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Ask to Join Pokémon RolePlay: Way to the Indigo league! (Discussion) (Looking for Role Players!)

Name: Zander Gray
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Height: 5’4
Weight: 108
Hometown: Lavender Town, Kanto
Appearance: Short and spiky ash colored hair that falls to the left, restless amber eyes, and sun-kissed skin. Open black jacket with a red inner collar and a white t-shirt underneath. faded dark blue fitted jeans, and a pair of red and black shoes with white trim along the bottom.
Backstory: Spent most of his youth with his head in the clouds and his attendance at school very low. This was because Zander had a habit of wandering off to Mr. Fuji’s volunteer home. He loved it there, always surrounded by pokemon who were seeking attention and care, and not to mention Mr. Fuji himself. The man was a great teacher and quickly bonded with the young grey haired boy who had a seemingly unquenchable thirst for knowledge on all things pokemon related. In his time visiting the home, Zander learned a few things about breeding, healing, training, etc in hopes to better himself for the day he could start his journey. At the age of 11, Zander got word of a ghost that had wondered out of the pokemon graveyard and had been causing disturbances around the small town. Being the curious troublemaker he was, the young boy snuck out from his home late at night to search for the so called ‘ghost’. After hours of looking Zander came across a Gastly only a short distance from the pokemon tower, the ghost everyone was so scared of turned out be a mischievous little pokemon that merely wanted attention. Zander quickly befriended the Gastly and visited it every chance he had. A few weeks later, Zander was on his way from the pokemon tower when he noticed Gastly had been following him. Zander quickly got the message and decided that this would be his partner and together, they would take the league challenge. The newly formed duo decided to make there way towards Pewter City in hopes to win their first gym badge.
Personality: Quick witted and rebellious, but curious and kind at the same time. Zander is the type to do what it takes to get the most out of every experience. Often comes off as rude initially, but he simply has a habit of pushing people’s button. Dark humor to fit the dark a gloomy nature of his hometown.
Favorite food: Anything spicy.
Least favorite food: Okra

Vincent scowled as he looked at the poor condition of the pub he was supposed to conduct this 'meeting' in. He walked in quietly, surveying the room and all the grimy looking people inhabiting in. Nothing interesting caught his eye, just some drunks. Although one young man who had a few to many seemed to be agitating a group of not so friendly looking guys off in the corner, he paid them no mind, expecting the drunk to simply be beaten down if he were to try anything.
"Tch. Talk about off the map." He mumbled, glancing over at a hooded figure sitting at the brown leather booth in the corner of the bar. He walked over to the figure and took a seat across from them, adjusting his goggles so they wouldnt cause glare on the gently swaying light above the table.
"Eros, good to see you made it here undetected, although I must say, the location seems a bit out there for this kind of work." He finished, glancing over his shoulder at an older man who had been flirting with one of the girls a little to much, she smacked him across the face before storming out, his friends erupting with laughter at his failed attempt.
"Im aware, but I had to be sure the transaction is safe." The hooded figure responded in a low, rough voice, sliding a metal box out from under his robe and shifting it across the table towards Vincent.
"Hmp, glad to see your as reliable as ever." He noted, grabbing the box before sliding what seemed to be a dense roll of bills back toward Eros.
"Pleasure doing business with you, Vex." The dark hooded figure spoke, his toothy smile just visible in the shadows.
I actually had spaces between each topic but thought it looked to spaced out, haha. Ill send in my pokemon sheet in a moment then make my first post. What is currently going on in the rp?
Species: Gastly
Nickname: Loki
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Personality: Goofy and mischievous. Constantly trying to scare people yet almost always failing.
Favorite food: Oran Berry
Least favorite food: Apples
Special Traits: Normal looking Gastly, just not normal in the head, haha.
Name: Sean McLoughlin
Age: 10 years
Gender: Male
Height: 4'11" (1.49 m)
Weight: 110 lbs (49.89 kg)
Hometown: Saffron City, Kanto
Appearance: He has brown hair and hazel eyes. He has a green jacket with yellow on the cuffs and seams with a camo undershirt. He has darker green pants and dark yellow tennis shoes. His complexion is extremely pale with fair skin to top it off. He has a piercing on his ears and nose.
Backstory: He wants to be a gym leader since he was little, but his parents wanted him to be in a career, like business, like his father. He didn't want that, though, so he ran off to Pallet Town, taking his bike so he wouldn't get tired from running away and bypassing all the dangerous Pokemon and trainers on his way to Professor Oak's lab, not wanting to face his family and the judgmental thoughts they had of him. It was worse now that they had somehow found out about his sexuality.
Personality: He is shy around people he doesn't know, but boisterous and adventurous when with friends. He finds Grass- and Electric-Type Pokemon calming and fun to be with, so he wants to specialize in those types. He can be a bit paranoid, however... He's also gay.
Favorite food: Sweet foods, like chocolate
Least favorite food: Dry foods, like white meat.
A sample of your skills in RolePlaying:
From the RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-merciless-mirai-region.18546/page-2

