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Ask to Join Superpower High School Roleplay: Karma High

Hey there y’all, been a while.

They call me a bit of a classic- hey y’all, I’m Cryronn, otherwise known as Grant. Mudkip, your Sleep Paralysis Demon, or Creecher. I’ve been on Pokecharms for upwards of 6 years by now- but that’s a bit of an overstatement, as for about 2 years, I’ve been silent as a mouse- Covid and finishing high school did not do me favors in regards to this. But exposition dump is dumb so let’s just get into it-

Welcome, newcomer. We hope this letter finds you in good spirits. Congratulations! You’ve finished the Orientation program for Karma High School- a famous academy based in Terassk, Southern California. Therefore- you’re prepared to come in to learn full time! Your dorm number and schedule will be given accordingly- so we hope to see all your faces on September 16th to start this year!
-Donna White, Principal

Premise is pretty simple- romantic high school rp but everyone involved could nuke a city if they really tried their hardest! Still- beyond that- the rules are pretty simple.

1. Don’t be a douche for no reason.
2. All applicable Pokecharms Rules, obviously.
3. Try to be reasonable with your level of power- aka don’t be OP or I’ll bonk ya.
4. If you read the rules- hide Sleeping Dog somewhere in your bio!
5. Try to have some fun!!!
6. Oh and please read everything in this post- excluding my character’s bio, unless you wanna lmao.

Now then- let’s get started with the character sheet-!

Age: (15-16)
Appearance (pictures can also be used):
Powers: (Each must have its own name- I.e. Electrokinesis, Dragon Breath, Calcification, etc., alongside limits to their capabilities and a description of its functions)
House: (See later)

The House System-
Each character will be placed into a specific house- based on their “role”- or the form of specialization their power takes. This determines their electives and some other events, though not their dorming, and so doesn’t have an INCREDIBLY important impact on the story. The houses are listed below-

The House of Chimera represents students with offensive powers. They possess abilities such as energy projection, super strength, or elemental manipulation, making them formidable in combat. The house's emblem is a Chimera. Its colors are a sharp crimson red and bright violet.

Students: Carter Whitaker, Dean Emery, Asuna Ryugetsu, Ffion Drake, Kimiko Takahashi, Fuyuko Redtail, Braedyn Gooley, Marcel Chromwell, Samael Petrikov

The House of Gryphon consists of students specializing in defensive powers. They have abilities such as force fields, enhanced durability, or healing capabilities. Students from this house excel in protecting others and ensuring the safety of their team. The house's symbol is the Gryphon. Its colors are a deep earthy brown and a brighter navy blue.

Students: Omar Shieldson, Tsugikuni Ginhoshi, Vincent Alckemye, Petra Williams, Grayson Kreel

The House of Pegasus represents students with powers related to general enhanced mobility and flexibility in combat. They can soar through the air, move at incredible speeds, switch forms at will, or have teleportation abilities, among other capabilities. The students in this house excel in reconnaissance, quick strikes, and agile maneuvers. The house's emblem is the Pegasus. Its colors are a pale celadon and a wistful silver.

Students: Riley Deimi, Orion Cross, Melanie Redtail, Joshua Reed, Jaime Allen, Jacqueline "Jack" Lockheed

The House of Siren comprises students with supportive powers that aid their teammates. They could possess summoning abilities, telepathy, or powers to manipulate their environments. These students excel at providing emotional support and strategic guidance to their allies. The house's symbol is the Siren. Its colors are a pale pink highlighted by aqua blue.

Students: Edric Fletcher, Jasper Mueller, Pamela Oswald, Gwen Kendra, Frederick Valentine, Isolde Barley, Lan Conferre

The Dorms:
Once your character has been accepted, you will be placed into a dorm- with your input taken as well.

Each dorm consists of 4 rooms- a general living space, a bathroom, a bedroom and a communal kitchen. Rooms will have the standard bed, desk, wardrobe, window, etc. for each person. The bedroom is split into two sections by a curtain, each with its own set of two beds. Exact details and style can be customized by each person as they wish; Karma High has gone the extra mile to include special items/conveniences for each student's power or needs.

Upon entering, the door of every assigned room will have a sticker displaying the occupant's name on it so they know which room is theirs.

Dorm 3:

Jasper Mueller (Siren)
Omar Shieldson (Gryphon)
Eric Fletcher (Siren)
Fredrick Valentine (Siren)
Dorm 4:
Braedyn Gooley (Chimera)
Jaime Allen (Pegasus)
Samael Petrikov (Chimera)
Greyson Kreel (Gryphon)
Dorm 7:
Carter Whitaker (Chimera)
Orion Cross (Pegasus)
Dean Emery (Chimera)
Tsugikuni Ginhoshi (Gryphon)
Dorm 9:
Joshua Reed (Pegasus)
Lan Conferre (Siren)
Vincent Alckemye (Gryphon)
Marcel Chromwell (Chimera)

Dorm 15:

Pamela Oswald (Siren)
Fuyuko Redtail (Chimera)
Kimiko Takahashi (Chimera)
Petra Williams (Gryphon)
Dorm 16:
Riley Deimi (Pegasus)
Ffion Drake (Chimera)
Melanie Redtail (Pegasus)
Jack Lockheed (Pegasus)
Dorm 18:
Nera Vasquez (Siren)
Asuna Ryugetsu (Chimera)
Gwen Kendra (Siren)
Isolde Barley (Siren)

Soon I’ll put a google doc here so you can all look into the large stockpile of rp information I have condensed there.

You’ll also be able to choose an elective course! These train specific abilities, many of which being more catered towards the different four houses- of course, you’re not required to take an elective from your house, it’s simply a fair recommendation.


Destructive Artistry
Marcel Lucius Cromwell
Fuyuko Redtail

Energy Manipulation
Carter Whitaker
Ffion “Fifi” Drake

Combat Mastery
Kimiko Takahashi
Asuna Ryugetsu
Dean Emery
Braedyn Gooley


Shielding and Warding
Vince Alckemye

Tactical Defense Strategies (TDS)
Jaime Allen
Omar Shieldson
Tsugikuni Ginhoshi

Healing & Restoration
Petra Williams


Speed Enhancement
Melanie Redtail
Riley Deimi

Aerial Acrobatics
Joshua Reed


Recon and Resource (R&R)
Gwen Kendra

Strategic Assistance
Edric Fletcher
Pamela Oswald

Mindset Enhancement
Isolde Barley
Nera Vasquez

And Finally- the main Thread link~!

