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Pokemon: Journey With Me

"You and my brother have such strong goals." Kanna stated. "Compared to you guys I'm nothing. I don't have a real goal, sure I'm a Coordinator but I'm just doing contests because gym battles are boring." She looked down at her fluffy fire type in her arms, and patted its head. "I wonder what I'm gonna do."
"Whatever you want." Hydrox said, looking into her eyes. "During our contest battle, I saw your Pokémon's potential. Its huge! With strength and beauty like that, You can do anything! I believe in you."
"Maybe...." Kanna smiled lightly, before a bright smile replaced it. "Whatever~ Life's too short to worry about the future as they say!" She then met his eyes. "Thanks!"
Kutsu gulped at the look in his sisters eyes. "Trust me you do not want to cook with her, she once minced five potatoes in barely a minute." He took a step back. "I tried to help with diner once, I saw my life flash before my eyes." Kutsu eyed his sister carefully. "The only thing that can keep up with her is flareon, it's part of their bond."
"You can make the biscuits but leave the hard part to me, kay?" The glint in her eye increased she quickly set up a table on side with the biscuit ingredients the other had meat, seasoning, vegetables, and berries. "Flareon, curry." Was all she said before they both started moving almost in human and cooking. It almost looked like they were dancing.
Hydrox reached into his backpack, pulling a bag of yeast out. While he was waiting for the biscuits to rise in the oven, he was looking around at two very fast sous chefs.
"Flareon, Flame thrower!" Kanna threw the pot of curry into the air. Flareon released a strong Flame Thrower right under the pot, keeping it from falling to the ground at the same time cooking it. Kanna was tapping her wrist in a steady time, before grabbing the handles of the pot. "Steady steady now!" Right on command Flareon stopped her attack. "Curry's done! Thanks for the help Flareon!"
"Flareon! Kanna! Nice job! I need to melt some butter. Flareon, can you use flamethrower on this stick of butter?" Hydrox said, holding up a yellow stick of butter.
Flareon flicked her ear and shook her head, before hiding behind Kanna. "Flareon do it."

"Flareon!" Flareon blasted the butter with a smile on her face.

"Sorry she doesn't listen to anyone, but me even if you ask as nice as possible.." Kanna petted the stubborn pokemon
"Its alright! Thank you Flareon!" Hydrox smiled. "Garchomp, cut the biscuits to the same size!" The giant dragon slowly circled its claw around each baked good with perfect precision. Hydrox put the melted butter on top of the biscuits and said "Done!"
"Brother the food's done!" Kanna said making plates, and then grabbing a bunch of bowls and poring specially made pokemon food in them. "Come on out guys!" She threw out her pokemon. The group of pokemon started eating.
"Here is a treat for you all!" Hydrox said, throwing out his team. All the Pokémon were happy to meet Kanna and Kitsu!






"Kanna come eat, and stop bugging them." Kutsu scolded softly, as he let his pokemon out. He then dragged the girl over to the table and started eating. " Thanks for the food! It's good!"
"So cuuuuuuuute!" She squealed before taking a bite of the food and frowning. "Dang it....Flareon I added to much spice!"

"Flareon..." Flareon rubbed up against her trainer, and licking her face in comfort.
Kutsu wiped his face and looked at his sulking sister, and patted her head. "It's not like you can't fix it next time right?" He then looked at Hydrox. "Her sense of taste is grater than most people so it bugs her a little more." He started cleaning up his dish. "That's why she has to cook her own food, I think she was thinking of us while she was making it, trying to make sure it wasn't too hot for us. Am I right?" Kanna said nothing, and started cleaning her plate. "I was right."
Kanna silently washed the dishes, and drying them before packing every thing up. "Town is right over there, Return guys." The pokemo went back into their pokeballs, even Flareon. Yeah she was in a sour mood for a bit. "Come get me when you're ready to leave." She walked down the slope/hill and laid down, dozing lightly in the sun.
"Veilstone has a gym," Kutsu said looking at a map. "Maylene is the gym leader, she has a fighting type gym." He said flicking a piece of black hair out of his eyes. "Wanna go there?"
"And then there will be a pokemon contest in Solaceon Town." Kanna yawned walking over to the boys. Kutsu opened his mouth but she cut in. "It's called looking up on the region you're in."
"Cool. Now I know my deadlines for practice. Thank You. I would love to go! You could maybe ask what it is like being a gym leader and learn about it." Hydrox said with a smile.
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"That's what I usually do!" Kutsu grinned and returned his pokemon, other than Luxes. "Lets go! Oh hey sis do you have candy canes with you like usual?" He looked at Kanna, swinging an arm around her.
"I do!" He grabbed the bag and started searching through the bag until he found a yellow and white one. "You are my favorite sister!" He tried to hug her, but she moved and he hugged Hydrox. "Oh sorry." he let go of the other male.
"Yeah uh no comment..." Kanna said grabbing the bag of candy back from her brother. "You want some before we leave because once they're in the bag they're not coming back out for a few days." She explained tying her hair back.