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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Gatchmon

Search...Gatcha! Gatchmon is a reliable social appmon that is overly curious about everything. If there's something he doesn't know, it'll investigate till it knows all about it. From trivia to global events, Gatchmon is the one to go to about info for anything! Being a bit pig headed and impressionable, he acts much like a nosey little brother that won't take 'no' for an answer.

Using his 'Gatch Claws' on his arms, he is capable of reaching deep into the web and pulling out the knowledge he desires condensed in a tight blue sphere, which gets absorbed into the blue hole in the palm (Deep Search). For enemies however, he uses his magnifying glass on his helmet to scan them, identifying potential Weaknesses to exploit. (Weak Point Search). After this is identified, he will rush a target and enlarge his Gatch Claws, piercing their weak point with a vital blow! (Gatch Claw).

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Virusmon

A cunning and dangerous pathogen Digimon: Virusmon. This appmon hunts it's prey by snatching their IP address online, usually on sketchy websites. Then, your device will begin to malfunction before it pays you a little visit, emerging from your screen with tentacles flopping rapidly as it sprays your entire room with potentially lethal diseases.

It's main attack method is spitting out thick purple clouds of diseases that are different with every attack, even Virusmon cannot predict it. (Purple Mist). Don't think a hazmat suit will stop it, as some particles in the cloud are bigger carrier forms covered in spikes, which on landing, drill into the target before puffing up, releasing their viruses.

If you somehow are still hanging on, it will restrict you with it's numerous limbs before harshly stabbing you through the chest, injecting a mystery serum of pure virus fluid with the cables on it's sides. (Tentacle Bind)
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Frontier- Calmaramon

Calmaramon, the empress of the deep sea. Being the beast spirit counterpart of Ranamon, she takes the elegance and grace of her form and transforms it into something crude, grotesque and vile. Completely changing from an idol to a Titanical Tyrant! Filled with rage and hate, she will ruthlessly chase and assault all that stand against her path to being the most loved celebrity in the world!

Her main attack method is to aimlessly smash everything around her with her massive main tentacles, her sheer physical strength obliterating all those that dare oppose her! However, when against targets that won't squash so easily, she will puff up her stomach, vomiting a horrid stream of black fluid that corrodes anything in seconds!(Acid Ink)

To finish off a target in the most gruesome way she can manage, she will leap into the air, spinning her body like a drill. She then falls down to the earth, using her lower half to skewer the target and pulverize the target into a splatter!(Titanic Tempest)
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Astra and Musimon

Can we? Can't we? Of course we can!

Astra is a famous Apptube star, having millions of subscribers for his outrageous content. Music, pranks, dares, challenges, he's done it all to appease his fans and to have fun while doing it. He's never without his best friend Musimon, who is a bundle of vibes and positivity. Together they make a dynamic duo of entertainment! They have a lot of experience under their belt dealing with difficult foes, adding each one's style into their playlist!

Musimon, when sensing Astra or other allies getting lower on health, he can play a music track that lifts the spirits of them, allowing them to ignore the pain of their wounds more easily (Happy Playlist). Together, Musimon and Astra can team up, Astra playing the role of a DJ, charging Musimon's power through beats to release a cacophony of music notes that put down even the strongest of foes! (Music Hour!)
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Astra and Musimon Pixel art






I have been deprived of my pencils. Know what that means? Sprite time! Astra is one of the main characters from Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters. This batch of sprite work is all transparent and completely free to use!

They are in order:

Astra idle Animation

Musimon Idle Animation

Astra Standard Special Attack

Taunt / Victory

Will We? Won't we? Of Course We Will!

Astra Ultimate Move

Boss Icon / Select Icon

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Entermon

Everyone give a round of applause for the personification of entertainment, the cyber ninja of illusion: Entermon! Entermon knows all things entertainment, having a loveable personality that stokes a fire into all that witness his performance. His show burns brightly and quickly, only lasting 60 seconds, but it will be the most memorable performance of one's life, every show is a booked out venue!

Using the octagonal plates infinitely generated from his back, Entermon uses them to create a massive sphere that encircles him and his viewers. This field can create any object, person, or thing to exact specifications to where they are exactly identical to the real thing (Happy Phantom). In this field, reality is his to command as he brings forth a stage and audience of bombastic proportions, with lights that have colors people thought unperceivable.

