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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

The envoy of the end of the world, Dexdorugreymon. If you see one of these, an entire swarm is not too far behind. These creatures have no soul to their own, nor do they know right from wrong.

Since they have no survival instincts, they barrel through gunfire, using human wave tactics until the Dexdorugreymon behind them make it past. These locust dragons will stop at nothing until they gorge down every last creature and thing on the planet. They ravage and destroy entire worlds by ripping through biomes, ravaging all beings and landmasses in their path.

Most of their attacks are mindless, yet savage blows with their claws, wings, or teeth, skewering and devouring a target (Bloody Cave). However, they are known to carpet bomb entire strips of land by shooting explosive metal spheres from their gullets. (Metal Meteor)

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon World 3- Vemmon

A rookie level Digimon with destructive potential. While young and inexperienced, Vemmon has no concept of good nor evil, only data. So Vemmon will attempt to kill any Digimon it finds, no matter the level, and try and devour them. It more often than not picks the wrong fight however. Despite this, these instinctual creatures are highly deadly due to their unique ability: The power to control any machine.

They can act as a symbiont for the machine, and no matter the size, will undergo a radical transformation to become a Digimon using components from the machine taken. From Battleships to Space Stations, the variety of Vemmon's possible evolutions are boundless!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon World 3- Destromon

Destromon, the desolation Digimon. When Vemmon came in contact and fused with the prototype SSS Class Battleship Juggernaut, it used it's unique ability to transform the sum of it's parts and trigger digivolution, transforming into that titanic Destromon. Destromon has such overwhelming firepower that no navy or destructive power on earth can even dent it's armor.

Having upgraded all of it's armor and weaponry, Destromon now sports offensive power beyond a plethora of Mega level Digimon. This several hundred meter tall titan can lay waste to entire cities in mere moments and has at least ten weapons facing any side of it's body at a single time. It is believed that if it were allowed to continue, it would have easily reduced the entire population of earth to zero!
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon World 3- Galacticmon

When you thought Destromon was too much to handle, say hello to Galacticmon. This Digimon was formed through the fusion of a Vemmon with the top secret military satellite : Gunslinger. It soars through space with a sinister aura, threatening to carve through any and all opposition that it encounters. This behemoth dwarfs all other digimon's sizes to an extreme degree, most only able to fight the tip of it's tail before tiring out.

This metal monstrosity completely overshadows its previous form's Arsenal, now capable of world ending attacks. It has weapons on all sides of it's body, capable of swatting megas with ease from any facing. It's chest is equipped with the 'Ragnarok Cannon' which has the power to destroy entire planets. It's adaptable frame also allows it to copy the moveset of whoever it was facing, so even if you have the means to destroy it...he can shoot an attack with equal power right back.

It's primary goal? Fuse with the earth, becoming a theoretical Digimon far stronger than even it: Gaiamon. If this were to ever happen, all hope be abandoned to defeat it.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon World 2- Overlord Gaia

Overlord GAIA. A powerful entity that resides inside the center of the digital world. This Machine like entity is capable of advanced prediction, capable of determining the most likely outcome to perfection. The only results it cannot read are those caused and directly effected by itself.

It invented digital life as we know it, Bringing Three Guardians into existence, the first of Vaccine, Data, and Virus types, allowing them to spread the seeds of life. Some time much later however, GAIA’s Experiments began to get more invasive. It created the Chaos series Digimon, using Chaoslord to establish and determine the best Lifeform in the digital world that could ever beat such a creature.

Normally, one isn’t able to damage GAIA. But when it’s power is reduced through the power of it’s backup restricting it, It can be defeated. It will use it’s tubes on its back to fire powerful beams of light capable of destroying the strongest of Megas (Glory Weapon). When in danger, it will detach it’s hands, which alone are capable of destroying a sizable fighting force. The hands can reduce the attack and defensive capabilities to zero (Reduction Ray) before destroying them with powerful melee attacks.

If all else fails, GAIA Shall not let any experiment defeat it. It will engage a system wipe, causing a massive explosion using GAIA itself as the catalyst, effectively destroying the universe.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

The doctor is in! This micro machine is the engineer behind some of the worst viruses to hit the web, his intellect knowing no bounds, or so he says. Datamon is a cunning and brilliant technician and researcher, void of all restraints based on a little thing called morality. If a better opportunity arrises, he will not hesitate to betray his prior engagement and sell them to the Devil.

