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Current Role Players!

@_Umbreon_ : Umbreon (Nocturne)
@Eeveechu151 : Eevee and Jolteon
@EspeonTheBest : Espeon (Ina)
@Frisk : Eevee
@dragonspit999 : Glaceon (Frosty)

Humans started leaving the region of Reanos after an accident at the power plant left the region without running water, power, or food. At first law enforcement had handled the situation with control. But after a few weeks all chaos erupted. Looting occurred, buildings were lit on fire, and eventually all of the Reanians where transported to Kalos, Unova, and Johto. Unfortunately most of the people left there Pokemon behind in the confusion and chaos.

Nocturne woke up to the smell of smoke filling his nostrils. The Umbreon coughed, and stumbled out of the dilapated apartment, and gasped as he , and it into the fresher air of the abandoned streets. He wheezed quietly, before regaining his breath as he watched the building go up in smoke. If he hadn't woken up he would have been dead. He rubbed the Umbreon rubbed his paw against his eye to try and rub some of the grime and soot off of his face before starting down into the street itself. Garbage cans were tipped, and trash littered the streets. An Aradios was spinning its web in an alley way nearby and the Dark type steered clear. It was midday and the sun was beating down hard. The pavers were growing increasingly more uncomfortable. The Umbreon ducked into the shade of a Library, and found a nice little corner to hide in and waited, unaware to the fact that he wasn't alone...
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The Eevee was sleeping soundly in the library, hidden in her favorite hiding spot. Wild Pokemon normally weren't allowed in libraries like this, but she and her brother had managed to make a hidden tunnel behind the bookshelves and got in all the time. Her brother had left to find something to eat, and the Eevee was resting. That is until there was a large rumbling, many panicked footsteps and bookshelves tumbling with astounding thuds. She woke up and stumbled to her feet. The bookshelf that normally hid the tunnel (strategically, her brother had chosen it since it had all the boring encyclopedias that no one ever read) was now on its side. Suddenly, her tunnel started to collapse. As the Eevee dashed into the main library, she saw chunks of the walls and ceiling missing. She saw a table and a bookshelf had created some sort of tent-like area, and was deflecting falling rocks perfectly. The young Pokemon dashed for the tent-like structure, sliding into its safety. After about ten minutes, the rocks stopped falling. She then heard footsteps in the library. At first it looked like her brother, then she realized it was an Umbreon. "AHH!" the Eevee said, trying to dash back to her hiding place but tripping over a book.
It was cold. Very cold. She could almost feel her tail freezing. The smoke filled the air and the breeze was warm despite the icy terror the young Pokemon felt deep in her heart. She stood up and shook out her bright pink fur and glanced in a cracked, dust covered mirror. Her reflection mimicked her mood and health... Sick and tired. Weary. Done. She had a forked tail, and the Espeon glanced over at a lump under the rubble of a brick wall. Blue, Green, and brown were all mushed together underneath the rubble with awkwardly placed limbs and utter silence. The Espeon bowed her head in sorrow and allowed one tear to fall from her eyes before she forced herself up and out of the room.

She padded silently through the rows of books and stopped in front of one. It was very large with an antique cover and the human words 'A Tale of Sinnoh's History' on the front in gold lettering. The Espeon sat down and levitated the book in front of her; coughing as dust exploded from within the pages. As she read the air currents, the Espeon noticed a disturbance. She lept to her feet, losing concentration, and dropping the book with a loud thump. The Espeon ran off to the darkest corner she could find before crouching down, desperately wishing she was an Umbreon able to melt into the Shadows. Unfortunately for her, she liked being an Espeon and could not melt into the shadows.
The Umbreon jumped at the squeak, and spun when he heard the book fall. He heard a heavy breathing noise and looked at the small Eevee. He grabbed her by the scruff and dragged her into a tiny space between a desk and the wall. Quivering he felt the Pyroar knock over a book case, and another and another. This went on for several minutes, until it got frustrated and left. The Umbreon released the Eevee and went to go find something to eat, when he saw a tuft of pink fur. He crouched lower until he could see an Espeon cramming herslelf into the corner. Figuring she wasn't a threat he kept on padding until he found the library's cafeteria. He grabbed a loaf of bread, and started back to the spot where the Eevee, and the Espeon were.
The Umbreon was back a few minutes later with the loaf of bread. He carefully ripped open the top. He then gave the Eevee a slice. "Eat." He said quietly before heading over to the Espeon. Knowing not to aproach a frightened, and cornered Pokemon, he slid a piece of bread near her before hopping up onto one of the shelves.
The Eevee wolfed down the slice of bread. "But still! What's happening?" she demanded to know, thinking of what trouble her brother might be in.

Jolteon, Eevee's brother, was currently pinned under a steel bar. "Darn it!" he said. "I can only hope Sis isn't in the same situation."
The Espeon's ears perked as she saw an Umbreon approaching with, more importantly, food. She watched as he set it down near her and hopped up on to one of the shelves. Finally she walked out of the shadows and looked down at her paws which were covered in grim from days in the library. Still, from under all of that, the Espeon still saw the blue paws that she was cursed with as a young Eevee. The lump... The friends she once had... She was alone. The Espeon bounded up to the bread and scarfed it down.