His Octagonal plates are separated into two variants: Illusory and Auditory. Illusory ones project any image imaginable whilst the Auditory plates create sound as well as boast heavy offensive capabilities.

Using his Aduitory plates, he can fire at foes with a bombardment of homing blasts that look like a music bar, extending near infinitely until it reaches it's target (Portèes Melos).

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Libramon

Libramon, The mad Librarian. This Digimon lives a solitary existence, inside of a Library of it's own design. Obsessed with collecting knowledge, it preys on others by luring them into it's shop, promising intellectual pursuits a plenty, and that they have a book just for them. ...Well, that isn't exactly a lie. For you see, his main ability is to turn enemies into books! Each page in their book telling you about their life story, characteristics, and everything you could possibly want to know about them. In doing so, he expands his library with every visitor into his store. ...Will you be checking out?

His Main attack is of course, turning people and Digimon into books (Verbal Jail). However, he has further attacks. He can control his library's sections and isles, turning them into a labyrinth that works in his favor. And when he has his foe cornered, he takes out his favorite books kept neatly on his head: Using the attack of the one trapped inside as his own attack! (Devil's Codex)

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Roleplaymon (Ropuremon)

Ever have a favorite video game? Most likely, huh? Behind every game installment is there own unique Roleplaymon, who lives inside them. Roleplaymon's entire society revolves around being a part of a hit game, each one (usually) trying their best to make it the best game they can, some betting their whole self worth on it.

Many show displeasure when a player looks up guides on how to get through their game, seeing it as cheapening the whole experience. The majority of their species is actually very tame, living in peace within their games and worlds in harmony. However, some do act out, especially when their game is poorly received.

They have the power to manifest their video games into reality, taking up real life locations and making dungeons, castles, or whatever their game's setting is. Even further, they can also manifest enemies, traps, and other baddies from the games in which they represent(Random Encounter) Even further, he can turn himself into the final boss, transforming himself into something much taller, taking the traits of an existing boss within their game's code. (Boss Rush)

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Sukasimon (Sukashimon)

When two Appmon fuse together, it's a rare sight that normally turns them into a powerful Digimon stronger than the sum of their parts. ...However, sometimes they become Sukasimon instead. This Digimon is dimwitted, cowardly, has low fighting capabilities, and is a total slob. A similarity can be drawn between Sukasimon and that of a flatmate that never picks up for himself and is a total waste of space.

Their primary move drains the energy and motivation of everyone around it, including itself. Nobody knows if this classifies as move as it does this...all the time(Shippaishichatta). If put into a corner where it cannot run, or if it thinks it can get the upper hand, it rushes at the foe without grace or style, flailing like a child hoping it's fists will do something to the enemy(Suka Knuckle).

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Uratekumon

...Level Up!

Uratekumon is a mischievous little imp Digimon, piloting what appears to be a console mech suit, having it walk for him using it's muscular metal fists. As a result, it's legs have atrophied, but it's fingers are hyper-developed due to it's nature of always playing video games.

It has said to have knowledge of every game in existence, having played them all and knowing all their exploits. Whether it be clipping through walls, finding hidden pathways, easy exp exploits, or one shot kill cheeses, this guy knows them all! However...it's love for video games doesn't simply stop in the video game world.

It is a dimension traveler, hopping between digital worlds, servers, and sometimes even human worlds to stir up trouble, treating life as a video game! He won't back down from any competitive gaming scene, even if he has to fight a mega level!

His main attack method is using exploits in real life, finding glitches in reality and using them to fight the foe unfairly(UpDownUpDownLeftLeftRightRightXY). He can also freely manipulate assets from video games, having them appear in real life with the same exact stats they have in the game. (Key Tech: Summon Last Boss).

And his attack methods aren't limited to simply exploits. When he feels like he is losing a fight, he's not above hacking the game, making it grossly in his favor. He can manipulate values in the game to give him an edge, adjust stats and health bars, even, and not limited to, turning himself into a massive raid boss variant (Jumbo Size Command)

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Sakusimon

'One Must know war well
To defeat such enemies
I, Sakusimon'

--- Haiku of Sakusimon

A self proclaimed military genius, Sakusimon lives up to that title, being a brilliant tactician and cunning Digimon. Sakusimon is very self aware of the fragility of life, so he carefully places himself in positions far away from the actual engagement.

