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Ask to Join Mystery Dungeon Online (Pokemon x SAO)

DISCUSSION: https://pokecharms.com/threads/mystery-dungeon-online-pokemon-x-sao-discussion.20063/
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'I'm.... online.'. Larion attempted to look at his hands, and didn't see any. 'Oh.. I'm a Gastly.'. People were teleporting into the game around him, and he could see an array of Pokemon. Quite a few Starter Pokemon and Pichus. Deciding to test the battles to see if anything had happened, he headed off outside the main town.

On the way to his preferred battle spot, he encountered a Pokemon anyways. Looking back at the main town, which was a countryside-style town in the countryside themed first world, he saw some other trainers heading out. In-fact, quite a few. He made a 'hmph' sound, hoping not to have someone steal his fight. The opposing Lillipup looked at him as a Gastly, and that was when he noticed that he couldn't actually fight the Pokemon. Instead, he attempted to flee, and was pulled back by the game. 'Hm..'. The Lillipup charged at him, and words appeared above it. "Tackle". He felt the body phase through him. 'Weird. This gear is cool.'.

He fled again, and it worked. Whilst searching for another battle, as the Lillipup disintegrated. Then a thought struck across his mind. Why didn't he decide to get some items for battle?

Five minutes later, Larion was back at the village, and had gone into the Poke-Mart. All the Poke-Marts and Poke-Centers had the same exterior and interior in each World, so it did look a bit modern in a countryside setting. He looked around the shelf, and found food. 'How does food work?' he mumbled to himself. He bought a pack of Pinap Berries, deciding to try a dream food for a fan like him. He read the packet, and it explained about berries. 'Oh... cool. Means I can live here. I think.'. Larion decided to take a look around the PokeMart.

(Just a bit of info for a Pokemon like Solosis or Gastly, you feel hands and legs, but they're completely invisible. Therefore, you don't look like you're touching something when you're attempting to press an option or something. You also look like you're bobbing when you're walking.)
(Also, berries don't fill your real hunger up, but the ones that do nothing (e.g. Pinap Berries) do. There's human food in-game too, but there's also some other stuff)
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Darrius had logged in a few minutes before Lairon, and he was also in the Pokemart, after buying some oran berries to heal himself after his first battle, where he learnt that choosing a Pokémon that can only learn Teleport by leveling up wasn't a good idea, aside from being annoying to your enemies. After he bought the berries, he went back outside, and said
"Ahh, this looks good. I quite like it here. Wouldn't it be funny if it turned into a life or death situation?" He laughed at his joke, there was no way that could happen from a Pokemon game, he thought. He decided to wander a bit, and see how interacting with other players worked.
Damian started to fade into the world just as many, many other players did, once he fully logged in, he looked at the admirable scenery as well as his own hands which were replaced by arms as white as snow, the same hands a Ralts would have. Up above him, he appeared to have a name tag which spelled out 'Gladius'.

Rather than go straight into battle, he decided to walk down to the town and see what there was whilst checking out what starting items he would have in his inventory. He noticed some kind of icon that had an image similar to a cloth, when he got it out, it turned out to be a brown cloak perfectly suited for a Ralts, so he put it on and smiled. "Alright MDO, let's see what you have to offer." He said as he punched upward and began to look around, still choosing to stock up before entering battle.

Once he stocked up on a few berries of different varieties, he set out to find something to battle, mainly something relatively close to the village. He spotted an enemy, but before he entered, he double checked his skill set. "Hmmm, Confusion and Double team... not a bad start as long as I don't run into a Dark Type." He said to himself before he ran toward the enemy and began to engage in battle, the foe appeared to be a Pidgey.
Larion thought to himself for a second, after exiting the Poke-Mart. He decided to test out some common modern-game mechanics that he hadn't tested yet. The time was accurate, and it was becoming sunset, 17:11. Then, after that, he decided to make his Item option appear, which was like a mini shelf. Nobody else could see the shelf, but if he pulled an item out, they would see it, and be able to steal it or interact with it, if they wanted to. He opened the pack of Pinap Berries he bought, keeping them in the shelf, and then he slammed the edge of the pack, and made a berry piece fire into his mouth.

He could taste it! It tasted similar to pineapple. This made Larion ecstatic for a reason. He could try nearly any Pokemon delicacy that he'd wanted to try since he was about 8. He swallowed the piece, and he felt it slip into his stomach... which was right behind his mouth? This 'MysteryGear' he had to wear to play the game was absolutely stunning. Other Pokemon looked at him in a bit of a weird stare, as the pack was floating in front of him, and pieces were flying into his mouth, as he walked. These were his invisible hands doing this.