Now for my own character- you can stop reading now if you wanna.

Name: Riley Deimi
Age: 16
Gender/Pronouns: Female (she/her)
Sexuality: Lesbian
Height: 5’6”
Appearance: Riley is a rather flashy young woman, with bright white hair and purple eyes. She cycles through different outfits daily, but can usually be seen in bright colors that compliment her hair. She also wears a pair of comfortable track shoes from her middle school days. She’s fair of skin, and has a resting grin on her face at all times. She’s Irish-American in descent.
Personality: As suggested by her appearance, Riley is a generally infectiously positive person- for good or for bad. She’s got high energy, a high-on-life mindset, and tends to not have much chill. She’s super weak to being flirted with though- so take that information and use it how you will. She can become serious when the situation necessitates- such as in dire straits or confiding in another. She can also be quite quiet and solemn… if the situation becomes too depressing for her joy to break through.
Backstory/History: Riley comes from a family with a long line of the same power- and so she was relatively young when her own awakened. Luckily, he family, with their generations of friends experience, helped her through it. She enrolled at Karma- given it was the highest quality school even close to her home.


Riley can force herself through solid objects- usually walls- like they were made of a thick gelatin or honey. It looks in appearance and functionality similar to Ascend from Tears of the Kingdom- allowing her to pass though solid matter. She can most easily pass through wood, then stone and earth, and then metal- with her having a thickness limit of how much she can pass through for each material- depending on how much she’s trained it.

Rush Hour:
Her family-passed power, which allows her to overclock the speed of her body, with no harm caused to her body by the acceleration. She can cause her whole body to move very quickly, or just parts of it. It’s main downside is a high stamina toll, though otherwise it’s extremely effective, allowing for high leaps; fast running, and devastating punches.

Likes: Cats, potato chips, Dr.Pepper, training, going really fast
Dislikes: Waiting, standing still, assholes who stand still, turkey
Relationships: Two parents, a two younger brothers (Axel and Ferra- one of whom I might make when I don’t desperately need to sleep).
Other: I’m going to bed
House: Pegasus

Well hope this works lmao, see you on the other side.

All Characters-
@Cryronn the Mudkip
Riley Deimi
Nera Vasquez
Tsugikuni Ginhoshi

Orion Cross

Carter Whitaker
Vincent Alckemye

Dean Emery
Braedyn Gooley
Dai Smith
Ryo Hoshi

@Abra Kadabra Alakazam!
Edric Fletcher
Maria Corazon

@| Korutesu |
Jasper “Golden-Wolf” Mueller
Axel Montgomery

Asuna Ryugetsu
Omar Shieldson
Fuyuko Redtail
Melanie Redtail
Keith Reginald "Reggie" Ironfist
Samira Abdul

Pamela Oswald
Isolde Barley

Ffion “Fifi” Drake
Jaime Allen

@Gold The Dragonite
Gwen Kendra
Joshua Reed

@Red Gallade
Frederick “Fred/Freddie” Valentine

Kimiko “Kim” Takahashi

Lan Conferre
Lucas Conferre

Samael Nikolai Petrikov
Marcel Lucius Cromwell

Jacqueline “Jack” Lockheed
Grayson Kreel

Petra Williams
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Name: Orion Cross
Age: 16
Gender/Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5'11"

Appearance :


Personality: Orion strives to be a resourceful and strategic young man, preferring to plan out his actions and think several steps ahead. Known as a quick thinker and excellent problem solver, he excels in situations that require finding unconventional solutions to challenges.

With some age and experience, he's learned to tone down his logical approach to most matters and adopt a more solicitous, sociable attitude overall. As a result, his personality has become much more expressive, humorous, and pleasant to be around.

Even so, he can struggle with feelings of inadequacy when compared to counterparts he deems are 'cooler' or 'more interesting.'

Backstory/History: Orion hails from an upper class family of transport moguls, his great grandfather having been a very successful train architect and engineer, who reportedly had a similar power to Orion, though exact details have been withheld for unknown reasons.

As the middle child of the family, the relative lack of attention given to him by his parents (in comparison to his other two siblings) have fostered his general independent and self-driven demeanor, and he very often finds himself being the voice of reason or responsibility among his peers and siblings as a result.

Throughout his schooling, he was often victim to people trying to take advantage of him due to the convenience of his power, which led to a brief spell of complete solitude and social isolation. In middle school, however, his accidental, newfound group of friends couldn't have cared less and never once asked for use of his powers, even when they were late to things!

As such, he's once again learned to open himself up and be personable, though small remnants of his time alone linger in both his thoughts and actions.

That said, his often introverted behavior belies his creativity and goal-orientation, as he elects to spend the majority of his free time scribbling down goals, writing, and practicing different skills, among other fun pastimes, like playing one of his favorite games ; Sleeping Dogs.

The user can create portals at will, that appear a deep, dark purple in colour, allowing themselves (and other entities) to instantaneously travel between different locations. The user can also manipulate properties of the portal, such as placement, size, shape, and duration of the portals.

In order to manifest the portal, the wielder must first visualize where they'd like to place it, and where they'd like it to lead, and as such, the user is unable to create portals to places they have never seen or visited personally.

It is possible to derive this information solely from photographs, drawings, descriptions etc. In this case, the effort and time required to manifest the portal significantly increase as a result, and it is likely that the portal will be inaccurate in destination.

Likewise, the more familiar a location is to the user, the easier time they'll have creating portals to that particular destination. Destinations within direct line-of-sight are the easiest and portals leading to these these can be manifested instantly.

Similarly, deliberate practice using the power can increase the general speed and accuracy of portal manifestation, and decrease the effort required for such, among other varied benefits.

By default, each portal summoned will be of exact height and width to accommodate the user, made in the shape of an oval. Portal properties such as height, size etc. can either be set before manifestation, or altered dynamically after the portal's creation, which requires slightly more effort.

Finally, creating and maintaining portals require energy and focus, both of which can deplete even faster if maintaining multiple portals, larger portals, travelling far distances, sustaining them for long periods etc.

If the user is in an unstable or emotional state of mind, it can have unpredictable effects on the use of their power.