She glanced up at the first book she read in the Human Language. It was a thin book with pictures of many ancient Pokemon in it. But one phrase of that book was in a village she used to live in as a young Eevee. 'Ina, remember what the book said to you? Like the ancient humans, some Pokemon were forced to work and others weren't. It just so happens that you are a Pokemon of work, so do it.' The Espeon sighed and glanced at a bright pink and orange ribbon around her tail. Ina, the Espeon's name, decided that now was a good time to make herself known before she was attacked out of fear.
The glaceon walked about on the streets, keeping an eye out for trouble. Suddenly, she seen a very large Pyroar walk out of the library, enraged, but disappointed. Well, if the guy thought he had already checked the library, he wouldn't look again soon. It was a good place to go and lay his head for the night. Hiding is easy in buildings compared to on the street. As "Frosty" looked, he couldn't see any pokemon, so he decided it was safe. As he thought this, however, an Umbreon walked out. Frosty stayed hidden, but now he knew there was at least one pokemon hiding in there. When the Umbreon returned, he had a whole loaf of bread. Either he was extremely hungry, stocking up, or had other pokemon in there. Either way, Frosty figured it would be easy to take the food if it was just one pokemon. More surveillance was required.

Frosty hopped up on cars, boxes, and anything else until he made it to the top of the building. He had learned a little parkour, to escape the larger predators. He looked in through the skylights, staying out of sight, watching the Umbreon and where he returned to. As he did, he seen glimpses of two other unkown pokemon. Who knows how many more could be down there. Frosty simply at and watched.
The Umbreon pushed the loaf of bread towards the Espeon. He had a bad feeling about the library. He looked around not seeing frosty. He then sat down quietly.
(Can I have a sort of 'special' Eevee? I won't make her op, I just have a cool idea for her [which I can either explain or just let you see for yourself, either way is fine with me].
Also, I chose Eevee because people say it represents me really well.)

An unusually small, brown creature was curled up and shivering underneath some debris that had tumbled down during some sort of earthquake.
I-Is it o-over? She wondered, hesitantly raising her head and opening her eyes. She slowly raised herself up, testing to see if she could push the debris off. Unfortunately, she could not, and carefully began to move what was in front of her with her paws.
Ina sat down and nodded her head gratefully at the Umbreon before flinching. "S-sorry. The air currents are being disrupted." She mumbled. The Espeon glanced around frantically in order to find out what was wrong. Ina stood up and started to sniff around tentatively. She was on edge the whole time. The Espeon leaped up into a shelf full of books and started to gaze around from her higher standpoint.
(Can I have a sort of 'special' Eevee? I won't make her op, I just have a cool idea for her [which I can either explain or just let you see for yourself, either way is fine with me].
Also, I chose Eevee because people say it represents me really well.)

An unusually small, brown creature was curled up and shivering underneath some debris that had tumbled down during some sort of earthquake.
I-Is it o-over? She wondered, hesitantly raising her head and opening her eyes. She slowly raised herself up, testing to see if she could push the debris off. Unfortunately, she could not, and carefully began to move what was in front of her with her paws.
(That's fine! :))

Nocturnes ears perked up at the sound of faint rustling over near a chunk of plaster. He saw little Chunks of the plaster being moved at one end, and he tugged at the base of the slab, gently easing it away from the Pokemon. When he peered into the rubble he saw a tiny bundle of brown fur that could have been an Eevee, but with all the dust it would be impossible to tell.
(Mmk~ you'll see what I mean later. ;))

The little Eevee finally dug through and squirmed out, shaking off loose bits of debris from her fur. Noticing the others, she silently panicked- she wasn't very good with other/, whether they were people or Pokémon.
The Umbreon crouched down so he was Eye level with the little Eevee. "Hi there. What's your name?" He asked gently. He seemingly undaunted by the earthquake.
The Eevee blushed a bit due to the attention, but tried to respond as best she could. "U-Um . . . I-I'm not really sure. They never gave me a 'name' . . ."
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Frosty watched as ANOTHER pokemon came out of some rubble. Well, attacking wouldn't work. He would have to pick them off or work with them. He didn't like working with others, but if it kept him safe and they didn't attack him for preying on other pokemon, he could get along just fine.

Slowly, Frosty began working his way down the side where he came up, staying out of site of other predators and those inside the library. After he touched the ground, he wandered around until he found an easy way in where they couldn't see him. He would observe JUST a bit longer. He snuck up to a shelf, climbed up three shelves, and quietly slid some books over, looking through the gap. Waiting. Watching.
The Eevee nervously flattened herself against the ground, blushing in embarrassment at the sudden attention she was getting from another living creature.
"Well where all in the main section of the library, you can come if you want. There might be more Predators around." He said as he noted the gesture and backed out of the office room, and towards the main library. He looked behind him to see if the Eevee was following.
Hesitating for a moment, the Eevee followed the Umbreon. Is this . . . C-Could it be 'kindness'? He's treating me differently than any of them ever did . . .
The Umbreon looked around at the group of scraggly survivors. Unless they got moving they were going to be fish in a barrel. "You should get out of the city for right now if you want to live to tommorow. The Predators will be out soon so it's probably best that we all stay together. To maximize our chances of survival." Nocturne said, addressing all the Pokemon in the room.
The little Eevee nodded, saying nothing. She'd always been cooped up in a sort of cell, so she didn't know too much about how the outside world looked now. It's best left to them- they know what they're doing. I'm nothing but a failure . . .