lets herself be hugged because it's easier to let Grace do what she wants than try to argue. It isn't that Lucy likes Grace or anything. Don't be absurd.

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Roland Hayden

Gender: Male

Hometown: Gateon Port

Age: 21

Height: 6'2

Weight: 140 Lb

Hair: Brown-ish

Eyes: Cyan

In Disrepair

Identifying Marks:
Mechanical Arm

Musculature: Kinda skinny, but still in fit shape.

Personality: Naive about the world, extremely headstrong, aloof.

-Resilience to heat and deserts.
-PDA installed in arm, allowing him to view stats about most species of recorded Pokemon.
-Quite lithe, capable of enduring almost any sort of terrain / environment.
-Limited knowledge on the Shadow Pokemon project.
-Vast knowledge of machines.
-Enhanced Pokeball throwing accuracy with mechanical arm.

Past: As a kid, Roland's family originally lived in Pyrite Town before moving to Gateon Port, where he spent most of his childhood. Working at a nearby repair shop as an apprentice, he grew to be extremely handy with machines. Unfortunately, he would be involved in an accident while repairing a large boat, losing his arm and getting it replaced with a mechanical one. He would regularly tinker and upgrade the arm over time until it reached its current state, which has a built-in PDA.

As soon as he became of age, he received his starting Pokemon: a Cyndaquil. Due to a scare involving the elusive syndicate Cipher, however, he was limited as to where he could go, causing him to become extremely restless. When the organization was dissolved, he developed an obsession with exploring beyond his hometown, which slowly paved the way towards him going on his own Pokemon journey.

Since Orre did not have a Pokemon League to call its own, other than the daunting Mount Battle, he decided to explore beyond the region to find a place for himself in the world. Currently, he wanders from region to region seeking out adventure.

Mother - Advocate for forming a Pokemon League in Orre.
Father - Experienced mechanic, hand-built Roland's arm, taught him everything he knew.

Love Relationships: HAHAHAHAHAHA Single

Pokémon Team:
Typhlosion (Inferus) LVL 40
- Gender: Male
- Ability: Flash Fire
- Personality: Cocky, but pretty chill.
- Special Features: Slightly above average size for a Typhlosion.
- History: Roland's starter Pokemon and the strongest on his team. Usually stays outside of his Pokeball despite his large size.

Larvitar (Royce) LVL 25
- Gender: Female
- Ability: Guts
- Personality: Cold and distant, but only trusts Roland.
- Special Features: Not shiny, but slightly darker tinge of green.
- History: Caught by Roland in the desert when the mother appeared to have abandoned it. Trains rigorously with Roland and is usually the front runner of his party.

Helius (Metang) LVL 40
- Gender: ??? [Roland refers to it as a male.]
- Ability: Clear Body
- Personality: Obedient and fiercely protective of Roland. Seems mostly no-nonsense but has a small sense of humor.
- Special Features: N/A
- History: Used to be owned by Roland's father as a protector for Roland when he used to live in Pyrite. When he was ready to go on his journey, his father gave Helius to him, trusting that the Pokemon would watch over and protect Roland.

General Theme Song:
Battle Theme Song:
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Name: Jikkar Elrich
Gender: Male
Hometown: Floaroma Town, Sinnoh
Age: 20
Height: 1.82 m
Weight: 61.2 kg
Hair: Long and blonde with a red tint. Pulled back in a pony tail.
Eyes: Grey, or hazel depending on your viewpoint.
Clothing: Always wears something purple, usually a purple coat and a broad black hat to keep the sun off his fair skin. Fantasy rogue apparel with hiking boots. A black Pokétch on the left arm. Thick rounded glasses.
Identifying Marks: Purple marks under his eyes.
Musculature: Petite and not particularly threatening. Wirey.
Personality: Calm and joking. Has a light hearted approach about everything and almost never gets angry or shows sadness. Is thoughtful and loves to learn.
Skills: Studied to be a Pokemon professor in the past and has excellent knowledge of berries. Can sew and is adept at setting up camp.
*Backpack with sleeping roll
*Ball Belt
*A steel knife and some flint
*A small cooking pot hanging from the bag
*Berries (2 sitrus, 1 lum, 3 persim, 5 pinap, 4 razz, and 3 pecha)
*Berry seeds (assorted)
*An old rod
Past: Was born and raised in Sinnoh and completed the league challenge there. Then traveled to Alola where he was the last couple years training. Has briefly been to Unova, but did not stay for any length of time although he would like to return.
*Elyse (Parasect) F: Dry Skin
Careful and thoroughly cunning.
Q was originally attacked by Elyse as a Paras while Q was exploring the Great Marsh. It took weeks to earn the trust of the Paras but eventually a bond was formed and Elyse has travelled along side Q ever since.
*Sebadon (Araquanid) M: Water Bubble
Brave and strong willed.
Sebadon was given to Q as an egg by his travelling uncle when he first started his adventure in Sinnoh. This was Q's first experience with eggs and the bond between Sebadon and Q has only grown each day.
*Kranoi (Flygon) F: Levitate
Naive and alert to sounds.
A recent addition to the team Kranoi was found in Alola when Q fell into a Trapinch trap. It was through the offering of berries to the Trapinch that he was able to escape, and make a friend.

P.C.'ed Pokemon: Pumpkaboo (Shiny), Pinsir, Doublade, Whimsicott, Haxorus, Luranti, Flaaffy, Oricorio (Sensu), Siinotic
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Name: Katherine Wendler

Gender: Female

Hometown: Hearthstone City

Age: 16

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 110 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Clothing: Katherine has a rather eccentric way of dressing, normally adorning herself in black frilly clothing that you often wouldn't see someone wear in public. However, she isn't afraid to dress in this manner, despite the cock-eyed looks she may receive. Often when venturing around the region, she wears a black dress shirt with a white collar, a billowing black jacket, a white skirt, and white buckled boots that reach up to her mid-thigh. She's not that big of a fan of wearing hats, but she'll don a large white hat with a black ribbon when the sunlight gets a bit too intense.

Identifying Marks: A pokéball hairclip.

Musculature: She keeps a toned frame, as it would be a bit difficult finding her way across the Sinnoh region's more treacherous landscapes otherwise.

Personality: Despite what one may assume from peering at Katherine from a distance, she's actually a very kind, patient, and friendly person, though a bit timid. Her sense of empathy is extremely acute, and she can't help but want to help others at any chance she can get. While not very talkative, and more soft-spoken than most others, conversations with her always have an air of warmness and comfort that's a challenge to find elsewhere.

Skills: Adores cooking, adept at rock climbing, and has a natural sense of direction.

Past: Katherine initially set out on her journey to conquer the Pokémon League like many other trainers her age, but quickly found herself more enraptured with her surroundings and the pokémon that thrived in them than the battles that followed. After claiming victory over only the Oreburgh City gym, she took a small vacation to Sandgem Town, where she became rather friendly with the locals who lived there and spent much of her time relaxing at the beach located very close to the settlement. On this vacation, she decided to follow her heart, and pursue this same feeling of lightness in her heart by exploring the Sinnoh region and seeing the sights of the world around her. She's more focused on venturing her home region but is quite interested in the other regions around the world.

Family: Dan Wendler (Father), Valeriya Wendler (Mother), and Legume Wendler (Brother).

Love Relationships?: None.


Species: Croagunk
Gender: Male
Personality: Katherine's Croagunk is a very cautious pokémon, and often has to hold the girl back from acting on the spur of the moment to help someone and make her think of what may happen because of her actions. His caution shows itself elsewhere as well. When Katherine is having a nice conversation with a stranger, they can't help but feel a bit tense as he stares them down. He enjoys sitting in the girl's backpack as she travels rather than being cooped up in his pokéball.
Caught/History: As she set out on her journey, Katherine's brother Legume passed down his partner pokémon down to her. He specifically told the Croagunk to keep an eye on his sister and to make sure she stays safe, a duty Croagunk accepted with utmost pride.
Ability: Anticipation.

Species: Murkrow
Gender: Male
Personality: Curious to a fault, Murkrow can't help but investigate something even when he's the least bit interested in it. Almost like a cat, he loves to knock over things that are seated onto tables. Being the first pokémon that Katherine officially caught, he's very fond of her and encourages her sense of adventure.
Caught/History: While making her way to Oreburgh City, Katherine was forced to take shelter in a forest as the rain began to pour down and lightning struck violently. While cowering beneath a makeshift structure made of leaves, Murkrow approached the girl and sat beside her, desperate for warmth in the cold rain. The girl happily obliged and even gave the pokémon a spare blanket. As the rain subsided the next morning, Murkrow wouldn't stop following Katherine, and she felt as if it was only proper to give him a home inside a pokéball.
Ability: Super Luck

Species: Roserade
Gender: Female
Personality: Aloof and unhurried, Roserade keeps an air of authority around her and a slight feeling of tense energy follows wherever she walks. She's very aware of the effect she has on people and pokémon alike and abuses her nature to get what she wants out of who she wants. Roserade pretends not to care much for her trainer but holds a deep admiration for her.
Caught/History: After being defeated almost effortlessly at the Oreburgh City gym, Katherine sought out to use type advantages to achieve the victory she wished for so dearly, or so she thought at the time. Strolling through the very same forest in which she befriended Murkrow, Katherine came across several different pokémon kneeling in front of a single Roselia. Assuming this was because of the pokémon's strength, the girl sent out Croagunk, and the two pokémon shared a short-lived battle. Katherine caught Roselia, and with her help, she was able to conquer the Oreburgh City gym.
Ability: Poison Point

Species: Drapion
Gender: Male
Personality: Drapion's impressive strength and prideful attitude often lead to him showing off much more than he needs to, flexing and making menacing faces when forced into conflict. Behind that shell, however, he's very soft-hearted and cheerful pokémon. He respects Katherine's undying determination to explore and holds her in high esteem.
Caught/History: Katherine first encountered Drapion as a small Skorupi, who appeared desperate to prove himself strong in a swamp among his peers and community. She observed him attempt to climb tall cliffs, hold his breath beneath the marsh water, and lift rocks bigger than others. His endeavors were only in vain, however, as he was outclassed by nearly any other Skorupi in the area. Katherine approached him and offered to help the pokémon become stronger. Together, he and Katherine learned to scale mountains and cliffsides with ease.
Ability: Battle Armor

Species: Ariados
Gender: Female
Personality: Upon a first glance, Ariados appears to lack any particular personality besides being friendly with Katherine. Often reserved with her true nature, she can keep it very well hidden for long periods of time. Truly, she's a very aggressive and anxious pokémon, who can only find solace in her trainer's presence.
Caught/History: She started as all Ariados do, as a Spinarak. She lived in a large cluster of other spiders in a dark, moist cave, but was notably smaller than the others, almost as if she were the runt of the litter. The larger Spinarak pushed her around without a care in the world, building up her very hostile personality, while keeping her constantly on her toes to avoid being noticed by the other Spinarak. While Katherine was hopelessly lost in the winding tunnels of the cave, calling for help, Spinarak attacked the girl in an act of pure instinct. Drapion managed to protect her from the attack and countered the bug's assault, but Katherine couldn't help but feel a deep sorrow for the small thing. She offered to give her a warm place to stay outside the cave, and with deep caution, Spinarak accepted. Katherine proved to be her first true friend.
Ability: Insomnia

Species: Seviper
Gender: Female
Personality: Seviper is a very opportunistic pokémon with irrational tendencies that often land her in unfortunate situations, such as the one that brought her and Katherine together. She's rather sassy with others but has formed a sort of understanding relationship with her trainer. That won't stop her from being a bit cheeky from time to time with Katherine, though.
Caught/History: While making her way through a route covered in grass that blocked her vision, Katherine sent out Murkrow to fly overhead and seek the way out of the labyrinth of grassiness. While soaring above her head, the pokémon took note of a slithering form in the grass mere inches away from Katherine and dove down to intercept whatever attack it may have tried to inflict on his trainer. Crashing beak-first into Seviper's forehead, it recoiled and let out a foul hiss that shook the girl to her core for a few spare moments. Croagunk leaped out of her backpack and kept the volley of attacks continue, landing a stiff chop to the pokémon's exposed belly, causing it to hiss in pain once more. The girl held back her two companions, and knelt down to the now injured Seviper, healing it's injuries as best she could, before asking why it would try to do something like that. It responded by slithering away. Later on in the route, the same situation played out, with the very same Seviper. "Y-you must sure l-like me, huh?", Katherine asked, to which it nodded slowly. With a smile, Katherine held out a pokéball, and Seviper made her way inside.
Ability: Shed Skin


(Please don't hesitate to let me know if I've filled out anything incorrectly!!)
I recently joined an RP with an OC I really like, a Ditto that I named Proxy... anyway I'll just fill out a bio for him, since I'm definitely going to use him in other Pokémon RPS... oh, and I used the human format, as it's more detailed.

Name: Proxy.
Gender: Even though Ditto have no defined gender, he will take on the gender of the Pokémon he transforms into. Proxy prefers to go by male pronouns, rather than forms of they.
Hometown: Proxy's exact hometown is unknown, but he was created in a lab in Kanto.
Age: Finding out the age of a pink blob is difficult, but he'd probably be 17 if he was a human.
Height: Proxy is actually taller than the average Ditto, being that the average height for a Ditto is 1'0". He is about 1'6", not a shocking difference but still a change in height.
Weight: Like any average Ditto, Proxy weighs 8.8 pounds.
Hair: Proxy, like any other Ditto, has no hair. Unless he takes up a transformed state, of course.
Eyes: Proxy's eyes are two small black dots.
Clothing: This Ditto wears nothing- unless transformed, of course, in which he easily replicates what his victim wears.
Identifying Marks: Proxy has no identifying marks, he looks just like a normal Ditto. Not like it'd matter anyway, he'd be transformed most of the time, playing pranks or battling.
Musculature: Erm... he's a pink blob, a Pokémon. Is that enough?
Personality: Proxy is a silent but deadly prankster, who loves to fool around and takes nothing seriously unless he truly cares. Proxy isn't kind either, morphing into those he doesn't like and belittling them, or even making a horrible first impression by mocking others. However, if he is wounded or hurt, he will slink away and remain quiet until he has recovered, and then is when it is easiest to become his "friend". If and when you manage to, his personality shifts, and he is much more loyal and kind.
Skills: Proxy can easily contain his laughter, so that he can manage a transformed state easier. His ability is Imposter, so he takes up the form of his enemies immediately. He can mold into different shapes and sizes as well.
Past: Proxy was created for simple purposes, with big and ambitious reasoning. Celia, the founder of Team Midnight, wished for a powerful Pokémon- stronger than legendary and mythical Pokémon. To do this, she would order her servants to edit the biological structure, physical appearance, abilities, and everything in between of a very simple Pokémon- Ditto. Many Dittos were created, and Proxy was one of them- one of the failed ones. Coming out as a normal Ditto, he was left to be a lab rat of chemicals and also to endure attacks of the new, stronger Dittos, that were barely even Dittos at all. Over time, he had enough, and concocted a master plan to escape. Barely making it out alive, he was wounded, and roamed alone until finally, he had found a "home".
Family: Proxy has no family, as he was created to simply be a test subject.
Love Relationships?: Proxy has no current love relationships and would rather remain as a lonely Pokémon, as he hates getting too close or fond of others.
Name: Seth Connors


Cianwood City, Johto



81 lbs

Blond hair that is thin on the sides but long on the top

Icy blue eyes

Navy blue t-shirt, tan khaki shorts, black ankle socks (not on his prosthetic leg), bright blue tennis shoes

Identifying Marks:
Lots of scars and stitches on his face from surgery after a near death at birth; a long scar up his back from a particularly nasty encounter with a Scizor; prosthetic leg from the right knee down

Thin and tall, but doesn't have a lot of muscle

Grateful to be alive (explained in backstory); Strong bond with Pokemon and people; Thinks he's stronger than he is; Arrogant at times; Often overly sarcastic (he's a teenager- it's understandable); Headstrong; Endurant; Charismatic

Makes friends easily; Good bike rider; Talented writer and performer

When Seth was born prematurely, he hadn't fully developed. As a result, his leg was weak and unmovable. It was amputated, and Seth had to learn to walk with a prosthetic. Also, his face was deformed. With the help of surgery, Seth's face was pulled together to form a fairly normal face, with only scars, stitches, and a story to tell. Still, Seth's left cheek sags. Also, Sandra died after giving birth to Seth. Ever since he survived birth, Seth has lived life to the fullest. He wants to travel the world, and become Champion of every single region! As he grew up, he befriended some Pokemon, and was gived a Cyndaquil by his aunt. When he turned 12, he started out on a journey around Johto.