It's central processor that makes up half it's body computes intense calculations faster than any super computer on earth, and with no boundaries of knowledge in sight. It's primary attack is releasing bombs from it's finger tips, loaded to the brim with nasty custom made malware that corrupts any surface (Digital Bomb). However, it's most brutal attack is releasing invisible nanobots that rewrite the very cellular structure or digital code of whatever it touches! It's the architect of true Nanotech Terror!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Boom! Crash! Bang! Doggymon enters the fray! This excitable Digimon took on the form of it's favorite cartoon character from American TV shows, and In doing so acts like a chaotic manifestation of a toon! It's body looks like skin and fur, but it's actually a rubbery material that can bounce back shockingly large melee attacks. Despite the persona it gives off, it's truly a fun loving Digimon that doesn't mean ill on others...though it'll try its best to humiliate them for it's own amusement.

When running on all fours, it can sprint faster than a racecar, jetting toward it's target with a cartoonish dust cloud. When it reaches you, it can throw various outrageous weapons from classic cartoons: from bombs, dynamite, and even anvils! Don't want to throw a bone to this dog!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Keramon. What started off as a simple computer virus mysteriously evolved into a rapidly growing and aggressive life form, devouring data from computers around the world. While devouring this data, electrical devices go on the fritz around the world, such as cash registers, calculators, and traffic lights. It doesn’t seem to know that it’s actions are wrong, thinking it’s digital hijinks are some kind of play.

Within minutes it’ll evolve past this state as well and evolve even further than that in rapid succession. After evolving enough, it will double it’s numbers every three seconds. Eventually, Keramon and his evolution line will outnumbers bytes on the internet.

In combat, Keramon will wriggle and soar through the air like some kind of chaotic jellyfish, firing corrupted data from it’s mouth while cackling madly (Crazy Giggle). In addition to this, he can emit a dense cloud of smoke, filled with thousands of viruses (Crazy Smoke)

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Frontier: Toucanmon

Short and bumbling, the Toucanmon come from a line of powerful bird Digimon...though due to their preference to stay inside and gush over the latest trend or idol, their wings have regressed to barley even usable, rendering them nearly flightless. They have a man child like attitude, reflected off the fact that they refuse to leave their own egg shell and grow up.

Due to being physically weak compared to other Digimon of the same level. Toucanmon instead relies on avoiding trouble in groups, usually sheltered in secluded huts or houses. These makeshift nests founded by several Toucanmon are basically fanclubs, one that always seems to obsess over attractive Digimon that are way out of their league.

They will do anything for this idol or to impress them. So much so that they will scheme and preform dirty tricks just to get their attention. Even having their idol look their way or *talking* to them would satisfy them for a lifetime.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Behold the dumpster twins! Roachmon are crunchy, dirty Digimon that stand at six feet tall. They have a toxic personality and get their kicks out of picking on the weak. Being champion level, they are slightly weaker for the stage, a well trained human could beat one if careful. However, to make up for their weakness in combat, they usually come in pairs, trios, or rarely in massive swarms. They think they are the raddest Digimon of all, can't you tell by all their skulls? Though they are seen as nothing more than thugs.

They came to exist through the existence of junk data in the digital world, and often Roachmon are born when two Digimon attempt to fuse together through DNA digivolution...but they are incompatible, so they fuse permanently into a Roachmon, explaining the two sets of arms. It's theorized this is why they crave being in pairs, due to their longing of being two Digimon once again.

Their primary attack is summoning a hailstorm of garbage from the human world, the contents being completely random. Plastic bottles, spoiled meat, or even busted pianos and concrete blocks! (Dream Dust). When in a pair or more numbers, they get more daring, moving together perfectly in sync to preform fast aerial punching attacks! (Terrible Fly)

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- MCmon

Gentleladies and Gentlemen, give a round of applause to your host of the evening: MCmon! MCmon has a vibrant personality like that of a fighting game host. His talent is known far and wide across the digital world for his top notch commentary, for which it pours it's heart and soul into.

MCmon hosts the 'Cyber Arena', a place where Appmon can freely compete and fight while he gives the viewers his take on the action. In fact, this arena got so popularized by him that he began to make an entire sport out of it. One could contribute that to the game, or his hosting skills.

He hates to fight naturally, rather narrate them. Though one of the moves he does have allows him to speak so energetically into his mic, that the willpower of the fighters and the crowd are amplified(Soul Shout). Though if he is in a must fight situation, he will narrate his own fight, talking the bystanders into cheering him on whilst pulling out some sick breakdance moves as to hope the enemy will spare him(Live Crisis).

