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Private/Closed The Oscillation (Discussion)

I’ll work on the skills tonight and should be able to get a post up after that, if I’m awake that is.
If you're looking to polish up your skills then have a chat with @DarkHydraT , he's pretty savvy with Fenrir's mythos.

Enhanced senses would make sense.
Fenrir's myth states that when Ragnarok arrived Jormungandr would poison half the world while Fenrir would set the other half ablaze. From that, you could say he has some fire projection ability.

You could change up his stat sheet a lot too.

Fenrir is known for his great strength, so you'd be able to get away with a higher force stat. Look at Jormungandr's for a rough comparison. However, you could play that into his wolf-transformation where he's only that strong when transformed.

Feel free to give it some thought and get back to me.


Previously Kid_Nukas
Name: Alexander (Alex) Leffen
Gender: M
Age: 16

Physical Features:
Alex is 5'11 and comes in at around 70 kg. He has distinctly piercing light blue eyes and a pale complexion, and has a fairly standard build, though slightly on the thinner side. His hair is light brown and fairly long, reaching down to just under his eyes.

Appearance: Alex tends to dress casually, choosing comfort and freedom of movement over appearance. He normally wears a plain t-shirt and tracksuit trousers, as well as a hoodie if he deems it necessary. A similar lack of care is put into his hair, giving it a tousled and fairly unkempt appearance.

Personality: Alex tends to keep a fairly relaxed attitude to most things. He strongly dislikes authority and being told what to do, though he generally doesn't have a problem as long as he's given a reason to do something. As a result he treats school as more of an optional choice, only going to his classes half the time and spending most of his free time roaming town. He enjoys moving around and keeps fairly active, though this is normally in the form of climbing onto rooftops, trees and the like, occasionally getting him into trouble with the law for trespassing.

Alex is slow to anger in terms of provocation, though his fuse is much shorter in cases of injustice or when dealing with bullies and the like. He has a competitive streak as well, but tries to restrain himself
Name: Alex Leffen
Kinship: Mythikin
Myth/Legend: Phoenix
Gender: M
Age: 15

Physical Features: (Changed by the Oscillation)
Alex's previously blue eyes have become a bright fiery orange, and two wings of the same bright orange have sprouted from his back. These span around two meters in diameter and are fully flexible, being able to wrap around Alex's body and hide under clothing if necessary (though this would result in a fair bit of discomfort). His body temperature has risen significant, though not noticeable to Alex, both his skin and feathers give off heat comparable to a radiator. Despite this his metabolism has stayed unchanged, suggesting a more magical origin.

Appearance: None, although the back of his shirt is now pretty ripped up thanks to the new wings

Personality: Though still retaining a thick skin, Alex has become a lot more competitive. Most of his other personality traits have been amplified to different degrees, being far more protective of his friends and enjoying the adrenaline and excitement that before were simply parts of his regular endeavours.

In Ancient Greek folklore, a phoenix is a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. Some legends say it dies in a show of flames and combustion, others that it simply dies and decomposes before being born again. Most accounts say that it lived for 500 years before rebirth. Herodotus, Lucan, Pliny the Elder, Pope Clement I, Lactantius, Ovid, and Isidore of Seville are among those who have contributed to the retelling and transmission of the phoenix motif. The phoenix symbolizes renewal in general, as well as entities and concepts such as the Sun, time, the Roman Empire, Christ, and Mary.

Skill Sheet:
Cluster skill: From the Ashes
Passive skill: Rebirth
Any form of wounds can be healed upon introducing the full body of the phoenix to an open flame, including full revival. The speed of this process depends on the heat of the fire, a basic campfire being able to fully revive the body within about three hours The However, missing body parts such as an arm or a leg cannot be regrown, although can be reattached if laid next to the original body.
Active skill: Fireblast
Summon a ball of fire between the tips of your wings and throw it forwards.
Passive skill: Fire aura
The power and amount of energy is determined by the ambient temperature of the surrounding area, with room temperature acting as a baseline


Power: Very high

Strength: Above average


Toughness: Below average

Resilience: Extremely high


Speed: High

Agility: Very high

Quickness: High


Constitution: average

Stamina: Low

Endurance: Average


Elemental Resistances: Very low (water)/Very high (fire)

Physical Resistances: Low

Note: Physical Resistance does not directly affect one's 'durability'. It instead refers to abilities that absorb or deflect damage. Examples of things that would affect Physical Resistance include, but are not limited to, shields or armor.

