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Pokemon: Journey With Me

"Grotle use grass knot on piplup! Hold it down! Gabite!Dig out! Fast! Then knock piplup inside!" Gabite jumped out of the pit, and clawed piplup into the hole.
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"Piplup!" Kanna yelled in concern as Piplup was hit by the attack. Piplup fell but didn't faint. Instead the pokemon let out a bright silver light as it grew. "W-Whats happening?" Kanna asked in wow. Suddenly Prinplup stood up. Kanna held up a poke dex "Prinplup the Penguin Pokémon, and the evolved form of Piplup Because every Prinplup considers itself to be the most important, they can never form a group." "Wow! I guess this battle is just beginning! Prinplup use Metal Claw on Grotle!" Prinplup did as told, and raced forward, hitting the grass type with all it could.
Manetric was hit by the strong Hyper Beam, but still stood up. "Are you okay Manetric?"

"Etric!" He called.

"Okay then use Howl, and then Bite."

"Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!" Manetric let out a loud howl, raising it's attack power, before it raced forward and bit down on Gabite.
Prinplup into the air and use Whirlpool!" A large swarm of water swirled fro,m Prinplup's mouth as she unleashed a swirl of water hitting Gabite, and Manetric both. "Manetric Discharge!" The wolf looking blue pokemon let out a strong batch of electricity, aped up from the earlier Electric Terrain, one accidentally hitting Prinplup as well.
"Yes but did you forget that water conducts electricity, not to mention that Electric Terrain earlier amped it up. Plus Manetric's ability is static, paralyzing Gabite to a certain extent." She said back and pointed to a semi paralyzed Gabite. "Prinplup you okay?"

"Prinplup!" The water type stood up.

"Prinplup Metal Claw! Manetric use thunder on Metal Claw!" Prinplup got it's Metal Claw ready, as Manetric used thunder, causing Prinplup's Metal Claw to grow and spark beautifully. "Lets go! Now Prinplup use it on Grotel!"
"Grotle! Aerial Ace Into the hole! Gabite! Use Dragon Rage on Grotle!" The grass type dove into the hole, where it then came out with a giant blue serpent swirling around it, and it stopped the metal claw. "My gabite has rough skin, so your pokemon have taken major damage! now Gabite, use draco meteor!"
"Whirlpool to stop it! Ant then Wild Charge!" The Whirlpool stopped the attack but broke after, revealing Manetric's Wild Charge coming for the grass type, smashing into it. "My pokemon can't handle anymore," Kanna said. "I admit defeat. Good work guys, Return. The pokemon went back to their pokeballs. "Contests aren't about running their energy out, it's about beauty in strength. Not to mention three minuets were over about two minuets ago." She handed them the shirt for them to wright on it.
"I don't feel right for this. My Pokémon deserve the credit." Hydrox said, looking at their injuries. "Oh no... My friends look really hurt..." Hydrox ran to a pokemon center, worried for his Pokémon's health.
"Go ahead have them wright it then..." she looked at her sleeping brother and smirked. "Give me the marker when you're done though!" Then she looked at his pokemon and pet them. "Thank you for working so hard here." She gave them each a berry.
Hydrox ran back from the center. However, something was off. He was running with a Garchomp! "I am so proud of you both!" Hydrox said, hugging both his Pokémon. He handed back the signed t-shirt and a marker.
Shrugging she put it over her head over the under shirt she was wearing, and took the marker. "This is what you get for sleeping during such an amazing battle!" She said drawing a mustache on his face and writing 'JERK' on his forehead. "There we go~!" She turned back to Hydrox. "Wanna travel with us for a bit?" She asked.
"Cool!" She then looked at her passed out brother and sighed. "I'll just wake him up," She walked over to him pulled his ear up and yelled. "OMG THAT GUY IS SO HITTING ON ME!" He jumped up and took a fighting stance.
"Yay so it's settled!" Kanna cheered running in the direction of town before she tripped on air(yes on air) and crashed into the ground.Her Flareon ran towards her and licked her face. "I'm okay!" She yelled and stood up, brushing off her skirt. "Lets GOOO~!" she said picking her Flareon up.
"I mostly have Full Moon on this...lets see..." She started scrolling. "Sorry most of my music is j-pop, and k-pop I don't have the Johto Album." She apologized and put the device away. "I just remembered something...brother what are you traveling for? I'm a coordinator, he-" she pointed at Hydrox. "-Does whatever he wants so what are you in for?"
"Oh didn't I tell you?" He questioned. "I'm working to get a professional Gym, It's a complicated process but I'm working on it!" He said happily. "It'll be an electric gym, one on one type stuff."
"I originally wanted to have a dragon type gym, but once I found out Claire had one, so, I work there!" Hydrox said. "I would like to see what your gym would be like when its finished!"
"All of the above!" Kanna giggled. "It's hard to put up with me, I annoy him, but we have fun together, but we've only ever fought once!" Her smile faltered at the mention of fighting. "But we've always been together, since birth!"
"For me it is, probably not for him," She smiled sadly. "I'm a lot of work to put up with, I'm afraid he might not get his gym because of me hanging around." She whispered.
"Wow. I can relate to that." Hydrox whispered. "When I first started working at the gym, I kept getting mixed up and confusing the challengers. The gym nearly closed. I then got Gible as motivation to try harder."