Likes: Learning, transport, creative activities, most foods, going to new places, using his power

Dislikes: Not working towards any goals, needless violence, sensory overload, irresponsibility, heights

Relationships: Orion is close enough to his family members, especially his older sister and younger brother, who often beg him for transportation to this place and that. He also shares some very amicable bonds with his middle school crew, and aims to keep in contact with all of them.

In his free time, he scours his home and the internet for any information he can find on his great grandfather, suspicious of how little there is about his powers and personal life.
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Previously Deathstalker62
Name: Carter Whitaker

Age: 16

Gender/Pronouns: Male/Masculine

Sexuality: Straight, appears disinterested but is just THAT oblivious.

Height: 5'9"

Appearance: Carter has an athletic body, despite his limbs and body overall seeming a bit skinny at first glance. His sun-tanned caucasian skin and light-blond hair color work well with his amber-orange eyes. His hair is usually slicked back into various wavy spikes, not only filled with gel to the maximum but also additionally held back by a pair of goggles strapped to Whitaker's forehead who do are not too dissimilar to the strapped goggles seen worn in a race or by a pilot.

For casual wear, Whitaker tends to typically wear a simple tank-top with red, orange and yellow stripes and a '1' imprinted on the front in black on white outlines, while his name is embedded on the backside of the collar in pure black. Befitting to this, he also tends to wear light-red fingerless gloves with a black center on the upper surface, gray summer shorts and red-white-orange kicks, like the shoes seen worn often by game characters. Whitaker takes both the heat and the cold pretty well, seeing both as an adequate challenge to tackle everyday and thus tends to generally stay in a sporty, very light outfit. Occasionally, instead of goggles strapped to his forehead, Whitaker tends to wear either a red cap backwards (sometimes alongside sunglasses) or just a full-on red-yellow-orange-white wrestling mask, just because he can.

Personality: Whitaker appears very ambitious and confident, if somewhat arrogant. While this may make him come off as a jerk to some, he generally means no hostile intent with his words or actions as he just tends to prattle off things that come to mind without much forethought.

He tends to be very competitive and loves rousing up people to challenge him to any kind of match, typically either to a game of sports or a fight, as that is what he's both most proficient and but also prefers over.. well, any kind of other challenge, really. Other than arm wrestling, of course. That's the ol' reliable, how could you not love it?

Still, despite this rabble-rousing, Carter tends to come off as more flamboyant and passionate and loves to help people, even if they can be kind of a jerk to him. Just be sure not to call him a softy. He may be kind, but if there's one thing he doesn't want to do is to be told that he's 'soft'. For in his mind, he equates being soft as to being 'weak', which is what he despises the most. Instead, he prefers to be simply referred to as having 'good sportsmanship', which, in his perspective, not only sounds better but also so much cooler and more respectable.

Backstory/History: TBD

Lethal Competition - Carter is capable of generating any kind of sports-related equipment, which is imbued with energy consisting of his willpower on manifestation (which presents itself as a kind of cyan aura that gives the equipment a glowing outline), granting each equipment its own special properties. These properties tend to vary from gear to gear, but the standard effects tend to include a much higher durability and striking power, depending on how motivated Carter is at the moment (which would directly influence his willpower, naturally.) Of course, since he is both creating them and imbueing them with his own willpower, Carter can also (in a sense) telekinetically move generated equipment in a small, circular radius around him (the range and movement speed automatically increases as this power is trained).

Unending Motivation - Carter's own willpower and perseverance determine his drive and fighting capability, in quite a literal sense. His own physical prowess will become amplified determined by just how pumped up and determined he is feeling, which also means it can be swayed into negatively impacting him and making weaker, slower, more frail, etc. if this courage is replaced with emotions such as fear and hesitation. While this doesn't grant a healing factor, it DOES however increase his resistance to taking damage, allowing him to survive and fight with wounds that would've normally incapacitated someone a long time ago.

Radiant Determination - Carter's own determination and courage can grow so great, it can directly influence those around him. Allies can become much more motivated and courageous, foes can become determined to fight with all they have, random people (and creatures) can grow a sense of bravery and an urge to save those who need it most, even plants will become motivated to grow at an accelerated rate and become as healthy and ripe as they can be. Like his other powers, this also scales with his own willpower, becoming completely nullified if his own motivation fades.

Likes: Standing up to Oppressors, good sportsmanship, competition, being motivated.

Dislikes: Ignorance, weakness, slackers, competition.

Relationships: Carter tends to have a more strained relationship with his parents, particularly with his mother, who disapproved his ambitions of being a professional athlete even despite his powers clearly giving him an advantage in such a field, while his father was, at first, seemingly fully supporting his dream, filled with pride.

Though, this pride would turn into greed as his father realised he could eventually profit off of his son with fame and status, having manifested a cold, cruel sense of perfectionism that ended up creating unnecessarily strict daily routines, for which Carter had started resenting him. For good reason, really..

However, Whitaker always kept this resentment hidden for he knew that if he ever tried to bring this up to him, all he'd be expectin to hear is complaints about how this was just out of love for him, when Carter very well knows his father never even considered how he felt during all of this, nevermind the fact that he's already seen through him and knew that this was not the dad he once knew and loved. Oh, and he's an only-child, so no siblings to be found here!

Other: Carter may hate slackers, but he would let sleeping dogs lie any time of day as they're just too cute to forcefully awaken.
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Name: Dean Emery
Age: 15
Gender/Pronouns: Male (he/they)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5'10" (177cm)
Appearance: He has shoulder-length brown hair, dark blue eyes, a pale (but somewhat tanned) tone to his skin and a slender build. He's also reliably skinny.
Personality: He's quite a goofball, messing around with any kind of tech he can just for laughs. He's also quite friendly, but if someone pisses him off... they'd better prepare for a WALL of future insults.
Backstory/History: He lived a pretty average life for a prankster, even before his 10th birthday. Unfortunately, he was rarely liked by anyone after he turned 11. He decided to enrol in Karma High with the hope of getting the respect he believes he deserved.
  • Tech Jump: Dean's signature power. It allows him to jump into any piece of technology that has a chip in it, like a laptop. Unfortunately, he is viewed as a virus in any piece of technology and as such can't stay inside for more than 10 minutes.
  • Godspeed: Dean's second- useful power behind Tech Jump. He can fight and attack at Mach 176 (at max), but fighting at even Mach 89 for too long could knock him out, or potentially kill him.
  • Electro Force: Dean's most unpredictable power. He can absorb, generate and manipulate electricity, but at the cost of his stamina.
Likes: Technology, pranks, getting shit done fast, science
Dislikes: Mathematics, hypocrites, pride, being pushed around
Relationships: Nothing major... except his best friend Braedyn
Other: We had to put "Sleeping Dog" somewhere, right?

