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Greetings Trainer!

In recognition of your accomplishments and achievements within the higher tiers of competitive battling, it is with great honor and pleasure that the Battle Spire extends an invitation to you, for a visit and stay at Veritas Island for this summer Challenge Season.

Your visit includes an all-expense paid trip to Veritas Island and boarding at our resort as well as access to challenge the Battle Spire along with all its Battlemasters and Spire Masters. A place where you can truly test your skills against other trainers who have accomplished similar feats as well as other trainers that are far beyond the levels of even League Champions.

The Summer Challenge Season will be open for the next three months. Based on your performance you may or may not be invited back for future challenges. Train hard, learn, adapt, and overcome. Be warned, the Battle Spire is like nothing you have ever faced in any tournament or League, but do not be deterred, mentorship and learning opportunities are abundant, plenty, and encouraged!

Included with this letter is your ticket for the Sky Boat that will be departing from the Olivine City Sea Port: 5, Thursday at Noon, do not be late! In addition bring this letter, your trainer ID, as well as the attached blank card. You will need these for registration!

The Spire Masters
The Battlemasters
The Battle Spire

<On Veritas Island the night before the season begins>

Celeste stood in front of a window wall overlooking Veritas Island’s entire beach front, next to a two person dinner table. The lights in the city below sparked like jewels. The usually quiet island is now bustling with life again as returning challengers returned to the island. Festivities and vendors in the city were bustling with life and preparations for the following day’s opening ceremony were almost complete. The Grand Masters Battle Arena is open, the lights were on, and Celeste was sure that there were sparring trainers there tonight as flashes of light emitted from the depths of the arena. The beach was spotted with bonfires with trainers and Pokémon surrounding them, dancing, celebrating, relaxing, and sharing stories. There were also arenas on the beach and over the water that some trainers were also sparring in. There are no official challenge battles happing yet, but it made Celeste feel very much at home seeing such dedication and passion from fellow trainers.

Celeste was on the 87th floor of the Battle Spire itself, no one less than a Battlemaster is currently allowed in the Spire yet. The 87th floor holds no battle arenas, instead it housed one of the most prestigious restaurants found anywhere in the world, Sushi High Roller.

Sylvia was curled up nicely on her cushioned pad by the window, Pokémon accommodations to a reasonable degree are available at the restaurant. She looked up and stood up as she saw someone else approach their table. She wrapped her ribbons around Celeste’s forearm to get her attention.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting, Whisper was being a bit fussy, and I was helping finalizing some decorations for the opening ceremony tomorrow.” Ceres smiled sheepishly as she walked up to the table, a large and perfectly groomed Ninetales following closely behind her looking proud and posh.

“No worries,” Celeste smiled kindly gesturing for Ceres to take a seat opposite. “I can always wait for you for our traditional dinner before the opening of a Battle Season.” Sylvia waved at Whisper with the ribbons and got a calm nod in return.

Ceres took her seat opposite of Celeste as Whisper laid down next to her seat, her nine tails wrapped snugly around her body. Almost immediately the servers began bringing them their food as well as food for Sylvia and Whisper. The servers already know what the two ladies liked to eat and they were regulars at the restaurant. “So, I took a look at the roster for the new challengers coming tomorrow. I saw your cousin, Kari, on there.” Ceres said.

Celeste chuckled lightly, “It’s about time she got an invite here, and I hope she learns a lot from her time here.”

“Are you going to help her at all?”

“Not if I have to, she’s a very capable battler, and comes up with some very interesting strategies and synergies with her Pokémon and sometimes she even works her opponents’ abilities into her own.” Celeste looked out the window again, spotting two trainers battling on an arena over the water.

“Well, there is also the international popstar Talia Silverstone. I dunno about you, but I’m quite excited about meeting such a high profile celebrity.” Ceres giggled

“The Symphonic Master? I guess we’ll finally see if she can run with the top in battle like how she sings.” Celeste took a drink.

“Have you seen her contest battles?” Ceres asked enthusiastically, “She’s absolutely fantastic! Such elegance and style when she’s on stage!” she getting a bit giddy now, Whisper snorted at her remark clearly unimpressed unlike her trainer. “Oh come on now Whisper, perhaps she may even get the prestige to challenge a Spire Master, then you can show her how it’s done!” Ceres giggled.

“Assuming she picks to challenge you.” Celeste added, she found it amusing that Whisper would react in such a way to Ceres’s comments, perhaps she’s prone to jealously about such things.

“I can always hope right?” Ceres gently pat Whisper on the head. She was unresponsive but Ceres knew she was comforted. “Either way, I’ll be keeping an eye on her.”
<The next morning, Olivine City>
Kari felt a poke on her shoulder and slightly stirred from her sleep. She felt it again, this time it was almost like a slight shove. “Stop it… jus a few more minutes…..” she mumbled and pulled her blankets higher over herself.

The Weavile that was trying to wake her looked at her trainer with half opened eyes, unamused. Then her eyes narrowed as she looked around, she was scheming something. She leapt to the windowsill and took in a deep breath, and released an Icy Wind at Kari’s bed. The effect was immediate as her covers flew off as small pieces of snow and ice flooded the room.

“Oh my gosh! I’m up, I’m up!” Kari yelled trying to use her pillow to block the Icy wind. The Weavile stopped and hopped off from the windowsill and began throwing Kari’s clothes onto the bed. It Kari took a second before she realized that she was in the Olivine Pokémon Center, and the Sky Boat leaves in a few hours. “Thanks, Shadow!” Kari got dressed quickly, throwing on her light pink oversized jumper and tied her sailor’s scarf and neckerchief. She slipped on her boots, combed back her hair, and slid on her hairband. She put her backpack on and took her invitation letter off the nearby desk and checked out of the Pokémon center.

Kari ran down to the port and there was a massive boat in port that she had never seen before, it was shaped similar to a Wailord, but the top appear to be made out of glass with a long line of windows that run along the length of the ship on the side.

Shadow was running by Kari’s side, effortlessly keeping up. She was also in awe at the sight of the ship, it was massive, and there was already a large crowd of trainers gathered by the dock waiting. Several very well dressed individuals stood watch around the area along with several Machamps, they kept a close eye for anyone who would attempt to board to the ship too early.

Kari looked around at the various trainers once she got down to the wharf. Many of them were conversing and the mood was generally up and excited. Kari leaned against a nearby railing and waited, enjoying the pleasant weather, a gentle breeze was blowing and acted as a nice balance in temperature against the sun. Shadow was looking out into the dock. Wingulls and Pelipper flew overhead gliding effortlessly with the wind. The smell of salt water filled Kari’s lungs as she took a deep breath, something she was quite familiar with being a frequent surfer, diver, and swimmer. One of the things she was looking forward to was the beaches on Veritas Island, and hopefully getting a new surf board as a souvenir. She looked at a nearby clock, an hour till noon.
Fortunately, Edward had been in Johto when he received the letter. Shimmer still had some difficulty carrying a human long-distance, and Kay's Teleport had limited range. However, he had been visiting some friends at the Battle Frontier when the Pidgeot (an impressive choice for a messenger, to be sure) had arrived with his letter of invitation.

The time was eleven o'clock sharp when Edward arrived at the docks. The first thing to catch his attention was, unsurprisingly, the boat that was docked there. It was a towering behemoth of a vehicle, even with the bottom half of it submerged, and given that it was called the "Sky Boat," it could probably be inferred that this thing would be capable of flight. Edward shaded his eyes with a hand as he gazed out across the wharf, still wincing at the sunlight dancing across the water. There were several people there ar lready, some with Pokemon out, some without, and they appeared to be milling about and conversing with one another. He imagined that no one else would appreciate him sending out his own, admittedly quite large, Pokemon, although the thought of sending out Morgan just to see what the Dusknoir would do was rather amusing.

Edward began walking down the pier, looking for someone with whom he could talk. He intended to spend his summer battling, so it was probably a good idea to get to know the other challengers. He noticed a blonde girl in a pink jumper, seemingly on the younger end of trainers there, with a Weavile and decided to say hello.

He cleared his throat. "Hi there! My name's Edward, but most people just call me Ed. You?"
"A Skyboat, huh? This Battle Spire must be a pretty big deal then. I gotta say though, I'm glad that we can finally get some time off work."
Max yawned as he leisurely walked towards the massive airship with Liepard at his side. As if he could read his Pokemon's mind, Max said absentmindedly:
"Uh, one thing, Liepard.... please don't pounce on the pilot this time. You almost got us on the no-fly list last time on the plane to Hoenn."
Liepard purred innocently, pretending not to hear its trainer.

Finally reaching the port, Max looked around. There were all sorts of tough looking trainers and Pokemon. Above him, Max spotted a Charizard soaring majestically, its fiery aura pulsing with power. Max thought to himself:
Wow, that Charizard is impressive. Obviously well-trained. It might even be stronger than Tris's! I probably shouldn't tell him that..

Liepard stood there, slightly annoyed that his trainer was lost in thought once again. The dark type Pokemon gave its telltale grin, clearly up to no good as usual. Liepard raised a single slender paw and carefully touched the button of one of Max's Pokéballs and quickly slipped away. In a brilliant flash of red light, a Gyarados materialized over the railing. The massive water Pokemon came down on the water with a tremendous splash, looking quite confused.
Liepard noticed that next to Max stood 2 other trainers and another Pokemon. A Weavile, by the looks of it. His mischievous grin widened, probably thinking something like:
"Oh baaaby a triple"
The loud sound snapped Max out of his thoughts and he turned around just in time to see the wave come down on him.

