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Private/Closed Murder in the Circus?!? ((FINISHED))

Salazar humphed, noticing the intimidating remark. He then looked at the note, and Arbo retreated toward Salazar, saying something that the Zoroark (of course, quiet enough to where Kit didn't here) had the knife. Salazar was confused as to all hell why that would be a thing. He just winced as Tyler started talking about their murder case. But then something hit him. Was it a team effort between Sky and Stan, or did Stan witness it? He stood up, clearly the odds pointed toward Sky. He decided to spill all the evidence he had, except anything pertaining to the Zoroark.

"Well.... I wouldn't say that. Yes, I was going to say you murdered Chad, and for good reason. Tyler got hit with a Leech Life, and the only Pokemon we knew who could use such a move were Kit's Cutiefly and your Noibat, but Kit's Cutiefly wasn't even in the area at the time this happened. Your act was right after mine, and after Stan's and Tyler's. I only thought it was you because you actually had a reason to kill Chad, mainly because he wasn't faithful towards you and had been with other girls and guys. Isn't that right?"

He had to bring up the fact that he was cheating on her. Maybe that was true. He wasn't so sure anymore. He then raised a finger to say "give me a moment", and he went backstage towards Zoroark's den. Jalorda and Sevi stayed guard at the stage, but Arbo followed Salazar. He took a piece of paper, and tried to draw a man on a chariot that had the likeness of Chad. It looked quite like him, he was quite impressed. He put a question mark by it and showed it to the Zoroark, questioning whether or not she knew of the man on the chariot.
Sky closed her eyes for a long time, thinking away in this awful silence after Salazar had said his piece. "It's not what you think. Chad and I planned to expose Tyler's cheating. We sat together in his caravan and planned it. Stan was there as well - sorry, Stan, I need the alibi - so we could make sure he didn't end up dying, though how much of it he actually got, I don't know... And yes, he had many girlfriends. I had many boyfriends, it's just how we were. If anything, it made us even closer. Not that someone like Kit could understand that."

Which of course made Kit see red. "Bullshit, you were fucking jealous and that's why you did it! I've seen enough murder movies to know where this is going!"

Sky sniffed. "Clearly, you need to see more. It's never the obvious people. It's also never the people who plan against a death."

Ben raised his head at last. "...cheating?"

The Zoroark didn't seem to recognise the man, but nodded eagerly at the chariot and made slashing motions with its claws, which soon glowed a dull purple. A weak Shadow Claw. Seemed like there was a culprit here, not that it seemed to know it was doing anything wrong. The Zoroark then vanished for a couple of seconds before reappearing with a big happy grin, whatever that meant.
After hearing everything before he went, he saw the strange action by Zoroark. Something about it.... Did she do this? Do this to Chad? With all that was going on... Did Tyler do this? He showed the death threat to Zoroark, wondering if this was familiar to her. If it was, then they had found the culprit. Pokemon were usually very trusting toward people they liked.

Salazar's snakes looked at each other, with Arbo looking around Tyler's room for anything incriminating, anything that matched the scent of the note. Meanwhile, Sevi made a sort of weak hissing noise that was close to a sigh, and slithered next to Kit. She wanted to keep her from attacking anyone.
The Zoroark looked at the death-threat, then nodded and held it close, happy to have it back again. Definitely seemed like she'd done the deed, but the only thing that matched the old scent of the note was her. Most importantly, the stencils and rulers in Tyler's room hadn't been used on the note at all.

Tyler winced. "Aha. Let's... maybe not call it cheating..."

"You were too good", Sky said flatly. "Chad suspected you were some Pokemon in disguise, or otherwise overpowered. And he wanted to reveal you in front of everyone, because... well, that's Chad. He had to do everything in front of an audience." She sighed. "But I guess you were that good. When I saw you get bitten and not turn into something else, my heart stopped." Tyler went to say something there, but Sky kept talking, her voice going icy. "And that's why you killed Chad. You knew he was going against you, you knew you'd lose your job if you didn't stop him. I'm sure there's plenty of evidence to link you to doing this. Salazar only has to find whatever it is."


Sky looked over at Alex. "If it's about your stupid book, no."


Kit's bottom lip trembled. "T-Tyler... You took my knife?"

"That's not even possible! I wasn't with the damn company when your stupid knife got taken!" He sure stepped back smartly when Kit started brandishing the blade, though.

"Who took it? Stan? Alex? Ben? It has to be one of you, right?!?" She jabbed it forwards at each of them, resulting in rather a lot of wincing and flinching, but none of the three seemed keen on denying it (and being accused of lying) or admitting to it (and getting shanked).
Salazar, seeing that she had done the deed, was astonished. He sighed and hearing the commotion outside, knew that Tyler would have to give up Zoroark. He held out his hand to lead the Zoroark out to the stage. He led her out to the stage and raised his voice for all to hear, the raspiness in his voice being almost non-existent.