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Here’s mine.

Name: Edric Fletcher
Age: 15
Gender/Pronouns: Male (he/him)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5’2”
He is a relatively normal kid, with a quite skinny build. He has tan skin and messy white hair which he never bothers to style. He always wears a lime green headband, which matches his lime green eyes. He can be seen wearing various colored clothes and light and loose outfits but usually tees with cool art on them. He also wears slippers casually, and socks with slip-on shoes when needed.
He’s lighthearted, happy-go-lucky, and a bit of a goofball, always going through his life with a smile on his face, though a bit exhausted by having to help out his siblings all the time. He’s quite social, always wanting to chat with someone to pass the time, and wants to make friends. He always wants to give a helping hand, even if he has no idea what he’s doing. He is quite brave when he needs to be, especially when it comes to his friends. But he can snap if irritated enough.
Edric always felt like he had to be everywhere at once, and wasn’t noticed at all. Being in a large family, and having his older sister be a rebellious punk, meant that he had to step up for his younger siblings. Even at school, he felt a bit invisible, as he and his small group of friends were considered outcasts. He thought that this would be the status quo forever, just a cycle of being unremarkable in a town that was unremarkable, with no superpowered beings at all. Little did he know that it would change forever in a drastic way…


He can clone himself and his clothes through binary fission, with some force. Each clone operates independently, regardless of what the others want them to do, but they are naturally cooperative with one another. This allows clones to do multiple tasks simultaneously or to cover a large area, and they are capable of refusing back together (which fuses their memories). However, he can be forced to duplicate or fused back together with enough force, which causes pain when done. He also cannot summon too many clones (up to 50) or they will forcibly fuse back together into one person, causing temporary migraines and paralysis in him.

Pocket Dimension:
He and his clones can pull out random items from a near-infinite pocket dimension instantly that contains random items (usually blunt objects and weapons). A single clone can summon any item at random up to the size of the stop sign, but depending on if several clones all concentrate together, they can summon any object at random up to the size of a crop harvester. He cannot summon living things from this dimension; nobody can store or enter objects inside.

Likes: Gaming, his siblings (Even Jade), the pocket dimension letting him get the right items (especially explosives), iced tea, and animals (especially reptiles).
Dislikes: Being tricked, assholes, most green vegetables, the pocket dimension letting him get useless items, and soda (weirdly).
Relationships: He has two parents, who he thinks could spend more time with him, and four other siblings consisting of: two younger brothers named Zach and Evan, who he hangs out with on a daily basis; a younger sister named Kate who he has a close bond with; and an edgy older sister named Jade. He finds Jade’s rebellious antics exhausting and annoying but still cares for her. He also has a pet python at home named Snakespeare, whom he loves very much, being his sole caretaker.

As for his school life, he had friends in middle school, but they were weird teens. He has some of their contacts, but he doesn’t talk to them often because he had to take care of his siblings.

Other: Edric gave his younger sister Kate a plushie of a sleeping dog for her birthday, which she sleeps with. He also has no understanding of proper romance.
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| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
me when i sleeping dog when??

Name: Jasper "Golden-Wolf" Mueller

Age: 16

Gender/Pronouns: He/Him (Male)

Sexuality: I don't think this section is necessary but Straight

Height: 5'6

Appearance: Jasper is a tall, slim kid, with fair skin and light blue eyes. He's got short brown hair, which is usually messy, and badly kept. Jasper usually wears a yellow shirt with a wolf design, although hidden away by a cream colored cardigan. He wears brown leggings, where it's usually held up by a black belt, where a small bag hangs. On his right wrist, he wears a gray metal watch, with a sleeping dog(idk if it has to be in bio or not) design.

Personality: Jasper is a bit of a quiet kid, usually staying a bit behind the class, and doesn't like social interactions. He's got a large IQ for a kid his age, which is probably the reason why he chooses not to make friends. On the contrary though, he loves finding out new information about the people beside him, and how they can affect him or what he does, and because of that craving for information, Jasper usually hacks into locked files or other things on the internet to gain that information and knowledge. He also loves to play games on the internet, and usually isn't too fond of using cheats to make the game unfair, but sometimes he just likes to get back at people, probably because they beat him in a game, or they intentionally made a fun game a bad one, by leaking some funny information or disabling their account for a few days, nothing sinister though.

Backstory/History: Jasper was born in a middle-class family, that when they found out how smart their child was, enrolled him into many prestigious schools, easily getting scholarships. He found his passion for hacking when they started their IT Department in Middle School, and how it changed his view on the internet as a whole. It changed even more when he found out one day about his powers that let him change the data of the environment around him, which led to him studying endlessly about hacking. Eventually he was recommended by his previous school to Karma High as an amazing Tech student, which Jasper and his parents greatly appreciated.

Aether Editing:
Aether Editing can change data in the real world using different lines of code, tampering with data in the environment. For example, Jasper can change a wooden bench's data in the environment to make it metal, or he could remove it entirely from the real world. He can do this by touching a specific item, and a screen will be visible that Jasper can move around in real time. It cannot be touched by anyone else, except for Jasper, but it can be seen by others. A downside to this is that he needs to touch whatever he wishes to hack, and that he can only have two screens at most at a time. He also needs to know what lines of code to change to be able to actually be able to change the object itself. I should mention that Jasper doesn't always open the screen when touching something, and that it only activates when he wants it to.

Likes: Gaming, Learning new information about people, and winning in games

Dislikes: People who underestimate his powers, losing to other people in games, and people who ragequit too easily.

Relationships: His only relationships are with his parents, since they were the ones who pushed him to enroll and get scholarships in such great schools. He's forever thankful to them as if they didn't push him to do it, he'd never had found his love for technology.

