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Ask to Join Pokémon: Sinnoh GTS (RP)

~Dolan Larch...~

"Thankyou for flying Sinnoh Airlines! We look forward to flying with you again" The intercom said as the flight passengers entered the Jubilife Airport.

*Yaaaaaaaaawn* "11 hour flight... We made it though. We did it! aaaaaaaahhhhh..." Dolan cheered in a soft tired voice. "Ditooooooo" Aloi muttered as the blue ditto sat cozy upon Dolan's shoulder. It was 5am, and Dolan was tired, but he didn't wanna go to sleep until that night. For now he wanted to head to Sangem Town so he could be there relatively early. It was just south of Jubilife City. Dolan's grandather was friends with Professor Rowan, so his grandfather asked that he'd visit there first.

He headed to route 2. Dolan reached the city limits. A sea of trees stood in front of Dolan. This was definitely the right direction. He headed through the forest. He jumped over a ledge or two. Saw a few starly and a couple staravia on his way to the pokélab.

It was almost 9am when he arrived in Sangem town. He made his way inside the pokélab where he saw Professor Rowan. Professor Rowan was talking to someone on the computer. He couldn't tell who it was as the call ended before Dolan could get a look at the person on the computers face. Professor Rowan turned towards Dolan.

"You must be a trainer. That hair... You must be Professor Larch's kin" Rowan said.
"You mean my grandpa, right?" Dolan asked.
"Your grandfather and I go way back... I spent a few years in Orre, and studied with your grandfather. I believe your here to update your pokédex, and journey in Sinnoh, correct?" Rowan said.
"Yes sir" Dolan said.
"Just as I thought. Just like Derrick. Hand me your pokédex and I'll have it updated in a sec" Rowan said.

After Rowan updated Dolan's pokédex, he handed it back. Dolan smiled and looked at Aloi, "What do you think about that, huh? Pretty coooooool. We should get some pictures soon" Dolan said. "Ditto ditto" Aloi cheered.

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As the day came, a luxurious ship was heading to dock in Sinnoh's Sandgem Town. This ship is from the Kalos region, and it was boarded by a young girl who is from that very region, as she held onto the railings of the ship to watch Sinnoh draw closer. Her name is Victoria Melis. She is the daughter to one of the most richest, if not, the richest family in the entire Kalos, and she is excited for the adventure that awaits her.

"There it is! Finally! The Sinnoh region!" She said with a happy tone.

This would mark as the sixth region she'd travel in. However, what's different about this one, is that she's completely on her own. No Pokémon from her home or from past journeys to accompany her. Just her and her experience in being a Pokémon Trainer. She decided on traveling alone this time as a way to test herself, to see how much she has grown. Thinking about this very decision made her reminisce a bit of how she went from a girl running away from home to go on a journey to now traveling to her sixth region. To this day, it still amazes her of how far she's come and how much has changed in her life.

Once the ship docked, Victoria got off from it and closed her eyes to breathe in Sinnoh's fresh air.

"The time is now.....for the birth of a new journey," she said before opening her eyes.

She thought about going to the Pokémon Center to call home but ended up deciding going the Research Lab instead to see if she could pick up a Pokémon. After entering through the lab's sliding doors, Victoria almost immediately saw two people. One was Professor Rowan, which she was able to identify after hearing about him from Professor Sycamore, and the other was a young man he was attending.
"Oh no, i think we're lost, Alpha"

Aria had been already travelling early in the morning with her Happiny, but it seems she was lost again, Aria sighed as she sat down and took a breath, while Alpha, her Happiny was trying to pull her into the direction of Sandgem town, they were just in route 202, and Aria already thought they were lost, sometimes Alpha thought about how dense her trainer can be, the pokemon kept trying to pull her trainer, but Aria sighed, and started to open her bag.

"Oh well, i'm sure you're probably hungry, right Alpha?" Aria said as she picked an Oran Berry, and turned to give it to Alpha, but the pokemon swatted her hand and continued to scold her trainer, "Happi, Happiny!" Alpha screamed at her trainer, but Aria was too occupied about the Oran Berry rolling down the ledges, "OH NO!, ALPHA!, THAT BERRY IS PRECIOUS FOOD!" Aria screamed back in distress, while scrambling to get up and running down the ledges to the rolling Oran Berry, with Alpha finally letting out a sigh of relief and following her trainer.

"Oh no, Oh no, Come here, Berry!" Aria whispered to herself as she followed the rolling berry onto a dirt road, "Ah, still fresh!, i think?" Aria thought to herself, while Alpha, the Happiny started to point to a pokemon lab, that is when Aria finally listened to her pokemon, and remembered she actually needed to update her pokedex too, how forgetful.

As Aria skipped happily to the pokemon lab, she walked through the sliding doors, and saw three people, Proffesor Rowan, a young man, and a girl about her age, she greeted the girl with light blonde hair, and put on a smile.

"Hey hey!, I'm Aria, I'm gonna get my Pokedex updated!, what about you?" Aria tried to put on her best smile, while trying not to appear scary, whilst Alpha stood beside her trainer.
Hearing the sliding doors open, Victoria turned behind her to see a girl with silver hair and that's a bit shorter than her. She introduced herself as Aria and flashed the Kalosian trainer with a smile. Her silver eyes do have an intimidation factor that Victoria couldn't help but take note of, however she could tell that Aria's smile was sincere.

