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Mainstream PRP Character Bios

Name: Her name is Ava Shion.
Gender: Female
Hometown: Naika Town, Huniaru.
Age: She is about 16 Years old.
Height: 4'11" / 149.86 cm
Weight: 112.6 lbs / 51.08 kg
Hair: She has black hair in a flat style.
Eyes: She has brown eyes.
Clothing: She has on a purple, half sleeve, empire waist dress suited for a romantic evening. She also has on white flat shoes that each have five carat diamonds near the toe cap.
Identifying Marks: She has a white purse carried from her right shoulder and a necklace with a special pendant. It is a flat, 18 karat heater shield that have the etched pictures of a snake curling around a rod in the upper left corner, a sword cleaving a skull in the upper right corner, a round crosshair in the bottom left corner and a swung fist reflecting a beam in the bottom right corner.
Musculature: Ava has a skinny build, with little muscle in her arms. Her calf muscles are somewhat strong, thanks to her jogging with Jinodon in some blissful evenings over some months.
Personality: Ava is usually quiet and attempts to keep her Jinodon out of trouble whenever she can. She is always up for a conversation with others, though she isn't the one to start them off. She can be a bit assertive at times, since her Jinodon does have the mind of her little brother that she still remembers to this day.
Skills: Ava has a moderate level of working with machinery as a result of fixing various gadgets and even Jinodon when combating against various bugs. Some of her other skills are being able to reach out to younger Pokémon, having a basic level of nursing and being able to swiftly change tactics in the midst of combat.
Past: Ava was born in Naika Town and enjoyed a life of wealth with her parents. Her little brother was often pampered much to her slight envy, as everyone seemed to enjoy themselves until a terrible storm changed everything. Her little brother was no more, or at least it seemed to be for Ava. Thinking that it was karma from her jealousy, she deeply regretted her actions she almost did earlier to her brother. Her father showed up with a newly created Pokémon, as much to her surprise... it was her brother again, just in another body made of smooth, hard titanium and some other materials for added strength. Ever since reuniting with her brother, she made a sworn promise to not become so envious to him and to look after him even during times of lost hope.
  • Tony Shion (Father, 36 Years old)
  • Alice Shion (Mother, 33 Years old)
  • Rayl Shion (Brother, 3 Years old) (NOTE: This character is now a Pokémon and is currently with Ava Shion right now.)
Love Relationships?: She does not have any at the moment, though this is always subject to change.

Name: His name is Rayl Shion, though he is often referred to as his Pokémon species name.
Species: Jinodon / Creativity Pokémon
Gender: Male
Age: He is about 3 Years old.
Type: [type]Normal[/type] [type]Steel[/type]
Native Region: His native region is Huniaru, a fan made region based off of a mix of China's more present events and setting.
Ability: Synthesize (Instead of using one move at a time in combat, the trainer can have up to four moves for the Pokémon to use in a turn phase. Each move has less base power however due to the pressure of intense memorization. Only the same moves of the sufficient tier, name, type and speciality can be selected for use. The trainer can also pass a turn to load up more moves for the Pokémon to select from, though the Pokémon will be left with no special move to use for that turn. This ability is the signature ability for Jinodon.)
Appearance: Jinodon is a small, robotic, bipedal Pokémon that resembles a young igunidon. He has blue eyes and a white body made of light titanium that has a smooth feel to it. His head is slightly small in proportion to his body, as his mouth has no teeth whatsoever. His small arms each have four tiny fingers while his legs have three toes each, though both his hands and feet lack any sort of claws or nails however. He also has a tapered tail that has some small black markings near the top area that goes from one end to the other. When he is in combat, his hands and tail may transform into the appropriate weapon to allow him to use a special move. (Example: Water Gun makes his left hand transform into a small cannon and Slash would make his tail transform into a small sword.)
Personality: Rayl is rather quiet and often keeps to himself as a result of a lack of social experience. If he is put on the spot, he will often hide behind his trainer if possible, since pressure is something that does not exactly go together with him. He still has some infantile habits, the primary one being that he likes to put his hand in his mouth from time to time when no one is looking.
Primary Moves: [This is left blank since this often varies due to Rayl being able to learn and use most basic moves, such as Pound and Water Gun.]
Fakemon Creator: @Kibago
Other: He is a unique starter of the region of Huniaru and has an unused type combination. He can also talk unlike most Pokémon, though his speech still needs quite a bit of improvement.
Poké Browser Entry: "It has been said that this Pokémon was created with someone else's consciousness after they fell victim to a terrible storm. It often relies on its trainer in combat since its moves are loaded using a special device that can load up any random move the Pokémon knows for the Pokémon to use."
Name: Stean Faraam

Gender: Male

Hometown: Canalave City, Sinnoh

Age: 19

Height: 5ft 7

Weight: 131lbs

Hair: Messy Dark brown

Eyes: Navy blue

Clothing: Usually wears a Black jacket, a grey T-shirt with a Zekrom on it, Dark blue Jeans and some headphones connected to a phone so he can listen to music.

Identifying Marks: None

Musculature: fairly average for his age.

Personality: he is very laid back and enjoys company, he loves to see new places and have quality time with his Pokemon. rarely he breaks down and shows pure honest and care for people and especially his Pokemon.

Skills: He is a novice cook and a great strategist, he studied Pokemon weaknesses and strengths in depth and knows when to use them.

Past: He lived a fairly normal live in his childhood, enjoying the water by the bay of his town, however he moved to Unova because his parents divorced and he left to unova with his father. he bested some gyms and gained the affection and respect from his dad. now he travels the world for a place to truly try at becoming 'the very best'.

Dad: Arthur Faraam
Mother: Ciel Gywn

Love Relationships?: None

Name: Hax
Species: Axew
Gender: Male
Personality: Playful, Joker, Misceavous
Ability: Rivalry
Special Attributes: a cut in his left blade

Name: Atlas
Species: Grotle
Gender: Male
Personality: Silent, Strong, fatherly
Ability: Overgrow
Special Attributes: a Sun flower in one of his bushes

Name: Slipstream
Species: Tranquill
Gender: Male
Personality: Militant, Loyal, Fiesty
Ability: Super Luck
Special Attributes: a Quick Claw necklace around his neck

Name: Blackout
Species: Elekid
Gender: Male
Personality: Trickster, viscous, always ready to fight
Ability: Static
Special Attributes: Black Shades her wears

Name: Victoria
Species: Kirlia
Gender: Female
Personality: Polite, Motherly, fancy
Ability: Trace
Special Attributes: A Pink bow on her head

Name: Pablo
Species: Krokorok
Gender: Male
Personality: Sly, Sarcastic, Quirky
Special Attributes: A golden Tooth



Previously Ryan Crentei
Name: Ryan Crentei
Gender: Male
Hometown: Twinleaf Town
Age: 13
Height: 5"2
Weight: 102 lbs.
Hair: Brown, spiky and almost uncared for hair.
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Wears white and blue zip-up shirt, there is a small blue bag on his back.
Identifying Marks: If you look closely, a VERY small scar on his forehead.
Musculature: Average.
Personality: Persevering, has never heard the word, "stop." Not as intent on becoming the Pokémon Champion, instead wants to explore the world, travel to all the regions, and discover both rare and common Pokémon.
Skills: Very good Pokémon Trainer.
Past: Grew up in Twinleaf town, YEARS AND YEARS AFTER DIAMOND AND PEARL / PLATINUM. At age 10 he tried to get his very first Pokémon, instead he ended up finding that there were no starter Pokémon for him, and he couldn't go to the next town to get Pokéballs due to the dangers of wild Pokémon. His family shortly went to the Kanto Region where they met Pokémon Professor Manson Oak. He is now able to get his first Pokémon.
Family: His Mother's name is Mary Crentei. His father's name is Ben Crentei. He has one stepsister named Clarissa Stratus.
Love Relationships?: Nope.
Pokémon: Squirtle.
Met as a starter Pokémon in the Kanto region and given to by Professor Manson Oak. Ability is Water Absorb which allows it to restore health when hit by water type moves. Its hidden ability is Cacophony which means Pokémon like Loudred and other sound related Pokémon probably won't do that much damage to it.
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Name: Dakota
Age: 15-17 years
Gender: Female
Home Region/Town: Kalos, Vaniville Town
Height: 5"5
Weight: 122Ibs
• Speaks her mind
• Hates being told what to do
• Wary of others and often distrustful
• Stubborn and arrogant
• Occasionally friendly with some, especially people who seem vulerable
• Stands up for others
• Hates to leave anything unresolved
☆ Drewton ☆ Male ☆ Umbreon
☆ Odi ☆ Male ☆ Braviary
☆ Butch ☆ Male ☆ Hawlucha
☆ Ryka ☆ Male ☆ Raichu
☆ Friday ☆ Male ☆ Floatzel
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Name: James "Mouse" De Leon
Gender: Male
Hometown: Snowbelle City, Kalos
Age: 22
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 205 Ibs
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Blue-green
Clothing: Navy blue polo with ripped white jeans and matching Navy blue loafers and sunglasses hanging of his shirt buttons. Sometimes wears a brown leather bomber jacket depending on the climate.
Identifying Marks: full tattoo sleeve on left arm
Musculature: very fit and well built
Personality: Calm, serious, funny, sarcastic
Skills: Extraordinary Pokemon Trainer and Businessman
Past: James started his journey in the Kalos Region where he received his first pokemon his Greninja. He placed top 32 in the league at the age of 14 after collecting all the badges. He then traveled to the Unova Region where he placed in the top 16 in the league at the age of 15. He then traveled to the Sinnoh Region where he collected all 8 badges only to be knocked out in the first round of the league. He stayed in Sinnoh and trained until he was 19 at the Sinnoh Battle Frontier. He then once again participated in the Sinnoh league at the age of 20. This time he won the league tournament and the privilege to challenge the Elite 4
Family: Both of James parents are happily living in Snowbelle City running the local pokémart.
Love Relationships?: None

Pokemon Owned
Species: Greninja
Gender: Male
Ability: Protean

Gender: Female
Ability: Sand Stream

Gender: Female
Ability: Lighting Rod

Gender: Male
Ability: Inner Focus

Gender: Female
Ability: Levitate

Gender: Male
Ability: Gluttony

Gender: Male
Ability: Keen Eye

Gender: Male
Ability: Flash Fire

Gender: Male
Ability: Soundproof

Gender: Male
Ability: Flame Body

Gender: Female
Ability: Flame Body
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I suppose I will be adding another set of character bios here.

His name is Ryan Song.
Gender: Male
Hometown: Sihatu Village, Camtonia
Age: He is about 26 Years old.
Height: 5'6" / 167.64 cm
Weight: 144.3 lbs / 65.45 kg
Hair: He has short, flat gray hair.
Eyes: He has brown eyes.
Clothing: He wears a tan camp shirt with a vest in a somewhat lighter shade of jungle camo. He has on a pale green, steel helmet that has a couple of tiny dents on the back that are hard to notice. He wears hunter green cargo pants that are short sleeved. The belt holsters hold a small weapon and a hard, wooden nightstick. He has on sea green boots that silently emit a military vibe to those that give a good look at it. He carries around a backpack having a light jungle camo like his vest, as it carries around various items ranging from money to personal articles.
Identifying Marks: His soldier uniform and helmet along with his fair skin tone.
Musculature: He has a moderate, muscular build. His biceps and triceps are not too hard like a macho man would have, though not too soft like a weakling would have.
Personality: Ryan tends to be soft around others, as he is also prepared for any threats at the same time. He tries to not let his military attitudes get the better of him since his Pokémon dislikes his stern, combative nature he had when he was in the military before being off duty and deciding to go on a seemingly nice, relaxing vacation. He does not mind getting too dirty if the job demands and will stand up for his Pokémon if others are giving him a tough time.
Skills: Military training has allowed him to move quicker for longer periods of time and have better strength, allowing him to comfortably carry around a bigger amount of gear if needed. He also has expert survival skills, which range from being able to start a fire without simple, conventional methods such as matches and being able to distinguish between most types of berries in the wild.
Past: Ryan lived in Sihatu Village for most of his childhood, as he received his basic education at home. He decided to join the Camtonian Military Force (CMF) when he was eighteen years old to help fend off against Team Tots. (Now known as Team Regressive after everyone in Team Tots decided to join with the members in Etepeal to form the new team known as Team Regressive.) After serving in the military for some time and being off duty again, he decided to spend more leisure time with his only Pokémon.
Family: Kong Song (Father), Karen Song (Mother)
Love Relationships?: None at the moment, though this is subject to change.
Other Info: His clothing, backpack and vest are water resistant to allow his gear to remain intact even after a violent rainfall.

Name: His name is Todd.
Species: Todoclor / Medicon Pokémon
Native Region: His native region is Camtonia, a region based off of a mix of Cambodia's traditional past and more relevant events in the present time.
Type: [type]Normal[/type] [type]Steel[/type]
Age: He appears to look like a newborn, though his wits say otherwise.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Todoclor is a small, bipedal, robotic Pokémon that resembles a human toddler. He stands at short height of roughly twenty inches and seems to only weigh close to about thirty pounds as a result of the somewhat dense, but lighter made metal his body has. He has a primarily gray body that is somewhat hard to see when in areas of darkness. His head is somewhat big in proportion to his body and it is perfectly round. He has a single, thin filament of gray metal protruding from the center area on top of his head that gives off the impression of a tiny hair. He has blue beady eyes, a small nose composed of two small dots and has one steel white tooth that can be seen on the top row in the middle area when he opens his mouth. He has a small headlight on his forehead that is often used for navigating around dark areas. His right arm has a small screen that can be unfolded upwards to reveal a small keyboard used for various inputs. His black hands and feet each have five small fingers and five tiny toes.
Personality: Todd is described from his trainer to be a quiet, reticent Pokémon. He tends to not trust others as much at first, since he is accustomed to being alone. He tends to hide his injuries by attempting to heal them the best he can in a discreet manner since he hates going to the Pokémon Center due to the fact that he has an extreme fear of needles. He usually lets out his emotions when no one is around, or at least when he think no one is. He has some silly habits that he tends to do if no one is looking, such as putting his hand in his mouth. (Though it helps to calm him sometimes.)
Skills: Todd is able to keep all friendly Pokémon including himself strong and healthy in the midst of combat. He also does not require food and water like most Pokémon do since his body obtains energy through the use of solar cells hidden near his heart area and through sleep.
Ability: Mutualistic Bond (Todoclor and all nearby allied Pokémon gain temporary damage absorption, up to a rate of 50% + 100. Damage absorption cannot stack past the limit and resets every three turn cycles. Damage absorption gained scales with how much damage was dealt by Todoclor and all allied Pokémon in a turn cycle.)
Primary Moves: Bashing Blow, Stim Shot, Guard Shot, Flash Volley
Other Info: He is able to communicate with his trainer and the Camtonian military transmission channel through the use of a transceiver located next to the keyboard. The small computer screen is holographic and it serves numerous purposes, from a Pokédex to having a map that reveals more about unknown areas if explored.
Fakemon Creator: Me
Poké Ball: A normal, regular Poké Ball. (Though he does not go in his ball often for unknown reasons.)
Poké Browser Entry A: "It has been said that this Pokémon was made for the sole purpose of deterring trainers with its adorable appearance. Trainers beware, for this Pokémon is easily startled by loud noise and has difficulty with changes in its routines."
Poké Browser Entry B: "Todoclor utilizes its vast healing properties to keep all friendly Pokémon healthy and strong in the midst of battle. Care should be taken when Todoclor is in combat, as it tends to struggle without assistance from other Pokémon."
Vulnerable to: Fighting - 4x
Weak to: Fire, Ground - 2x
Resistant to: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock, Steel - 0.5x
Resilent to: N/A - 0.25x
Immune to: Poison, Ghost - 0x
Type Effects: Immune to the effects of sandstorms and cannot be poisoned. (Exception: If enemy Pokémon has the ability Corrosion.)
Moves Information:
Type: [type]Normal[/type]
Condition: Tough
Category: Physical
Power: 30
Accuracy: 100%
Power Points: 20
Target: Single Enemy
Range: Close Quarters Combat
Description: The user strikes the target with a quick blow, which may cause the target to flinch, interrupting the target's action and not allowing the target to execute any moves if the target has not acted yet.
Effects: May inflict Flinch, canceling all actions and disabling all attacks if the Pokémon has not performed any actions yet. (Pokémon cannot be flinched continuously however.)
Type: [type]Normal[/type]
Condition: Clever
Category: Status
Power: N/A
Accuracy: 50% (Hip-fire) / Sure Shot (Locked on, must be aiming for at least one second)
Power Points: 30
Target: Self / Single Ally
Range: 20 Meters
Description: The user fires a shot of invigorating energy at themselves or at an allied Pokémon to restore a slight amount of HP and temporarily increase their attack and special attack by one stage. This move can be used multiple times in succession for added effects, at the cost of more power being used.
Effects: Restores 15 HP to the target initially and 20% HP over five seconds and increases the target's attack and special attack by 50% for three turns.
Type: [type]Normal[/type]
Condition: Cute
Category: Status
Power: N/A
Accuracy: 50% (Hip-fire) / Sure Shot (Locked on, must be aiming for at least one second)
Power Points: 30
Target: Self / Single Ally
Range: 20 Meters
Description: The user fires a shot of protective energy at themselves or at an allied Pokémon to restore a slight amount of HP and temporarily increase their defense and special defense by one stage. This move can be used multiple times in succession for added effects, at the cost of more power being used.
Effects: Restores 15 HP to the target initially and 20% HP over five seconds and increases the target's defense and special defense by 50% for three turns.
Type: [type]Steel[/type]
Condition: Beautiful
Category: Special
Power: 10 x 15
Accuracy: 75%
Power Points: 15
Target: Single Enemy / Multiple Enemies
Range: 1 Meter (Effective range before power scales down)
Description: The user assaults the target with a barrage of light beams at the target. This may inflict Pierce, halving the target's resistance to special-based attacks for five turns.
Effects: May inflict pierce, increasing damage vulnerability to special-based attacks by 50% for five turns. Stacks with other stat debuffs.
guess i should put Atty here huh

Name: Atlas "Atty" Bennett
Gender: Female
Hometown: Mistralton City, Unova
Age: Currently 20 (Age is flexible and bound to change, given that this is a self insert.)
Height: 5'3.5"
Weight: 145lbs.
Hair: Dark brown, with a rosy red tint when the light hits it correctly. Depending on the RP, her hair can vary in style, but the length is typically kept at either neck or shoulder length. She wears her bangs either sideswept or on some occasion, straight across. It's relatively straight with a bit of volume to it, and very thick. Also pretty soft and silky, as she makes sure to take proper care of it.
Eyes: A warm, cinnamon brown color. The brown is a bit lighter than her hair. Her eyes are wide and bright, full of life and very expressive.
Clothing: Multiple outfits, all of a similar aesthetic. She's very particular about her sense of style, and her wardrobe definitely reflects that, mainly compromised of blacks, whites, and various shades of pink. Although many of her outfits fit the setting she is in, there are occasions where she prioritizes dressing cute over comfort. This usually resorts in sore feet from heels she wears, among other things. Typically, she always wears a solid black choker to complete her looks. Depending on the RP, she wears some kind of glasses, usually square, black, and thick frames. (This is mainly because I wear glasses IRL, but since I plan on getting lasik over the summer, I'm slowly transitioning and drawing her more without glasses to reflect this.)
Identifying Marks: Nothing important, though she wants a tattoo.
Musculature: Very... soft. She has a little bit of weight on her, mainly from the waist below if you catch my drift. Up top she is 36B, though she lacks any sort of defined muscle, especially in her arms. Her legs, however, are fairly thick, specifically in her thighs. Although she's not a professional runner, her legs are notably stronger than her arms, and she could likely choke someone out given the chance. Very good hugging material, though.
Personality: Though her appearance gives her sweetness away, in reality she acts just like any other young adult. Her positive aspects include a caring nature, which is especially displayed with Pokemon, a natural tendency to easily converse and talk with others, a bubbly outlook on life, and a notable sense of humor. When comfortable, she can be very outgoing and approachable, not afraid to make herself known. However, given the situation, there are times when she will attempt to become introverted and hide herself, avoiding any extended conversation, lest things become awkward. Very typical to her age group. On the negative side, though, she tends to be a very, very emotional and sensitive person.
Though this can sometimes help her out in scenes where she must display empathy, or even in carefree situations where she can freely express herself and her joy, often times her emotions can land her in trouble. She can have moments of angry outbursts, pushing others away, or even to the point where she will verbally lash out. If her anger isn't to her boiling point, she will be very stubborn and passive aggressive, unwilling to accept any of her faults and putting the blame on the other person. Despite all this, she doesn't like to hold grudges, and if the argument or fight wasn't huge, she will easily forgive whoever was involve and realize her mistakes.
Skills: Has some skills with art, as well as a knack for performances and contests. She doesn't mind a spotlight, and will often yuck up to cameras for a confidence boost. She's also very in tune with her Pokemon, and they all respect her and listen to her in return. This can even extend to wild Pokemon, or the Pokemon of other trainers. (Given that the recipient is willing to interact and interact in such a way.)
Past: Born in Mistralton City, Unova, during one of the coldest winters recorded in the region. She had grown up and attended elementary school in the city, raised in a middle class family with minor complications. He grew up in the same class as Skyla, who she became relatively close with. At age 10, she left home to pursue her career as a trainer, leaving education early and tutoring herself while out on the road. It took her an entire 3 years to assimilate her team and collect all of the Unova League Badges. Meanwhile, Skyla had stayed in Mistralton, as her grandpa had taken her under her wing to prepare her for the title of Gym Leader. Atty, however, had managed to form a bond with the Castelia City gym leader, Burgh. With the two's shared love of art and bug Pokemon, he had made Atty his apprentice for a good while, teaching the fresh trainer about how to properly raise bug Pokemon. She has since retained that knowledge and appreciation for the type, often incorporating bug Pokemon into future teams. After collecting all 8 badges, she decided to take a small break, not wanting to take on the League due to her inexperience and how young she was at the time. She got a bit more proper education before meeting with Professor Juniper, who saw potential in the young girl and advised her to travel to Johto and Kanto.
She stayed in Johto for 2 years and Kanto for 1 year, adding even more Pokemon to her growing family of friends. She collected 7 badges from Johto and 5 from Kanto, and made her way over to Sinnoh after venturing in Kanto. Her time in Sinnoh went very smoothly, and she was able to participate in Contests hosted in Hearthome City, gaining a reputation in the local community. She was able to make to the Grand Festival, earning 4th place. Afterwards, she had pushed her contest career to the side, focusing on collecting the rest of her badges. She was only able to collect 7, however, since her trip to Sunnyshore was interrupted by a power outage, causing her to become disheartened. However, because of the issues with Team Plasma back in Unova, her trip home was cancelled and she was forced to stay in Sinnoh for a couple more months. After returning back to Unova and spending some time back home, she traveled to Kalos in an attempt to regain her confidence and collect another set of 8, but only got up to 5, stopping during the Team Flare scare. Reminded too much of Team Plasma, she returned home once more. As the months passed, however, she became restless, and itching for something different. She wound up in Alola, taking on the Island Challenge despite her older age, and receiving a Z Ring from Hala after she had completed Ilima's trial and beat him in battle. During her time in the tropical region, she managed to collect 13 Z Crystals in total. She has now returned back home, with a certain punk in tow, currently renting an apartment with him in Icirrus City. Though her future plans involve eventually traveling to Hoenn and going back to complete her badge collections, she otherwise is happy and has no huge future plans, satisfied with being the trainer she is. (Much like everything else mentioned, the more recent portions of her backstory are flexible depending on the time and location. Otherwise, this is as up to date as it can be.)
Family: A Mother and Father living in Mistralton City, and a brother seven years older than Atty living in Driftveil City. Though her relationship with her parents can be rocky and she occasionally feels like they do not fully understand her, the relationship is still supportive. She's not exactly on casual speaking terms with her brother since he's off doing his own thing, but knows if anything serious were to happen, she could rely on him to help. He never actually pursued a career as a trainer, opting instead for more physical work with the help of his Pokemon.
Love Relationships?: Currently almost a year into a relationship with Guzma. The two had met in Alola, and after the initial awkward conversations, the two were able to easily hit it off. Their shared love for Bug Pokemon played a large part in this, as well as Atty's willingness to be patient with Guzma and show empathy for him, knowing that he's not as bad as others make him out to be. Although both sides find each other physically attractive, they have a deep personal bond as well, and have a good understanding of one another. She had an ex from Kalos, but dumped him after learning he was working with Team Flare. He was an all-around pretty awful guy, anyways. (Depending if the OP allows canon character relationships or not, I'm willing to take out this part. It's pretty important, though.)

