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Private/Closed Kanto: The New Gym Leaders

Hey ya`ll, this is my first time making a rp, but I`ve been in about 8

Disscusion Thread

This is an rp about a group of trainers training to become gym leaders in kanto.
Unfortunately, nobody can join from now on and the thread is private

1. Obviously both the pokecharms global and roleplay rules
2. You can only use one type or pre-evolutions of them (So like bidoof for a water gym, but you need to evolve it eventually)
3. To be a gym leader you must first get 8 badges
4. Each type may only have a single rper, I may make an exception if two trainers are direct rivals
5. Completely disreguard the fact that gyms are supposed to be beaten by most trainers (So your allowed to have fully evolved pokemon by the end)
6. We start around Pewter city
7. Currently you have one (Or 2 if absolutely necessary) first evo stage pokemon
8. This is a much more diverse kanto, so foreign pokemon are wherever they would make sense to live
9. Romance is fine, just don`t go past kissing
10. Fakemon are alowed as long as you give a detailed explanation of there design and you can only have one

Oh, by the way, thanks to Gallaer for editing these together

And finally the Character Bio, I would prefer that you keep it short and instead we explain our characters backstory and personality slowly threw the story, like a novel, but a quick one is kinda necessary here`s mine, use this format and make sure it`s in spoilers to keep things neat

Name: Christopher
Type: Steel
Age: 15
Appearance: Silver hair, black short, grey shirt
Home town: Canalave City, (Sinnoh)
Pokemon: Riolu

Ok is that done? Yes? let`s start

A boy with silver hair named Christopher walked into pewter city, "So this is how our journey starts, huh?" he said looking down to his riolu, "Well before we own our own gym, we need to beat them all," he said as he walked into the pokemon center. He gave his riolu to the nurse, and sat down to wait for them to finish, he was still being affected by jet lag from the flight from Sinnoh earlier.
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I hope you don't mind if I join
Name: Asteria
Type: Fairy
Appearence: Light blonde hair, sky blue eyes, cute pink lace tulle dress, pink ankle strap closed toe heels, her stunning long blond hair is always styled into a high ponytail that's tied with a adorable pink ribbon bow with a single pale pink rose in the middle, a lace pink choker with a golden heart hanging the middle, white fingerless lace gloves,she has a pink poketch that has the ability to call on her right wrist, Asteria has a pink quilted leather backpack, she has porcelain like skin that's fair as snow, a small petite body, natural soft pink lips, and her nails are all painted pale pink.
Pokemon: Togepi
Asteria walked into the Poké center of Pewter city with her beloved Togepi in her arms. "Alright Togepi were just gonna rest for a bit sense I know you need to eat now my little angel" The blond beauty cooed as she softly carresed her Pokemons face with her slender hand which caused the small fairy type to giggle.
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Christopher overheard a girl saying something about food, he then looked down at his stomache as it gave a rumble, "I didn`t realise I was so hungry," he said to himself. He was then called up to the counter to get his pokemon, he walked past Asteria and took his riolu from the counter and ordered soup. He then began to walk back to wait for his food.
This seems interesting, I'd like to join plz, here's my bio.
Name: Brian
Age: 14
Type: Psychic
Appearance: Dark blue/Grayish hair, Hot Pink eyes, White Fedora, Black closed leather jacket, Purple jeans, White sneakers
Home town: Opelucid City (Unova)
Pokémon: Ralts (M)
Other notes: He carries an I-pod with him which has classic music, calm music and smooth jazz.
Brian calmly walked through the entrance of the Pokémon center and walked up to Nurse Joy. "Excuse me, I'd like to heal my Pokémon here, please." He asked as he put a Poké ball on the counter. Nurse Joy nodded and took his Poké ball to heal the Pokémon within it. Brian then went to find a place to sit, when he did, he started to whistle a calm tune as he waited for the recovery of his partner. As he whistled, he got out a coin and started to flip it along with a few other coin tricks to which he pulled off professionally.
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Before Asteria could get food for her precious pokemon the device on right wrist started to ring and on which the female had to answer, "hi Mom, no I'm doing okay, I love you too, bye" Asteria said into the device with an annoyed expression. The blonde then ordered some food for her Togepi which caused the small pokemon in her arms to yell in happiness. "I know you excited my little Angel, but you need to lower your voice" the girl stated as the fairy pokemon noded it's head.
Brian looked back at what made the noise and smiled slightly at the fact it came from Asteria's adorable Togepi. Even while looked back he still managed to flip his coin flawlessly. When he looked back at Nurse Joy, the latter alerted him that his Pokémon was healed and so he got up to collect him. "Thank you very much." Brian picked up his partner with one hand and tipped his fedora to Nurse Joy with the other. He turned around and threw his Poké ball straight up and caught the Ralts that came out. "How're you feeling Ralts?" Ralts responded with a playful flex in Brian's arms to which the latter faintly laughed at. "What do you say we go get something to eat eh?" Ralts nodded as Brian headed over to get some food.
Once Asteria got her food she instantly sat down at a table near the window so her little Togepi could look outside while eating its food. While Asteria wasn't paying attention, Togepi jumped down from it's seat before following the male trainer with the Ralts in his arms.