"Speaking of Tris, I wonder how he's doi-WHAT TH-"
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Stretching, a young scientist comes walking through the doors of the Sushi High Roller restaurant, filling her gullet one last time before the big day. Most of her Pokemon were getting pampered before the day starts, but her Alolan Raichu and Houndoom came tailing along. Chu and Doom, respectively, had followed alongside the young woman's heels. As soon as Chu saw Celeste, she zoomed on over, despite the Spire Master already starting dinner with Ceres and their Pokemon. The young researcher just sighed before trying to reel in her excited, surfing mouse.

"Oh, come on, Chu. Give the two some space and have them eat their meals in peace," the young woman shook her head before dead panning as she saw her Houndoom run over to the Ninetales. Her beauty really attracted him to the point of forgetting that he already had a pack he was loyal to back at home. His trainer just sighed. "I am so sorry. I feel like they have been cooped up in the training and pampering rooms for too long and I haven't really given them some freedom with other people for a day. Doom. Chu. Please," the young woman calmly sighed. The dark circles underneath her eyes seemed darker than usual as she rubs them with the back of her hand, making it look like she cried earlier and her eyeshadow and mascara ran down.

Chu looked at Celeste and the Sylveon before returning back to the young woman in the white lab coat. Doom turned his head and sighed a little before walking back to his trainer. Shade then looked around and saw how empty it was. Seeing how awkward it was going to be if she were to sit alone, and to give an excuse for her Pokemon to socialize, she walked up to the two who were seated.

"Uh, excuse me for interrupting, but can I sit here and enjoy some company? It's been awhile, my Pokemon need to socialize, and it would be awkward to sit alone in a place this empty. The name's Shade, but I think you knew that, as I'm one of the Battle Masters."
Celeste and Ceres watched as the Alolan Raichu and Houndoom excitedly approached their table, but seeing Shade behind them, they were not too worried. Sylvia leapt up and greeted the Raichu by waving her ribbons around.

Whisper stared at the Houndoom expectantly, though with low expectations, her head slightly tilted, not quite sure what the Dark Pokémon wanted.

“Hello Shade, it’s quite alright, you are more than welcome to join us if it’s fine with you Celeste.” Ceres said as she moved a few plates around so Shade could have a spot, as a server brought over a spare seat. “My, you don’t look to well, late nights studying again?”

Celeste shrugged, “Sure, why not?” she smiled helping Ceres moving some of the tableware around.

Kari turned her attention to the man who introduced himself as Ed. He was a giant compared to her, having to slightly look up to make eye contact. “Well, nice to meet you! I’m Kari, Kari Rebane. Are you here to participate in the Battle Spire challenge?” From the corner of her eye she saw a sly looking Liepard sneaking around his trainer, before releasing a Pokémon from his belt into the water.

Shadow, who was standing next to the railing looking out onto the water saw the light of the Pokéball go into the water and take the shape of a large Pokémon. She reacted almost immediately, jumping back and into the air Shadow blew out a powerful Icy Wind, turning the crashing wave into a mass of powdered snow and ice that blew around in the wind. This startled several members in the crowd, but no harm was done. Shadow landed in an attack stance and looked angrily at the Liepard.

“Good job Shadow, but let’s leave the discipline to Liepard’s trainer, please.” Kari calmed down the irritated Weavile. Shadow sneered at the Liepard before turning her attention back to the ocean, staying closer to Kari now and on higher guard. Kari returned her attention back to Ed, “Sorry about that. So where are you from Ed?”
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Edward opened his mouth to reply to Kari, but was cut off by the Gyarados that appeared out of nowhere. "Sweet merciful Celebi! What the-" He whipped around, reaching for a Pokeball, but decided against retaliation when he realized that he hadn't actually been hit by the wave. Jolted back to the conversation at hand, he replied to Kari's question. "I'm from Blackthorn City, up north of here. Haven't been back there in a while, though, because I've been traveling so much. I had been planning to visit this week, but I got the invitation to the Battle Spire, so..." Ed shrugged. "That sort of tops all of my other plans." He glanced down at the Weavile and smiled, having finally peaced together why his hair had ice crystals in it. "I suppose I should thank your Pokemon for stopping that wave!"
Lorenne’s travels to Olivine City with had been long, and downright exhausting. Both her and Tempest, the Talonflame whom she travelled with, were quite weary as they descended into the Olivine port. But nearly as soon as she arrived, Lorenne felt her spirits lift instantly. She took in the stunning sight before her. The Sky Boat itself was much larger than she could have imagined, and interestingly resembled a Wailord. Even the usually jaded Tempest let out an amused ‘coo’ at the sight of it. Tired as she was, Lorenne could hardly wait to board the ship.

After a brief stretch following her long flight, Tempest and Lorenne made their way to the port docks, surveying the large crowd of trainers that had already formed. The Fire-bird Pokémon huffed uncomfortably, turning her head this way and that. She had never enjoyed large crowds.

“Just a little while longer,” Lorenne reassured her Pokémon. “Once we board, you can find somewhere quiet to relax.” She glanced at a nearby clock. “It looks like there’s less than hour until we can board. You can wait until then, can’t you?” The Talonflame huffed, but made no effort to leave her trainer’s side as they continued through the wharf. Lorenne felt her heartbeat pick up in pace as she approached the massive ship. Her anticipation for reaching Veritas Island and the prestigious Battle Spire would soon be over.
Smiling in surprise at the fact that they knew her, Shade sat down and nodded towards her Pokemon. Chu smiled and floated over to Sylvia and began conversing in her squeaks. Doom finally remembered he had a family back at home, but was more interested in being Whisper's friend than anything more. He sat down by her quietly, his tail wagging yet his posture held himself quite straight and tall as he held himself to quite a high standard, as he conversed with her in calm, yet low growling noises.

Shade smiled and the server brought over her usual: a plate of Unovan Rolls. The little rolled up sushi rolls with avocado in them really was a special treat for her. Smiling at both Celeste and Ceres, she nodded as they noticed her dark circles.

"Yea, excuse me, I tend to forget people actually know me here. But yes, insomnia hit hard a few nights in a row, so I couldn't do anything else besides sit there and study who was going to be here. Can't plan a ceremony without prepping myself for sleep deprivation, I guess. How are you both holding up? Hopefully the excitement hasn't downtrodden you both?" She asked with genuine care as she picked up a chopstick and began to expertly pick up a sushi roll and lazily inspected it before throwing it in her mouth.

Chu was given a plate filled with berries, to which she shocked with a Thunder Shock, roasting them before picking one up with her Psychic powers to eat. Doom was given a plate with raw meat, to which he cooked a bit with his Ember before taking a bite out of the still-raw steak. They both went back to conversing with their acquaintances, with Chu talking about the Silverstone lady and Doom just trying to chat up Whisper by wondering how she was and if she held any worries for any of the matchups, if she were to go up against them.
Max got back up slowly, confused as to what just happened. He looked back and upon seeing Gyarados in the water looking more ticked off than usual and covered in frost, got a general idea of what had happened. He shot Liepard a look that said:
“I know you’re my best friend and all, but I really want to chuck you in Wela Volcano right now.”

Max walked over to the two trainers next to him and said:
“So sorry about that. Liepard’s quite the prankster. I think he’s trying to get back at me for not letting him shoot down the mailman. Anyways, I’m going to assume that Weavile here was the one who stopped the wave with an ice attack. I gotta say, I’m impressed. Those are some lightning-fast reactions. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I probably should introduce myself. Max Hansen, local electrician and part-time gym leader.”

Liepard turned its head in curiosity, studying the Weavile’s movements. It was certainly stronger and faster than he had made it out to be. The sneaky cat Pokemon's grin widened. It loved a challenge. Liepard reached for Metagross's Pokeball but was quickly stopped by a glare from Gyarados. Looks like mischief would have to wait...
<Celeste and Ceres>
"Have tried asking one of your Pokémon to use hypnosis to put you to sleep? Whisper does it all the time when my younger brothers become too rowdy and annoy her too much. Personally I'm doing fine, just a bit nervous about my exhibition match against Celeste during the opening ceremony, Don't get me wrong, I love battling as much as anyone else here, but to battle for a show just feels a bit awkward ya know?" Ceres laughed, a slight tinge of anxiety in her laughter.

"I'm always excited when the Spire opens for its Challenge Seasons, lets us see who's really out there, and to see them battle against opponents of equal or greater skill, it really puts trainers to the test. Also my younger cousin got her invite this season, so it'll be interesting to see how she fares here." Celeste watched Sylvia and Chu's interactions. "Are you sure you're not mistaking excitement for nerves? Because I know as soon as you start playing that ocarina of yours, you and your team become a single minded battle machine. I still don't know how you do it." Celeste chuckled. "You have anything of interest for this Battle Season Shade?"

Sylvia watched Chu levitate her berries around to eat with interest and curiosity, Despite Celeste's indifference to the Silverstone lady, Sylvia finds her voice rather soothing and enjoyable, also her contest performances are quite inspiring and entrancing, Sylvia often watched her on television on the rare occasions that she is left alone.

Whisper ate her food mostly ignoring Doom, responding with disinterested "fines" "not too bad" "and "It's fine", but was intrigued when questioned about concerns of potential battle match-ups, perhaps a spot of weakness? Distrust in the team? <Why would you ask if I would be concerned with any match up? Don't you trust in your team and trainer enough to take on any challenge?> Whisper asked with a hint of sultriness in her voice.