Not long after, Larion was back out of the town, at his favourite World 1 grinding spot and hoped to find a non-Normal type. Whilst he waited, he sat down, and the Gastly just sat on the floor, nearly rolling over. As he attempted to get his balance, he opened his items after finishing the pack, and pulled out a Poke-Mart branded chocolate bar, and ate it. It wasn't near as good as the Pinap Berries. Then, as a Pokemon appeared, a Mareep, he fought it. Afterwards, he continued to fight more Pokemon, and didn't see anyone nearby.
Skylar slid on her headset, entering the world of Pokemon.. plus a massive crowd of players. She looked down, and appeared to have paws, along with a black tail with a yellow tip. She’d remembered choosing to be a Shinx before, so she must be that. The girl opened her inventory by raising a paw, and found a little white lily in it, which she put on her little tuft of blue hair. She decided to carry on to find a Poke-Center or a Poke-Mart to see which items the game had to offer so far.

When Skylar arrived at the Mart, she saw a Gastly leaving, plus an Abra laughing to itself, standing outside. She walked inside, not interacting with either Pokemon yet. She found the berry aisle, and bought a various amount of them, and also a croissant, then left.

Skylar went further outside of the village, and sat on a patch of grass. Mareep wondered around the field, going about their NPC lives, until the same Gastly she’d seen earlier wondered up, sat down for a bit, almost toppling over, and went to attack one. Skylar chuckled to herself, then started munching on her croissant, which she even tasted in real life! This VR was really something else. She just continued to watch the Gastly fight Pokemon, it was peaceful outside of the busy town.
Damian tilted his head from side to side to crack his neckbones which he could feel as if it was real. He stepped toward the Pidgey and began to battle it. After a few minutes of getting used to the battle system as well as the battle itself, the Ralts emerged victorious! ""I could get used to this." He said to himself as he looked around for more NPC Pokémon to fight, noticing a Shinx and a Gastly. He went over to battle a few Mareep just as the Gastly did, but rather than attack head on, he played smart and used Double Team so it was easier to dodge.

What he also liked about the combat system was how much easier it was for him to move around, which made his body seem lighter than usual. To him, it almost made him feel like a ninja. After a few battles, possibly over seven as that was where he stopped counting them, he actually felt a little bit exhausted and wiped a little bit of sweat from his forehead. "Well, that was a fun little distraction, and thanks to that, I'm level 6 and a half. Hmm, even though this is a game, I'm gonna take five." He said to himself as he looked around for whatever place on the field seemed cozy to him.

As he looked around, he decided somewhere around the Shinx or Gastly's vicinity was comfortable enough, so he went over to a location distant to the both of them because he didn't wish to disturb them. Once he sat down and brushed the side of his cloak lightly, he looked in his inventory and got out a bottle of soda pop, still cold as well. As he took a sip, it tasted just like a well chilled soda... and felt like one too as his throat couldn't help but let out a light belch.
Ava took her first, silent breath of the mysterious world once she logged in. The bubble frog Pokémon allowed a status option to appear before her big eyes, as she gently pressed on it with her left hand to allow for a small screen to pop up. The bar was completely filled and had a modest shading of shamrock green. A light sigh came from the little frog after a quick notice of the number five, as she thought, “Geez, I really need to get working on this... or else I’ll be like a little baby to everyone!”

The screen disappeared soon after, as Ava decided to head for the Poké Mart after ignoring a lizard Pokémon that gave off a seducing remark. The bubble frog Pokémon hopped towards a shelf, as she took a mental note of the various food-related items. She decided to grab a packet of Pinap Berries and a small bottle of freshly filtered water that would be suitable for the little frog.

After paying the cashier and heading out of the Poké Mart, Ava pulled up the item option and quickly placed the packet and bottle on the shelf. She closed the item option to prevent any sort of unexpected theft. A quick glance was directed towards the Poké Center, as she thought, “Oh boy... I really gotta hope I don’t ever end up there! I’ll probably be a huge laughing stock if I faint!”
Lucy wandered into a Poke-Mart, nearly tripping over her own legs and falling over. "Damn these tiny stubs," she muttered, waving off a few Pokemon that seemed worried. "I'm tall in real life, so it's just gonna take some getting used to. Should've chosen a Pokemon with longer legs," she joked. Lucy purchased a chocolate bar and some Potions, then put the Potions on her shelf and sat down on a bench, having to jump a little bit to get up there. At least I'm bipedal, she thought, watching some poor Litten trip on their paws and land snout-first into the walkway. Lucy sighed and began to chow down on her chocolate. It tasted real, and she paused after a bite and stared at the candy in surprise. The sensory features were certainly something else, but this was incredible...!
Elvira slipped on her headset, entering the world of Mystery Dungeon Online. She took a second to view her stubby, white paws and literal flippers for legs. She took a step, only to fall on her face due to not getting used to her feet. Elvira grumbled, getting up on her feet again before she waddled over to the Pokemart nearby. She had to stock up on items before she got out there to eliminate some lower leveled wild Pokémon.