"Oh, uh, greetings," Victoria responded with a smile of her own after being taken a bit aback by Aria's eyes for a second, "I'm Victoria. A pleasure to make your acquaintance." She tipped her fedora a bit as she greeted with politeness. "I'm here to receive a Pokémon from the professor," she added on.

Victoria looked down to see the Happiny that was standing beside Aria. "Oh? Is that Happiny yours? It's adorable!" She said before pulling out her Kalos Pokédex and scanning it.

"Happiny, the playhouse Pokémon. It carries a round, egg-shaped rock in its belly pouch and gives the rock to its friends."
Aria smiled knowing the girl didn't flinch and run away, and she even introduced her name, "Nice to meet you Victoria!" Aria replied as the girl introduced herself, but right after Victoria tipped her fedora, Aria couldn't notice she doesn't have any Pokémon, that is until she mentioned that she was getting a Pokémon from the professor, "oh, well i'm sure you'll pick a great pokemon!" Aria said while giving a thumbs up.

As Victoria looked down to Alpha, Aria also imitated, both girls looking down at Alpha, the Playhouse Pokemon didn't like attention, and it certainly didn't like getting called 'adorable', "Oh yes, this is Alpha, she helps me not get lost sometimes" Alpha looked at her trainer, as if not believing her words, "Happi!, Happiny!" Alpha scolded her trainer again as she kicked Aria with her tiny feet.

"Happiny, the playhouse Pokémon. It carries a round, egg-shaped rock in its belly pouch and gives the rock to its friends." Victoria's pokedex chimed, Aria looked at Alpha confused.

"I thought that egg was real?"
~Professor Rowan...~

Professor Rowan turned to the two girls that had recently walked in. "Good day to you. Welcome. How may I help you today? A pokédex update? Very well... I'll have that done in a jiffy. Now how may I help you?" Rowan said turning towards Victoria.

~Dolan Larch...~

Dolan turned and looked towards the two girls whom had entered the research facility not that long after he did. By the looks of it the two got along quite well. Dolan might almost assumed they knew each other if it weren't for the fact that they introduced themselves to each other.

Dolan smiled and waved, "Hi, nice to meet you! I'm guessing you must be trainers as well. I'm Dolan. Dolan Larch" Dolan said. "Dittooo" Aloi went. "Oh, this is my best bud Aloi!" Dolan said. "Ditto!" Aloi cheered. Dolan looked over at the happiny, "Nice to meet you too" Dolan said before turning his gaze back at the two girls.
Meanwhile, off to the side of the main room of the laboratory, another boy sat in a chair, with a Raboot leaning against the desk he was sat at, and a Chatot sat on his shoulder.

The boy was named Jake Fisher, from Galar.

He had been sent by Professor Magnolia, to assist Rowan for a little while, as well as to see the Sinnoh region.

He glanced back at the newcomers to the lab, tilting his head to the side and watching them for a few seconds, studying their Ditto and Happiny curiously, before looking back at his Rotom Phone on the desk, scrolling through the Pokedex a bit, and blinking in realization. He turned his head to look at the case on the same desk, which contained the three pokeballs for the newest group of trainers.

He slowly smiled. He had been working with these three for a while, to better ready them for trainers. It would be a bit sad to see them go, but at least he knew they would go to good homes.

The Raboot, Sonny, looked at the trainers with a half lidded bored expression, his paws in his "pockets" and one of his legs crossed over the other.

Forte, the Chatot, carefully turned himself around and watched the trio curiously, ruffling his feathers a bit as he did.
"Aww~, then I guess you're the one who's taking care of Aria instead of the other way around," Victoria said to Alpha as she put her Pokédex away. She then heard the professor approach them and turned to him. "Oh, yes. Hello, professor. My name is Victoria Melis, from Lumiose City in the Kalos region," she introduced herself to him with a small bow, "I was hoping if it were alright for me to choose a starter Pokémon, since I currently am not equipped with one of my own."

She then turned to the young man, who introduced himself and his Ditto as Dolan and Aloi. "Hello there," she said to them, "A pleasure to meet you both." Almost immediately, she took note of Aloi's blue coloring as normal Ditto were pink. "That's quite the partner you have there. It's not everyday you see a Pokémon of an alternate color," Victoria said.
Inside the local Pokemon Center of Jubilife City, a young boy with spiky blonde hair and a Luxio on his shoulder seemed to be focused on a monitor as he seemed to have a split-screen phone call between two others. One, a young girl who seemed his age and had a Roselia on her lap and the other and older woman who seemed to have a Torterra behind her that tried to peak into the call.

Needless to say there was an air of excitement among the call, for the boy who referred to himself as Zeke was set to begin his own Pokemon adventure today. Same with his twin known as Eliza, as both seemed to have their watches present as they worked to synch them while their mother Lily felt a sweat drop roll down the back of her head.

"Don't you think this is a tad much? I mean you just got out of class and you just arrived in Kalos no?" Lily asked, towards Zeke & Eliza respectively as the girl in Kalos rolled her eyes.