Other: He's got 68 different accounts in the internet filled with lots of data and information about people, but his main name, or what most people call him, is Golden-Wolf or Wolfie. He doesn't know why, but Jasper eventually warmed up to it.
Name(First and last): Asuna Ryugetsu

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: Human (Japanese descent on one side, Mix of Spaniard, Irish, Welsh, and Latina on the other).

Sexuality: Pansexual

Appearance: Asuna is on a short (5'2") well endowed Feminine frame, with long, flowing red hair, and golden eyes, she commonly wears a flower patterned yukata based on the time of year. Her frame is covered in various burn scars from the times she overused her Steam Engine power. Her Yukata hides her frame very well, so no one knows how her frame actually looks. As such, if she wears other clothes that fit to her frame, she will surprise herself.

Backstory: Asuna was born to Business people in Dallas Texas, it was issues with the company and when the Kyoto branch went under, alongside the loss of feelings on both sides, hit, they divorced. Asuna lives in Kyoto in the summers, alongside Christmas, the New Year. She Spends Memorial day, alongside Thanksgiving, and other fall based holidays with her mother, along with Mexican Independence Day and Cinco de Mayo. Her middle school life was normal, minus people asking about why she's in Kyoto during the summer.


Steam Engine: Asuna can release steam out the pores of her skin, in sections or her whole body, if she uses it to speed herself, she can temporarily double her speed, and can use her steam to increase the power of her martial arts, it does have an overuse side effect of she burns herself if she overused this power. This power has an ultimate state called Burnout, where she releases a ton of steam initially as she then uses the steam to fight, firing off multiple strikes in rapid succession. At the end of this state, she will have third degree burns on her chest, arms, stomach and legs, and her legs will seem to about give out.

Martial Arts: As stated in her others section, she has a second degree black belt in Karate, and she can use her Steam Engine to increase the power of her martial arts hits.

Loom in the shadows: Asuna can hide in the shadow of things, this power cannot be used if she has second or third degree burns. This power is a bit stronger at night.

Personality: Asuna is shy, but once you break that shell, she'll be a bit playful, flirty, and approachable, but you have to approach her first. If uncomfortable, embarrassed or upset, steam will start seeping out of her. She may seem like an Otaku, but that's because she lives in Kyoto in the summers and knows a lot about Japanese culture.

Likes: Anime, Yukatas, Her family, matcha soda,

Dislikes: Getting lost, itchy clothes,

Relationships: Janice Miller (Mom, Texan, Alive), Bashira Ryugetsu (Father, Japanese, Alive), Tetsuya Ryugetsu (Older Brother alive), Shiori Nochizuma (younger Step sister, 11, alive), Dean Rodriguez (Younger Step brother, 10, alive), Yang Kumaru (friend from middle school, alive). Shiloh (Sleeping dog that lives with her mother, Alive, 15)

Other: Her area Code is 247 (McKinney, Texas) and she has a second degree black belt in karate. Her parents are divorced, and she lives in Kyoto during the summer, returning for school. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Japanese.

Name(First and last): Omar Shieldson
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: 5'8", on a rather muscular frame from training his Wall Ability for three years on a very strong character that may make an appearance in Phone Calls, long grey hair tied back with purple eyes, those eyes having radioactive symbol shaped irides. Going further down, his arm has 30 bar tattoos. He rotates through several outfits that he owns that mostly have a large coat. His boots are steel bodied, and weigh about 3 lbs each.

Abilities and Powers:

Cage: This ability allows him to summon up to five (seven) cages around targets, one to a cage. The wear off if Omar is KOed, the locked one breaks out, an Hour has passed or Omar is moved more than a mile away. Every cage makes 6 bar tattoos on his arm disappear until the cage is broken.

Wall: He can drop any offensive ability for becoming an immovable object. His power is trained to defend against some of the stronger students. If someone hits Omar too hard or too often, it may break his Wall.

Analytics: He can analyze any opponent and figure out a way to counter their attacks, especially useful with allies. He can't always perform the necessary steps to fully counter them however.

Backstory: Omar was born to Middle Class parents, and was in a happy family, that was until a car crash killed his father and four year old sister, on their way to a doctor's appointment. It was then that Omar realized he wanted to protect others, along with helping others and himself find new uses for powers. His mom did what she could for her living children, but Kayla's death in the crash put her in a depression that would last for several months. It was after this time that Omar took things more seriously. After that, he relaxed a bit, but not as much as he used to.

Personality: Omar is Serious, watchful, and is caring for his friends. He can also been seen in the corner, waiting to approached. He will talk if approached by you, and will try to give as much information that he knows as possible depending upon the subject.

If, let's say, during a class, he has to do something and gives you the necklace with the Dollar coin from his dad, it means he trusts you, a lot.

Likes: Coins from around the world, Learning, Figuring out new uses for his powers, helping other people figure out new uses for their powers.

Dislikes: people touching the coin on his necklace, people being reckless, people picking unnecessary fights.

Relationships: Killian Shieldson (Father, Deceased at age 38, when Omar was 9, Car crash), Gina Shieldson (Twin sister, Alive), Kayla Shieldson (younger sister, Deceased, was killed in Car Crash at age 4, would have been 10), Stephanie Kiara Farrier-Shieldson (mother, age 38, alive), Mercedes Flamehand (close friend, 15, dating Gina Shieldson), Simeon Shieldson (Younger brother, 12, Alive).

Other: The family pet is a Sleeping dog, and is 4 years old. He also wears on a necklace, a Morgan Dollar from the Carson City Mint in Nevada, it is dated 1882. The necklace was left in the will of his Dad to Omar after the Car Crash. His area Code is 717 (Harrisburg, PA).