Sandra Connors (mother) (died moments after giving birth to Seth); Frank Connors (father); Greg Connors (older brother); Kevin Earls (close cousin); Kiara Earls (trusted aunt); Adrian Tether (friend that might as well be family)

Ursaring (M) -
Caught as a Teddiursa when Seth and his family went to Ilex Forest on a little trip. Grew up with Seth. Calm.
Arbok (F) - Was terrorizing Cianwood City, and Seth tried to stop her. Seth failed, but when the police took her down, she was given to Seth for his courage. Brash.
Typhlosion (M) - Gived to Seth as a Cyndaquil by Aunt Kiara on his 10th birthday. Evolved quickly when Seth set out on a journey around Johto. Squirrely.
Ampharos (F) - Was being forced to power a Team Rocket hide out. When Seth (and, you know, the police) took down Team Rocket, Seth befriended Ampharos and she joined his team. Scared of strangers because of Team Rocket.
Steelix (M) - Caught at Mt. Silver when Seth went on a tour there. Hotheaded and short tempered.
Heracross (M) - Caught in a bug catching contest. Lazy.

Mightyena (Yin) (M) -
Caught as a Poochyena moments after Seth set foot in Hoenn. Restless and impatient.
Swellow (Ace) (M) - Was formerly a pilot's Pokemon, until the pilot was shot down. Since then, Ace has lived isolated, until he met Seth. Ace decided to travel with Seth because he saw something inside Seth. A hurt. A person missing. His mother. Ace became one of Seth's most trusted Pokemon.
Nuzleaf (F) (Dot) - Caught as a Seedot in Petalburg Woods. Quick and agile. Curious.
Flygon (F) (Drake) - Caught as a Vibrava at Mt. Chimney. Hasty.
Zangoose (M) (Shade) - Caught at Fortree City. Was abandoned by his previous trainer. Was looking for another strong trainer. After a tough battle with Seth, Zangoose decided Seth was powerful enough. Very brave.
Gallade (M) (Lance) - Given to Seth by a rival trainer after the trainer decides he needs to chase other dreams. Lance missed his old trainer, but is also happy to be on Seth's team.
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Name: Lloyd Ace
Gender: Male
Hometown: Snowbelle City
Age: 16
Height: 5'5
Weight: 110
Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Black Jacket, Red and White Scarf, and Light Blue Jeans
Personality: Calm and Strategic
Skills: Strategist, and Skilled Dark-Type trainer
Past: When he was young he loved to explore, he then wanted to wander Winding Woods (I think that's what it was called) he then saw the Pokemon village, Mewtwo was angered and went on a rampage, sadly he could only save 3 Pokemon
Family: Sister (Fashion Stylist), Father (Explorer), Mother (Explorer)
Weavile, Male, Pressure, Psychic, Wears a Red Scarf, Saved in Pokemon Village, Relaxed.
Zoroark, Female, Illusion, Rock, Saved in Pokemon Village, Energetic
Bisharp, Female, Defiant, Ground, Saved in Pokemon Village, Calm
Houndoom, Male, Flash Fire, Steel, Wears a red scarf with a houndoomite, First Pokemon caught, Prideful
Pangoro, Male, Iron Fist, Flying, Saves Lloyd from a rock slide, Loyal
Scrafty, Male, Moxie, Fighting, Steals Lloyd's Key Stone so he can battle it, Sneaky
Name: Katsumi Tomoe

Gender: Female

Hometown: Rustboro City, Hoenn

Age: 14

Height: 5"1

Weight: 108

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Clothing: A striped tank top, A jean jacket, Ripped up jeans, Black and white Converse

Identifying Marks: Her birthmark makes half her face light pink and it get dark red when she is sick or out of breath. She also has a small scar on her right forearm from a rather nasty Spearrow.

Musculature: She has a runner's build.

Personality: INFJ

Skills: She is pretty good at paino and is good at befriending pokèmon.

Past: Katsumi didn't have a very eventful life until she was old enough to go search for pokèmon. Until then, she lived with her parents, two little sisters, and her Ralts.

Katsumi's younger sister turned eleven this year and Katsumi is trying to head back to Rustboro, so she can be there when Aiko chooses a starter.

Family: Akemi Tomoe (Mother), Hayato Tomoe (Father), Aiko Tomoe (Sister), Kano Tomoe (Sister)

Love Relationships: None, she hasn't found anyone who has a personality she finds attractive.

Her Main Pokemon:

Species: Ralts

Nickname: Kazumi

Gender: Female

Ability: Trace

Special Features: None

History: Kazumi was wandering around Route 102 when she ran into a family having a picnic. She was noticed by the oldest sibling, who was kind to her. Kazumi grew attached to the 7 year old girl and followed her home.

The two became very close and you never saw one without the other. One day, Katsumi was out reading under a tree will Kazumi was playing with a beutifly. An aggressive wild Spearow began attacking Katsumi and Kazumi launched into action. That was the first battle the two ever fought together.

Personality: Calm, Kind, Very Curious

Species: Vulpix

Nickname: Miho

Gender: Female

Ability: Flash Fire

Special Features: None

History: Miho was born and raised on Mt. Pyre. She was wandering around near the entrance of the graveyard, when a mother, her child and the child's Ralts came to bury the mother's 20 year old Delcatty.

Uninterested, she continued her search for food. A young trainer, who seemed to be a brash, reckless young man to notice of the Vulpix. He sent out his Growlithe to battle her. Being a picky pokèmon, she refused to be caught by this man.
Looking around she noticed the little girl had stopped to watch the battle. She supposed it was either the girl or the guy. Thinking quickly, Miho ran over to the young girl and started rubbing against her leg. Delighted, Katsumi began to gently pet the Vulpix.
The trainer asked her if that Vulpix was hers, she shrugged and said she supposed so.

From that day on Miho was apart of the nine year old's team. The Vulpux was pretty satisfied with her choice.

Personality: Picky, A Bit Snooty, Loyal To Those She Approves Of

Species: Mightyena

Name: Miki

Gender: Male

Ability: Intimidate

Special Features: His fur looks dark blue when the light hits it just right.

History: Miki was the first Pokemon Katsumi officially caught.

Personality: Tough, Tries to act BA, Is overprotective, Can't stand defeat

Speices: Altaria

Name: Asami

Gender: Female

Ability: Natural Cure

Special Features: None

History: Was a gift to Katsumi after she and Miho won a beuty compitition. Katsuminentered the compition after being told her Vulpix wouldn't be able to beat. Asami in a compitition.

Personality: Outgoing, Freindly, Bubbly, Neat

Speices: Grumpig

Name: Hideko

Gender: Female

Ablility: Own Tempo

Special Features: None

History: Was caught by Katsumi.

Personality: Moody, Stingy, Manipulative, Funny

Species: Roserade

Name: Mitsuru

Gender: Female

Ability: Poison Point

Special Features: Mitsuru's colors are very defined and her flowers are fullest when she is tot in the sunshine.

History: Was found by Kazumi when she was just a Buddew. Katsumi was going to turn eleven in a week, when she decided to take her in.

Personality: Calm, Analytical, Mysterious, Graceful

Name: Adriane Webb
Gender: ♂
Hometown: He doesn't know..
Age: 18
Height: 5'11
Weight: 145
Hair: Curly ash gray brown, wraps around his head almost like a short male bob and a underline of dark brown.
The curls move upwards and covers his right eye.
Eyes: His right eye is black and his left eye is a bright gray.

Clothing: Adrian wears a matte black top collar jacket, that stops around his neck and mouth. On each arm is a patch with his main Pokemon type of choice (Ground & Water ) and they are gray scaled. His shirt matches his hair color and it hangs lower than his jacket. Time to time Adriane will switch his shirt to a strip white and black shirt that's one sized bigger then him. He finds comfort in breathe-able fabric cloths so shirts that are light and aren't heavy brings him bliss. His pants match the color of his jacket, which is a matte black. The pants have rips on each knee and the ends of the pants stop around his ankle.

Adriane typically doesn't wear shoes, he likes to feel the earth around his toes. However he cares a pair of black vans in his backpack if he ever comes around a rocky terrain.

Identifying Marks: A cut that follows the lower contour of his left eye.
Musculature: Adrian was born premature, He's skinny but still has an athletic build. As a young child he lacked the physical ability most boys had his age, until he met a special woman who gave him a love for climbing and swimming.

Personality: If you're in trouble Adriane won't hesitate to help. He dislikes loud noises and destruction towards the natural habitats of Pokemon. He's gentle towards kids but serious and quiet around peers or people older then him. During times of distress he would lower his head into the rim of his jacket top hiding himself like a turtle. Adriane is quick with puzzles and studying people, yet he is a complicated person to read. He dislikes being a leader, so following him around will quickly annoy him. Playing in his hair and staring into his eyes is a big no.

Past: Abandon when he was no more then a day old. Adrian was raised in an orphanage located on the Sevii Islands. (an archipelago in the Kanto region consisting of nine large islands and several small islands surrounding them. Sevii island Wiki for more information) His mother and father later died when Team Rocket invaded their village and caused a mass explosion of their factories. His caretaker, Mr. Clark, was head and owner of Tree Care Orphanage, an all boy orphanage. He was fond of Adriane more then most kids. He would spend long nights teaching Adriane the language of the Unknown and the stories of the 3 great dog Pokemon. Adriane was often bullied by a group of kids in the orphanage because of his hair and eyes. The bullying had gotten so severe, that Adriane lost his ability to feel pain in his left arm and he cut his long curly hair to his now current hairstyle. So whenever a remark is made about his hair he'd become defensive.

Since Adriane at the time lacked physical strength, Mr. Clark saw it best if he didn't play with the boys often when they engaged in outdoor activities like Soccer, Basketball, wrestling etc, and it was probably for the best considering that they would all gang up on him because he was treated special by the owner. He longed to be like the other boys, he wanted to play sports and games like they did.

Years later, just after his 8th birthday Mr. Clark's good friend Tracy paid a visit to the orphanage. She was a well experienced mountain climber who traveled most of the regions and made a name of herself by the time she hit 35. While Her and Clark sat down and discussed old memories she watched as the boys played outside but her attention was caught by Adriane who had sat over by the pond where he had been feeding food to the water Pokemon that taken residence in it. After receiving Information about him from Clark, Tracy had taken interest in the boy and decided to teach him the ways of climbing and various other activities. Tracy stayed with Adriane and the orphanage for almost 8 years before she left, and before she left she handed him his first Pokemon, a Chimchar, inside a green and red ball, a Friend Ball.

(More of his Past Later... )

Skills: He's an excellent climber, very quick and agile. Knows a little bit of martial arts. Known the language of the Unknown.

Family: none
Love Relationships?: none yet.
Pokémon: Information coming soon!
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Name: Tobias Grey
Gender: Male
Hometown: Castelia City, Unova
Age: 17
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Jet black and short.
Eyes: Periwinkle colored.
Clothing: An old, worn jacket, faded blue jeans, and a plain colored shirt. He wears a bright orange whistle on a thread around his neck.
Identifying Marks: Several long scars on his arms and chest.
Musculature: Lean and sinewy.
Personality: Extremely laid back and nonchalant about most things. Believes in relaxing his way through life and going with the flow and enjoying himself as best he can. He tries to help others as best as he can.
Skills: Extremely skilled at cooking, well versed in Falconry, and decent at defusing bad situations.
Past: Born in Castelia city, Tobias was an unexpected surprise for his parents, born while they were only dating. They decided to marry just to give him a family to grow up in, and moved into an apartment on the outskirts of the city. As little Tobias grew, so did his parent's hatred of each other. It seemed that their relationship was doomed to fail, and they divorced when Tobias was only seven years old. He stayed with his mother, while his dad moved to the Johto region and eventually remarried. His mother stayed single, and tried her best to provide for him while balancing the bills. His mother was working most of the hours of the day, so Tobias had a lot of time to himself. One of his favorite hobbies was watching the birds flying around the city. One bird in particular piqued his interest however; a lone rufflet with a single purple feather on its head, the only rufflet in the city. He decided he had to have it. He saved up his money for weeks until he could afford a pokeball, and began his hunt. The rufflet hated him. It knew he was trying to catch it, and it was determined to not let him. The game of cat and mouse went on for months, and Tobias started to lose hope, he hadn't even gotten close enough to attempt to throw the pokeball. One week, during fall, Castelia was hit with a terrible storm. Rain fell like bullets, and lightning cracked around the city, with thunder booming right behind it the wind alone was overpowering to most. Tobias was looking out the window wishing the storm would end, when he saw the rufflet. It was struggling in the gale, and the wind changed direction, slamming it into a building. It immediately plummeted out of the sky. Tobias dashed out of the building and braved the storm. He grabbed the injured rufflet off the pavement, and carried it back into his apartment. He then nursed it back to health, and the two slowly formed a bond of mutual respect. After the rufflet was back to health, Tobias brought out the pokeball, and the rufflet freaked out. It slashed out and cut up both of Tobias's arms, and left a large gash in his chest. Tobias immediately threw the ball out the window and promised out loud to never make the rufflet go in a pokeball. It chirped and nuzzled his injured arm in apology. He asked it if it would be his pokemon companion, and it chirped and nodded. Now that he had a pokemon, Tobias decided to go out and try to gather a team and have some fun in the world. With his rufflet at his side, he would face anyone who would battle him.
Family: Maryanne Eldan (Mother)
Jack Grey (Father)
Unknown (Step-Mother)
Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

Species: Braviary
Name: Argos
Gender: Male
Ability: Sheer Force
Special Features: Purple plumage on its head.
History: Tobias's first pokemon, seriously abused by its previous trainer
Personality: Argos has a sick sense of humor, and can be mean or downright dangerous to strangers. He is extremely protective of Tobias.

Species: Excadrill
Name: Wendell
Gender: Male
Ability: Sand Rush
Pokeball: Basic Ball
Special Features: An X formed in the random splotches on its body
History: Tobias acquired this pokemon as a drilbur, he saved it after it accidentally tunneled onto train tracks and was nearly run over.
Personality: Eager to please, and generally nice to everyone. It has a rivalry and enjoys scaring Argos with pokeballs.