"He insists we time this to see who makes it to each milestone first. And since he seems eager to be shown up I agreed to it." Eliza replied as Zeke seemed to mask a sly smirk on his end. The two siblings had made a bet over which would become Champion first, which their mother seemed to discourage but if there had been one thing she failed to quell it was this age ole sibling rivalry.

"Says the girl who flusters at hello. Yeah I think I'll be having the time to beat." Zeke mused as Eliza seemed to blush and pout as Lily chuckled before she decided to speak up.

"Now now, this isn't a race. This is an experience, and you ought to savor every moment of it. Believe me, there is nothing quite like it. Just be sure to call me regularly and stay safe understand?"

"Course mom, love you!"

With that, both trainers hung up the call as Zeke turned to his partner Lightning who seemed far from amused by her trainer's antics as he started his watch which caused him to chuckle. "Oh come on a bit of flare goes a long way. Regardless, let's go find Professor Rowan and begin our journey!"

With a Pokemon Egg in his backpack, a gift from his mother, secured and his partner by his side he left the Pokemon Center of Jubilife City and took in a deep breath as he had shivers running down his veins. This was the beginning of his path to being a Champion, and he'd make sure not to waste this opportunity. Sinnoh was primed and he was gonna conquer it!

First stop was Sangem Town, that was where he'd get a chance to meet Professor Rowan and most importantly get the Pokedex and what he needed to begin his path to the Sinnoh League. It was just south of Jubilife so while it was no short jog it had been within walking distance which had been helpful given Zeke lacked money for a bike at this point. His mother had offered to get a bike for his journey bit Zeke had been determined to get one himself to prove he was a true trainer and earn what he'd need.

Lightning considered this a move of ego-driven stupidity.

Regardless, the pair moved out of town and with a quick step Zeke dashed ahead as Lightning worked to keep pace as they set out for Sangem Town.
In the Pokemon center on Sandgem town, Tony sat at one of the benches by himself, the indifferent expression he wore along with his dark attire made him somewhat intimidating to be around, even a guy who looked like a punk flinched when he saw Tony, although Tony didn't seem to care. "Tony Mercer?" Nurse Joy called while she placed a tray with two Poke balls on the counter before her, Tony turned his eyes and got up from where he sat.

"Thank you for waiting, you'll be pleased to know that your Pokemon are healthy and ready for you." She said with a smile, Tony merely nodded and reached to collect both Poke balls. "Cool, thanks." He said in a dull tone of voice as he put the spherical capsules in his trouser pockets. "Do come again." Nurse Joy said with a bow before she went to check on other trainers and their Pokemon, Tony turned to walk out of the Pokemon center and let out a sigh when he was back outside in the fresh air. "Maybe I should make my way to Jubilife, see if I can get another Pokemon... then go to Oreburgh to challenge it's Gym..." Tony muttered.
"Good day to you too, Professor!~" Aria replied in a delighted manner, as she handed her pokedex to Professor Rowan, before taking note that Victoria was from Kalos, "Kalos? wow, i've never been to Kalos!" Aria commented, bewildered at the thought of being in Kalos, she then heard a boy introduce himself making Aria turn to face the boy.

"Nice to meet you, Dolan, I'm Aria!, we're from Hoenn but we just moved here a couple weeks back!" Aria introduced herself this time, before noticing the blue ditto beside Dolan, "Wow!, that's a rare ditto, you got there!" Aria commented once more, leaving Alpha in dismay looking at her trainer before sulking and sitting beside her, "Oh right, sorry, this here is Alpha, she helps me not get lost!" Aria added, making Alpha perk up and rise its head, basking in the attention.

"Happiny!" Alpha said, as if saying, 'you got that right!', making Aria giggle slightly.
Soon enough the young man had made it through his first route, normally one was only allowed to venture by the tall grass with a Pokemon partner after having met the professor of the region but thankfully Lightning already had been by his side so Zeke seemed to be in good hands. The pair had made great strides to cover as much ground as possible as Lightning had to wonder if her partner was part Pokemon given the pace he seemed to be able to maintain. The stamina, even after their time together she was still impressed though annoyed as it meant they often sprinted to locations rather than go at a more "relaxed" pace.

Eventually, the pair made it to a hill which overlooked Sandgem town as both took a moment to catch their breath as Lightning moved to Zeke's shoulder and the young aspiring trainer scanned at the horizon with a gleam in his eye.

"We made it buddy. Now all we gotta do is find Professor Rowan's lab and our journey can begin prop..."


A random Aipom seemed to jump out of the air as it landed on Zeke's head before jumping off to a tree behind them but this caused Zeke to lose balance as he fell to his side and rolled down the hill along with Lightning; the egg in his backpack seemed oddly secure but Zeke seemed to scream along with Lightning as they looked like a pair of rolling logs and soon tumbled smacking face-first on their side to a building which happened to be the Pokemon Center.

"Nggg....are we there yet?"

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~Professor Rowan...~

Professor Rowan turned and saw a short brown haired boy, and was almost startled a moment, "Oh right... That's just Jacob... Professor Magnolia sent him down here to assist me... I wonder how she's doing..." Professor Rowan thought to himself.