The main roleplay has been posted, my friends!!!
Looks like a nice idea, hope I'm not too late @Cryronn the Mudkip

Age: 15
Gender/Pronouns: She/her
Sexuality: YES (She ain't picky)
Height: 5'5
generated image

Personality: A total airhead who is loud, says most of the thoughts that pop into her head, and is incredibly social...Or so one would think. She is actually quite manipulative and can switch from personality to personality to keep those around her trapped under her thumb simply because it's easier for her to handle interactions with them that way.
As far as Romance would go, she is somewhat clueless unless the signs are clear and typical, and she herself is not good at hiding her admiration for others, even if her style of romance can be clingy and insensitive.
Backstory/History: Her parents were typical thugs. Drugs, Abuse, the whole shebang. Pamela had to act as a mother to her siblings, directing them so that they could all avoid the occasional wrath of their father. Eventually this part of her overtook her entire personality, adjusting herself so that she would be perfectly suited for this role of 'anger sponge'. She and her siblings were then taken in by their grandmother after her parents lost legal custody, and Pamela no longer needed this manipulative trait. But she has yet to be rid of it because of the lingering trauma left by her Parent's terrible tutorage.
She basically lives in pure, evaporated Caffeine. Her pores emit it, and those who breath it in (including herself) slowly become more hyper and alert over time. The effects wear off when they can no longer detect Pamela's scent (There is no good way to put that)
Energy Storage: She can stockpile energy in her body, leading to increased endurance and strength. However, too much energy could potentially decimate her body if used in certain ways.
Likes: Caffeine, Fluffy Things, Romantic Gossip, Games, Spontaneous Acts of Affection, Ice Cream, Quiet Moments, Winter Aesthetic
Dislikes: Social Events, Needles, Being Alone, Bad Parenting, Dirtiness, Unpredictability, Rebels, Dogs, Disobedience
Relationships: Family; Grandmother (Nariz Oswald), Brother (Tray Oswald), and Sister (Tasha Oswald)
Other: She dislikes dogs because one bit her while it slept. Who's ever heard of a Sleeping Dog biting someone?
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Previously Night's Shadow
Name: Ffion “Fifi” Drake
Age: 15
Gender/Pronouns: Female; she/her
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 4’11”

Appearance: Semi-iridescent skin and hair, besides that the picrew’s pretty good : ))

Personality: Ffion seems sweet and harmless at first glance, with her childish smile and relaxed (if a little inconsiderate) sense of humor, but her amiable demeanor hides deceptive intelligence and immense strategic capabilities… as well as a penchant for chaos and love of pranks. Despite her complacency in most situations and easygoing open-mindedness, Fifi has no problem asserting herself when she needs to, and she has a tendency to be bluntly honest when keeping her thoughts to herself wouldn’t be beneficial to herself. Romantically, she has never previously been involved, so such feelings would be alien to her; however, she is quite the actress and would be good at pretending nothing is up. Romantic attraction of others to her, depending on how it’s presented, could result in any number of reactions, though. Do with that what you will >: )

Backstory/History: Ffion was an upbeat child, adored by her parents and doted on by the many older folks living in their neighborhood. Most of their children had grown up and moved out, so a new little kid in the area was a nice change of pace. Fifi was sweet and eager to make friends, but she also was manipulative in the way only young children know how to be. She was good at getting what she wanted – a little too good – regardless of whether it was an extra cookie, or a new toy. Her little glow only made her more endearing… at least, until her second power manifested at the age of nine.

A near-death experience in a local lake prompted the emergence of a power that allowed her to breathe, saving her from drowning and completely altering the town’s perception of the cute little girl they had known. After Ffion had dragged herself out of the water with terrifyingly sharp teeth and a monstrous build, things were never the same. Even when she was able to return to her normal form, people still looked at her with guarded, suspicious eyes to go with their smiling mouths.

Ffion grew rebellious in response to the new way she was regarded, playing pranks, skipping school, and overall simply causing a ruckus. Getting what she wanted became less of a fun game and more of a professional chess match. Fifi kept her grades up, but behaviorally her parents didn’t know what to do with her. They were outmatched in the mind games, and feared losing their only child’s affection. When Ffion’s letter came, her parents were greatly relieved. Maybe this change of pace would help their little girl become a little more… manageable.

-Luminous: Ffion herself gives off a soft glow, and she can create orbs of a glowing substance between three inches and two feet in diameter. These orbs are about the weight of a balloon filled with air; they will float downward in general, but not fall quickly. They are rather adhesive, though, and can be quite difficult to remove. These orbs can be controlled telekinetically by Ffion, but not very quickly. They are also highly flammable, and creating too many in a short time depletes her body’s supply of the substance of their makeup.

-Angler’s Deception: A power Ffion keeps hidden most times, purely for the shock factor when she does unleash it. With it, Fifi’s head and upper torso can transform into a monstrous form akin to that of an anglerfish. In this form, her jaw is capable of opening large enough to engulf a watermelon, with enough power to crush one easily. Her sense of smell is greatly heightened, but her sense of sight takes a heavy toll, and the instinct to find food is rather distracting. Fifi could also, if she wanted to, manifest gills when transformed, allowing her to breathe underwater if necessary.

Likes: Trying new things, snakes and insects, climbing trees, heights in general, cartwheels, mind games, creative pranks (regardless of their target)

Dislikes: Repetition, being bored, being patronized, stick(s)-in-the-mud, judgemental people

Relationships: Her parents, a pet cat named Remmie she convinced them to get her when she was five, no small number of elderly neighbors

Other: Ffion would never attack a defenseless animal. Let sleeping dogs lie, amiright?
She is an Interesting Character, I'm not sure how Asuna's Steam Engine and Her Caffeinated would interact?
Probably create a combo stream that would sting people's eyes, while at the same time boost the energy of those who inhale this smoke. They'd be pretty good at any diversion related tactic, creating general chaos.
Name: Ffion “Fifi” Drake
Sexuality: Bisexual
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Previously Deathstalker62
Looks like a nice idea, hope I'm not too late @Cryronn the Mudkip