"Oh, don't mention it, Shadow's always been the one to keep me safe, she was the first Pokémon to join the team besides my starter!" Kari nodded to Shadow who nodded back, but she was still weary of the Liepard. "Blackthron huh? So you must be a dragon trainer right? I'm from Mossdeep. My first Pokémon was actually a Bagon, I got him when our family visited Meteor Falls for a family vacation. I would let him out, but he's very loud and loves attention, don't really want to cause more of a scene then I already have."

Kari watched as the trainer with the mischievous Liepard approached Ed and herself. "Well, nice to meet you Max, I'm Kari. Shadow was quite the trouble maker too when she was a Sneasel." Shadow pouted at Kari and looked away, Kari laughed, "But hey, we're best buds now!" Kari picked up the Sharp Claw Pokémon and hugged her. Shadow stayed rather limp, but there was a obvious smile on her face. "You said that your a part-time Gym Leader? How's that like?" Judging from Max's comment, it seems like he had underestimated her and her Pokémon slightly, but she can't blame him, compared to some of the other people here she looks and is rather young in comparison, so no big deal.
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Shade just chuckled as Ceres gave a tip before sighing and looking longingly at another unfortunate sushi roll before responding. "Well, I have. My Gengar has tried to put me to sleep, but it doesn't work on me. He does, however help to take away any nightmares by using Dream Eater, but he does go overboard and ends up eating my sweeter dreams. I can't blame him though, they must taste terrible. I just have him eat my more negative emotions instead. And I know what you mean by battling for show. I do like to battle for show sometimes, but I really have to get in the mood and I have to keep reminding my Pokemon not to be too brutal, as it isn't an official battle."

Shade looked over to Celeste and ate a few more rolls before responding to her question. She really had to think about this one, as she looked up to the ceiling, as if the answers were up there. "Well, I'm looking forward to getting my name out there. It's so hard to get recognition when you are a researcher so low on the popularity ladder. I just want people to see me and my Pokemon, so they can hopefully see my achievements in the world of science and so my Pokemon and I, as well as my family name, get some headway out there. I don't want us to get too popular, but just enough to where someone from somewhere has at least heard of our name."

Chu, meanwhile, was popping berries in her mouth between sentences, while taking her time not to look like a fool and swallowing them so as to not gross out Sylvia with chewed up berry paste. She really liked Silverstone, as her performances were wondrous to watch and it gave her ideas in combat. Even though Chu's moves will never be as flashy, they do give her some inspiration on how to distract a foe. She also loves her voice and has, admittedly, tried to sing before, but that ended with a Persian telling her to be quiet because her singing was shrilly.

Meanwhile, Doom noticed the swift change in interest, but figured it was for the wrong reason. Feeling like his ego was a little attacked, he just sighed and shook his head, chuckling a little. <No, no, that's not what I meant. But of course, with the way you talk to me before you got all interested in my assumed incompetence, you seem to not know how I work or just conveniently forgot if you had seen it. I don't take orders from my trainer unless I need it. I attack and I attack ruthlessly. I am more concerned about fighting against a creature that is easy to rend apart with my teeth and flame. Because I know if I get too into the fight, those poor creatures would have to be hospitalized as those kinds of softies don't last long with me and battles end up having to be cut short. I trust my team and my trainer wholeheartedly and, in turn, they trust me wholeheartedly, just as long as I don't completely tear apart my opponents enough to warrant concern for my instincts and their health. So do I worry about future match ups? Yes, I worry about what we, as a team, would do to them.> Finally finished, he went back to eating his steak, which was as big as his thigh. As if to prove a point, he ripped through the tough meat with ease before eating it, his lips and teeth becoming smeared in coagulated blood before he licked them clean, only for them to get dirty again in the next bite.
Edward winced at Kari's mention of 'dragon trainers.' "Well... yes and no. A number of my Pokemon are dragons, including my starter, but I have just as many non-dragons on my team. As a kid, I was pretty obsessed with dragon-types, but I've since realized that all Pokemon have their own strengths, no matter the type. I look forward to meeting your Salamence, though. Haven't seen very many of them - they're really rare, right?" Edward was clearly excited at the prospect of seeing such a powerful dragon-type. Looking at the Liepard and the Weavile, he wondered whether he should introduce Morgan to the tricksters. Then again, Morgan was closer to "sadistic" than a prankster, so... probably not a good idea.

Ed was feeling a little left out as the only one without a Pokemon out, so he decided to do so. He leaned carefully over the railing and released Carrie into the water a reasonable distance away from the Gyarados. The Kingdra appeared in a small whirlpool, looking around at the other people and Pokemon. She yawned, and the whirlpool grew several times larger before shrinking again.
<Celeste and Ceres>
Celeste and Ceres both looked at Shade with a bit of surprise, "I'd never hold back any of my Pokémon in any circumstance, exhibition battle or not, it only does you and your Pokémon a disservice, and often times, it can even lead to distrust and doubt between you and the Pokémon, which can further spread to the rest of your party. Trust me, as a Pokémon Behaviorist, I've studied many cases of this, more often than not, it happens to the better trainers, they hold back their Pokémon to size-up their opponents in battle, the opponent either wins by a strategy that catches them off guard, or their opponent is actually as good as they are but since they were holding back, they get beaten before they can react or come up with effective counter tactics. Once that happens, a vicious circle of distrust and doubt will begin to roll that will be very hard to weed out. Sadly, it happens to the challengers here all the time." Celeste said staring at Sylvia, she didn't notice at first but when she did she smiled and waved before resuming her conversation with Chu.

"Can't say I disagree with that Celeste, you managed to put that more eloquently than I ever could. Either way, I guess I'm more nervous about not being able to put on a good show." Ceres sighed.

"Oh stop. Out of all the Spire Masters you probably have the most showmanship in your battles." Celeste declared, then turned her attention back to Shade, "Well, if its any degree of fame or recognition you want, than you're in the right place, there are always a large number of high profile people that come through here, from various researchers to some celebrities. They usually attend all the fancy parties and sponsored dinners. I can't tell you how many times Pokémon researchers and breeders wanted to study members of my team, I usually avoid them now unless I am specially requested. Socializing might not be your cup of tea, but it's where the people are at. You should go to them to at least meet them, I'm sure you will find plenty of like-minded individuals, plus with your status as a Battlemaster, they will be very interested in what you have to say, so long as you got the proper scientific back up." Celeste laughed lightly.

Whisper looked at Doom inquisitively. <Ooh, quite the edge you got there big boy, if your trying to intimidate or impress me I can't say it's working. Perhaps you mistook my genuine question of concern as a stab at you ego? I apologize if I sound condescending with the way I talk, but it's just the way I am. But please, not I'm trying to be rude, can I kindly ask you to eat with a bit more elegance please, this is a restaurant, not the wild.>

"Well, Salamence's are probably just as rare as any other powerful dragon types like Dragonites, Garchomps, and Hydreigons in their respective regions." Kari shrugged, "OOOO, a Kingdra! I got one at home! Though probably nowhere near as strong as yours!" She exclaimed, bouncing happily up and down seeing Carrie, "Have you ever surfed on one before? They're so fast and agile! Definitely one of my favorites" Kari was reminded of surfing back home at Mossdeep City atop of her Mantine, Sharpedo, Wailmer, and above all, her Kingdra. Those Pokémon she mainly had for recreational fun and on the occasional battle, but they were not competitive batters at heart.
"You see, the gym leader here in Olivine is Jasmine. A steel type specialist. She's a coordinator as well as a competitive battler, so she travels to places like Sinnoh to compete in contests. Whenever she's out, I substitute for her. It's quite the little system we got. It's pretty fun taking on challengers and seeing what they're ca-"

Max was cut off by a tremendous roar from Gyarados. The mighty water type was glaring daggers at the Kingdra that had just been sent out. Max tensed up; he knew this look. Gyarados was preparing for a fight. Last time this happened, Max almost had 5 restraining orders filed on him. The worst part was that if he returned Gyarados back to its ball while it was readying for a fight, it would likely go on an uncontrollable rampage the next time it was sent out. To his surprise, Gyarados nodded its head and went about its own business.

Max's jaw dropped to the floor, as he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Gyarados the most vicious and brutal Pokemon on his team, showing respect to another Pokemon? Max thought:
That's insane! Normally, Gyarados would try ripping apart any Pokemon that it deemed strong, but this? This is unbelievable! This didn't even happen when Gyarados met that rampaging Hydreigon! I guess the trainers here really are something else!
However, all that came out was:

Shade looked at them all and just chuckled. The surprise on their faces was truly something and she found it kind of funny. She shook her head and looked to her two Pokemon and asked them:

"When I ask you two to hold yourselves back in a fight, do you feel distrust in me for doing so?"

To which, Chu and Doom looked at each other and shook their heads. Chu, being part-Psychic, used a form of simple telepathy with every human there, explaining in simple pictures that if they don't, they will likely kill someone as they can be extremely brutal and they tend to forget sometimes that what they are fighting shouldn't be killed.