Pokemon: Atty owns a total of 34 Pokemon (Most of which can be seen on the trainer cards on here), with one of those Pokemon being shared with Guzma. Two of the 34 she owns are shiny, one Clefable and one Cutiefly. I will list only her three most important Pokemon to save space.

Species: Weavile
Nickname: Ruby
Gender: Female
Pokeball: Regular Pokeball
Ability: Pressure
Special Features: Slightly pudgier than an average Weavile.
Personality: Takes immensely after her trainer, having the same sweet and outgoing personality until you get on her bad side. She's a little spoiled, however, and has a fondness for food. This has caused her speed to decrease only slightly over time, but she is still one of the best battlers Atty owns. She and her trainer share a deep friendship, and the two are always looking out for each other.
Summary: Caught on the outskirts of Lancuosa Town while Atty was visiting family for the winter holiday. She had met Atty as a Sneasel kit, warming up to the girl when she offered her food. Though Ruby wasn't anywhere near close to starving, she had a big appetite and appreciated the gifts from Atty. Eventually, the two had become close enough that Atty had gained permission to catch her, thus receiving her first ever Pokemon at age 6. She evolved into a Weavile when Atty was in Johto.

Species: Scizor
Nickname: Dakota
Gender: Female
Pokeball: Sport Ball
Ability: Technician
Special Features: Wears a solid black choker to match her trainer.
Personality: Brave and not one to give up easily, especially in battle. She's very skilled and strong with her moves, but often blames herself when she messes up or loses a battle. Although she takes her battling seriously, that's not to say she doesn't like to have fun and relax once in a while. Very close with Ruby.
Summary: Caught during a Bug Catching Contest in the National Park while Atty was in Johto. She and her trainer earned first place, and Dakota had instantly felt a bond with her new trainer after realizing her worth. She pushes herself in the name of her trainer, and although Atty has to remind Dakota not to tire herself out, the two are practically inseparable at this point. She evolved into a Scizor while Atty was in Kanto.

Species: Golisopod
Nickname: Flower
Gender: Female
Pokeball: Net Ball
Ability: Emergency Exit
Special Features: Two pink, silk bows on the base of her antennae.
Personality: Very sweet and loveable. She's pretty naive, but also protective of Atty and the rest of the team. She has a small obsession with things she considers pretty, ranging typically from cute accessories, shiny stones, and pretty flowers (which makes sense with her name). Though she might initially come off as intimidating, she's very open and very affectionate.
Summary: Caught as a Wimpod on the coast of Route 8, about two and a half months into her Alola trip. Instead of chasing around the poor little bug, Atty was able to coax her out of her den with Poffins and Pokebeans. Flower became very affectionate with her and appreciated Atty for being patient and not scaring her, and Atty was able to catch her now that the Wimpod had lowered her guard. She evolved into a Golisopod after Atty had beaten Olivia and received the Rockium Z.

As of Johto, both Ruby and Dakota are regulars on her teams, and she's almost never seen without them. As of Alola, Atty begins using Flower on her teams.
Name: David
Gender: Male
Hometown: Slate Port City, Hoenn
Age: 12
Height: 4' 11"
Weight: 90 lb
Hair: black
Eyes: dark brown
Light green shirt with pink floral pattern scattered, black jeans, and black shoes
Personality: friendly and caring
Skills: knows first aid
Past: Started his pokemon journey late (opposed to age 10) because his family struggled to secure a residence and made it difficult to integrate into a trainer program and acquire a starter pokemon. He ultimately ended up having a starter pokemon mailed to him although through an error in shipping the professors assistants sent him a psyduck. Rather then sending it back he settled for keeping it as his starter.
Family: mom and a younger brother
Love Relationship? None
Psyduck, M
Personality: ambitious ,bold, and devoted.
I've already introduced my lovely Lucas here, but I'd love to find a serious roleplayer to create or find a girlfriend for him, because this is pretty sad that he's always friendzoned XD
I'll include his photo, which the AMAZING @Senrova did. Check out more of their art!
This one will have a lot more information.

Name: Lucas
Age: 20 in human years
Gender: male
Species: Lucario
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5'4
Eye color: Green
Mate: Jetta (@Comet Blaster )
Personality: Cold and calculating, Lucas can be a bit insensitive to other pokemons feelings at times. He is known to be harsh and sometimes even violent, and his temper is short and volatile at best. He always has his own agenda and doesn't help others unless it benefits him in some way. He is also on his own time, his world revolves around Lucas and nobody else. He says things how he sees it unless it would aid him better to keep a secret or twist the truth. Incredibly intelligent, he can often see the outcome of a battle or situation before it even happens. Or maybe that's just one of his abilities as a Lucario. He has a soft spot for his little girl, Vee. He'd do anything for her.
Distinguishing marks: Scar on his nose and under his cheek, piercings on his ears, tiger stripes on his legs.
Favorite move: Swords Dance
Nature: Aggresive
Characteristic: Likes to fight
Biography: Lucas used to work for Team rocket. He loved them, and they loved him. He adored his trainer ever since he was a riolu, and he grew stronger to not only protect himself but his trainer and team as well. He was the one they went too when things got tough. Fighting the elite four? Lucas would be the only one left and he'd fight his heart out to defend his team's pride and health.
One day, his trainer recieved a promotion, and with that, a new pokemon. It was a Charizard, with a mega stone. His trainer was hooked, and slowly but surely, he began to forget the Lucario, until one day he stopped letting Lucario out the pokeball.
Eventually Lucario found his way out, seeking his beloved trainer. He walked in to find them wrestling in the grass, laughing, as if he never even existed.
That night, overcome with rage and grief for his loss, he tore the charizard to shreds and shattered the mega stone. He then wrought his wrath on the officals of team rocket for taking everything from him, the only family he'd ever had. He knew that even though he got rid of the charizard, there'd be other pokemon besides him, better than him.
As he destroyed room after room at the headquarters he stumbled across a file that read CONFIDENTIAL: Pokemon fusion
It horrified him, failure after failure of merging pokemon together in a lab. They were misshapen, discolored, mutated, sickly creatures that made him cringe. And then he saw her photo- their one success! She was had lovely pale skin, large golden eyes and hair like a flame, and several tails. Her hands were brown and so was her feet. She was a vulpix girl, around 3, and he knew if he took her they'd have nothing, just like him.
He found her. He hadn't expected her to be alone in a cage. He came closer and she looked up with vacant eyes, her hair dim and her skin sickly. He re-read her file- she survived, which made her a success, but her heart was weak and she was considered valuable but useless in battle. They were going to sell her for half a million dollars.
The Lucario snared and tore open the cage. That look she gave him, was the look he had when he lost everything too.

Lucas took her home, nursed her to health. He purchased medication and toys and spoiled her, but loved her. He was finally happy, and would protect his happiness at any cost. She was his little girl. He named her Vee.

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Subject to change, feedback is appreciated. I'm gonna fix this later, lol.

Name: Lizzy

Gender: Female

Hometown: Icirrus City, Unova

Age: 15

Height: 5' 6''

Weight: 97 lbs

Hair: Dark brown, it used to be mistaken for black

Eyes: Blue around the pupil and green on the outside, with a few rare streaks of gold scattered around

Clothing: Dark blue sweater containing a charizard logo, black shorts with blue vertical lines, black knee-high socks with gray lines at the top which increasingly become lighter, blue tennis shoes which fade into a darker blue the lower you go with the bottom being white

Design on sweater. Source (They've got more logos too)

Identifying Marks: Not necessarily a "mark" though it does identify her. She always collects Pokemon which are out of the ordinary, sharing a trait that's not normal to their species

Musculature: Extremely skinny with no visible muscle, one could even assume she's anorexic

Personality: Naive, hyper, tends to rush things, sensitive, hates to hurt people, likes to cheer others up rather than her own self, curious, absent minded

Skills: Guitar, knowledgable on quite a bit of pokemon

Past: Lizzy could always remember her Aunt Mint, but never her parents. The topic was always avoided when she prodded her relative about it, and thus soon grew out of asking it often. They stayed in Icirrus for the most part, well Lizzy did anyways. Mint went out for long intervals due to her job, though Lizzy didn't mind. Despite being young she still understood a lot. Many years were spent playing with her charmander, a gift on her 10th birthday, until she decided at the age of 14 to venture out and study pokemon. Up until a year ago she hadn't known what her goal was, but she now realized it. At 15 she has caught many pokemon and even took up filling the Pokedex for Professor Juniper in hopes to learn many things. Lizzy still has a long way to go before she can be a Pokemon professor, but she's willing to wait for her dream

Family: Mainly her aunt, Mint

Love Relationships?: Not yet. She is quite lonely though.



Gender: Female

Ability: Blaze

Hidden Power: Poison

Special Features: She occasionally has a slightly goopy nature due to her parent goodra, though she never drips. She's able to turn herself semi-solid at will

Personality: Pahoe is very defensive and won't hesitate to lash out, even at her teammates. She's quite proud of her goodra-charizard origin and won't hesitate to brag about it, claiming that she is like lava. She will occasionally open up to someone once in a while

History: Mint had Pahoehoe as an egg as a gift from a friend overseas. Due to Lizzy's 10th birthday drawing near, Mint decided that the Pokemon inside the egg would be perfect for her niece. Turns out her instincts were right as Lizzy was ecstatic to have the egg, nonetheless hatch it. They were practically together all the time, Lizzy liking to brag about her unique charmander as much as Pahoe liked it herself. When Lizzy decided to set out on her journey Pahoe made a vow with her that they would protect each other till kingdom come. She wouldn't dare be with anyone else


Gender: Male

Ability: Lightning Rod

Hidden Power: Ghost

Special Features: Fur is curlier and slightly longer than average, this is due to his parent mareep

Personality: His energy and curiosity match Lizzy's greatly, as they are often the ones to get stuck headfirst into trouble. He can be quite self-conscious and hates to bring up the topic of his fur, unlike Pahoe. Sometimes he likes to sneak around and trick people, something he's become skilled at

History: After embarking on their journey, Mint gave Lizzy one last parting gift from her dear friend: another darn egg. Lizzy and Pahoe took the egg through many travels before it finally hatched into a pikachu. They now had a small, yet growing team of two. At first the contrast of Alto and Pahoe caused problems with their teamwork, but it didn't take long for the two to warm up to each other. The two are the closest on the team and are often Lizzy's first choice in a double battle


Gender: Male

Ability: Torrent

Hidden Power: Fighting

Special Features: Once again, due to his parent floatzel Kosovo possesses two tails (two-tailed reptilians exist)

Personality: He's actually the sweetest on the team, most often acting like a puppy. He has an appetite that never seems to be satisfied, almost like a black hole. He never evolved due to his fear of growing old and leaving behind the good times

History: Kosovo switched owners a lot. The only ever wanted him for his unique tails so they could make a quick buck and move on. He... didn't appreciate that. At all. Eventually he wound up with this guy who couldn't sell Kosovo, but he didn't want to keep the so called "abomination." Through some miracle and the powers of being cliche, he wound up in Lizzy's care, for free at that. Immediately Alto and Pahoe took him in as a young sibling


Gender: Male

Ability: Overgrow

Hidden Power: Ice

Special Features: Angia's yellow seeds are quite puffy and almost resemble round clouds due to his parent alteria. His leaves are also quite rounded

Personality: As expected Angia is quite relaxed. Often he's the voice of reason in the group, talking many out of idiotic actions. As Alto put it, "He's like the glue holding your last minute project together. You don't think it'll hold and it looks like it might collapse, but you know. It's the glue. It works. I just said a darn good quote and I'm proud."

History: Lizzy didn't catch Angia as a treeko, instead they discovered each other when he was a grovyle. She came across it making a ruckus in a town she was passing through, so she decided to investigate with her trusty team of 3. After finding him Angia wasn't too happy. He tried to push her away with many means but she never left, in fact she sat down in front of him and waited. Eventually he didn't want to continue to isolate himself and joined Lizzy's team. Her stubbornness really stood out to him


Gender: Male

Ability: Shell Armor

Hidden Power: Flying (hey he can learn air slash so sussssh)

Special Features: Ebstein's nose is slightly larger and more heart-shaped due to his parent swoobat

Personality: Ebstein is a very aggressive child. There's almost nothing he enjoys more than a good fight. This in turn makes him extremely hot-headed. There's nothing that cools him down more though than a nice nap in the snow

History: Ebstein was discovered by Lizzy napping in the snow as an oshawott. Actually, she stepped on him. He naturally got angry and began to battle against Kosovo, since Lizzy figured they'd be evenly matched. The battle went on for quite a while before Angia actually stepped in, calming Ebstein down. It was actually pretty good luck Lizzy already had him. Thanks to her then grovyle, they raised the team count to 5


Gender: Female

Ability: Magician

Hidden Power: Steel

Special Features: Cernun possesses small antlers due to her parent Stanler. They are often broken off as she doesn't feel pain from them and prefers them over twigs

Personality: Basically, Cernun acts like a mother to the team. She makes sure everyone's needs are met and worries when they aren't. It would actually keep her up all night

History: Cernun was the last gift Lizzy received from Mint's friend overseas. They were proud of how Lizzy's team had grown and wanted to give her that one last pokemon to complete it. Cernun was actually the quickest to evolve and she wouldn't have it any other way. At first she felt left out since everyone already knew each other, but she fit in quite nicely
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(My only other mainstream O.C besides Lucas.)

"Battle, battle, battle! That's all you trainers want! What about what I want? A family! You only want me because I'm a shiny, and that shouldn't matter. I don't care if you are brown or blue or white, I love the person inside. But you... You just want me for my looks and abilities."

"I protect this forest from violent pokemon and all trainers, and I will do whatever it takes to give the innocent refuge."

"You breeders are sick creatures. Do you know what it's like to be forced into a psycho day-care and have males climbing all over you in heat, hurting and clawing at you, and then when you finally have children the trainers take them away? And if they're not freaking what you want you let them go, still nothing but babies, to fend for themselves in the wild. I'm sick of you! The world will be better without all of you."

Name: Moriko (A child that hails from the forest) <------- Definition

23 in human years


Scizor (shiny)

She is currently not attracted to any member of either sex.


260 lbs.

Moriko is very beautiful. Her light green skin shines like polished steel in the sunlight, her eyes, a gold, glitters like diamonds.

Personality: Moriko is very passionate about what she believes in, and she may seem like a complete ***** for it, but her heart is in the right place. No means no, and nothing but. She also will do anything for those she loves, and she has a sense of duty to her people- nothing comes above them. She is overall very serene and graceful, and rarely loses her temper. She was born to be queen, and this personality trait runs in her DNA. She is also very hard to convince when she has her mind set- aka stubborn. She is often sad, because she is away from her homeland. She also has sworn off all male pokemon for the rest of her life, under the blessing of a pokemon god. She will never mate or fall in love with a male.

Moriko was born to be queen. In a very recluse and hidden region where man had not yet discovered, pokemon reigned here. In the woods, the streams, sea, mountains, clouds- everywhere. However, mostly bug types lived in the upper parts of the forest. Bug types typically had a queen, as well. Moriko was born to be that queen. The queen could be any species, but their belief is that the gods choose that being by marking their skin- they will be alike in every way save their skin color- what humans today called Shiny Pokemon.
Moriko had come into a time of great sorrow, as the last beloved queen had died. This seemed to be an apology from the gods for taking away who they loved.
She trained to be queen for five years- battle strategies, languages, manners and etiquette... Everything a queen needs to know. She had a happy life. Until a few years before her coronation, man had discovered their lovely home. This threatened their very way of existence, and many had to flee.
While they were in the process of relocating, Moriko heard the cry of a pokemon caught in the nets of fishermen. Unable to resist the cry for help from her people, the scizor, (having evolved years before) released the pokemon from the net- it was a little trouble-making riolu whom she had seen occasionally at gatherings. (she had trouble remembering but thought his name was Lucas) However, in turn, she was quickly captured by a masterball. She had heard rumors about these brilliant forms of bondage, and she knew if it was purple, she'd have no escape. So, she spent many years in captivity. She was forced to battle, and forced to breed entire generations against her will. One day it got too much and she fled during a championship battle, what they called the Elite four.
She spent forever searching for her homeland, but she could never find it. She had journeyed to many regions without success. To this day she still searches, but is content with a small, hidden forest in her current region. She takes the role of the forest's protector, because being called a queen makes her sad.

Evolable: No, she refuses to mega evolve since it involves the aid of a human.

Pokemon, berries, nature, learning, flowers, stones.

Man-made objects, battling, smoke, destruction, the opposite sex, and wasting resources.

Since she swore off all males, no males, and no female has yet caught her eye.

Deepest secret:
She'll never tell.

Losing her sense of self, never finding her homeland, never finding someone to complete her heart.


Swords dance
Iron Defense
Brick Break
Big Buzz

@Comet Blaster @Cardboard Shinobi @Zman890 @C65 @black charizard tv (Do ya'll like her? omo)
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I’m gonna do three right here, because they’re one big happy family!

Name: Gaia
Species: Midday Lycanroc
Gender: Female
Age: 34 human years ( at death )
Personality: Extremely caring, especially for her two daughters, Jetta and Comet. She can be strict in stressful situations.
Sexuality: Straight
Backstory: Gaia was a cheery Rockruff when she was younger, but as she grew and evolved, she craved to leave the pack and venture on her own. She left not long after, but her pack was furious. They tracked her down months later, and beat her nearly to death. They left, thinking was dead, but she wasn’t. After the experience, she promised to never join another pack.
Not long after, she met a charming male Lycanroc, and after a few years, they mated. While pregnant, Gaia found that her mate has been cheating on her, so she ran away. She gave birth to a beautiful girl. She named her Jetta.
Five years after having Jetta, her old mate found her, and pleaded to be forgiven. After a few months, Gaia forgave him, but that was a foolish move. Gaia gave birth to another girl, whom she named Comet. But her mate became hateful. He became abusive, and she was forced yet again to run. She kept her two girls safe, and did so until Jetta was thirteen and Comet was eight. She was attacked by a Steelix, and she couldn’t protect her baby girls. She died that night, but her spirit never left Earth. She watches her surviving daughter, Jetta grow, with her other daughter Comet by her side.

Name: Comet
Species: Rockruff
Gender: Female
Age: 8 ( at death )
Personality: Playful and energetic. She has perseverance, especially when it comes to getting her older sister Jetta to play with her. She can be naive.
Sexuality: Doesn’t know
Backstory: When Comet was born, she had a mother and father, and loved them to bits. She loved to play with bones, or use battle moves as entertainment. She never noticed how her mom and Dad argued, and didn’t care. As long as she was playing she was happy. But then her dad started to hit her and her sister, and she became aware of the danger. She cried when she and her sister and mother had to leave. She remembers how Jetta comforted her with soothing licks and nuzzles. She remembers her mother caring for her. And then that night came. She watched in terror as the Steelix fell her mother, and screamed when it came for her. The last thing she saw before she died, was Jetta, trying to save her from her impending doom.

Name: Jetta
Species: Midnight Lycanroc
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Personality: She can be pessimistic at times, but she knows that Comet wouldn’t want her to be. She tries to act tough, but is withering on the inside. She has a soft side for children.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Backstory: When Jetta was born, it was just her and her mom. Her mother spoiled her whenever possible, and she was curious about everything that moved. She remembers the day her father came back. There was a lot of yelling on her mother’s part. She remembers that her father always gave her dirty looks, like if she did anything bad, he would kill her. She avoided him like the plague. When Comet was born, she never felt happier. She finally had a sister. She cared for Comet probably more than Gaia has. Then the abuse started to happen. Jetta felt so weak, useless, like she was worth nothing. This feeling tripled when she found out that Comet was being abused too. Then, she ran with her mother, some of the weight was finally lifted. After a while, she was able to evolve. She felt strong, and happy for the first time in a long time. But then the Steelix attacked, and everything around her crumbled. She was caught by a pokeball, and forced into a team. She hated everything, everyone. Her captor eventually grew bored of her and abandoned Jetta.
She hates humans. She misses her family, but over time, the scars she bears heal, but she can never be the same.
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Name: Anthony Wyatt Aberforth

“Detective Aberforth”

Gender: Male

Hometown: Castelia City, Unova

Current Location: Cerulean City, Kanto

Age: 34

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 180 lbs

Hair: Ash Brown, kept at a 1 inch high fade on the sides of the head with a hard part on the side. Hair on the top is kept trimmed and styled when in civilized areas.

Eyes: Grey


Wyatt or “Detective Aberforth” as he prefers to be called by strangers or acquaintances; is typically seen wearing a business casual outfit while inside of cities and towns.

This consists of, a pair of black utility boots, a pair of charcoal dress slacks, a white button down with a tight light gray gangnam pattern on it, a pair of dark gray suspenders, a charcoal sport coat, a charcoal overcoat (if it is winter or the region is cold), a pair of black leather gloves, and a charcoal newsboy cap.

However, when traversing through the wilds, Wyatt wears a more rugged outfit.

This consists of: a pair of black utility boots, a pair of thick denim jeans, a long sleeve white sport shirt which has a red and blue checkered pattern, a blue outdoorsman vest, and a trucker’s hat. However, should the region be frigid Wyatt will wear a thick black windbreaker jacket instead of his vest.

Outside of his clothes, Wyatt keeps a small survival kit, a pack of cigarettes, a light, and basic Pokémon upkeep supplies in the satchel he carries at all times. Wyatt also keeps a snub nosed, .44 revolver either in a shoulder holster (beneath his sport coat, inside cities or towns) or in his hip holster (when exploring the wilds.) He usually keeps two reloads worth of ammunition on him and the weapon is reserved for self defense and scaring off potential threats.

Identifying Marks:

Wyatt’s right pinky finger is missing from the first knuckle onwards. A gift given to him during his tenure on the Unova police force by a spooked Poochyena. Aside from this, Wyatt always seems to have a light 5 o’clock shadow on his face, something that he has given up trying to shave off and simply maintains at that length.


Wyatt is slightly over weight for his height but not in the sense he is obese or out of shape. Given he is not the man he was ten years ago but Wyatt is still capable of making it through the Kanto region, where he now resides, with little to no strain.


Wyatt’s general attitude is often described as laid back, lax, distant, and sometimes disinterested in general. All of which are accurate descriptions of the man in most interactions. This aloof personality makes it difficult for Wyatt to form lasting bonds with most other people. However, those that are patient will find Wyatt to be a kind and genuinely loyal friend once he has lowered his guard around them.

More often then not, Wyatt is distant and seemingly uncaring. This attitude is not carried over to his few passions; which include Pokémon training, battling, and his investigations. During these specific situations people have described Wyatt as a completely different person. He goes from almost lazy and disinterested to focused and passionate in the blink of an eye.

This seeming duality is born from his own prospective on society and how it reinforces citizens to conform to it’s standards. Something Wyatt has no intentions of doing which has forced him into the nomadic lifestyle he currently leads. It also means that Wyatt is extremely slow to trust others, viewing them as just another cog in society’s system as opposed to individuals.

This distrustful streak in his personality has led Wyatt to feel an unusual kinship and draw towards Dark Type Pokémon. Viewing them as truly honest to themselves and actual survivors in a world where they are disdained, feared, or simply misunderstood by the general population.


Investigative technique


Wilderness survival

Small firearms

Pokémon training


Wyatt was born into a lower class family inside of Castelia City which is found in the Unova region. During his childhood Wyatt was exposed to various forms of injustices which ranged from Pokémon theft, to burglary, and in some cases assaults. While most children would have slowly become desensitized to the chaos and violence that surrounded them, Wyatt did not.

Instead, Wyatt instinctively knew what he saw was wrong and genuinely believed that he could help change his block for the better when he grew up. This belief led Wyatt away from the path most young children wandered down, that of being a Pokémon trainer and towards the life of a police officer. However once he graduated from the police academy, Wyatt would learn that he couldn’t save people from themselves and what they chose to become.

After almost of decade of fruitlessly fighting inner city crime, Wyatt had grown tired of his own neighborhood and cynical towards the people within it. Instead, when word reached him that the Saffron City Police Force in Kanto was looking for outside aid in dealing with a gang of Pokémon thieves turned gangsters, Wyatt jumped at the opportunity. Without hesitation, Wyatt packed his belongings and left for the Kanto region, a new life, and a technical promotion in his career.

For five years Wyatt acted as an undercover agent for the Saffron City police department in order to help bring down the small time criminal enterprise. However, the more time he spent interacting with these gangsters, the more kinship he felt towards them. The now seasoned police officer knew he was starting to lose himself to the life of crime and the fortunes it offered him.

But Wyatt wasn’t the only person who recognized this and soon he was pulled from the case. In order to protect Wyatt, he was relocated to Cerulean City and returned to the life of a beat cop. This was something Wyatt quickly grew to disdain and his disgust towards his new assignment only intensified when rumors began to spread about why Wyatt had been transferred circulated throughout the department.