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Yanmamon, the jumbo dragonfly Digimon. Appearing almost mindless outside of their ever unsatisfied hunger, these insectoids travel in small swarms, ganging up on Digimon that would otherwise be a suicide charge attacking alone. As a result, they eat the body of the dead Digimon before moving out to find the next victim.

Their hunting method starts out with a coordinated strafing movement, their mandibles linking up with their front claws to generate an electric current, firing them at their enemy's weak points (Thunder Ray).

Next, a flurry of spores can be released from it's wings, becoming hand sized wasps within seconds upon release. These wasps ruthlessly attack all living creatures around them and infesting any open pores until they eventually die. (Insect Swarm)

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Uh oh, it's Kaminarimon! This little electric mischief maker resembles a small electric cloud, however, it's rarely ever in that form. Why? Because it prefers looking like everything else around it, especially it's tamer! Having very little discipline, this champion level Digimon actively does whatever it wants, speaking in broken English and acting like a spoiled brat. Despite this, it's transformations aren't 100% accurate, as there are always a few 'creative liberties' it takes with it's transformations.

It's move of choice is often 'Megalo Spark', which is a powerful burst of electrical energy, all bundled up into a condensed storm cloud and thrust out like a energy ball, clashing at the foe with the sound of a lightning strike. It's Signature move however allows him to transform into the enemy, giving them a taunt before delivering a humiliating attack to them (Laughing Stock).

OOC: This was a Digimon that was found in the files of the game 'Digimon World' but was never released. However, it's item was located in the files, along with it's texture sharing the same ID as the tamer, in essence having the same model. So I took that and tried to turn it into an actual representation of what the Digimon might have been like!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Rockmon, the mysterious glitch Digimon. These Digimon are seen in corrupted data zones, adoring being around concentrations of loose data. They feed on and expand errors and glitches in programming, leading to computer crashes and hardware defects. They have no concept of 'heart' or good/evil, only that orders are important.

Textureless wireframes, they appear to have a incredibly simplistic design similar to early consoles. However, it is said that their textures occasionally flicker back...

Their signature attack is stretching their arms out, firing a siphon beam that absorbs enemy data as fuel (Anti-Digi Beam), as well as creating a crude wireframe bomb that explodes in a flurry of glitched polygons (Guardian Bomb)

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Giromon, known as the 'Net Keeper', overseer of data and the knowledge it holds. However, he is known to go off the rails, disregarding this title and going rampant, making one wonder how he even achieved that title originally. In going rampant, it's attracted quite the attention of law enforcement all across the digital world, handsome bounties being placed on his head, wether he be alive or dead.

This floating Gremlin's first instinct is to maul an enemy with it's trusty Chainsaw, cutting them until they are no longer recognizable(Giro Chainsaw). As for long range, it can generate frighting red grenades that explode with a fiery boom and deadly fallout(Deadly Bomb).

If backed into a corner, it will make sure it has the last laugh. Retracting it's arms into itself, it will turn it's entire body into one last massive bomb, taking the foe down with it! (Overrun)

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Nanimon, the odd mutant Digimon. Their species were said to be mighty invaders that came to conquer the planet, but fell in love with booze and alcohol, and so decided against it. Upon doing so, their powers atrophied, becoming a shadow of their former selves. However, those that still embrace their fighting nature are a power to behold!

Nanimon are known to rush with powerful melee punches, breaking through walls and sending champion Digimon flying in the air! (Oyaji Punch). They can also use a comical move of shouting profanity so loud that it makes the letters take physical form, dropping like an iron weight from the clouds above (Dead Word). However, those that have let their power diminish over time can do little more than flex their muscles and toss their own filth.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Tuskmon, the super-heavyweight Digimon. It's renowned and feared for it's well...*lack* of fear. So it'll head into the fray in a flash, skewering anyone unlucky enough to be between it and it's target. It holds the title of 'Panzer Digimon', in token for it's brutal nature, challenging foes ten time's it's size. The stars under it's shoulder tattoos are there to represent how many Digimon have lost their lives to the creature, each star representing 100.