As if that was a good enough explanation, Shade shrugged and looked at both Celeste and Ceres. "I know the behaviors of my Pokemon. Because I allow them to indulge on their more feral instincts during training, they tend to forget in any battle afterwards that they need to be careful. I also don't intervene in their battle unless I feel the need to make a command that might help them. I trust them enough to be careful out there, but if they show signs before a fight that they have been acting a little too feral, a little reminder doesn't hurt, especially when they don't want to feel horrible for almost obliterating their opponent and when they have to be hospitalized for longer than what a usual Pokemon fight would have, and I don't want to get disqualified for almost sending my opponent's Pokemon to an early grave," at the thought of that, she shuddered, as if it has happened before. The look in her eyes seemed more haunted than usual before she continued. "And besides, I have never underestimated my opponents. I always overestimate them, especially in this location. They have a reason for being here, and I won't doubt their invitation for a second. It is just that the way I train my Pokemon may seem barbaric to those who watch, which is why I never let people know how I train. It is so if something bad happens, they won't be afraid to kill if it comes down to it. Of course, we have never felt the need to for years, so we never had to worry about that, but since I'm very paranoid, they understand that the more brutal training is worth it for our security. It has helped us several times before, it will help us later."

At the mention of celebrities and researchers coming here to socialize, she nodded before a certain uncomfortable shudder shook her shoulders. "My paranoia and anxiety make it very difficult to talk to people in large crowds, especially when I don't exactly have a safe wall to have my back towards. But yes, once I get the urge to do so, I may socialize with them and hopefully get my family's name out there. My dad has tried by being an inventor, but it didn't work too well."

Doom gave Whisper a side glance and smirked, enjoying the fact that he is making her slightly uncomfortable with his "dirty eating."

<Well, I am not exactly trying to come off as intimidating. If anything, I am trying to share how dangerous I am, and I think my trainer explained it very well. But if I am to keep my pack, I will need to keep my feral instincts. And just because it is the way you are doesn't mean shit. It just makes you sound like you can't change, which you can, it is just harder to do the older you get. And I'm a Pokemon who has a family built with wild Houndour and Houndoom at home, you really think table manners is going to be in my repertoire? No. Since I have bothered you enough, I shall take my leave.> He got up and nudged his plate over to his trainer and ate there before licking the plate clean of blood.
<Celeste and Ceres>
"I'm glad they don't," Celeste smiled, she noticed Whisper and Doom's interaction and was quite humored, knowing Whisper's personality, she probably just successfully warded off Doom by being posh and snooty, a similar tactic she used on Sylvia the first few times they met. Whisper has always been one to be the most aloof than the rest of her team. "Not saying it always happens, but it's usually after a loss, just something to keep in mind."

Ceres gave Shade a pursed lipped sympathetic smile, seeing her uneasiness and hearing her tribulations with crowds and people reminded her of her youngest brother "Back home, my youngest brother has severe social anxiety that's pretty much a phobia. Back on the farm he's fine, but anywhere in town, in school, or just being near anyone not in the immediate family he would pretty much stop functioning and try to hide by one of us, he wouldn't speak or even make eye contact...." Ceres looked down at Whisper, "I've been trying to find a suitable therapy Pokémon for him, so that's where most of my research time is going." Ceres managed a weak smile.

Whisper didn't really mind Doom walking off all that much, she preferred it that way. It took her ages to get accustomed to Sylvia, and her overly friendly and bubbly attitude. His talk of feral-ness and brutality was relatively cute, but taking a step back and looking at herself then comparing herself to Doom, they were two sides of the same coin, where Doom was pretty much a feral brute, while herself is more of a finely trained and disciplined killer. She yawned and moved over to the window behind Ceres's Chair and gazed into the night. <Since he's fairly new... his trainer has never actually challenged Ceres, Celeste, or probably even Alex to an official battle... he and Shade will learn one way or another that the Spire Masters and their Pokémon are nothing like anything they will ever find through training or in the wild....> Whisper thought as she sat down and wrapped her tails around her.

Whisper gazed at the lights of the Grand Masters Arena as she reminisced, it was there where Ceres had battled Celeste for the very first time during a Battle Spire Season a few years ago. They had heard of each-other outside of the Spire but strangely they have never actually encountered each other in any league or tournament. Celeste was the final Spire Master that Ceres needed to beat to join their ranks, and she had high hopes going in, only for it to be utterly crushed within fifteen minuets and Ceres conceded the battle after Ferris, Zoa, and herself had fallen relatively easily to Celeste's first Pokémon, an Alolan Ninetales named Kayo. Ceres had seen enough to know it was a lost cause. Despite beating the other Spire Masters they had warned them that Celeste was in a league of her own at that time, and that they weren't ready yet, but nothing could have prepared them for what they encountered, and the only way to get onto her level was to endure the pain of challenging her again and again so they could learn and adapt, and slowly over several challenge seasons along with mentorship, Ceres had become, close and at times, equal to Celeste.

During the time period that Whisper is reminiscing about, the Spire Master's battle abilities were rather drastically different then the current Spire Masters, some were only a bit better than a Battlemaster. With the induction of Celeste, she, in a way forced the elevation and motivation of the rest of the Spire Masters to improve in similar ways that Ceres was forced to, or if they didn't, the old Spire Masters eventually lost their positions as others rose up to take their spot that could rise to the challenge.

Currently the battle ability between each of Spire Masters are roughly the same with a few outliers (Mainly Celeste, Ceres, and Alex since they are named RP characters and not NPCs I'll be puppeting), their difficulty coming from the way they battle rather than their raw abilities. (if that makes any sense). Some may be more difficult or easier depending on the challenger and what they are good at dealing with. With the addition of Alex, now a challenger will have to master double battles as well to join the Spire Masters.

(@Frontier Master Alex could be a Spire Master before or after this mentioned time, the choice is yours)

Kari turned to look at the Gyarados and then back at Max with a sly smile when he saw his reaction, "I assume that you're not too familiar with the caliber of trainers that get invited to challenge the Battle Spire? Everyone that is a challenger here, has been at least a Hall of Famer in one region or accomplished a feat of equal caliber. It's the minimum required to even be considered to be invited. For example I've defeated Champion Steven in the official League, as well as being one of the top ranked battlers in the Hoenn Battle Resort. I'm sure Ed has similar accomplishments if not more."
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Ed smiled with a mixture of amusement and pride at the Gyarados' reaction to Carrie "While I've never had the fortune to battle a champion, I have defeated the Kanto-Johto and Hoenn Elite Fours and won a number of highly major tournaments. That apparently qualifies me as equal in skill to a Hall of Famer, though I guess we'll just have to find out at the Spire, won't we?" He grinned, happy to found a group of trainers who were both friendly and skilled. Ed kneeled down and called over Carrie, judging that the Gyarados was no longer in danger of attacking. The Kingdra swam over, her vortex of water diminishing to a slight current, and permitted her trainer to scratch behind her coral spines. "I'm not sure whether it's a thing for all Kingdra, but Carrie often gets a bit itchy around the coral."


Previously TheJustinMan
As the Chimrogue siblings had bot received a letter, and contacted each other about it, the both of them decided to meet up at Olivine Town, a place that they'd both rarely heard of. Lucane traveled via taxi, while Xandra traveled by plane to a nearby city (I am assuming Olivine doesn't have an airport, despite there being a skyboat) and went the rest of the way on Honchcrow. They then both met up at the Pokemon Center, and gave one another a hug(Actually, it was more like Xandra forced a hug). "Aww, c'mon big bro, don't you wanna give a bit of love to your sister you haven't seen in a while?" Xandra said, trying to embarrass Lucane. "I'm not neglecting, but I really don't feel in the mood to hug. Anyways, we're over near the Pokemon Center, and according to this slip, we need to be at Port 5 in the harbor, so I suggest we get going." Lucane replied. At his side was Simon, and at Xandra's was Stiener. "Good to see you, Simon. I hope we make it in time." Stiener said to Simon. "Yeah, good to see you. Let's hope this competition is a real challenge, and not a complete push-over." Simon said back, not too impressed or excited for any of the future events.

-Skip Forward A Bit-

Lucane and Xandra reached the port with a bit of time to spare. Lucane was find with standing and waiting the rest of the time, but Xandra wanted to find a place to sit, even with the packed area of various trainers and their Pokemon. "Lucane, can we please sit somewhere? I know you have never been much of a people person, but you should at least get to know some of these folks!" Said to him. "Listen. I came here to fight. I may not be on contract, but I sure as heck am gonna win at least a few important battles. I feel personally that if I make too big of friendships, than I might feel bad about winning. But, if you must plea me to find a place where we can sit to rest..." Lucane replied, Xandra's face perking up a bit at the fact that she'd (somewhat) won the sub-argument. They both frantically began looking, Lucane in more secluded and less crowded areas, and Xandra in places where there seemed to be groups forming.

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"So everybody here's incredibly strong then. Aw...and I was hoping for a nice relaxing vacation. On the bright side, my Pokemon will be ecstatic to face such tough Pokemon. We haven't had to go all out since that battle against Steven Stone a while back. I know Metagross here will be especially stoked to battle the trainers at the Spire. Steven and his own Metagross taught us a thing or two during that battle. And although he doesn't really show it, Liepard also enjoys a good battle despite being such a trickster. Right Liepard? ...Liepard?"

Truth was, the crafty cat Pokemon got bored of the conversation ages ago and wandered off to explore. Max sighed and waved goodbye to his new friends, returned Gyarados to its ball, and went looking for Liepard, hoping to find it before anyone lost all their personal belongings.

"....I swear to Arceus if I get any more lawsuits...."
Shade smiled at Celeste and Ceres before taking a peek over at her Pokemon. Doom seemed to have dealt with enough of the Ninetales' perceived snootiness and left her to go back to his trainer. Chu had already finished her berries and had changed the subject to Celeste's cousin she had heard word of and wanted to get to know how she was.

