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@AspenTR33 | Alrighty, if you could just post your Double Appeals we will be able to move on to results and the final round!! :)
Ok everyone, unfortunately since we cant seem to get a hold of Aspen for the past 5 days, in order to continue the RP, they will not be able to advance :( We will give it another day, but if shes a no-show, then we will have to move on to Round 3 without her
:'| I am SO sorry about that!!! Something happened and I wasn't able to get on 'Charms...I honestly doubt that even if I was able to find a way to get on more, I'd be able to continue participating in this RP because of being gone for a week...So I'm gonna have to drop out. I apologize for all of this, again. I literally wasn't even able to get on to tell people that I'd be gone. :(
@Sun and Moon How come you can post in other RPs but not this one? :( Its okay if you arent sure if you could keep up with this RP right now - just let me know and I can have Platinum vs Ry go up first, if thats better?

I just want this RP to go as flowing as possible without any moments of dead silence
So, also I have a few questions. Would I send out my Pokémon in my first post? And after that Platinum sends out his Pokemon, and then I do my first combo from that point, or what?
I'm sorry, my final post slipped my mind, with the whole end of the year thing upon me. In the clutter for finals, I forgot, so thanks for the reminder. :)
Alright everyone, things are back up and running! Sorry about the wait, we were just waiting on a couple of judges to get their scores in! Please proceed to the main thread for the continuation of the RP!

[Note: In your judge's comments, if you see *in a creative writing way*, that is just something I threw in there to let you all know that is advice given to you by a judge about what you could change in your writing more so than your character.]

Ry, thank you SO MUCH for your participation! You did absolutely amazing, and I'm glad you joined us for this first every Grand Festival that I've put on ♥

Sarah and SunMoon, good luck on your match!

@Sarah316 | @Platinum_ | @Sun and Moon | @Ry_Burst


Previously Sarah316
I'm really sorry about this. Forgot I had a test tomorrow. Won't be able to respond tonight. Gotta study. Kinda of in a panic. Will post reply after test tomorrow ASAP. Sorry for this!
Alrighty! I've really been wanting to host another Grand Festival, but even after all this time I would like to finish this one first since we came so far! (Plus I'm just super curious as to who would win).

@Sarah316 @Platinum_ You guys down to wrap this one up?


Previously Sarah316
Oh man I forgot about this one. I don't even remember my OC here XD

And I am up against Platinum? C-can I just surrender now? XD

But I guess we can tussle. Though I forgot everything about Mary TBH XD.


Previously gamora
this looks really interesting, sad i missed all of it, but hearing that you may be doing one other one is exciting- @ChungHa, could you please @ me when the new contest rp is made? having all the judges and stuff seems really cool, and id love to get involved ♥