Control Resistances: Average

Penetration: Average
Wait so does that mean that Alex can heal himself at any time if he summons a fireball for his wounds? Cool.
Yeah, I'll see what I can think of. Was having trouble getting ideas going today and the myth wasn't giving me much to work with, but as long as you're happy with me improvising I can pad out the ability sheet a bit more
Improvise within reason and I see no real reason to stop you. The progression of strength is fairly set for Mythickin since most of their abilities are from their race. They tend to have an edge over legends in pure stats while legends do tend to have more versatile abilities. Though legends are also occasionally known for their weapons, and legendary weapons will be making an appearance at some point.
Would extremely high be ok? Or should I go below that?
Stick to very high. I'm actually reserving Extremely high for a god of strength, or someone like Hercules.

After all the characters are settled in though I think it would be time to do some comparative balancing and scaling of our OCs. I don't want too much debate about who's stronger/faster than who or what have you, so we'll discuss the stat spread out compared to each other before we really get into the thick of things.
Wait so does that mean that Alex can heal himself at any time if he summons a fireball for his wounds? Cool.
Not really, it would basically be like eating yourself. His fireballs are still sourced from his own power, it's just going into healing instead of burning others. For minor wounds, such as cuts and scrapes, I guess it could be used that way. However it specifies that his body has to be completely engulfed in the flames if you want to heal major wounds or resurrect him, in which case his own fire would only be good for starting a bigger one

Also I went and added on two new abilities, and I'll probably add a few more as time goes on
Do you have any planned arcs for this RP atm or do you plan to reveal them as the RP progresses?
I have about 4 Arcs planned at the moment

Two at the beginning and two at the end. There's a blank space between them that can be stretched out as needed to accommodate more arcs from myself or anyone else who's got an idea for an arc.

Zola will appear multiple times throughout the RP, never really in person but through more Diary entries. They'll be left in places that your characters will just so happen to stumble across and they'll reveal tidbits of the plot as well as interesting things that you might want to check out. Who knows, could lead to you picking up some cool items along the way.

I have no problems revealing the first two arcs though. The first arc will be escaping alive from the gang, be wary and careful as actions do have consequences and reckless ones could lead to deaths among the student body.

After the gang has been dealt with then the group will have to deal with the Military. This arc is not one for confrontation. For all your powers, at this point, you're not strong enough to survive an artillery bombardment or any such high-caliber assault weapon. The Nation will be under martial law and so the Military will be trying to keep tabs on all the Legendkin and Mythickin since they have a much greater potential for terrorism and generally causing disaster.

The setting of the RP is the US more specifically Texas because it's home to Fort Bliss. That's where our characters will be staying for a while as the authorities try to get things under control. They'll also meet Marcus (Archangel) and Ashley (Aife) there since the Fort would be holding all the Mythickin and Legendkin that are currently accounted for.

You'll have a chance to meet with a high-ranking General but what he says will be determined by what you do during this arc.
Yeah I can see it lol. And Taika even gets a little confidence boost post oscillation.
Also both sons of Loki to something right?
Both are Loki's sons yeah, having Hel as their sister. Fenrir managed to break two powerful shackles before Gleipnir and killed Odin, so I say he deserves the confidence. Orm might help him be more assertive, though don't expect many deep conversations with your semi-brother
Trying to wonder if it'll be good to speak about an idea I have for Adrian, maybe where he over comes his reluctance of consuming blood and sometime in the future after he consumes the blood of a bad guy he becomes a bit more sadistic and has to try and see the light before he becomes a bloodthirsty monster (literally).
Trying to wonder if it'll be good to speak about an idea I have for Adrian, maybe where he over comes his reluctance of consuming blood and sometime in the future after he consumes the blood of a bad guy he becomes a bit more sadistic and has to try and see the light before he becomes a bloodthirsty monster (literally).
Sure, go for it. The personality change is there for you to do something with it. My own character will have internal struggles due to the nature of the myth she transformed into.
@kyuukestu Will we be able to update our stat sheets as time progresses or will the stats remain static?
Stats should remain static, skills, however, are subject to change later on.

There are a few exceptions to that rule though. If your character manages to pick up a Legendary item or go through some Mythological process that increases a stat, then that would allow for stat increases.

In summary, the base stats of your myth remain constant, it'd just a measure of what your myth/legend is good at doing. Skill and equipment can act as modifiers to those base stats, increasing or decreasing them.
@kyuukestu I accidentally posted way too early, and I was wondering about my second slot, was thinking about possibly doing Loki, the Norse God of Trickery.
I'll have to wait on the second and third arcs to roll around before seeing how things work out.

Right now we have 12 characters and I don't want to upset the balance too much with an uneven number. I might end up breaking the characters into smaller teams later on and having them each go on their own little 'side-missions' that slowly reveal the main plot.