After purchasing a pack of Oran Berries and a slice of strawberry cake, she placed these two items in her inventory, seeing that she wasn’t hungry right now. The Oshawotr then immediately set out to the wild to gain some levels and at least earn a decent move afterwards.
Lucy finished her chocolate bar rather quickly, then decided to go do some battling. After all, if she had any intention of beating this or even just being decent, she would have to level up. Jumping off of the bench, the Cyndaquil called up her moveset. "Tackle and Leer...Yeah, I definitely need to get some more moves..."
Larion noticed how many people were appearing at his spot. He looked over to a Ralts.
'You could sleep over here if you want. Or battle.'. He then noticed the Shinx. 'If you're looking for EXP, you could come over here. I've been on the first five floors on the Offline version, and this hill over here has a higher wild battle rate.'. He finished off his Geodude battle, and it got shot off, disintegrating.

After a while, he decided to log out. As he opened up the menu, Larion noticed something. It didn't exist. 'Guys, check your menu. Is there a button to log off?'. After a response, suddenly, a beam came from the spawn-point. He then started to disintegrate, and he appeared at spawn. Other Pokemon were appearing there, and there were a lot already. There was a massive Spiritomb in-front of them, and it had the title 'CREATOR'.

Larion took a large gulp, which didn't feel human, as he was a big floating ball of gas.
Damian turned to look at the Gastly. "I'll pass, thanks." He said before he went back to his soda... only to hear the Gastly complain about the lack of a Log out option, he went to check his menu only to discover the same problem. "That's not good." He said to himself before he saw himself dissolving on a strange light. "That's even less good." He added before he disappeared and reappeared in the spawning location. As he looked around, he started to notice other Pokémon also spawning as he did, the then looked forward and upward to see the giant Spiritomb loom over everyone. "Holy crap..." He said under his breath.
After fighting two Pidgeys and a Rattata, Elvira looked at her EXP amount when she pulled up her status menu.

“Level 7? And learned Water Gun?” Not bad.” She mumbled.

The Oshawott wadled around, looking for more wild Pokemon to fight until she remembered that she should be studying for that test she has the next day. Whoops. She sighed, pulling up her menu to search for the log out button. Wait, where was the log out button?

Before she could start even thinking about it, a bizarre light surrounded her, causing her to hiss out a curse.

The Oshawott then appeared at the spawn point, surrounded by multiple Pokemon.

“What in blazes?” She hissed.
Lucy took a deep breath as she paused from battling. She'd been going at it hard, and virtual sweat was beginning to form on her rendered forehead. "Guess I can call it quits for now," she said, pulling up her menu and looking for a log out button. "...Huh?" Lucy frowned. She couldn't seem to find it anywhere. But before she could try to do anything about it, she started dissolving into this bright light.

Lucy re-appeared at what looked to be a spawn point. She tripped with a shout of panic, quickly getting up and whirling her head around. There appeared to be many Pokemon surrounding her, all with expressions ranging from confused to panicking to angry. She looked at an Oshawott that she had been teleported next to. "What's going on?" she asked, and then she saw the gigantic Spiritomb. "And who the heck is that?!"
Ava decided to head to an area where some of the other Pokémon went to earlier. The Froakie managed to take down two Starlys and a Pidgey, as the frog Pokémon noticed a blue bar quickly rising. A brief moment later, she scanned the status screen after it popped up. The number above the yellow bar was two more than before.

Ava noticed the life bar slightly blinking when it was below half, with the number before the slash being seven and the number after eighteen. She gulped after noting the various bruises on her chest from taking a critical tackle and a powerful quick attack. She scurried back to the town soon after, as she attempted to ignore the somewhat burning pain.

“W- why is there no log out button? Is it like a bug or something? If there is, I’m definitely reporting it right now!” Ava thought while her hops started to become limp.

“E- eek! Is that like a boss or something?!” Ava cried the moment she saw an enormous, ghost-like Pokémon. It was apparent that the Froakie did not realize an Audino slowly approached her after the nurse Pokémon came out of the Poké Center.
Darrius, like most of the other players, headed to the area where people were battling, after battling a bit and getting to lv8, he too noticed the lack of a log out button, and said
"What in the blazes-?" He was cut off when he started to...Dissolve? When he reappeared at spawn and saw the spiritomb, he said
"What is going on? Who is that? Why is weird stuff happening!?" He was quite shocked, and looked at the Pokemon around him, hoping one of them knew what was happening. He asked a nearby Grans
"Hey, do you know what's going on? I sure as heck don't."
Skylar looked at the Gastly, who had now noticed her. She finished her food, and then got up. She happily trotted over to him with her paws. "Sure, I should probably up my level. I was going to wait to check everything out here, but this looks like a good oppurtunity!" She smiled with her cute little mouth, she really loved this new form. It was a chance to escape the reality of school.