Shade looked back to Ceres as she talked and noticed the look she gave his Ninetales. Apparently, she tried using Whisper. It probably wasn't too successful. She nodded before responding to him about that. "Yea, well, it's more of a PTSD thing, really. I can handle it, but people like my brother, who has anxiety so bad he has to have medication, tend to react pretty violently to just about anything if he takes too long in between doses. Funny enough, he is a detective, so I don't exactly know how he does that job so well. He acts like he doesn't have it anymore. But hey, keep up the research, your brother would really appreciate it," Shade smiled towards Ceres cheerfully before taking note of Whisper walking towards a window to look out of.

Doom paid no heed, of course, and continued to lick his plate clean, even though there was nothing left on there, but the taste.
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<Celeste and Ceres>
"Thanks, We're hoping not having to resorting to medication, but we might have too if I can't find a suitable Pokémon soon. Just like most kids, the children of the Birds of Passage are even more pressured to go on a Pokémon journey when they turn ten. I would hate it if my brother couldn't do that due to his disability? Would it be called at disability? Anyways, lets change the subject." Ceres grins and reached behind her to gently pat Whisper, the angle was slightly awkward but it worked.

Sylvia looked at Chu and smiled broadly, <Kari's a good trainer, but her style is unrefined and rough, but it carried her pretty far, so I guess it's working for now. Although, her Salamence is really fun to play with... Weavile too!"> Sylvia speaks quickly but clearly, and seems to have a constant tone of excitement, and delight.

Kari waved after Max as he left to find Liepard. She giggled and playfully poked at Shadow's ticklish spots, "I remember when you were like that also." Shadow swiped at her hand trying to get her to stop, she was clearly blushing and embarrassed being reminded of her younger antics. Her attempts to get Kari to stop only made Kari laugh harder before she picked her back up and held Shadow in her arms, "Almost time buddy!" Kari said looking at the clock only made the wait seem that much longer.


Previously TheJustinMan
“Xandra, it’s pretty much almost time to go. Just leave out trying to sit. If you want to, I’ll let you use me as a seat. Or maybe I can get Vodric to hold you!” He said as Xandra decided to listen. “No, I don’t think anyone will make room for us. But if you would get out Vodric...” She replied, still wanting to sit down. Lucane rolled his eyes and got the Dusknoir out after returning Simon, commanding it to hold his sister. Instead, it used its ghost-like power to form a sort of ghostly chair. “Well, I’m sure this isn’t the weirdest thing people have seen. I guess we’ll just wait until they start boarding, then.” Xandra said enthusiastically. “Hello to you as well, Vodric! It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen you!” Stiener said. “Yes, I suppose it has. Why don’t we chat for a bit. You seem to be rather happy that you are speaking to me.” Vodric pointed out. These two got along quite well, after all. They then held a conversation while the siblings waited, a little bored, until it was time to go.
Having finally managed to get Crystal and Todoroki to settle down and not run around the dock like lunatics, the Frosmoth and Darmanitan having never actually left Galar before, Hyōga was finally able to start wandering the waiting area and getting to know a few people. Though he acknowledged the fact that these People were ultimately going to be his competition at the Spire, being careful so as to not inadvertently disclose his unique lineup and strategies.

By the time Emily arrived back on Veritas Island it was almost midnight, the young trainer leaping off of her Milotic’s back to land perfectly on the lightly compacted sand of one of the islands beaches. Taking a deep breathe of the salty sea breeze Emily smiled and sighed
“Ah, it’s good to be back... though this year I guess it’s going to be a little different. Seeing as I’m going to be Spire Master by the end of the season.” She thought aloud returning Serenity to her Pokeball while simultaneously letting Ali out of hers. With a single movement Emily was sat across the Galarian Rapidash’s back and already trotting her way up the loose sand toward Emily’s apartment in the center of the island, Ali’s luscious main glowing gently in the midnight gloom.

Sat in the center of a small clearing in the wilds of Veritas Island, his eyes gently closed while his breath was deep and rhythmic. Taking in the cool breeze of the island as he waited for Hitari and Hirobi to arrive. The two Pokémon were polar opposites to eachother in personality and in typing thus Ajax was eager to test the pair as a battling duo. He’d already penned an official name for the pair, The Electric Assasins, though in reality the pair were far from being ready for any form of official battle. The loud strumming sound of Horobi’s arrival was the thing to finally wake Ajax from his daze, the electric Poison type standing before him plucking at the guitar shaped electrical arc currently held across his stomach.
“I see you’ve finally arrived Hirobi, Hitari and I have been waiting for you for 30 minutes now... fashionably late as always” the Toxtricity smiled and gave the electric guitar a heroic strum. Ajax simply rolled his eyes and beckoned his Greninja out of the shadows “All right you two, I want you to start working together, you two might actually have a chance at being a real powerhouse duo if you would put aside your endless quarrels!” Ajax hadn’t meant to raise his voice but his disdain for wasted potential had momentarily taken over, regaining his composure he continued “Now how about for once we don’t bicker or fight and actually get some training done.” Both Pokémon nodded in agreement and begun sparring, the byproducts of their attacks encapsulating the clearing in a spectacle of brilliant lights and deafening sound.
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A steady, deep drumbeat kept a rhythm as the Gallade and the blue haired man circled each other. The Gallade's elbow blades extended and retracted, and the blue-haired man slowly twirled the sword in his hand. The drums stopped, and for a moment there was silence.

Without warning, the music began again as the Pokemon and man charged towards each other. The Gallade began slashing at the human with it's elbow blades but the human was somehow managing to block and parry every attack that came his way. He even managed to get a few attacks in of his own, but the Gallade's attacks were fierce. The human began to get pushed back from the ferocity of the Gallade's onslaught. With one powerful backslash, the Gallade knocked the human off balance. The Pokemon aimed a second slash at the human's legs, but the blue haired man managed to roll out of the way as the slash kicked up chips of stone. The man quickly jumped back to his feet, slashing at the Gallade as he did so. The two continued their duel, with the man occasionally switching between a one handed and two handed fighting style to keep the Gallade on it's toes. Their fight grew more intense as the music sped up, culminating in one final simultanious kick to each other's chest. The kick knocked both the human and Gallade on their butts as the music ended, and the two began to laugh.

There was a loud sigh of relief from the small crowd that had gathered to watch the spectical as the human and Pokemon got to their feet and shook hands. Robin waved at the crowd as he sheathed his sword, and a few members began to toss money into pot that a small, adorable Plusle held.
"Thank you all so much! You've been a wonderful crowd! But now, I'm afraid, we have to go!" Robin said, quickly packing up his backpack. The Gallade scooped up the pot, handing it to Robin as the Plusle jumped onto Robin's shoulder, and the trio quickly ran through the crowd.


It didn't take long for the trio to make their way to the dock. Many trainers were already gathered and were waiting, which was what Robin was expecting. After all, they were cutting it rather close. Now that they were actually there, at the dock, Robin's run slowed to a jog. He really should have given himself a bit more time to breath after his performance, but eh. Q had been waiting to do a performance, and Robin had been wanting to do it as well. And they were here on time, so no harm done, right? The swordsman finally sat down on a bench, taking off his backpack and sword and leaning them against said bench. Perhaps on the ship he'd be able to relax a bit before this thing. The Battle Spire... Who knew that this of all things would be what brought him back to Johto?
Shade smiled wider after popping a few more sushi rolls in her gullet. She thought for a moment before finally nodding a bit. "Yea, it would technically be called a disability if he can't deal with it himself and it impacted his life negatively. But anyway, would this season be any different to last season?"

Chu hugged her tail while she listened and nodded a few times, her eyes looking like she was absorbing the information through them. <Wow, that's pretty cool. I wanna play with her Pokemon, too. They sound pretty fun. And I'd also like to battle them. They sound pretty tough.>
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Luna really didn’t feel like going outside to talk with the other staff members right now. He didn’t know exactly why, but he just didn’t feel like it, but he was not going to be lazy. He went way up to the Sushi High Roller, being that he missed his mother’s sushi and wanted some right at that moment. He of course, had to bring his precious Pokémon. He could be seen wearing 2 layers of jackets, red hoodie under and a teal windbreaker covering the outside. He found a table right next to Shade and Celeste, or that’s what he thinks their names are. He checked his sketchbook and found it to be true. He also saw someone next to Celeste, who he couldn’t really recognize since their head was turned.

He plopped down on his seat and all his Pokémon popped out of their storage. "Guys, you know you’re not supposed to do that! My pockets are gonna rip and I’m definitely not going back to the mainland to sew them again!" Although his Pokémon did look at him with shame, they knew that they weren’t supposed to do that.

They all gobbled down and went to mess around a little. Luna knee for a fact he didn’t have to look to closely at them, since they all knew what they were supposed to do here. He completely forgot though, that his Sableye, Confusion, would be out pranking someone. He grabbed his phone and called his best friend Akabane, who would be coming to the island in just a few days.

Confusion on the other hand, was walking towards Shade, being right behind the scientist’s seat. Oh she seems to be a perfect target! Hope Luna doesn't notice me! Confusion had his bucket of red paint ready to pour...
Akabane was sitting at her designated area for when she gets to the Sky Boat. She had in her hand, the letter she received from the Pidgeot almost a week ago. She read over and over, checking if she had the additional items, and to see if this was a clear fake. She knew if these letters were fake since Luna had taught her how they looked, in order for Akabane to help other that get the letter to see if it fake. She had her trainer card in her bag with her mask and Pokémon. Her Sceptile, Sapphie, plopped out of the bag and sat next to her. Next, all her other Pokémon came out, 1 by 1.