The boat approached the dock as the setting sun cast purple and golden hues across the sky, while also descending the shadows over the entirety of Mirai. A young man and woman, siblings or romantic partners with how close they were, leaned against the railing of the boat before it began to dock. The people here were already flooding to the gangplank before the boat even docked. It slowly slid over the waves and the sailors on the sides of the boat threw thick ropes for the others on the wooden dock to catch and twist around a metal anchor situated on the dock. The boat let out its own anchor, and everyone got into position, including the two mysterious characters.

These two both had hoods covering their faces, for if anybody knew who they looked like, they would be in for some serious trouble, especially when they see how colorful they were. All that color must mean they have money, right? Well, they would be right, but even before the clutches of human puberty hit, they looked like average kids. Nevertheless, they went along the crowd, crossing the gangplank cautiously so they don't fall in the harsh waves below that were already lapping at the boat's sides and the dock.

As soon as they crossed the plank and made it off the dock, they found the registration center - tall and full of gloom, just like the rest of this dreary city. As they walked inside, a taller figure pointed at the flyers for the region, a more in-depth look at the region than what their older flyer told. The shorter figure walked on over, the cloak she was wearing flowed elegantly in the wind, and her footsteps soft against the harsh floor of the registration center. As she got close, she could feel eyes stare harshly at her. Must be one of the guards. She quickly swiped the flyer off before retreating to the cloaked taller figure. They both mused over the singular flyer together, and they were in shock. So much money was needed, and they were only able to bring the 3000 Pokeyen. The older figure growled deeply, not liking this at all, but an elbow jab to the side stopped him. He could almost feel the glare from his younger sister (by 20 minutes) through the cloaks. He sighed and decided to behave.

As soon as they made it to the front of the line, they noticed that several young kids got severely picked on, while the older adults got more respect. They wondered what kind of attention they would get, as they walked up to the man that reminded both of them of a drill sergeant. Was this city ran by the military? The man took the older man's ID, but demanded he removed his hood. The older man looked at his younger sister and obliged, yet reluctantly. His flaming hair caught the light, and when his sister followed suit, both of them were like aliens coming in on some foreign planet. They looked strange, and the drill sergeant-like guard huffed in interest. He looked at Pyros' ID card again, this time finding something. The two strangers could both tell that he wasn't exactly caring, just as long as they weren't too young.

The man gruffly stated aloud: "Pyroshu Rastrixen Darastrix. Born in... Cocona Village. Registered in Saffron City, and you're thirty. You might have a chance, but a very marginal one. If I were you, I'd leave. Your looks would get you into some serious trouble."

He handed Pyros his ID card back, clearly stumped as to where Cocona Village was. He probably had never heard of it. He then took the sister's card, then stating her credentials for the person next to him to write everything down: "Shadara... Arcaf-... Arcafiwhed... Darastrix... Who thought out your names? Anyway, Born in Cocona Village. Again. Registered in Saffron City. Thirty years old. You two seem to be twins. Hmph," he gruffly muttered something that was intelligible, and gave Shade her ID back. She almost chuckled at the fact that he couldn't say her middle name, and their r's weren't rolled, but were hard r's. She didn't mind though, she had to get used to it.

The intelligible muttering was actually him demanding money for entrance, but neither heard. Pyros politely said: "What?" but that apparently didn't go well with the guy. The man glared at the giant in front of him, trying to square him up, but saw he was just as wide as he was. He gave up, but kept a very close eye on them. Pyros just glared nonchalantly at the guy, thinking: How cute. He's trying to look tough.

The man then spat back at Pyros: "500 PokeYen. Both of you. Now." He held out his hand, waiting for the oh-so-deserved cash to be placed upon it. Pyros and Shade both sighed softly and fished for their money. They both took out 500 PokeYen, as instructed, and placed it on his palm. When the man looked over and saw that they were definitely real money, he let them both pass by. Pyros whispered to Shade softly, but his anger was making his voice rise slightly.

"What is that guy's beef? I mean, seriously. If I had angered him anymore, he would've charged us more, probably. What even is this economy?"

"One the military likes, apparently," whispered Shade. She didn't like it, either, but they had to play along.