As the Gastly looked for the Log Out button, Skylar jumped, then slowly opened her menu. It was true, it was.. nowhere. A big smile formed on her face, and she suddenly shouted, "We're trapped in a VIDEO GAME!" Although, her happiness turned to panic as everybody started to dissolve, including herself. "We're dying in a video game.."

Skylar was transported into a big arena looking area, along with many other Pokemon. She looked around to see the Ralts from earlier, but not the Gastly, or any tags she recognised. She walked up to the Ralts with confusion, "Do you know-" Her question was cut off as a huge Pokemon named Creator emerged from outside with its big booming voice. "What this is..?" She whispered to the Ralts, quickly finishing her question.


Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's
They logged on, and was in a big arena with many other Pokemon. "Well, I'll have so-What in the Blazes!?" Clark yelled. They looked at a giant figure from above, and around to the other Pokemon. "Okay, I gotta get out of-WHAT!? No log out?!" They said, surprised. "Okay...Okay...Stay positive. Maybe somebody around here will know what the heck is going on...! Yea. I can only hope." He said. Clark rushed through the crowd, going straight through a cloud of...Dust? "Wait...ghastly's are smart, right?" they said. Clark turned around, looking at what he just charged through. "Sorry!"
To everyone surrounding him, Larion just responded with 'sorry' to the Tynamo and 'I don't know' to everyone asking him questions. He just focused on the masive Spiritomb.

'Welcome to the first day of Mystery Dungeon Online... online. I hope you have enjoyed your first five days offline and first hour online. First point to discuss. The log-out point. In short, it's supposed to be like that. In long, you can only leave once you reach Floor 102. I'm afraid to say that we have lost a few thousand players due to someone forcing the helmet off. Not the best move, seeing that if you pull the headset off, the MysteryGear has a built in feature to kill you should you have all your team faint, or have someone pull it off. I won't go into detail for the young ones here.'.

Someone shouted out of the crowd, along with all the scared chatter 'You're sick!'. Suddenly, the Pichu disintegrated.

'Anyone else? No? Good. Just thought I'd mention to you, that's now added onto the number of deaths so far. You all know how the game works, so I won't discuss that. You also know all the rules, you can see them in each town. Oh, yes, don't worry about many more people taking off your MysteryGear off, it's well known on the news about this.... "epidemic". Safe travels!'.

With that, the Spiritomb disappeared. Larion looked around, and had a not-knowing-how-to-take-the-info face. He really didn't know how to take this. Was it exciting? Living his life with more excitement, not sitting down for years to come. He spotted a small child, a Bounsweet, crying to themselves. He could tell from the facial expression. 'What's wrong?'.
'My brother! He wasn't very good at the game whilst he was offline. So, he lost against a wild Pokemon. I thought he'd be at spawn, but we were far from spawn. Now I know he's not... here!'. She burst into tears. Larion attempted to calm 'PrincessFruit' down, but his hand phased through her. He looked in his item inventory, and found a leather glove. He attempted to put his hand in it, and some of the gas piled out, into the glove. Now he could physically touch with his right arm. How useful.
'Do you have a friend?', Larion responded.
'Oh... yeah! Well, no... it's my brother's. I mean, he's older than me, so I guess if you're thinking she can help me, then yeah...;'.
'What's her username?'.
'PikaQueen. Well, I guess I AM her friend, we all picked royal titles.... because that was our thing. I was the princess, she was the queen, my brother... was the king.'
'Oh, I think she's over there.'.

The Bounsweet ran to the Pichu he spotted, and they both started talking, crying, calming each other, and talking more. He smiled, and spotted others doing similar things to some other people. Even if they were going to be in danger, at least a lot of people had friends.... friends.... A TEAM!