A combination of his own feelings and the uncontrolled spiral of his public appearance forced Wyatt into early retirement. Now freed from his duties as a police officer, Wyatt began to work as a private investigator for both the needy and wealthy. He used the meager profits her earned to purchase a single egg from a Houndour breeder in order to have a completely loyal and capable partner.

After months of strict training. Wyatt and his young Houndour are finally ready to leave Cerulean City behind them and begin their new life together. Who knows what misadventures and mishaps await them!

Family: Houndour

Love Relationships?: Current N/A





Flash Fire (Hidden Ability: Unnerve)

Typically seen wearing a red (heat resistant) collar.

History: Wyatt hatched Houndour from an egg that he purchased from a Houndoom breeder roughly three months ago. Since then, he has established a bond with the young pokemon that has been built out of trust, love, and a strict training regimen. Houndour is often seen out of it’s Pokeball when Wyatt is either in the wilderness or working an investigation. This particular Pokémon is Wyatt’s partner.

Personality: Houndour itself has a very serious nature to it. He takes his role as Wyatt’s protector and partner extremely seriously and will often put himself between Wyatt and any perceived threat. Houndour is also quite proud of it’s own strengths, showing signs of near cockiness in battle against even the toughest of foes.

This being said, Houndour is quite slow to trust new faces, something Wyatt instilled to reinforce his own wary nature. However, once Houndour warms up to a new person it considers them part of Wyatt’s “pack” and will defend them with the same ferocity it defends Wyatt himself.
First Pokémon trainer oc :)

Name: Avalon “Ava” Sterling
Gender: Female
Hometown: Lavaridge Town, Hoenn region
Age: 22
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 160 Ibs
Hair: Super long, dark brown, usually braided
Eyes: Dark Brown
Clothing: Jeans and various shirts that she deems comfortable, she always has her cream colored messenger bag which stores her items and Pokémon
Identifying marks: none
Musculature: slightly toned from her travels but otherwise average
Regions visited: Hoenn (home region), Johto, Kalos

Somewhat reserved, rarely challenges other people to battles (aside from official battles such as gyms, competitions) but will accept any challenge offered to her. She is not overly competitive, but she enjoys a good challenge to help better herself and her Pokémon. Knows a great deal about proper care and treatment of Pokémon and her team is very important to her. She is more interested in traveling around and bonding with her Pokémon than she is in winning individual matches, so when she loses it’s sometimes due to careless mistakes or not reading the opponent. However she is not a bad trainer by any means, and has a powerful, balanced team to boot. She is very hard to make angry, and sometimes let’s people take advantage of her. She is also quite clumsy and forgetful at times.

Skills: Pokémon care/treatment/biology, navigation, keen observation skills

Born and raised in Lavaridge Town, Ava’s “starter” and partner Pokémon is a companion that she has had for a very long time. She found it as a bagon when she was out exploring as a child. She befriended the frightened Pokémon and brought it home with her. She named the bagon Stormie as it was raining the day she found it. Once she turned 10, she was given an official pokeball for it. However she didn’t believe she was ready to begin her journey right away. She had practice battles with the town’s gym leader, Flanery, and trained on her own. It wasn’t until she was 12 that she officially began her journey. This is when she made her first capture: a zigzagoon who she named Oliver. He and Stormy (her Salamence) have been with her ever since.
She set out in order to gain experience and become stronger, so she could achieve her ultimate goal of running her own official Pokémon gym. Throughout her travels, she met many people and Pokémon and, eventually, developed her main team (below). During her travels, she realized that she enjoyed raising and caring for Pokémon far more than just battling. Her Pokémon had become very strong due to her constant care and training regimens. She ended up changing her goal, to opening a Pokémon clinic and day spa, where trainers can drop off their Pokémon to be cared for both physically and mentally. She believes still has a lot to learn before she will settle on a location to open her business, thus she continues her journey.
Due to her timid nature, she has never attempted an official Pokémon league tournament. The immense crowds and pressure were enough to scare into not competing. She has attended and spectated, and sparred with competitors though.
After she came back to her hometown of Lavaridge (from visiting Johto), Flanery gifted her a mega ring so she could mega evolve her beloved partner salamence. However the two must first find a mega stone for the Salamence to hold.

Family: (will add later)
Love Relationships?: None at the moment

Nickname: Stormie
(This is her Starter/Main Partner Pokémon)
Ability: Moxie

Nickname: Oliver
First capture as zigzagoon
Ability: Pickup

Nickname: Victor
Captured as Eevee
Ability: Magic Bounce

Ninetales (kantonian)
Nickname: Radiance
Captured as Vulpix
Ability: Drought

Nickname: Skyver
Ability: Sturdy

Nickname: none
Received in trade
Ability: Effect Spore

Second trainer oc

Name: Valencia
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 150 Ibs
Hair: nearly black, pulled back into a ponytail that reaches her mid back
Eyes: Green
Clothing: Varies but usually has a small backpack and skinny jeans
Regions visited: Unova (home region), Hoenn

Very levelheaded and straightforward with her interactions. She can be pretty blunt sometimes and occasionally offends people with her realism. She travels around with her Pokémon, trying to get the most out of life and doesn’t like being rooted anywhere. She only really cares about a select few who are closest to her as well as her Pokémon. It takes a very long time to gain her trust and she typically dismisses people who offer their assistance or companionship.

Skills: Self reliant in most situations as she travels with just her Pokémon

Past: WIP

Family: (will add later)
Love Relationships?: None at the moment


Nickname: Max
Gender: Female
Ability: Levitate
Her starter/partner Pokémon

Nickname: Clamp
Gender: Male
Ability: Moxie
Her first capture as sandile

Nickname: Hot Shot
Gender: Male
Ability: Zen mode
Captured as darumaka

Nickname: Forcythia
Gender: Female
Ability: Chlorophyll

Nickname: Domino
Gender: Female
Ability: Sturdy
Captured as Aron

Meowstic (Male)
Nickname: ImPAWster (he always wears sunglasses)
Gender: Male
Ability: Prankster
Received in trade
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Name: Hazel Linton

Gender: Female

Hometown: Hearthome City

Age: 15

Height: 5’2

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair: Long, softly waving locks of caramel blonde hair, with a side swept fringe.

Eyes: Coppery, Hazel coloured eyes.

Clothing: Hazel often wears for fashion more than practicality. Fancy, ruffled blouses, ribbons, medium length skirts, knee-socks and flat shoes. Currently she wears blue and white outfits, to match her Poppolio. Her chosen profession sees to it many costume changes are in order! Her casual outfits are also needlessly up-market. However, she always wears thick, black rimmed spectacles.

Musculature: Lacking, as she does little exercise out of travelling by foot and co-ordination poses in the mirror. (As If that would count.)

Personality: Hazel, while friendly enough, possesses a certain haughtiness. She is confident in herself and her abilities to a fault, which is driven on by a hellish determination. She cherry picks her Pokémon on a skin-deep level and finds it difficult to maintain friendships past initial meet and greets. Despite her flaws, she is a generous girl who will give her time to anyone in need and holds quite a righteous opinion on conservation and care of Pokémon. She greatly dislikes Pokémon Battles, despite two prior years of training when she turned 10.

Skills: Hazel is a fairly renown co-ordinator and is famous enough to have some fans in the world of Contests. Through this, she is knowledgeable on different recipes for Pokémon. To compliment this, she has taken up cultivation of berries.

Past: (Deliberately brief, as I’m a firm believer in revealing through story-lines!)

Growing up an only and somewhat lonely child in Hearthome City, young Hazel spent much of her time either watching Contests in the Local Contest Dome, or playing with Pokémon in Amity Square, particularly those she deemed cute by her own standards. As many children do, she dreamed of owning her own team, and began her journey as a Trainer at the age of 10 in Sinnoh.

After two years of apparently disheartened training, young Hazel abandoned her badge collecting and began a new chapter in Hoenn, where she took her first clumsy steps into co-ordination. Fame did not find her until Lilycove City, where she spent three years defining herself in co-ordination circles with help from more experienced Co-ordinators.

Currently, Hazel has left the shimmering lifestyle behind to attempt bringing co-ordination to the Alolan region, hoping to uncover unusual, eye-catching, regional Pokemon with spectacular moves to use in contests.

Pokémon 1:

Species: Popolio
Nickname: Marina
Gender: Female
Ability: Torrent

Special Features: None, she looks much like any other Popolio. In contests, she is decorated with pastel sea-shells and pearl accessories.

History/Personality: A brave, ambitious and very friendly little Pokémon, Marina struggled to truly bond with many trainers. The little Popolio knew she was destined for greatness but struggled to truly concentrate in rigorous battles, opting for flashier, yet ineffective tactics. A trait that put off many would be Island Challenge hopefuls. Hazel, not one for battling, saw Contest potential in the Popolio’s antics and show-offish nature. Marina now works hard to perfect her performance routines but remains battle ready, should the need arise—much to Hazel’s dismay.

Pokémon 2:

Species: Bounsweet
Nickname: Talula
Gender: Female
Ability: Oblivious

Special Features: The leaves on Talula’s head have a slightly yellowish gradient at the edges, much like newly developed plant-leaves.

History/Personality: Talula has quickly become one of Hazel’s latest regrets. Despite her size and species, she is an arrogant, determined, ill-intentioned, malicious little grass type who is constantly getting into trouble, fights she can’t win, and putting Hazel in awkward situations. Everything happens on Talula’s terms. What was supposed to be a capture for a cute looking Pokémon has turned into something of a trainer’s nightmare, but yet, Hazel hold’s a certain fondness for it all the same.

(Further Pokémon intended to be cause as stories progress!)
Name: Robin Deux

Gender: Male

Hometown: Bandit Village, the Wilds.

Age: 25

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 156 lbs.

Hair: Blue. Scruffy, but not very long.

Eyes: Blue

Robin usually wears a green t-shirt with worn blue jeans. He's often seen with either tennis shoes or boots. Robin never goes anywhere without his backpack, and carries his sword on his back as well. It's quite similar to the Ninjato sword, only slightly wider.

Identifying Marks:
Robin has a few scars. He has one across the bridge of his nose, one on his left cheek close to his jaw, and one on his right forearm. He got them from being punched into a tree by a Rhydon.

Although not super buff, Robin does have defined muscles from working out and training.

Most of the time, Robin tries to have a happy go lucky attitude. He enjoys battling, seeing new places, and exploring. Robin has a strong moral compass, and always does what he thinks is right. However, if something goes wrong he does tend to blame himself, thinking that he wasn't strong enough. Robin also tends to get depressed by memories of Amber, his first Pokemon which was killed. All in all, Robin is a wanderer with no real home.

Camping, Wilderness Survival, Swordsmanship, Pokemon battling.

Robin was born outside the main regions, in an area called "The Wilds". He was brought up in a village of bandits, thieves, and criminals. The Pokemon in The Wilds were just as tough as their trainers, and fights to the death, aka "Nuzlocke" battles between Pokemon were the norm. Robin's parents weren't around much, and didn't have that big of an impact on Robin's life. The person that did, though, was his swordsmaster. Ryu Yamamoto. The man was a diamond in the rough among the brutal men of the village. Ryu trained Robin since he was a child on the art of the sword, and informed him that this level of brutality and style of life was not a norm for the rest of the world. Ryu even gave Robin his first Pokemon, a Kantonian Vulpx named Amber, and helped Robin train her. Ryu also trained Robin in a martial art unique to the Wilds, called the 52 Cards. Although Robin didn't necessarily master it, he still is quite skilled at it.

Upon turning eleven, Robin's parents kick him out of the house, totally blindsiding him. He goes to his sensei's house, but Rye turns him away as well, telling him it was the time to find himself. The kid was freaking 11, for Pete's sake! Talk about heartless. So Robin decides he's going to try to tame the Wilds. How? By beating the bandits in Pokemon battles, but not kill their Pokemon. For a while, it goes well. Robin catches and befriends a few Pokemon, and defeats a few of the smaller bandit groups. He meets a Squirtle which he befriends. Robin wins with flawless victories, losing not a single Pokemon to the deadly battles.

Then everything went downhill.

Robin got overconfident. Challenged a boy he knew as a kid, Jacob. And in the resulting battle, Robin's first, and favorite Pokemon, Amber, was killed. Robin was only 12.

Robin's entire world was shaken. He thought he would be able to get through the entire Wilds, and defeat every bandit without losing a single Pokemon. And he lost his first friend in the process. The sorrow, hatred, and anger consumed him. He became the very thing he was trying to stop, and in future battles, showed no mercy. Robin lived for only one thing. Vengeance against Jacob for killing his Vulpux.

Years later, at the age of 16, Robin finally encountered Jacob again. Robin's team consisted of a Blastoise, Arbok, Butterfree, Sanslash, Furret, and Mightyna. The two faced off, but this time three of Robin's Pokemon were killed. The bodies of his Furret, Mightyna, and Arbok lay at the boy's feet. It was the first time since Amber that a Pokemon of his had died. Jacob escaped, but Robin didn't care. The death of his three Pokemon shocked Robin into realizing what he had become. Robin released his last three Pokemon, and wandered off into the jungle, as if in a trance.

Now alone and with no Pokemon, Robin suddenly found himself watching a group of bandits trying to capture a rare Pokemon. The Pokemon's cries rang in Robin's ears, and he knew he had to do something. The boy charged in armed with nothing but a sword, and managed to slay two of the bandits before they noticed and one sent his Pokemon on Robin. For a human, Robin didn't do to badly against the Rhydon. He managed to avoid two attacks from the horn Pokemon before it slammed him into a tree.

Robin thought this was going to be the end, when his Pokemon he released, his Blastoise, Butterfree, and Sandslash, showed up to protect their trainer. The three Pokemon managed to drive off the bandits, saving the other Pokemon and their trainer. Through this, Robin realized that although he had given up on himself, his Pokemon hadn't.

Filled with hope, Robin left the Wilds. On the way out, he encountered a crashed plane with one survivor, and teen his age named Melody. The pair managed to navigate their way out of the Wilds and into Kanto. Melody helped Robin adjust to the culture difference between the Wilds and the main regions, and the pair began to travel from region to region. There would be the occasional run in with villanous teams, which Robin would help fight against.

Years later, when Robin felt that the time he spent in the Wilds was just a bad dream, a familiar face popped up. The authorities called him X, due to the X shaped scar on his face. But Robin knew him by another name. Jacob. The Man that had killed his Vulpux, Arbok, Mightyna, and Furret was working as a freelance hunter and man for hire for the criminal underworld. Although Robin tried to avoid him, the collusion between the two enemies was inevitable.

Living in the regions for years now, Robin was caught off guard when X's Snorlax killed Robin's Sandslash. But now with new Pokemon, Robin managed to defeat X's Pokemon. He went further then that... Regressing back to his time in the Wilds, Robin killed everyone of X's Pokemon. But the victory came at a cost. Robin's Sandslash and Butterfree were killed by. X's Pokemon.

Unlike before, after this terrible battle Robin had his friends, Melody and Laini, to help him and his Pokemon recover. Although it took a while, Robin and his Pokemon did recover. He's continuing his travels from region to region and exploring new places, helping people and meeting new friends.

Family: Parents pretty much kicked him out once he was considered "old enough". Since they were never really there for him, Robin acts as though his parents never existed. His sword master was the closest thing to family he had. Now his family would include his friends Melody and Laini.

Love Relationships?: Possibly Melody?

Species: Blastoise
Nickname: Big Turk
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Held Item: Mystic Water
Special Features: Has a scar over his left eye.
Personality: Big Turk is the strong, silent type. Tends to glare, but really loves his trainer and supports him as well.
History: He was the first Pokemon Robin caught by himself, and had been with him since the beginning.
Known Moves: Surf, Aura Sphere, Ice Beam, Protect, Hydro Pump, Return, Hydro Charge

Species: Gallade
Nickname: Q
Gender: Male
Ability: Steadfast
Held Item: Focus Lens
Special Features: The Focus Lens is worn in a similar fashion as the scanners in Dragon Ball Z.
Personality: Q is fiercely loyal to Robin, but also enjoys sparring. He's a very competative Pokemon, and likes to see how his strength matches up. Enjoys fighting fellow fighting types.
History: Q was only a Ralts when he met Robin. The Ralts followed Robin around, hoping for food, but instead saw Robin sparring with his Sandslash. Q wanted to learn to fight like that, so it followed Robin until the trainer finally let him join the team.
Known Moves: Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Leaf Blade, Teleport, Drain Punch, Close Combat, X-scissors.

Species: Plusle
Nickname: Cherry
Gender: Female
Ability: Lightning Rod
Held Item: Magnet
Special Features:
Personality: Cherry is an extremely cheerful Pokemon. Although she isn't very strong, she's willing to fight to defend her friends.
History: While Robin was having a fun battle with a random trainer, he looked over to see a Plusle cheering him on with little electric Pom-Poms. The Plusle would keep following Robin around, cheering him on in battles, so Robin named her and allowed her to join his team.
Known Moves: Thunderbolt, Nuzzle, Agility, Mega Kick, Baton Pass, Seismic Toss

Species: Farfetch'd
Nickname: Sam
Gender: Male
Ability: Keen Eye
Held Item: Leek/Stick/Wakizashi
Special Features: Has a vine wrapped around itself to carry his weapon.
Personality: Sam tries to conduct himself with honor, and tries to mimic his trainer as well.
History: A very similar story to Q. Sam watched Q and Robin spar, noticing they were very skilled swordsmen. Wanting to become a skilled swordsduck as well, Sam pestered Robin until Robin agreed to train him.
Known Moves: Air Slash, Night Slash, Leaf Blade, Slash, Swords Dance, Brave Bird, Agility, X-Scissors

Species: Absol
Nickname: Rea
Gender: Female
Ability: Super Luck
Held Item: Razor Claw
Special Features: The Razor Claws are attached to her front claws, making them longer and sharper.
Personality: Rea is quite timid and shy around other Pokemon, showing her strength only when battling under Robin's command.
History: Robin found Rea unconscious in the Mountains, very badly wounded. Robin took her to get help, and Rea decided that staying with this human would be better than staying in the mountains.
Known Moves: Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Shadow Claw, Sucker Punch, Stone Edge, X-Scissors

Deceased Pokemon: Amber the Vulpux, Arbok, Furret, Mightyna, Flit the Butterfree, and Razor the Sandslash.
(First time doing this, so I hope I did it right)

Victoria Mills
Nickname: Vicky
Gender: Female
Hometown: Rustboro City, Hoenn Region

(since this is a mainstream character, I may alter some of these things to fit her into whatever RP is going on)
Age: 17
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 124 lbs
Musculature: Slim
Clothing: Wrinkly T-Shirt/Baggy Shorts/Worn Sneakers/Occasional Purple and White Beanie with Green Hoenn Logo

Hair: Dark Brown/Stomach-Length/Straggly and Frizzy (she rarely ever combs or cuts it because she's lazy, and justifies it by saying the harsh environment will undo anything she does in five minutes)
Eyes: Dark Brown
Identifying Marks: Ūnibrow
Personality: Relaxed/Lazy/Curious/Stubborn/Defensive yet Amiable/Lonely/Sassy
Hobbies/Skills/Passions: Sleeping/Eating/Playing with Her Pokemon/Collecting "Cute" Pokemon/Nature/Stargazing/Archaeology (from her time with Devon Corp)
Pet Peeves/Dislikes: Bullies/Long Exhausting Treks/Having to Maintain Her Personal Hygiene and Appearance


Victoria grew up in Rustboro with her mother and very rarely left the area. Since it was a pretty large city, almost everything her family needed was right at their fingertips. Her father worked in the shipyards of Slateport City to support his family, because that was where he'd have the highest salary. Vicky was always a slow-starter of sorts - One who needed a push to get moving, but was persistent once the ball got rolling. She always procrastinated whenever possible, and maintained passing yet unimpressive grades in school. She was also terrible with chores, and her mother always had to nag her. Her main driving forces were her friends and her natural curiosity. If they were doing something, regardless of any danger, she usually followed near the back of the group. Her status as a quiet follower caused a few of the bigger kids to see her as an easy target. They began to bully her with generic name-calling and by messing with her stuff. Sometimes her friends would step in, and other times they were nowhere to be found.

If you're wondering why she has a unibrow, there's a story behind it. She's had it since she was a young kid, but at the time, she had very fine hair. As a result, it was barely noticeable, and her mother elected to leave it alone lest she send the wrong message to her daughter about appearances. Of course, Victoria didn't stay that young forever, and eventually her hair began to get darker and thicker as she grew older. When she reached that awkward pubescent tween girl stage of life, one of her male "friends" finally made a snide remark about her eyebrow. Rather than shy away and schedule a waxing appointment, she got angry. This was one of those pushes that got the ball rolling quick. She declared to the world that she would never remove a single hair on her body, and may have directed a rude gesture or two at that boy.

Her mother tried to warn her about social stigmas, but at that point, there was no stopping her, for better or worse. As she got older and it became even more noticeable, she faced pressure from people staring at her, as well as intensified bullying. But she would not quit. She had assigned this resolution special meaning. It was her way of standing up to bullies and of giving everyone who ever doubted or underestimated her a giant middle finger. To this day, she still has a wild, dark monobrow, and doesn't carry any kind of razor or tweezers with her. If asked about it, she'll snarkily reply that she doesn't even notice it except for when nosy people point it out. Although she never actually noticed it, her suppressed fears of rejection and loneliness despite her stubborn bravery turned her into a more defensive and shy person, at least when interacting with strangers. Part of her unkempt appearance, besides her just being lazy, is to keep people away. If you could get underneath the layers of fear and hair, you'd find a pretty chill and friendly girl underneath.

When she reached the proper age, she elected not to become a Pokemon trainer. At the time, she had no interest in taming and battling creatures, and instead preferred to sit back and observe them. Most of her friends, however, did become trainers. Pretty soon, she was all alone. When she hit 13, she filled the void of their absence with an internship, and later part-time job, at the Devon Corporation. Three years later, at 16, her work had become stale and she began to fall back into her procrastinating ways. She finally realized that sitting back and observing would not get her very far, and decided to become a Pokemon trainer. The prospect of seeing the world and meeting all kinds of Pokemon was exciting, but she was not looking forward to the more physical and tedious aspects of it. With a Mudkip by her side, she somewhat reluctantly took her first steps into the great unknown.

Eventually, she got the hang of it and almost started to enjoy herself. Battling still felt like more of a chore, however, as she'd much rather lie down in the grass and bond with her Pokemon. She found that those Pokemon helped her feel less lonely, and over time, she actually started to loosen up a little and become less defensive and afraid. Maybe one day she'll be comfortable enough to leave the Hoenn Region and explore an even wider world.

Side note: She focuses entirely on visuals, and only likes to catch Pokemon she deems "cute enough," but her definition of cute is more in line with our definition of ugly or scary. She's the type of girl who'd pass by a Skitty without a second glance, but would look at a Zubat and squeal. Most of her Pokemon, therefore, are ones most people probably wouldn't like, although she does have two or three conventionally cute Pokemon. She also finds many Rock types to be appealing in their own quirky way. Also, this is more for a rough idea. As a mainstream character, I don't want much beyond her origins to be set in stone. If an RP dictates that everyone starts fresh, consider these some of the Pokemon that Victoria would be very likely to catch.

Early Team: Mudkip (Maxwell)/Zubat/Whismur

Middle Team: Marshstomp/Golbat/Loudred/Snubull/Nosepass/Vullaby (assuming she either leaves the Hoenn Region, or these Pokemon are able to be found there)

Late Team: Swampert/Crobat/Exploud/Granbull/Mothim/Mandibuzz
oh hi time to dump in my 4th wall breaker

Age: 12 in human years.
Gender: Female
Species: Umbreon
Sexuality: straight as a board
a bent one
Personality: Avie is a very independant person, whose temperament can change at the drop of a hat. One second she's aggressive and violent, and the next she's calm and collected. She's a very talented singer, and can run really fast. She tires out quickly, however, and is prone to lashing out at people who annoy her. Putting that aside, she's a very good listener, and the type of Pokemon that can read beyond the script. She's prone to breaking the 4th wall, detecting the presence of centralworlders, or "muses", and makes multiple references to pop culture.
Identifiers: Her bandana, which has the logo of the team "Bleh" imprinted on it.
Likes: watching BFB, her bandana, Oran berries, her friends
Dislikes: rain, being locked inside of buildings (extra points if it's cramped)
Extra Notes:
- She has access to BFB via a trainer who watches at least one episode almost daily.
- She's claustrophobic.
- The Pokemon who made her bandana was a kindly Leavanny. Avie stole the bandana from a Trainer marketplace and gave it to the Leavanny along with a picture of the "Bleh" logo. The process of applying the logo took several weeks and a payment of at least 45 Oran berries.
- For some reason, she has a habit of running from awkward conversations.
Some minor edits will be made to this to fit each RP, of course, but this is the general idea. If the RPer allows Fakemon, he'll have some Fakemon that I made. I held off on posting this until I found a second RP I could use him in.