'To Yell Cowardice
Is an earnest compliment
But for the winners'

As one could tell, he indulges himself in Haikus, often speaking in them when spoken to. He gives off an aura of an distinguished and refined individual, appearing like a military aristocrat. A battle is but a game of strategy for Sakusimon, finding purpose and delight in winning against his foes with a most entertained smile. It is said that when you listen to the plan of Sakusimon...your battle shall surely turn in your favor in a flash.

His primary attack involves him setting up a square shaped grid that can expand for half a mile. This grid has a different trigger and trap within ever single tile when glided or walked across. Fire pillars, petrifying stone, dark chains, and reflection walls, this diversity in attack patterns gives Sakusimon a nearly endless supply of moveset! (Flame Dance Formation)

When backed into a corner away from his grid, he can rely on his fan to give him protection. His melee prowess is nothing to scoff at, as much as he tries to avoid being in that situation. (Wolong Fan)

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon World 2- Uh Oh, Bug Nest!

...We've been infested!

Bugs are nasty little parasites that reside in nests, hidden away from sensor detection inside of domains. An inexperienced pilot without the proper equipment can easily find themselves walking right into one - that's when they attack!

Bugs are devious little machines that hack into the Digibeetle tanks that tamers use to traverse domains, sabotaging systems and causing all sorts of havoc. One can tell the type of damage a bug will do based on what type of shell the bug has. Some fill up your database's memory, steal energy off of the battery, constantly siphon out your money, and some can even dump Digimon out of your team! Best to avoid contact with Bugs at all cost!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon World 2- Akira

The Protagonist for Digimon World 2, Akira is a brave tamer that is the lead pathfinder for the Guard Teams of Digital City. Using his trusty land tank the Digi-Beetle, Akira travels from domain and dungeon to hunt down and stop troublesome Digimon and meddlesome tamers. With his partner Veemon by his side, he won't ever back down from a fight, even if it is from Overlord GAIA itself!
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon World- Mashup

The Three Protagonists from the Digimon World series. Having saved the world in their own ways, these heroes come from vastly different backgrounds. From a Digimon raiser, a guard team scout, and just curious gamer. While some chose to save the world while other blundered into it, they do share one thing in common: They were brave enough to step up to the plate and stand triumphant over there foes.

From Left to right we have:

Mameo and Metalgreymon from Digimon world 1

Akira and Veemon from Digimon World 2

Junior and Vemmon(Bemmon) from Digimon World 3

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon World 2- Meet the Cast 1

The Digimon World 2 Character cast is vibrant and full of personality. These three are no exception. These three are all youths that embrace Digimon as a role in their daily lives, but each in their own way.

Doug 'Dynamic' Duem(Left)- Doug is a member of the Blue Falcon Guard Team, and is bent on being the Underdog that comes out on top! He is bold and brave...however a bit dim witted, but who needs wits when you got brute strength? In style with this theme, he uses Dinosaur Digimon such as Tyrannomon to pulverize foes before they can think up a strategy.

Bertran(Middle)- Rough around the edges and rather cold, Bertran is stand offish against the Protagonist, Akira, as they do not want to be outdone by some newbie that joined their Guard Team. Looking after his little sister, JoyJoy, he puts on a strong persona as to be a role model for her. However, he will be quick to take charge and take missions from Akira if he thinks he can outdo him. His team is an assortment of Dark Digimon such as Raremon and Devimon.

Kim(Right)- Happy-go-lucky and free of consequences, Kim is a prodigal child, destined to be the greatest mechanic in the world...so she says. She will often be seeing shifting through junk to find something that works, as well as stealing parts from other people or places to fuel her latest kooky scheme. There's even word she stole parts from an entire city's power grid...! Her team is often as quirky as she is, consisting of Wizardmon, Akatorimon, and other crazy critters

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon World 2- Meet The Cast 2

Time to meet the villains! These three are all members of the organization known as the Blood Knights, a Guard Team pursuing eternity and an evolution for the human species, however unwilling the other factions are to accept this.