To survive, wouldn't having a Rescue Team be good? Then reality crushed him. He had no friends. The closest people to friends were people he talked to. He sighed. He'd have to go solo.
Darrius was saddened by the Gastly's response, however, he was shocked, scared, and angry after the situation was explained. He was tempted to ask how they would be fed, but before he could, the Spiritomb disappeared. He floated away, and accidently bumped into a wall. He had no real friends with the game. What was he supposed to do without a team. They certainly wouldn't want to but the game after hearing about this. He looked around. He was tempted to see if people would help him because they knew who he was, but he realised he had made his username in a way that people couldn't recognize him. He cursed under his breath, and decided to try and find the Dungeon he had read up online he needed to complete to move on to the next floor. He decided to ask the Gastly from before
"Hey, uh, wanna work together? I know we don't know each other, but let's face it, we're all gonna need help for this. I'll be heading out of town soon, if you wanna follow?"
Lucy stood, shaking, after the Spiritomb disappeared. She was staring at the space that the giant Pokemon had just occupied, and would have been wide-eyed if she could, well...open her eyes. Grasping onto that thought, she grappled with panic and tried to stay calm. How does that work, anyway? I can see, but my avatar can't open its eyes. Speaking of avatars, maybe I should go get some armor or something so mine doesn't die? Nononono, don't think about dying, don't think about--Lucy realized that she was hyperventilating, and she wasn't the only one who was having a panic attack. Other Pokemon around her were having very mixed responses. Tears were flowing down her face freely from her eyes, which at this point would be squeezed tightly shut even if she could open them.

How am I going to make it here?
Damian was about to answer the Shinx's question when the Spiritomb began to explain everything. As he spoke, Damian began to become more and more shocked with the knowledge that if he faint in the game, he would die in real life. He looked around at those who began to panic and looked at his hand, a hand he once thought as just his avatar and now had to accept becoming what he played as. His hand began to clench into a fist in anger, turned toward the town exit and began to storm out. But halfway there, he began to think, he couldn't just charge through everything without a plan, he wanted to make it out and free everyone with as little casualties as possible.

"I'm going to the field to level up as high as I can before going to the Boss, who's with me?!" He called out. Most of the panicking Pokémon looked at him after the Ralts' statement, a few minutes later, a few Pokémon walked up to him and nodded, the few consisted of a Magby, a Squritle and a Deino. "We'll help out, lead on." Said the Magby. Damian was almost shocked at the response before he smiled and nodded. "Let's go then." He said as he and the Pokémon that joined him headed out of town and into the fields to train more.
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Ava’s heart dropped the moment he heard the Spiritomb’s speech, as she thought, “Ugh... so this is basically like life or death now, except that it’s me this time! D- damn it! I seriously hope that they got some sort of bug or glitch that I can use to level up really fast or maybe even get my stats to nine hundred and ninety nine so I can get the hell out!”

The Froakie’s hands twitched, as the bubble frog immediately fell over. Her mane of bubbles expanded to cover her entire body, as he heard someone asking, “A- are you okay there? Do you need any help?”

“N- no... I- I don’t know if I can really stay here,” The Froakie whimpered before the Audino gently lifted the little Pokémon.

“Let’s go talk in the Pokémon Center. You look a bit beat up, you shouldn’t be pushing yourself so hard,” The Audino calmly replied before the Froakie launched a bubble at an Aipom that laughed at her.

“Come on now, I know what that monkey did was wrong, but you gotta try to ignore them or something. Now, just stay still for a bit and this will be over in no time,” The Audino added before the Froakie emitted a loud croak the moment she spotted a pointy object.

“Eek! Get that thing away from me!” Ava cried after the mane of bubbles condensed, as she immediately hopped away from a small bed she was placed on earlier.

“Okay, I understand that you might be a bit scared, but this will only just take a second,” The Audino said, before the nurse sighed when the Froakie decided to make a break for the exit.

“Now you get back right here and right now young frog!” The Audino sternly commanded, before sprinting after the Froakie!

“H- help! T- there’s someone trying to stab me with a pointy thing!” The Froakie cried after hopping through the Poké Center’s doorway.

“Code nine! Code nine! We got an escapee! We need to go after that frog!” The Audino shouted to the Blissey approaching the counter.
Skylar shook after the massive Pokemon outside of the arena descended away, and slid down onto two front paws. She watched the Ralts walk away, hoping to level up and beat the game, as well as many other Pokemon determined or totally shocked wearily leaving the arena. After a lot more cleared out, Skylar saw another Pokemon in the distance. It was a Cyndaquil crying, she felt bad for her, and slowly walked over. She placed a paw on her back, "Hey.. We'll get out eventually! We just need to try out hardest.. right?" She said with a big smile on her Shinx face, then placed her paw back down to the ground. "We should go train with that Ralts, I'm going after them, you coming?" She said as she started to head off, waiting to see if the Cyndaquil would follow after her, too.

When Skylar reached the field, she saw the small crowd of other Pokemon rush to all the NPC's to try and level up, but she stayed back and went to the Ralts once more. "Hi again, this was a good idea, we should stick together. I was talking to a Cyndaquil, too, she looked upset, maybe she could team up, too, if you agree, anyways." She sighed, "We do desperate things in desperate matters.."