It was near night and she had been waiting in this area for a few hours. Tomorrow would be Thursday. She had to just make it through one more night, like another dozen people, who all wanted to get on the luxurious Sky Boat, just like her.

She heard a ring ring in her bag that came from her phone. She picked it up and saw that it was her best friend, Luna. She answered with a quick tap. "I’m so happy for you Akabane that you got an invitation to the Battle Spire!" Luna shrieked in eager. "I know right?! I thought I would never be invited to that fancy place! Oh, and Sapphire wants some cookies right now from you!" "Oh, Sapphire! Tell him that he might get some from me when you get here. I’ll probably have to ask someone to deliver it to you since, well, battlemaster duties! Well Akabane, I have to go now, I need to eat. I may see you tomorrow, best of luck of for your trip!" Before Akabane could ask him how Confusion was doing, Luna had hung up.

Akabane was starting to get tired, and before she knew it, she had fallen asleep, her precious Pokémon by her side.
Ajax came wandering into the Sushi High Roller, his coat slung lazily over his shoulder,
“Evening guys, y’all ready for the challengers tomorrow? I know Emily’s coming in this year with a new drive and determination... apparently she wants to be a Spire but the end of the season, spent the entirety of the off season in Galar training with Leon” Ajax smiled at the two other Spire masters and the battle master before sliding himself into the booth behind Ceres, Shade and Celeste, the first plate of sushi being placed before him within seconds of sitting down.
‘Oh how great it is to be able to order a head of time and just sit down and enjoy the food’ the thought to himself delicately lifting the first nigiri with his chopsticks before devouring the entire piece in one bite.
<Celeste and Ceres>
Celeste thought for a moment before she answered Shade's question. "Nothing really too much has changed from last season to this one, there are some though. Any Spire Master challenge battles are being moved back to the Grand Master's arena since it's finished it renovations. Also I'm not sure you've heard the news but Battlemasters and Spire Masters can now specialize in a type of battling including , just make sure you notify the registrar if you deice to do so. " Celeste nodded at Luna before he sat down.

"Oh, good to know Ajax's request was approved." Ceres said as she noticed a Sableye sneaking up to Shade, but Shade seems to be aware nonetheless it must be something people develop when they have people or Pokemon that prank them all the time because Ceres has a similar sense due to her younger brothers often putting her at the butt of their antics. "Speaking of Ajax, here he is now, have a good off season?" Ceres turned completely back around from patting Whisper. Whisper lied down and wrapped herself in her tails and rested.

Celeste gave Ajax a friendly nod as she watched him sit down and dig into his sushi. "Emily's quite the determined Battlemaster, I like seeing a trainer with such a drive. I look forward to facing her if decides to challenge me, always a good time to battle a fellow Kalosian."

Sylvia was now slightly swaying to an imaginary rhythm happily, <Oh, yes, Kari is absolutely a blast to battle, just make sure you don't get caught into her rhythm or give her too much momentum, or else you're going to be in for a bad day!">

"I'm not too sure either, but I think that it may have something to do with the salinity of the water they are in, sometimes when I go to different places to surf, certain ocean routes seem to irritate my Kingdra a bit more at first than others...." Kari trailed off as the tune of the intercom system played.


"Attention passengers, we will now begin the boarding process for the Argonautica. Please gather by the ramps at any of out 10 boarding ramps and have your ticket and proper documentation ready. We kindly request trainers return any larger sized Pokémon to ensure a smooth and quick boarding process. Once on board feel free to have them out once again. Thank you for your attention."

Kari perked up like lightning as the announcement rang across the dock. The man's voice was calm and soothing, but the response from the crowd was pure exuberance. Kari released Shadow and took off in a light jog towards a nearby ramp, "We'll see you on board Ed! We can talk about Kingdras later!" she called back as she left. on her war she spotted a few newer trainers, a man and a woman sitting on a chair made of shadows, and a man with a sword siting on a bench waiting.

Kari was quick to get into a nearby line and was son standing in front of a small table that was covered win a fine white cloth, the front of it bore what Kari could only assumed to be the Battle Spire logo, a large orange flaming V with two circular spots of a beautiful blue next to each other right under the V and a pair of lighter smaller wings next to that. the overall design resembled a minimalist design that was based on Victini. 'Well that's fitting.' Kari thought as she handed the lady at sitting behind the desk her trainer ID along with the envelope that contained her letter and blank card.

"Thank you Miss. Rebane." the Lady bowed slightly before inserting the blank card into a small and sleek silver device. She then took her trainer ID and inserted it into a slot right above where she inserted the blank. "One moment Miss." she said as she scanned the letter with her light pen, seemingly satisfied she stamped the letter and folded it back into the envelope. There was a slight scratching sound then a clear beep that the machine on the desk emitted. and both cards were ejected a the same time. The lady retrieved them and handed it back to Kari along with her letter replaced in its envelope. "Keep the letter close, you will be needing it once we make port on Veritas Island."

Kari took the documents and replaced them into her bag, pausing to look at the new card. It was blank, but now it carried all her information that her trainer card has but instead of the official League seal watermarked across the front of the card it was the same Victini logo on the front of the table. The card also now has a little bit of weight and no longer really malleable, instead feeling like a really thin piece of metal with rounded edges. In the middle, on the right side of the card edge there was a bright blue LED, and on the left side, there was a small opening for anyone who wanted to string it up or attach it to a cardholder or lanyard. "Is this our ID on the island?" Kari ask attaching the card onto the same ring that held her regular trainer ID that she kept around her neck tucked under her jumper.

"Yes Miss. Rebane, keep that card close to you, more information will be given to you about it once you board the ship. Oh, and here is a hand book about the Island and the Battle Spire. Welcome aboard!" the lady gestured onto the boarding ramp. A very intimidating looking pair Obstagoon stepped aside from the patch leading to the ramp.

Kari eagerly took the book from the lady's giving hands and quickly walked up to the ship. It was even larger and more impressive up close. the ramp she was on would take her to front deck of the ship right in front of the massive glass dome. Shadow tried sizing up one of the Obstagoons who ignored her and blocked the path as she passed them. They were expertly trained and well disciplined. Kari took out her Phone and snapped a selfie of herself with Shadow while in front of the glass dome and sent it Celeste. She received a response quickly after: "See you soon champ! Can't wait to see you again." Kari smiled and replaced her phone in the kangaroo pouch of her jumper. "All right! Roll call!" she shouted into the air. The deck of the Argonautica was massive, large enough that it could fit three battle arenas lined up horizontally next to one another. As a matter of fact, upon closer inspection there were three arenas on the deck. The lines were in the ground and they seem to be able to light up.

Almost immediately five beams of light shot out from within her backpack as the rest of her Pokémon formed on the deck. The ones that could roar did so loudly into the air, startling several people in the crowd. The loudest of the bunch being Kari's Salamence, Sal, and her Tyranitar, Lyra. Kari looked around at her six Pokémon seemingly satisfied. "It's official guys, we're headed to the Battle Spire!" Kari pulled out the Spire's unique ID card and held it up to her team. Kari's excitement was reciprocated with another loud cheer from her team. Sal shot a powerful jet of fire straight into the air. Kari laughed, please don't burn the ship big boy." Kari gently rubbed Sal behind the spikes by his head. "Let's not destroy the ship eh? Supposedly it can fly!" Sal moved his head to her gentle rubbing. "We'll be off very soon." she looked out over the ocean past the docks in deep thought, unsure what to expect next but welcoming whatever it may be.
“I’d hardly call it an off-season, I split my time between two Battle Facilities, the Spire and the Ruins. So when I’m not here I’m in charge of the entire operation over there. It’s less intensive battle wise back there but it’s far more stressful from a logistical stand point. Regardless what have you two been upto?” Ajax smiled between sushi servings before continuing to devour the small portions.

Having finally managed to work his way to the front of a line, Hyōga handed over his necessary documents as well as his letter of commendation. The woman behind the desk printing his new ID card before passing it through the machine again to have the card stamped with four small embossed symbols of a snowflake in the card’s corners, markers to indicate Hyōga as an officially recognized Ice type Master.
Hyōga smiled to himself as he pulled a spare lanyard from his bag and slung the new ID card around his neck. Wandering the ship he came to stand next to a young woman and her group of Pokémon (@Foxex)
“It’s beautiful isn’t it? The way the sunlight reflects off the ocean, like a perfect crystal expanse.” He pondered aloud hoping not to startle the girl “Names Hyōga how you doing?”
Edward returned Carrie to her Ultra Ball and made his way to the line, where he stood for a while, waiting to reach the front. He gave his documents - trainer ID, invitation, badge case - to the woman at the desk, and received his card. Once he took a look at his card, however, Ed was confused. The only things on his card were a watermarked Battle Spire logo and a blue LED - no personal information at all. "Excuse me, ma'am," he asked the woman, "but my card is pretty much blank. Is it supposed to be like that?"

"No worries, Mr. Thistle," the woman replied, "the Battle Spire stores its participants' personal information on small chips in the card. It's far more secure than text on the surface." A little embarrassed, Ed nodded in agreement and hurried onto the boat.

The Sky Boat was even larger than it had looked from the dock, with three separate battle arenas, and plenty of remaining space. Now I see why they allowed us to take out our large Pokemon on the boat. I guess I might as well. He began calling out his Pokemon one by one. "Dino! Kay! Carrie! Shimmer! Morgan!" As he reached for the last Pokemon, he realized that it wasn't a Quick Ball, instead with the gold and black top and red "V" that indicated a Level Ball. That's right. I left Angel in the PC so I could start training..."Noro!"

Edward looked around at his team, marveling that they had made it so far together. "We'll be on our way to the Battle Spire in no time, guys!" And while we're at it, maybe we can find someone who knows what Noro is. My Pokedex didn't register him as anything, and no one else I've asked knows, but this seems like a good place to find out. He patted Noro, who was currently sitting on his shoulder, sulking, on the head and smiled again, looking forward to what would happen next.
Robin watched as trainers began to swarm towards the loading ramp. It looked like it was finally time to board the Sky Ship. The swordsman picked up his backpack and sword, slinging them onto his back. His Plusle quickly climbed up Robin's arm, perching herself on Robin's shoulder.
"C'mon, Q. It's time to board." Robin said, nudging his Gallade as the Pokemon was reclining on the ground. The Psychic-Fighting jumped to his feet, stretching his shoulder as he followed Robin towards the line. As he made his way towards the closest line, the swordsman noticed a young woman with dark green hair asleep in a pile of rather powerful-looking Pokemon. Q especially took interest in the Scrafty and the Sceptile, sizing them up without approaching them. It was quite clear that this woman was here to challenge the Battle Spire. Robin knew from experience on how extremely terrible it was to oversleep and miss a flight or a ship. So Robin decided to give this woman a favor.
"Uh, hey. Miss? Hello?" Robin said, nudging Akabane with his foot, offering the girl a smile. "The Sky Boat's boarding now. It looks like you're heading to the Battle Spire, at least that's what I'm assuming. It would suck to miss it."
Akabane was in quite a deep sleep. She was awoken by a man with pretty blue hair, telling her that the Sky Boat was about to go. "Oh um, thank you for waking me up, I completely forgot! Thank you, again for waking me up!" Akabane was quite embarrassed that she had to be awoken again during a flight.

Her Sceptile nudged the man a little with a little bump to show his appreciation for waking her up. "I guess I’ll see you at the Battle Spire sir, and we may fight! You know, you’re Gallade kinda reminds me of my best friend’s Gallade, who works at the Battle Spire. Well, farewell!" Akabane got up with her Pokémon following her towards the wooden ramp. The lady scanned her documents and did what she had to do in order to let Akabane into the Sky Boat. Akabane walked in, satisfied that she was able to get in with no problems.

She had found a seat on the rather crowded Sky Boat and was glad that the area she was in was empty. "Maybe that man could sit here, I would love for him to meet Luna!" Akabane thought to herself, but yet again, she had fallen asleep. Her Pokémon had sat next to her again, completely taking the seats over, leaving only 1 seat across her. Her Sceptile however, had another idea. Sapphire walked around the Sky Boat, glancing at trainers and attempting to find the man that had woken Akabane up.
Confusion was about to pour when he noticed Celeste staring at him. He had a feeling that she had noticed this and that Shade would know soon too. "My god Confusion!" Luna had seen Confusion and was standing up to grab the sneaky Sableye. "Up to that again?! Gosh go do it on Gil or something, he probably won’t mind, his shell will shed the paint off anyway, and who knows, Shade probably can’t wash it off!" Luna grabbed a gem out of his pocket and fed it to Confusion, Confusion gladly taking it away and gobbling it. Jeez, he always finds me last minute, well it is my fault anyway, I was pranking someone next to our table.

Luna walked over to Celeste’s table and was planning to apologize to Shade, who seemed to be completely aware that Confusion had done that.

Before he would be doing that though, he had to quickly apologize to Shade, "Um, hi Celeste, Hi Shade" Luna didn’t know who the last person was and couldn’t get a name without awkwardly asking, "I’d just like to say sorry that Confusion tried to prank you, again and would like to make up to it in someway, so do you need anything?"
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Previously TheJustinMan
"Oh, looks like we're boarding now. Stiener's small enough, and Vodric is a Ghost type, so he should cause much of an issue. At any rate, we should get going before it becomes Black Friday." Lucane said, knowing that he'd probably broken the 4th wall. "Alright, then. Let's get on, shall we? Do you mind holding my hand so I don't get lost in the crowd?" She asked in an innocent but sarcastic and jokey voice. “No way! You know what that would look like! And we’re siblings, that would be so wrong!” He said with expression but quietly. Xandra just giggled quietly, as the two went towards the boat for boarding.

As they went towards the registration table, Stiener and Vodric were playing Fire, Water, Grass, Stiener not expected the ghost type to win over him due to his psychic abilities. The lady asked for Lucane’s envelope first. “Okay, let’s see here... what’s this registered bounty hunt-“ the lady said, only to see Lucane hold a finger over his mouth. “Nevermind that, let’s get this finished up. Letter seems good, ID is okay... Alright, you’re good to go. Also, sir, we said to put any large Pokémon back in their balls. That Dusknoir is a little big...” She continued. “Well, I assumed because he’s a ghost type that he could just phase through the walls and other Pokémon.” Lucane said. “Ah, you have a point. Anyways, here’s the letter and and ID you’ll be using on the island. Safe travels!” She finished, as Lucane stepped aboard. Stiener was a bit disappointed that their little game had been broken up as Vodric followed Lucane, but then again, Vodric was winning by 42 games.

The lady quickly checked over Xandra’s ID and letter, pausing a few times after reading over her name. “Excuse me, miss, are you Xandra Chimrougue?” She asked. “Why, yes, I am. Why do you ask?” Xandra asked quizzically. “I’ve heard of you on the news a few times! Your a traveling teacher and researcher, right? That’s pretty cool and a little rare for someone like you to get invited, no offense. Why are you traveling with the brute, though?” She answered. “Oh, he’s my brother. I don’t really care for his profession, but I’d prefer you keep it quiet.” She responded. “Hmm... Very well. Here is your things and ID. Safe travels!” She finished. Xandra boarded the ship and met back up with Lucane.

Unsurprisingly, Lucane had caught the attention of the ship security. “Ugh, great, now I get to spend the trip with these guys breathing down my neck 24/7.” Lucane said. “Well, it’s your fault that you carry that chain whip with you everywhere. Speaking of, why do you still have it? You never use it anymore...” Xandra said to Lucane. “You know, for safety and emergency purposes.” Lucane ended. Stiener and Vodric, who now we’re back together, began eyeing the other Pokémon and chatting about them.
Robin just smiled at the woman as she scampered to her feet, and nodded back to the Sceptile.
"Uh, yeah. Thanks! See you around." Robin said, waving to the girl as she quickly departed. Q gave the Sceptile a confident, if not cheeky, smile as the Grass Type went after her trainer.
"Plu, plu!" Cherry called out to Akabane as the girl ran off to get in line. Robin merely adjusted his backpack before getting in line to get on board as well. Q simply followed behind him, scanning the line for tough looking trainers and Pokemon.


Robin's documents checked out, and he quickly boarded the airship. A lot of trainers were hanging out on deck, with the more relaxed ones having their whole team out relaxing with them. Or perhaps it was the more cocky ones as well? Nothing says power move like cuddling with a fully evolved Haxorous. Huh... that guy had a Gallade and Absol as well. Interesting... Q found it especially interesting, wide grin on his face as he began to run towards Kay.
"Hey, Q." Robin stopped his Gallade before he could continue. "Just don't pick a fight yet, huh? Wait until we get to the Spire."
Q nodded, still grinning like crazy, and ran over to Kay. The Gallade began to size up the other Gallade, not saying a word. Just standing there and looking Kay up and down, a cocky grin on his face.
"Lade. <Yo>" Q said to Kay.

Robin simply sat down on another bench on deck. Once again, the swordsman took off his large backpack and sword, leaning them against the seat. Cherry jumped down from his shoulder onto the seat next to him, curling up into a warm, electric ball. The swordsman glanced around the deck before deciding to shrug and let out his Pokemon as well. Other people were doing it, why not him? One by one, Robin let out his Pokemon from their Pokeballs. The first was his Absol, Rea. The doglike dark type shook herself before turning to face Robin. The blue haired swordsman simply smiled before petting behind her head and sending out his next Pokemon. The next Pokemon sent out was his Farfetch'd, Sam. The Farfetch'd let out a quack, stretching its wings before flying over and landing on the seat next to Robin's head. Sam was rather unusual for a Farfetch'd. It's leek had broken long ago, but Robin had stepped up and made him a replacement. Now instead of a leek, the Farfetch'd carried a small, katana-like blade known as a Wakizashi. It was sheathed, held by some vine the Farfetch'd had tied around it's lower body.

The final one to arrive at the party was Robin's Blastoise, named Big Turk. Like Robin, the Blastoise also looked like he had seen quite a bit of fighting. A scar ran over it's left eye, earned from a particularly fierce fight from a Beedrill. Robin ran a thumb over the scar across the bridge of his nose before smiling at the large Blastoise.
"Hey there, big guy." Robin said. The Blastoise simply smiled back before sitting down, relaxing in the warm sun.
As soon as the signal was called, Lorenne was quick to enter one of the lines to board the ship. Tempest was able to follow as her trainer provided her ID and letter, as a Talonflame, her size was not an issue. (Although Tempest wasn’t happy to be reminded of this).
“For you, Miss Hemsworth.” The attendant smiled as she handed over the new trainer ID.
Lorenne thanked the attendant politely, and examined the new card. It was simply designed, with the exception an intriguing insignia. Tucking away the new ID, she then motioned for Tempest to follow her on board.

Lorenne gasped audibly as she stepped onto the main deck. The boat had seemed large from on the dock, but it was even more enormous now. It contained several facilities, for battle and otherwise, as well as an expansive deck space.