Species: Litwick
Name: Clyde
Gender: Male
Ability: Flash Fire
Pokeball: Dusk Ball
Special Features: None, but most of the time, it sits around with its tongue out.
History: Acquired at night, it appeared out of nowhere, and Tobias panicked and chucked a dusk ball. It happened to catch the litwick instantly, and since then, it and Tobias have made up and become close friends.
Personality: A complete trickster, Clyde will prank anyone, anytime. Friend or foe, Pokemon or human.
Name: Isaac

Gender: Male

Hometown: Lilycove City

Age: 16

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 139 lbs.

Hair: medium, platinum blonde with blue streaks

Eyes: blue-green

Clothing: Normally, a navy blue zip-up hoodie and jeans when it's cold. Depends on the weather

Identifying Marks: Pierced right ear

Musculature: Slightly toned. More recently, he's been getting a little soft in the stomach.

Personality: Isaac has a cold outer exterior. It takes a bit of effort to earn his trust, let alone be his friend. However, he values friends and family, and doesn't like to be by himself most of the time, so he brings his Pokémon everywhere he goes so he has company.

Skills: mountain climbing, Pokémon breeding and caretaking

Past: Issac became a Pokémon Trainer at the age of 12. His first Pokémon was a Snorunt he found while exploring Shoal Cave. His family was known for breeding Pokémon, so he often cared for them as they hatched. The second Pokémon be obtained was an Eevee, which would later evolve into Glaceon during his journey through Sinnoh. While in Sinnoh, he obtained items such as a Dawn Stone and Razor Claw that allowed him to evolve some of the Pokémon he caught in Hoenn and Johto.

Family: Parents, younger sister

Love Relationships?: yes


Froslass - partner Pokémon, caught in Shoal Cave (Hoenn) as a Snorunt

Glaceon - hatched in Hoenn

Delibird - caught in Johto

Weavile - caught in Johto as a Sneasel, evolved in Sinnoh

Abomasnow - caught in Sinnoh as a Snover

Sandslash - hatched in Sinnoh, originally from Alola

Others: Lapras, Vanillish, Bergmite, Rotom-Frost, Mamoswine, Vulpix, Beartic
Name: Carter

Gender: Male

Hometown: Ainstar City

Age: 16 years old

Height: 5"6

Weight: Slightly Chubby

Hair: Short black hair, messy, doesn't try to comb it.

Eyes: Dark Brown

Clothing: Wears a sweater that resembles a Snorlax belly and arms. Also wears dark blue jeans.

Identifying Marks: None, he's really bland.

Musculature: Slightly Chubby.

Personality: Carter is a very caring person and loves to be around Pokemon. He's very charismatic and can make friends easily. He loves to battle. He can give in pretty easily when he knows he will lose a match, but he'll risk it all with a final move, always. He's lazy though, and doesn't prepare for a battle before hand. He goes in blindly. He also doesn't want to compete for gym badges that much, even though he likes to fight.

Skills: He is really good with bonding and raising Pokemon.

Past: He travelled around the regions with his parents before getting his first Pokemon (Munchlax) and deciding to go off alone for his own adventure.

Family: Mom and Dad. No siblings.

Love Relationships?: None

Nickname: Carter usually just calls him Buddy, but no actual nickname. Gender: Male
Ability: Thick Fat
Hidden Power: Fighting
Special Features: None
History/Personality: Carter hatched him from an egg. Carter went to Kanto when he was 11, and spent most of it at the Poke Daycare with a Mother Snorlax. He helped her care for her egg. While they were caring for it, Carter was told that the Snorlax was going to pass away from old age. After she did, Carter claimed the egg and raised it. As a Munchlax, it evolved into Snorlax some time after. Snorlax loves to fight, but even more than that, he loves to eat and sleep.

Nickname: Luna
Gender: Female
Ability: Friend Guard
Hidden Power: None
Special Features: None
History/Personality: Carter wanted a small Pokemon to be the second one on his team, because Snorlax was way too big. They found Luna singing in Santalune forest, and they decided to catch it. Snorlax fell asleep a couple times during battle, but they eventually caught her. Now she sings for the group and occasionally competes in double battles with Snorlax.

Nickname: Hawk
Gender: Male
Ability: Limber
Hidden Power: None
Special Features: None
History/Personality: Carter was exploring outside of Ainstar City, looking for a third Pokemon, when Hawk appeared. Hawk and Snorlax battled, and Snorlax won, allowing Carter to catch him. Hawk loves to fight, and is really reckless in battle.

Nickname: Blip
Gender: Female
Ability: Aftermath
Hidden Power: None
Special Features: None
History/Personality: Carter caught her as a Drifloon. She evolved during a fight in Carters first gym battle. She isn't much of a battler and prefers to stay on the sidelines, but will battle if needed.

Nickname: Scent
Gender: Female
Ability: Stench
Hidden Power: None
Special Features: None
History/Personality: Carter smelled something one day and checked it out. Turned out it was Scent. He battled her with Hawk. He won and caught her. Scent is a tactician, she loves to plan out everything, and poisoning the enemy.

Nickname: Vine
Gender: Male
Ability: Leaf Guard
Hidden Power: None
Special Features: None
History/Personality: Vine was captured as a Tangela first, and evolved while training with Scent. Vine is strategic, just like Scent. He competes in double battles with Scent, and he grabs the opponents with his vines while Skunktank poisons them.
Name: Toma
Gender: Male
Hometown: Pewter City, Kanto
Age: 27
Height: 6'2
Weight: 235 lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Clothing: Burgundy T-Shirt and Shorts with White sneakers.
Identifying Marks: Deep grey bags under his eyes, cold wolfish stare,
Musculature: Solid, heavy set build.
Personality: Cold, Ruthless, Arrogant, Serious, on occasion Impish. Despises ignorance and naivety. Toma is as brutal as his battling tactics. He shows no mercy for his opponents and has little care in the welfare of their pokemon. He likes to utterly crush trainers, their resolve, an their pokemon. He does not forgive weakness and despises those who challenge him as he sees it as disrespect to himself. His ego is great and his cold, unforgiving, and judgmental nature leave few trainers that actually stand ready to challenge him.
Skills: Natural Leader, Masterful Manipulator, Calculating, Excellent Bluffer
Past: Abandoned by his mother he lived with his father for many years. He was rejected by most relatives and became a deeply bitter person. He spent most of his youth causing trouble, forming a local gang known as "The Reapers". Eventually disbanded the gang in search of a purpose. He seeks to take total control of the Kanto region by force through the power vacuum left in Giovanni's wake.
Family: His Father, Sister, Growlithe (his sister's/family pet), and Rhyhorn/Rhydon (His first pokemon)
Love Relationships?: Doesn't believe in love and abandoned romance in his youth

Pokémon on hand:
1) Rhydon (M)
Ability: Rock Head
Personality: Identical to his trainer in every respect
History: First pokemon and received as a gift from Brock as a baby Rhyhorn

2) Gyarados (M)
Ability: Moxie
Personality: Aggressive and Snappy
History: Received through business extortion of a man who sold magikarp at the Pokemon Center outside of Mt. Moon. Was given a free Magikarp and a considerable sum from the shady businessman.

3) Magmar (M)
Ability: Flame Body
Personality: Devious and Obedient
History: Obtained on Cinnabar Island. Used Magmar to cause a massive fire in Viridian forest just to see if Toma could "feel" something. Was later used to burn down the Pewter City gym to distract the City as Toma stole valuables from the Pewter City Museum.

4) Fearow (F)
Ability: Sniper
Personality: Very Loving towards her master but very bold and dominating to outsiders. Will quickly attack intruders she feels is a threat to her master.
History: Caught in the wilds and became Toma's favorite "pet" Fearow is given free reign and stays outside of it's pokeball. She watches over Toma's office at all times and has taken on the self appointed role as his "bodyguard"

pokemon in reserve (in his PC): Vileplume, Houndoom, Hypno, Scyther, Pinsir, Haunter, Kadabra, Blastoise, Primeape, Electabuzz, Flareon, Umbreon, Ditto, Muk, Weezing, and Electrode
Name: Jason
Gender: Male
Hometown: Odale Town of the Hoenn Reigon
Age: 16
Height: 5'8
Weight: 151lbs
Hair: Messy Brown hair with blue highlights at the ends
Eyes: Green
Clothing: Wears a mostly black hoodie with bits of orange here and there
Identifying Marks: none
Musculature: Average
Personality: Usually happy, helpful, and sticks up for people but sometimes he is rude, disrespectful, and mean
Skills: Fast and great with fast pokemon that can slash
Past: he was always a hyper boy when he was younger he acted like a ralts thats why his perents always call him they're little Ralts so when he was 7 he got his first pokemon which was a shiny ralts he named it JJ because those where his initials the ralts had always had little blades on his elbows
Family: Mom and Dad (Josephine) (Jacob)
Love Relationships?: SINGLE PRINGLE
Pokémon: Shiny Ralts (JJ) (Moves: Ice punch, Drain punch, Earthquake Psycho cut) (Backstory: He met with Jason when he was a newborn so he had to get used to everything but He has also been just like a gallade he has the same moves and elbows too so he always dresses as a shiny mega gallade (like prof pic) because he resembles one)
Name: Kyle Church
Gender: Male
Hometown: Sunnyshore City, Sinnoh
Age: 15
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel (Green/Brown)

Clothing: A simple white t-shirt and blue jeans, with black shoes, a black belt, and a dark brown trench coat (unbuttoned).

Identifying Marks: Large flame tatoo covering most of the right arm.

Musculature: Slightly above average.

Personality: Ambitious, shy, reserved, passionate. Has a hard time ,a king friends, but is very friendly and open to those he does befriend. Very protective of Pokémon.

Skills: Avid and talented battler, strong but quick. Some talent in Pokémon contests.

Past: Kyle was raised in an orphanage in Sunnyshore City. He never knew his parents, but became friendly the gym leader Volkner and the Elite Four Member Flint, as he saw them as role models and enjoyed watching their battles.

Family: Unknown

Love Relationships?: Has a secret crush on Flannery, the Fire-type gym leader from the Hoenn region.

Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

Infernape (Seth):
Gender: Male
Ability: Iron Fist
History: When Kyle left on his journey, he was given an two eggs by his childhood heroes and mentors, Volkner and Flint. One of them hatched into a Chimchar, which Kyle trained hard until it rivaled his Lucario in its battling ability. Now a powerful Infernape, its powerful fire attacks have even defeated foes with advatages, such as water and ground types.

Rhydon (Theodore):
Gender: Male
Ability: Rock Head
History: Rhyhorn was the first Pokémon Kyle caught on his own, and has since grown from a hard to train liability into a friendly powerhouse with a powerful bond to Kyle.

Lucario (Anubis):
Gender: Male
Ability: Justified
History: Kyle's first pokemon was a Riolu that befriended him when he was lost in the woods at age 7 and has since become Kyle's most powerful Pokémon, and best friend. Lucario rarely sees his pokéball, as the pair have grown to see each other almost as brothers. Lucario was the last Pokémon Kyle had up his sleeve

Raichu (Emma)
Gender: Female
Ability: Static
History: When Kyle started his journey, the egg Volkner gave him quickly hatched into a Pichu. A little while later it was a Pikachu who became very interested in Pokémon contests. After a while, Kyle came across a thunder stone and gave it to Pikachu, making it evolve into Raichu.

Decidueye (Clint)
Gender: Male
Ability: Overgrow
History: After battling a trainer from Alola and winning, that trainer released his Rowlett on the spot for being too weak. Kyle coaxed some confidence back into it, and helped it to train. This caused it to evolve, and it voluntarily joined Kyle's team, eventually evolving again and becoming a powerful Decidueye.

Staraptor (Alec)
Gender: Male
Ability: Intimidate
History: The second Pokémon Kyle caught during his journey throughout Sinnoh. It evolved quickly due to it being a very eager battler. It has an impressive battling record of 7-2-1.

Pokémon in PC:
Gabite, Drapion, Glaceon, Turtwig, Electabuzz, Drifblim, Dusknoir.
Name: Quinn
Gender: Male
Hometown: Sandgem Town, Sinnoh
Age: 14
Height: 5'11
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Clothing: Has a red shirt with a sketch of a pokeball on it, light grey sweat pants, red shoes with a black outline.
Identifying Marks: Has a scar on his arm from being cut by a Sandslash.
Musculature: Skinny but still has some muscle.
Personality: Is kind and friendly but can get ticked off easily. Loves his pokemon.
Skills: very smart and strategic, is a great battler.
Past: Was raised by friendly parents who got him in to pokemon battling at an young age. Has traveled around the Sinnoh region with his parents and has meet all the gym leaders.
Family: Mother, father, two brothers, and two sisters.
Love Relationships?: is single

Pokemon: Venusaur (Bulb)
Gender: Male
Ability: Overgrow
History: Was Quinn's first pokemon and the only one that remains on his team all the time.
Personality: Is very protective of Quinn but, is still friendly to most people. Is the leader of Quinn's pokemon.
Name: Matt Nikoto
Gender: Male
Hometown: Driftveil City
Age: 16
Height: 5'5
Weight: 168lbs
Hair: Short Brown Hair
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Green White Striped t-shirt, beige jean shorts, and hat with the same design and colors as the shirt but with a poke all in the center
Identification Mark: A brown mole on his left elbow
Muscalture: Fit, but with a small amount of chub.
Personality: Smart, Witty, and childish but can also be cold, calculating, cruel.
Past: A son of two elite four members, he always had good talent for battling. He always won tournaments that used rental Pokémon. Once he got his eevee, his parents let him borrow some of there Pokémon causing him to win even more. At 10, he started his journey in kanto region on advice from his parents. And this, was the start of his journey.
Family: A dad and a mom and little sister who is two years younger than him.
Friends: His sister, Jay, Austin, and Danielle (his girlfriend)
Pokémon: (All of them are male)

Dusk (Umbreon)
The eevee he got on his 5th birthday from his parents. It was his first member and also his best friend. It has helped him through many situations and will always be his best friend. Ability: Synchronize
Personality: Quiet, calm, smart and collected
Strategy: Stall

Leo (Blastoise)
Gotten after receiving it from professor Oak, it has been on of his hardest hitting members and it is the Pokémon he first mega evolved. It has helped him win many battles and was how he beat the Indigo league. Ability: Torrent
Personality: The silent type
Strategy: A good defense is a good offense

Gorro (Machamp)
Gotten as a present from his dad when it was a machop after beating the 8th kanto gym leader, its has been his second hardest hitter. When it was a machoke, Matt didn't know how to evolve it. He tried every method of evolving, but nothing. It evolved when Matt was helping Jay get a gengar. Matt felt very stupid after this event. Ability: No Guard
Personality: Funny and very kind.
Strategy: Get in close and hit hard

Scythe (Garchomp)
After being inherited from his parents after his grandfather's death, it has been his hardest hitter and most reliable member, sometimes sweeping entire teams. The only time it mega evolved was in a very desperate time. He was losing a match and only really had garchomp left. His emboar had been a tepig at the time and his umbreon was on one hit point, and his blastiose fainted before it could mega evolve. He was forced to mega evolve it even though he had heard about some scary stories about what a mega garchomp had done. He mega evolved it and won, but after the match, his garchomp almost attacked him in it's mega form, as if in some blind rage. It reverted into its regular form before Matt was attacked. Both were scared by this. But after this, both aspired to work even better than before. Maybe they might be able to mega evolve with out this dangerous risk. Ability: Rough Skin
Personality: Kind, but very scary looking
Strategy: Defeat the opponent before they can react