Casey Lindquist
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Personality: Kind, polite, and gentlemanly on the outside, bitter on the inside. He avoids battle and prefers to settle things peacefully. He acts twice his age, and is overall kind of a dad character. Caring little about himself, he'd rather help those around him.
Appearance: He dresses in a white blazer with a purple silk cravat and a white dress shirt underneath. White dress shoes, dress pants, and a fedora complement this look, which is way too fancy to be out for a casual stroll. His platinum blonde hair is almost white, and it seems that the only traces of darkness in his appearance are his gray-blue eyes.
Pokémon: Wink the Wingull, which he met on the boat ride to Kalos.
History: His real name is Quince Corbat, who was a world-famous battler feared as "King Crobat." He was a former champion of Hoenn and held titles in Battle Maison Singles, Doubles, and Triples, having defeated Hoenn's Battle Chatelaines. Corbat fought in Alola's Battle Tree and even competed in Unova's Pokémon World Tournament, until he suffered a devastating loss, a career-ending defeat that left his pride in shambles and reduced him to the meek and peaceable individual he is today. No longer as cocky and competitive as he once was, he released his winning Pokémon and left for Kalos, all but disappearing from the public eye and assuming the identity of "Casey Lindquist." He is now an absolutely terrible battler, a complete trainwreck who likely has never touched a Pokéball in his life, and only has a Wingull that he met on his trip. Casey is inwardly dismissive of anyone with the dream of becoming a successful battler or Champion, thinking it to be a waste of one's life. After his fall from grace, it's like he's aged horribly and thinks he's way past his prime, even though he's only 20. Anytime someone points out a resemblance between him and King Crobat, which still happens occasionally, he just brushes it off.
Name: Tawny
Gender: Female
Hometown: Originally Lumiose City, Kalos moved to Hea Hea City, Alola
Age: 16 and 1/2
Height: 5"4"
Weight: 126 lbs
Hair: Brown, wavy curly, not quite shoulder length hair.
Eyes: Brown with hints of amber, the basis of her name.
Clothing: Light colored jean shorts that are probably shorter than need be. Her 'iconic' yellow zip up hoodie, with thumb holes that is pretty ratty and has been torn open at the left elbow over a plain t-shirt or tank top. Grey converse that aren't really converse.
Identifying Marks: Small scar across her right cheek from when she tripped and fell into a coffee table.
Musculature: Little to no muscle, just enough to carry her younger sister when asked to.
Personality: Pretty energetic but not so much so that she can't sit still and think things through. Talks more than she probably should which worries her about annoying people, but when she gets to talk about something she has a passion for, she won't be quiet. Very wonder filled and curious, wants to know more about everything.
Skills: Can roller skate pretty well.
Past: Tawny and her sisters lived with her dad and grandparents in Lumiose for most of her life, her mother disappearing when she was nine. When she turned thirteen her dad got a job offering in Hea Hea City in Alola as a manager of a small store when an old friend of his decided to sell said store. So Tawny's family moved to Alola where she resided before deciding to travel through the regions when she turned sixteen, as she's been doing since.
Family: Jim (Dad), Lidia (Sister, Diana's twin 13), Diana (Sister, Lidia's twin 13) and Sera (11)
Love Relationships?: None

Species: Eevee (shiny)
Nick name: Colgate
Gender: Male
Ability: Run Away
Personality: Boundless energy, never sits still, very loud.
Extra: Tawny couldn't stop screaming and jumping around in joy when her father gave her Colgate for her fourteenth birthday, freaking out over the fact that she'd gotten a shiny. He'd been given it by a breeder who frequents the store as a gift for the free pokemon food when said breeder couldn't pay. A week after getting him she learned that Colgate has a strange habit of gnawing on toothpaste containers, hence his name.

Species: Honedge
Nick name: Foil
Gender: Female
Ability: No guard
Personality: Obedient and calm, constantly fed up with Colgate
Extra: Tawny's first pokemon, given to her as a moving away gift by her grandma. Listens to Tawny when she needs someone to talk to.

Species: Mareanie
Nick name: Squiggy
Gender: Male
Ability: Limber
Personality: Sassy, tends to pout when upset or angered.
Extra: Tawny caught him when she was fifteen. She was having a beach day with her family and she found him eating her packed lunch, catching him was a hard fought process but proved to be worth it.
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What Did You Do To Snoke?

Previously Ratbag the Coward
Name: Chase Orwell
Gender: Male
Hometown: Lacunosa Town, Unova
Age: 20
Height: 5 foot 9
Weight: Unknown/140 pounds
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Fairly large black/navy blue swimming trunks that extend to just above his knees, wears a gray or black tee-shirt or sometimes wears nothing on his chest, sometimes wears a gray or white swimming cap or a sunhat, black sunglasses (when it is warm), in the water, he wears blue swimming goggles.
Identifying Marks: He has a small oval shape rash on his lower back.
Musculature: He is not as muscular as some surfers, but he does have muscles and compared to an inland civilian, he's got quite the chest. He has enough to show that he's not afraid to show it.
Personality: Calm, not compared to other surfers, but to the ordinary civilian, fun, polite and kind.
Skills: Good surfer, good swimmer, fast thinking, skilled battler and trainer, skilled adventurer and rambler.
Past: Born in Lacunosa Town to two holiday home owners, who were also skilled battlers. Became friends with Marlon when he bought his own holiday home in Undella Town. Learnt how to surf and loved the water in Undella Bay, meeting other surfers there. His sister, Alysa Orwell, helped him catch one of his best pokemon: an Alomomola. Eventually decieded to take on the Unova gyms defeating most of them with relative ease, though his main objective was to adventure. Got to about the 6th or 7th gyms and it became much harder for him. Beat those, then returned to Undella Town where he prepared for the final gym. Discovered a mysterious mist coming from route 14 and decided to explore it and the Abundant Shrine. Alysa, meanwhile was taking on the elite four. She was always better than him at Pokemon battling.
Family: Arnold Orwell (Father)
Ola Orwell (Mother)
Alysa Orwell (Sister)
Love Relationships?: None yet
Pokémon: Alomomola
((okay, I still learning english ,so I sorry for trouble with reading this post))
Name: Clint
Gender: Male
Hometown: Sunyshore City
Age: 17 (he doesn't celebrate his birthday)
Height: 5' 9''
Weight: 152lbs
Hair:short dark brown
Eyes: brown
Clothing: grey t-shirt, white shorts, blue trainers
Identifying Marks: he has a ring made from meteorit
Personality: A little bit shy, it is hard for him to talk with new person but he is a caring friend and really nice guy.
Skills: battling and training
Past: He was a little kid when he traveled with his parents around Sinnoh but when he was 9 years old, his parents rarely were at home. He escaped from his house after 7 months and he started travel around the world. he was betrayed by a girl, which he was travel. After her unsuccessful attept to steal his pokemons and run, He had problems with trust.
Family: Father and Mother, David and Kari
Love Relationships?: already none, he liked the girl(he never tell her name) who tried to rob him.
1.Chimchar=>Infernape M
given to him as chimchar from prof. Rowan

2.Magnemite=>Magneton |-|
also given but this time from Volkner, Clint best friend

3.Snorunt=>Glalie M
first caught pokemon, meet at the way to Snowpoint City

4.Zorua=>Zoroark M
caught when he traveled across Unova region

5.deino=>hydreigon M
second pokemon caught in Unova

6.Lurantis F
pokemon from alola caught in lush jungle.

Boxed pokemon (sometimes used)
Trapinch=>Flygon M
rockruff=>Lycanrock(midday) F
Dewott F
Starly=>Staraptor M
Meowstick M
Might as well start a collection post for my OCs, if only for my own easy access

Name: Nyx Navi
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Region of origin: Kalos
Pokemon Team:
M-Mawile aka "Midna", Togekiss aka "Nimbus", A-Ninetales aka "Gliss", Lucario aka "Saizo", Tyrantrum aka "Abraxas", Kingdra aka "Coral" (Shiny)
(Alternate Pure Fairy Team)
M-Mawile, Togekiss, A-Ninetales, Whimsicott, Azumarill, Gardevoir
Appearance: Nyx is of native-american descent. A coastal girl, born and raised, her time spend on the beach shows in the sun-kissed color of her tan skin and her wind-swept beach hair. Standing at a short 5’ 1”, Nyx is still waiting (hoping) for a last growth spurt to kick in; it’s difficult to be taken seriously with short stature and a wiry build. But what she lacks in appearance, she makes up for with nerve, shown in the numerous scars. One particularly nasty scar stretches from the base of her right ear to her collar bone, drawing wandering eyes to the pale line of healed skin. Nyx has bright, hazel green eyes that match her mother’s and her father’s strong jaw-line. She would normally be able to say she shared her father’s hair color as well, but she has taken to dyeing her hair the past couple years to a platinum silver. Only the few short inches closest to her scalp retain her natural color, creating a fading ombre effect through her hair length. To combat the heat, she usually wears a good portion of her heavy hair up in a high ponytail. A thin headband woven from leather holds the majority of her hair out of her eyes. The excess of the headband is tied with a clasp at her left temple, where her treasured key stone gleams, and at either end of the dangling strings are feathers from a Togekiss.
She wears dark blue denim jean shorts with a leather belt, waist bag and thigh strap (resembles a thigh holster) that is fixed to her right side. On her left side, a long, tan colored cloth hangs down the length of her leg. Her top consists of layered tank tops; the under tank of which is blue-ish gray in color with an attached hood, while the tank worn over top is white with a couple small Togepi-style triangles on the back.
Personality: Nyx has always had an insatiable thirst for knowledge, a focus primarily set on the pokemon inhabitants of the world. While she has no great issues with people, Nyx holds a cynical view of humanity as a whole, believing most of them to be too lazy and self-serving to achieve anything of value. It is for this reason that she pushes so vehemently to achieve her own aspirations, determined to prove her own self-worth. Perhaps because of this, Nyx radiates an aura of self-confidence and independence. There is no challenge Nyx will accept as unachievable with enough strength of will, but there might be tasks she deems unequal to the effort needed to achieve it.
All of this talent and confidence comes at the cost of perception though. Nyx often comes off as arrogant, judgemental and overly analytical. And while she might have full confidence in her areas of study, the intricacies of social contracts often allude her. She has managed to tackle the other aspects of her life as though moving through a chess board, constantly shifting goals and tasks with careful consideration and long-term strategy; but humans aren’t so easily manipulated. People tend to be overly emotional and unpredictable, and their white lies and small talk downright frustrating.
Nyx was born and raised in the sea side town of Ambrette, in the Kalos region. Her mother being one of the leading marine biologists at the Ambrette Aquarium and her father holding the role of lead scientist in the Fossil Center’s rejuvenation division, the little girl Nyx found herself pushed toward greatness at a very young age. Both her parents seemed determined to push their own passions onto their daughter and have her follow in their footsteps, career wise. While most children recall the play dates and playgrounds from their formative years, Nyxs most prominent childhood memories are of cataloging coral growth in the shoals with her mother or nurturing prehistoric embryos in the lab with her father. But for all their efforts, all her parents manages to do was extinguish the small flame of curiosity their daughter had in their passion with overexposure.

By the time Nyx was old enough to consider her own future career, aquarist and scientist had both lost their lust of mystery. The only thing that stood out in both of her parent’s career choices was the lack of long-term connection with their pokemon companions. The aquarium her mother worked at was first and foremost a rehabilitation facility, meant for the short-term habitation of injured marine wildlife while they recuperated and waited for release. Very few of her mother’s aquatic charges stayed for more than a couple months at a time and any bonds made were temporary and shallow. Her father’s role at the Fossil Center was the same; prehistoric pokemon restored were all too often released to trainers and other facilities and were never around long enough to form attachments to. And a connection was what Nyx craved more than anything else.

Seeing his daughter’s fascination with pokemon, and still determined to embed his own passion for the prehistoric in his daughter, Nyx’s father pulled some strings and managed to obtained a restored fossil pokemon to give to her. Since Nyx wasn’t of legal trainer age yet the little Tyrunt was technically his as far as the law was concerned but it was to his daughter that he entrusted the pokemon’s care. Perhaps it was due to the clear ownership issues that Nyx never really felt like she was doing anymore than borrowing her father’s pokemon. Before the connection between them could blossom, a chance encounter with a wild pokemon ignited a lifelong friendship that her father never could have predicted.

It was during one of her father’s frequent trips into the Glittering Cave, when her father’s rapt supervision waned for a moment too long. Fascinated by the trampling of their little Tyrunt, Nyx wandered further into the twisting caverns than she should have in the pokemon’s wake. She was too young to understand the danger a lone rhyhorn could pose, too innocent to see the the antics of the infant Tyrunt were angering the wild pokemon, and far too ignorant to realize that the rock types kicking signaled the start of a deadly charge attack. Tyrunt had the defenses to endure the hit, but Nyx wasn’t so lucky. The Rhyhorn’s horn left a huge gash where it had struck the young girl and, bleeding and weak, she didn’t have the strength to move out of the way of the second attack even if she’d wanted to.

Mawile was suddenly there, tossing the charging Rhyhorn aside before it could strike the motionless Nyx again. With a echoing Growl from the Fairy pokemon, the Rhyhorn retreated but it’s damage had already been done. With one look at the little girl, mawile raced back through the cave to find Nyx’s father, dragging the bewildered man to where his daughter lay.

Nyx recovered thanks to quick medical attention, but a vicious scar and her protector remained. Even after Nyx’s father had scooped his bleeding daughter into his arms, the mawile had remained resolutely at little Nyx’s side, from hospital to home. Though her parents were bewildered by the wild pokemon’s accompanying their daughter at first, it quickly became clear it meant only to protect her from further harm. And even after Nyx’s recovery, as her adventurous exploits began again, mawile remained, always at Nyx’s side. When Nyx finally reached trainer age and received her license, it was mawile that accompanied her on her initial journey as her ‘starter’ pokemon. Nyx christened her partner Midna, a name taken from one of her favorite video games. Her father’s Tyrunt also accompanied the pair, but despite their childhood connection, the prehistoric pokemon reminded her too much of her father’s pushy ambitions and their early bonding suffered for it.

Nyx had caught and trained a few pokemon by the time she earned her second badge, but it wasn’t until she passed through Ambrette Town that she found another permanent team member. Just as her father had entrusted a symbol of his occupation with his daughter, so too did her mother. A batch of Horsea eggs raised in the the aquarium had produced a true rarity, an abnormally colored hatchling, a shiny. Unwilling to release this hatchling for fear that her unique coloration would endanger her in the wild, Nyx’s mother entrusted the aquatic pokemon to her daughter instead.

Nyx’s journey across Kalos was a long one, with many different pokemon finding their wait onto and off of her team, but her deepest connection and eternal friendship remained with Midna. Her personal connection with her fairy partner caught the attention of the Laverre City gym leader, Valerie, once Nyx had earned her badge. Encouraging her to push the bond further, Valerie offered her the parting gift of a rare Mawilite stone, though she offered little insight on how to use the stone.

Within a few short years, Nyx stood before the Elite Four of her region and found herself equal to them, but her journey ended there. Her battle against the region’s standing champion was a miss and for a time Nyx was at a loss at how to proceed. Remembering the advice of the Fairy gym leader, Nyx returned to Laverre City. There she studied the Fairy typing, hoping to glean the full potential Valerie had spoken of. But it was in the surrounding forests that Nyx found her answer instead.

During a vicious storm on evening months later,Nyx took shelter with her lone companion Midna in a long-abandoned building on Route 15 to wait out the rain. They were not the only ones to do so. In the deserted, crumbling halls a cantankerous Pangoro was not please to share his abode and immediately set upon the pair. The battle might have been easily won had Nyx and Midna not spend the day training, but weary and weak as they were the battle was trying. The pangoro’s roars were so great, the structural wall of the building itself tembled and failed. Nyx avoided the collapse, but Midna, who was cloesest, was not so lucky, trapped under the rubble as it fell. As she tried desperate to free her partner, an ancient brooch fell into her hand, a glimmering stone set in it’s center. The Pangoro didn’t care the the mawile was trapped, or that it’s trainer wanted only to free her. They were still invaders in its home and so it moved to continue it’s assault on the only potential combatant that remained, Nyx.

Just as Midna had come to the rescue of Nyx as a defenseless little girl so many years ago, the mawile could not contain her need to defend her now. The Mawilite stone and the ancient brooch stone in Nyx’s hand glowed in unison as Midna mega-evolved for the first time, throwing the crushing rubble aside as easily as she tossed the offending Pangoro. With the storm and battle passed, both deeply confused about what had just transpired, the pair returned to Laverre to consult Valerie. With a knowing smile, Valerie confirmed that the pair had achieved the bond of mega-evolution with the Key Stone found in the ancient brooch.

Though Nyx remained in Laverre City for a time after to master mega-evolution in combat, it wasn’t long before she returned to challenge the region champion again. This time, with Midna’s mega-form at her side, she was victorious and took the mantle as champion herself, where she remained for a further 2 years.
This listing will be updated with new pokemon as they are added to the team.

Pokémon: Mawile (Mega capabilities)
Nickname: Midna
Gender: Female
Appearance: An average sized considering her age, Mawile wears her bangs back, held together with a small, woven red string, removed only during battle. As a Mawile's bangs act as a counter balance for dexterity, training with them restrained has greatly improved her balance and agility when they are released.
Personality: Midna is extremely protective of her trainer, having been with her from the age of 8. She is undaunted by her small stature, continuing to assume the guardian role for all of her trainer's new pokemon, even when those pokemon evolutionary size far outstrip her own. Quiet and reserved, Midna is often the level head in any emergency.
History: See Nyx's Backstory

Pokémon: Togekiss
Nickname: Nimbus
Gender: Male
Appearance: Slightly larger in size than the average Togekiss, with a height of 5'4"
Personality: Nimbus is a free-spirit; carefree and wild. While he obeys Nyx battle commands without question, outside of the fight, he does as he pleases. He is a bit pretentious, considering his primarily supporting role for his team has left him with few losses to his name specifically.
History: Togekiss was an unusual capture, as none of his species had been previously reported on Route 12. She guessed that he was another trainer's released pokemon considering his initial animosity toward Nyx and her capture of him.

Pokémon: Ninetales (Alolan Form)
Nickname: Gliss
Gender: Female
Appearance: Slightly smaller than the average Ninetales
Personality: Gliss is carefree and fun-loving, though a bit conceited and spoiled in terms of her appearance. She enjoys waving her many tails and strutting a pose for any male pokemon that might succumb to her charms.
History: Gliss is thus far the only pokemon Nyx set out intentionally to catch. Hearing traveler's rumors of the fiery Ninetale's icy cousin, Nyx set out for Alola a couple years after her championship status. On the snowy peaks of Mt. Lanakila, Nyx found her quarry; a icy little Vulpix which she trained and evolved.

Pokémon: Tyrantrum
Nickname: Abraxas
Gender: Male
Appearance: Standing at a massive 9'8", Abraxas is well on his way to being one of the largest Tyrantrum's on record. Though his weight remains about average as his build is more lanky than his species usual bulk.
Personality: Despite his age, Abraxas has maintained his youthful spirit, vitality and a certain naiveté...not necessarily a good thing for such a massive pokemon. With innate curiousity, he has a tendency to elope and his easily distracted mind hardly gives a minutes thought to the small pokemon that might be hurt underfoot. Despite this, he is extrememely loyal to Nyx given their long history together and listens diligently to all of her commands...or at least he tries to. Butterflies can be so distracting...
History: See Nyx's History

Pokémon: Kingdra
Nickname: Coral
Gender: Female
Appearance: Coral is of the very rarity 'Shiny' mutation, so her scales are a soft pink rather than blue.
Personality: Coral is a creature of solitude. Though not obnoxiously unsocial, she does tend to remove herself from groups whenever possible, preferring to observe from afar. Though this may simply be because she is the only water-bound creature on Nyx's team.
History: See Nyx's History

Pokémon: Lucario
Nickname: Saizo
Gender: Male
Appearance: Height, weight, and colors are the same as any Lucario, but Saizo wears uncharacteristic crimson scarf around his neck.
Personality: Saizo is reticent but a keen observer and adamant in his training. Though an absolute asset in battle, Saizo isn't exactly a conversationalist. Nyx has rarely heard a sound from him during their years together, as he prefers to communicate non-verbally.
History: Saizo was captured as a Riolu on route 22.
Haven't used this character here yet, but the OC has been will me for awhile so might as well reserve a space for her eventual BIO here.
Name: Blair Oda
Rank: Lieutenant
Gender: Female
Age: 24 yrs old

Appearance: Blair’s physique has long been defined by her adventurous nature and further exacerbated by her choice of a military occupation. Though she stands at a short 5’3”, she poses an intimidating figure standing in her favorite crossed-arms stance with her usual scowl. Muscles break up her feminine curves, broadening her shoulders and thinning her chest (an area already constricted by her ever constant reliance on sports bras). Her dark red hair reaches just below her shoulders when kept in its usual ponytail, the natural curls somewhat ruined by lack of upkeep and frizz. Her steely gray eyes and clear complexion have never seen the application of make-up, but dirt and grime are a common blemish, not only on her face but anywhere on her for that matter.
Blair doesn’t really have a wardrobe so much as uniforms. Her charcoal Mao cap, black fatigues, web belt, and combat boots were all issued by the military and they show the wear of their necessity with stains, scorch marks, and the occasional hole. The only personal choice of clothing she opts for is a gray tank top instead of the standard issue drab t-shirt; a choice heartily disapproved of by her command. Her gear, ranging from det. cord and charges to her med kit and survival rations, is kept in a cross-body tan equipment bag. The quantity of said gear varies depending on mission requirements. If the need exceeds the capacity of her personal bag, she opts instead for the custom-made saddle bag designed to be worn by her arcanine, Shingen. Her only constant companion besides her utility pokemon is her 9mm side arm, issued by the military and kept secure at all times in a locking thigh holster.

Personality: Above all else in Blair’s mind there is the mission, the military has taught her well in that respect. She will do anything to accomplish it, her own life disposable if the greater good demands it. Stubborn and self-assured, Blair rarely asks for others advice and is even less likely to take it if volunteered. She would much rather feign expertise than admit ignorance. She will put her pride aside only if the completion of the mission depends on it, and then only grudgingly. Blair has an exceedingly sharp tongue, and it is often quicker than her instinct to restrain it. And she has little patience with the hurt feelings that follow. She is quick to pass judgment on the faults of others and wastes no time in pointing out failures, a practice she finds efficient and necessary. Most would rather be ruined by unworthy praise than saved by constructive criticism, but Blair sees it as needless coddling and a waste of time.
Despite her openly abrasive nature, Blair DOES genuinely care about the companions in her charge, but because she views them as just that, her charges, her responsibility, she keeps a respectable distance between them and her true emotions. A general never shows their true face to their soldiers, after all. But her compassion can be found indirectly, through her orders and actions. She is as stern about forcing the injured to rest as she is about guards minding their watch and she would never ask anyone to take on a dangerous task when she can do it herself.
Now pokemon…Blair’s view on Pokemon merits its own explanation. To Blair, Pokemon are tools. Not tools in the same heartless way Team Rocket and similar organizations have viewed them in the past, mind you, but a partner born of purpose. She knows they are living creature, requiring attention and connections as much as food and water to survive, but beyond that, they are with her to work, not as pets. After all, if she didn’t need fire for her fuses and sparks for her detonators, she probably wouldn’t have much need for a pokemon companion at all. So as comforting as their presence could occasionally be, Blair values her pokemon far more for their usefulness as tools rather than for an emotional attachment.
As you may have already surmised, Blair lives for her work. She has no significant relationships to speak of, beyond her familial love for her parents and her loyalty to her military unit members. While she hasn’t completely disregarded the eventual idea of marriage, the thought of spending time pining for love seems wholly unnecessary. She has little patience for children and the thought of having kids at the moment just sounded…unpleasant. Perhaps in a couple years when the allure of military life faded, she would desire companionship, but for now she’s content, married to her work.