He turned back towards Victoria, "Ah yes. You must be... Victoria Melis, is it? You registered to receive your starter pokémon. Melis... I believe I've heard that name during my time in Kalos. Though I can't quite put my finger on where... Anyways. The three starter pokémon are right on the table here. My assistant here, Jacob has helped quite a bit in taking care of them with me. He's been a most helpful assistant. I should put in a good word to Professor Magnolia" Professor Rowan said gesturing towards Jacob.

Rowan gestured towards the three pokéballs before opening all three of them. "To the left we have Tirtwig. The grass starter pokémon. In the middle we have Chimchar. The fire starter pokémon. Then to the right we have Piplup. The water type pokémon. Whichever one you decide to go with, please choose carefully" Professor Rowan said. Rowan stepped back to watch and see.

After updating Aria's pokédex, he smiled, "Here you go... One updated pokédex" Rowan said.

~Dolan Larch...~

Dolan startled turned towards the dark haired boy, "Arceus sake! When did you get here?! Did you teleport or were you here the whole time or something...?" Dolan startled said. He looked down at his raboot. His raboot didn't look all that excited to be here. "What's that pokémon?" Dolan asked holding out his pokédex...

"Raboot! The rabbit pokémon! It kicks berries right off the branches of trees and then juggles them with its feet, practicing its footwork!"

"I see..." Dolan said before putting his pokédex away.

"Nice to meet you! My name is Dolan. Dolan Larch" Dolan said cheerfully.

He turned back towards Victoria and Aria, "Thanks! Funny enough... I never really put much thought to the odd color thing... I just found him in the woods one day, and there's not much else to say... That's fine. Me and Aloi get lost a lot too. I'm from the region of Orre by the way" Dolan said. "Ditto dittoooo!" Aloi cheered. Aloi began to glow and change shape. As it gained coloration, it began to form into a raboot. A slighhtly different coloration to the one near Jacob. Aloi also maintained its ditto face.
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Jake smiled and waved a little.

"T-tried to make sure they were all ready for ya, but everyone has their unique quirks...oh, and before you ask, he's always like that..." he cleared his throat and rubbing the back of his head; as he pointed to Sonny's half lidded eyes; his own eyes had slightly visible dark circles under them, and spoke in a galarian accent.

"Nice to meet you all..." Jake said coughing a bit, as if nervous or something.

Sonny blinked, staring at the "Raboot".


He titled his head to the side as he studied it, as the Chatot seemed to click its beak in "laughter", adjusting.

Sonny then glanced at his large rabbit feet, having listened to the pokedex entry on him, before shrugging and stuffing his paws back into his pockets.
Victoria looked at Aria after hearing her say that she's never been to Kalos. "Have you not? It's very wonderful and elegant region that I guarantee will not disappoint you," she said to her before also hearing about her originally being from Hoenn, "Oh? So you're from Hoenn? I've actually been to Hoenn myself. Such a lovely region with lovely scenery and unique towns and cities." Talking about it made Victoria reminisce her time there a bit.

Victoria then turned back to the professor after he said that the starter Pokémon were ready for her to choose. "Splendid!" She said. When Professor Rowan brought out the Pokémon, she couldn't help but let out a gasp. "Wow! They're so precious!" She said to compliment them. After the professor introduced them, Victoria pulled out her Pokédex to scan each of them.

"Turtwig, the tiny leaf Pokémon. Photosynthesis occurs across its body under the sun. The shell on its back is actually hardened soil."

"Chimchar, the chimp Pokémon. Its fiery rear end is fueled by gas made in its belly. Even rain can't extinguish the fire."

"Piplup, the penguin Pokémon. It doesn't like to be taken care of. It's difficult to bond with since it won't listen to its Trainer."

After listening to her Pokédex, she puts it away and looks at the Pokémon for a bit with a smile. Being in this position made her think back to when she first started out as a Pokémon Trainer, no other Pokémon in hand and choosing between Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie.

She then turned to the individual known as Jacob, who helped care for the three Pokémon. Victoria smiled at him before turning back to the Pokémon. "Well, it looks to me that you did a superb job in caring for them. They appear as healthy as they can be," she said, giving Jake one more smile before turning back to the three starters.

After thinking to herself for a bit, she approaches the Pokémon on the table and specifically stands in front of one of them, Piplup. She pets the water-type's head, which made it look at her with a bit of a confused look.

"Pip?" Piplup said.

"You know, this reminds me of when I first started out as a trainer," she began to say with a smile as she petted Piplup, "I had no other Pokémon with me, and I chose a Froakie as my starter, a water-type like you. So, with that said...." She picked up the Piplup and had it in her arms. She turned to the professor. "I choose Piplup."
Jake smiled as he watched, gently leaning his head on his arms on the back of the chair he sat on, as Forte hopped off and fluttered onto the table, as he clicked his beak and continued to watch.

Sonny meanwhile, watched the three starter pokemon with his half lidded expression, aka the three pokemon he had basically played "big brother" or babysitter too for the past month or so.

No, he hadn't grown attached at all like Jake had in that time, why ever would you think that? How dare you for thinking so.
~Professor Rowan...~

"Ah yes... The Kalos water type starter. Professor Sycamore is an interesting professor to say the least. An excellent choice. Take good care of piplup on your journey, and you will both go far on your journey" Rowan said. He smiled at Victoria before looking at the chimchar and tirtwig. Rowan knew it was only a matter of time before their soon to be trainers would arrive.