It's signatures move is flashing ahead in a blur, quicker than any other dinosaur Digimon, delivering a swift punch that breaks the will and defenses of a Digimon(Panzer Knuckle). It's second move is lowering it's back and delivering a speedy charged with it's deadly tusks, bulldozing any object with it's regenerating Tusks (Horn Driver)

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon 02- Arukenimon

Arukenimon, a villainous and crafty spider Digimon that is as devious as she is persistent. She mainly appears in her human form, throwing off any idea that she could be deadly on just a glance. However, this is a ploy to lure the enemy into a false sense of security before it morph's into it's monstrous true form.

She is capable of creating life, using a single strand of her hair to interact with curious obelisks erected around the digital world known as 'Dark Spires', allowing the Digimon born to be absolutely loyal to her. Doing this, she can build an army in just minutes! (Spirit Needle)

In direct combat, she can shoot out razor sharp webbings from her wrists that can slice opponent's apart and stick the pieces on display in her atrocious web like a trophy. (Spider Thread)

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon 02- Daemon

Daemon, heralding from the Seven Great Demon Lords, representing the sin of wrath. His power goes unchallenged in the world of demons, leading massive army in the digital hellscape the 'Dark Area'. Even Mega level Digimon cower beneath the power Daemon wields, not even boasting the firepower to rip his robe.

Daemon wears this cloak around himself to shield his appearance and remained composed, acting hardly what one would imagine the sin of wrath being. However, when he discards the cloak his true monstrous form is revealed, unstable power causing havoc across the globe.

His primary attack of choice is 'Evil Inferno', which he holds his hand(s) out, releasing a wicked flame that is all consuming, coming straight from the deepest depths of purgatory. Do not think avoiding him or running will do you any good, as he can walk in gateways he creates, allowing him to appear anywhere anytime he wants. Truly he is a monster from nightmares!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Frontier- Ranamon

Ranamon is a self centered Gal that has an ego as deep as the ocean she swims. Her beauty earned her a fanclub that adores her every step. While this is her main joy, her primary occupation is as the Spirit of Water, originally devoted to protecting the digital world. However, she has since turned on those ideals to focus more on herself as well as actively fight against the forces of righteousness.

She is an utter Diva, throwing tantrums like a child if she doesn’t get her way or if her beauty is mocked. She will be quick to attack those that get in her way using her signature Drainin’ Rain attack, which causes a downpour of droplets that sap the enemy’s energy right from their bodies. She is also capable of effortlessly bending water to make walls that can take even ultimate attacks without budging!

Her strongest move however is Acidic Vapor, which can melt Boulders if they touched the damp air she emits from her mouth. If you find yourself inside of this vapor for any period of time, you’ll be puddle before you can whistle Dixie!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Frontier- Kumamon (Chackmon)

The legendary warrior and embodiment of ice. This little guy is stronger than he looks, defeating monsters many times it’s size. It shifts between a solid, stoic expression and a bubbly cat like grin, making his true emotion hard to read.

It claims to be a part of a ‘Polar Defense Army’ but there seems to be no record of this. When pressed to explain more about this army, he dodges the question, either making it a well kept secret or making Kumamon a big fat liar.

He can freely shift from his solid form to a icy mush, becoming a slippery target to snag. This unique ability allows him to crystallize and move about at will, the strength of which can support massive objects with the density of his icy body.

His attacks include puffing up his chest before releasing a icy wind that can freeze any target exposed within seconds (Crystal Freeze). However, he’s quick to bring out his trusty weapon, ‘Romeo’, shooting a flurry of icy snowballs that are deceptively strong (Blizzard Blaster).

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Weddinmon in a beautiful looking humanoid digimon that adores anything related to sweets. With sweet roll like hair, cake topper headwear, whipped cream coattails and well...being in the center of a big cake sells this point well.

A servant to one of the seven demon lords, lilithmon, she owns an army of digimon bewitched by either her craftsmanship or her looks, often a mix of both. Eating a slice of her cake can poison your mind until she is the only thing you can think about. This has garnered her quite the following of unwilling fans.

She attacks through numerous unnamed desert like attacks. Ranging from whipped cream jets from her hands, strawberry bullets, and her most famous attack: lighting all the birthday candles on her body before setting the target ablaze in an inferno to make this birthday their last.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Shortmon. These Sweet flavored champion digimon serve under their leader weddinmon as well as serve the most mouthwatering foods around. They are incredibly loyal as well as being perfect gentlemen. They simply adore preforming tasks for their masters, especially if it is culinary in nature.