Asteria didn't notice that Togepi was gone so the blond female look down at her poketch to see if she could find anything interesting that was going on but there wasn't anything that really caught her eye except the news of the Fairy type gym leader in Kalos named Valerie, Asteria really looked up to Valerie ever sense she was a kid who saw the fairu gym leader battle with so much elegance and style, Valerie was actually the reason the female trainer fell in love with fairy type Pokemon. The blond girl looked up to smile at her little angel but was met with an empty chair, Asteria abruptly stood up before frantically searching the center for her beloved pokemon.
Brian let his Ralts rest on his shoulder, but before he could order his food, Ralts let Brian know that Togepi was right behind him. He turned around and crouched down to the latter. "Hey there lil' guy, what's an adorable Pokémon like you doing here and not with their trainer, who I assume is the one with the beautiful hair?" He asked as he gestured to Asteria. Ralts gave Togepi a wave as he remained on his trainer's shoulder. Brian gently picked up Togepi and walked over to Asteria. "Excuse me. Is this your Togepi?" He asked as he lightly held the latter out to her.
Asteria gently took Togepi from Brian's arms, "thank you so much, I don't know what I would have done if my little angel got lost" the female stated. Togepi squirmed in in the girl arms before jumping out and landing on the table where there food was. The little pokemon then picked up a orange pokepuff before gesturing for the Ralts to take it.
Ralts hesitated for a moment at the offer and looked at Brian for his permission. The latter smiled and nodded at his partner before he turned back to Asteria. In the background, Ralts happily took the pokepuff and offered half to the Togepi. "No problem, I figured he was yours because I recognised your beautiful hair... and how you reacted when you didn't see him." Brian chuckled lightly. "Name's Brian." He said as he tipped his fedora to her. "What's yours, and does your cute little partner have one?" He added.
Asteria giggled when Brian called her little baby a "he". "Nice to meet you Brian, I'm Asteria and the him you mentioned is Angel my baby girl" the blonde stated as she covered her mouth in attempt to keep herself from laughing.

Togepi shook her head as Ralts offered to split with her, instead the fairy type took a pink pokepuff from her plate and began to nibble on the frosting.
Brian scratched the back of his head and laughed lightly at his mistake. "Oh, I'm sorry..." Meanwhile, Ralts shrugged and nibbled his pokepuff, he jumped off Brain's shoulder to join Togepi on the table. "Either way, Angel's an adorable Pokémon you have there. What brings you here anyway? Or is it the typical 'recover from a battle' kind of thing?" He said as he put one hand into one of his pockets.
"oh well we came here because it was the closest city from the airport where our plane landed" she stated. "Now give me your reason for coming here, did you just arrive here from a different region or are you from this rebion?" Asteria asked.