"Everyone! It is one of us, but also one more. That other one being this Zoroark. She took Kit's knife and hid it all this time. I don't know how, considering that Tyler found her after Kit's knife was taken. Zoroark probably was following us for some time until after Tyler had joined us. The note I showed you was from Zoroark herself. I don't know if she made it herself, or if somebody else did it, but she didn't shy away from admitting that she had killed Chad. Although, unknowingly done so because instructions were given to her. Does anyone recognize her or at least the state she was in? She can use her illusions to become invisible, and she was the one who had scratched the chariot with her Shadow Claws and break the beam enough for it to become unstable. The question is, who made the note?"

He held the hand of the Zoroark protectively, his stance making sure that everyone sees a portion of her. Her cuffs and the paper in her hair.
The Zoroark waved happily to the group, most of whom looked stunned to see her there; it wasn't like they'd exactly seen her before. Stan didn't react due to being Stan, and Ben just waved right back due to being drunk.

Alex stood. "Um... is it okay if I see that note-? I have, like, a bad feeling abou-"

"That's what took my knife?!?" Kit howled. "I'm gonna fucking gut her!"

"If that Pokemon is what killed Chad, it should certainly be ended." Sky drew one of her throwing knives, checking its sharpness. The Zoroark shied back a little at the sight of it, looking to Salazar for advice on what to do-

"Wait. Stan not allow this." The big guy walked over to the Zoroark, studying her cuffs for a minute before nodding and standing in front of her, giving her cover from the knives. "She family. Anyone who messes with family messes with Stan."

Kit rolled her eyes, and readied her golden knife. "For fuck's sake Stan, shut up!"

Alex sighed, and sat back down. "Nobody loves me..."

"'Cept for Chad, right?" Ben put an arm around her, and she snuggled into it, apparently not minding him being drunk in the least.

"Yeah, except for that. Only in my dreams, though."
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Salazar gave the note to Arbo, who slithered over and gave it to Alex for her to see. Jalorda and Sevi instantly went into action and slithered around Stan, Salazar, and the Zoroark. Jalorda's tail started to glow blue once more, and the leech seeds sprouted from underneath its leafy foliage at its sides. Sevi's tail and fangs glowed a purple aura and glared down Kit, while Jalorda glared down Sky.

Although, something was off. He looked toward Stan and then the Zoroark. He asked with a curious expression: "How is she family? Do you know her? And how long has be been here? Also, who was her trainer?"
Alex stared at the paper for a while, then compared it to something in her book of fanfictions, her hands shaky. She burst into tears eventually, holding both close and rocking back and forth. "This... this is really, really bad... I... um... th-this is mine, I did it... I... I'm so s-sorry..."

Ben held onto her, apparently protective when drunk. "One little drawing and it all goes to shit, eh?"

Stan's eyes widened, then narrowed. He seemed caught here - but he'd done the right thing. He'd always done the right thing, no matter where it led. So he didn't let the girls kill his family. He just did the right thing yet again, and told the truth. "Stan come from same bad place, so she family." He hung his head briefly. "Stan very sorry he found out about big secret. It accident... It Stan's fault about Tyler too, it also accident. Stan caught feeding family and Chad thought... you know."

One by one, Stan summoned his Pokemon: Incineroar, Primarina, Decidueye. "Go back home," he said quietly. He didn't want them to know any more about the past, and figured he was about to get quizzed on it.
Seeing this, Salazar actually felt sorry for the poor brute. He asked: "Did you take Alex's drawing, or did you have Alex draw that for you? And.... What happened? You didn't want Chad to know about your family? And you took Kit's knife?"

Arbo didn't like it when Alex started crying, so he slithered around and coiled her, resting his head against her shoulder. Jalorda and Sevi kept a close eye on everyone until Salazar was done speaking to Stan. He couldn't believe it. So Stan did this, or at least accidentally killed Chad. His eyes were full of curiosity, yet sadness that Stan had ever had to go through the same damn place. No wonder why he had broken English.
Stan shook his head, slowly. "It many things. Chad know about Stan's family... Chad want to hurt family. Chad want Tyler dead or broke, Stan did listen. Stan not stupid. Stan loves Alex, like little sister, like best friend, but... Then Stan hear Ben and Stan hear Chad, last night. Fighting. Kit hate Chad, too. Everyone want Chad dead, because Chad ruining circus. So when Alex say she want him dead too, Stan help. He ask her for very specific 'love spell... coded instructions for family. Stan's family make mistakes, but Stan not mind. She do her best."

