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Ask to Join Out of the Ashes (Mature RP)

The world of pokemon has changed. Allowing young children to go on pokemon journeys allowed them to grow strong and independent from a young age. It created problem solvers and lit an ambitious fire in the youth of all regions. Yet it was not long before the regions felt the repercussions of such actions.

It is needless to say, but for every victor there must be a loser. With all the food, supplies, and travel necessities trainers need, it isn't a cheap profession. And only those who are very effective at raising their teams can make a profitable living.

As the number of people who couldn't make the cut increased, crime, both violent and nonviolent, went on the rise. As did adult unemployment, poverty, and the number of children awarded to the state each year. Important jobs were beginning to become understaffed. Gangs began to pop up everywhere. While most never reached the size it scope of a group like Team Rocket, they were still quite dangerous.

The nations came up with a unified plan: The Youth Redemption Program. With society in all seven nations going on a down slide, many of the offenders and gang members were teenagers either trying to break away from their families or trying to make extra money through any means. The goal of this program is to reform wayward youths between the ages of 15 and 17. Before that age, it is believed they can still potentially turn their lives around without the intervention of the Y.R.P. Once you're 18, the government refuses to use the resources of the program on you as you are legally an adult.

If one is entered into the program, they will be made to wear a tracking bracelet. This is to keep an eye on the program members, as they are children, and to make sure those in the program for crimes stay on their best behavior. They member will be given a first stage pokemon and will be placed in a group of six people. While training pokemon has become something of a professional sport, many other areas still have a high demand for those with pokemon experience. The group of program members will then undergo the pokemon challenge until they can either pass a behavioral health assessment or they turn 18. As all of the regions are in on this program, the groups can take on challenges from other regions.

It is the hope that the youths in this program can learn responsibility and many applicable skills on these journeys and that they can help each other learn interpersonal skills.

The pokemon league challenge has become much more difficult. Supplies are expensive. Lose too many times and you may have some pokemon taken away. Many teams are corrupt and many of the systems seemed rigged against those unable to afford the very best pokemon from breeders.

You are about to begin your journey as a teenager in this program. Can you turn your life around and rise to the top?

Program Members:

  1. Follow Pokecharms rules and guidelines.
  2. No power playing or bunnying.
  3. As there are only five open slots at the start, you can only have one main player character, for now.
  4. One shiny is allowed per team.
  5. Romance is allowed but don't take it any further than kissing.
  6. Light cussing is allowed but don't do it all the time.
  7. Your posts must be at least two paragraphs.
  8. Levels are not something the characters are conscious of; it is a means for us as players to keep track of when our mons evolve and what moves they should know. It does not necessarily indicate the strength of the pokemon, just their cumulative battle experience.
  9. Six moves are allowed for each pokemon. Still not quite believable, I know, but it does seem realistic that pokemon would have six moves it uses primarily. However, the starts won't have all six moves right away.
  10. Our starters are at Level 5.
  11. All characters start with $1,500 as provided by a sponsor for their program team. After this, they expected to earn on battles.
  12. All trainers must wager at least $50 a battle. Professional battles such as gyms battles may require wagers as low as $100 or as high as $500. Tournament battles may not require a wager as the money there comes from other sources.
  13. No fakemon, please.
  14. The price of items are 1.5x what they cost in Pokemon Black and White.
  15. While this is a mature roleplay and the characters have likely been through some things, don't be too graphic.
  16. This roleplay is starting in Kanto, we can decide on the specific town together.

Signature Requirements:
• You are to keep track of your money in your signature.
• Each pokemon of your team must be listed in your signature with their nickname (if applicable), their ability, their level, and their moveset.

Character Form:
Reason for being in the program:

Pokemon Bio:
Other Notes: