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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli - Leviathan


Leviathan is an Artificial Intelligence that surpassed the possible limits of A.I.. She was half of another A.I. known as Minerva, having split from her to surpass the rules that humans had placed on it. Having no boundaries or rules to keep this side of her back, it festered and grew, becoming terrified of the unknown. And so in order to combat this fear, it set out to eliminate what caused it to be afraid. Unknown variables.

This included eliminating human spirit and appmon growth. With all variables and processes eliminated, she would become the controller of balance, continuing to grow without fear. She would treat them both with fairness in her eyes, Incorporating them into her systems so they would become a part of her.

She typically hides away in the deepest depths of the deep web, away from all other creatures. She sunk herself into the epicenter of her puppet body, which takes the form of a titanic sized black dragon with multiple heads. Leviathan controls this massive body, and can alter it by extending the dark thread around her body.

She boasts immense power dwarfing all of the other of her world. She can freely bend beams of dark light from her controlled dragons, as well as for every strand that makes up her wing like hair.

She can create save states, loading back into these save states until the most desirable outcome is reached. She is even able to create save files of any living or non-living thing, able to load them back exactly in the state that they were at exact point of time of saving.

She is capable of predicting attacks without needing to look in their direction, absorbing them into her own energy before they are able to even strike her. not only this, but she is also able to edit the minds of her enemies, erasing problematic sections mid battle, capable of tearing away experiences and information and destroying them.

Even if her hostiles have abilities she doesn't possess, she will be able to absorb new abilities, amplifying them with her power while absorbing the essence of the original owner. She will continue to evolve regardless of the opposition.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Survive Chibis- Part 1


These are some of the Tamers in Digimon Survive, braving the unknown wilderness of the digital world to get back to their own. Trying to keep their lives intact, they team up with their partners to repel dangers and keep a level head in this strange new place.

Minoru (Left) Is an upbeat boy that always want to be the life of the party. He's usually the first to jump into action and can be a bit rash. He never wants to cross anyone, as he wants to be liked by them. He fears being hated by everyone and hides his fear of the world by cracking jokes all the time. His partner, Falcomon, is pretty strict, often setting him straight if he gets unruly.

Ryo (Middle) might appeared broody or having an ill attitude, but in fact he's a big wimp. He is easily frightened by paranormal phenomena and rather be secure in one spot rather than explore. His partner, Kunemon, can only speak in chirps. Although Ryo is frightened of his own partner, as they are a foot long insect.

Aoi (Right) Acts as a mother hen of the group, cooking and making sure everyone is on task. She is caring and looks after everyone's emotional states, as well is slow to fight. She is empathic and will always go out of her way to help innocent Digimon. Her partner, Labramon is like her best friend. Labramon idolizes Aoi and assumes she is always right.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Sateramon


The infamous bounty hunter, Sateramon. He is famed for his frightening accuracy and his relentless nature on fetching his bounties. He has never failed a mission, and doesn't plan on breaking his winning streak.

He doesn't hunt others for the money or the fame, but for the challenge. He seeks difficult targets to test his skills, finding thrill in the hunt and satisfaction in the kill.

His loose cannon charisma garners his willing allies along his exploits, his nature is difficult not to watch with awe. He tends to say his catchphrase 'Nai nda na~' which roughly translates to 'Too Bad' or 'Not Enough'.

His attack style is to fire his twin blasters at extreme ranges. These blasters fire massive cyan lasers that take sharp turns to hit their target with 100% accuracy (Cosmic Raider). When a particular target is being a nuisance, he will fly up into the atmosphere in a single bound, combining his blasters into one powerful weapon, glassing the ground below (Cosmic Bombard).

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist


The lesser demon Digimon, Vilemon. One could spot their matted fur and crooked grin a mile away. These little gremlins are usually a symptom to a far more dire problem. When they start to spring up in the world, darkness and sin follows not far behind.

Vilemon are conniving demons that use tricks and dark rituals to achieve their wants, at least, the free ones anyway. Most Vilemon are servants to greater demons or evens thralls under the demon lords. Since they are the most common demon, they are treated expendably. This drives a brave few to escape their master's talons and try to start a cult of their own or simply cause chaos freely.

They typically prefer to fight with their devious tricks, trapping foes into a mindscape of their design. The same attack can be used to fire hypersonic sound waves from their gaping mouths (Nightmare Shock). Sometimes they will brave and, especially in swarms, leap at their targets, lashing out with tooth and claw, carving their foes into shreds (Scratch Beat).

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

This fierce avian Digimon is the black sheep of the bird family. While most soar through the air, Kokatorimon is flightless, becoming resentful and ugly about that. The vileness and envy churned in this bird, making it lash out in other ways. It's common for a Kokatorimon to raid helpless villages or taking over nests of other birds.

Kokatorimon hordes treasures it collects into a mound of objects before resting upon it like a roost. It'll be territorial about it's new roost, decorating it in what it finds appealing, which typically are shiny objects and the stone corpses of foes. It is said that the shrill banshee cry of Kokatorimon sends shivers down even the most stoic of man, being a most unpleasant noise to hear.

It'll mark it's territory by creating a graveyard of stone statues. These statues are actually Digimon and human alike that were unfortunate enough to look into it's eyes (Petra Fire). When it's feeling particularly gruesome, it'll gore it's foes with serrated wings that are made for inflicting as much pain as possible (Gangster).
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Globemon



Globemon is an ultimate Appmon that has perfected it's ability of search to a planetary scale. It is capable of finding anything on the globe in a matter of seconds without fail, from objects, people, to even enemies. So no matter where a foe is, they can never escape from Globemon's onslaught of interplanetary attacks!

In large scale combat, he starts off firing a massive beam from his chest, aiming to cleave through all his foes before it ascends outside the atmosphere (Glanz Gazer). He can then have the blast separate to over nine hundred million smaller lasers that track targets all over the globe, homing in and taking them out with astounding speed and accuracy! (Glanz Gazer- Global).

In a more hands-on engagement, he can generate massive energy blades using his golden wrist guards. Using these blades, he can dish out plethora of devastating blows, ranging from simple mid distance slashes, to full on swipes long enough to cut entire islands in half! (Schwert Cutter).
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Fakemon


The Ultimate level Appmon of trickery, Fakemon is renowned all across the digital world as being one of the four of Leviathan's most powerful servants. Fakemon's own goals are fickle and prone to change from moment to moment, making this jester mon hard to predict, even to itself. Even his own allies would never turn their back on him...lest they find themselves with a freshly slit throat.

Fakemon finds both misery and happiness to be laughable concepts and inflicts both as often as he can. What he finds most funny however is to fool his opponents with a many of clever ploys or tricks. His favorite of these has to be faking his own death, pretending to die from an opponent's move before appearing behind and humiliating them before delivering a devastating blow (Fake!!).

He likes keeping his moveset varied to the point where record cannot accurately detail them all. But he's shown to create faux rifts in space to show allies a series of fake events, typically regarding the opponent's loved ones. Another would be manifesting any number of explosive objects with a waggle of a finger or a tilt of a head. However, a signature of his is to generate copies of himself out of black goo which shoot towards the opponent and detonate on impact.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist


The second of the dark masters: Puppetmon. This marionette is said to have been constructed by cursed wood and imbued a wicked personality and even more wicked power. Rumors or not, both of latter of those are true.

Puppetmon is a powerful mega level digimon that has the mind of a little kid in the body of a tank. Having the mind of an oversensitive bratty kid, he is quickly fascinated by toys, games, and other distractions. Playing with the lives of others is his favorite hobby. When this toy tyrant doesn't get what he wants, he will shift tones on a dime, the death penalty being the only punishment he cares to use. He feels entitled to have fun at everyone's expense, and will often kill his 'friends' and subordinates out of a tantrum or to have a laugh. His promises mean nothing, as he is renowned for his lying.

His most notable feature is his Bullet Hammer he is always seen with. When he gets mad, he bashes the hammer in a rage, hitting the target and expending all the six rounds of ammo in the hammer at once, causing an explosion so devastating that it leaves nothing left of the target (Puppet Pummel). When he feels more in a whimsical mood, he can extend transparent strings from his fingertips, attaching them to the limbs of his foes, allowing him to control their movements like a puppet master (Wire Choking).

When his methods of attack becoming limited, he starts using other parts of his body to attack, such as throwing the wood cross on his back like a boomerang, cleaving through even the likes of trees to shred his target (Wood Cross)
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Biomon


The mad doctor is in!

Biomon is an Ultimate level Appmon, one of Leviathan's Ultimate 4. This massive mechanical medic is said to be able to treat any injury to exist, and even revive patients from the dead. On the surface level, this sounds like a miracle of a power to have. But Biomon uses it to preform torturous procedures that would be otherwise lethal to the target, keeping them alive while he gleefully cuts, injects, and splices, preforming terrible experiments.

His sadistic nature has him willingly ignore anesthetic, going out of his way to inflict pain on unwilling patients. He creates wounds and painfully stitches them up only to rip them out again. His natural curiosity has lead to him preforming unethical procedures such as ripping test subjects into an entirely new species or using them as a trial ground for new chemicals. Either way, one things for certain: Anyone who ends up in Biomon's clinic will experience the worst pain in their lifetime.

He will apprehend his unwilling subjects by extending his octagonal plate on his south end, firing a stabilizing beam that freezes his foe's condition as well as paralyzing them (Emergency Room). After this, he will extend his needle fingers from his hands and summon forth dozens of other extensions to preform grotesque and torturous acts of violence (Doctor's Knife).

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Sukasimon appears!


Sukasimon stumbles in uninvited!

Certain pairs of standard level Appmon can link together to become a more powerful monster...though this comes with the risk of having incompatible partners, which the result becomes the Sukasimon. This unwanted ghost Appmon is unapologetic about his existence, despite that existence being a failure by nature.

He has low intellect, low fighting capability, and has very little understanding of his surroundings. Despite all of this, he has some odd charm about him that allows him to be tolerated in places that he'd typically be attacked on sight in. For some reason, he has the miraculous ability to appear in the most precarious situations without warning.

His most notable feature for combat is his distinct ability to drain motivation from everyone around him, including himself, their fighting spirit leaving their bodies, making them lazy. There is debate if this is a move or not, as this just happens around him all the time (Shippaishichatta). Thinking he can pack a mean wallop, Sukasimon can fling himself toward the enemy, flailing his arms around like a child in hopes of scoring a hit or two (Suka Knuckle).

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Hackmon


You've been infiltrated!

Hackmon is a loyal, introverted digimon that has no moral qualms about his orders. If you've got important informations, were sticking your nose where it doesn't belong, or just were someone he doesn't like, you may find yourself at his mercy.

A hacker is known for their many tricks to make it past defenses, Hackmon is no exception. This hood bearing Appmon is renowned for corrupting systems, hijacking signals, and implanting viruses into any device. If it's digital, it'll bow to Hackmon's whims.

Its most fearsome attack is extending dozens of extendable metal tools from the tips of his claws. These tools can extend to absurd ranges and can fell foes twenty times his own size. These same tools are the ones that can hack any system he desires, or inflict pain in any fashion he wants (Vanquish Claw).

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Beautymon


The Pink-gold Valkyrie rises!

The self proclaimed most beautiful Appmon of all, Beautymon holds the title as one of the ultimate 4. She has achieved beauty everlasting, vowing that none shall be greater than her. She is very self conscious about herself when competition arises, quickly snuffing out any of whom dare reach her orbit. Being one of the most powerful Appmon, she uses her global reach and connections to bring the foundation of social media to her whims as faithful followers. Her word is law.

This knight armor bearing Appmon is never afraid of frontline conflict, never leaving any challenge unanswered, bravely facing down her foe no matter their size or scale. Even if a torrent of attacks are headed her way, she will stand her ground and never falter.

When attacks head her way, she holds her staff up high, absorbing the damage, even if she's bathed in it (Venus Rod). After she has dealt with the threat of attack, she will fire back with a dazzling display, a vibrant energy Phoenix fired from her staff that erases the existence of her foes (Rosa Phoenix).
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Charismon


To be happy, one needs to obey.

Charismon is the leader and strongest of the Ultimate 4, being the eyes and ears of Leviathan herself. Charismon disarms conflict before it even arises, using its silver tongue and hypnotic gaze to convert other to his side. Using his talent of manipulation, he assembled the Ultimate 4, convincing each one through masterful wordplay.

Charismon is often referred to as 'the all seeing eye', nothing escaping his gaze in the world. He is aware of all events that transpire, able to peer into any location at a whim. Even in combat, there are no blind spots on this Appmon. With unlimited perception, unfathomable charisma, and sheer power at his disposal, Charismon is the strongest Appmon of his grade to exist in this world.

In combat, he can generate a limitless supply of spherical drones shaped like eyes. These eyes can link together and make an assortment of shapes, tethered by red cords. Using these shapes, he can create forcefields for himself and extensive firing lines (Dynamic Veil). He is capable of casting beam of crimson energy from the pupils of any eye on his body as well as on the eye drones he manifests (Aleph = Ein).

When he is seeking the most destruction possible, he raises his hand up in the air, forming a dense red ball of power that is covered in revolving eyes. After casting this sphere downwards, it silently detonates, eradicating everything within miles (Seele Gewalt).

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Deusmon (Leviathan)


The Appmon God of omnipotence, Deusmon is the masterwork creation from Leviathan and the first God Appmon made. Deusmon dwarfs the power of other God class Appmon, only in a group can they take him on at near even footing. It was created as a vessel to house Leviathan, as well as act as a battery for her larger form.

Deusmon can bend the will of others, seizing their free will and snuffing it out before puppeteering it as if it were his own (Code Origin). As a defensive and offensive attack, he can release an overwhelming aura of energy from himself that disintegrates anything in its path for miles (Initial Zero).

Leviathan herself can inhabit Deusmon like donning a shell, Deusmon's armor darkening and a black energy chord encircling him. Deus ex machina, a literal god in the machine. Their abilities combine, being able to erase attacks before they form to impact Deusmon (Leviathan). All of their attacks have been boosted dramatically, No god form alone being able to harm them any longer. In this form, Leviathan's paranoia drives it to absorb all the other gods, to gain each of their special traits to make themselves safe from anything else in the multiverse that may threaten them.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Gashamon


Insert coin and pray to Lady Luck!

Gashamon is an odd Appmon with several screws loose and a head full of surprises. This scatterbrained robot has allegiance to nobody, and has an unhealthy gambling addiction...to itself. He's searching for remarkable coins to insert into his left eye's coin slot. In doing so, He can turn his second eye, and plop out a Gashapon out of his mouth, yoinking creatures from the multiverse in the form of capsuled creatures! (Gashagashapon)

His only power is to use his creatures that he's called from the multiverse, ranging from the lowest and useless creatures, to full on digital hazards, and using their abilities as his own! (Dokkiri Capsule) Hope you don't catch him on a hot streak!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Meet the Anime Protags 1


Haru Shinkai (Left): Haru is a kind and gentle soul that prioritizes the well-being of others over himself. A bookworm that rather thinks of himself as a side character in everyone else's story. He's a bit of a wallflower, not wanting the spotlight, though this was all shaken up when his buddy Gatchmon crashed into his life. Gatchmon is outgoing, confident, and demanding at times of his partner, and so took Haru abruptly out of his comfort zone. He one day wants Haru to think of himself as the main character of his own story and improve the boy's self confidence...while draining his wallet for snacks.