After speaking to the Ralts, Skylar heard a shout for help, and saw a blue figure bouncing away from a Poke Centre. She looked over and shouted, "ARE YOU ALRIGHT?"
“N- no! T- there’s a big Pokémon trying to put that pointy thing in my arm!” Ava quickly cried in her response, as the Audino sprinted towards the Froakie!

“Surrender quietly and take your medicine little frog. You can’t be walking around in that condition,” A Meganium calmly asserted after taking notice of the life bar above the Froakie. The yellow bar started to blink slightly quicker as a result of only being a little over a third full.

“W- wha... is this a different one? I could have sworn that there was a pink one chasing me, but this one’s green and got a flower around its neck thingy,” Ava thought, as the mane of bubbles on her body puffed up. She took swift notice of the shining needle on the syringe, as she slowly backed away from the Meganium.

“Come on Froakie, just stay still for just a second... it won’t take long, I promise,” The Audino said after catching up with the Meganium. Ava gathered some energy in a discreet manner, as she licked her finger and pointed it towards the sky.

“Guess I got no choice... it’s either this or eternal arm pain!” Ava thought before priming the energy towards the ground.
Damian and his small group all bean to spread out a little bit and started to fight a few of the NPCs, easily taking them down one by one, often at times one of the Pokémon would lightly flash along with a little ding being heard, notifying that they leveled up once or twice. Damian relentlessly took down his opponents with relative ease, eventually managing to learn a new move: Disarming voice, it wasn't the best attack for him, but as it could hit multiple opponents, it had some use. Before he could battle another NPC, he was approached by a familiar Shinx who he looked at with a small smile.

"Thanks, I figured we needed to all get strong so we can defeat the boss with little casualties, that's why me and the guys are taking our time and levelling up as much as possible. We shouldn't take the chance by attacking the boss head on, y'know?" He stated as he entered a battle but defeated the NPC whilst keeping his attention to the Shinx. "And of course the Cyndaquil can join; The more the merrier." He added.

Upon saying that, he began to think a bit more, as he was getting a few people with him in a group with similar goals, something began to stir in his mind. "Perhaps when I get the-" Before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by the distress call of a Froakie who appeared to be running away from... an injection? Well, there were a few people who didn't like needles, so he wasn't too surprised.
The Shinx's words brought Lucy back to reality. She shook her head and nodded, running after the Flash Pokemon. She apologized profusely to several confused Pokemon as she ran through the crowd. It was beginning to disperse, though; others seemed to be getting the same idea as the Ralts did and were going out to fields to level up. Lucy wondered what types of players they would be. She shuddered at the thought that she could possibly be attacked by any one of them if they felt the need to.

Once Lucy reached where the Shinx was leading her, she looked at the Ralts. "H-hi," she said, trying to catch her breath. "Looks like you've--*wheeze*--got quite the group here, mind if I...mind if I join up with you?"
Skylar giggled at the tired Cyndaquil, "He told me you can! It's great, isn't it? We're all making a team, already on the first day." She smiled, she was glad to meet some nice people already, who knows what this event will do to some, probably destroy them. She heard more distressed calls from the figure a little while away, and as it hopped closer, she saw that it was a Froakie. She went closer to it, also now realising its health bar. "You know, they're right.. you shouldn't be dying already.." She coughed to cover her tracks, "Like some.". She smiled at the Pokemon, "Anyway, I'll help you get through it!" She reached out a paw, almost toppling over on her three paws.
“I kinda had a bit of bad luck earlier, and let’s just say that black bird is smarter than it looks,” Ava replied before emitting a light sigh.

“Should I really do it? I’m not even sure if I have enough to do it... since this does hurt me quite a bit, and I mean like a lot!” The Froakie thought, as she glanced at the Shinx’s paw for a brief moment.

The bubble frog turned back to the Meganium, as she took a slight, backwards bound towards Shinx a split second later.

“A- achoo! I- I feel funny... W- what’s going on... urgh!” The Froakie cried, as she sneezed out a series of small, purple bubbles. She fell next to the Shinx soon after, as the bar continued to slowly deplete. A symbol having the picture of a red square with white bubbles appeared below the bar.

Ava’s focus shifted towards another group of purple bubbles she coughed out, as she thought, “Did I get sick... or something, because I think that little worm launched something, kinda like that little needle a wasp has.”

“Okay, maybe I’ll give the frog a bit of slack I guess,” The Audino hesitantly said, as the Meganium slowly picked up the Froakie using their vines.