Piglet (Emboar)
Matt met Piglet as a Tepig that was abandoned by its old trainer. It was left to starve in an alleyway. Matt took it in under his wing, promising to find and defeat the trainer that abandoned it. Piglet was grateful for the food and shelter and came to really appreciate Matt.
As a result, it grew faster than many other of Matt's Pokémon. It also dealt extra damage sometimes to show off and survived hits it shouldn't have, all for Matt. When Piglet was an Emboar, Matt met the trainer that had abandoned Piglet and when Matt realized this, he immediately challenged the trainer to a 1v1. It was Emboar versus Emboar and Piglet absolutely decimated the opposing Emboar. The other trainer was dumbstruck at how he had given up such a good mon and then walked off grumbling. After this the two shared a deep bond, which took them very high and caused Piglet to be Matt's best battler and friend. Ability: Reckless
Personality: A gluten and very brash, but is very kind, caring, and insanely loyal to Matt
Strategy: Rush in, head first

Mustafa (Incineroar)
His most recent member and most versatile Pokémon on his team. The only mon that has ever used a z-move on his team. Ability: Blaze
Personality: Cruel to enemies but kind to those weak and to allies
Strategy: Fight dirty

In Pc: Speedy (Sceptile), Crosser (Crobat)
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Name: Momo
Gender: Male
Hometown: Current: Hau'oli City
Age: 18
Height: 5'0
Weight: 109
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Pale brown/grayish
Clothing: Flaaffy Costume //I use the Flaaffy Cosplayer sprite on my Trainer Card, but here's an example of what I actually mean//
Identifying Marks: Nothing dramatic, faint freckles across his face/arms
Musculature: Not very strong, since he's mostly held up in his room sewing more costumes!
Personality: Fairly reserved, but he does like showing off his work. He focuses on the Contest circuit, so he's focused on training his Pokemon to have flashy moves rather than making their moves most powerful/efficient
Skills: Sewing/designing!
Past: Momo's past is pretty simple, aside from how much his family has moved! He always enjoyed watching Pokemon Contests on tv, seeing the extravagant Pokemon and their trainers in Costume, he decided he would like to do that as well. Momo and his father have moved quite a bit, having first lived in Cherrygrove City in Johto //where Momo caught his first Pokemon, Mareep!// They then moved to Littleroot in Hoenn when Momo was 10, they lived there for five years and that was when he was finally able to participate in Pokemon Contests. After about five years of living in Hoenn with his father, Momo decided to move alone to Hau'oli City Alola, where he's been living ever since. Momo decided he would put on his own shows in public, encouraging young trainers/enthusiasts to show off their Pokemon's beauty and style.
Family: Father, Kiui; Mother, Amai [deceased]
Love Relationships?: None, atm!
Pokémon: Flaaffy, Milotic, Chimechi, Zweilous, Altaria, Whimsicott

Species: Flaaffy
Nickname: none
Gender: Male
History/Personality: Flaaffy was Momo's first Pokemon, he was caught as a Mareep. He took quickly to Momo, and Momo knew this Mareep would be his best companion. When he evolved into a Flaaffy, Momo fell even more in love with the Pokemon and decided to base his persona around him. He would design his first costume and give Flaaffy an Everstone, to keep him that way.

Species: Milotic ⋆
Nickname: none
Gender: Male
History/Personality: Milotic was Momo's first Shiny, as well as his first trade. He received the Shiny Feebas while living in Hoenn from a close friend, who traded it for Momo's powerful Flygon. The Feebas was not strong by any means, and even with training, was still very skittish and feeble. The day he evolved the meek Fish Pokemon, he realized that Pokemon did not necessarily have to be skilled in combat to have value.

Species: Chimecho
Nickname: none
Gender: Male
History/Personality: Chimecho was given to Momo as a Chingling by his father. It belonged to his mother, and he adored the Chingling dearly. On the night of the anniversary of his mother's passing, Momo took the Chingling to his mother's site. It recognized her name and became distressed, letting out a sorrowful song. Momo would comfort the Pokemon, realizing that the Chingling had a strong bond with his mother and felt sympathy. That night, the Chingling would evolve into a Chimecho.

Species: Zweilous
Nickname: none
Gender: Male
History/Personality: As a Deino, Momo's Zweilous would be the first Wild Pokemon he would battle. He ran into the shy Pokemon at the base of Meteor Falls, anxious after having been attacked by a Wild Druddigon over food. When Momo crossed his path, the spooked Deino charged. The already injured Pokemon was quickly taken down and caught by Momo, who rushed it to a PokeCenter. For a while, the Deino was stubborn and refused to listen to his new Trainer. With the help of his father, Momo showed Deino that he could rely on his new team.

Species: Altaria ⋆
Nickname: none
Gender: Male
History/Personality: Altaria would become the first Shiny Pokemon that Momo would catch himself. Among the flock of Swablu and Altaria, it stood out with its bright yellow plumage. This immediately caught Momo’s attention, and he attempted to befriend the small Pokemon. The Swablu, however, was not so trusting of the young Trainer and would not allow him to catch it. Instead, Momo tracked the Pokemon and would return to it in an attempt to gain its trust. Soon, the Swablu would become another close friend and join the team.

Species: Whimsicott ⋆
Nickname: none
Gender: Male
History/Personality: Whimsicott joined Momo’s team very recently, being the first Pokemon he would catch in Alola. The yellow Cottonee almost seemed to blend into the colorful Alolan flowers, but it was rare that a beautiful Pokemon escaped Momo’s eye. He took to the small Pokemon before even catching it, feeding the Cotton Pokemon berries all the way from Hoenn. Cottonee joined Momo’s team without a battle and has been with him ever since.
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Name: Simone Samford
Lavender Town, Kanto Region
fifteen ( 15 ) years old
5’3 (± 160 cm)
112 lbs. (± 51 kg)

Hair: Natural Blonde. Middle length, choppy and layered bob-cut with side swept bangs.
Ice Blue. Gray-blue ring marking the edges of the iris. Blue within the ring, fading to a blueish white when closer to the pupil.
Half sleeve hoodie meant to resemble a Totodile over top a long sleeve, cream colored shirt. The hoodie is blue in color with a somewhat V-shaped pattern on the chest that matches the color of the long sleeve shirt underneath. There are two Totodile eyes printed on the sides of the hood as well as three red spines on the back of the hoodie. Two of which are on the back of the hood itself and the remaining one on the upper back of the hoodie. Hoodie is paired with light blue, denim shorts over top red and white striped tight high socks, resembling candy canes.
Also has a pinkish red rucksack with a minimalistic Pokéball design depicted on it. Bag contains all the usual compartments a trainer pack ought to have as well as a compartment specifically for her party’s Pokéballs as to not confuse them with empty Pokéballs. (Arceus knows, it has happened before.)
Identifying Marks:
Small scar on upper left calf due to a fence-climbing accident.

Being the youngest sibling with four older brothers, Simone feels the constant need to (over)compensate for her lack of physical strength and, what she believes, small stature. She is very susceptible to peer pressure and does pretty much anything asked of her by friends, family and/or any person she believes to be in charge, as long as it is at least somewhat reasonable. Yet, reasonable is a blurry line for Simone and her ideas on what’s quote-unquote ‘reasonable’ shift by the minute.
Simone is a scatterbrain, lacking in both organization and concentration, highly excitable and overall a very lively and unconditionally enthusiastic person. This firm believer in the power of friendship can, and will, become your best friend if you let her. That is, as long as you can deal with the bouncy, overly optimistic attitude and follower mentality.
Skills: Extroverted, Optimistic, Self-motivated

Simone is the youngest child of Emma and Peter Samford, as well as the only child of the family that wasn’t born in Johto. After Alexander was born the family moved out of their home, as their residence in Johto was becoming too small to house the entire family. Simone’s dad had been working at the Goldenrod Radio Tower before they moved and with a larger residence, as well as a job offer at the newly opened Radio Tower in Kanto, it was an easy decision to make as to where they would go. The Samford family was moving to Lavender Town. Once they were settled in, and dad had landed the job at the Lavender Radio Tower, they decided to have another child, which turned out to be a girl.
From birth Simone’s childhood was nothing out of the ordinary, except maybe the Pokémon she grew up with. They weren’t native to Kanto after all. Other than that everything was normal enough. She was loved by her parents and teased by her brothers.
It was around the age of eleven that things changed. Getting more and more interested in Pokémon she was eventually allowed to have one of her own, an offspring of her father’s Feraligatr. Needless to say the two became inseparable. Their behavior, interests and excitable nature made them a perfect match. They became so close that her mom made Simone a hoodie in the image of the small crocodile, all to make them even more alike. Equipped with a hoodie that will stand out in any crowd, a Pokémon partner at her side and brothers who are already above-average trainers, it’s only a matter of time before Simone will set out on her own journey. Both for the fun of it and because she wants to prove herself to the world! Well, mostly prove herself to her brothers, but the world works too.

Family: Parents
o Emma Antwell ( 45 )
o Peter Samford ( 48 )

Four older brothers, ranging from eighteen ( 18 ) to twenty-two ( 22 ) years old, with Matthew and Ryan being twins.
o Alexander ( 18 )
o Matthew ( 20 )
o Ryan ( 20 )
o Evan ( 22 )

Love Relationships: None at the moment.

Croconaw, the Big Jaw Pokémon
Nickname: Chomp
Gender: Male
Ability: Sheer Force
Special Features: As average as they come.
Personality: Chomp seems to be going through a bit of an ‘edgy teenager’ phase ever since he evolved. While he used to be the bounciest, most excitable blue reptile you’ve ever laid your eyes on before, he’s now a temperamental source of trouble and annoyance, but only when he’s around someone that isn’t Simone. Chomp still has a soft spot for his quote-unquote mom, Simone, but anyone else better stay away. This edgy, jaw snapping crocodile just isn’t as happy to see you as he used to be, mainly because he’s secretly scared that Simone will replace him for some cuter Pokémon and thus he tries to scare off the ‘competition’.

History: Chomp was given to Simone by her father as her first Pokémon. When he was still an excitable Totodile the two of them were inseparable and did everything together, especially training. Even though Simone hasn’t left home to go on her journey yet, she and Chomp have gained a decent amount of experience by fighting against her brothers, eventually even causing Chomp to evolve into the Croconaw he is today.
I guess this is a good reference spot, in case I need to draw from this bio.

Name: Kenta

Gender: M

Hometown: South Blackthorn

Age: 16

Height: When is this ever relevant to the story?

Weight: When is this ever relevant to the story?

Hair: When is this ever relevant to the story?

Eyes: When is this ever relevant to the story?

Clothing: When is this ever relevant to the story?

Identifying Marks: N/A

Musculature: When is this ever relevant to the story?

Personality: Depends on the setting. If other trainers act like they do in the games- that is to say, dumb as rocks with one-dimensional characterizations- Kenta is heavily sarcastic and often seen snorting a mysterious powder. Some say it's crystal meth, but others suspect it's fragments of The Fourth Wall, since he'll grind it to powder. If on a directionless journey toward pokemon mastery, Kenta will become militantly determined to "accomplish the objective," and push his fellow trainers along impatiently. If the setting takes place in a catastrophic world where every fight is a clash for survival, Kenta will be fearful and insecure, and prioritize safety above winning. In short, Kenta's a mixed bag, but he consistently maintains a professional distance from his pokemon. Mostly.

Skills: Knowledge of camping essentials, including firemaking ability. Can swim. Can think quickly and strategically in the heat of a pokemon battle. Good memory of general pokemon base stats. Highschool-level education.

Past: Varies, depending on the setting. Usually nothing of special significance, except for a near-death experience during which time he glimpsed a vision of Ho-oh. Yes, like Ash Ketchum in the first episode.

Family: Mom & Dad. Older brother who works for the peacekeeping organization Ragnarok.

Love Relationships?: N/A

Pokémon: Depends on the setting, but usually a Steelix shows up early on.

I might add more later, depending.
Knock knock! I've got more bios to come in! I'll be putting in the trainer and Pokémon that I have been using lately. (Though I do not exactly use Thalasyik that much since most RPs are a bit cliché with starting off with first evolutions and so on.)

Name: Her name is Serah Avalon.
Gender: Female
Hometown: Her hometown is Idyla Town, a town of masked nirvana that is within the lavish, Avaloian District, located in the northern area of Camtonia.
Age: She is currently 14 Years old, as her birthday is months to come.
Height: 4'11" / 1.5 m
Weight: 104.6 lbs / 47.45 kg
Hair: She has long, blond hair that is curled in a ponytail.
Eyes: Her eyes are sky blue, as the surrounding area near her pupil is a bit grayish.
Clothing: She wears a pale white camp shirt and a pale blue, short-sleeved skort. The camp shirt has a picture of a lightly pink heart that has some vague pictures of a familiar Pokémon and human about to hold hands. She has on black, knee boots with socks that are as white as cloud nine and wears a dark brown satchel around her left shoulder that holds her items she carries around; such as everyday supplies and Tyler's Poké Browser since he cannot exactly use it anymore.
Identifying Marks: She does not have anything too dramatic like scars that one would see from a WWII movie, though she does have some small patches of freckles on her cheeks and nose.
Musculature: She has a skinny build and light muscle mass.
Personality: Serah has a gentle outlook towards others, as she is rather compassionate towards the young. Her optimistic nature leads her to persuade others to get them to see other stories instead of looking at everything in black and white. She can be rather overprotective of her Signita since she often spoils him with a flood of love and indulgence.
Skills: She can reach out to other Pokémon more easily than a typical person can and specializes in the field of medicine after following Tyler's footsteps.
Past: She used to work in a Pokémon nursery with her aunt, Lani until she decided to meet Tyler in the hospital of Remedal. Over the course of some weeks, she learned from Tyler about the field of medicine until one day... he was discovered missing! She got into a state of panic, knowing that she did not have a single Pokémon for four years to come despite being able to get herself a Pokémon from the laboratory if she asked nicely enough. She endlessly questioned others and searched relentlessly for Tyler until one day, he was discovered within the ruins of Remedal Hospital years later, weeping at his broken plaque and sitting on some rubble with his lab coat that was far too big and complex for him to now wear. She saw his ID held in his shaky hands that he would often use to gain access to staff rooms, as she decided to have him as her first Pokémon after realizing that he would need more than just help if he was going to have the best normal life he could. She made sure that his belongings were secure in her bag and had to unfortunately take ownership of the Pokémon in his Poké Balls beside him since she knew that she could not leave his Pokémon behind, even if he could no longer direct them. She decided to still follow Tyler's steps to becoming the doctor that he was and hoping that he can live a life that is as normal as possible for him in spite of his completely new life.
Family: Bardo Avalon (Father; Deceased), Emily Avalon (Mother), Mindy Avalon (Fraternal Twin Sister)
Love Relationships?: She does not have any love relations at the moment, though this is always subject to change.
Pokémon: She has a Signita currently with her after going back to Camtonia to check on him, give some treatment and take him with her in hopes of getting him out of his comfort zone. She also has a Pritotdus and a Camtonian Cranidos since Tyler cannot exactly command them, though his Thalasyik is currently assisting with Serah's ill mother. (Information about Thalasyik will be revealed later or upon request since he is currently not with Serah at the moment.)