They prefer to avoid fights by talking things over with a tasty treat. But if they are forced to fight, they bring out a large fork and execute expert swordsmanship to teach the enemy a bit of respect.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

The weeds fight back! Vegiemon is a vile little digimon that cares only for itself. It will drain the nutrients of all other plant life nearby, choking them off from their roots similar to a invading plant. Vegiemon will steal and use loopholes to get anything they can from something or someone. They ALWAYS take the easy way out.

They attack by using their tendrils as whips, cracking them on the enemy’s skin to rupture their bodies. They can also use these tendrils to lift their opponent up high and squeeze them until they burst.

For mid/long range, they can emit a poisonous gas with a horrid odor that wilts even the prettiest of flowers in seconds.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Gizumon XT

Gizumon XT. These digimon are amalgams of amassed data, forced together with human technology to become an an unnatural union between man, machine, and digimon. They have no soul, mind, or will.

They have the unique ability to cut right through any digimon, splicing their data from their bodies and stopping them from becoming reborn. No matter how hard you plead, they will never stop. They can’t even process mercy.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon World 3- Cardmon

Cardmon, a petite digimon that loves any card game known to exist. Cardmon are a diverse species that can be champion, ultimate, or in rare cases mega forms. Each Cardmon form looks nearly identical to the other Cardmon outside the color of their ball like face. This is to indicate the rarity of the cards they use.

They attack using...you guessed it: cards. But not any regular cards, cards used to digimodify other digimon. Each cardmon’s Hands are different, so you’ll never know what to expect when fighting one. Weather you’ll find one that shoots raremon bile or another that puppeteers wargreymon’s dramon killers is completely random.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
LadyDevimon X

Ladydevimon, a malicious demon digimon obtained the X antibody, the daemonette’s evil powers growing alarmingly as a result. She has now gained the ‘Zerdrüken’ arm which has the power to phase through data, ripping the enemy’s heart directly out of their chest cavity without resistance. Oddly enough, it rarely uses this power as it wants to dig though personally to make the enemy squeal.

It’s Familiar, Vor, who resides on her shoulder protects his master by glaring at the enemy, paralyzing them in their tracks if they do much as look into his eyes

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon World 2- Silver Cross Guardian

The Silver Cross Guardian, or Gold Hawks guardians as it’s sometimes referred to. This Being is the origin of all vaccine attribute digimon to exist. It’s power is absolute, existing as one of three guardians that gave birth to digimon as a whole. This guardian’s enormous form sits atop Core Tower, seeing all of it’s creations simultaneously.

If you elect to engage this guardian in combat, be prepared for defeat. It’s to go move is Radio Manuple, which consists of all it’s wing segments glowing in perfect sync, cleansing one target into it’s base components.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Gekomon, the crazed frog digimon. Gekomon are highly fickle and diverse creatures. Some are cowardly and subservient, preferring to enjoy their music in solitude. Others can be aggressive, insane balls of malice.

Gekomon can control the feelings of those around them with their music, for better or for worse. Some use this power to create soothing melodies to ease the hearts and minds of their peers, while others use chaotic tunes that drive every creature around it hyper aggressive.

To attack, they using Crash Symphony, an attack capable of making notes so disastrous that internal organs begin to rupture and glass shatters, often breaking the enemy’s will to fight...or breaking them

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Parasimon. These mega level parasite digimon that travel in nomadic hordes, always hungry and ready to feast. Their makeup makes them die out if they haven’t eaten in long periods of time, which normal digimon do not have. So they raid dimensions and worlds in droves, eating everything in sight. From digimon, organics, to even concrete and steel. These digimon eat absolutely anything they can get their hands on.

Their main attack method is using the feeding tendrils emerging from the front of their bodies. These tendrils can latch onto targets, hijacking their mind while feasting on their mental data and physical nutrients. Alternatively, they can lash out with these tendrils, even capable of beating down and restricting mega levels with their fierce lashings:

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Tinmon. Robotic Data Digimon. These Digimon are rare, and are usually massive when compared to humans. They resemble a tin toy of a child’s, but after a dark spirit found the the toy, it clung on to negative memories and emotions of the broken family, fusing into this digimon.

Most Tinmon are somber upon birth, their first memories being the worst feelings that a child had in their childhood, with a child like mindset before they grow older and wiser. It is said that they will forever be traumatized of those events, scarred for life upon birth.

