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Private/Closed Pokemon: 356.17 Days (Discussion)

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Introduction: "Such power we've already seen. But I don't see any help after all I have done for myself. Nothing can forgive me...But perhaps...maybe those grown orphans who share a life?" -Lysandre

Welcome to Twilight City. The centerfold junction of all transportation where people and Pokemon come in and out through greetings and farewells here in the Urbem region. This story takes place before Team Rocket's world domination, over 5 years ago when everything was never as it once was during it's final years

1.] Characters over the age of 10 and above must be allowed to enter. If the character is under the age of 10 and below will not enter for a specific reason. Adding characters is also allowed, only if you have a request to tell me.

2.] No romance or violent posts allowed. Anything that is explicit, I will report immediately. (Besides this is FAMILY-FRIENDLY!!! I'm not running on some charity here!)

3.] You must at least choose a faction between Team Fear, Twilight City Army Forces (T.C.A.F), and Team Beat.

4.] Your character have a transport card and your Pokedex have the Pokenav app at all times throughout the entire story.

5.] Follow the basic Pokechrams rules and guidelines.

Thanks, and enjoy! ♥

Name: Milo

Title: The key of the past

Age: 14

Faction: Team Beat (a street-gang team who works for world peace)

Personality: Shy, Relaxed, and Serious.

Info: Milo was born an orphan when his mother and father died during a train crash at the age of 8. He grieved long when he heard the news of a terrible accident. Then one day, at the age of 10, he was given a Snivy from the Unova region to support his needs of help. He even decided to join Team Beat to buddy-up with Team Beat Admin Ralph as an enforcer before he was given a Magnemite as a symbol of perseverance. Regardless of his father's torn Team Aqau clothes, he takes the burden of his father's will and wears his father's boots to show how he cares for his family. Now at the age of 14, since the reactor core crisis begun with an explosion, Team Beat, and the Twilight City Army Forces are working hard to put an end to this nightmare. While Milo works on taking out reject bots who plan to abduct citizens across the city.

Clothes: Black tank top, gray shorts, galar backpack, Team Aqua boots, and wristbands.


Level: 11
Gender: Female
Held item: Hard Charm
Nature: Relaxed
Vine whip
Work Up
Calm Mind

Level: 12
Held Item: Poison Barb
Nature: Mild
Thunder Wave
Thunder Shock

Level: 50
Gender: Male
Nature: Gentle
Dragon Pulse
Dragon Rush
Air Slash
Wing Attack

Name: Ralph

Title: The phantom owl

Age: 17

Faction: Team Beat

Personality: Teasing, brotherly, protective, loving, playful, mature, wise, strict, leaderly, eager, kind, caring, clumsy, and brave.

Info: Ralph is a boy who's family is run by Ghost type Pokemon. During his 10th birthday, he received a Rowlet from the Alola region and began his adventure with his buddy Pokemon. Later on at the age of 15 after he won the Alola League with only a team of Ghost type Pokemon with different types depending on their appearance, He then traveled to the Urbem region to join the leader as admin of Team Beat. Now, at the age of 17, he fights along side with Milo to do night shift duties on the streets of Twilight City to clean up all of the Reject bots that have been going crazy for a few days.

Clothes: Black shirt, brown pants, gray shoes.