Name: His name is Tyler Frost.
Species: Signita / Cross Seal Pokémon
Type: [type]Water[/type] [type]Ice[/type]
Gender: Male
Native Region: His native region is Etepeal.
Age: His real age is currently unknown, though his physical appearance does make him appear rather young.
Height: 1'10" / 0.56 m
Weight: 17.9 lbs / 8.12 kg
Special Features: He has some white, elastic bandages snugly wrapped around the top of his head with Serah's help since he has some bruises from prior fights against harassing trainers and Team Regressive.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Ability: Torrent (Increases the potency of all Water-type moves when the Pokémon is in trouble.)
Appearance: Signita is a pinniped, slightly canine-like Pokémon that is primarily pale blue. His head is slightly big in proportion to his body, as he has light blue eyes and a small snout with a tiny nose capable of tracking various scents from a good distance. Two small teeth can be seen when he opens his mouth, as they are in the upper row of his mouth on opposite sides. His arms each have three fingers that lack any claws due to his seemingly young age. His underside and tail is that of a dark cadet gray, as his flipper-like tail has a black striped pattern around it.
Clothing: Tyler wears a specially made lab coat made by Serah's mother that is tailored for his body and needs. There are some pockets on the inside and outside areas that hold some medicinal items as well as his foldable clipboard and his special black, thick pen made for his small hands; which have a multitude of functions.
Personality: Tyler seems to be an outcast when faced with social encounters, as he rarely speaks due to his voice that others describe as silly and babyish. He tends to hide behind his friends, trainer or any object in sight when forced to answer a question deemed too personal. His fish out of water nature makes it significantly harder to hang around other Pokémon, since he is not as understandable as a typical Pokémon would be under normal circumstances. Although he retains some of his former traits, his emotional side often gets the better of him when it comes to bottling up his rage and tears from significant emotional stress and/or trauma. Due to his memory loss however, he does have some trouble doing some basic or understandably advanced tasks for his infantile body.
Primary Moves: Pound Rush, Examination, Water Snipe, Icicle Shooter
  • Body Expertise: Due to having prior knowledge on various Pokémon from treating them in his hospital in the past, Tyler is able to utilize weak spots and type matchups more effectively on Pokémon battled before.
  • Practitioner: Having an anterior mastery of medicine means that Tyler is able to use all artificial healing items, such as Potions and Antidotes. This can be done in the midst of combat or simply in the overworld should his trainer decide to let him fiddle with the childproof mechanisms.
  • Nimble Fingers: Being quick with vast, hands-on experience he obtained at youth, Tyler is able to interact with any task somewhat quicker.
Past: Most of his past is currently unknown due to large memory loss that was somewhat resolved by his friend and caretaker. What is most known about him is that he was involved in Project Sapien, an abhorrent experiment conducted by Team Regressive in an attempt to synthesize a chemical that would permanently revert Pokémon from their final evolutions back to their basic forms. However, instead of making their desired compound... they accidentally discovered something that would completely change a person's life.
Family: Much of his family remains unknown due to his memory loss.
Love Relationships?: He has a crush on Mindy Avalon, who is Serah's sister.
Other: His species is the Water-type starter obtained in Etepeal typically by beginning trainers. His favorite treat is wafers coated with a liberal amount of peanut butter.
Poké Browser Entry: "Signita is the water starter Pokémon for Etepeal. Typically, they are given to beginning trainers or they can rarely be seen in the wild in colder areas napping on some patches of snow near the frosty seas."
Moves Information:
Type: [type]Normal[/type]
Catagory: Physical
Power: 10 x 5
Accuracy: 100%, but can be evaded more easily
Power Points: 25
Target: Single Enemy
Range: Close Quarters Combat
Description: An elementary move that most species of Pokémon learn from the start or early on. The user strikes the target with a series of quick strikes.
Effects: The chance of critical hits increases when all strikes connect.
Type: [type]Normal[/type]
Catagory: Status (Exclusive Move)
Power: N/A
Accuracy: Sure Shot
Power Points: 35
Target: Single Enemy
Range: 10 Meters
Description: The user briefly analyzes the target and assesses their outlook, behavior and other newly known facts to gain an insight on the target.
Effects: Reveals information about the target this move is used on; this move can be used multiple times on the same target to gain more detailed information.
Type: [type]Water[/type]
Catagory: Special
Power: 70
Accuracy: 85%
Power Points: 15
Target: Single Enemy
Range: 25 Meters
Description: The user takes in a deep breath of concentration and launches a dense shot of highly pressurized water at the target.
Effects: The move's power is doubled if the target is hit in their weak spot.
Type: [type]Ice[/type]
Catagory: Special
Power: 15 x 6
Accuracy: 80%
Power Points: 20
Target: Single Enemy
Range: 12.5 Meters
Description: The user assaults the target with a barrage of frosty icicles.
Effects: May inflict Expose on the target, halving their resistance to Ice-type attacks.

Name: His name is currently unknown.
Species: Pritotdus / Lil' Operations Pokémon
Type: Cyber (Yes, I'll be getting into their weaknesses and resistances here calm down people!)
Gender: Male
Native Region: Camtonia
Age: His age is currently unknown, though it is estimated to be in his near teen years.
Height: 1'04" / 40.64 cm
Weight: 7.2 lbs / 3.27 kg
Special Features: Unfortunately, he has no special features.
Hidden Power: Dark
Ability: Suppression (Attacking a Pokémon has a slight chance to interrupt their attack or even put them into a state of panic; causing them to go into uncontrollable bursts of fear for a brief moment. The chances of this ability working is increased on weaker Pokémon and decreased on stronger ones. This ability cannot occur more than once every second and physical-based moves have a higher chance of triggering this ability.)
Appearance: Pritotdus is a small, humanoid Pokémon that has a primarily earth stone gray, humanoid body composed of predominantly data and other miscellaneous matter. When he is in sleep mode, his body is curled into a small, cube-like structure to preserve his internal temperatures and energy. His gray, antenna-like tail still protrudes upward in a slight manner, as it can be pulled to awaken him from his nap; though he typically despises this. In the times that he is awake however, his body appears to have a regular shape of a robot that looks like a toddler to most eyes. The veins on his body sometimes glow in a greenish hue, typically to produce more energy in the events of combat; though this can be halted at will should the situation demand it. He has pale green square eyes, a small nose composed of two tiny nostrils and mini cube-like protrusions on the side of his head that give off the impression of ears. Four small teeth can be seen when he opens his mouth, as they are all in their respective corners. His underside is in the shade of a presidential blue, as all of his limbs are short and stubby. His emerald green hands and feet each have four fingers and three toes; all of which lack any nails or even claws whatsoever. His short, gray antenna-like tail has two pale green stripes and is tipped with a emerald green disk.
Clothing: N/A (Mainly because it is hard to fit his body needs and he does not like wearing them.)
Personality: Having a long history of driving arrogance that steered him into trouble with the Zealous Squad back in Camtonia, Pritotdus tends to be rather unrelenting at first to strangers and others that he perceives as a threat; even if they are as cute as a baby Pokémon to one's eyes. His workaholic nature usually tends to make him rather cranky and impulsive the next day, since he has an obsession with protecting someone he dearly loves and he still retains his old habits before an old friend of his helped jailbreak him some time ago.
Primary Moves: Swift Strike, Recovery Drive, Shoot n' Scoot, Digiload.
Past: [Nothing in this section yet since not a spec of this Pokémon's past has been revealed yet.]
Family: [Also nothing unfortunately in this section yet since this is currently unknown.]
Love Relationships?: None at the moment.
Other: He can create small data weapons that are typically used for combat, as they are only meant to make the target disoriented and eventually faint from the sonic rounds they fire off.
Poké Browser Entry: "It has been said that Pritotdus was first created by a desperate engineer that wanted to discover how the code for Cyberspace's entry security worked. Nowadays, it can commonly be seen with police forces all over the region of Camtonia."
Moves Information:
Type: Normal
Catagory: Physical
Power: 60
Accuracy: 100%
Power Points: 20
Target: Single Enemy
Range: Close Quarters Combat
Description: An elementary move that most Pokémon typically know from the start or learn soon in their childhood. The user strikes the target in a brute, but prompt manner.
Effects: No secondary effects, but this move has increased priority over other moves.
Type: Cyber
Catagory: Status (Egg Move)
Power: N/A
Accuracy: Sure Shot
Power Points: 20
Target: Self
Range: N/A
Description: An advanced move that most Cyber-type Pokémon usually learn in their teen years. The user quickly patches their wounds by creating and using a hastily made drive filled with recovery code.
Effects: Restores HP proportional to the Pokémon's current HP and condition. (I.e. More HP will be restored if the Pokémon has lower HP and being poisoned for example.)
Type: Normal
Catagory: Special
Power: 20 x 5
Accuracy: 75%
Power Points: 20
Target: All enemies in range / Random Targeting
Range: 10 Meters
Description: A basic move that most Pokémon in the Camtonian Police Force are taught in training. The user swiftly attacks the target with various tiny projectiles densely filled with energy; then hastily moves away from the area after executing this move.
Effects: No secondary effects on targets, but this move may have increased priority on some turns. Also grants the user a brief period of increased evasion after this move is executed.
Type: Cyber
Catagory: Status
Power: N/A (Normal Usage); 40−100 (Pritotdus Usage)
Accuracy: Sure Shot
Power Points: 45
Target: Self
Range: N/A (Normal Usage); 5 Meters (Pritotdus Usage)
Description: An intermediate move that most Cyber-type Pokémon learn in their middle child years, as it has different, but certainly odd effects depending on the Pokémon that uses it. The user gathers up some data and uses it to refill their power to execute their other moves with efficiency. When Pritotdus uses this move, he has a rare chance of throwing his data weapon at the enemy instead after creating a new set; causing massive damage at the center of the explosion.
Effects: Refills PP on another desired move proportional to the percentage of this move's PP spent (Normal Usage); May inflict stun, making the target unable to act for a brief period of time. (Pritotdus Usage).

Name: His name is currently unknown.
Species: Cranidos / Head Butt Pokémon (Camtonian Form)
Type: Psychic/Rock
Gender: Male
Native Region: Camtonia
Age: His age is currently unknown, though he does look a bit young at first glance.
Height: 2'5" / 73.66 cm
Weight: 24.2 lbs / 10.98 kg
Special Features: He has some scars on his feet after tripping numerous times on hard cement in the past.
Hidden Power: Ground
Ability: Down to Earth (Every time the Pokémon deals or receives damage, the Pokémon regains up to 5% HP and PP for a random move. Every 20% HP missing will reduce the cooldown of Rock-type moves by 0.5 seconds. The effects of this ability cannot occur more than 15 times every 20 seconds or roughly about 3 turn cycles.)
Appearance: Camtonian Cranidos is a small Pokémon with a primarily fossil gray body that gives resemblance to the pachycephalosaurus. His beak is slightly curved in a vague shape of a hook, as he has hazel eyes along with a seafoam green, dome-shaped head that is hard to the touch. There are four flint gray spikes on his head; two are behind and the others are on their respective sides. His seafoam green back has a large spiky pattern while he also has a stubby tail that tapers rather quickly. He has a fossil gray underside, while his hands each have three tiny claws and his feet each have three claws and one more in the rear.
Clothing: He only wears an ultra pink scarf around his neck since he dislikes wearing most types of clothing due to the fact that they are rather uncomfortable for him.
Personality: Coming into an era where the world of his is completely different, Cranidos tends to struggle with being able to talk to others since it can be rather hard to understand him most of the time. As a result, he usually ends up either getting frustrated or keeping too quiet to the point where it would make his trainer want to bombard him with questions and the dreaded concerns. His quirky habits can often get the better of him, since it can be difficult to lay down the bad habits and pick up the newer, better ones that his trainer constantly attempts to get him to do.
Primary Moves: Juncture Charge, Abrogate, Stone Pike, Chronolock
Past: [Nothing in this section yet since not a spec of this Pokémon's past has been revealed yet.]
Family: [Also nothing unfortunately in this section yet since this is currently unknown.]
Love Relationships?: None at the moment, though this is subject to change.
Other: He tends to struggle a bit with technology and most types of conventional berries since he is not exactly used to modern terms.
Poké Browser Entry: "According to the old legends of Camtonia, Cranidos took a new form of adaption in order to outsmart Mother Nature after their kind was almost extinct from a major flash flood."
Moves Information:
Type: [type]Psychic[/type]
Catagory: Physical
Power: 20 x 5
Accuracy: 100% / Fails if timed incorrectly
Power Points: 25
Target: Single Enemy
Range: Close Quarters Combat
Description: The user rushes towards the target and utilizes extreme timing to hit the target with adjoining strikes of psychic power.
Effects: Critical hits land more easily if this attack is timed perfectly.
Type: [type]Psychic[/type]
Catagory: Status (Egg Move)
Power: N/A
Accuracy: Sure Shot
Power Points: 15
Target: Self
Range: N/A
Description: An advanced move that most Psychic-type Pokémon usually learn in their experienced years, as this move takes some concentration and timing to correctly execute. The user takes in a deep breath of attentiveness and reverts all damage and status conditions inflicted upon from the prior turn.
Effects: Makes the user's current HP reverted back to the amount left on the prior turn, as well as lifting up the effects of any status conditions that were recently inflicted upon. (Cannot ease Perish Song, Condemn or OHKOs however.)
Type: [type]Rock[/type]
Catagory: Physical
Power: 85
Accuracy: 100%
Power Points: 20
Target: All enemies in a straight line
Range: 5 Meters / Piercing
Description: The user charges towards the target and thrusts them with a honed, blade-like stone. This can often leave their target quite defenseless if they are caught off guard.
Effects: If target is not guarding or under the effects of any defense buffs, has a high chance of inflicting Fragility, halving the target's defense for five turn cycles.
Type: [type]Psychic[/type]
Catagory: Status
Power: N/A
Accuracy: Sure Shot
Power Points: 1
Target: Self
Range: N/A
Description: A highly sophisticated move that very few even master in their old ages, as this move will more than not put an arduous amount of pressure on the user attempting to utilize this move to the fullest extent; causing most to restrict their usage to only once per battle to prevent a comatose from occurring. The user takes in an enormous amount of concentration and locks their energy levels; preventing them from raising and lowering. This move is best used when the user is anticipating a fatal plummet of strength from an incoming attack that would otherwise make them faint right on the spot.
Effects: The user's HP will not decrease or increase from any moves or status conditions for two turn cycles. After this move expires, the user will become exhausted and have their battle stats halved for five turn cycles.
Name: Karma Nikki

Gender: Female

Hometown: Laverre City, Kalos Region

Age: 14

Hair: Long messy maroon hair that she tends to style a lot.

Eyes: Amber eyes.

Skin Complexion: Pale

Clothing: She wears multiple kinds of clothing but most of them consist of sweaters, hoodies and jackets with darker or dull shades of colors. Her usual clothing consist of a black and dark purple bulletproof plugsuit, similar to Lack-Two, which is hardly cover by her indigo sweater dress, brown riding boots, and red muffler prior to this is she wore a similar dress but with a butterfly-shaped crest on the chest area, black pantyhose, indigo flats, elbow length black gloves that covers her middle finger, her muffler and a gold ring on her right middle finger. She has an electronic Litten headband that acts as a headphone, and recorder, a chain necklace that has her golden ring hidden under her dress and a black belt bag.

Musculature: She's an avid swimmer and martial artist until her father goes MIA she mostly live her life under lock and key by her mother.