Name: Pamela Oswald
Age: 15
Gender/Pronouns: She/her
Sexuality: yes. (She ain't picky)
Height: 5'5
Appearance: She wears her light brown hair in a wolf cut, perfectly framing her fair face and deep blue eyes. She wears wire frame glasses that are a light gold in color. She's pretty flat as far as her figure goes, but refuses to admit it. Skinny and fair. As for clothing, she usually goes with things that are comfortable; as close to pajamas as the school dress code allows. Though her favorite outfit consist of a sweater that is long enough to hide her hands in when she wants to act all cutesy, short shorts, and sandals. Her outfit is not complete without her carrying a pillow (which she tells people is part of her powers but that's not true.)
Personality: Someone could be cleaning up a murder and she'd still approach them. A total airhead who is loud and says most of the thoughts that pop into her head, and is incredibly social. Loves being the center of attention and will often tease those around her. Yet she is clueless when it comes to romance, which is the one time she won't be all forward. Around those she is really close with, she actually prefers to sit in silence and appreciate their company instead of talking like usual.
Backstory/History: Complicated, but basically she lives with her Grandma, her dad is in Canada and her Mom ran off with a hobo. She's from the birthplace of Texas!
Caffeinated: She basically lives in pure, evaporated Caffeine. Her pores emit it, and those who breath it in (including herself) slowly become more hyper and alert over time. The effects wear off when they can no longer detect Pamela's scent (There is no good way to put that)
Energy Storage: She can stockpile energy in her body, leading to increased endurance and strength. However, the energy in her body is sapped twice as fast than usual.
Likes: Caffeine, Fluffy Things
Dislikes: Social Events (They make her feel isolated), Needles, Being Alone
Relationships: Family; Grandmother, Brother, and Sister.
Other: She dislikes dogs because one bit her while it slept. Who's ever heard of a Sleeping Dog biting someone?
Carter and Pamela would make one hell of a combo. One inspires motivation and bravery in people around them, the other gives said people the energy to follow through with aforementioned motivation and bravery. Combine both and the entire world around them becomes a force of nature.
Shall we introduce a particular arrangement for the dorms? If so, perhaps it would make sense for the school to room people with similar powers together.

For example, some dorms could feature students who have technology based abilities, while another features students with mobility based abilities, another with support based abilities etc. The categories themselves could be anything.
Carter and Pamela would make one hell of a combo. One inspires motivation and bravery in people around them, the other gives said people the energy to follow through with aforementioned motivation and bravery. Combine both and the entire world around them becomes a force of nature.
Well, yeah, but the thing about Pamela is that Caffeine is technically a drug, and has a certain safe dosage. Read this line from UW Medicine.com;
“Symptoms of too much caffeine include restlessness, shakiness, rapid or irregular heartbeats, headache, irritability and insomnia,”
So this combo could only work for so long before the people it affects become angry, self confident douches prone to heart attack.

So, basically, her power helps those around her...until it doesn't. The moment her allies start to experience these symptoms, she has to cut herself off from those people until the caffeine levels in their blood tone down a bit.

Side note: This combined with her past home life help create a character that is talkative in order to combat the isolation she constantly feels, and has to feel so that those around her do not become toxic towards her.

...Phew, I dunno why but I felt like explaining how this character came to be.

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
I have been arisen from the dead from boredom

Name: Gwen Kendra

Age: 16

Gender/Pronouns: Female (she/her)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 5'7"

Appearance: Gwen has shoulder-length, loose, wavy navy blue hair and blue eyes. She prefers casual and comfortable clothing and wears gloves made of a material that can quickly absorb her soap in case of accidental use.

Picrew because I find describing appearances omegacringe:

Link: https://picrew.me/en/image_maker/1387003 (YSDメーカー)

Personality: Gwen embodies a serene and composed presence, appearing unfazed and level-headed despite her emotional detachment at times. Still, she often enjoys teasing others, whether through jokes, "harmless" pranks, or the rare act of flirting. Gwen is perceptive of her surroundings, making sure she doesn't push people's boundaries too far. Despite her resilience, she is surprisingly susceptible to stress, although she adeptly conceals it from others.

Backstory/History: Gwen was born into a middle-class family, but family life was far from ideal. Her father abandoned them, and her mother was always busy working. The stepfather showed little interest in connecting with Gwen and her siblings. Once close with her twin brother, they fell out as he started to act out more as they both grew up. Her older brother had stepped up as their primary carer. She was closest to her twin brother, but he began to act out one day and became unbearable to be around. The two of them fell out, and Gwen began to feel lonely and isolated. These family dynamics took a toll on Gwen's ability to form meaningful friendships during her childhood. She hopes to put all that aside as she starts anew at Karma High.



Gwen's hands secrete soapy fluid at will. The fluid can be sprayed as a projectile from her hands, used to blur one's vision for a short period of time, applied to objects or surfaces to make them more slippery, or clean dirt and harmful substances. Gwen can also create bubbles of varying sizes and control their movement. They erupt into a soapy explosion when enough force is applied. A bubble's size can vary, and the larger the bubble, the more durable it is and the bigger the explosion. Lightweight objects can be stored inside the bubbles, and the heavier the object, the harder it is for Gwen to control the bubble. A significant amount of water can dilute this fluid.


Gwen can control the visocity of the fluids she comes into contact with, from high visocity (a consistency such as honey) or low visocity, such as water. This also affects her soapy fluid and the bubbles produced by Soapflux.

Likes: games, reading, puns, sleeping dogs

Dislikes: crowded areas, blinding herself, conflict, strictness

Relationships: Gwen has her mother, her stepfather, Desmond, and her twin brother, Andrew.

Other: Her mother calls her Wendy, and her brothers call her Windex.

Might make a second bio if I can balance it properly
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Might as well throw my own character in to the mix. Mainly because it sounds interesting and I wanna try and get back in to charms RP. Though with how busy I tend to be, idk how often I'll be able to reply.
P.S. Sorry in advance if his powers sound a bit far fetched.

Name: Frederick "Fred/Freddie" Valentine

Age: 16

Gender/Pronouns: He/Him

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5'0"

Personality: Frederick is--as he constantly proclaims himself as--a nice guy; always happy to help someone out if they need it, from helping the elderly cross the street getting a cat down from a tree or advice to anyone nice enough struggling with their homework... though he will immediately cut ties with someone if he senses someone take his kindness for granted. Frederick is the kind of guy who always walks around with a friendly smile on his face, though when it comes to dealing with the more rude and/or spiteful kind of people, he begins to show a darker side to himself heavily laced with sarcasm and cruelty, if someone were to mention how he is a "nice guy" when in his cruel state, he'll coldly reply with "I'm not that nice." In battle, he prefers to hang back and analyze his opponent as much as possible, preferring to rely on precision rather than brute force... something he leaves up to his familiars.

Born between two loving parents, Frederick grew up happy until a car accident that happened when he was only 4 years old, while he and his father made it out okay, his mother suffered the worst damage and became paralyzed from the waist down, leading her to have spend the rest of her days in a wheelchair. Frederick's father worked twice as hard after that point in order to make enough money for surgery that could help his mother get back on her feet... literally. Frederick wanted to help out despite how young he was and began to push himself as hard as he could when it came to studying, this distracted him from making any friends, much to his parents' worry, while his mother appreciated how far he was going for her, she wanted Frederick to have a good childhood and make friends.