Past: Blair’s childhood was uneventful at best. Born on Cinnabar Island, her parents were both employed at the Pokemon Laboratory, with a focus on fossils and prehistoric research. With a focus on ancient pokemon life, they had no time for a Pokemon pet at home and so Blair did without. It was an arrangement she had never really minded. Any time not dedicated to school was spent with her friends, usually wasted on athletic games and competitions of nerve on the island’s volcanic terrain. Scrapes and bruised had been a common occurrence even then.
When the trainer age approached, Blair wasn’t nearly as excited by the prospect as her friends were. She took the starter pokemon, a Squirtle, when it was offered to her, but her journey didn’t make it very far. Caught up in the adventure of her friends, she tagged along across the Kanto countryside, even then not caring much for these badges they sought. She found the untapped wildness they trekked through far more enticing. Not bothering to catch any new pokemon, Blair quickly found her limitations with her single Wartortle, failing miserably when she challenged the Vermillion city gym. While her companions sulked or celebrated their respective battle results, Blair was far more intrigued by the gym leader himself and the intense military obstacle course they had found him on. Seeing first to her pokemon’s medical treatment, she returned to the gym with purpose. Not seeking another battle, but in hopes of some insight into the military and maybe a chance to try out that obstacle course herself.
In the end, while her companions travelled on in search of badges, Blair stayed, choosing to study military tactics and personal fitness at the gym instead. She was far from the only student at the gym, but she was the only one there without battle advancement in mind. Turning her attention back to her schooling, Blair divided her time between her academic studies and her physical training. When she reached the appropriate age and she left to join the military.
During her time training, listening to the gym leader’s descriptions of the various military occupations, one potential captured her attention more than any of the others; demolitions. Blair quickly found the work suited her. Beyond the quiet, precise calculations needed for demolitions and the rigorous training standards of the military itself, nothing got her heart racing more than setting those charges and watching their explosive results.
Her training and promotions were anything but easy but through the years, Blair moved steadily through the ranks, from novice to expert. By the end of her first enlistment, her habitual skill for traversing rough and dangerous terrain and furtive maneuvers earned her a slot in the infiltration division known as ‘Black Swanna’ and her job suddenly became much more clandestine in nature. Problems that arose that couldn’t be resolved by standard procedures or were beyond the scope of official channels often fell to her or a member of her unit. The Sagami accident… not so much an accident as it was a last resolve to keep innovative research out of militant hands. The unexplained sound of an explosion in Auckland…had been more than just sound, but well contained. And the Fukui chemical plant… well, we won’t mention that one. Fukui was Blair’s first real failure and was still a sore subject (and a sore head for that matter). Needless to say, most of Blair’s work nowadays remains off the record. This call to Johto for aid is the first widely publicized mission she has ever received.

Reason for being in Johto: The strange outbreak in Johto is common knowledge by now.., with the plummet of tourism in the region and the influx of family migrating away from the catastrophe leaving Kanto cities at capacity. But even the assumed safety of the Kanto region was only a stone’s throw from the action and tensions and paranoia were ran high because of it. Military units had been sent in to Johto, mostly to quell unrest and defend the remaining population from further attacks. But without buildings to fall or a specific target to destroy, there hadn’t been much need for Blair’s area of expertise until they discovered the BRAIN. She has been in Johto for little over a week now, spending most of her time getting debriefed on what the military knew so far. Then, fully armed and loaded for beartic, she set out from the military stronghold in Cherrygrove City toward the first heart.

Pokémon Team: It should be noted that Blair isn’t a trainer by the commonly accepted definition. It been years since she’s had an actual pokemon battle beyond the occasional skirmish with wild pokemon. Her companions are instead trained by tactical necessity, focusing more on the precision and accuracy of flame or volt rather than power. And her move commands rarely match the officially accepted names of their respective actions, “Shield!” for example being common short-hand to have her pokemon use Protect. These pokemon are used for their military job and follow orders as such. They are not for the acquisition of those little badges the youth seems so obsessed with.

Species: Arcanine
Gender: Male
PokéBall: Safari Ball (As is custom for Military issued pokemon)
Nickname: Shingen
Ability: Intimidate
Common Work-Related Moves: Flamethrower, Protect, Roar, Extreme Speed, Close Combat
Personality: Having been with Blair for so long, Shingen’s personality appears very similar on the surface; headstrong and forceful. He shows just as little concern with his appearance, his wild unkempt mane the least of his concerns when on the job. But unlike his owner, Shingen is more willing to let down his guard and offer his fluffy ear or white belly for a nice scratch. Outgoing and a bit more laid back, it’s not uncommon to hear him give a jovial, barking laugh when a sloppy hand gives his owner a new scorch mark or singed hair.
Backstory: Shingen is Blair’s second pokemon ever, issued to her by the military upon her enlistment, and has been with her the longest at 6 years. If it has been left up to Blair, his name would have been ‘Arcanine’ and left at that. But instead her instructor stepped in and insisted on a nickname for a closer bond. When she still offered no suggestion it was her instructor who stepped in and named him Shingen, a name he said was apt for her surname.
As her profession began to favor electrical blasting caps over pyrotechnic, Shingen’s role slowly shifted from fuse-igniter to bodyguard and with that necessity, she sought out the Fire Stone for his evolution. As an added bonus, his increased size made travel and carrying supplies far easier.

Species: Jolteon
Gender: Male
PokéBall: Ultra Ball
Nickname: Dash
Ability: Quick Feet
Common Work-Related Moves: HP Fire, Shock Wave, Laser Focus, Protect
Personality: Dash is the perfect watch dog; his suspicious nature keeping him ever alert and watchful. Reserved and quite serious, he fit in almost instantly to the precise scheduling of military life. Unlike her owner and Shingen, Dash is meticulous about keeping clean whenever possible, applying the same thorough attention to keepg Blair’s gear in working order as well.
Backstory: Dash came to Blair through trade nearly 5 years prior, shortly after the completion of her training. She had originally intended to seek out a Pikachu, which she’d been told many in her field relied upon for spark ignition, when she was approached by an eager youth during a mission on the Akala Island. Trading away the pokemon she had received at 10 years old (a Wartortle evolved from her starter Squirtle), she acquired Dash in return. Unfortunately she didn’t have much of a choice with her new companion’s nickname as it seemed to be the only thing the Jolteon would respond to. Regardless of name though, having a pokemon quick on its feet and capable of creating a spark was far more valuable to her than the water pokemon would have been. And the kid seemed ecstatic with the trade.
Despite coming from a life of casual battles and the stress-free island sun, Dash has settled seamlessly into the military lifestyle. Already an early riser, he thoroughly enjoys their regular workout sessions, often dragging Blair to participate when her motivation is lacking. Due to his small size and nimble step (and the decline in the industrial use of pyrotechnic fuses), Dash quickly became her most relied upon ‘tool’ at work.

Species: Porygon
Gender: Genderless
PokéBall: Poke Ball
Nickname: Pory’ (Only used when haste demands précis)
Ability: Download
Common Work-Related Moves: Recover, Protect, Teleport
Personality: Do programs have personalities? If Porygon has one, it’s not much of one. Granted, it is obedient to a fault, diligent in its work, and analytical, though all those traits may simply be products of its programming. There is something to be said for its strict loyal only to Blair’s commands though, as it actively ignores all other orders even when they come from her own superiors.
Backstory: Porygon is the newest addition to Blair’s team, entrusted to her only 6 months prior. When a miscalculation in payload resulted in a severe concussion, her first mandatory ‘vacation’, and a trip to the infirmary, her commander insisted she acquire a ‘shielder.’ Shielder was a term many technicians used to refer to their pokemon companions whose sole purpose was to create a barrier or otherwise protect their owner in the event of an unplanned detonation. As Blair prided herself on the accuracy of her calculations and precision in handling her work, it has always been a requirement she had left to Jolteon and Arcanine. But it was an afterthought at best as neither of her pokemon was trained for wide coverage protection and split-second emergencies.
Considering the vitality of their upcoming mission to the Johto region, her command insisted on the exclusivity of her shielder and deciding they couldn’t wait for her to acquire one on her own, saddled her with a reserve shielder. Developed in the late 90’s for cyberspace tracking, many of the technologically obsolete pokemon known as porygon had been relegated to military storage. But despite its modern cyber inefficiencies and its lack of real-world inexperience, it still knew Protect and Teleport and would serve its purpose until she could acquire a suitable replacement.
To Blair’s surprise, she found Porygon had usefulness beyond its generic protection role as well. While Porygon’s cyberspace abilities are limited by technological advances, it still offered Blair the unique ability to get an inside look a lot of electronic systems, an ability that was particularly useful when she found herself behind an explosive firewall in the Akami mission. Knowing she would have a hard time finding a replacement shielder with all these capabilities, she stopped looking and Porygon has been with her ever since. The military doesn’t seem too bothered by the loss of what they deemed an obsolete program.
Name: Lily
Appearance: If the word innocence contained a picture description in the dictionary, it would be Lily. Even at 11 years old, she looks young for her age. Her long, golden hair is twisted into a loose braid along either side, collecting into a full and very curly ponytail high on the back of her head. Her bright blue eyes are soft and doe-like and always seem to be slightly wet, just on the verge of tears. Her outfits always consist of skirts and light, cheerful colors. She has a plush star-shaped charm her brother gave her hanging from her pocket at all times.
Personality: Frankly, Lily is afraid; of pokemon, of other trainers, of the world… pretty much everything, but she generally hides it well. She tends to cling tightly to the star-shaped charm whenever she needs to take her mind off her fears. Lily’s trust is easily earned, but just as easily lost; even the smallest jokes and pranks take a good deal of effort to make up for. Despite all this and her own insecurities to boot, Lily actually has very good instincts and can be insightful at the strangest of times.
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Pokemon: Eevee
Name: Shana Moonchild
Gender: Female
Hometown: Geosenge Town, Kalos
Age: 18
Appearance: Shana's long, jet-black hair is thick, coarse and falls nearly to her naval even in its single, long platt. Like all of the family and friends amongst the tribe, her eyes and skin are dark and rich, giving away her heritage before her lyrical tongue ever has a chance to. Shana had made a valiant attempt to avoid exposing herself as an outsider, but her unfortunate tendency to slip native dialect and terms of endearment into normal conversation certainly don't help her effort.

The only successful strides she has taken to blending into the rest of the world is her attire. Abandoning the native hides and tribal paints she'd grown up with, Shana opted for a new look wearing a dark, modern leather jacket, an overly-relevant 'PokeStar' v-neck shirt, navy blue jeans complete with manufactured rips, and motorcycle boots that have barely been broken in. In all, her appearance would be the perfect poster for a rebellious degenerate...if only her inherently kind nature didn't shine so clearly through the disguise.

Brief Bio: Shana was born and raised in the rural outskirts of Geosenge Town, though the accurate historical name according to her people was Wan-asin...which literally translated to Valley of Stones. This roundabout and overly complicated name correction was a perfect example of what her childhood here had been like...

While the rest of the modern world moved forward a few miles away, life in the small, secluded village where Shana was born had clung adamantly to the past and its long-standing traditions for generations. And Sooleawa, Shana's mother, was at the heart of these beliefs as one of the villages most trusted spiritual leaders...a role Shana was meant to adopt in her own time. Problem was...She showed little interest in that future prospect, or for any of her people's traditions for that matter. Shana was a rebel child, found more often playing with the local townschildren and their pokemon battles rather than studing her scriptures and legends. In hopes of bolstering her young child's interest in her future role, Sooleawa decided to entrust her daughter with a Scratchet. A unique pokemon passed down through their ancestral line, Scratchet, or more prodominately its exceedingly rarer evolved-form, Tomohawk, was a symbol of faith and a divine spirit for their people.

This gesture seemed to remedy the situation, as least for awhile. Shana, who had been hungry for her own pokemon partner, bonded instantly her new charge, yet unaware of its riligious implications. Though Shane still opted play and battle with the 'outsider' townchildren, the experience brought her and her new charge closer, and in doing so, brought Shana closer to her faith, as least in her mother's eyes. Then, after years of half-hearted battles and training, Scratchet evolved and everything changed... The evolution was hailed as a spiritual sign by the villagers, so rare was the sight of a real Tomohawk! Word spread, preperations began, and rituals and rights made ready; a coronation for the great Sooleawa's daughter would soon be underway! But Shana had ears as sure as the rest of her village and the prospect of beimg locked into this role, this restrictive world of stagnant tradition was more than she could bear. By the time the coronation was ready, Shana was no where to be found...

It's been nearly a year since she left home now, and Shana finds herself far afield in the distant region of Sinnoh, still unsure of what her future holds...and whether her choice to leave was the right one or not.

Species: Tomohawk (a CAP Pokémon)
Nickname: Dart
Gender: Male
Ability: Prankster
Description: Tomohawk is bi-pedal gryphon-like pokémon standing around 3 ft tall. The lower half of his body resembles a golden lion with large white hind claws and a feather tipped tail. While his upper body resembles a ceremonial bird costume from the chest up, his wings are surprisingly functional. He has brown plumage covering the majority of his wings, a white fluffy collar, white primary feathers, and a tribal bird hood, from under which his real, golden feline-like head can be seen. His paw-like hands protrude from within the curve of his wings and along his shoulders and back, a hardened area of feathers protects his neck and spine from otherwise fatal attacks from behind.
Personality: Dart is extremely protective of his trainer and prefers to remain outside of his Friend Ball as often as possible to ensure her well-being, draped around her shoulders to literally protect her back with his own. However, due to his unique and often attention-grabbing appearance, this is rarely an option. He shows his frustration in this by immediately trying to intimidate anyone in the surround area when he is released, wings spread and fangs bared.

Name: Midna
Species: Mawile
Gender: Female
Appearance: Midna usually chooses to stand in a way that conceal as much of her menacing jaws as possible, preferring to present an unimposing appearance. Her black ‘bangs’ are constantly tied back behind her head with a braided red string. The most curious feature of this quiet little Mawile though is the Dewott scalchop that dangles from that string, resting against the back of her neck. Midna has worn a dark gray scarf in the past to mask her identity while theiving; it may see a return on guild missions if stealth is necessary.
Personality: Though outwardly guarded and aloof, Midna is keenly interested in the goings on around her, paying attention to the smallest details. She is quick to eavesdrop on conversations before choosing to join them. A skilled liar and practiced actress, she tends to match the energy and presumptions of her conversationalist to gain the illusion of trust. Most see her as cute and innocent, so why not play upon those assumptions to gain information?
Likes: Trying new foods, Quiet music (frequently hums to herself), Sparring
Dislikes: Unnecessarily outbursts or rowdiness, fire-type pokemon, prying conversations about her past, being alone (this one she won’t admit, not even to herself)
Backstory: Midna’s past will likely remained unshared with her guild comrades, at least the full truth of it. But in order to explain a few of her darker tendencies and quirks, here is the truth...
Midna originated from a guild of thieves, where she trained and plundered with her childhood friend and partner, a Dewott named Saizo. Despite the illicit nature of their guild, there was a strong sense of family and loyalty within the group and any would fiercely come to the aid of another at the first sign of trouble. But there had been no sign, no warning, before all of that was taken away.
Midna had been off on a solo mission on that fateful day, a rare occurrence in and of itself. After her missions completion, she was returning to her dojo only to have her steps quickened in fear at the sight of smoke gathering on the horizon. Nothing remained of her home by the time she arrived, only ash, flame and the unsightly scorched remains of many of her guildmates. Saizo was not among them, but he was one of the few missing. So many of their clan mates lay dead... And the discovery of one of Saizo's scalchops left in the ash was hardly a good sign for his well-being. Taking the scalchop in hand and gathering all the clues she could about their attackers, Midna set off in search of the ones that has scorched her home and destroyed her guild. She could only hope she would find Saizo along the way.
Name: Rain
Gender: Female
Pokémon Species: Vaporeon
Faction: Water
Class: Healer
Personality: Patient, quiet and wise, she is the voice of reason among her siblings, though her words are often cryptic and full of contradiction. Though always willing to offer advice and counsel when sought, she is reticent with her own opinions, especially in regards to the war. Though she has no desire for command and rarely weighs in on war councils, when she does deign to speak, it is for good reason and should be taken very seriously.
Relatives: Siblings; Soul (Espeon), Shadow (Eevee), and Shade (Leafeon)
Name: Soul
Gender: Male
Pokémon Species: Espeon
Faction: Water
Class: Leader (Commander?)
Personality: The eldest of his siblings, Soul is the very essence of war and a pillar of strength for his faction. He is known well for ruthlessness in battle, pursuing enemies without compassion. His personality outside of battle is equally unyielding; strict, stubborn and militant. These rumors, as well as his commanding presence, is usually enough to silence a room when he enters.
Relatives: Siblings; Rain (Vaporeon), Shadow (Eevee), and Shade (Leafeon)
Other: Soul had a vertical scar over his left eye
Name: Shadow
Gender: Male
Pokémon Species: Eevee
Faction: Water
Class: Scout
Personality: Shadow is brimming with confidence in himself, his abilities and his purpose... or at least he was. Now that his sister has been banished (see history), though he still does his job as a loyal scout, he is secretly uncertain about his future role in the faction. What if he evolved and was forced to leave too? He has a fondness for night time and darkness.
Brief History: He and his sister, Shade, had been partners for the Water alliance; infiltrating enemy territory on missions together to collect information (his job) and conduct assassinations (Shade's job). When Shade evolved, all that changed. Shunned by their eldest brother, Soul, Shade was forced to leave the Water alliance and Shadow was left without a partner.
Relatives: Siblings; Soul (Espeon), Rain (Vaporeon), and Shade (Leafeon)
Other: Will evolve into Umbreon
Name: Shade
Gender: Female
Pokémon Species: Leafeon
Faction: Grass
Class: Assassin
Personality: Shade has always been the most stoic of her siblings, rarely sharing so much as a smile, much less her opinions. It fit her role as an assassin well enough, but her emotional bond to all but her brother Shadow suffered for it. When she was forced to leave her twin and faction, she withdrew into herself. Living solely for the job, she is quiet, unassuming and keenly observant when not on a mission. The only notable quirk is her love of quiet morning and song (using the more Grass Whistle).
Brief History: Shade was a member of the Water alliance before she evolved, infiltrating enemy territory on missions with her twin brother, Shadow. When she evolved, her brother Soul, showed no mercy, forcing her from the faction. She sought out the Grass faction instead, who were happy to accept a trained assassin...once she'd proved her worth.
Relatives: Siblings; Soul (Espeon), Rain (Vaporeon), and Shadow (Eevee)

Other Roleplay Characters:
Name: Kovu
Gender: Male
Species: Lion
Age: 2 ½ years (Approximately 16 yrs in human terms of maturaity)
Universe: The Lion King
Schooling: Home Schooling
Appearance: Kovu bears a strong resemblance to his adoptive father Scar, despite having no blood relation. His fur is primarily a sleek auburn color with a dark cream coloration to his paws, muzzle and underbelly. Kovu shows his age in bulk with a very muscular build despite his young age, a product of his mother’s constant training. His mane hasn’t quite grown in yet; a sore subject for the young lion as his siblings always taunt him about it. To be fair, it looks a curious sight; his dark, rich brown fur growing from between his shoulder blade to the top of his head in a wide and fluffy mohawk. Patches of the same ‘mane’ color have begun to grow at his upper chest and in tuffs behind his front legs. Kovu has darker shades around his eyes like many of the outlanders, but his bright emerald green eyes are curiously unshared by any member of his family, further proof of his adoption into the group.
Personality: Kovu is aggressive, arrogant and often cruel. Being pushed so hard toward perfection by his mother, he expects no less from everyone else around him. He is often condescending to anyone that can’t measure up to his expectations and often resorts to physical violence to resolve conflicts, to start conflicts, for evaluating the potential of new friends, or just to pass idle time… Sparring is his go-to pastime. Despite these rather forward traits, Kovu is learning to become a skilled liar as well and enjoys putting that into practice as often as his claws. He can feign patience and charm if need be.
Parents: Zira (Mother), Scar (Adoptive Father)
Powers (If any): N/A
Other: It has been nearly 2 years since Kovu’s incident with that pridelander cub, Kiara, and with all the training and conditioning he has been through since, he has nearly put her from his mind completely. Her father on the other hand, Simba, and his eventual assassination are a constant subject of his development.
Name: Shana Yu
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 17
Universe: Mulan
Schooling: Homeschool
Appearance: Shana shares very little of her father’s bulky appearance; only his pale grayish skin-tone, his flowing black hair and his piercing yellow eyes were passed on to her thankfully. While she may be more on the muscular than her other schoolmates, she is still lean by Hun standards despite being exceptionally fit. Shana’s garb is gathered mostly from Hun designs; black boots, thick ash –colored obi sash, gray trousers, and black and cream fur lined tunic complete with hood match those worn by her father. Shana is nearly always carrying her Bo staff, her personal weapon and one she has trained with since childhood. She is frequently seen with Hayabusa, her father’s trusty falcon, through which they send messaged to each other.
Due to the heat of the island environment, it is likely Shana will forgo her usual fur-lined cold-weather attire completely in favor of a simple sarashi wrap for her chest and light weight fitness shorts..and she’ll still probably be sweating like mad.
Personality: Shana is far less villainous in personality than her father, those she is still capable of all of his cruelest traits if pushes into them. She is highly ambitious, stubborn, fearless, and more than a little overconfident. But while all this can be abrasive, she is willing and eager to teach and instruct as she is to show off. And though she might initially laugh when someone falls, she’ll still be there afterwards to give them a hand up… and poke fun at them for it for hours after.
Parents: Shan Yu (Father), (Mother Unknown)
Powers (If any): Superhuman Strength / Endurance (Minor - Same as her father)
Weapons: Bo Staff, made of hardened white tiger wood.​
Name: Sakura Kitsune (Usually goes by ‘Kit’)
Gender: Female
Fairy Tale Story/Parents: The Japanese Kitsune / Kuzunoha
Alignment: Neutral
Personality: True to her vixen ancestry, Kit is roguish and playful, with more stored energy than a wound spring. She delights in pranks and telling lies, which she pulls far too frequently to earn her loyal friendships. But considering her loyalty is a fickle one anyway, perhaps it’s for the best. Those that do stick around she tends to test, cajoling them adroitly into random tasks for mere amusement. Her parents and her eventual guardian role are a bit of a sore spot for Kit and it tends to bring about a rare gloom in her. All mature Kitsune’s are expected to guard their respective temple or shrines in solidarity; and while her tricks might discourage direct connections to other people, the prospect of a life with no one to entertain her is a grim one.
Appearance: In her human form, Kit is fairly tall at 5’06” with a ‘typically Asian’ build; tiny shoulders and waist, long legs and subtle curves. Her face is rounder, with folded eyes of bright green, high cheek bones, full lips and a strong chin. In fact her hair is the only thing not typically Asian in appearance; flaming ginger red, Kit wears her hair in a loose, messy side ponytail that falls over one shoulder, with parted bangs curtaining her face. She wears sandals, jeans and a dark blue kimono style top complete with a black obi, the sleeves and hem of which are dusted with cherry blossoms. While her identity might require her to hide it in the real world, here at school she lets her tell-tale fox tail wave behind her unobstructed. In her Kitsune form, Kit appears as a long-limbed red fox, with fur the same color as her human form hair, with a white underbelly and black limbs and tail tip. The only discernible difference between her and her wild vulpes counter-parts is her slightly larger size; she had not yet reached the age or wisdom required to obtain any additional tails.
Name: Mele Maui
Gender: Female
Fairy Tale Story/Parents: Moana / Maui
Alignment: Hero
Personality: Mele is as rebellious and head strong as her father before her. Enthralled by any challenge no matter how irrelevant, her adventurous nature usually leaves her with injury but satisfied nonetheless. Though she doesn’t seek adoration on the same scale as her father once did, she does enjoy a good crowd and shines with confidence in a spotlight role. Her warm, outgoing personality and tendency to involve herself in any situation means she knows just about everyone and loves ‘collecting’ new friends.
Appearance: Mele looks like a wild-woman straight from the islands, with Tahitian style tattoos over much of her dark tan skin and a tangle of thick, brown hair. She is muscular, more so than might typically be attractive, but she wears it well and does very little to hide it. Most at home in island attire or swimwear, her skimpier choice of outfits at school usually has her on the receiving end of a teacher’s lecture. When she does comply with the uniform requirements, an off-white tank top and shorts is the best you can expect. And forget shoes; she never bothers with them. Occasionally she’ll add a plumeria flower to her hair if she really feels like being a tease. What she never goes without however is her waist tied half-sarong and kept tied firmly in its knot is her own ornately-carved magical fishhook. Though considerably smaller than her father’s original artifact at only about 14in long, it bestows the same shape-shifting abilities.
Name: Hoshi Takeda
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Talent: Linguist
Appearance: Hoshi is rather unremarkable in form. Too much time spent indoors has left her skin pallid, her hair a bit dull and her expression habitually detached. Her dark, green eyes always seem slightly out of focus, as if her mind is constantly doing two things at once. Her shoulder length auburn hair is pulled up into a half ponytail, the rest is left to hang freely. Though her undershirt and jean color change from day to day, Hoshi can always be found wearing her green and white split color jacket with earphones dangling from her ears.
Personality: Language connects the world, but all it has managed to do for Hoshi is disconnect her from a personal life. Her talent and obsession with linguistics has left her introverted, aloof and socially awkward. Because of her lack of experience with friendships and relationships, Hoshi can often seem a little dense and overly innocent despite her intelligence, as the social niceties of white lies and small talk simply elude her.
Despite the natural distance between herself and others that these awkward encounters cause, Hoshi can be incredibly insightful, seeing patterns in the otherwise ordinary, and because of this astute attention to detail, she can often tell when someone is lying through key facial tics and changes of tone. But she has learned that sharing these insights earns her more enemies than friends and so she is prone to keeping these observations and suspicions to herself.
Bio: Hoshi is a prodigy in terms of language, and her talent became apparent very early in life. Her mother being Irish/ American and her father Japanese, Hoshi grew up in a three language household and by the early age of 3, she was fluent enough to consider all three her primary language. By 6 years old, she’d picked up three more and by the time she entered middle school she had by passed her private tutors extensive knowledge with a total of 10 languages learned. The exact of languages she has learned since is unknown as she rarely lists them all without getting side-tracked but it certainly exceeds 15. Some of her other school subjects suffered a bit, but her parents conceded that history and science were a bit inconsequential in light of her other abilities.
Hoshi’s unique talents attracted some unexpected publicity toward the end of her middle school days. Her placement in a couple nationwide cryptography and linguistic competitions had earned her a decent local reputation on it's own, but her moderate fame turned swiftly to infamy and concern once it was discovered that she’d decrypted and broken into the public education mainframe. Not in an attempt to change any grades mind you. No, all she'd tried to do was modify her class schedule the following year to accomodate a couple extra advanced language courses...at the local college.
Other: Her unending study dominates her existence as she spends every waking minute listening to audio files of languages she had yet to learn or studying books and old scripts detailing dead languages and code.
Name: Iara (Pronounced Ee-ar-ah)
Species: Zora
Title: Princess (Daughter of King Zora)
Appearance: Iara has the more shark-like appearance of the Zoras from BOTW, with her primary colors being pale gold with a cream white underbelly. A Few tiny, glowing blue markings litter either side of her head fin, arm fins and hips, their hue matching the color of her eyes. While she wears the traditional drapings and silver headdress of her people, Iara has also taken to wearing the silver-plated chest armor she had once intended for her future husband. With Hyrule facing unknown dangers and her domain unreachable, it is unlikely she’ll be able to focus on romance any time soon anyway. She has also taken to wearing fishnets around her hips and around the center portion of her head fin to break up her gold coloring for better camouflage.
Personality: Iara is still quite young mentally and shows it in her naive nature. While the times have taught her to be initially suspicious, once she gets even the slightest reassurance that others are not supporters of Ganondorf, her walls fall and her interest comes out in full, bubbly measure. She has tendency to elope on random adventures to sate her curiosity, a habit that inevitably saved her as she was not in the Zora Domain at the moment of it’s downfall.
Name: Saizo Kirigakure
Species: Sheikah
Title: Master Shinobi
Appearance: Saizo has an athletic build, standing at a lithe 5’9” and 170 pounds, with long-layered silver hair that might just brush his shoulders if it ever lay flat. His eyes are crimson like many sheikahs, but his are slightly darker and said to resemble the color of dried blood, perhaps due to the ruthless, cold expression he always wears. He wears a dark blue sleeveless ninja-garb with a gray, cloth belt and black tabi boots. Over his left shoulder, Saizo wears an armored black shoulder pad with a rigid half-neck corset for protection, the ghosted image of the shiekah symbol on it only visible in the right light. Strapped to his forearms, he wears armored wrist guards made of the same rigid material. While most of his innumerable knives and kunai are hidden about his person, strapped at the small of his back is his primary weapon; a 20in wakizashi short blade. Another constant though seldom seen item Saizo has on him is a white and red fox mask. Worn only during covert missions to conceal his face, it is otherwise kept tucked in the folds of his tunic.
House: Slytherin
Name: Lilith Sterling
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Appearance: Lilith has long, board-straight black hair that that reaches nearly to her ankles when unrestrained. Because of this and the awkwardness it would otherwise cause, she wears it in a thick fishtail braid and wraps the length around her neck like a scarf. Her eyes are a light greyish-blue and she a curious burn scar peeks out at the neck of her robes stretching up to her left ear (another reason for her scarf-like hairstyle). A single curved metallic dragon’s claw hangs on a silver chain around her neck.
Personality: Lilith is stubborn, headstrong and ambitious; the last quality likely what earn her her spot in Slytherin. With a childhood of frequent upheavals, she has learned to be outgoing and quick in making friends, but as her previous friendships were short lived due to travel, she rarely gets truly attached. Lilith loves anything athletic and will take any opportunity to test her capabilities even at the cost of injury. Body weight training and yoga are hobbies born of her isolated youth and still remain her favorite pass-times.
Skills: Her athleticism and quick-reaction instincts are probably her most prominent skills, but she will discover a Potion’s aptitude to rival both as her years at Hogwart’s progress.
Blood Status: Pure Blood
Backstory: Lilith has had little experience with wizard society despite having a pure blood status to her name and that is largely due to her parent’s choice of occupation. Both Melissa and Adam Sterling were Magical Creature Zoologists, and their work carried them regularly into wild and unpopulated regions, their young daughter in tow.
Now Lilith’s childhood wasn’t nearly as exciting as this simple synopsis made it sound, however. More often than not she was confined to their tent or the camp if she was lucky and never allowed to wander beyond the safety spells her parents had put in place. Her only actual encounter with a dragon had not been a pleasant one. At the age of 7, while in the foothills of Sweden, her father had decided to bring ‘his work’ home. There had technically been plenty of room for the dragon egg he’d ‘procured’ in the rented farmhouse and observing a hatchling was sure to offer new insight on the otherwise secretive species, but they underestimated their daughter’s curiosity and ingenuity. Skirting around the defensive shielding over the barn’s entryway by crawling through a broken side board, Lilith came face to face with a fiery little hatchling half her size. The flame had been enough to turn half her hair to ash and leave a sizable burn down her neck and left shoulder. The burn was healed quickly enough and her hair eventually grew back, but the scar and her respect for dragons never faded.
As she got a little older, Lilith was allowed more leniency on her parents journeys, allowing her close enough to observe and even touch the heavily stunned and otherwise ‘safe’ specimens. Actually they had been in the uncharted, forest depth of the Ukraine, studying the breeding season of the Ukrainian Ironbelly (Lilith allowed to observe from afar), when the (exhausted) owl delivering Lilith’s letter arrived. Her parents travelled with her back to London to prepare and saw her on to the train before returning to their studies in the field. Visiting over the Christmas holiday’s wouldn’t be an option…
Other: Stupefy! is the only spell Lilith knew before arriving, a precaution taken by her parents for all the times she was left alone