Angel finished the frosting is the pokepuff before burping loudly which caused her trainer to turn around and look at the fairy type who gave the blond girl a sweet smile.
"Nope; same reason as you, we must've had different planes unless you also come from Unova." Brian said.
Ralts had finished one half of the pokepuff and proceeded with the other half. Brian looked at Togepi when she burped. "Yup, cute." He said with a smile.
"me and Angel are actually from the Kalos region, but we had to come here by ourselves sense my dad is busy with the company and my mom is close to becoming the Grand Dutchess at the battle chateau" Asteria explained before softly patting Angels back which caused the Pokemon to burp once again
"Battle Chateau? That sounds interesting, what is it?" Brian asked as he gained interest. When Ralts ate the last of his pokepuff, he too belched after his generously offered meal. Brain looked to Ralts with a smile. "Excuse you, buddy." he said with a small chuckle and gave Ralts a pet on the head who soon returned to his trainer's shoulder.
"the battle chateau is where trainers from all over Kalos meet to battle each other and the stronger the trainer the higher their rank is and all the trainers compete to see who would become a new Grand Duke or Dutchess, but to be able to do that you must have the rank of a Duke or Dutchess and from what I've heard only Last Diantha has been able to become a Grand Dutchess" Asteria stated as she gave Angel a glass of water. "But I know my mom can do it sense she and her partners Tsunami her Gyrados and Kronos her Metagross have been undefeated so far" the female informed.
"Wow, that all sound interesting, perhaps when the time is right, I might just head to Kalos and see it for myself. But for now, I need to train my partner and catch some new Pokémon. In doing so might help me discover what my hidden glory is." he looked down lightly at 'hidden glory."
Ralts looked out the window and for some reason blushed and waved lightly at something, although Brain didn't notice. "I never really thought about giving a nickname to my Pokémon, I'm not particularly good with names." He said with a slight look of shame.
"not everybody has to name their pokemon and like the only reason I even name my Togepi was because I was really young when I named her Angel, so there's nothing to be ashamed of" she stated with a smile as she placed one of her hands on Brian's shoulder
Brian smiled with comfort at Asteria's words. "Thanks, dunno why I felt left out there, heh." He said as he tried not to blush lightly, but failed. Ralts jumped off Brian's shoulder and began to look around. "Where do you plan on going anyway? If you like I could come with for the company." He asked with a smile.
"well me and Angel were gonna head to Mt. Moon to look for some Cleffa or Clefairy and I would love it if you were to go with us sense Angel gets really lonely easily and if Ralts were there Angel would have the time of her life" Asteria stated as she gave Brian a quick hug before throwing the trash into a garbage can and picking Angel up
Brian smiled and lightly blushed as he took the hug, but what surprised him more was how quickly they became friends. He was about to call for Ralts before he realised he was on a counter browsing the food and noticed a man put a bowl of soup on the counter, before Ralts walked over to smell it, the person at the counter called for whoever ordered the soup. Brian smiled and went to pick Ralts up. "Now now Ralts, that's someone else's; you just ate."
"alright lets head out to route three sense I want to get to Mt. Moon at night so that we can see the moons true beauty" Asteria stated as walked out of the building with her heels clicking on the ground. "Are you excited to find a new friend?" The blond asked her Togepi who noded her head in excitement and making noises that sounded like a giggle
Name: Abbey Daron
Age: 12
Sex: Male
Type: Grass
Height: 5"8
Eye Colour: Red
Hair Colour: White
Appearance: His hair goes down to his shoulders and covers his left eye. He looks extremely feminine and gets confused for a girl most of the time.
Other: He wears female clothing instead of male clothing (Crossdressing Femboy). Albino. Has an extremely soft deep voice.
Pokemon: Shroomish
Gender: Female
LV: 7
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Brian let Ralts get back on to his shoulder as he headed out of the building along with Asteria. "I always thought the moon was pretty, but if this is a chance to see it in better quality, who am I to pass it up?" He asked rhetorically. They were unaware of the small figure who appeared to be following them whilst making sure to stay out of sight. Ralts thought he heard something from behind... but he shrugged it off a few seconds later. "So, you told me who your parents were, I suppose I might as well tell you about mine." Brian said nonchalantly.
"well that does seem fair, but you don't have to if you don't want to" the girl stated as she continued to walk with Angel in her arms. "I mean the only reason I talked about my parents is because I just love to brag" Asteria joked as she smiled at the male trainer

What Did You Do To Snoke?