Level: 45
Gender: Male
Nature: Brave
Spirit Shackle
Leaf Storm

Level: 88
Gender: Male
Nature: Admant
Dragon Dance
Phantom Forces
Dragon Darts

Level: 50
Gender: Female
Nature: Calm
Destiny Bond
Rain Dance

Rotom (Fan form)
Level: 51
Nature: Jolly
Air Slash
Volt Switch

Level: 54
Gender: Female
Nature: Docile
Ominous Wind
Icy Wind
Aerial Ace

Level: 102
Gender: Male
Nature: Naughty
Shadow Ball
Sucker Punch
Sludge Bomb
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Previously Night's Shadow
Name: Makani Manaloa
Title: The Deadly Sprite
Age: 14
Faction: Team Beat
Personality: Bored, distant, seems cold at first but is really just used as a coping mechanism, suppresses her emotions for the sake of being strong, vulnerable on the inside
Info: Makani, born and raised in Alola, ran away from home at age eight. Her parents, both renowned Professors, wanted her to follow in their footsteps, but Makani wanted to win leagues and become a Gym Leader. But she found herself unable to find work as an eight-year-old, and was cared for by her Pokemon until Team Beat took her in. She has tan skin, fine features, and silky black hair. Her eyes are a murky brown-black, and she is about 5 feet tall. She is severely underweight and has several eating disorders.
Clothes: Wears a pinkish-orange shirt with a pattern of black flowers up the side. It has an open back that her loose hair covers most of the time. Jean shorts and black sandals. Usually seen with at least one of her Pokemon out and about.


Alolan Ninetales
Name: Star
Level: 72
Gender: Female
Nature: Adamant
Dazzling Gleam
Aurora Veil
Icicle Shard

Name: Wing
Level: 86
Gender: Male
Nature: Mild
Thunder Wave
Air Slash
Shadow Ball
Silver Wind

Name: Pixie
Level: 81
Gender: Female
Nature: Bold

Name: Shadow
Level: 97
Gender: Male
Nature: Lonely
Swords Dance
Play Rough
Shadow Claw
Shadow Sneak
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It's about a boy named Milo who's thoughts of his parents left him with millions of questions. The fact that his father was a Team Aqua grunt, his father was also a married man until their death was noted during a train crash. This left Milo to join Team Beat to find answers about his father's whereabouts. The story takes place in a transportation like city called Twilight City. The junction center of all transport vehicles.
So it takes place in a hub city, and there’s a street organization. So the plot is the characters helping the main character to find out about his past...?
Very often. That's why he's confused about his father. And here's what friendly and what's not:
Team Beat works for world peace.
The T.C.A.F is a special force that fights for world peace.
And Team Fear is a terrorist organisation that wants the world to fear them.
Yes, and sometimes. Some of them have ways to show their purpose of team they want to be in. But it's their choice on what team they should choose. So which team best fits you?
I think plotwise it seems smartest to have everyone in the same group. Makes it a whole lot easier to interact and keep things moving...
Basically in order to keep the story moving it seems like a good idea to have all the player characters on the same side, so that people can actually talk to each other and work together, and that if I make a character it will most likely be affiliated with Team Beat.
I know! I said if I made a character, which means that a bio may be pending. Still have to decide if I'll even join... (I've been RPing for a while, I wouldn't jump into an RP without making a character first XD)
Every time I look, I see more and more 358/2 Days...

Name: Soran Kehats

Title: (need help with this part...)

Age: 16

Faction: Team Beat

Personality: He always tries his best to be cheery and helpful. He doesn't really have an exact goal of his own yet, so he tries to help others achieve theirs. However, he knows he wants to see a day when the world is a cleaner and happier place, and that's why he joined Team Beat. Other than that, though, he doesn't have a dream. Maybe he thinks he can find his own by helping others achieve theirs. He enjoys hanging out with his friends and family. He has a strong dislike of fire.

Info: He grew up in the city, living in a small apartment with his parents. They raised him well, teaching him his core values, and instilling in him a respect for others. He went to a public school, and had several friends and a few enemies. When he was eleven years old, his whole family took a vacation in Galar. While there, he met a strange Pokemon. It was a floating sword, and it had a gemstone in its hilt. He looked closer, and realized it was a Pokemon he had heard about in school: a Honedge. He had moved away from his parents, and when they realized he was gone they looked for him. When they found him, he was talking quietly to the floating sword Pokemon. They were worried at first, since Honedge have a reputation for draining the life force of people and killing them, but they saw that their son had somehow befriended the ghost. Soon the parents saw their son get up and run back towards them with the ghost Pokemon in tow. They asked worried questions, but their son and the Pokemon seemed to be getting along well. They resolved to watch and see how things went, and to be prepared to step in if the ghost made a move. But nothing happened, and by the time they had returned home the Honedge was Soran's constant companion.
Years later, Soran has joined Team Beat and befriended several other Pokemon. He is still in school and learning how to drive, but he spends a lot of his free time in Team Beat business.