He lifted his chin slightly. "If Snake Man has any questions, Stan answer."
Hearing all of this, yes he didn't like Chad, but he had no idea everybody else hated him. Stan did this, and he did it to protect his family, as well as everybody else here. That's why he left Zoroark with Tyler; to protect him from Chad. Everything swirled in his mind, everything was being answered so far and it all seemed like sense. He then asked: "How did you get Kit's knife? And why was Zoroark with Tyler all this time? Hell, Tyler said he found her on the side of the road, in a ditch when he had to practically drag his ute up the hill. Why? And where did you guys come from?"

He wanted everything answered. He didn't care anymore. He looked about to make sure nobody was going to pull any fast ones on anybody. He made sure the Zoroark's hand was still in his while he got the answers from Stan. Man, was he a fool for believing in Kit.
Thankfully, it seemed the girls weren't trying anything funny, though Sky's Pokemon were now filing onto the stage in some confusion. They immediately hissed at Salazar's dratted Pokemon, but Sky pulled them into line with a single glare.

Stan hummed some tune or other, staring at the tent's ceiling. If he was convicted, he had a feeling it was the last time he'd see such a thing. "Long time ago, two girls fight over knife. Stan take it to stop fighting. He think he give it back when they stop fighting, but... Well, many years later, he leave it with Ben-bo. He know what to do about it, he wise enough."

He shrugged. "Stan not know why Tyler find her like that. But... Ben find Stan same way, long time ago. Because Stan break gladiator code, he driven out to middle of nowhere and left in ditch. Same cuffs, too."

Ben flinched at that. "F-for the record, I did not know you'd killed folks when I picked you up." Alex let out a muffled noise and hid her face in the book.
Salazar just stared wide eyed. So Stan and Zoroark both fought for survival and for their client's money? Gosh... He seemed at a loss. Stan seemed such a nice guy, and only did what he thought was right: kill someone who had brought much travesty upon the entire circus. Salazar couldn't help but stare in complete shock and worry. He actually liked Stan because he was an extremely nice guy. He had no idea he had a killing streak. Well, at least they know now. Salazar guessed that Zoroark must've stabbed the note in the drawer, or at least somebody did.

Jalorda and Sevi both tensed at the Pokemon's introduction, but they halted in their incessant writhing. Salazar felt so upset. Why did it have to be Stan?? He looked toward Ben for help. He didn't know what to do with Stan, or his Zoroark. But they certainly couldn't keep them... But he also didn't want to condemn him to jail-time. He heard stories of what it was like in there. It wasn't pretty.
Stan just stared straight ahead, his expression blank. At the end of the day, he was just a tool for fulfilling others' hopes and dreams. In this, he would help others any way he could. And if those hopes were all for killing someone else...

Ben stood, swaying slightly. "G-go back to whatever ditch you crawled out of. You killed my nephew." He reached for his Pokeballs, but Alex hastily darted up besides him and stayed his hand.

"Run," she told Stan. "And... please don't think about coming back. Um, m-maybe try that other place, it sounded... heroic?"

She hardly needed to say much more than run, really. The brute turned and charged off, though other than a very angry Ben and the Zoroark, who tugged on Salazar's arm, it didn't seem like anyone else had the heart to pursue him. They just stood quietly, lost in their own awful thoughts.
Salazar looked down at the Pokemon, kneeling down so that he was eye level with her. He cocked his head to the side, as if wondering what she was wanting. Meanwhile, Sevi and Jalorda watched as the large man left, and Arbo returned to his trainer, watching Stan run. Salazar couldn't help but think about Stan now.

Stan had helped everyone, even though it was unwarranted, it was nice that he at least tried to help. Salazar had to fight the tears that had started to brim at his face, tears that he hadn't shed in years. At least Ben doesn't have to worry about the cops this time. That is at least a plus.
Kit was first to leave. She seemed... more ashamed than anything, really. All this fuss over a stupid knife, and to think Stan had just been trying to keep the peace-! Ugh, she was so going to bury the thing later.

The Zoroark stared after Stan until she could no longer see, hear, or smell him. Then she threw back her head, and for the first time ever, let out a long, mournful wail. It was the first and only noise she'd ever made, and it went on and on, wrenching the hearts of all present. Even Sky, proud as she tried to be, had to lower her head in grief.

"Bastard... why..." Ben muttered in the silence, but nobody answered him. Perhaps because they all knew that, one way or another, they were responsible for his nephew's death.

The sun shone outside. Birds chirped. Trainers chattered idly with each other. And yet, for those who knew, it was an awful, horrible day. Ben raised his voice a little, and tried again:

"Nobody tells the police. Nobody tells anyone, period. Got it?"

He really needed a drink.