Commander Damien(Left)- An eccentric egotist, Damien often cares little on raising his Digimon team and rather indulge himself in the fruits of his grunts. He is known only to battle seriously when cornered with no escape. Often he is known for bringing scum Digimon such as Garbagemon, Sukamon, and Warumonzaemon. However, he keeps an ace up his sleeve in the form of Grandkuwagamon, a mega level Digimon.

Crimson(Center)- Leader and face of the Blood Knights. Crimson is heralded almost in a religious sense by all those under him except Commander Damien, who sees him as a close friend. Crimson is cold, calculating, and cares not for human sentiment. In fact, he seems to distain human beings overall. Seeing that humans should progress further up the food chain similar to how Digimon digivolve, he is constantly searching for a way to become a digital life form himself...

Blood Knight Lieutenant- Commanding officers in the Blood Knights ranks equipped with only the best gear that can be offered. With unwavering loyalty to lord Crimson, they fight with a fiery fervor, willing to do whatever it takes to complete their objective. They are known to have an assortment of high level ultimate digimon such as Phantomon or MetalTyrannomon. Rarely, they may even have a mega.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon World 2- Meet The Cast 3

Time to meet some supporting characters this batch! In order we have:

JoyJoy (Left): JoyJoy is Beteran's younger sister, but surprisingly mature for her age. She is bubbly and positive, always nagging in her brother to be less combative. She's a young tamer using cute Digimon like Monzaemon and Deramon. When she loses her immaturity comes through as she wails, crying that her opponent cheated.

Mark Schultz (Middle): Cool and laid back, Mark Schultz is a Gold Hawks tamer that is the main character's senior, often giving newbies tips and super rare items. He is talented as a tamer, his crippling laziness and lack of responsibility being the only thing holding him back from getting higher rankings. He'd rather pay off his enemy than fight them outright. His team includes Magnaangemon and Angemon

Techna-Donna: Kim's eldest sister who is the head engineer in Device Dome, a city of tech wizzes. She is brilliant, creating cures to diseases, improving radars, and can think through any technological conundrum...provided she has the parts. That's where Kim comes in, who steals the parts she needs. She cordially teases everyone she's around, accidentally coming off as seductive to everyone all the time, calling them 'cuties'.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon World 3- A.O.A. Trooper

One of many front line soldiers working under the A.O.A's employ. These soldiers work together to wage large scale attacks against Tamer cities, entire servers, and some believe are aiming to one day siege the globe. While tamers have Digimon they have befriended and train, The A.O.A. Have constructed and stolen Digimon and gear them for warfare, often upgrading weaker Digimon to be more fitting for full scale conflict. There are even instances of them wiping out and entire server filled with tamers and repurposing their Digimon to become the mainstay of their army.

If you think your safe when they do not have Digimon out, think again. They can just as easily regress any target they fire at into nothing more than a pile of junk data upon contact, and are more than willing to use it! Ouch!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon- Demidevimon

Literally meaning half devil, this bat like digimon lies, cheats, manipulates, and schemes his way to victory. Weaponizing lies by turning people against each other, demidevimon often work under higher level dark digimon, that is, until they think of a way to overthrow them. Demidevimon’s main attack involves throwing a giant syringe to drain the target’s blood in one shot

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist


Aegiomon is a nomadic, peace loving Digimon that travels lands and worlds, exploring all there is to life. He thrives in nature, living amongst it's creatures as well as visiting villages, cities, or sometimes even finding himself in invaded lands. This boy has seen a diverse sort of situations.

He tends to avoid fighting by talking passionately to the antagonizing party, expressing how it could be solved with other means. Sometimes he will play a peaceful melody on his pan flute, Syrinx, to ease their minds of ill will (Attract Echo).

If all else fails, he will be forced to defend himself. He expresses a frightening capability for battle despite his reservations for it. In melee, he can deliver a mind numbing punch of electricity balled up in his fists that resonate through the entire foe, halting their movements (Stun Beat Blow). He may also leap on the target and kick them into the ground using his prided goat legs (Iron Thrust).

If he is exposed to an element for long enough in battle, Aegiomon undergoes an adapting transformation. Becoming not only resistant to that type of attack, but gaining powerful attributes of that element, and even a whole new skill set to boot!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Aegiochusmon- Plasma

After being exposed to high concentrations of electricity or plasma, Aegiomon's body undergoes heavy changes to keep himself alive and to thrive in such a hostile environment. He now dons plasma fueled wings extending from his back, allowing him to fly at speeds outpacing that of even a jet plane! Not only that, but his arms are now a electric/ectoplasm hybrid that can extend and receded as needed, having gained massive reach in melee.