They attack by revving up massive electric generators in their body, focusing them in their claws and releasing the Volts on the target. They may also use their internal circuits and wires to strangle and devour their prey, often using them as batteries by squeezing the nutrients out of their bodies while they are alive and conscious.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon World 2- Neocrimon

NeoCrimson is the unholy fusion of a ambitious human known as Crimson alongside the decayed data of the other chaos generals: Chaoswargreymon, ChaosPiedmon, Chaosmetalseadramon, and finally: Chaoslord. Fusing together with Crimson at the reigns, this monster gained access to power untold...for the cost of his mind. Crimson is in constant agony inside of this creature, attacking everyone in sight, including itself.

Through this fusion, the parts he gained were the strongest of each: ChaosLord's cannons, chest, and left arm, ChaosWargreymon's shield, legs and right arm, Chaospiedmon's Ribbions and stomach, and ChaosMetalSeadramon's tail. With this in mind, it can preform nearly every attack of the sum of it's parts!

It has numerous attacks it can preform. From the ChaosWargreymon side, he can create a massive crimson colored sphere over his head, lobbing it at his foes, utterly destroying them and everything around them in a earth shattering explosion. (Crimson Terra Force)

ChaosMetalSeadramon's side allows him access to a hidden cannon inside of his chest. When this hatch opens, he can fire a golden beam of energy, carving a divide into any landmass, obliterating all those in it's path. (Energy Stream)

ChaosPiedmon's side allows greater flexibility, conjuring up an abyssal black sphere in his hand. When fired, this sphere traps opponents, making them sitting ducks for his other, far more dangerous attacks. (Mask's Square).

ChaosLord brings his cannons to the table, and along with it his signature attack: Chaos Cannon. A series of repeating energy blasts that pepper land masses for miles, endlessly destroying large swaths of the continents and their populations with them. (Chaos Cannon)

Finally, NeoCrimson has his own move. His melee attacks are highly dangerous, stronger damage wise than Omnimon's Transcending Sword! However, he flings around in a rage, not caring who he hits, even itself, just to end the pain. (Blind Attack)

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon World 2- Chaoslord

Chaoslord/Chaosdramon is a fierce foe to be reckoned with. Although his cannons are easily enough to pulverize entire cities in a single volley, he hardly needs to use them to ensure the destruction of his prey.

With Boosters above his legs, he can thrust forward with alarming speed, striking an opponent with his Chaos Crusher Talons.

If he feels particularly sadistic, he will use his secret weapon: The Destroyed Hook. An organic missile coated with red digizoid armor that burrows into a target. Even if it’s a digimon, it converts the digital code into organic material and drills the enemy until they melt into a pile of organic gore.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Garbagemon. A harsh smelling slimy digimon that hides in his trash can, only to come out at unexpected times to scare or attack others. He usually plays practical jokes such as deleting random files from computers or giving viruses that will make their owner rage.

Despite his appearance, he is shockingly deadly, capable of creating miniature black holes with his trash can, sucking up everything around him into the void.

His second weapon is the rocket launcher he loves so much, hoisted over his shoulder. Made of aluminum cans crudely taped and strapped together, this deceitful weapon shoot foul smelling garbage and other filth, even capable of taking down ultimate levels.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Swagmaster Sluggo, or Black king Numemon. King of trash and the sultan of Scum, this digital slug slithers sophisticatedly, fighting the enemy in a battle of wits and sludge. It’s Ultimate level strength is nothing to be trifled with, although it just prefers to talk issues out over tea.

its a dapper slug, need any other description?

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

A Deva Digimon with the appearance of a mouse with spider like legs, eagle like wings, and an armadillo like body. This Digimon has a power complex where it thinks it is much stronger than it actually it is, and revels in the enemy’s fear of him.

In combat, he can split into six copies, and using his BaōChu on his back, he can attack with a quick melee weapons as can the clones. He is also an expert psychic, controlling the BaōChu with his powers and hurling it at his foes with strength to break brick walls.

He also presides over the month of November

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Frontier- Mercurymon

Mercurymon is the tactician of the legendary warriors, speaking in old English and always developing complex strategies. It prefers it's allies to fight first, and consequently, die first, so that in the end he alone will reign supreme.

He is cunning, having powers over mirrors and reflections. He can walk into mirrors and see through them, making it extremely hard to evade his gaze. He can snap his fingers and teleport his body and limbs at well, capable of bringing his mirrors in front of foes.

His primary attack is to use his Irony Mirror shields on his arms. Bringing them in front of himself, he can absorb an attack into them before releasing a dark reflection version of it back at the foe with 2X power! (Dark Reflection).