Appearance: Soran is caucasian, with blonde hair and green eyes. He is usually seen wearing tee shirts of varying colors, blue jeans, grey tennis shoes, and a sky blue backpack. His Pokeballs are usually kept in his jean pockets. One of his Pokemon is usually out with him.


Name: (Oathkeeper?)
Species: Honedge
Level: 30
Gender: Female
Held item: N/A
Nature: Adamant
Ability: No Guard
Night Slash
Shadow Sneak
Aerial Ace
Fury Cutter
Strength Sap
NOTE: While otherwise looking like a normal Honedge, her scarf is red.

Name: Ari (Ariana)
Species: Kirlia
Level: 28
Gender: Female
Held item: Amethyst Necklace (No combat value)
Nature: Timid
Ability: Synchronize
Disarming Voice
Double Team
Misty Terrain

Name: Sting
Species: Venipede
Level: 22
Gender: Male
Held item:
Nature: Naughty
Ability: Speed Boost
Bug Bite
Poison Sting
Defense Curl

Name: Tip
Species: Skitty
Level: 21
Gender: Female
Held item: Shell Bell on a collar
Nature: Rash
Ability: Normalize
Fake Out
Feint Attack
Helping Hand
No, they're recruiting him to join the club. Team Beat is normally a street gang who's got slick moves But in truth, they're helping people fight the cause of what happened to reactor core crisis.
Would you mind giving a little info on this 'Reactor Core Crisis'? It's been mentioned several times, but I don't know what it is. At least tell me what my character would know, please.
Ah, yes. The reactor core crisis had already took place after Milo's parent's death issued two days ago after Milo's father retired from Team Aqua. A group of Team Fear grunts has destroyed one of the reactor core, and they only got at least 5 more to go. This happens during the end of the school years in the Urbem region.
So you're saying it's near the end of the school year, and a terrorist group has blown up a reactor? And that there are 5 more that they might be targeting?
Okay, here's my submission for your approval. Let me know if you want or need me to make any changes.

Michael Haakonsson
Title: Praetorian
Age: 19
Faction: TCAF
Personality: Michael is very serious, and unappreciative of most humor. He's prone to being confrontational as his first resort to problems. However he dedicates himself fully to everything he does, and if he is able to make friends with someone, he'll be fanatically loyal to them. His aggression extends to when he battles, preferring damaging attacks to pound his opponents relentlessly.
Info: Michael was born in Unova, but moved to Urbem when he was 10. His family was a military family even before they moved, and so it's no surprise he wound up in the TCAF, where his discipline has served him well in learning to handle and command Pokemon. Michael is dedicated to upholding law and order, and his team is made of like-minded Pokemon. In spite of his generally dour and humorless temperament, he and his Pokemon have a bond of genuine friendship. His gentle side also comes out for children, who he seeks to protect for their relative innocence.
Clothes: Michael is 6 feet tall, around 165 lbs, with a muscular build. His skin is pale, with a few scars on his chest and arms from an encounter with an Ursaring. He has dirty brown hair and grey-blue eyes. When on duty, he wears an urban camouflage TCAF field uniform, finger-less gloves.
Level: 96
Gender: Male
Held item: Expert Belt
Ability: Reckless
Nature: Brave
Moves: Hammer Arm, Flare Blitz, Wild Charge, Poison Jab

Level: 88
Gender: Female
Held Item: Leftovers
Ability: Magic Guard
Nature: Calm
Moves: Moonblast, Ice Beam, Stealth Rock, Aromatherapy

Level: 90
Gender: Male
Held Item: Choice Band
Ability: Sand Force
Nature: Adamant
Moves: Iron Head, Drill Run, Rock Slide, Rapid Spin

Level: 85
Gender: Female
Held Item: Sitrus Berry
Ability: Mega Launcher
Nature: Modest
Moves: Scald, Dark Pulse, Aura Sphere, Heal Pulse
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