When they left the building, they saw there were groups of people heading off into the forest already. They seemed young, so they were probably starting the Mirai Pokemon League challenge. If so, then these fellas have competition. Shade looked over the map of Mirai, seeing that they were in Dolvious City, and the walk between the Pokemon Center and the Pokemon Mart were really far. Nevertheless, Shade and Pyros began to walk in the direction of the Pokemon Mart, but something stopped them. A group of hardened criminals were fighting a lady, trying to take her purse. Not liking this at all, Pyros rushed in, forgetting the consequences of what could happen if the cop finds them fighting. Shade hovered after him, not wanting to be left behind and didn't want him to bloody up the guy too terribly.

"Hey! Leave this lady alone!" he shouted.

The man stopped terrorizing the lady and smirked, slouching and glaring at the guy. "Or what?"

"Or this!" Pyros shouted, and slammed his fist straight into the guy's gut before he had time to react. This guy was quick, but he couldn't recover fast, since the movement caused his lungs to deplete of air and paralyze his diaphragm, making it almost impossible to breathe. When the guy doubled over from pain, Pyros slammed his fists upward, hitting the on the chin and sending him backwards, a harsh thud sounded as the guy went unconscious.

Shade punched Pyros hard on the arm and harshly whispered at him: "Why were you so loud? Now we can't buy anything because you started and ended a ruckus. I would have to go in there alone and deal with others, while you hide in the alleyways like some junk Rattata."

Pyros argued with her, his voice going an octave higher, but the stomping of feet could be heard and had interrupted them. Shade growled in frustration and pulled Pyros along the alleyways. She turned a corner and hid behind it, peeking out a bit to see a cop kneel over the body, then look around with his flashlight. When he couldn't find anything, he started going around to find some witnesses. Pyros pushed Shade toward the PokeMart, mouthing out "go" before he rushed back into the alleyway. Shade sighed and rushed inside the 'Mart, pulling up her hood before entering. With how shady she looked, the cop kept a close eye on her, as well from the previous scramble that happened before she appeared. She went towards the back of the store, finding any potions or Poke Balls. She found them, but the prices were outrageous. Now that her brother wasn't here, she could do what she wanted, as she grinned evilly and mischievously.

She didn't want anybody to see her Pokemon, but she decided this was going to be a lovely idea worth getting into trouble for. She let out her Gastly. From what she could remember from school was that the gas emitting from a Gastly could choke a person to death, or to unconsciousness. Plus, she was 98% gas, so her Gastly can disappear while still choking others, also her being a Ghost-Type helped. A red flash of light appeared at the back of the store, letting out Ghast, her Gengar's daughter, also known as Gar. The cop noticed and yelled out, but got no answer.

Instead, Shade whispered to Ghast and told her that she could steal the life force of the clerk and the cop. Gleefully agreeing to this idea, she did as she was told. Before the cop could get to the back of the store, a strange purple gas swept throughout the store. In an instant, the man began to choke on the gas, and he clutched at his throat, making this strange gurgling sounds. Shade, wincing at the sound, but also liking it way too much as it appealed to her darker side, she walked over and knelt down next to the cop. What the cop saw made him shoot glares of anger and fear toward the girl, as she waved goodbye with a smile that could rival a certain creepy doll from some creepy movie.

Ghast's gas had made its way toward the front now, knocking out the clerk before he even realized what was happening. Luckily the alarm hadn't sounded, but if she tried to tamper with the cash register, it would. Luckily for the clerk, he pressed the button underneath his desk to alert the authorities of a heist. Shade took 10 Poke Balls and 6 Potions, stuffing them all in her satchel before heading to the cash register. She knew how to work one from her time at working in retail, and this was no different, besides the placement being different. She scanned a random object off the shelf, added in an amount for cash, and hit cash. Walla! The register was opened! She then grabbed at least 1000 PokeYen, but before she could leave, she heard sirens outside. They were here. She told Ghast to follow her, and the gas disappeared and reformed to become Gastly, as Shade ran through a "Staff Only" door. It was just a storage room. Plus, pulling open the garage door would make a lot of sound. The garage door operated on a pulley system with chains, so that would undoubtedly make sound. That's when she saw a vent, just big enough to fit her. It was on a tall tower of shelves holding a lot of products. She could grab more, but didn't want to risk getting caught. The police would be coming in any second now. She heard the front door open with a soft "ding" before the adrenaline began pumping through her veins. Oh Arceus, this felt good. She found a door, but this would sound the fire alarm.