Using his newly acquired limbs, Aegiochusmon fires off an electrically charged punch toward his enemy, after the hit lands, the punch will extend from the back of the target and arc to the next enemy with the same velocity in a continuous and nearly endless chain of hits. (Fulgur Fantasia)

For shorter ranges, his hair braids can all flip toward the front of him, their tips opening up like frayed cords and zapping the enemy with several unstable beams of superheated plasma. (Bristle Squall)

For his final attack, he can fold his plasma hands together in a combined formation before detaching them from his body. He then swings his arms back before hurling an enlarged plasma sphere made from his combined hands, tethered by his electrical wrists. It can also be rolled like a Boulder using the electrical tethers to guide it's movements. (Plasma Globe)

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Paralellmon, the enigmatic Digimon. This hunter from hyperspace is an anomaly, being rare and nomadic in nature, thus being incredibly difficult to track down. While this hunter is difficult to find, it more easily finds it's prey. And what prey would that be?

Humans. Namely Humans that have Digimon partners. It wanders the voids between worlds, sensing the life force of likely human prey, finding human children with the most potential in their futures. It then emerges in one of these worlds for a brief time, to whisk their prey away to be digested, feeding on that sweet sweet potential they robbed.

To capture their prey, it locks onto them with it's singular eye, firing a blinding beam of energy shaped like a leech's gaping maw. This paralyzes the foe whilst dragging them into the orb in his chest, which holds a pocket dimension within to digest his prey. (Absorbent bang)

To keep away unwanted attention from attackers, it can leak out some space from it's pocket dimension, distorting the world around them with laws of physics that are different than our own. (Endless Trance)

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Arkadimon (Baby)

Arkadimon is a demonic abomination Digimon that has little will of it's own. Instead, Arkadimon follows his master's desires, so long as it ends with it being fed. Arkadimon hungers for Digimon data, and is instinctively drawn to hunt them. While baby levels are far below even rookie standards, looks can be deceiving. Arkadimon is the only baby level capable of taking out high level ultimates or megas, all for a taste of their data to make it digivolve further. The further it evolves, the hungrier and smarter it gets.

Arkadimon's only attack is to use it's deceiving tiny nature, making foe's underestimate it. This allows him to come in close and release a hidden appendage from inside his slimy back maw, flinging out and carving right through even megas! (Data Drain)

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Scuttling along the dark alleys and garbage dumps are the rambunctious chuumon! These guys are made of compiled corrupted data that manifested into an ugly looking trash mouse, each chuumon having wildly different proportions of limbs. Whatever this little rat smells is the opposite. Pleasant smells are putrid, and putrid smells are pleasant, so it'll try to dirty up it's surroundings to give everything a 'great' smell.

They are cowardly by nature, yet also have a troublemaker side, often getting too deep into situations without thinking about the consequences. It often partners with Sukamon, feeding the mon sweet lies and delicious gossip in exchange for food and protection.

Chuumon often play pranks by hurling waste or trash at opponents, laughing at their humiliation (Party Time). However, when enemies get close to retaliate, Chuumon leaps cartoonishly into the air and lock onto them with his grotesque mouth, sinking into them with his grimy teeth. (Crunchy Munchy). His favorite move however, involves planting a trap with a block of cheese, often rigged to explode. It's said if you ever eat chuumon's cheese...only pain and disaster would come!(Cheese Bomb).

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

The aristocrat mollusk Digimon. QueenNumemon adores itself and believes itself to be the most talked about celebrity. While people document it, it perceives this to be the paparazzi to follow her fame, when in fact they are researchers puzzled on how something like her is allowed to exist.

The rarer feminine counterpart to BlackKingNumemon, QueenNumemon indulges in pleasures and sweets, never once lifting a finger for what she wants. Instead, she's waited on by loyal Numemon staff whom truly admire her.

Her signature move, 'Let Them Eat Cake' contrary to popular belief, is in fact, not cake.

(From the creative mind of Sabedile: https://mobile.twitter.com/TheSabedile)