Personality: Karma for the most part could appear as an ordinary trainer with a lazy or care-free nature but she's far from being one. She's a very pragmatic individual, a hypocrite and a liar she never told an honest opinion without coating it with a nice veil of lies. She doesn't believe in the form of good or evil, she stand with her ideal no matter how stupid or crazy it is to others. She's also a person who will stay on the sidelines and watched unless she really needed to act. Even so she's still a very kind-hearted, considerate individual and at some point a loyal friend. (Her personality varies on the RP themes or my mood)

Skills: Aside from being a clever trainer, Swimmer, Martial Artist and Espionage.

Past: At the age of five her father had trained her to some basic police enforcer training, and martial art, her father wanted to have his only kin to follow his footsteps which Karma didn't questioned as she supported her father through thick and thin until he mysteriously disappeared leaving her to her mother's care much to her dismay. From the start Karma knew that her mother despises her, for whatever reason that she wouldn't bother to care or acknowledge, she is mostly abused by the woman through verbal and sometimes mild physical abuses. Do you know the story of Cinderella? Well that's mostly the summary of her life the only things missing is a pair of ugly step-sisters and her mother being a step-mother.

Family: Pluto Nikki (Father: MIA)
Hera Nikki (Mother)

Love Relationship: None

Nickname: Artemis
Species: Lopunny
Gender: Female
Ability: Cute Charm

Nickname: Poseidon
Species: Froakie- Frogadier- Greninja
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent

Pokémon: (The rest depends on the various RPs theme)

What Did You Do To Snoke?

Previously Ratbag the Coward
Name: Beige (Real Name not known)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Lavender Town, Kanto
Age: Around 17
Height: 5 foot 7 (at least)
Weight: ?
Hair: In between being brown and being called blonde, but more brown, ultimately.
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Depends. Wears a Beige and yellow cap with a hoodie of the same colour +a black theme
Identifying Marks:
Calculating, suspicious about society and the hidden terrors beneath it. Always questions life.
Skills: Pokemon Battling, skilled assassin
Past: In the reality Beige is in, he lives in a version of Kanto where Red has enslaved the region in a dictatorship style leadership. Beige's father worked for Red in a group that served him known as 'the Enforcers.' One day he disappeared-he had been tortured brutally, to death, by the Enforcers for speaking out against them. His mother then joined a group known as ;the Resistance,' who oppossed Red, but ended up dying. Beige learned the truth after storming and destroying an Enforcer Outpost in Lavender Town. He aquired documents which told him the truth: that Red had lied to Kanto about his journey. Team Rocket had good intentions and Red murdered or emprisoned all traitors.
Family: Father (Dead), Mother (Dead). Mr.Fuji-his great uncle, still alive (currently in the rp).
Love Relationships?: Briefly had a crush on a girl named Leaf/reignites at certain times. Had a small crush on Brooklyn, the new gym leader of Cerulean City.
Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc: His signature pokemon is a Cubone/Marowak nicknamed 'Skull.'
Name: Officer Sykes
Gender: Male
Hometown: Saffron City
Age: 27
Height: 6 Feet
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Blue police uniform. When out of uniform, sports a brown jacket with blue jeans.
Identifying Marks: Mustache
Musculature: Slim
Skills: Forensics Investigation Specialist
Past: After passing the gym challenge, released his Pokemon to start over and become a police officer. Spent the first four years alternating between Saffron City PD police academy and field experience of catching a new team and training his state-issued growlithe. Has a personal grudge against Team Rocket for their interference with the city he's sworn to protect, and is often called in by other regions or towns when their organization is suspected of involvement in homicide or Pokemon-related violent crime.


Nickname: "Sketch"
The essential Pokémon for any forensics investigator. Ditto allows investigators to quickly visualize victim descriptions of criminals, going so far as to transform into a 3D model of the criminal described. This one has been trained to transform and adapt as quickly as possible, so it can match victim descriptions in real time.

Nickname: "Persevere"
An unfortunate, but necessary evil. Ralts is a young, innocent Pokémon that is intensely sensitive to people's emotions in its unevolved state. Officer Sykes uses that sensitivity to judge whether or not criminals are lying and what emotions criminals are feeling during interrogations. These interrogations take a toll on Ralts occasionally by exposing her to negativity or evil thoughts, and the necessity of using her abilities to solve a case must be balanced with the Pokémon’s emotional needs. Her telepathic insights are not permissible evidence in court, but may lead to concrete evidence later. Her moveset focuses on her ability to read minds, and if necessary protect herself from negativity. Ralts is one of a few Pokémon on the team that can communicate with Sykes directly, through telepathy. She can serve as a go-between for other Pokémon, translating their speech.

Nickname: "Finder"
Magnemite is invaluable at a crime scene, often pinpointing the location of weapons, wallets, and other metallic objects relevant to a case. It is eerily quiet, almost never speaking despite having the ability to communicate through the telepathic translators on the team. Instead, Magnemite prefers to hover over metallic objects and communicate non-verbally. Perhaps its quiet, duty-driven existence is a means of distancing itself from the emotional burdens of the job. Perhaps its the aftermath of a poor relationship to a lover from which it was eventually repulsed. We may never know. Its charge beam is sometimes used to power devices found on the scene, such as lights or phones.

Nickname: "Lao Kan"
After completing the gym challenge, children usually take on a second quest to capture Pokémon needed for their chosen profession and start their journey into adulthood. Officer Sykes found and caught most of the Pokémon himself...but Xatu found him. The wise bird lives in its own visions, often self-absorbed in the future or the distant past. Sometimes, it can offer cryptic clues based on partial visions of what actually happened on a case, or a shred of evidence that hasn't yet been found. None of these insights are admissible in court, and it sometimes withholds information despite having already solved a case to ensure that Sykes learns how to piece together evidence himself. Xatu seems to think that honing Sykes’s personal detective skills is necessary to prepare for some catastrophic event in the future that it refuses to discuss in detail. It is the primary translator for the team, often using its abilities in telekinesis to translate present speech, but sometimes interposing future or past speech by accident.

Nickname: "Pokehauntus"
Bruiser, bully, stalker. Gastly was hand-picked for its ability to chase down criminals through walls. Unfortunately, most cases Sykes is involved in don't start with a chase, and when it's not hunting down uncooperative suspects it idles mischievously.

Nickname: "K-9"
A state-issued Pokémon given to all police officers. Growlithe is trained to Saffron PD standards to take down criminals, guard victims, and secure a crime scene. Bred for bravery, it fears nothing and does not hesitate to take on Pokémon far stronger than itself.
Name: chamille bitean.
Nicknames: cham(from her parents who shorten her name.), bitten(just a nickname people give her to get on her nerves), tea(from close friends who refer to her as chamomile tea)
Gender: female.
sexuality: pansexual.
Hometown: couriway town
Age: 15
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 162lbs
Hair: strawberry blonde, often just in a lazy ponytail as she doesn't like her hair down. she might go the distance and wear space buns if she's in the mood to bother.
Eyes: a cold bluish-grey.
Clothing: she doesn't really try, just wearing generic plain hoodies and a striped black-red-blue shirt. she also wears navy sweatpants and a silver-grey snapback with a blue pokeball icon sewed on. if she's in a mood for trying, she'd be in her gengar hoodie.
Identifying Marks: freckles adorning her face and forearms like constellations.
Musculature: physically weak, average healthy weight.
Personality: a rude, close-minded person who isn't all too pleasant to talk to unless you're close. cham likes to go out of her way to irritate people and get under their skin, alongside her partner pokemon. she is snappy, sarcastic and cold to outsiders. unless you'rve really got to know her, you wouldn't know that she uses rudeness as a self-defence. if you do ever get to know her, she is a good listener, rather honest and sweeter. she is open, unforgiving, and holds grudges, always. she takes high interest in pokemon contests and isn't much of a gym battler.
Skills: she can certainly put up a decent fight.
Past: she grew up in an average family: her mother was a home baker and her father worked in the medical field. she left the house when she was 10, like many other children, with no real interest in catching them all or collecting all eight gym badges. her mother wasn't really much of a trainer either and gave chamile two pokemon eggs, one a weird misty purple colour and the other a weird greenish leaf patterned one. as she developed through her awkward journey, catching a fletchling before actually catching her eggs, they hatched into a ghastly and a sewaddle respectively. she raised them to be graceful rather than powerful and is planning to travel to other regions soon; that is after she beats at least 3 of the gym leaders (according to her parents who want her successful)
Family: mother, father, younger brother.
Love Relationships?: not yet.
Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

flame body
has an odd feather that's out of place on his markings. it's brown rather than red.
he was chamile's first pokemon, and most loyal too. he is quite the big softy, and cham likes to ride on his back just for fun. he's like the dad friend except he's a pokemon.

no special features.
considered chamile's signature pokemon, seeing that they're always together. they pull pranks and spaghetti pulls her into the "ghost's realm" more than often, scaring philip a lot in the process. he got his name when cham was dining in and spilt spaghetti bolonese on the egg just as it was hatching.

part of the left split of her ear is just a little singed, but it's often covered up with a bandage. it wont heal for some reason, with permanent damage from a terrible accident to do with philip.
she's reckless and wont hesitate to hurt anyone who hurts her trainer; ronnie is cold, swift and wastes no time. she likes to get things done in an organised manner.

no special features.
micheal is a quiet and observant pokemon, not really making much fuss and prefers to be left alone. he is very new to chamile's team.
Name: Keimusho Onishi
Gender: Male
Hometown: Ecruteak City
Age: 17
Height: 5' 10
Weight: 187lbs.
Hair: Black Hair
Eyes: Natural eye color is dark brown; however, he wears purple contact lenses.
Clothing: Can be seen wearing a primarily black kimono equipped with a purple Pokéball logo on the back. Other times whenever necessary (such as when travelling in areas such as caves and mountains) he will be seen wearing a purple hoodie (with a black Pokéball logo embedded in the back and front), black pants, and black boots.
Identifying Marks: No physical features set him apart; however, he tends to have a pair of Go-Goggles resting on his forehead majority of the time.
Musculature: Fairly fit / slightly muscular.
Personality: An individual with few words, mainly cause he doesn't have much to say. However, he will talk to others when they speak to him and when it is necessary. Caring for those close to him; especially his Pokémon.
Skills: Skilled at performing dances known by Kimono Dancers in Ecruteak City but prefers not to use this skill for obvious reasons.
Past: He was born and grew up in Ecruteak City. His mother was a Kimono Dancer and his father worked at a Pokéball Factory in the Johto Region. That was until he had to relocate to the Pokéball Factory in the Kalos Region when Keimusho was at the young age of seven years old. It seemed the Keimusho wasn't destined to become a trainer as his mother desired for him to become a sage within the city. She wouldn't even allow for him to have a Pokémon. However, this all changed at the age of 10. One day, a mysterious man wearing a trench coat visited the city. This individual carried an incubator that contained a Pokémon Egg and claimed that he was from the Hoenn Region. The man would offer the egg for
10,000. The only other prerequisite was that a pokéball would have to be in the buyer's possession. In that moment Keimusho would remember a gift his father gave him prior to leaving for the Kalos Region; 30,000 and a purple-colored pokéball. With these things he was able to purchase the Egg and as a bonus the stranger would give him a pair of Go-Goggles as a bonus. A few days later the Egg would hatch and would be revealed to be a Trapinch. Keimusho knew quite a bit about Flygon and its descending forms from having read about it in his spare time. As such he would decide to nickname the Trapinch and deemed it "Hyperfly" despite it not having wings yet. His mother wasn't pleased about this, yet was not angry about it either so she allowed Keimusho to keep him. 7 years later Keimusho finally decided to not become a sage and to follow his own path. That day marked the beginning of Keimusho's journey. He left Ecruteak City and is planning on leaving the Johto Region altogether.
Family: Kaede Onishi (Mother), Watanabe Onishi (Father)
Love Relationships?: None
Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.
Pokémon Species: Trapinch
Nickname: Hyperfly
Gender: Male
Ability: Hyper Cutter
Common Moves: Earthquake, Sand Attack, Bide, Faint Attack
Special Features: No Noticeable Features At The Moment
History: Keimusho's first Pokémon; hatched from an egg. Has been with Keimusho for 7 years.
Personality: Very nonchalant; however, is very fierce when threatened or in intense battle.
Name: Qinlan Mirage
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Hometown (from a known region): Solaceon Town (Sinnoh)

Appearance: Qinlan is a man of a rather average build even though he may fancy himself otherwise, more specifically 'a rather toned young lad with enchanting grey eyes'. Though not everyone shares his sentiments. He's got curtains of inky black hair which is usually messily tied into a pony-tail with whatever is at hand (which can include rubber bands, strips of cloths, hair pains etc.) and short bangs.
He wears cream Cargo pants and a black sleeveless hoodie, under which he sports a light grey woolen shirt.

Personality: Qinlan, often called Qin or just Q by some of his closest friends is a rather casual and laid back person. He's not particularly outgoing but doesn't quite fit the bill for introverted either; being quite the avid battler and fan of questionable tactics he enjoys a good battle and doesn't mind taking a few losses to learn a thing or two.

Exploration of the Froena Region

Rosephase (Gligar: Female) | Sand Veil

Parents: Gliscor | Ariados

Item: Shell Bell

Ruanshi (Mienfoo: Female) |

Parents: Mienshao | Hariyama

Dahlia (Petilil: Female) |

Parents: Lilligant |



Name: Quilla Mirage

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Hometown: Solaceon Town (Sinnoh).

Appearance: Quilla is a lithe-bodied, perky young woman of average stature, standing at 5"2. She carries the same dark, inky hair as her older brother Qin, and it extends all the way down to her waist. For the most part, she shares all the same characteristics as her brother, save for a few differences such as her eyes, which are a lighter shade of grey, more akin to ‘timber-wolf’ than Qinlan's ‘Claire de Lune’. Her sense of style also differs from her brother's, years of taking dance and gymnastics has left her disposed towards having a rather ritzy appearance. She keeps her waist-length hair, tied into a twisted sock bun held up by a pair of Chinese-styled hair sticks.

She wears a plain white blouse, covered by a timber wolf shade duffle coat, lined with similarly shaded fur. Topping it off with a set of black, asymmetric frill hemmed pants

Personality: Quilla, affectionately called Qi-Qi by her older brother and close friends, leans a bit further towards the 'outgoing' side of the spectrum than her brother. Being spontaneous, cheery, teasing, and quick to show affection she makes friends rather quickly, however, she does, at times, display almost uncharacteristic bouts of tranquility and rationality.

She's got a knack for battling, honed by a childhood rivalry with Qin, but even more than battling she's a splendid supporter, being able to follow up on her partners moves easily. She, however, needs to follow her partner's 'rhythm' to do so.
Exploration of the Froena Region
Ignyx (Ponyta: Male) | Flash Fire

Parents: Rapidash, Stantler

Item: Charcoal

Ausytra (Lapras: Female) | Ability: Water Absorb

Parents: Lapras, Aurorus


Lu Yu (Buneary: Female) | Ability: Run Away
Parents: Lopunny, Hitmonchan


Neosylvia (Absol: Female) | Ability: Justified
Parents: Absol, Persian


Name: Claire Argentia Senica de Lune

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Height: 5”4

Physical Appearance: Claire has milky chocolate brown skin as she hails from Alola, though her hair carries an odd steel-grey color that shimmers like silver in the sunlight, and her eyes are the crimson red of a Midnight Lycanroc’s. Standing at 5”4 she considers her ‘just tall enough to deliver a backhand to the face, and just short enough to hit below the belt.’ Years of training CQC (Close Quarters Combat) have toned her body and given her a near enviable figure, only accentuated by her exotic hair and eyes.

