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  1. BriefStar

    Ask to Join Johto Adventure Retry

    RP Discussion It was a bright early morning in New Bark Town. Some of the people of the small town are already getting started with their morning routines as they get started with their day. We find ourselves at the home of one of the new trainers starting their journey. "Oh, come on just...
  2. MelodyMay

    Ask to Join Out of the Ashes (Mature RP)

    Plot: The world of pokemon has changed. Allowing young children to go on pokemon journeys allowed them to grow strong and independent from a young age. It created problem solvers and lit an ambitious fire in the youth of all regions. Yet it was not long before the regions felt the repercussions...
  3. NerdySquirtle

    Private/Closed Johto: The New Gym Leaders

    Discussion/Signups A blonde trainer sat on a cliff of route 45 with his gligar as the sun slowly rose, “Well, good morning,” Flynn said, he got up and grabbed his white jacket next to the campfire they had used that night. “We should get heading to cherrygrove, I want to challenge the Violet...
  4. NerdySquirtle

    Private/Closed Johto: The New Gym Leaders (Signups/Discussion)

    Hey! This is a sequel to the roleplay Kanto: The New Gym Leaders, fortunately for you, there isn`t much you need to know Rules are: Pokecharms global and rp rules, people usually think these are simpler than they actually are I would prefer you don`t take any of the eight types from the...
  5. NerdySquirtle

    Private/Closed Kanto: The New Gym Leaders

    Hey ya`ll, this is my first time making a rp, but I`ve been in about 8 Disscusion Thread This is an rp about a group of trainers training to become gym leaders in kanto. Unfortunately, nobody can join from now on and the thread is private Rules: 1. Obviously both the pokecharms global and...
  6. Cryronn the Mudkip

    Ask to Join Pokemon Z: The Beginning and End.

    Discussion:https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-z-discussion-the-beginning-and-end.16928/#post-495696 Welcome to Lumiose City, Capital of Kalos! Seems you'll be just flying in when you get this message, or, if you already live here, at home. Swing on over to my lab to collect a starter. You...
  7. alolan_beldum

    Ask to Join Iko region adventure!

    This rp is basically a typical trainer journey, with 8 gyms and an elite four and champion. It takes place in the Iko region, my own fanmade region. (I'll have a map for it added to the rp at one point, depending on if anyone joins). The rules are the same generic rp rules. Character Info...