“Alright, either you’ve caught Sudsoitis, or you’re poisoned,” The Meganium quickly stated.

“Okay, please close your eyes and think about something happy. This will only take a second,” The Meganium added to the mewling frog.
As Larion was making his way out of the arena, he was stopped by an Abra. 'Sure. I mean, you won't get much EXP without Rare Candies... I think there's a way I can help you. Follow me.'.

Larion was a bit irritated though, by his luck. Out of all the Pokemon he could be a friend to, it had to be an Abra. It HAD to be an Abra. One of the Pokemon that need to spend a ton of Poke-Dollars to actually be good enough to evolve. His semi-circle eyes did an eye-roll without the Pokemon looking. Hopefully, that Abra would evolve soon. 'Your name?'. Larion had a heavy Russian accent, and it was a bit passive-aggressive now.
Darrius smiled. He decided to tell his new ally his identity.
"I'm Darrius Moonglow, 'pro' gamer. Although I admit I hate that title." He smiled "And don't worry about me taking to long to evolve, I managed to get to lv10 before that guy showed up." He smiled, and cocked his head sideways "I prefer to level up the original way. By entering battle and hoping for the best."
'I was only asking for username, I'm Mec, but real name: Larion.... Alexandrov Larion Yaroslavovich'. He then looked at the Abra, who he now knew as Darrius. 'How'd you get yourself levelled up if you only have Teleport for a move? I'm showing you the TM section of the Poke-Mart if you haven't realised..... ah.'. The two walked into the shop, and Larion pointed at a small counter with multiple discs behind it. 'Go get one, you should have 10,000 if you're on Level 10, huh?'. Larion looked at the TMs, and looked back 'They're pretty bad.. you might find a good one for an Abra.... it is only World 1 after all.'.
"Eh. Making things run into trees is more effective than you think." Darrius replied. He looked at the TMs. He remembered every move Abra could learn via TM. And picked up a TM for Shadow Ball. It cost all of his money, but he bought it anyway. He went over to his ally, and said
"There. Got one we can both use. You happy now?" After getting out of the shop, he used the TM on himself, And then have it to his ally, figuring he would use it
"Here. Use it."
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Damian kept battling NPC after NPC, his health was surprisingly still promising. One of his teammates however seems to be in a bit of trouble, which the Ralts instantly noticed and ran over to assist him. The Squirtle who he teamed up appeared to have a yellow health bar that was on the verge of going red, but they managed to defeat the NPC before he wheezed in exhaustion. "Are you alright?" Damian asked. "I'm good... just need a potion or two, I feel like we should take five at some point." The Squirtle suggested. "You're right, we should heal up. Guys! That's enough training for now, let's head back and rest a bit." Damian called to the others.

"I could use it; I'm almost out of PP on all my moves." The Deino said. "Let's go to the Pokémon center and wait until later to get and use healing items." The Magby said. "Alright, let's get a move on, perhaps I can make this into a proper Guild." Damian said, the Pokémon looked up and smiled upon the word 'Guild.' "Yeah, we all have the same goals, it's only fair we band together officially." The Deino said as the group made their way to the Pokémon center.
Skylar gave another warm smile to the distressed Froakie, turning to a frown as he started to look poisoned. She nodded to the Meganium after it had spoke, and it put the needle into Froakie. Skylar also looked behind her to see Damian with his group coming to the Centre, probably to heal up. She'd heard about the guild, and also perked up. She ran over to them, "That sounds.. good, actually. I'd like that too, but I think I'll keep training, I got a little distracted.." She giggled, looking back to Lucy and Ava. She walked off back towards the field, conveniently bumping into some NPC's. Three Mareeps had gathered around her, and she used the best Leer and Tackle she ever could. She successfully beat them, then went on to fight some more, then more, and more.

By the end of her training, Skylar had achieved a few more levels, bumping her up to level 7. It would be easy to level up from so low, anyway, so she didn't worry about it. In a few more levels, she would get some new moves. She headed back to the Pokemon Centre at half health and met up with the Ralt's and its group again. She went up to the counter, and saw a leaf popping out from behind, which emerged from the side, appearing to be a Chikorita.

"Hey there, Meganium and Audino are a bit busy right now, I'm free to serve you!" It said in a high voice, obviously the Meganium's offspring, or something.

