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Pokemon: Journey With Me

((I am only accepting two people! Other than my pre decided person @GeekyFlareon ! Who will be playing my sister!))

Kutsu brushed back his black hair as he walked to the train station, he was finally going to see his twin sister again after almost two years. To his side, was a smaller than normal luxray. Her star tipped tail was waving in the air as she strode next to the tan skinned boy.

"Almost there Luxes," Kutsu said with a stupid gin on his face. They kept walking, until they came to a bus stop, where a girl with long black hair stood, in her arms was a flareon.
Kanna Stood at the bus stop, aggravated that her brother still wasn't there. She ran her hand through the long, fluff around the fire type. Suddenly she was tackled to the ground by a small Luxray. "Hi Luxes!" Kanna laughed pushing the electric type off. "Where's my goofy brother?" She asked looking around.
"Whadda ya mean goofy?" Kutsu asked, mock pout. "I'm not goofy, I'm eccentric!" He stated matter-o-factly, before hugging her. "I missed you sis! How've you been?" He patted his luxray, "flareon looks good!" He swooped down and picked up the orange and yellow pokemon, and got a lick on the nose.
Kanna smiled in triumph, pride in her brown eyes. "Of course Flareon looks good! She my pokemon after all!" She pulled out two poke balls. "Actually I just got back from the Kalos region," She threw the pokeballs in the air. "Lets go Litleo, Fennekin!" Said pokemon popped out of the pokeballs.

"Fen~" Fennekin hid behind Litleo.

"Leo!" Litleo growled happily.

"Aren't they adorable!" She cooed.
"Aww you went to the Kalos region?!" He asked. "You should have told me!!!" He started complaining, as Luxes gave out a purr. "Do you want to see my current team?" he took out five pokeballs and threw them. "Lets go guys!" Out came a shiny leafeon, a shiny infenape, a arcanine, a pachirisu, and a shiny riachu. "Team this is my sister!"






The pokemon greeted.
"Sorry, I only went so I could catch a few pokemon." She laughed. "So Chimchar evolved huh?" She petted the Infernape, before grabbing her other three pokeballs. "Shinx, Manetric, Piplup!" A Shinx, Manetric and Shiny Piplup appeared. "My perfect team!"



"Ha! piplup still hasn't evolved!" Kutsu scoffed pinching his sister's nose. He looked at litleo and smirked. "I know, I wanna go against that litleo of yours, and i'll go easy on you, and use lefa." he motioned towards the leafeon.

"Lea Lea!" the grass type jumped up and down.

"So whadda ya say sis? You game, or a chicken?" He quirked a brow.
Kanna had a vein popping out of her head, as she glared at her older brother. "What.Did.You.Say?" She picked up Litleo.

"Leo!" He growled, his tail flicking back and forth.

"We accept your challenge..." She looked around and saw some people giving them weird looks. "Just maybe not here..." She blushed and returned all her pokemon excluding Litleo and Flareon. She grabbed her bag and started walking into the forest, Litleo, and Flareon following after her. "Let's go!"
"You need a referee." Hydrox said, slinging down his backpack and pulling flags out. "Hold this one, Gabite. Raise it if Kanna's Pokémon are unable to battle. I will do the same for Kutsu."
"Since I'm older I'll go first!" Kutsu said, much to Kanna's distaste. "Lefa leaf blade!" The leafeon rushed forward, the leaf on its head glowing as it slammed into litleo, sending it back.
"Litleo jump and use Take Down!" The fire/normal type did as commanded, and leaped into the air, as he came down he started spinning and smashed into Lefa, making the grass type fall back. "Follow with ember!"

"Leo~" Spinning again Litleo unleashed an ember attack.
"Lefa return you did great!" The leafeon returned. He then walked up to the Gibite and his trainer. "Thanks for your help today." He smiled, and held out his hand.
"What are you doing out here? We didn't disturb you or anything did we?" Kutsu asked, pulling hi hand to his side after a few shakes. He looked behind him to look at his sister, who was being silent and uncaring to the guest's being there. Kutsu sweat dropped, and turned back to Hydrox.
"Thank you, I'm joining the ext pokemon contest with Litleo." She said happily and saw his Gabite. "Awwww your Gabite is so cut! She then cooed reaching forward to pet the pokemon.
"Are you Coordinator too?" She asked stars in her eyes. Just because she was a coordinator didn't mean she was't inspired from others.

"Flare..." Flareon sweat dropped at her trainers antics.
"Flare!" Flareon started shaking her head, saying that that was a bad question.

"Irk..." Kanna's aura became a blueish purple, as she cried comical tears. "No....we were this close..."
Kutsu laughed awkwardly. "Sorry about her, her first contest, she lost by three points, on the final stage." He apologized, "You see she has just barely started trying out contests. So when she lost after working so hard, she gets like...well this."
"It's fine, besides," She smiled brightly. "It's about the experience not wining, Shinx was perfect, we just ran out of time." She grabbed Litleo's pokeball. "And I'm always happy to have a new rival! Have you won any ribbons yet?-return Litleo- I'd love to see them." Kanna put the pokeball away.
"Lets see the next contest is a double contest right?" She mused to herself. "We could have a double battle, for practice Loser has to wear a shirt that says that the winner is the best!" She smiled pulling out a whit tee and markers."Whadda ya say?"
"Okay," She ran to the other side of the field ready to go. "You can have the first move! My pokemon will be Manetric, and Piplup." She called. "Manetric, Piplup Lets start the show!" She threw out her pokeballs.


"Manetric protect Piplup with Thunder Wave, and then use Electric Terrain!" Manetric sparked and sent a Thunder Wave, the electric attack collided with the Solar Beam causing them to cancel out. The field then went a yellow color, indicating Electric Terrain was used.
"Gabite! Use Draco Meteor on both of them! Lets work on our new strategy, Grotle!" He commanded. Gabite launched a sphere of energy in the air, which exploded into a bunch of meteors to fall from the sky at a burning high speed. Grotle used Razor leaf on it, causing fire and rocks to explode everywhere.
"Piplup Bide!" Katana ordered. "Manetric Discharge like we practiced!" Piplup rolled into a ball, taking the attack, before releasing the energy, and firing it at the other pokemon. Manetric unleashed a powerful discharge, destroying any of the attack and making the specks sparkle over him.