~Dolan Larch...~

"A piplup, huh? Cool choice! So is water your favorite type? " Dolan asked. "Dittooooo(translation: Oh boy! I like greetings! Nice to meet you too!)" Aloi cheered before changing into slightly off color piplup with dittos face unchanged. Aloi smiled and waved at the piplup. Dolan looked towards the window, "Are you guys going on an adventure too? If so, what kind of adventure?" Dolan asked.
"Thank you, Professor Rowan," Victoria said with a bow and a smile, "I'll treat Piplup with the utmost care and will not disappoint you." She then turned to Dolan, who asked if water-types were her favorite. "Actually, no. I guess you can classify my choosing as a symbolic one," she explained.

Still in her trainer's arms, Piplup looked at the blue blob that greeted it and transformed into its alternate coloration. The water-type was a bit off put in seeing an alternate colored version of itself with the face of a Ditto instead of that of a normal Piplup. "Pi...Piplup. (Yeah....Nice to meet you too.)" Piplup replied back, not being able to get use to Aloi's face on the body of a Piplup.

Victoria proceeded to give Dolan a nod as a response to his next question. "I plan on collecting the gym badges Sinnoh has to offer, so I can acquire eligibility to compete in the Sinnoh League!" She said with a bit of a determined tone.
As Tony seemed to be lost in his thoughts on how to proceed on his journey, he snapped back to reality when he heard a thud come from the side of the Pokemon Center and curiously walked over to investigate. He raised an eyebrow when he saw what looked like a trainer and a Shinx look like they just had one hell of a tumble, so he decided to walk a bit closer, but kept his distance so trainer and Pokemon alike had room to get up. "You okay?" Tony asked, his tone didn't sound like he cared very much, not that he was able to help very much on how he sounded.
"Nggg....the hell was that?" Zeke mumbled to himself, while his Lightning only seemed to growl in annoyance as the pair needed a moment to catch their bearings before the two worked their way to their feet having heard the voice of another. "Huh, oh yeah I am fine just a bit of a...the EGG!" Zeke had began to answer only for panic to hit as he opened his backpack with his Luxio equally as frantic as what seemed to be an egg container holding a white egg with green spots as they inspected it. Thankfully given Zack had rolled along his side not his back the egg was unharmed as both Trainer and Pokemon sighed in relief.

"Oh thank Arceus..." Zeke muttered as he set the egg container back in his backpack while Lightning now scanned on the newcomer with curious eyes as Zeke dusted himself off and flashed a friendly grin his way. "So like I said I am cool~! Sorry for the uh...sudden arrival. My name is Zeke and this is my partner Lightning, a pleasure to meet you~" Zeke said somewhat sheepishly as this had not been how he envisioned entering town but he had to roll with it best he could as he presented a friendly introduction of himself and his Luxio.
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~Professor Rowan...~

"That's just what I expected to hear. Safe travels, and good luck out there" Rowan said. Rowan turned to Dolan, "Tell hour grandfather I said hello" Rowan said once more. He then turned towards his desk and sat down.

~Dolan Larch...~

"I see..." Dolan said in regards to Victoria's symbolic comment.

"Ditto!(great!) Aloi cheered before reverting back to its original form.

"Pokémon league huh? Your one of 'thooose trainers'... The ones that battle gym leaders! Cool. Nice to meet you. I'm a photographer by the way" Dolan said quickly pulling out a camera, snapping a photo of all the people and pokémon in the room within the course of three quickly taken photos. After putting his camera away, he smiled at Rowan, "Will do! You should call him. I bet he'd like that. I can write his number down" Dolan said scribbling it down on paper.

"I cant wait to begin adventuring" Dolan said opening the door to outside.
Tony's indifferent facial expression didn't change too much, although he did seem to show a brief and small smile when he heard that the egg they had with them was unharmed, he kept his hands in the pockets of his black coat as his eyes went to look down at the Shinx that accompanied the trainer who introduced himself as Zeke. "Tony." Tony replied. "So, what brings you rolling down to Sandgem?" He asked with a hint of curiosity in the tone of his voice as he went to kneel down and held his hand out lightly in an attempt to pet the Shinx.
Lightning naturally had been a bit tentative around a stranger's hand, though as Zeke gave a nod of encouragement Lightning seemed to accept the petting and even let out a light purr in response. "Oh I came here to find Professor Rowan, today is the day I begin my journey to the top of the Sinnoh League!" Zeke declared with no shortage of passion or confidence as he explained why he had come here to Tony with what could be described as a gleam in his eyes.
Jake blinked in surprise at the sudden photo, as Sonny's eyes slowly got bigger and smaller in response to the sudden light, before he rubbed them and blinked a few times until his vision adjusted.

The Chatot squawked a bit as he flapped his wings once or twice, before he folded them back in.

Jake looked over at Piplup, before looking at the Chimchar and Turtwig.

"...hey...Professor...these two were spoken for, right?" He asked, motioning to the two, tilting his head to the side.