Pet: Northern Hawk Owl
Name: Talon
Gender: Female
Appearance: At nearly 17in. long, she is pretty much as large as she will ever be. Otherwise she had the typical appearance of her species; brown, white and hawk-like.
Personality: Talon is stoic, not involving herself in anything unless required. While she is loyal to Lilith, even she rarely gets any show of affection from the bird.
Backstory: Talon was bought by Lilith’s parents for her 9th birthday during on of their research studies in the Ukraine. It served as a means of communication between her and her parents if they were far from camp.
Other: Talon prefers to roost in the grounds trees instead of in the owlery
House: (Formerly of) Ravenclaw
Name: Professor Jareth Zemeness
Casual Name: Prof. Zemeness or Prof. Z
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Appearance: Prof. Zemeness is getting older (too old in his opinion) but she still doesn’t look a day over 24; a fact largely due to his complete lack of indulgences (no smoking, alcohol, sweets, or processed foods). He is a bit short at only 5’8” with a wiry build, pale skin, dark chestnut eyes, and a heart-shaped face. His pale golden hair is kept in a high pony tail with bangs left loose to curtain his face. Though he wears a traditional black and dark goldenrod set of robes, Prof. Zemeness has opted for more modern attire underneath; a white button-down shirt and black slacks.
Personality: Prof. Zelenius is a person of great integrity, valuing fairness and good character over blood status or skill. His quiet demeanor and serene movement affords him an air of mystery, a trait exasperated by his crepuscular tendencies (most energetic at dusk and dawn). He is well-spoken, keenly observant and exceedingly patient, wearing a soft smile almost all of the time. Despite his young age, he gives off an air of wisdom and carries himself with certainty. It takes a great deal of effort to truly vex him, but once that line is crossed, he becomes eternally cold and unyielding to that individual. The staff members are privy to a rarer, less strictly profession side of Jareth; the side that adores nature and birds, that delights in teasing his colleagues about their eccentricities, and the side that has seen the darkest side of his subject first hand.
Skills: Registered Animagus (Animal: Eastern Barn Owl); Though he is skilled in all Defense Against the Dark Arts (obviously), he specializes in Dark Creatures, particularly Lethifolds
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Backstory: Jareth attended Hogwarts in the ‘recovery’ years that followed Voldemort’s second coming and his downfall. He had been too young to have any lingering memories of that time period, but he could easily recall the slow transition to peace that followed. Even the seasoned teachers that had been at Hogwarts during the battle remained on edge for years to come, as the lingering deatheaters were rounded up and dealt with. The Defense Against the Dark Arts curriculum came under particular scrutiny and any with an aptitude for or interest in the dark arts even more so. Jareth had been one of those; his fascination with acromantula, vampires and other dark creatures readily questioned by his mentors and peers.
Once his school years had passed and his interest in the subject remained unsated, he took it upon himself to study abroad. Knowing he wanted to focus on vampires and night dwellers, many of whom were known to prey upon humans, he had taken it upon herself to learn an animagus form (a task particularly difficult for him considering transfiguration had always been one of his worse subjects). Though he had hoped his final form would be some species of bat, which would have made infiltrating vampyric society a cinch, he was at least grateful him final form, an owl, was nocturnal by nature. Random wizards trying to coax him into delivery letters for him in the animagus form was a bit vexing though…
The primary focus of his study became lethifolds, a topic that had not been greatly explored by the scientific community. The keen night-sight of his animal form allowed Jareth the unique opportunity to witness the creatures grisly acts and go on to write the most thorough reports and papers on the beast. Though the knowledge came a the cost of having to watch as it hunted and devoured its human victims. At the time, he wrote it off as nature. Non-interference to maintain balance was the practice of all wildlife researchers, so why should this be any different? But now, the lives of those lost, those he could have saved, still haunt him.
When he finally recognized that the death toll began to take it’s toll on his sense of morality, he intentionally distanced himself from the study, returning to London to concentrate on the academic side of his work. When the Defense Against the Dark Arts position came open, he took it as an opportunity to return to his roots, hoping to bury the dark memories abroad in the classroom where his passion had begun so long ago.
Other: Much like Dementors, Expecto Patronum is the only spell effective against lethifolds
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Personal RP rules
I like lit and semi-lit RP's. My average post length is about twenty lines, with my most being about sixty.
I don't have much free time, so I won't join RP's unless I end up with a decent amount of it. Exceptions do happen.
If I happen to open an RP, expect it to move very slowly, due to the above reason.
No OP characters, no god mode, and don't control/kill my character. If we battle, please follow proper RP battle protocol.

~Trainer Profile~
Name: J, for short. (She won't tell me her full name...)
Gender: Female
Height: 6 ft
Weight/Build: 210 lbs, fit and densely built, thanks to a life of electrician work and manual labor.
Hair: Teal, scruffy, above shoulder length undercut. (You know, half of the head shaved. : P )
Eyes: Brown
Orientation: Lesbian
Clothing: Tight teal midriff tank top, green cargo capris, red flannel shirt wrapped around her waist and a comfy pair of black flip-flops
Accessories: Glasses, two piercings on the top of each ear, an industrial piercing in her right ear and a tongue piercing. (She has more, but you can't see them ; D )
Identifying Marks: Deep scar on the right side of her head (ambushed by a Swellow), tribal tattoo sleeve with flowers on her left arm
Personality: Introverted around new people, extroverted around friends. Can be a bit brash, but take the time to get to know her and you'll see it's just social anxiety. Has mild short term memory loss, gestures with her hands often and can be a bit spacey. Likes one-upping others on insults and threats.

Cares deeply about her friends, even if it doesn't seem like it. Is a bit touch-starved and loves to cuddle. She considers you a friend if she shares food with you or tries to lay on you. Becomes rather flustered around women she's attracted to, especially if the other woman is very forward/out-going.
Hobbies: Reading, sleeping, eating
Past (will be updated): Work in progress
Immediate family:
Mother, father, one older sister, one younger brother.
Relationships: None, currently. Why? Know a girl?
Team info (levels/movesets depend on RP)
(personality details coming soon)

Name: Willow
Species: Nidoqueen (F)
Nature: Lax
Ability: Poison Point
Moveset: Earth Power, Poison Jab, Aerial Ace, Avalanche
Species: Sneasel (F)
Nature: Rash
Ability: Keen eye
Moveset: Metal Claw, Feint Attack, Icy Wind, X-Scissor
Species: Liepard (F)
Nature: Modest
Ability: Limber
Moveset: Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Slash, Shadow Claw
Species: Scolipede (F)
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Poison Point
Moveset: Poison Tail, Steamroller, Rock Tomb, Smart Strike
Species: Lycanroc (Midnight) (F)
Nature: Careful
Ability: Vital Spirit
Moveset: Accelorock, Bite, Scary Face, Counter
Species: Salandit (F)
Nature: Timid
Ability: Corrosion
Moveset: Flame burst, Venoshock, Leech Life, Double Slap

~Pokemon Mystery Dungeon team or RP'ing as a Pokemon and no trainer~
Willow the Nidoqueen
"God, I'm hungry. Hey, wanna grab a quick bite?"​
Character Age: 30
Species: Nidoqueen
Gender: Female
Orientation: Lesbian
Known Moves: Earth Power, Poison Jab, Aerial Ace, Avalanche

Appearance: Stands a touch taller than the average Nidoqueen, but just as beefy. Several scars litter her body and she wears a teal bandana on her head with a whole in the top for her horn.

Personality: Introverted around new people, extroverted around friends. Can be a bit brash, but take the time to get to know her and you'll see it's just social anxiety. Has mild short term memory loss, gestures with her claws/paws often and can be a bit spacey. Likes one-upping others on insults and threats. Tends to be reckless and has been caught often not thinking her actions through. She's very protective of her girlfriend and tries to be the 'knight', keeping her safe from harm, even though she doesn't need it.

Cares deeply about her friends, even if it doesn't seem like it. Is a bit touch-starved and loves to cuddle. She considers you a friend if she shares food with you or tries to lay on you. Becomes rather flustered around women she's attracted to, especially if the other woman is very forward/out-going, regardless of if she's with someone.

Is prone to panic attacks if she can't find a quiet spot to cool down in. Rather clingy, you'll rarely find her more than a few feet away from Lexi if she can help it.
Lexi the Midnight Lycanroc
"I mean, I guess it's fine. But you know we got food at home, right?"​
Character Age: 34
Species: Midnight Lycanroc
Gender: Female
Orientation: Lesbian
Known Moves: Accelorock, Bite, Scary Face, Counter

Appearance: A bit beefier than the average Mid. Lycanroc. Wears a teal bandana on her right arm.

Personality: Level-headed and cautious, Lexi keeps an eye out for everyone. She rarely raises her voice and doesn't ever seem to be in a rush. She's sort of the romantic type and dotes on her girlfriend, but isn't afraid to put her in her place if necessary.

Tends to keep most at arm's length and doesn't make friends very easily. Implicitly trusts Willow's judgement, but knows that anything can happen. Lexi is the only one that really knows how Willow works and does her best to keep an eye on her, hoping to keep her from having another panic attack.
Team Name: Sapphic
"Always happy to help!"​
Attitude: Team Sapphic's members are typically active when it comes to accepting missions, but they rarely ever go on solo missions if they can help it.

Strategy/Style: Willow is the frontline tank, taking and dealing the majority of the damage, while Lexi prefers to be support.

Equipment: Willow has one traveler's pack, capable of holding twelve items. Lexi has two, capable of holding twenty four items. They each own a cell phone, taking up one spot in their bag. They each carry at any time three oran berries, three reviver seeds, one max elixir, one big apple, a sleep seed, and an escape orb. Lexi carries an extra three oran berries and four heal seeds. (Willow's bag 11/12. Lexi's bag 18/24)

Off the clock: Never apart. You can catch them either at their home, any of the local hiking trails or the nearby cafe.

Lexi the Sneasel/Weavile
(depends on RP)​
Character Age:
Gender: Female
Orientation: Lesbian
Known Moves: Quick Attack, Feint Attack, Icy Wind, Agility
Feint Attack, Metal Claw, Ice Shard, Poison Jab

Appearance: Several ear and facial piercings
Personality: Quiet, introverted, won't suffer fools. She prefers to keep to herself when she has no one familiar around; Latches onto her friends when they're around. Has been called 'paranoid' before, as she tends to keep an eye on those around her, simply because she doesn't feel comfortable around strangers, especially males. She will, however, not allow you to mess with her and wouldn't hesitate to put someone in their place.

When she's around friends, she's far more talkative. Around her girlfriend, she's energetic and loving.
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Name: Erik
Gender: Male
Hometown: Slateport City
Age: 14
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 134 lbs.
Hair: Dark brown, messy and unkempt, goes down to his neck at the back but has bangs at the front
Eyes: Hazel
Clothing: Dark blue long sleeve shirt, black pants, brown leather boots
Identifying Marks: None
Musculature: Average. Not too skinny or fat, but not muscular either.
Personality: Quick-tempered, sarcastic, a bit of a bookworm, but cares deeply for those he's close to.
Skills: When calm, he's a quick thinker. He's also rather swift on his feet.
Past: He lived essentially an average life, but he didn't get his first Pokémon until he turned 14. This is because he wanted to wait for something his father had arranged, and it took a long time, but eventually he pulled through: one of each Hoenn starter. A Mudkip, A Treecko, and a Torchic. His parents care for their child, and they want him to grow up to be respectable, so his father thought of this as a way to teach him responsibility, while also giving him some companionship. He was never very social around other kids.
Family: The only ones close to him are his mother and his father. Distant family don't contact them much, and he was an only child.
Love Relationships?: None, and he doesn't think he'll find anyone.

Species: Mudkip
Nickname: Kips
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Special Features: None
History: Not much to speak of. He was merely caught one day by Erik's father and passed down to Erik himself. He wasn't very satisfied with life out in the wild, though, so he had high hopes that Erik could turn his life around.
Personality: Optimistic and protective of his friends and teammates.

Species: Torchic
Nickname: Flara
Gender: Female
Ability: Blaze
Special Features: None
History: Similar to Kips, except she wasn't very willing to be caught. Even after being passed down to Erik, she didn't trust her new trainer one bit.
Personality: Takes things how they are, Not easy to reason with, Easy to irritate.

Species: Treecko
Nickname: Snapper
Gender: Male
Ability: Overgrow
Special Features: None
History: Similar to the other two, except he's merely skeptical of his new trainer. He saw the potential, but at the same time he didn't know if Erik was the one he truly needed to become the greatest.
Personality: Quick to jump to conclusions and rather cunning, but doesn't have much in the way of confidence.
Name: Piper Yandellus - Prefers being called by her nickname, Pyro. Is it based off of dinosaurs or fire? The world may never know.
Gender: Female
Hometown: Lumiose City, Kalos
Current Home: Within the depths of Laverre city
Age: 15 - Hardly knows how to drive, and acts a lot older than she really is. Despite this, don't expect her to adult very well.
Height: 5' 1'' - Lacking in height for her age, and very self-conscious about it.
Weight: 109 lbs. - Just about matches her height difference with other people her age.
Hair: Thick, curled long hair, making it quite the annoying ordeal to brush. Because of this, her hair is often either incredibly messy or held up in a ponytail/sloppy bun. She was never too worried about the condition of her hair, letting it grow out with split ends all over the place. Pyro never bothered to get the moss-green ombre out, fading down from her deep brown roots, as she had it dyed at an earlier age when she thought it was cool and figured it wasn't worth her time to remove it.
Eyes: A light hazel with more green than brown, but just enough that no one would find it unnatural. It's fortunate for her too, since she hates too much attention.
Clothing: A simple long-sleeved shirt with a hazelnut coloring that matches her hair, a design of a hissing seviper in its front center. It's apparent that it's been battered and torn, most of the damage covered by a slightly paler brown sleeveless vest, with buttonholes on one side but only one intact button on the other. The same color scheme is used for the rest of her clothing - a pair of tiny shorts going over skin-tight plain leggings, and finally a pair of small calf-high boots with no apparent zipper. Finally, a hip-high cape with markings matching those of her serperior hangs down from her back, connected with a pendant around her neck. Pyro keeps a black hair tie or two on her dominant (right) wrist at all times.
Identifying Marks: Three scratches with the same proportions on her left wrist, which don't seem to ever fade into scars, it always looks like they're fresh wounds. Besides that, she has a few hardly-visible freckles going up her nose, just a shade away from her pale white skin.
Musculature: Quite in shape from running around the woods and getting her hands dirty all the time, a thin structure towards her waist, getting a bit broader towards her shoulders.
Personality: Isolated, determined, and not interested in what you have to say. Having spent a good deal of her life secluded from anyone but what pokemon she finds in the woods, she's become rather impatient with the world, dead-set on any goal she finds, and unimpressed with the fact that most people can't run across the thin limbs of trees like a monferno looking for food. When she does a favor she doesn't usually expect one in return, and most of the time she claims her opinion to be right. Luckily she doesn't throw a fit about it when someone doubts such opinions or beliefs, she simply stays silent and pretends not to loathe your soul. Pokemon have become her life and she doesn't often catch them besides the current team she has - in fact, the pokemon she does have spend most of their time outside of their pokeballs - but instead studies them to their fullest and records everything she could possibly find out in her ongoing journals.
Inventory: Carries a side-strap satchel at all times. It contains her six pokeballs and an extra masterball when needed, a recently made version of Pokegear with a far more intricate design, her old Pokedex and pokemon note journal, a flask and small matchbox, and always a few treats for her pokemon stuffed away in the bottom.
Skills: You'll often find her bragging about her biggest skill of survival. She somehow always seems to know her terminology, types of plants and pokemon, and her way out of any sticky situation that has to do with the natural environment. Her directional skills are tip-top, though she'll get lost easily in a crowded city with no landmarks but large buildings.
Past: Born in a big central city that had become quite the tourist attraction, she never found in interest in other humans or what they had to offer. Every time her parents would take her to visit her aunt's out near the woods, she'd run off into the forest to climb trees and dig in the mud, not just being in awe of nature, but absolutely wallowing in it - quite literally, she was given three baths a day and still ended up dirty by the time she went to bed. At the age of eight, she wandered a bit too far into the woods and couldn't find her way back, instead following around a venipede who was too beaten up by larger pokemon to hold its normal aggression. This little bug grew into her prized Scolipede later on, as the two basically raised each other since that fateful day. She no longer knows where her parents are or if they are even still alive... and honestly doesn't care all that much.
Family: She was an only child in a small family - parents that got along fairly well and had never had major relationship issues, an aunt on one side and an uncle on the other, and she hadn't witnessed or even remembered the deaths of either of their spouses. All in all, she was a pretty lucky child. She still doesn't miss her small little family and the cozy dinner parties they used to have, but despite this, she won't mind telling you their names or some details about them. If Pyro is sad about not being able to retrace her steps and find them, she's doing quite a good job masking it.
Love Relationships?: "Ew, gross, people are gross. That's gross. Stop asking me gross questions." - Pyro.
Name: Gidget
Species: Scolipede, the Megapede Pokemon
Gender: Male
Ability: Poison Point
Hidden Ability: Speed Boost
Held Item: Soothe Bell
History/Personality: Not quite easy-going, but he isn't nearly as uptight or adventurous as any of the other pokemon. Gidget has been down to earth ever since evolving into a Scolipede, often scolding his own lack of self-control back when he was a Venipede. He made friends with Pyro and refused to leave her side for the rest of his life.

Name: Ebony
Species: Noivern, the Sound Wave Pokemon
Gender: Male
Ability: Infiltrator
Hidden Ability: Telepathy
Held Item: Berry Pouch
History/Personality: Outgoing and energetic, Ebony is always one looking to play a game or maybe just look at some bugs. He's curious and bubbly, meeting Pyro as a Noibat with the same cheery personality. He mainly stuck around in his basic form because she had berries on her at all times.

Name: Allure
Species: Delphox, the Fox Pokemon
Gender: Female
Ability: Blaze
Hidden Ability: Magician
Held Item: Elixir
History/Personality: Allure actually met the group at her final evolution. She's like that cool mom to the rest of the team, filling a void that their trainer didn't quite meet. She's fascinated and talented in the art of magic and was caught by Pyro while distracted by a display of fireworks coming from a mountainside.

