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Pokemon: Journey With Me

"I like sour." Hydrox said. "I can set a table too." Hydrox replied, sending his samurott out. "Use hydro pump then quickly use Ice beam to make the basic structure. Then use razor shell to make the top surface flat." The samurott did just what it was told to do, and soon enough, there was food on the table, ready to be served.
Kanna looked at the puff with interest. She had never seen one before. It was a spicy one. She lifted it towards her nose, and sniffed it, before parting her mouth to taste it. She frowned and gave some to Flareon sniffed in and took a bight, having the same reaction. "Tsk bland...it needs more spice. While I understand you had to tone down the flavor, these are still for both pokmon and human. Spicy is for fire types, but if there is not enough spice they won't like it, and I wanted some fire in it but it's to bland to taste." She continued to rant.
The sour Poké-puff was delicious by Hydrox's standards. He let all his Pokémon have a bite of it (except Rotom, who was draining the battery of Hydrox's Pokénav). "Kanna, he made food for us! Try to critique, not criticize." Hydrox said to the complaining girl. "Hey rotom! Stop that! That has all my notes so far on there!" Hydrox said to the Electric-Ghost type. The Rotom stopped and gave a small pout. Hydrox said that Rotom wasn't in trouble but said that he shouldn't do that next time. Soon, he got a thunderbolt at his head.
A beep went off and Kanna picked up her phone. "What?...Are You Kidding Me?! Gah Well Fix It! I told you I would be back at some point....Oh my-!" Kanna walked off and started yelling at the person on the phone. "Okay I'll be back after this...it was boring just being there. Ya, Ya okay bye." Kanna ran a hand through her hair and grabbed a tomotto berry off a near by tree, cutting in in half, she gave some to Flareon, before digging into the spicy fruit. "This is perfect! The heat! The tang!" She said smiling. "The soil is perfect for raising berries!"

"Flare Flareon!" Flareon nodded after eating her part of the berry.
"You took a regular, not a spicy." Evon said, chomping into a Sweet puff. "The spicy ones have red squiggly lines on the side. The regulars have swirls of color on the top. The swirl on yours was red and orange, but it was still a swirl. The sour ones have little dots of frosting, the sweet ones have multiple layers of color and the cool ones have straight blue lines.
"I see," Kanna said finally getting over the berries. She then turned around. "I'm sorry I wasn't trying to be rude please forgive me!" she pleaded. Flareon bowed her head in apologize. "You did something nice and I started complaining I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so sorry!"
"Flare..." Flareon looked at her trainer.

Kanna, being her, didn't take the advice and bit into it like she does an apple. She blinked but kept eating it like it was nothing. After she was half way done she gave it to Flareon. Flareon sniffed it and took a small bite. "It's good!" Kanna smiled. "Thank you!" Flareon scarfed down the puff and wagged her tail, rubbing against Evon's leg.
"Huh. Must not have used enough spice." he said. "Usually it burns people's tongues so that they need a gallon of water to cool off. Which is why I have my Vaporeon handy."
"No one..." Kanna said squishing Flareons cheeks together. "So chibi~" she hugged her pokemon. "Lets see the contest isn't for a few days....so we'll get there on time, plus we can get in some training."

"Flare Flare!"
"Awesome. I heard that the move curse will take shape as a black blob... So I might use that to my advantage." Hydrox said. "It does come from a shady source, but it might work... I'm not telling you if it does though!" He said, running off into a distant tree to practice.
Soon they were in Salaceon town and all signed into the Contest. Kanna went to the dressing room and came out in a light blue Lolita dress with white stockings, and black shoes, her hair was tied in twin tails, with light blue ribbons securing them in place. To her side was Lopunny with a light blue bow tie and Hitmontop with a light blue vest. "What do you think? Cute aren't we?" She spun around, showing the whole dress.