Claire sports a greyish-silver tank top which fits tightly around her body, it meets seamlessly with an Asymmetrical, jet-black skirt that has two side-cuts running through the shorter end. Around her waist lies an arsenic-to-black faded sash which is patterned with leopard print. It wraps smoothly around her and ends in a small bow with two flourished ends. Around her neck, she wears a rather eye-catching storm-cloud-colored cat fur collar, with a lighter timber-wolf shade locket attached to it.

Personality: Claire is rather passionate about what she does, battling in all her glory, and absolutely indifferent to everything troublesome, dealing with any of the higher-ups. Anything that falls between those two extremes gets a reaction entirely dependent on her mood. Claire is a thrill seeker, finding the greatest pleasures in battle in the most precarious of ways and environments alongside her Pokemon.

Backstory: Her parents, being grunts of an underground criminal syndicate, in fact the notorious Team Rocket, met and married within its confines. As a result, Claire was born and bred a little on the wild side. From a young age, she was put through a variety of training methods as the higher-ups saw her as nothing more than a ‘moldable tool’. Due to her childhood, she feels no loyalty or inclination towards 'organizations' on a whole, feeling that creating individual bonds is far more important. Her willingness to enter dangerous terrains for no other reason than ‘fun’ has made her an excellent scout and explorer, which led to her position in the scouting division. Since the collapse of the rocket gang, she's since then gone exploring in quite a few regions and is disinclined to settle down anytime soon.

Exploration of the Froena Region
Shan Lei (Luxray: Male) | Intimidate

Parents: Luxray | Mightyena

Item: Magnet

Name: Noire (Axew: Female) {Shiny} | Mold Breaker

Parents: Haxorus | Aggron

Item: Dragon Fang

Qysil (Murkrow: Male) | Super Luck

Parents: Honchkrow | Unfezant

The Merciless Mirai Region
Chysa (Mareep: Female) | Static

Parents: Ampharos | Heliolisk

Athena (Sewaddle: Female) | Overcoat

Parents: Leavanny | Mothim

Homusubi (Vulpix: Female) | Flash fire

Pokemon: Ninetails |
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Name: Firey Argentston
Age 17
Height: the length of the average furret (5'11")
Weight: the same as a larvitar (158.7lbs)
Home town: Oldale town, Hoenn
Hair: Short silver hair
Eyes: change between blue and green seasonally
Firey wears a blue collared shirt and black pants and shoes, and a black coat if it is cold
He has a scar across his left eye from a horde of Zigzagoon when he was 8, he was lucky it didn't go very deep.
He has 3 sisters and his father died when he was 7 following an angry Skarmory got loose in the house, his mother disappeared when he was 13 and traveling through Kalos.
His ability to sense the bonds between Pokemon further than the average trainer developed from the incident his father died in, he was able to sense all of the Pokemon's grief at once.
He has a girlfriend of 5 and a half years named Ariana that lives in Unova.
First Pokemon is a male Sceptile who was the first Pokemon he ever caught, has the ability Overgrow, and has several special commands taught to him by Firey.
Second Pokemon is his starter Blaziken nicknamed Burny, that he received from Professor Birch, has the ability Blaze.
Third is a Metagross that he hatched from a Beldum egg he received in unknown circumstances, its ability is Clear Body.
Fourth is a female Absol nicknamed Sharp that he caught after 4 attempts on route 120, she is one of his most loyal Pokemon, has fought off angry Braviaries while they were in Unova, she held them off for two and a half hours until Sceptile returned from berry gathering. She has a rare ability amongst different species but common in Absols and about six other species called Pressure.
Fifth is a Salamence caught in a sub cave in meteor falls cave system near route 116. She has the ability Intimidate.
And Finally for the main team, is a Female Ninetales who wandered into an UltraBall on My Pyre.
In rotation, usually either Sceptile when the weaker of the two is in play, and Salamence if the stronger of the two is being used.
Weaker of the two is an Azumarill who is Male and has the Thick Fat ability. He was the second Pokemon he caught and gave his trainer a victory over Flannery.
The stronger of the two is a Gigalith, a rather large male one, who, when caught, was stronger than Sceptile, his strongest Pokemon, Gigalith has the Sturdy ability and was caught in the middle of route 7 in Unova. He used his Gigalith to defeat 3 gym leaders in a row in Unova.
Pokemon's special characteristics are that Gigalith sometimes parks in random places, Metagross has an increased resistance to Fire type moves, And Sharp (Absol) can conduct electricity with her horn.
Name: (Unknown) – Main Alias: DarkFire
Gender: Male
Hometown: (Unknown) Region – Unova
Age: (Primarily Unknown) Said to be within the range of early 20’s
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair: Short Black
Eyes: Dark Emerald
Clothing: Black Undershirt. Black short overcoat with hood. Dog tags. A black amulet with a C engraved in the center. Black pants. Two boots with small crosses attached to the front. Black gloves with strange intricate designs. Two black circular earrings. Sunglasses covering the eyes.
Identifying Marks: A tattoo of a black serpent on his back.
Musculature: Retains some weight on his body, but keeps a fit tone.
Personality: He is serious at times. However, he can keep a rather joyful mood. But does have a deep sense of how the world truly works. He understands the motivations of several individuals who could have brought the world to ruin. He is a loner most times, but is more than happy to help other trainers along their own journeys. He can be passionate when he finds something that strikes his emotions in a certain way. However, if it is something that brings his Pokémon harm. He will not hesitate to meet it with his own force.
Skills: He has interesting knowledge on the concept of evolution, mega evolution, and Z-moves and how they can be utilized. He studies on the concept of “The Aura.” Through long bonds, he has gained the understanding of the Pokémon language.
Past: “A forgotten world. I stand alone. I trust those who I feel can be trusted. And smite those who would harm this world. I have lived and died. Just to live again, and see this world burn and burn. I left my home, to seek redemption. But instead found more heartbreak. I do not give up however. I continue to live as if nothing were wrong. I slowly wait and ponder. Why this world goes by ever yonder. I tire of this endless waiting. As I am fading. Please lost kings, find your path. For my royal blood will kindle your wrath. Please oh falling beings. Find your way. For I shall lead you far away. Oh, dying life, you will be reborn. As I seek you forever more.”
Family: None
Love Relationships: Lost.

Iron Claw (Aggron: Male) - Ability: Rock Head – Iron Claw is an ancient Aggron said to have been around for untold generations. He is an extremely passive Pokémon, only attacking if attack. He spent day after day simply traveling along the old lands of Sinnoh. Seeking something worth his own time and effort. But sadly to say, he never found what he was looking for. Until one faithful day, he found someone, a human being to be exact. One with a strange air about them. Simply standing their saying nothing, just overlooking the sea and staring out into the deep ocean. He found it odd, that a human would be all the way out here. Usually he would find smaller Pokémon instead. But this moment would be the moment he found purpose once more. This being he found, DarkFire, he found alone, at the very edge of the of Sinnoh itself. Iron Claw felt something within this human being, a sense of will? Kinship? Family? It was something that he had not seen for countless years. He felt something spark in him as he looked towards that human. A deep connection that would soon begin to make his heart race as he realized who that was. It hit him harder than judgement from Arceus itself. This being, they had met once before. In a different lifetime. They were companions. Friends. Brothers in life. Iron Claw had met with someone once again who he had lost eons ago. So slowly he took his only chance. He walked directly up to DarkFire and gently spoke hoping that he would speak back. And to his pleasure, DarkFire did. DarkFire spoke in the familiar tone Iron Claw had remembered from years long pass. This brought something out in Iron Claw. Sadness? Joy? Surprise? None of theses could describe his emotion. This feeling burning brightly into Iron Claw as his blue eyes were then revived again to a deep red color, revealing the burning bond that DarkFire and He would soon have once more.

Gardevoir Shiny: Female – Ability: Synchronize – During one of DarkFire's journeys. He journeyed to Kalos. There he had met a woman named Diantha. They became quick friends, as she helped guide him throughout Kalos. All the while she kept an interesting secret. Letting gym leaders know ahead of time to keep this secret. Her motivations for doing so were and still are unknown. However eventually, after guiding DarkFire throughout the entire region and battling all 8 gyms. He approached the Kalos league. There, he was put through a trial of strength facing off against all four of the Elite trainers of the league. But he triumphed over what seemed to be the impossible. Before it was revealed to him that Diantha, his friend through this journey, was the league champion. He was caught off guard completely by this. He was lightly disheartened as he knew after this battle their journey together would be over. But, with his Pokémon and Iron Claw at his side. He knew he would not back down from this fight. Even if he had to fight against Diantha, who he knew was a terrifying opponent, he would not give up so easily. After the battle. Through all the odds. He won. His name was than forever engraved in the hall of fame, however his heart was broken as he turned away from this fame knowing he would soon have to say his farewells to his friend. But, she seemed to have a smile across her face compared to him. She seemed happy, delighted that he had succeeded in becoming engraved in the hall of Fame. However, she saw the sadness in his eyes as it met her face. She continued to keep that smile on her face as she than spoke. “DarkFire I have a favor that I’ve been meaning to ask you.” In that moment she had brought something to DarkFire that he would never forget. “An egg….? A Pokémon’s egg?” Was his response to what she put into his arms. But in that moment, all he could do was smile, as he gently grasped the egg and hugged it. He soon left the Kalos region still grasping the egg that was given unto him, by a friend. And soon thereafter, months later, the egg hatched. It was one in a million, that he was graced with a small child. A small ralts that shimmered like the sea. He knew that this ralts. This little girl, was now his responsibility. She was his own child, and he nurtured her into what she was today. Their bond is something rare, a parental relation between Pokémon and Human. And she will always remembers this, as she always keeps a silver necklace with a small stone sphere that matched the color of her being. It always shimmers as it shows the bond they have.

Hitmonchan: male – Ability: Iron Fist – This Hitmonchan originally hailed from Johto. He was renowned for his skills in combat, and his prowess in the ring. For a clear majority of his time, he was always pitted up against opponents who always seemed to hold the advantage against him. Whether it be a flying type or a Psychic type. He always pulled through in the end. He always gave it his all no matter who the opponent was, or their reason for fighting. Losing, to him, wasn’t an option. Until the day he learned, every action has a consequence. And the cruelty of human kind can be great. One day, he was commanded by his owner, that just for this one battle, he had to forfeit the match. Being the stubborn Pokémon, he was. Hitmonchan didn’t understand why he had to forfeit a match, when throughout his entire life he never once had to before. So instead he chose the second path. The one that led him down the path of humility and loss. After having completed the match and knocking out his opponent in one swift blow. His owner was enraged, like a Tauros, towards Hitmonchan's disobedience. After the match had concluded, the trainer paralyzed Hitmonchan with a thunder wave from a Manectric. He would then proceed to beat down his paralyzed Hitmonchan, as if he was a chew toy for an Arcanine. The trainers words however would sting even more, as they would ring out into Hitmonchan's ears. “A Pokémon who can’t obey isn’t SOMETHING that can ever be valued.” Those words broke Hitmonchan from the inside out, as his trainer continued to beat Hitmonchan down. Dragging his lifeless body across the ground. “Worthless…” Would be all that the trainer would say. Constantly repeating it, until they reached a small ditch in the ground. He would than toss Hitmonchan in the ditch as he raised its Pokéball and threw it to the ground cracking it. “This is what happens to Pokémon who can’t obey.” He simply says raising his foot and slamming it down crushing the Pokéball underneath his heel. In that instant Hitmonchan was abandoned. Tears welled up in Hitmonchans eyes as his only trainer had just casted him aside as if he was nothing. After a moment the man chuckled as he had a greed filled smiled. He turned and spoke one more time. “Maybe I should get one of those Hitmonlee. I hear they are stronger then pathetic Hitmonchan.” All in that moment, Hitmonchan was humiliated, broken, and thrown out like trash. He was alone now. He had nothing. Everything he had gone in an instant. Soon after however, he would regain movement, even though he didn't want to move anymore. Yet, a sliver of him desired to live, even though every other fiber wished to die, crying out in pain as he got up. But that small fragment was stronger then anything else his body cried out for. So, he got up and began walking. For an undetermined amount of time after, time seemed to slow down. As if the world slowed around himself. But, this was a lie. Hitmonchan himself, had begun to move slower than the world. He was slowly pulled down by the weight of his own exhaustion. Soon enough, finding himself slowly faltering on street. Lost, confused, and hurt. No knowing what he needed to do. What he should do. In that instant he felt his fighting was useless as his body slowly gave out. The desire to give up increasing, as he fell, ready to finally sleep. But, he was caught. A voice spoke to him. “Hey are you alright? You're badly injured…. I'm going to bring you somewhere safe. I promise, you aren't going to die.” The voice sounded strange, but reassuring. Hitmonchan slowly drifted away into unconsciousness. But, soon enough, he awoke, rising up with heavy life grasping breathes. He held his chest as he winced in pain. He looks about before noticing a human sitting next to him. The Human starred, before smiling and speaking. “I hope you're okay. My name's DarkFire. I was slightly surprised to see a full grown Pokémon all the way out here. Especially without a trainer. But with the damage you've sustained, I’m surprised you're still standing. But you seem lost… Alone.” Theses words hit Hitmonchan, harder than a steelix's body slam. However, they held truth to them. Hitmonchan lowered his head. DarkFire then spoke once more. “Hmm I see… Abandoned. I can relate. Listen, things may seem hard now, but everything will get better, for example.” He than stood up and handed Hitmonchan a Pokéball. “If you want, you could always come with me.” In that moment He was given a new chance at life. Hitmonchan had the choice, but it all depended on his decision now. So, he waited, and waited, and waited. He thought this through. He wanted to know how he should answer and he decided. His decision changed him for the better. Within moments he entered the Pokéball and he was in the hands of DarkFire. But things would turn out for the best. As Hitmonchan had met with a trustworthy friend, who would carry his burdens with him. Hitmonchan, for the first true time. Felt happy.