She decided to go to the vent, climbing the shelves with as much spunk as an Aipom, but as much grace as a Persian. As soon as she made it, she could hear the footsteps sound closer as they were investigating the cop-.... Oh crap, he was the last one to see her face. At least it wasn't illuminated and usually the moments right before someone faints could get quite foggy. She pulled the hatch off, almost falling off the shelf in the process. With a sigh of relief and now the fear of falling 25 feet was coming back to her she quickly crawled into the vent, which went upward. She put the vent back, snapping it back into place just in time before the police came through the garage. She searched, but couldn't find her, as she was making her way up the vents.

Sadly, she wasn't going as quiet as she would like, and their Growlithes were already barking in her general direction. She used all the strength she could muster to climb up the shaft as fast as she could. These cops would be on high alert, and there will be no point for anyone to stay now. Hopefully, she wouldn't be wanted in other cities, which would undoubtedly happen.

After about 5 minutes of climbing to the top, she pushed open the vent hooked on to an exhaust pipe and pulled the cloak over her head again. She told Ghast to form a fog around her body, while also giving her room to breathe. Ghast did what she could do, making her look like some purple blob. Shade peered through the thick fog, and saw that there was a street light nearby ahead of a fence that fenced out the back area of the store. She walked to one edge of the store's roof, catching attention from others below her, but they couldn't make it out who she was from Ghast's help. She then ran for it, going as fast as she could. Luckily, the training pulled off, and she ran so fast, the momentum from her jumping carried her to the street light, her outstretched hand catching and drawing herself towards the pole, and she slid down like a firefighter. The cops exclaimed her general direction, and she could hear the Growlithes get closer.

She ran into a series of more alleyways, but she knew it was futile. She knew the powerful snout of a Growlithes were like no other. She decided to slow them down, telling her to use Haze at her section of the alleyway. With that, Ghast created a dark mist that coated a portion of the alleyway, and Shade turned another direction, giving them a choice of two ways she could go. She could hear their barking and shouting get further away before she ran into someone. They both tumbled over, and her goods spilled out of her bag.

That's when she saw it was her brother, Pyros. She smiled happily, but his face wasn't amused. In fact, he was infuriated. He started with: "You stole, didn't you?"

"Maybe, but how else were we getting the mo-"

"Keep it. I don't need it," he said harshly.

"You need a Poke Ball, though."

"Good point, but I don't need anything else," with that, he took the Poke Ball and swiftly left toward the Lost Souls Forest. Shade was left to scramble and gather everything before the Growlithes caught up to her. She managed to get everything in the bag before the Growlithes turned to face her. 60 feet apart and she was only 10 feet away from the forest. She knew how fast they could go, so she told Ghast to use Hypnosis and hoped in her mind that it would hit. There were 5 of them, so she hoped that telekinetic delta waves could pass that far and tell those Growlithes to sleep.

A faint distortion came from Ghast's eyes as the Growlithes looked confused, but growled deeply. They were going to charge forward when the Hypnosis hit all but one. That one rushed forward while their comrades fell asleep or into a trance, and Ghast was quick to react. She used Shadow Ball, an ethereal ball of spiritual energy was formed, and it was bigger for some reason. Probably from the presence of other ghosts in the area. The large sphere of spiritual power was ejected and slammed into the face of the oncoming Growlithe, quickly causing him to falter. Shade took it as a way to escape and fled into the forest while they were all trying to recover, Ghast following close behind.

As she made it to the forest, and finally her brother, she could feel a wave of anger from him. He wasn't going to blow up now, was he?

Pyros whirled around and grabbed Shade by the shoulders, almost shouting: "What were you thinking? You could've gotten captured, and I would've had to find a way to bust you out. I only have assault and police evasion on my head, while you have theft, burglary, attacking an officer, and police evasion. 2-4. You will be hunted more often than me, and they probably wouldn't even bat an eye to me. If they were smart, they would've put a bounty on your head, and I'm pretty sure this place comes with a whole lot of mercenaries looking for work."

Shade sighed in defeat and looked down, wanting to argue, but knew he was right. She shouldn't have. But the prices were outrageous! Twice the amount, but Pyros knew from the old flyer, and he didn't care. He wanted to go through this without needing to resort to dirty means and as soon as they entered the first city, they already got the entire police force on their ass. At least they'll leave them both alone, now that they are in the most dangerous forest they've ever seen.

They both sighed and Shade apologized, but Pyros found some use to the items. He took the three potions and five Poke Balls, leaving her with the halves of the items. He even took the 500 PokeYen from her, leaving them both with the amount of money and more stuff than they started out with. They both took each other's hands, and walked quietly into the forest, Ghast returning into her ball so she doesn't get in the way.

Name: Shadara Darastrix
Money: 3000 PokeYen
Team: Ghast (Female Gastly)
Bag: Mirai Region Guide, 3 Potions, 5 Poke Balls.