Frederick thought the best way to make friends was to simply be nice and help them out... leading to his habit of helping anyone who may need it, this managed to work and by middle school, he had quite the number of friends... although later on, he learned that half of his friends take his kindness for granted and treat him as more of a servant than a friend, this caused him to cut ties with nearly all of his friends and lost his trust in everyone at school. The bullies of the school didn't take too kindly to this and thought about beating some sense in to Frederick... only to learn about his unique powers which easily overwhelmed them.

Frederick went back to studying hard and managed to enroll at Karma High, seeing it as the best chance for him to get a good job where he can make enough money to help his mother.

"InKreation" - Frederick can secrete an ink-like liquid from the palms of his hands whenever he wants which he can manipulate and change into almost any solid object that he desires, mainly weapons such as swords, daggers, revolvers or knuckle dusters and shows decent skill when using them. Although he can't summon objects forever and with enough force, his weapons can break, return to puddles of ink and evaporate in seconds.

"The Boys" - Frederick is capable of summoning three familiars who all have minds of their own, looking like a trio of 1920s cartoon styled gangsters, all of which are loyal to Frederick and obey their "Boss" without question while each possessing an ability of their own. They consist of Thomas, Tommy Two-hands and Thompson. While they each have a special ability of their own, they can also combine into one giant familiar called "Big Tom." While Frederick can call them out or send them away at will, the familiars are only twice as enduring as his weapons, once they're out for the count, they automatically de-summon and are unable to return after a minimum of three to five minutes.

Whenever they talk, they sound like they're coming from 1950s' radios with mid Atlantic accents.

Thomas' ability allows him to flatten himself into surfaces like floors or walls and freely move across them as if he was a 2D cartoon. He's the fastest of Frederick's familiars, but the least enduring. His weapon of choice is a revolver.

Tommy Two-hands' ability allows him to stretch his powerful arms as far as 15 meters, capable of delivering hard long range blows or maneuvering around, though the rest of his body isn't as strong and can easily be pulled away if not careful. His weapon of choice is his fists

Thompson's ability allows him to grow up to the size of a car and is the most defensive and enduring of Frederick's familiars, capable of taking more blows than both of his fellow Boys combined while also capable of delivering hard blows himself, though he isn't as fast as them and tends to move around with his hands instead of his feet.

When the Boys combine, they become Big Tom who stands twice as tall as Frederick and is twice as enduring as Thompson. For a large and strong brute, he is also quite fast. His weapon of choice is an unusual saxophone/axe which he uses either as a big weapon or to play music that can briefly boost Frederick's speed and strength. The downside to this ability is that it devours Frederick's energy and can't hold the form for too long, after taking enough hits or taking too long, Big Tom will split back in to the Boys and Frederick won't be able to fuse them after several hours... or a big and filling meal.

Likes: Peace and quiet, Jazz music, Animals, Helping people, Eating

Dislikes: Getting dirty, Losing, Movie musicals, Mice, Pickles

Relationships: His wheelchair bound mother, his father, one big dog and two small cats.

Other: His vision is extremely blurry without his glasses. Read about his powers carefully.

House: Siren

Woo! That took a while.
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I'm sending Omar down that direction, as I Have nothing to do right now, I may have him hear a peep.
Yeah kinda hoping some kind explorer would take pity upon our royal cuteness. Then she would have someone to feel grounded with, instead of just drifting from subject to subject like she usually does.

I internally decided whoever got the next bio, she was gonna woo them. And guess who? Fifi shows up.
She is 100% gonna latch onto Fifi; Be prepared.
Although Mr. Omar is a good best friend/Mentor option-
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Hey everyone, I got excited and drafted up a House system for Karma High; I think dividing each student into one of four distinct groups, or houses, can add an exciting element to our roleplay here. We can also organize dorms around Houses too.

Of course, don't take any of this as final until @Cryronn the Mudkip gives the go-ahead.

Finally, I've gone ahead and suggested placements for all characters introduced thus far (I think). This can be difficult, especially for students who possess multiple powers of different categories, or whose powers have a multitude of different applications.

As such, please do tag me and request to have your character moved to a different house if you feel they belong somewhere else. I will edit this post accordingly, and should this be approved, we can have it added to the first post for ease of access.

The House of Chimera represents students with offensive powers. They possess abilities such as energy projection, super strength, or elemental manipulation, making them formidable in combat. The house's emblem could be a chimera, a creature with various animal parts, and its colors could be bold shades of red and black.

Students : Carter Whitaker, Dean Emery, Asuna Ryugetsu, Ffion Drake
The House of Gryphon consists of students specializing in defensive powers. They have abilities such as force fields, enhanced durability, or healing capabilities. Students from this house excel in protecting others and ensuring the safety of their team. The house's symbol could be a gryphon, a creature with the body of a lion and the wings of an eagle. Its colors could be a combination of earthy browns and soothing blues.

Students : Omar Shieldson
The House of Pegasus represents students with powers related to speed, flight, and enhanced mobility. They can soar through the air, move at incredible speeds, or have teleportation abilities. The students in this house excel in reconnaissance, quick strikes, and agile maneuvers. The house's emblem could be a pegasus, a winged horse, and its colors could be vibrant shades of sky blue and silver.

Students : Riley Deimi, Orion Cross
The House of Siren comprises students with supportive powers that aid their teammates. They could possess summoning abilities, telepathy, or powers to manipulate their environments. These students excel at providing emotional support and strategic guidance to their allies. The house's symbol could be a siren, a mythical creature known for its enchanting voice, and its colors could be soothing shades of aqua and lavender.

Students : Edric Fletcher, Jasper Mueller, Pamela Oswald, Gwen Kendra, Frederick Valentine
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As such, please do tag me and request to have your character moved to a different house if you feel they belong somewhere else. I will edit this post accordingly, and should this be approved, we can have it added to the first post for ease of access.
On that very same note, wouldn't it also be easier to tag the link the the Main thread in the top comment as well? Just an extra idea for ease of use, @Cryronn the Mudkip


Previously Deathstalker62
After some browsing through Picrew, I also decided to turn Carter into an NFT avatar for visual representation (to the best of the tools Picrew gave me, so.. pretend like the sunglasses are goggles or something-).

Y'know, on second thought, I'll change Carter's sexuality to something more befitting of his character

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