"Forgot if you said they were or not..."
"Ah, so you're just starting your journey, huh? I suppose I may as well be doing the same, so to speak." Tony said as his gaze never shifted off of the Shinx he went to pet, he often changed between tickling its chin or behind its ears. "Been thinking of maybe getting another Pokemon to add to my team and train a bit before going to the Oreburgh Gym." He added when he let his hand go and put it back in his pocket before he stood up and looked at Zeke. Unlike Zeke's passionate way of speaking, Tony seemed the complete opposite, little enthusiasm in his tone of voice and his facial expression looked like one who cared very little about what was around him, even his eyes seemed to lack a spark in them.
It's been a hot minute.

After having a rough jet-lag from arriving to Sinnoh from Unova, a young man had been laying on the bench in the Pokemon Center. Due to the jet-lag, his Pokemon had woken up from their nap and nudged him slightly. "I don't wanna.... Ten more minutes..." An exacerbated groan came from his Munna, who had lifted herself off from his blonde hair to softly nudge his face with her own. The young man groaned and yawned, stretching before getting up from his spot on the couch. He leaned forward, resting his head in his hands while propping them up with his elbows on his legs. After rubbing away the sleep in his eyes, he smoothed out the wrinkles in his business casual suit and got up. "I'm up now. Sorry, Elvira." He patted his Munna on the head, earning a delighted coo. Grabbing his backpack, he hefted it on over his shoulders and walked out of the center. It was nearing noon, far too early for him to be up and running around, but he had to walk around. His Munna rested on his shoulder, hugging it with her little nubs for legs.

He was in Sandgem Town to ask Professor Rowan where to go to learn about the legends and myths in Sinnoh. He knew he wasn't going to encounter any anytime soon, but he did want to find places where there were monuments created in their honor. He had heard of the statue in Eterna City that showed Dialga and Palkia, but were there more? He walked to the Professor's Lab, only to see a boy walking out with a Ditto. Looking through the window, he saw two girls, another boy, and the professor himself. Reggie, not being the one to pass up on small talk, waved at the kid with the blue Ditto-... Blue? A sudden flash of light and a Haunter with what seemed to be sparkles on his ethereal fur and a shiny blue tongue and blue aura surrounding his three-clawed hands appeared.

"Hey, is that a shiny? That's cool!" Reggie gawked at the Ditto before straightening himself out, giving the kid an almost cocky smile. "I'm Reggie, what's your name? Oh, and this is Emeric and Elvira." He gestured to his Haunter and then to his Munna. "Know any place where I can learn about the legends here in Sinnoh?"
Dolan was surprised to see the sharp dressed boy and his blue tongued haunter. Dolan was speechless when the boy spoke to him l. He looked at the haunter, then at best boi Reginald then back at the haunter, and finally at Reginald.

"Uugh Y-yeah! This is my best bud Aloi. Nice to meet you Reggie. You too, Emeric and Elvira. I'm Dolan. Dolan Larch. Funny when I first met Aloi, I thought all ditto were blue..." Dolan said.

Without skipping a beat, Aloi changed its form once more, becoming a blue tongued haunter, with its trademark goofy face. Aloi smiled and stuck its tongue out at the haunter. "Dittoooo(translate: Hello! Helloooo).

"Legends here? In sinnoh... I've heard of them. Palkia and Giratina... No wait. Palkia aaaannnnd Arceu- I mean Dialga! Palkia was known for time while dialga was known for space!" Dolan facepalmed himself. "My grandpa talked about this stuff with me and I already forgot... Total uncool. However I plan to learn more about them! No doubt. Hopefully I'll get enough cool lore and stuff to write my next book! Oh! Aaand" Dolan said whipping his camera out like a worlds class sharpshooter. Dolan quickly snapped two photos of Reginald's pokémon. Dolan stuck his hand out to greet Reginald.
Victoria and Piplup flinched a bit when Dolan took their picture before he took his leave. After seeing him depart, Victoria looked down at her new partner in her arms before saying, "I suppose we should get a move on as well."

"Piplup~!" Piplup let out in agreement.

The Kalosian trainer then turned back to the professor. "Thank you once again, professor! 'Til meet again!" She said before proceeding to exit out the front door. Once outside, she immediately saw Dolan interacting with a newcomer. This one was another male, although he had blonde hair and was very well dressed. Along with that, he was with Munna and a Haunter that had a slightly different shade of purple and a blue tongue. She soon approached the two. "Oh? Is this a friend of yours, Dolan?" She asked as the two seemed to have gotten along one another.
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Emeric tilted his head in confusion, until realizing this was the Ditto's special technique of transforming. He mimed the Ditto, sticking out his tongue in return and chuckling with his greeting. "(Hello there.)"

"Nice to meet you, Dolan." Reggie smiled wide. "That can be confusing, especially since Ditto themselves are quite rare to begin with. Though, we got a lot in Giant Chasm back in Unova. It's quite treacherous..." He trailed off before getting interrupted by Dolan trying his best to explain about the legends and myths in Sinnoh. Only to realize the kid was pretty scatterbrained. Chuckling, Reggie waved his hands to try and stop him. "Hey, it's okay. Don't worry about it. Once I figure it out, I'll let you know." Though, Reggie caught sight of the camera Dolan had.