Name: Animus
Species: Serperior, the Regal Pokemon
Gender: Male
Ability: Overgrow
Hidden Ability: Contrary
Held Item: Dragon Scale (Just for show)
History/Personality: His pride matches that of any other seperior, his pompous eyes always glaring down and his chin held high. Animus hardly is able to keep his ego in check and was captured by force as a servine in the first place because he refused to accept that a Pokeball would fit his fine tastes. He probably wouldn't be fun to have at a dinner party.

Name: Tumbleweed
Species: Flygon, the Mystic Pokemon
Gender: Female
Ability: Levitate
Hidden Ability: N/A
Held Item: Blue Scarf
History/Personality: She was found and cared for by Pyro, fully evolved but still managed to be beaten down by bigger pokemon, sometimes even smaller. It was found that this shy and jumpy Flygon had a lot less fight in her than others did. When she was given her Blue Scarf to make her feel better, she never let it leave her sight.

Name: Little Pip
Species: Furret (Shiny), the Long Body Pokemon
Gender: Male
Ability: Keen Eye
Hidden Ability: Frisk
Held Item: Devon Goods
History/Personality: The naughty rascal will take anything shiny and hide it in the nooks and crannies of the closest hollow space, usually a hole in a tree or a burrow he made himself. He sticks by Pyro because she was able to not only tolerate him, but outsmart his tricks, allowing himself to be one of her pokemon after they had been together for a while. He acts like her right-hand man, sitting on her shoulder as a cute, fluffy pink watchdog at all times.
Name: Anthos
Gender: Male
Hometown: New Bark Town
Age: 19
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 175bs
Hair: Black and poofy
Eyes: Dark Brown

Clothing: Usually wears jeans and a black T-shirt with some sort of jacket over it.
Identifying Marks: Other than his facial hair Anthos can usually be recognized by the bags under his eye's and a scar on his right eyebrow.
Musculature: On account of all the physical activity being a trainer requires, Anthos has a somewhat athletic build. His lean muscles give him the appearance of a physically fit trainer despite his unhealthy eating habits. Hitmonlee and Typhlosion make sure that Anthos stays in shape.

Anthos is laid back most of the time and very patient. It's a rare sight to see him angry but it's a sight that no one wants to see unless they want a good fight. Because of his laid back nature bonding with Pokemon and people comes naturally to Anthos. He's very trusting but also a good judge of character. If you find a friend in Anthos then you've found a friend for life.
Skills: Drawing, Swimming, Rock Climbing, Survival.


Ever since he could remember Anthos wanted to be a great Pokemon trainer like Lance of the elite four. Besides the fancy clothes Lance was a powerful dragon tamer and being an elite four member made Anthos want to challange him even more.
His first Pokemon was Cyndaquil and the two got along very well in no time. Together they traveled Johto taking the gym challenge. With the help of several friends and other Pokemon in his team Anthos successfully made his way through all eight Gym Leaders. The next stop was the Johto Pokemon League. Anthos and his team gave it all he got. It was the single toughest challange in his entire life yet he came out victorious and got to shake hand with his childhood hero, Lance, after defeating him in battle.
Now Anthos plans to travel beyond Johto and possibly challenge other Pokemon Leagues. One thing is for sure. Anthos plans on Meeting and befriending many new Pokemon and battle Gym Leaders. He's even considered becoming one himself.
Family: Father and a sister in New Bark Town. His sister is just starting out her Pokemon adventure.
Love Relationships?: None at the moment.
Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

Gender: Male
Ability: Flash Fire
Special Features/Traits: none
Personality: Competitive, Loyal, Protective

Gender: Male
Ability: Inner Focus
Special Features/Traits: Extremely graceful, and fast, flyer
Personality: Kind, Laid back, Love's attention

Gender: Male
Ability: Limer
Special Features/Traits: Faster than most of his species

Personality: Calm, Aggressive, Jokster

Gender: Female
Ability: Volt Absorb
Special Features/Traits: Has high physical endurance, knows how to take a big hit.

Personality: Mischievous, Resourceful, Rebellious

Gender: Female
Ability: Synchronize
Special Features/Traits: Good at tracking
Personality: Calm, Lazy, Protective

Gender: Male
Ability: Sand Stream
Special Features/Traits: none

Personality: Aggressive, Protective, Loves food


Previously AceAltaria
Name: Alexis "Alex" Rawkins
Gender: Female
Hometown: Littleroot Town, Hoenn
Age: 18
Height: roughly 5'4" , lean and fit build
Hair: light brown and silky with lighter highlights, mid-arm length
Eyes: forest green
Clothing: dark blue t-shirt, black leather jacket, jeans, lots of bracelets, black shoes
Identifying Marks: she has light freckles on her face, and she'll often wear an excessive amount of bracelets on her left arm
Musculature: it's safe to say that she's fit enough to be a healthy trainer, and has an overall lean build


Personality: Alexis is typically laid-back and tries not to involve herself in much of anything, unless she's particularly interested.. She's easy-going and likes relaxing. Her time can also be spent socializing, as she does this to keep from being bored to death. She's usually awkward at starting conversations. She gets work done fast, when she feels like doing it. Anne tries to be friendly and humorous, but ultimately ends up making a fool of herself.
Skills: drawing and battling
Past: It's been her dream to become champion of Hoenn ever since her sister in Sinnoh achieved that. At a later age than most, Alexis began her Pokemon journey after persuading the professor to give her her very own starter Pokemon. Her choice was a Treecko, in which she nicknamed Blade. At first, the two got off to a rough start--little disagreements here and there. Blade seemed uninterested. Alexis began doubting herself before she got advice from her mother, who'd been a bit of a trainer when she was younger. The advice turned out to be reliable, and Blade and Alexis grew closer quickly.

From there, she proceeded to catch and train her very own Pokemon team. The second member she had decided to keep was a Feebas that she nicknamed Kireina, Japanese for beautiful. The Feebas eventually evolved into a Milotic. Next she met a Swablu, who had been captured by a group of people with bad intentions. Alexis saved the creature, but it was a bit traumatized and in turn flew away. There was another time she saw it, and this time she managed to befriend it and capture it, naming it Hestia after a Greek goddess, It eventually evolved into a beautiful Altaria. Her other few Pokemon were straight forward catches, besides her Froslass, a Snorunt at the time. Her father gave her to Alexis when she stopped by Sinnoh for a bit.
Family: Her mother in Littleroot Town, her father and sister in Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh
Love Relationships?: None at the moment


Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

Sceptile, M
No hidden power
Brave, loyal, playful

Altaria, F
Natural Cure
No hidden power
Ecstatic, fun-loving, cheerful

Milotic, F
Competitive (Ab.)
No hidden power
Laid-back, relaxed, aloof

Torkoal, M
White Smoke
No hidden power
Overwhelming, friendly, social

Metagross, M
Clear Body
No hidden power
Clear-headed, smart, distant

Froslass, F
Cursed Body
No hidden power
Energetic, adventurous, intelligent
Name: Nick Walls
Gender: Male
Hometown: Oreburgh City (Sinnoh Region)

Age: 18
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 215 lbs.

Hair: Brown hair that is cut short, mainly to make sure it doesn't get in the way.
Eyes: Blue eyes. They always look a bit dark and baggy underneath, but Nick is full of energy!
Clothing: Usually sticks to a tight, light and black short sleeve shirt. Perfect for maneuverability. Pairs this with some baggy, tan hiking pants that sports many pockets, as well as some flexible, black hiking boots. Also wears black, fingerless gloves to reduce blisters from working his hands too much. Completes his look with a black baseball cap that has a Pokeball patch on the front. After taking one look at him, one can tell that Nick favors a simple, but practical, style.
Identifying Marks: Has a notable scar running up his left arm. Nick was left with it after an attack from a distraught Bronzong threw him into a jagged rock with its psychic attack, cutting him deeply.
Musculature: Nick was already born with a large frame, but his constant work alongside his father has also developed a good amount of muscle onto his body. Couple that with a dangerous appetite for proteins, and you got a body that can pack a punch.

Personality: As a man who was raised to value every opportunity, Nick shows an impressive amount of determination. Not matter what job he takes, he makes sure to fulfill it to the best of his abilities. As such, Nick may display annoyance or even anger towards those who don't seem to take things seriously when they should be. But that doesn't also mean he can't relax. In fact, those who know him comment frequently on his ability to sleep for long periods of time, a byproduct of the hard work.

Nick is also not the brightest, but he makes up for it with heart. If there is an obstacle that he can't think through, he might decide to solve it with brute force. He loves to make friends and is extremely loyal to those who treat him well. In fact, he just wants to make sure everyone is treated well, and may try to do what he can to help anyone in need, even if it hurts him. He shines best when with others who can cover his weaknesses, such as being too trusting and willing to throw himself into dangerous situations.

Skills: Determination, Mining, Athleticism, Cooking, Adaptability, Machine Operating (Note that this means using equipment and maintaining it, not necessarily knowing why it works)!

Past: Born as an only child in Oreburgh City, Nick has spent most of his life learning the art of coal-mining with his family. He enjoyed knowing that other people benefited from his hard work, and was blessed to have loving parents. When he became of age to do so, Nick's parents told him that he should at least gain a basic education so that he could learn to co-exist alongside Pokemon, so he did. Nick wasn't pleased with it, but knew that it would be necessary to continue on the family business.

In his teenage years, Nick's mother was killed in a workplace accident. One of the machines had gone haywire from improper maintenance, and it unfortunately took her life as a result. Both Nick and his father spent a week to grieve, but agreed to not let the incident ruin their relationships with others. Nick was always told by his parents that things like this simply happen in the world, whether one like it or not. The best way to deal with them is to accept the possibly and adapt when it happens. He knew she loved them and would hate to see her family fall apart from the tragedy.

Shortly after, Nick encountered a distressed Bronzong, clearly upset that the mining was affecting its home and its family. He tried to reach out for it, but the Pokemon misunderstood the gesture for an attack, and responded in kind. With a deep wound across his left arm, Nick refused to back down, and offered the Pokemon food while he waited for help. They ate together until Nick passed out from blood loss, and the Bronzong used its psychic abilities to carry him to help. After recovering at the nearby clinic, Nick went back to the spot, and noticed it was blocked by various signs, preventing further mining into the Pokemon's home. Before he left, he noticed the same Bronzong appear, with a lone Bronzor at its side. The Bronzor shyly approached the teen, and the two bonded. With the approval of parents from both sides, Nick became the Bronzor's trainer.

Now an adult, Nick has decided to take a break from mining in order to travel the world for more experiences like the one with Bronzor. With a deep affection for Steel types, he wants to work together with them in order to help others who may be suffering.

Family: Nick has a father and a deceased mother. His relationship with his father is close, and they both know the other will do whatever they can to benefit other people.

Love Relationships?: Currently, Nick has no special someone in mind, mainly due to thinking that his lifestyle is a bit too outgoing to sustain a relationship. But maybe someone might change his outlook on it.

Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

Ability: Heatproof
Gender: N/A
Distinct Traits: None
Personality: Shares Nick's will to help others and work hard.
Name: Robin Deux
Gender: Male
Hometown: Unnamed Town, The Wilds. Closest region is Johto.

Age: 28
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 175

Hair: Light Blue, dyed. Kinda scruffy.
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Robin usually keeps it simple, wearing a t-shirt and jeans. If it's cold, a sweatshirt and a jacket, but usually he just sticks with a sweatshirt and jeans. His clothes look pretty well worn and might have a few holes in them, but he does his best to keep them clean. Robin also wears a rather large blues backpack, similar to that of the Backpacker trainer class from Pokemon Black. Finally, Robin also carries a sword on his back. Specifically, a modified ninjato (ninja sword.) It's a little longer and wider than normal, to help with cutting through underbrush.
Identifying Marks: Robin has a scar across the bridge of his nose, from being slashed by a rival swordsman. He also has a scar on his cheek, from getting thrown into a tree.
Musculature: Pretty well built from constant training with his sword, but not overly buff.

Personality: Robin is a relatively chill person. He tries his best at being a good person. Sometimes, he get haunted by his history. He's filled with wanderlust, and enjoys traveling and seeing new places. Robin also enjoys battling, taking on new people and getting into close battles.
Skills: Sword Training. Outdoor survival. Haggling. Camping. Basic Cooking. Sword smithing.
Past: Okay... this is pretty long. Let's start.
Robin was born and raised in an area known to a few as the Wilds. It was an area not far away from Johto that was considered uninhabited. Most people that lived there were tough and cruel, hiding from the law and living in relative peace with each other. The housing there were simple huts, and they didn't have any running water. The Pokemon in that area were just as tough and aggressive as the people that lived there. Pokemon Battles to the death, also called Nuzlocke battles, were common. Robin's mother and father didn't care much for him. At the age of 7, they just left him alone in the house as they went out and did whatever they did.

At that age, Robin found himself visiting their neighbor more and more frequently. It was a strange old man that went by the name of Sensei Kai. It was clear from the house that Sensei Kai lived in that he had been here much longer than everyone else. While the houses of other people of the Wilds were simple huts, Sensei Kai's was a house similar to that you would see in Ecruteak City. Basically, inspired by traditional eastern architecture. This old man was also quite different then the other people of the Wilds. He had a certain air of honor about him, and didn't seem to be particularly cruel. Robin began helping Sensei Kai with chores around the house, and in return Sensei Kai began to teach Robin how to read and write. He also taught Robin the ways of the sword and gave him his first Pokemon, a Squirtle Robin named Turk. Sensei Kai also helped Robin craft his first sword, and ninjato.

At the age of 12, Robin's mother and father no longer allowed Robin to come home. They did not want him around anymore, as it was getting harder to provide for both each other and Robin. Robin was completely blindsided by this, as although he held no animosity towards his parents he did rely on them. Confused and shocked, Robin went to Sensei Kai. For the second time that day, Robin found himself in shock as his master, Sensei Kai, turned him away for seemingly no reason. Now lost and without a home, Robin found himself wandering blindly, trying to make sense of what had happened. Just when he had about lose hope, he was comforted by baby Vulpix. The Vulpix decided to stay with Robin, and Robin named it Poko. Soon, Robin was approached by another boy. The boy introduced himself as Micheal, and Micheal had a mission he was trying to accomplish. Micheal was determined to find a way to tame the brutality and cruelty that was the Wilds. And he needed help.

Robin decided to help Micheal, as for him it was the only option he really had. The two boys worked together, making a hut before deciding what they were going to do. The way Micheal saw it, the only way to show these people who was boss was though strength. So, that's what they were going to do, but they were going to do it right. Both Robin and Micheal went out to train, and become stronger in their Pokemon battling. But there was one major thing. Instead of having battles to the death, no matter what they did both Robin and Micheal were not going to kill any Pokemon. If they kept doing that, they hoped that it would show people that in order to be strong, you didn't have to kill.

And at first, everything seemed to go to plan. Robin and Micheal got stronger, adding more Pokemon to their team. Their battles were victories for them, defeating their opponents without any Pokemon dying. Then things went wrong. The two got overconfident, and challenged people they shouldn't have. Robin paid for it with the death of Poko. It was unexpected, and Robin almost drowned in his guilt. Micheal paid even more dearly, losing almost his entire team. From there on out, both Robin and Micheal had a new fire ignited inside them. A fire of revenge. They parted ways, each getting stronger and training more. Robin began to care less about his opponent's Pokemon surviving. If they died, so what? Robin traveled through the Wilds, living off the lands and constantly training.

Years passed, and when Robin and Micheal met again Robin realized just how far down the wrong path they had gone. Robin was 18. Micheal was no longer going by Micheal, instead taking up the name X. The two ended up in each others ways, and battled. It was an intense battle, and in the end both had major casualties. Robin had managed to come out on top, killing nearly all of X's team. Robin also suffered losses, with three out of his six Pokemon getting killed. This was the first time his Pokemon were killed in battle since Poko had died, and Robin was realizing just what a terrible mistake he had made. After X had retreated away, Robin released his remaining three Pokemon. Big Turk (now a Blastoise), a Butterfree named Flutter, and a Sandslash named Slash. Then Robin wandered into the Wilds, lost in a haze of his emotion.

After a while of wandering, Robin was snapped out of his haze by cries of help. He didn't know exactly where he was, but he ran to see what was going on. A girl was being attacked by a rampaging Rhydon. Forgetting he didn't have any Pokemon, Robin charged in to help. Robin managed to distract the Rhydon from the girl, attack with his sword. It wasn't very effective, and the Rhydon ended up throwing Robin into a tree and injuring him pretty badly. Just when it looked like the Rhydon was about to kill Robin, Robin's three Pokemon he had released earlier showed up in the nick of time to defeat the Pokemon. Robin passed out just as they defeated the Rhydon.

A few hours later, Robin came to his senses. The girl, who's name was Melody, helped patch him up and took him back to where she was staying. She the sole survivor of a plane crash, and didn't have the skills to survive in the Wilds to get back to Sinnoh. As she helped Robin heal, she told him stories about Sinnoh and the few other regions she had gone too. Robin was quite shocked to hear about these places. He was also quite shocked that his Pokemon came back to him. He decided to help her try to get back to her home.

The two made their way through the Wilds, and Robin decided to once again attempt to battle and not kill Pokemon. This time, he was successful. It was on this journey to help Melody that Robin learned how much he really loved traveling and seeing new places. They made it to Johto, and Robin decided to never return to the Wilds again.

Years passed. Robin was 23. He had met some new Pokemon that were traveling with him. His team was now Big Turk the Blastoise, Flutter the Butterfree, Slash the Sandslash, Cherry the Plusle, and Q the Gallade. He had helped Melody get back to her home in Sinnoh, and had met a few new people. He was still traveling, in a new region known as the Musica region. Melody had also decided to keep traveling with him. Robin met a mute psychic girl named Laina, who also decided to travel with him. Melody's cousin, a boy named Trail, also decided to travel with them. Robin continued to train himself in swordsmanship and Pokemon battling, making money through battles, tutoring moves, and trading and selling TMs. Things were going good. But all good things were not meant to be.

Robin and his gang discovered a group known as Team Static, which was set on taking over the Musica Region forcefully. Robin's crew helped stop them, but in the end Robin came face to face with someone he never expected to see again. X. Robin's friend turned enemy from the Wilds was now working as a sellsword, doing any dirty work for any criminals. The two battled once again, but Robin was taken off guard. X straight up had his Pokemon kill Flutter the Butterfree and Slash the Sandslash. Even though his Pokemon were killed, Robin still managed to stay calm enough to not take it out on X's Pokemon. In the battle, X's Pokemon were incapacitated. X still did not want to accept defeat, and the two fought sword to sword. In the end, X was defeated and taken into custody. Robin was once again thrown into shock and guilt over the death of Flutter and Slash. He had thought he had put that life behind him, but it had came back to haunt him. This time, however, he had his friends to comfort and help him. Robin's recovery was much slower this time, but he managed it.

As of now, he's still traveling from region to region. Exploring new places. Taking parts in tournaments. Basically, wherever the horizon is, that's where he's going.

Family: He had a father and mother, but they kicked him out at the age of 12. The main person he considered as a parental figure was his teacher, Sensei Kai, but he too had refused to let Robin stay with him. So his family is his friends. Melody, Trail, and Laina.
Love Relationships?: Melody did have a crush on Robin as they traveled, but Robin did not feel the same. Robin also had a crush on Laina, but she did not feel the same way.
Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.
Species: Blastoise
Nickname: Big Turk
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Special Features: Big Turk has a scar over his left eye.
History: Robin's first Pokemon. Very loyal to Robin.
Held Item: Mystic Water

Species: Plusle
Nickname: Cherry
Gender: Female
Ability: Lightning Rod
Special Features:
Robin's first Pokemon that joined him outside the Wilds.
Held Item: Focus Sash

Species: Gallade
Nickname: Q
Gender: Male
Ability: Steadfast
Special Features:
Followed Robin as a Ralts until Robin took him in. Looked up to Robin as a Ralts, and wanted to be a Gallade so he could be good at fighting like Robin.
Held Item: Scope Lens. It's custom made, with a similar look to a scouter from DBZ.

Species: Farfetch'd
Nickname: Sam
Gender: Male
Ability: Keen Eye
Special Features:
Joined Robin in Kanto. Robin helped it get better at using it's leek. In one battle, it's leek broke. So Robin made Sam a Wakizashi (smaller samurai sword) to use instead.
Held Item: Stick. Except it's not a leek. It's a wakizashi .

Species: Absol
Nickname: Reaper
Gender: Female
Ability: Super Luck
Special Features:
Robin befriended her in Sinnoh, as she was attacked by other Pokemon.
Held Item: Razor Claw, worn on her front claws.

Species: Aegislash
Nickname: Hattori
Gender: Sword
Ability: Stance Change
Special Features:
The most recent addition to Robin's team.
Held Item: Leftovers
Name: Miyo Kanahananui
Aliases/Nicknames: Mimi, Miyo
Gender: Female
Hometown: Akala Island, Alola
Age: 13
Height: 4'8
Weight: 77lbs
Hair: Peach tufts that's carelessly aligned.
Eyes: Irises are of a soft hazel.
Clothing: Miyo normally wears a red Hawaiian printed babydoll top with denim shorts and a pair of sneakers that's followed with stripped (AND asymmetrical) socks.


Identifying Marks: N/A
Musculature: A slender physique.
  • Curious
  • Excitable
  • Adventurous
  • Boyish
  • Sincere
Much like many children her age, Miyo is a curious one. However, such a thing can get her into trouble. She’s considered to be quirky and tomboyish because of her overall disposition as well as what fascinates her.

In the beginning of her journey, Miyo struggled with her own identity. Naivety and gullibility thrived. With age and interaction, this gradually faded.

Skills: Miyo likes sports and is a beginner with the ukulele.
Past: Miyo was raised by her father; a Pokemon doctor. Her mother wasn't present in her life due to her work (which includes pokemon research and experimentation, hence her being a Pokemon scientist). In response to this, she aged a tad differently than most girls.

At the proper age of a Pokemon trainer, she decided to decided to become a breeder due to her father's influence. With the impact of other trainers and pokemon alike, she left this budding profession behind sometime after to train alongside pokemon.

Family: Makani Kanahananui (Father), Yun Ambers (Mother)
Love Relationships?: None.
Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

OT: Yun Ambers (Miyo's mother)
Nature: Relaxed
Characteristic: Often dozes.
Ability: Limber
This ditto is the pet and otherwise first pokemon of Miyo. The two had a rocky start due to Ditto being distrusting and sad because of the departure of their original trainer.

Ditto spends most of their days sleeping whenever they aren’t seen assisting their trainer or playing and ‘tinkering’ with toys.
Personality: Ditto is laid-back and normally avoids conflict unless something that they care about is at stake.

Kai (MALE)
Nature: Modest
Characterstic: Often lost in thought."
Ability: Torrent
Kai is Miyo’s second pokemon. He was given to her after speaking to the region’s professor. The two have been good terms since.
Personality: Despite how much of a space cadet Kai can be, his motives are normally for the greater good of others.

Nature: Timid
Characteristic: Somewhat of a clown.
Ability: Levitate
Miyo met Emi at the Hau’oli cemetery near the grave of someone named ‘Emiko Tanaka.’ She began to trust her trainer after a few interactions with her and paid respects towards the deceased Emiko.
Personality: She has a somewhat playful and stubborn nature that’ll gradually come into play beneath all of her shyness.


Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier
Name: Glacier

Gender: Male

Hometown: Mahogany Town, Johto

Age: 15

Height: 6'2

Weight: 110 lbs.

Hair: Blonde and Wavy

Eyes: Green

Clothing: Glacier wears a short sleeve white shirt with a Pokeball on it, a light blue jacket that covers the shirt with the Glacier Badge on the right side of it, blue jeans that have a hole in them, and grey socks with Red and White shoes.

Identifying Marks: N/A

Musculature: Averagely built

Personality: Glacier is normally a cheerful boy that has an obsession with Pokemon Battles. He enjoys them to the fullest and he gets easily determined to win the battle. Its only when his family or his Pokemon get involved in something and he becomes serious and more focused to get them safety returned.

Skills: Enjoys reading and Pokemon Battling

Past: Glacier hardly knew his parents. He may have seen them once when he was 3 years old but he's been raised by his grandfather, Pryce, the Gym Leader of Mahogany Town. Years later, at the age of 4, his sister, Nova was born. He is now currently training his Pokemon for the next region to visit.

Family: Nova, F, 12 Years old (Younger Sister)

Pryce, M, 54 years old (Grandfather)

Unnamed Father and Mother

Love Relationships?: To Be Announced

Species: Croconaw
Nickname: Aqua
Gender: Female
Ability: Torrent
Hidden Power: N/A
Special Features: Wears an Razor Claw as a Necklace
Personality: Aqua has the same personality as Glacier
History: Aqua was given to Glacier when he was 10 years old by Professor Elm in New Bark Town. Since then, she has traveled with Glacier to wherever he has been.