"Thanks, I really need healing!" She told it, then it lifted a little leg and her health raced back to 100. She bowed her head as thanks and walked away again.
Lucy had gone with Damian's group to the Pokemon Center. "I'd like to join the Guild," she said, "There's strength in numbers, and if people band together then we'll have each other's backs, right? Maybe it's a little naive, but it's better than nothing." She knew that some people weren't necessarily trustworthy, but you couldn't know unless you tried. Plus, Lucy had never really been the competitive type of gamer. She'd planned on getting on and progressing slowly, mostly playing to take in the experience of it and maybe make a few friends, but that didn't seem likely to happen with the inability to log out and all. The Cyndaquil was Level 14, now, though, and had learned Quick Attack. That was something.
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Larion looked quite satisfied with the Abra's techinique 'That's smart for an Abra.'. He then noticed the TM that was handed to him. 'I have that move already.'. He handed it back. 'Well, I'm going to fight some Pokemon, you coming?'.
As Larion headed into the field, he decided to look at his Level, which was 12. As they arrived a few steps out of the town, a Grimer spawned. It used Payback much faster than the Gastly could react, and he was smashed back. 'I forget Pokemon moves are so real. And that it's night-time.'. He got up and managed to confuse and faint the Grimer, and gain EXP from it. 'Hey, Level 13. Definitely need 14 now.'. He continued to fight some more Pokemon.

(Some things, @Red Gallade a guild costs 20,000 Poke-Dollars to create (forgot to mention) for when you do so, and @Fraseandchico mind it if you edit out the part on the 'using real money' thing? And another thing, I'm thinking using an item to evolve Pokemon like Haunter, one called the 'Link Machine'. They're rarely found in dungeons, probably after like Floor 30)
Darrius caught up quickly, and managed to faint a lot more Pokemon than before, managing to reach lv15 before realising he was now in red health. He said
"Ah geez. I'm on low health... Good thing I got Oran berries earlier!" After eating three of them(for some reason, he hadn't gained much health from levelling up), he realised his stomach was now full. He said to his teammate
"Hey! Need any Oran berries? I've got 5 left."
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“Coming through, gotta get the little froggy to bed right away!” The Meganium asserted, as she sighed in relief when she noted the life bar above the Froakie slightly refilling itself. The status queue appeared to be lacking the poison status. However, a blue square popped up with various plus signs. Two red squares appeared, as one had a sword with an arrow pointing down and a boot with an arrow pointing in the same direction.

“Okay, I guess she wasn’t kidding about that hurting a lot... I’ll probably need to find something else then,” The Audino thought, as she followed the Meganium carrying the Froakie in their vines.

“Alright, set her on the small bed next to the one with that bat. She needs to rest for a bit like he does, since her current condition’s still not as great,” The Audino stated, as the Meganium nodded and gently placed down the Froakie on the bed. The staff promptly left the room, closed the door and returned to their other, everyday tasks.

“Urgh... I feel better, but not at the same time! Eek, this feels like I got stung by the killer bee!” Ava thought, as she shifted her attention to a bat-like Pokémon sobbing on their pillow.

“U- umm... w- what’s wrong? E- everything a- al- alright?” Ava inquired the little bat, as he looked towards the frog with his watery eyes.

“S- same thing as you, but kinda got t- too c- c- cold!” The sound wave Pokémon retorted, as a loud, supersonic noise rang from his speaker-like ears!

“E- eek! O- okay, I guess I’ll take that as a no. Maybe I should try to help him out since he looks so lonely, even though he’s four levels higher than me,” Ava thought, as she silently hopped onto the other bed the other Pokémon lied in.

“P- please don’t make f- fun of me j- just because I’m a little Noibat and having some bandages on like y- you do!” The Noibat quickly cried, as Ava gently patted his head.

“I- I won’t... I can’t really see the point in that. Besides, I think that we should get some rest first,” Ava responded, as the Noibat gently hugged her.

“A- alright... b- but only if you’re not too rough,” The Noibat quietly said, as he gently pulled the blanket up. Ava carefully lied on the left, dry pillow before shutting her eyes. The Noibat turned his pillow over and dozed off with the frog several seconds later.
After a while, Larion had reached Level 14, and his health was low. 'Damn.... don't wanna die.'. He took a few Oran Berries off Darrius, after eating his, and he was back near full health. 'We should probably get some sleep. I might just take a nap under a tree or something... nah. I'll use something in a town.'. However, as he turned around, something caught his eye. He turned back. 'What is that?'. There was a grey thing in the distance. 'Oh! Follow me!'. After a few minutes of walking, and blasting some wild Pokemon away, Larion arrived. 'Hey. That's a dungeon! But it's not in the right position? It should be near the edge of the map!'. The door had a 2 above it. 'It's the second one, we can still do number 2, first, the game's not that strict. Anyways, even though we're like, five levels above the actual dungeon's Pokemon, I still don't think we should go in with just the two of us.'

'What can we do to mark this place?'.

(Remember, we can't level up too fast, can we cap it at 20? After Level 20, it gets much harder to level up, the EXP needed skyrockets fast)