Eyeing the contraption, he looked to Elvira and Emeric, who both shared the same gaze falling upon the camera. With cheeky smiles, the three of them posed as Dolan shot his camera out, with Reggie giving the camera finger guns, Emeric trying to scare the camera, and Elvira wagging her nubs in an excited hand wave. It was probably going to be blurry in the photo, but that didn't matter. She wanted it to look like she had blurred nubs.

Reggie returned the handshake for Dolan, giving him a quick and firm handshake. When he let go, he heard a girl talk to them. He looked over to see a cute blonde haircut and brown-colored eyes staring at them inquisitively, asking if they were friends. To be cheeky, Reggie aimed to wrap a quick arm around Dolan's neck and shooting some finger guns at the girl. "Now, we are!" Regardless of whether or not he actually got an arm around Dolan's neck, he returned back to normal, a huge smile on his face. "I'm Reggie, and this Haunter is Emeric and Munna is Elvira. Dolan and I just met. What's your name? And ohhh, that's a cute Pokemon." He stared at the Piplup adoringly, the Munna leaving his shoulder to greet the Piplup personally, cooing softly.

"(Hello. How are you?)"
"Great! These are some really good pictures. I'm definitely putting this one in the book. Ha! Nice" Dolan said looking at his pictures. Aloi eventually began to revert back to it's normal self. As it did, it began to descend closer to the ground. Aloi reached up, gesturing for Dolan to pick it up. Dolan picked Aloi up before he turned and looked at Victoria, then turned and looked at Reginald. Victoria asked if they knew each other. Dolan would certainly remember meeting someone like Reggie, if he had. "...Yep!" Dolan said in agreement, and throwing his arm around Reginald's neck. Though Dolan had to stand on his tippy toes to compensate for the height difference.

"A munna... Never seen one of those in Johto..." Dolan said looking at the pink pokémon"

Dolan held out his pokédex, "Munna! The dream eater pokémon! Munna always float in the air. People whose dreams are eaten by them forget what the dreams had been about" the pokédex stated.

~Professor Rowan...~

Rowan looked over at Jake, "I'm not sure... There were supposed to be some aspiring trainers come by, but they appear to be running late" Rowan said. Rowan turned toward Victoria, nodded and waved.
Victoria smiled a bit after hearing that Dolan and the individual known as Reggie were indeed friends. "Pleasure to meet you Reggie. I'm Victoria! Victoria Melis," She greeted, sticking her hand out at Reggie for a handshake before hearing him compliment her Piplup, "Thank you. I just received it from Professor Rowan moments ago."

"Plup~!" Piplup let out before seeing the Munna float towards it to introduce itself, "Piplup Pip. (Good. Nice to meet you.)"

"Oh my. Your Munna is quite adorable as well. From its round shape to the floral patterns around its body," Victoria stated as she looked at the floating psychic-type before looking back at Reggie. A little biased on the floral pattern comment as she has a faded floral pattern on her shirt.
Reggie didn't think Dolan would reciprocate the shoulder hug, so he leaned down a bit to allow Dolan to reach around his neck. Once that cute gesture was done, Reggie looked at the Pokedex and tilted his head to the side. "Huh. Interesting. Maybe it'd be faster to use a Pokedex instead of using my phone. But Munna helps me with my nightmares, so I can sleep better at night." He chuckled and looked back at Victoria, meeting her handshake with his and giving her a softer handshake. Still firm, but there was some tenderness in there that was absent in the handshake he gave to Dolan earlier. Reggie looked at her shirt and tried to stifle a giggle as she gushed over how cute his Munna was.

"Ah, yes. Couldn't tell." He teased her a little with some sarcasm, finally letting loose a chuckle before continuing. "Anyway, I'm going to head inside the lab, probably get one of those things, and ask the professor which places to go to first. I'm not sure if he does gym challenge registrations too, but I'm going to do that if the option is available. I'll be out in a jiffy." With that, he waved the two of them goodbye as he entered the lab.

"Hey, you must be Professor Rowan." Reggie walked up to the professor, smiling widely. "The name's Reginald Valerias. I'm not here for a starter Pokemon, but I am here for a Pokedex possibly, get registered for the gym challenge if that's possible here, and where can I go to see the legends immortalized, like in statue or books? I'm kind of here for sightseeing, but the gym challenge has caught my interest and thought I'd do that on the side." He gave the man his hand to shake if he was willing.

He had been doing a lot of handshakes recently.

Meanwhile, Emeric and Elvira waved goodbye to Dolan, Victoria, and their Pokemon before following Reggie, gawking at the technology that surrounded them. The Ghost/Poison-Type found himself by Reggie's side and he waved at the professor and then at the kid off to the side with the Raboot. Always the curious one, the Munna hovered towards the kid and his Raboot and waved at them, greeting them.
Jake smiled and waved a bit at the Munna, as he grabbed a pokeball from his belt, as Sonny shifted a bit, and adjusted his paws in their pockets.

He gently touched the Chatot with it, and the bird was promptly put back into the pokeball, which was then reattached to the belt.

Jake held his Rotom Phone up, which quickly scanned the psychic type.

"Munna. The Dream Eater pokemon. It eats dreams and releases mist. The mist is pink when it is eating a good dream, and black when it is eating a nightmare."

It read off, before it went quiet.

Jake smiled as he pocketed the phone, before he looked at the remaining two starter pokemon.