“There should be plenty of space for everyone to stretch their legs,” she noted with a smile.
From her shoulder bag, Lorenne withdrew three Pokeballs, and released the contained Pokémon. In a burst of light, a Wigglytuff, Weavile and Gourgiest appeared; Polka, Ace and Bristol, respectively.

“If you all agree to behave,” Lorenne cautioned her team, “You can stay out. We have to maintain a professional appearance, the Battle Spire is one of the most prestigious battle facilities in the world.” Her team nodded, with the exception of Ace, who gave a sigh of disappointment. Tempest was quick to flick the dissenting Weavile with her wing. Ace gave a hiss of annoyance, but finally nodded reluctantly to his trainer. “That said,” Lorenne continued. “Lets try to relax a bit. We have some time until arriving on the island.” Each Pokémon voiced its agreement to this, and began happily chatting amongst themselves.

Lorenne found a seat nearby to watch over her Pokémon, and was joined shortly by Polka, who bounced up to sit beside her. “Come to keep me company?” She gave the Pokémon a quick scratch behind the ear. The Wigglytuff responded with a happy chirp.
<Celeste and Ceres>
"Sounds like you were busy." Ceres laughed, "I was doing some research for the Battle Spire and Professor Magnolia on the Dynamax phenomenon, and explore the feasibility of being able bring or generate the energy onto Veritas Island. But, progress is slow, and I don't think it will be possible for a while longer. There's just too much we still don't know."

"I’m been training up at home mostly and sometimes with Diantha when she has some free time. I’m still working on beating every League Champion, debating if I want to head to Galar and challenge Leon it to Unova for Alder.” Celeste looked at Luna as he approached. “It’s quite alright. No harm done yet, though please keep a closer eye him yea? I don’t think the owner or the janitors would like cleaning paint off of the carpet especially here.” Celest said after hearing his apology.

Sylvia watched Confusion with interest before resuming her conversation with Chu.

Kari turned and faced the boy that was speaking to her. “Oh yes I love the ocean and the water, though I’d perfect to be surfing in the waves up close rather than admiring it from afar but the view from a boat this is really is something else.” Kari walked up to Hyōga. “Nice to meet you Hyōga, I’m Kari.” The rest of her Pokémon regrouped next to the edge of the boat to chat among themselves. Shadow was sitting on top of Flux the Magnezone, they were floating nearby . Her Greninja, Umbra was leaning against the edge of the ship with her Excadrill, Dozer sitting on the deck floor next to him apparently snoozing in the mild temperature. Lyra and Sal were looking over the edge at the ocean. Lyra looking a bit uncomfortable preferring dry land and caves over any bit of water. Sal was looking around at the flying Pokémon, wanting to take off, but knowing that Kari would probably get mad if he did so.
Shade looked up to see Luna walking in and a slew of bright lights as his Pokemon erupted from their PokeBalls. Counting the lights and the Pokemon, she only counted one less Pokemon than the lights. She then suddenly felt her hair raising on the back of her neck and her normal slouching posture changed abruptly to a more erect one. Her eyes stared straight forward before a similar feeling crept across her entire body. The feeling of the coming dread of being pranked. She relaxed her body quite a bit and looked around at the Pokemon near her. The only Pokemon that was unaccounted for was that mystery Pokemon that was Luna's.

She then saw Ajax come up and address them. Smiling, she waved at him, clearly not worried about the incoming prank at the moment. She nodded at his question before popping a few more sushi rolls.

She then listened to what Celeste said about the slight changes that have happened this season, which wasn't much. Luckily, the arena was fixed up though, as she wanted to go there and see it before the other trainers showed up. Although, specifying in a type of battle was interesting. Shade's brain wasn't exactly working at the moment, so she had to ask. "What do you mean types of battles? You mean like double or triple battles?"

Meanwhile, Doom went to check out the rest of the Pokemon that Luna had, since they decided to make themselves known. Chu smiled deviously as Sylvia talked about Kari's rhythm and she crossed her little mousy arms as she started sounding a bit too confident. <Well, if she's got a rhythm she sticks to, then I'll find the rhythm that will break her's. If she chooses to change her rhythm in the middle of a battle though...> she trailed off as she suddenly realized that this could be an issue.

Shade watched Ajax as he talked to them, but decided to let the other speak before she did anything. She had to do something. Feeling the dread get stronger, she whipped around quickly in her seat, staring straight at a Sableye with a bucket of red paint. She just laughed quite loudly before shaking her head. Looking up at an almost frantic Luna, she just waved her hand a few times, trying to reassure him that it was okay.

"You are completely alright. I have had been pranked my entire life by my own Pokemon, so I won't fall for one that easily. Besides, I am told I have eyes at the back of my head for stuff like that anyway. But no, I don't need anything. Although, you might want to watch out for Doom. He is beginning to rut around this time, as is customary for his species to go into heat, and I almost didn't bring him along until he insisted on taking him with me. I should have left him with his pack so he can get this shit out of him. He has been trying to find female Pokemon to flirt with, even though he won't mate with any of them," she looked up to see Doom walking up to Luna's Feraligatr and Garchomp and she just sighed. "Speaking of which..."

The Houndoom sat near the two Pokemon and tried to start up a conversation with them.
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Kay turned about to see another Gallade running towards him. Instinctively, he dropped into a defensive stance, but relaxed into a less combative - but still respectfully formal - stance when the other Gallade stopped. "Gal' Gallade <You look familiar>" He smiled a little at Q's grin.


Edward was relaxing with his Pokemon and trying to cheer up Noro when the Gallade ran up to greet Kay. Initially a little surprised and concerned, he watched as the two had their conversation, not understanding much, if any, of it. He glanced back and shot Morgan a sharp glare, as it appeared that the Dusknoir had been preparing some sort of ghostly fire. "Don't even think about it."


Previously TheJustinMan
As the Alakazam and Dusknoir held their conversation, Stiener happened to catch a glimpse of the other Dusknoir across the ship. “Hey, look! There’s another Dusknoir! Why don’t you go say hello?” He said. Vodric turned around, and sure enough, there was another Dusknoir. He couldn’t tell their gender, but it was another one nonetheless. “Why, yes, there is. I guess I could.” Vodric replied. Vodric looked over to Lucane, who noticed him point towards the other Dusknoir. “Alright then, let’s go say hello...” Lucane said, reluctantly. He was doing something out of character for once. As he approached Edward, he got a bit awkward, but he approached politely. “Excuse me, fine sir, my Dusknoir seems to have taken an interest in yours. Do you mind if they converse a bit?” He asked, a tiny bit gruffly but with respect. Xandra was watching with with a somewhat evil and ready-to-laugh smile.
"Ok I’ll try hard to avoid Doom!" Luna walked back to his table with Confusion in his hands. "Your such a problem Confu, could you just not prank someone while we’re at the Spire?"

Toty and Moon saw Doom slowly walk towards them. The Houndoom sat down and attempted to make a conversation with them. Hello Doom! My name is Moon, and this is my friend Toty! [Hello Doom![/i] The Garchomp and Feraligatr quickly started a conversation with Doom, trying to make it not so awkward, especially when the Houndoom had weaknesses to them. Would you like to talk about our trainers, Luna and Shade?

While the Pokémon were talking, Luna’s Gallade, Helbram went up to Chu, the Alolan Raichu and attempted to create a conversation that would actually make sense to both of them. Hello, Chu! I’ve heard a lot about you. Seeing from your quite stiff stances, I have a feeling you want a battle, don’t you?

Luna got bored of sitting with Confusion on an empty table, since his Pokémon were all messing around and he was taking care of Confusion. "Ok Confu, I’m gonna leave, you can go do whatever you want as long as it’s not pranking. If you do what I say, I’ll give you 7 white gems, your favorite, ok?" The Sableye nodded intensely, loving white gems and decided to hang out with Cryzee, the Cryogonal, who was making some sculptures to entertain others. Luna walked to Celeste’s and Shade’s table and saw an empty seat. Even if it was completely random, he sat down and saw the woman’s face that he hadn’t been able to seen. It was Ceres. "Sorry to butt in, but I would like to talk a little bit before we all go to our rooms, so is there anything you wanna talk about?"
Sapphire was unable to find the blue-haired trainer and walked back to Akabane. She was now awake and was petting her Porygon-Z, Cheren, who had went around to grab some food for Akabane.

Akabane was bored at this moment and walked around the deck, her Pokémon behind her. She saw multiple trainers staring at her Pokémon, that seemed unfitting for her build. She found a battle facility. She decided to go in one, she wanted a quick warm-up before she would be fighting other trainers at the Spire. This battle would give her a hint of the participants power, in which Luna said are quite powerful. With this thought, she couldn’t imagine how strong a Battle Master or even a Spire Master would be.

While watching battles, she overheard some conversations, girls that didn’t seem fitting to be in the Spire as participants, gossiping. She watched as a Blaziken and Corviknight going in an all out battle. "Have you heard of Luna? I heard that his power is almost as equal as a Spire Master, even though he’s just a Battle Master!" This particular conversation caught her attention. Was he really like that? Akabane hasn’t fought with Luna ever since he went in to the Spire. When he wasn’t in the Spire, he would be hanging out with Akabane and his friends. When he was challenged he never accepted.

Akabane was impatient for her turn and wanted to battle someone. To entertain herself a little, she asked Sheletsky, her Banette, to make her some dolls of her team to keep as a memory for going to the Spire, if she never gets invited again.