Pearl (Liepard: female) – Ability: Unburden – Pearl was a young Purrloin who was strangely accustomed to humans. She would visit human towns or cities, located all over the Unova region. Now for another Pokémon this most likely would not seem so strange. However, what made this a strange predicament was the fact Pearls fur color was different from a standard Purrloin. Her fur was a dark shade of blue mixed with a hint of purple. This made her a unique visitor among towns. Eventually people began to call if a custom if Pearl visited their town. It was said her visits brought good luck to the towns she visited. However, with this fame, came infamy. Each town she visited, at the least, a single trainer would always end up trying to catch her just from how unique she was. But being the Purrloin she was, she didn’t take too kindly to humans trying to catch her. In the worse case scenarios, the trainer that tried catching her would end up with a face full of scratches. Best case, they would end up with a berry for not trying to catch her with malicious intent. She lived a luxurious life however, even if she was always trying to be caught. But, she felt as if she wanted something more. Something more than just simply traveling from town to town, even though it was an impressive feat all its own. But a burning desire to experience something new. She would not get this chance, until two years later after having traveled for so long. She would meet someone who would not try to capture her. But challenge her to a battle. Theses were his words. “Hey, I’ve heard a lot about you, a very powerful Purrloin, that travels from town to town. I was curious, would you care for a friendly battle?” Was all that he said. Pearl was quite shocked at this point, that instead of trying to catch her. This human asked for a battle. Purrloin couldn’t help but laugh. But she agreed, and the battle was strangely amazing. Even though the human had Pokémon who had met their final phases of evolution. Pearl still fought with everything she had. For this instance, she felt as if she could take on even the legends themselves. But shortly after the battle. She had lost. She no longer had the sense of wonder, or excitement. She felt empty after the battle. She felt as if she craved for more. But she didn’t know how she could get any more. Until the human spoke. “Phew, that was one heck of a battle. I haven’t had that much fun since I took on the Hoenn league. But, listen. You seem lost. I’ve heard a lot about you and I wanted to see for myself. And you certainly show a lot of potential. Yet you seem unsatisfied now. During our battle, you had such a huge smile on your face. But now that I look at you, you seem empty, as if you’ve lost something. Maybe, just maybe you enjoy battles more than you would have thought huh? Heh. Listen. I’m not going to force you into anything nor am I going to pressure you into it. But how would you like to come with me, on my journey? It might be fun.” He says with a chuckle as he would extend his hand to Pearls. Pearl looked with amazement. This human, did not want her just because of what she looked like. Rather for what she could do. This instant, was one she felt she would never get again. So, with a breath of air, and a smile on her face, she extended her paw to him and took it. She never let go of him after that.

DarkFlare (Pyroar: Female) – Ability: Rivalry – A never ending fire. A torrent of destruction. Memories begin and memories fade. Legends will be foretold by different generations. The original story changing and molding to the speakers will. But a true story is one of fact. Eons ago, before burning fire existed. A dragon god of fire. A bird of burning flames. A bird of sacred fires that had not been tempered of men. A hound which roared with a mighty spirit of flame. All theses legends have been foretold, proven, and remembered. Except one. A lion which roared with power amongst that of the greatest legends. Its own power and story had been lost to time, because of the darkness of nightmares and lies. But throughout this torrent and assault. The legend made one final attempt. A last resort. With the last of its own breath to preserve its story. It used the final amounts of its own power to create a message to man. One that would be lost and found by only one. “As I descend. My soul will reprimand. I will rise once more. For my glory will fade evermore. Come children of man. Seek me if you can. For I will wait forever for thee. As my soul waits to be free.” This legend, forgotten by all remembered by one, would become the foundation of a new tale, which would begin with the discovery of an egg. One that would still be alive within old ruins in Kalos. Thus, the tale would be soon sung, by two known for Flames of the darkest descent.

Crash (Marowak: Male) – Ability: Battle Armor – This tale can never be told. For the legends themselves shake. This entity is beyond most comprehension. Even I do not understand him fully. However, I know he is a friend I trust. One who would protect even the darkest of men from disaster. One of a noble heart and true will of mind. Crash will forever endure. Even after I am long gone. He will continue to watch over the world. Even after all is lost.
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This wound up being so much longer than anticipated...

Name: Gracidea Felice
Gender: Female
Hometown: Laverre City
Age: 23. (For the sake of some threads, just so she fits in with the typical crowd, I’ll adjust her age/history/pokémon team accordingly.)
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 128lbs
Hair: Silky, ash-brown hair with large, gentle waves. Her hair reaches down to her waist and is immaculately maintained and cared for. There’s barely a split end to be found, and her hair rarely tangles thanks to a rigourous conditioning and treatment routine. Typically, Gracidea wears her hair in an artfully messy braided crown.

Piercing, ice-blue eyes that (when she’s not smiling) give her a very unfriendly and unapproachable look.

Clothing: Gracidea typically dresses in white clothing accented with pastels. She has a tendency to wear clothing that flatters her feminine figure to help her look her age, since her height and appearance often make her appear younger than she truly is. A-line dresses or high-waisted skirts/shorts with crop-tops/bralettes are her go-to fashions. While her sense of fashion does accentuate her curves, her style is still relatively modest and doesn’t reveal too much skin.

Identifying Marks: There are two major identifiers that Gracidea has. The first is a necklace from her parents, a tiny gracidea bud encased in glass which she wears on a long, delicate rose gold chain. This is something that was made for her before she was born, and once she was old enough to wear jewelry she put it on and never took it off again.

Her second identifier is a large and whimsical tattoo which covers her entire back. It starts at the bottom of her neck and reaches down just past her lower back. The tattoo is a whimsical and enchanting colour piece that depicts each of her pokémon around a large cherry blossom tree in a field of gracidea blooms. The style of the tattoo is similar to that of a watercolour painting.

Musculature: Lithe and feminine. Gracidea is a very small woman blessed with healthy and dewy skin, a petite and fresh-looking face with large, soft lips, and an exquisitely voluptuous figure. While her height can often lead to her being mistaken for a young girl, her figure is undeniably that of a woman. She has very generous natural curves and a very fit body thanks to years of ballet, so her legs are very muscular and large and she walks with the duckfooted gait of a dancer.

Gracidea never goes in public without makeup. She is a skilled makeup artist, as most performers tend to be, though typically wears very light makeup that flatters her natural looks. She always follows the cardinal rule of lips, lashes, and brows - that is, one will always look put-together so long as they apply makeup to the lips, lashes, and brows! Though a dab of blush on the cheeks and the faintest hint of colour on the lids doesn’t go astray, either.

Personality: A kind (if cold) woman who values manners and pleasantry, Gracidea can come off as a little old-fashioned. She expects to know your name before you attempt to get to know her, speaks very politely, and always strives to maintain a prim-and-proper countenance. She values good grooming and hygiene, appearances, and sets high expectations for herself (and consequently others).

That said, as one who would normally come across as terribly snooty, Gracidea has a soft and loving nature buried under her layers of ice, so ultimately knows better than to judge someone with a good heart. While she may be initially put-off by poor manners or hygiene/grooming, deep down she is not judgmental and can, in time, cast aside her prejudices to value a person for who they are. This can take a long time or very little time depending on the person, and she is honestly still a bit of an ice queen, even when she’s not looking down on others.

She is, also, a severe woman when it comes to her passions. She is dedicated and career-driven, and with the exception of her pokémon, there is nothing in this world she values more than her career. If she is in the middle of rehearsing a routine, she sees those who invite her to take a break and relax and poor friends and becomes quite cross with them. Her art is her life, and telling her to take a break from it is (to her) like asking her not to breathe, even if you have her best interests at heart. Because of her intense attitude and busy schedule, making lasting friendships or relationships is a challenge. The only thing that her art is second to in her life is her pokémon - they always come first.

She enjoys pointe, dancing, reading, quiet, rainy weather, clear mornings, fresh air, tea, flowers, gardening, fashion (wearable and haute couture), performative arts, mushrooms, folk tales, perfume, makeup, and calligraphy. More than anything, she enjoys the company of her pokémon. She loves and cherishes them more than she can put into words, as they helped her become the kind of person she never imagined she could be. She was a cold and withdrawn little ballet machine before they entered her life, and the freedom and joy they gave her is immeasurable. She loves them fiercely, and puts them above all else in her life.

She dislikes poor hygiene, bad smells, icing her body, being in public without makeup on or her hair styled, poor manners, obnoxious/rude/arrogant people, bullies, intense heat, being mistaken for a young girl, feeling isolated, being taken advantage of. She is often nervous in the dark.

Skills: Gracidea is decently skilled with textiles - particularly embroidery. As a woman with a passion for fashion and haute couture, she often upcycles vintage finds by embroidering them with her own personal touch. Life on the road has made her quite resourceful, and so basic hemming/sewing skills were a focus for her to develop quickly. While she isn’t a seamstress by any means, she can keep her own items mended and pretty!

She also possesses a flare for the performative arts - her parents had her enrolled in many extra-curriculars in her youth, and she studied ballet for many years, even working as a ballerina in Lumiose City before leaving it all behind to pursue life as a pokémon coordinator. Dancing and acting are her forté, and when she is on stage she can enchant and captivate an audience with a look or the slightest gesture of her hand. She knows how to turn her body into a work of art, and when she is on stage it’s difficult to keep your eyes off of her.

Other skills that she’s developed at a hobby level include designing her own tea blends and gardening. Her parents always kept a lush garden in their home in Laverre city, and her mother (a botanist and award-winning gardener) managed to pass down some skills to Gracidea before she became absorbed in her life of dance.

Past: Gracidea was born to a passionate young couple from Laverre City in the Kalos region. Her father is a novelist and poet and her mother a botanist. Both were always very driven and headstrong individuals who loved each other passionately. Passion, however, can often be tricky to navigate, as it’s easy for two passionate and headstrong people to butt heads. To her parents, Gracidea was a gift - something tiny and precious to remind them to keep their heads level, so they wouldn’t raise their daughter in a household with constantly-feuding parents.

But that was easier said than done. They fought a lot, when she was young, because they were still so young themselves. Her mother was still in school just starting her masters program when she was born, and eventually worked towards her doctorate as well while Gracidea’s father was working on his first novel and making ends meet as a bartender. Navigating their education, careers, their relationship, and rearing a child was often a struggle for her parents. While as a baby her presence was a reminder to calm down, as she aged she often found herself actually stepping in and almost parenting them. That said, they did have a happy home life...it was just a rocky one. Gracidea threw herself into extracurriculars to give herself a healthy outlet for the frustration her home life could cause her, but none more than ballet. The older she grew, the more she threw herself headfirst into her dancing.

Things at home eventually settled down when her father’s novel was published and his career took off. It helped pay for her dance lessons and her mother’s doctorate and eventually when her mother graduated and began her research career her parents’ relationship really stabilized. Even so, her love for dance never diminished. It was all she cared for, beyond friendship or relationships or anything else. In her teen years, when most girls her age were becoming interested in boys and trends, she was dancing. She barely even knew how to get along with the kids in her dance classes because she couldn’t understand why they never took things as seriously as she did. She was isolated, and while she wasn’t happy about it she didn’t know how to fix it. After all, she modeled so much of how she interacted with the world off of what she had learned from her parents, who weren’t exactly the best role models in her formative year.

So, concerned for their daughter, her parents came home one day with a pokémon egg. With something to care for other than herself, Gracidea opened up a little more. She took more breaks, mostly to care for her new little friend, and learned how to talk to others (mostly about pokémon). When a lovely and soft white-furred vulpix hatched from the egg, she was beyond delighted. She had never seen such colours on a vulpix before! She named the little creature after the white tsubaki flowers her mother grew in their garden, so she and her new friend could share flower names!

Her vulpix became the newest and greatest love in her life. They were best friends, completely inseparable. They even danced together, Tsubaki proving herself capable of the grace and elegance embodied by a ballerina. Tsubaki was at her side day and night, even following her to dance school and eventually to her home in Lumiose, where she began a career as a dancer.

Gracidea only lasted two years there. The job had demands that she would have been happy to meet...if she were on her own. But her daily routine barely left time for her best friend. Every day it was wake, eat, stretch, rehearse, eat, ice your body, then sleep. It was endless and stressful and she knew she was cut out for it...but didn’t know if she truly wanted it. Tsubaki supported her, and joined her at rehearsals when she could. She even helped her ice her feet! But she was lonely. And though Gracidea excelled in her career, she soon grew to resent it because of that...so when she saw a Coordinator contest for the first time she was enthralled. To have a career...a career that blended her and Tsubaki’s talents together? She had known about it, but to see it...to see it was something else! It woke something in her.

The next day, she cleared her locker, packed up her pointe shoes, and never looked back. She was still young and had a lot to learn, so she travelled all across Kalos, Sinnoh, Unova, and Johto to meet new pokémon and learn all sorts of new art forms and styles! She entered contests as she went, winning some and losing others, always with her beloved pokémon at her side. She has made a bit of a name for herself as a coordinator, and her burgeoning new career brings her more joy than she could have ever imagined.

After traveling and growing with her pokémon, learning from them and teaching them, she finally feels ready to pursue a whole new life. Contests seem fun...but was there more that she could do? There was this endless sea of potential stretching out in front of her...and finally she’s ready to reach out for it!

Family: Felix Felice, her father, is a novelist and poet known for his dramatic and romantic fiction. Isabelle Felice, her mother, is an oft-published botanist whose research focuses on medicinal rare plants.

Love Relationships?: None.


Tsubaki, a female alolan ninetales who has been her partner since she was a teenager. Tsubaki is a little snooty and protective. She has a high-maintenance personality, loves to keep herself well-groomed, like her trainer, and possesses the same drive and passion for art and performance.

Hemlock, a male gengar, was her second partner. She met him as a gastly when she first started her travels to become a skilled coordinator. She was terrified of him initially, and he actually followed her for days (which she later discovered was because he loved watching her and Tsubaki dance together). She eventually fell for his charm and captured him, and learned that his spooky nature brought a drama to her performances that she and Tsubaki couldn’t manage on their own. He’s a little aloof, but has a pleasant and calm personality, with a flare for the dramatic when he’s on stage.

Luna, a shiny female lopunny, was an instantaneous friendship! She first met her as a buneary, playing in a field of flowers. Gracidea had never seen such a rare colouration of buneary before, and she and the rest of her team were so enchanted they tried to formulate a strategy for winning her over… which of course involved dance! After all, Gracidea’s social skills were often lacking, but dance she knew. Luna watched, delighted, and agreed to join the little team after learning how to ribbon dance! Luna, from day one, was vivacious and lovable, and seriously helped her trainer learn how to warm up to strangers a little more quickly.

Rowan, a male sawsbuck, she met as a deerling just outside Driftveil City. She had been caught in a storm, and when she tried to make her way back into the city she came across a helpless little deerling with his leg stuck between large rocks that must have shifted in the heavy rain. She and her pokémon helped him, then nursed him back to health, and he just stayed on with them. He is like a sentinel in Gracidea’s life. He’s always watching over her and regards newcomers with a very discerning eye. While gentle, and very kind, he has an intense protective streak, and to get close to Gracidea one must meet his approval first.

Pyrrhus, a male volcarona, is Gracidea’s light in the dark. They found each other during a storm as well, but this one was frightful and dangerous. She had left her pokémon to rest at a pokémon centre in Humilau City, and had gone to have tea with an old school friend of her father’s while she waited. The storm hit while they were having tea, and despite being cautioned to stay indoors, the dancer did not want to be apart from her pokémon for the night. She left to return to the pokémon centre, only to get swept off the wooden bridges that made up so much of the town and cast into the water. The water was tumultuous, and she didn’t know which way was up or which down...until she she saw a light. A soft, orange glow that she swam towards...and when she surfaced, she saw a volcarona looking terrified and out of place, clinging to the side of a building and flapping its fiery wings as a cry for help. She managed to pull herself out of the water and scramble towards him, offering him her back to latch onto so she could crawl to the centre and carry him with her. After that night, they were inseparable and he joined her as well.

Eglantine, a female primarina. She was the second egg that Gracidea reared. She had been helping at a daycare in Sinnoh in exchange for lodging, when a traveling trainer who had been keeping his pokémon there decided to leave the egg found with his primarina behind. He already had a full team and was aspiring to defeat the pokémon league, so he didn’t want the added burden of rearing a baby pokémon. Gracidea, however, was delighted to take on the responsibility! She and her new team cared for the egg together, with Pyrrhus in particular helping out with warming the egg. His Flame Body, after all, was perfect for tending to a pokémon egg! Gracidea and her team were picnicking near a patch of sweet briar when the little popplio hatched, and so she was named Eglantine!