Previously Ratbag the Coward
Name: Kai
Type: Fire
Appearance: Either dark red or black hair, black shirt and shorts, muscular arms, red bloodshot eyes.
Home town: Unknown Town on One Island (Sevii Islands) or Cinnabar Island.
Pokémon: Magby (Male)
Other notes: He has a complete disregard and hate for Pokemon not from the Kanto region and hates those who prefer not catch Pokemon from the region.
Kai plodded at a speed through Viridian Forest. "What do you mean you don't want to battle me?!" Kai shouted to himself. "Cowardly..." Kai had just beaten about six bug catchers in a row with his only Pokemon, Magby. Admittedly, Magby was a fire type and fire was super-effective against the weak bug type Pokemon used by the catchers. Now the dense trees that had been there before were caught on fire, many burnt down and into at least half of the plant that once was, after the fiery attacks. Kai didn't care. They were weak. The past was behind him. He had met a bunch of trainers from other regions and was utterly disgusted at the idea of them using Pokemon from other regions. Only Pokemon evolution lines from Kanto, Kai thought, could be in Kanto. Kai raised his fist. "If noone is going to teach these foreigners a lesson...I will. I'll beat them all down and incinerate them." He ran forwards and found himself outside of the forest. He was now in the concrete jungle that was Pewter City. He decided to heal his Magby up. He didn't heal his Pokemon often, because he thought it to be a sign of weakness. But one thing is for sure, if he met any foreigners or Pokemon from other regions, he would defeat them in a battle. Kai believed in the idea so much he wanted to become the King of Kanto just to prove his point and he would do it with force at all costs. But first, he would need to toughen up, to evolve his Pokemon and catch new ones.
Abbey walked down the streets of Pewter City after coming off a plane from the Orre Region. He had his suitcase handle in his left hand and his Shroomish on his right shoulder. He looked around and walked into the Pokemon Center to get a Pokedex and badge case. He got some food from the Pokemon Center and sat down at a table away from everyone else. Abbey got on his phone with his Shroomish hopping off his shoulder and eating the food he got her.
"Nah, you're right; it's too early for me to tell you, I'll just leave it as a story for another day." Brian said with a shrug. As they walked, the sentence 'Find your hidden glory' echoed in his mind. "I wonder what it is..." He muttered faintly. As they walked, he adjusted his fedora to a more comfortable angle and fluffed is coat a bit. Ralts nearly fell asleep on Brian's shoulder and almost fell off because of it. Brian laughed lightly. "Why not take a rest, Ralts?" Ralts nodded as Brian got out his Poké ball, returned Ralts to it in a flash of red and put the Poké ball in his pocket.

What Did You Do To Snoke?

Previously Ratbag the Coward
Nurse Joy handed Kai his fully healed Magby back. "Hope to see you again!" She smiled at him.

"Wait a minute...if you just said hope to see you again...doesn't that mean you want me and my Pokemon to get hurt?!" He grew tired and angry at the same time.

"No I just was looking forward to seeing you ag-"

"No! Don't lie to me!!" Kai's voice was a loud grumbling volcano and Nurse Joy was a field of grass to him, waiting to be boiled in thick hot lava. "You want my Magby to get hurt so you can profit! It's a capitalist scheme!!!" He yelled so hard some of the people in the Pokemon Centre looked at him.

"It's free, you trainers pay nothing!" Nurse Joy insisted. "You don't understand..."

"I understand perfectly. Why do I see one of you in every Pokemon Centre? Because the big businessmen have used their magical cloning devices to create one of you, an army...to do their bidding. I bet there's a command to make you attack."

"Please...you're creating a fuss..."