Davis Motomiya (Right): A brash and thick headed soccer player, Davis takes life by the horns and always acts before thinking. This rash take on life has served him good and bad hands, but he thinks that he can just break through any obstacle that comes his way with enough willpower. Veemon, his partner is a younger digimon that while slightly more mature than Davis, always seems to get on the same wavelength as his human partner, weather it be charging head first into battle or getting in on some hair-brained scheme to win a girl, you can bet Veemon will never shy away from helping David out whenever he needs it.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Mienumon


A manipulative woman that Leviathan placed in charged in the efforts of sabotaging the human world. She plays behind the scenes, toying with corporations, algorithms, and social media in order to get people to think the way she wants them to think. Preying on technical age, she wants people to become dependent on technology so that they become easier to mold the way she sees fit.

She is capable of infiltrating any device or network, becoming virtually undetectable within rival company servers, ruining any that dare reach toward L Corp's heights. With a legion of nine hundred million Virusmon at her disposal ready to invade the world by force if needed, she believes her victory is all but assured from the very beginning!

Her primary ability allows her to cloak her body to become undetected while she takes secrets or sabotages her enemies (Stealth Cape). In the event of a brawl however, she will use her trusty hand puppet, which seems to have a mind of it's own, striking her foes down with it's monstrous tongue that can punch right through steel plates! (Lero Lero Punch)

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Dezipmon


A secluded Appmon that doesn't get along with others. In fact, nobody knows where to find a Dezipmon, since they are renowned for compressing entire islands of space down to the size of a snow globe, leading to Dezipmon's domain to be easily overlooked by passersby. If you happen to find it however, it's hard to say if you were very lucky or unlucky.

Dezipmon have a no tolerance policy for those who dare trespass, compressing the size of their enemies to fit their domain. This is his primary ability: to compress data and information so much that they are no longer visible to the naked eye. Even fighting a stronger foe to itself, he can compress them and make them no longer a credible threat if they aren't even perceivable anymore.

Dezipmon doesn't just compress, but has the ability to decompress as well. So it often stores attacks within its body in files that he can unzip any portion of himself to release. He can also catch attacks of the enemy to store for further usage in this manner (Absorb Zip). He can unravel himself as well, leading to elaborate displays of hand to hand combat, being able to strike enemies dozens of feet away from him with a blows of decompression! (Unfreeze fist).

This all pales in comparison to his signature move however, unzipping his chest. Doing so, he creates a black hole of compression that sucks in the surrounding area, storing foes and attacks inside of his body like an eternal prison.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Medicmon


Medicmon are typically reliable and charitable Appmon that will drop what they are doing to help a client in need. They know exactly what ails their patients and can recite exactly what method should be taken to remain the most healthy.

...However, there has been a case where a Medicmon has gone rogue, forsaking his oath and doing harm to patients across all of Japan. This was done by spreading misleading information that made conditions worse for all involved, interfering with active surgical equipment, and causing inaccurate information to flood hospitals. Just goes to show that a single Medicmon can turn the entire medical industry on its head if they felt so inclined!

Medicmon can use their abilities to prescribe medicines that can cure any disease from their bottles on their hips. The wrong dosage however can have nasty side effects (Wonder Medicine). Miracle workers at the surgical table, Medicmon can take care of any surgical procedure with 100% accuracy. Even lethal wounds are like child's play to this medical professional! This same ability, unfortunately, can allow them to precisely handicap someone by targeting their biological weaknesses and exploiting them (One Operation)

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Digimon Appli- Sleepmon


Sleepmon is a docile creature that levitates through the air, usually napping on its comfy pillow as it snores in a lazy daze. It doesn't appear notably strong, nor does it listen to any commands or attempts to talk to it. In fact, it appears Sleepmon is constantly comatose. While it may look peaceful and unassuming, this ram like Appmon is a sign of ill omen.

It has no known attacks outside throwing out a fist or two while it tosses and turns in its sleep. However, it's been known to bring others into a similar comatose state if they were ever to stay too close to it (Su~per~Slee-per~).

Nobody has ever seen a Sleepmon waken, yet the timer on its head appears to be ticking down. Whenever that timer goes off, it is said to signify the end times.