His gaze went to Turtwig, who was enjoying a bit of sunlight flowing through the window.

"...Professor....if I can suggest...maybe...Turtwig should...travel with me? You know...to...experience its reactions to various environments." Jake smiled a little and shifted in place.

Sonny blinked and looked at him, as if he had just suggested he wanted to adopt a child.
"Yep just set out today actually. Though of course I need to stop by Professor Rowan, gotta get my official Pokedex and as importantly get those Pokeballs in order to build a team with Lightning here." Zeke said as he seemed to possess an undying enthusiasm though seemed to nod at the trainer's plan of attack. Course he desired to go to Oreburgh City in order to get his crack at the first gym, but he needed to register first as well as get experience & allies though that had not stopped the gleam in his eyes at the thought.

Lightning in turn seemed to grow more comfortable around this stranger, it helped that he seemed to know just the right places as her ears seemed to twitch and the normally stoic Luxio let out a soft purr showing she had appreciated the treatment.

"Say, maybe if I hurry and get to Rowan quickly maybe we can tag to look for Pokemon to find and train? Figured we have mutual goals there and could help each other." Zeke said, as he seemed to see this as opportunity to begin his journey on a fortunate note and hey it was always better to travel with another than alone, least he assumed it had been. Though he left the option up to him.
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Tony looked around and thought about what Zeke said, unlike him, Tony had his Pokedex already. "If you wanna quickly go to see the old man and get your Pokedex, that's fine by me... I could use a bit of company as I find which Pokemon to add to my team." Tony sounded somewhat unsure about the idea of travelling with someone, but even he knew that his attitude wouldn't serve too well if he was alone. "I already have my Pokedex and several Poke balls, so I'm pretty much good to go."
~Dolan Larch...~

"It is cute isn't it? Like a lil pink pillow..." Dolan said he scooted over to give Reginald plenty room to come in.

~Professor Rowan...~

Professor Rowan looked over at Reginald, "I see... I just got a shipment last week... Now where did I put tho- Ah... Here they are... One pokédex and one Registration card. I'll go ahead and put your name in the database real quick... aaaand you are registered " Rowan said.

Rowan looked over at Jake. Rowan cleared his throat, "While helping me with the trio, it seems turtwig took quite the liking to you. I suppose this would be fitting now would it? I trust you will take good care of him" Rowan said.
"Alright! I'll get the stuff in no time flat and then we can go see what the routes here have to offer." Zeke said as he seemed to bubble with excitement, even Lightning could not help but crack a smile as soon they'd meet this Professor, and then a journey across the land was bound to begin. And least for the beginning they'd be accompanied by this guy who provided great pats which seemed to be a bonus.

"Uh, just one thing...do you know the direction to the lab?"

And that optimism crashed as the Luxio fall on her side, once more her trainer seemed to surprise her for the wrong reasons.
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Victoria watched Reggie enter the lab after hearing him say he was gonna get a Pokédex and ask the professor some things, such as registration for the Pokémon League. She knew she too had to register as well but knew she could do it at the Pokémon Center, not knowing whether one could do so with the professor.

After watching him enter the lab, the Kalosian trainer turned to Dolan. "So, Dolan, where is it you plan on heading from here?" She asked, "I intend on traversing to Jubilife City and then towards Oreburgh City, I believe, for my first gym badge." She read some brochures on her boat ride from Kalos and read about the nearest town or city to Sandgem with a gym.

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
A slender figure dressed almost entirely in black and having a glowing green line for eyes appeared in the door of the lab, after taking a long private flight from his home region of Stahlblatt. As he entered, he seemed to be a scientist, albiet a very odd one, for he had a visor and a strangely coloured lab coat covered by a leather jacket. If anything, he looked more like an 'emo punk,' but the way he carried himself seemed much more intelligent.

The man's name was Adolphian, and he walked towards the professor with a neutral expression, noting the group of people already at the lab. He pulled out a strange, very sophisticated device that seemed to be a lightweight combination of a professional camera, tablet, and multitool. After doing that, he released Blitzkriegler, the Shinx immediately letting out a cry. "Shinx! Shi-Shinx! (We're here now! Finally, we get to have a lovely vacation! C'mere Adolphian, your head is mine!)" She spoke in Pokemon speak, Adolphian immediately backing up slightly in worry as she leaped at him, clinging to his chest upon landing and climbing onto his head.

Unfortunately for the scientist, this caused him to fall onto his bottom, and caused his advanced PokeTool Analyzer to go flying out of his arms, landing on the floor with surprisingly minimal damage. "Blitz! Vou Verdammter Fotze! You could have caused the breaking of my skull open off the floor, and given me an early grave!" He shouted, Blitz whimpering sadly as she somehow managed to cling to his head despite knocking him to the ground. "Liz, Litz Bli... (I'm sorry master... I just got overly excited...)" She replied sadly.
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Tony put his index finger and thumb to the bridge of his nose and let out an annoyed sigh. "How surprising, you plan for a journey and you don't know where you should go? Come on." He said as he immediately turned around and started to walk away from the Pokemon Center and towards where the Pokemon Lab was. "And the sooner we get this outta the way, the sooner you can go on your journey." He looked back with his hands in the pockets of his coat.