Species: Pidgeot
Nickname: Gale
Gender: Male
Ability: Keen Eye
Hidden Power: N/A
Special Features: N/A
Personality: A very flirtatious Bird Pokemon, Gale has a tendency to flirt with female Pokemon, even though Aqua has rejected him on multiple occasions. He still likes to flirt with Glacier's other Pokemon but other than that, he mainly likes to fly.
History: Gale was originally a Wild Pidgey that later evolved into Pidgeotto on his own but then met Glacier. The two were friends at first then Gale wanted to come along with Glacier.

Species: Dragonair
Nickname: Dracool
Gender: Female
Ability: Shed Skin
Hidden Power: N/A
Special Features: N/A
Personality: Originally shy when she was a Dratini, Dracool opened more as she gained more strength and then evolved into a Dragonair. She likes sleeping a lot.
History: Not much, Glacier found Dracool in the small lake behind the Blackthorn City Gym.
Name: Sam
Gender: Female
Hometown: Nimbasa city
Age: 14
Height: 164cm
Weight: 42kg
Hair: Shoulder lenght, slightly curly chocolate brown, usually has it down but knows to tie it up in a ponytail
Eyes: Brown
Clothing: Wears a black and white striped shirt, baby blue jeans, brown combat boots, a dark blue zip-up hoodie over her shirt (the sleeves are usually rolled up) and black fingerless gloves
Identifying Marks: Wears black reading glasses and a necklace with a key stone in it
Musculature: Normal
Personality: Pretty chill, friendly, short tempered, secretive, patient, kind, determined, stubborn, likes to have fun and joke, responsible when she needs to be
Skills: Integrity (honest, ethical), Teamwork (cooperative, supportive), Interpersonal Skills (patience, empathy), Communication (written and oral communication), Flexibility ( adaptability, willing to change), Teaching and Foreign Languages (English, Croatian and French)
Past: Sam doesn't really have much of a story. She's an averge girl with an average life. She grew up in Nimbasa city alongside her family and some friends. She didn't really think about the future or what is waiting for her. Not until she noticed that all her friends decided to go out on an adventure of their own, Sam, not wanting to be all alone, decided to become a pokemon trainer and soon developed a passion for pokemon battles and contests. Instead of going alone, her brother acomppanied her on her journey. He wanted to know that she will be okay, and he wanted to protect her if needed. Right now the two are still on their journey, traveling trough the regions and discovering new pokemon.
Family: Oliver (father, scientist), Lumi (mother, contest preformer) and Jack (older brother, ace trainer)
Love interest/Relationships?: None
Pokémon (on her team):
  • Species: Dewott (previously an Oshawott)
  • Nickname: Caspian
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Torrent
  • Nature: Brave
  • Hidden Power: Bug
  • Special Features: none
  • History: Caspian is Sam's starter, he is her most confident and determined Pokemon. He is a brave fella, always ready to battle and likes joking around with his trainer. Caspian was given to Sam by professor Juniper, Sam didn't even have to think about it, when she fist laid eyes on him, she knew that he was the one. Now the tow are an in-separateable duo, it's like there is no better pair.
  • Species: Crobat (previously a Zubat)
  • Nickname: Maxy
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Inner focus
  • Nature: Quirky
  • Hidden Power: Psychic
  • Special Features: She has a splat like spot on her back that resembles a heart
  • History: Maxy was Sam's fist catch, Sam encountered her in a cave after she and Jack escaped a horde of Beedril. She never knew that she would find a trainer who would even bother with a Zubat, but she was proven wrong when Sam shared her friendship and love with her, and evolved her all the way to her final evolution.
  • Species: Gardevoir (previously a Ralts)
  • Nickname: Melon
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Telepathy
  • Nature: Bashful
  • Hidden Power: Ghost
  • Special Features: none
  • History: Melon was abandoned by her previous trainer because she wasn't strong enough, so when she first meet Sam she was very shy and scared. Seeing just how kind Sam was to her Pokemon she slowly started to grow more courage and allowed Sam to catch her, making her join the team. She never reggreted that decision, because she finally found a trainer who beleved in her.
  • Species: Eevee (shiny)
  • Nickname: Silver
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Telepathy
  • Nature: Jolly
  • Hidden Power: Fighting
  • Special Features: He has a messy cowlick on top of his head and wears a baby blue bandana
  • History: Silver was abandoned by his mother because of his fur color, not being able to adapt to his soroundings he was an easy target for other predator Pokemon, so he had no other choice but to go to a town where he hid away living as a stray. He didn't meet Sam until she saved him from falling pray to a Braviary. Silver, suprisingly, took a big liking of Sam. He followed her around until he decided to allow her to catch him. He was given multiple chances to evolve, but he didn't want to. Although Sam was irritated by that, she understood and decided to not go against his wish and evolve him and gave him an everstone.
  • Species: Absol
  • Nickname: Angel
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Super Luck
  • Nature: Gentle
  • Hidden Power: Dragon
  • Special Features: Wears a silver necklace with the Absolite stone in it
  • History: Angel lived in a cave nearby a village, rarely ever coming out of it, every time she would appear in the village to warn the people of a disaster they would call her a 'disaster bringer' and accuse her of being the cause of the disaster that followed. When Sam arrived at the village with Jack, they were told the stories about the Pokemon. While Jack was planing on staying away from the Pokemon, Sam was determined to clean the poor Pokemon's name, and so she did. Angel was very suprised seeing Sam's bravery and determination to give Angel a justification of her being. After Angel joined Sam's team, she was determined on protecting her newely found trainer, saving her on multiple occasions.
  • Species: Luxray (previously a Shinx)
  • Nickname: Romex
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Guts
  • Nature: Serious
  • Hidden Power: Dark
  • Special Features: none
  • History: Sam received Romex as an egg from a breeder, she was determined to hatch it. And when it did hatch she was more than happier, at first Romex didn't seem to like Sam all that much but with time he came to be more friendlier with her. after a lot of training and hard work, Romex finally evolved into a Luxray after taking down a Gyarados in a battle against another trainer.
Nuzlocke Profile (I beat the game with this team!) Pokemon HeartGold

Name: Julian (Juju is a given and wide-known nickname)

Gender: "Male"

Hometown: Goldenrod, Johto

Age: 15 years

Height: 5' 3"

Weight: 115 lbs.

Hair: Short, brown

Eyes: Green

Clothing: Wears a yellow cap, dark brown T-Shirt, blue jeans, and crocs (always).

Identifying Marks: Star birthmark on his left wrist

Musculature: Strong build, thin but strong

Personality: Funny, Smart, Sassy, A bad liar,

Skills: Climbing, Running, Reading, Drawing

Past: Both of his parents were killed by Team Rocket while they existed, used to live at Moo Moo Farms until they sold the property. When his parents died, Juju went to go live with his aunt, Professor Elm and his cousin Ethan until he can go on his pokemon journey.

Love Relationships: Crush on Silver (No, he is not gay..... it's hard to explain....)


Name: Jackson (Lvl: 83)
Species: Feraligatr
Gender: Male
Personality: “Often lost in thought” Brave & Jolly
Ability: Torrent

Name: Shepard (Lvl: 80)
Species: Furret
Gender: Male
Personality: “Proud of its power” Serious & Sassy
Ability: Keen Eye

Name: Ace (Lvl: 87)
Species: Togetic
Gender: Female
Personality: “Capable of taking hits” Bashful & Quiet
Ability: Serene Grace

Name: Blu (Lvl: 81)
Species: Ampharos
Gender: Male
Personality: “Somewhat of a clown” Bold & Adamant
Ability: Static

Name: Maine (Lvl: 79)
Species: Octillery
Gender: Female
Personality: “Good perseverance” Lax & Calm
Ability: Suction Cups

Name: Tick & Tock (Lvl: 85)
Species: Girafarig (S)
Gender: Male
Personality: “Loves to eat” Naughty & Timid
Ability: Early Bird
Name: Brian Killian


Opelucid City, Unova

Around 15



Smooth and somewhat long, reaching below his chin with a dull Dark Blue shade

Hot pink

Gray tank top under a Black closed jacket, Purple pants and White shoes with Black soles, his signature piece of clothing is his (Mother's) White fedora. (His attire sometimes changes depending on which region he travels in.)

Identifying Marks:
Wears a ring on the middle finger of his right hand which houses a keystone. (Never used/worn in RPs due to the rules)

Slightly better than average.

Brian is a kind and friendly individual who tries to behave like a gentleman, especially toward women. He has a good sense of humor and rarely gets angry... although when he does, he can be very cruel and terrifying. He also cares deeply for his Pokemon as if they were his own children and would do anything to protect them. He also chose to train with only Psychic types like his father who was a gifted fortune teller and through this, has a strong belief in destiny.

Pokemon battling, Pokemon care, Supportive, Has a few skills with the guitar, He has trained and bonded with his Pokemon to the point where they mentally link to him in battle (Also because they're all Psychic types).

Born in Unova between a Female Pokemon Veteran and a gifted Fortune Teller with great Psychic abilities to see the future that his family had for generations. Brian unfortunately didn't posses his father's gift, but he and his mother raised him well nonetheless. As Brian's childhood went by, they began to realize that he was a lot more like his mother; Someone who loved Pokemon and battling with them considering how often Brian battled with his mother's beloved Arcanine. One day he was gifted a Pokemon egg which soon hatched into the Ralts that became his first partner Pokemon. His father ended up having a vision that involved Brian "Reaching a new height as a Pokemon trainer", so Brian decided to travel the world and train to live up to his father's prediction.

Benjamin (Father), Amanda (Mother), Gregg (Distant Cousin)

Love Relationships?:


Species: Gallade
Gender: Male
Ability: Steadfast
Hidden Power: Poison
Special Features: Purple neckerchief scarf around his neck with a Galladite on it (Again, not used in RPs)
History: Gallade was with Brian ever since he hatched from an egg. Since then, the two were inseparable and slowly grew a bond almost like brothers. When he heard about Brian's future, he went with him in the hope that he could exceed Brian's expectations and in doing so become as strong as they could be, and then some.

Species: Gothitelle
Gender: Female
Ability: Competitive
Hidden Power: Fairy
Special Features: N/A
History: Gothitelle was a wild Pokemon in Unova who fell head over heels in love with Brian's Gallade (Ralts) at first sight. Ever since then, she tried to do what she could to be 'worthy' to join Brian's team... only to be surprised when she was able to join easily. As time went on and after she evolved, she eventually confessed to Gallade and began a promising relationship, all while helping Brian with his future.

Species: Metagross
Gender: N/A
Ability: Clear Body
Hidden Power: Electric
Special Features: Shiny
History: Metagross was found in a cave by Brian ever since they were a Metang, Brian tried several times to bond with the Metang in the hope that he would catch it, only to learn that Metang would only join him after they saw how he was in battle. The battle was a difficult one which ended in a tie, the Metang was convinced and joined Brian's team. He became even more loyal to Brian after evolving into a powerful Metagross.

Species: Espeon
Gender: Female
Ability: Synchronize
Hidden Power: Ghost
Special Features: N/A
History: Brian found Espeon while it was still an Eevee. She was injured and ill after an unfortunate incident, when Brian found her, he took her to a Pokemon center as quickly as he could. After three days, she got better and started to follow Brian around, much to his slight confusion. Eventually, Brian decided to catch her and the two gained a promising bond, especially after she evolved into Espeon.

Species: Meowstic
Gender: Male
Ability: Keen eye
Hidden Power: Water
Special Features: N/A
History: Back when he was an Espurr, he curiously followed Brian ever since he sensed 'something' from him. Once Brian noticed the little Espurr, he was curious as to why he followed him. Brian eventually saw promise in the little guy's potential and caught him. He became a bit more lazy upon evolution though...

Species: Solrock
Gender: N/A
Ability: Levitate
Hidden Power: Fire
Special Features: N/A
History: Brian wanted to catch Solrock because his father owned a Lunatone, however Solrock proved to be a troublesome Pokemon to catch; throwing Pokeballs away from them self before they hit or levitating Brian without warning. After settling a dispute between them and a local Lunatone, Solrock eventually joined Brian's team and proved to be more helpful than mischievous as a result.
Name: Kayden "Khi" Waters

Gender: Male

Hometown: Anistar City, Kalos

Age: 15 (Pssh this can change based on rp requirements)

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 116 lbs

Hair: Short black hair. He keeps it cut short because he becomes very self conscious when his hair gets too long.

Eyes: Dark brown

Clothing: Normally wears a cyan and black jacket, that he almost never takes off, along with black sweatpants. Under his jacket is often a white t-shirt. His shoes are common running shoes that are grey with black laces and a white sole. He also has a purple and black backpack that his older sister used to use on her old expeditions.

Identifying Marks: He carries around cooking utensils (sometimes supplies too) inside of his backpack as he dreams of being a professional cook. He also carries around the scent of what he last cooked but is often told he smells of syrup sometimes.

Musculature: Considered skinny but has a fair amount of muscle as he exercises with his pokemon virtually everyday.

Personality: He is a pretty calm and witty guy in general and like to think things through. Under pressure he can be frustrated quite easily as he can't think too long about a problem but he strives to do his best and improve as much as he can. He enjoys spicing things up inside and outside of the kitchen as he tries new things every so often. He is very supportive of his friends and pokemon companions. He does a lot of self reflection (Not staring at the mirror admiring his face but rather finding problems and reflecting on past actions) and can be harsh on himself at times but always comes back to the boi we love. (I hope)

Skills: He is an amazing chef that will gladly whip something up for anyone who desires it. He is quick on his feet and can be somewhat of a detective with how much he thinks. He has learned basic pokemon care techniques and has studied about pokemon and their unique moves, abilities, etc.

Past: As Kayden was growing up nothing too peculiar happened. He had always been itching to get out into the pokemon world, but his mother didn't want him to go out into the world to early as there are dangerous people and pokemon out there. If his friends were out, he would normally stay inside the house doing research, playing games, and anything else that would pass the time. He eventually picked up cooking and practiced whenever he could until it became natural that he would cook more than his mom, dad, or sister. When he was eleven years old his sister went out for her first journey and cam back occasionally for long periods of time. She would show Kayden pictures and let him play with the pokemon. She came back for his fifteenth birthday and convinced their mother and father to let him go out and live. They agreed and after the party they gave him a secret gift. They revealed a golden pocketwatch that his father had been designing for a while. On the back was engraved "Don't stop, no matter what hand the is on". He gave the biggest bear hug he had ever given to his parents and went upstairs to start planning his journey.

Family: Stuart Waters (His father who is currently an architect contributing to the design of some items we use today)
Cassidy Waters (His mother who was a surgeon until she had his older sister and moved onto the life of running a pokemon daycare center)
Cassia "Lyric" Waters (His older sister who has gone out on several occasions during his life to study the world of pokemon and battle various people. She is currently taking it easy and waiting for him to leave out after convincing their mom to let him go out for my own adventure. Earned her nickname because the vocal cords on this lass are phenomenal.)

Love Relationships?: Heh, funny to think such an obvious question. (Not at the moment, no)

Pokémon (Though some won't be in every roleplay, chances are you will see at least one of these pokemon):

Species: Buneary
Nickname: N/A (At the moment)
Gender: Female
Ability: Limber
Special Features: Her pokeball has a fake version of her ears on them. She will later on have a choker mega stone as Lopunny (I swear it was only for convenience as a glove didn't look right, nothing more...)
History: A pokemon given to him by his beloved sister. She came back from a trip and didn't really have space for it in her team since it was such a low level. She ended up passing it down to her younger brother because why not. She was very skeptical and hid for long periods of time but Kayden wouldn't give up on his very first pokemon, and anything from her sister at that. He and his sister included her in small activities until Buneary would be looking forward to the smallest of things with her new upcoming trainer.
Personality: A bit shy until it gets to know someone. She is more confident on the battlefield than anywhere else.

Species: Eevee
Nickname: N/A (At the moment)
Gender: Female
Ability: Adaptability > Cute Charm (As Sylveon)
Special Features: A bow on her head. Her pokeball has a bow on it
History: Kayden found a pokeball on the ground in a weird spot. He opened it expecting an item but an Eevee popped out with a ribbon on its head. He took it too a pokemon center and attempted to leave it to Nurse Joy but the Eevee wasn't too fond of that idea. There seemed to be no information on the trainer no matter where they looked or who they talked to. He offered it the chance to join his party and it didn't agree but ended up trailing behind him. Slowly but surely it warmed up to him and he took her in.
Personality: An energetic little bugger that is always ready for anything physical whether it be running or battling.

Species: Buizel
Nickname: N/A (At the moment)
Gender: Male
Ability: Water Veil
Special Features: Nothing on his body at the moment but his pokeball has stickers of water and Buizel.
History: This pokemon had been left at the daycare longer than it was supposed to be. Kayden had a choice between this pokemon or a very buff Ratata left by two thirty something year olds. He ended up choosing the Buizel and they have been bonding ever since.
Personality: A goofball that loves to play around and has fun during battle whether serious or not.

Species: Chimchar
Nickname: N/A (At the moment)
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Special Features: His pokeball is littered with stickers of fire and chimchar.
History: This boi was caught with Kayden's sick nasty skill.
Personality: He is the kind of Happy-Go-Lucky pokemon and is suprisingly cool for a fire type.

(P.S. He does change the pokeball accessories after they evolve)
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Name: Samuel Fox
Gender: Male
Hometown: Shalour city
Age: 15
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 115lbs
Hair: Short orange
Eyes: blue
Clothing: Dark green hoodie, dark green baseball hat, black track pants, light brown boots.
Identifying Marks: None
Musculature: Low
Personality: Timid, stubborn, sometimes lazy, odd.
Skills: Sam can run like a zubat out of the distortion world.
Past: Sam never got along with his younger brother Jackson. When Jackson practically leaves the house in a complete mess, Sam leaves it for their parents to see the laziness of their youngest child. But their parents seemed to almost instantly side with Jackson. Which resulted in Sam being punished. Sam eventually decided to get away from it all. Taking his riolu (at the time), his money, his black bag, his sleeping bag, and a map and compass. With his bag packed, he left home to explore the world.
Family: Jackso Fox (brother)
Love Relationships?: heh heh
Pokémon: Lucario
Nickname: Ri
Gender: Female
Ability: Steadfast
Special Features: The only thing that sets Ri apart from other Lucario is her height. She stands at 4'11".
Personally: Bold, hates losing, can get jealous at times, calm and collected.
Ri was the nickname Sam choose for her as a riolu. Sam was ten years old when Ri was given to him. The two seem to get along a lot. Ri tends to cling to Sam. Although Sam can't understand what Ri is saying, he fills in the blanks by listening to the tone of her voice.
Name: Alexander Forester
Gender: Male
Hometown: Mossdeep
Age: 18
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Short, dark brownish red
Eyes: Warm brown
Clothing: It's not obvious, but if you look closely, you can see Alex's clothes seem to hang off of him. He typically wears a brightly colored t-shirt and dark blueish jeans, always with a jacket tied around his waist, just in case. Never know when it's going to get cold.
Identifying Marks:
Musculature: skinny, more bony than muscled

Personality: Alex is, primarily, a kindhearted person. He is at his happiest when those around him are enjoying life as well. However, having encountered a number of people who were less genuine than he believed, Alex has developed an undercurrent of fear and a slowness to trust. (Note: this manifests in subtle ways, such as taking care to sit facing the door and always knowing a building's exits). Alex feels strongly about protecting those who can't protect themselves, a quality that often conflicts with his tendency towards fear. Alex hopes to be a pokemon researcher someday, particularly in the field of behavioral research.

Skills: His empathy helps him communicate with telepathic pokemon more easily, though he himself is absolutely not psychic.

Character Flaws: Fearful/hesitant, but almost irrationally passionate when pushed to protect those he cares about

Past: Alex has always loved pokemon. Raised by a domestic pokemon trainer, he gradually picked up on his mother's love for the creatures. After years of watching initially unremarkable pokemon trained into gentle, fierce, or intelligent partners, he grew particularly interested in behavioral research. At the age of fifteen, his mother had managed to save enough money to purchase a growlithe for him. With a professional trainer as his mentor, Alex was able to train his new partner and his curiosity grew. After his growlithe was sufficiently trained, his mother set up a lesson on catching pokemon. She had a wild eevee brought in from a breeder, who became Alex's first catch. Raised by a fiercely protective single mother, Alex wasn't allowed to truly begin his journey until he had sufficiently trained his growlithe, and his eevee had already evolved into an espeon. As such, he began his journey relatively later than most other trainers.

Family: Jane Forester (Mother)

Pokémon Information

Pokémon Team (please include type(s) and level(s), moves are optional):
Species: Growlithe
Gender: female
Ability: Intimidate
Personality: Quick to excitement and full of energy. Ironically given his ability, Growlithe is very friendly to both people and pokemon, though also easy to scare. Very perceptive and protective of Alex. Growlithe takes very well to training, much moreso than Espeon.

Species: Espeon
Gender: male
Ability: Telepathy (note: early on in Alex's journey, Espeon is unable to use this ability)
Personality: Genrally low-energy and spacey. Jumpy around other pokemon, tends to perfer people. If you judge him based on the conventional interpretation of intelligence, you'd be right to say he's pretty dumb. However, he is very cunning and has a good sense for others' motives. If you put a cookie in a locked box, he'll never be able to unlock it. However, he'll be quick to find a way around the lock.
I'm probably going to want to use this character more than once, so here I go:

Name: Edward (Ed) Thistle
Gender: Male
Hometown: Blackthorn City, Johto
Age: 17
Height: Almost 6 feet.
Weight: It's been a while since he weighed himself, but he seems neither over nor underweight.
Hair: Very dark brown; he gets annoyed when people think it's black.
Eyes: Brown
Clothing: Typically wears a hoodie and jeans, with no bright colors. He doesn't really care much.
Identifying Marks: When he first started his journey, his Axew, Dino, bit him, which has left a scar on his left hand.
Musculature: Nothing impressive. He is in shape, given the constant traveling required of a Pokemon trainer.
Personality: He is confident, but can easily get flustered if he does not know what's going on or something does not go according to plan. He is always up for a fight (but not actually aggressive), wanting to prove himself worthy of Blackthorn's reputation as a place from which strong trainers come.
Skills: His only real "skill" is his capacity for strategizing and thinking quickly. Other than that, he can play the piano, but poorly.
Past: When Ed was a child, he loved to watch the gym battles in Blackthorn Gym, often sneaking in without his parents' permission to do so (especially when he was younger and he "could get hurt"). He dreamed of one day being recognized as a great trainer himself, hearing legends about heroes in the days of yore and watching as many Pokemon tournaments as he could. He wanted to start with a dragon type, given the history of dragon-type trainers being "the strongest," but wasn't allowed into the Dragon's Den, since he was just a child, and had no business there. His luck changed when a traveling Pokemon breeder came by, and happened to have an Axew egg. Ed had a decent amount of money saved up by that point, and was able to beg his parents for the rest, and the egg was his. Eventually, the egg hatched, and the little Axew was named Dino. Once Dino was big enough to fight, Ed left Blackthorn, seeking greatness.
  • Jeremy Thistle (Father)
  • Catherine Forst (Mother)
Love Relationships?: He doesn't have time.


Species: Fraxure (Hatched as an Axew)
Gender: Male
Poke Ball: Basic Ball
Ability: Mold Breaker
Favorite Move: Dragon Claw
Dino was Ed's first Pokemon, and the one with which he started his journey. Dino has been instrumental in winning a number of Ed's battles, and, having been raised by him, has a similar personality.

Species: Absol
Gender: Male
Poke Ball: Quick Ball
Ability: Super Luck
Favorite Move: Night Slash
Ed isn't really sure where Angel came from. One morning, he woke up, and the Absol was curled up next to the remains of his campfire from the night before. Not one to waste an opportunity, Ed threw a Quick Ball, catching the Absol and naming it Angel. Since then, the two have come to an understanding, but they aren't quite friends yet. Angel will help out in battles and use its disaster sense to prod Ed and the others out of reckless behavior, but will retreat to his ball when he is no longer needed.

Species: Kingdra
Gender: Female
Poke Ball: Ultra Ball
Ability: Sniper
Favorite Move: Hydro Pump
Carrie was the first Pokemon that Ed had to battle to catch, and third Pokemon overall. While at the beach one day, all of the splashing disturbed a school of Horsea and Seadra, and their leader, a Kingdra sought revenge. Ed and another trainer intercepted the rampaging Pokemon and proceeded to battle it. The battle lasted for a long time, with both Angel and Dino sustaining heavy injuries. Regardless, Ed was barely able to catch the beast in an Ultra Ball. Unfortunately, the damage caused to the surrounding property had him working off the debt for a few months, but it was worth it in the end. Carrie is easily the strongest of Ed's Pokemon, but respects him as a trainer and is reasonably obedient (with a few exceptions).