Name: Pyroshu Darastrix
Money: 3000 PokeYen
Team: Fiaro (Male Fletchling)
Bag: 3 Potions, 5 Poke Balls.

Species: Eevee
Nickname: Joltz
Gender: Male
Age: He's quite young, but not like a puppy or a kit or whatever Eevee is. XD So about 5 years old.
Personality: Joltz, when meeting another eeveelution, is a hopeless romantic, but he's as sweet and caring just like his trainer. He's also extremely mischievous and would accidentally hurt others when pulling pranks. He feels sorrowful afterwards though, so disciplining him isn't a good idea, since he already does it to himself. He's still quite loyal.
Favorite food: Sweet foods, like Pecha Berries.
Least favorite food: Sour foods, like sour patch kids (not sponsored)
Special Traits: Joltz isn't particularly shiny, but has a shinier coat that gleams in the light and has larger leg muscles.

Species: Bulbasaur
Nickname: Fushi
Gender: Male
Age: Older than Joltz by a bit. Around 10 years old.
Personality: After being abandoned by his previous trainer, he became wary of other humans. Although, after Sean helped him from the cold temperature and giving him something to eat and healing him, he soon grew to trust this boy. He can be quite serious at times, but he's usually very docile and loves to cuddle, especially when it's cold out.
Favorite food: Bitter foods, like dark chocolate.
Least favorite food: Sweet foods, like milk chocolate.
Special Traits: Fushi has larger spots than normal Bulbasaurs on his body.
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Previously 5DigitNeb
Name: Jack Storm
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 8 inches
Weight (This is going to be important later on): 80 lb.
Hometown (Must be City and region, following the rules): Viridian City, Kanto
Appearance (You can either place an image or describe it with actual words):He stands at exactly 5'8", but is incredible skinny. He only ways 80 pounds and is also slightly tanned all over. Jack wears a black sweater with yellow tips. The sweater also has a very light black Pokeball logo in the middle. He wears red and black glasses and has crimson eyes. Before he used to wear a black tank but now wears a black shirt. He has normal blue jeans and black Nike's. He has black hair, with a modern quiff haircut. He also has a black and yellow backpack and a black bandanna covering his mouth.
Backstory: Jack always wanted to be a trainer but his parents didn't let him. Now he is allowed to go but he has to be prepared. He has a lot of books and cooking supplies for his journey, as he was taught how to cook when he was 12. While he doesn't use his books that much because of his Pokedex, he sometimes need them for recipes.
Personality:Jack is really determined and will stand up for his Pokemon and friends, but he has a secret soft spot. He’s pretty friendly and is sometimes a bit too talkative. He’s very outgoing and energetic. Even if Jack himself gets insulted and feels bad, he usually feels bad but doesn’t show it.
Favorite food:Ice cream
Least favorite food:Carrots
A sample of your skills in RolePlaying(At least 5 lines):
This is a random one:
Conner left his house with his backpack, himself, and Lavum. He only waved a simple goodbye to his parents, in which they responded with a sign. “I wonder when I’m gonna meet up with them,” he muttered. Lavum perked up and got on top of Conner’s head. This caused him to laugh and grab his little Pokemon. Lavum squeezed out of his hands and began sprinting towards a park. Conner rushed after him, but gave up and fell on ground. Lavum came back and started dancing on Conner. He stood back up and grabbed his Pokemon again, this time not letting him escape.

Now... I just want to know how much everyone progressed so far (like gyms and where people are now)
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Previously 5DigitNeb
Species: Elekid
Nickname: Jupiter
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown but seems a bit young
Personality: Intelligent; doesn't really care about people's opinions except his trainer's
Favorite food: electricity from powerplants
Least favorite food: dirt
Special Traits: He's a normal elekid.
Yees. He's younger and more inexperienced. After he fails at the league (I'm planning on making him either top 8 or something in the league), then I'll have him meet one of my older characters and he'll be traveling abroad with her and learning. Basically his tutor after his mother wanted to give him some help.
You're accepted, Pichu! I just have one question, what is this:

Name: Shadara Darastrix
Money: 3000 PokeYen
Team: Ghast (Female Gastly)
Bag: Mirai Region Guide, 3 Potions, 5 Poke Balls.

Name: Pyroshu Darastrix
Money: 3000 PokeYen
Team: Fiaro (Male Fletchling)
Bag: 3 Potions, 5 Poke Balls.

? XD
I have two things to point out:

1- You don't lose your progress, look at the down corner on the right, if it says "Draft saved" you won't lose your progress.

2- Sorry, I can only accept you if someone decides to leave :/ (I was going to set the RP to private/closed when you sent this)