Then Kai looked around and saw Pokemon not from the Kanto region. The two Pokemon that caught his eye were Brian's Ralts and Abbey's Shroomish. Kai's face turned red as his anger increased. He turned and marched firstly towards Abbey. "If there's something I hate more than someone lying to me about a plot, it's someone with a non-Kanto Pokemon in Kanto!!"
Name: Gary
Type: Fighting
Appearance: Red bandana, brown hair, brown eyes, white shorts and shirt, tall with starting muscle definition
Hometown: Cianwood City
Pokemon: Tyrogue
Gary stretched his arms and yawned, a 2 hour long flight was far from his preferred method of transport but it was the fastest method to get to Kanto and there was next to no risk of jetlag thanks to the fact that Johto and Kanto were neighbouring regions. But he was finally in Pewter City and he was ready to face the Pewter City gym, one of many gyms that he was about to face with his partner Tyrogue. But the first thing that he had to do was visit the Pokécenter and call his parents that he made the trip to Kanto alive.
Angel heard loud screaming from the Pokemon center which caused the fairy type to scream and cry, "shhhh it's alright Angel I'm right here, nobody's gonna hurt you ever again" Asteria soothed her partner. "I've already made a promise to you remember Angel? I promised that I would always protect you ever since that day we met in Sinnoh during my family vacation, so there's nothing to be afraid of luv" the girl stated but the little pokemon continued to cry
Gary made his way to the Pokécenter when he saw a girl soothing a crying pokémon. "Hello, what made your pokémon cry if I may ask? I might be able to help." He smiled friendly at the girl and her Togepi.
Brian looked back at the Pokémon center where the shouting was coming from with a vexed look. "Sheesh, glad we got out of there when we did, if I were any closer to whoever's shouting in there, I might go deaf." He joked in an attempt to laugh it off and continue their journey. He walked faster to catch up with Asteria and help her comfort Angel.
Asteria look at Gary before sighing, "Angel is really jumpy and she doesn't do well in loud places and so if somebody just starts screaming out of nowhere it will start hurting her ears and it will make her start to panic" Asteria explained as Angel cling on to the blondes dress like no tomorrow as the female trainers outfit got a bit wet from all the tears. "Angel sweetie it's okay we're here for you and remember Ralts is going to keep you company later" Asteria stated as she tried to gently rock Togepi but the fairy type continued to cry
Christopher walked up to the counter to get his food, he then sat down and began eating with his riolu, "So, should we catch a pokemon, or challenge the gym?" he asked, he then looked up to see someone and his magby making a fit, wanting to get out he began eating quickly and soon was done, he then quickly gave the bowl back and the two began to leave, when they got out they saw the people they saw in the pokemon center earlier next to what seemed to be a martial artist, "Hey!" he said cheerfully walking behind them with his Riolu next to him, "What are all of your names?"
"Heya, my name is Gary! I want to become a gym leader like my dad!" Gary was enthousiastic but kept his voice down a bit to not startle the Togepi even further. He grabbed a Poké Ball and held it in front of him. "My partner is in here and together we will beat the Kanto gyms!"
"I'm Asteria and this is Angel " the girl introduced as she pointed to the crying pokemon in her arms. "Hush my dear Angel, there's nothing here that can hurt you" Asteria soothed, Angels sobs slowly turned into little whimpers before the fairy type Pokemon fell asleep which caused the blonde to sigh in relief.
"Oh wow, they`re so cute," Christopher replied looking at the small togepi, "Oh right, I didn`t introduce myself," he said stepping back, I`m Christopher and this is Riolu, I`m from Canalave city in Sinnoh, the gym leader there is an expert in steel types," he said, "So I`m gonna learn all there is about steel types," he said exitedly still trying to keep quiet not to wake the togepi.
Brian smiled at Christopher "Name's Brian." He greeted and tipped his hat to him. "Lemmie guess, you left because of the shouting within the Pokémon center?" He asked with folded arms. He looked past Christopher and noticed a small figure hiding in some bushes looking in his direction, but he brushed it off as he had company. of both people and Pokémon.