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Private/Closed The Oscillation: Fractured Skies (RP Thread)

Monday, September 19th

Catherine was the picture of intense concentration.

The folds of her brow were a tense knot and her lips pressed into a pensive line. A few loose strands of hair had stuck to her face. They were slick from the beads of cold sweat that occasionally dribbled down her face, sliding along her cheeks and collecting in small droplets along her chin. Her downward gaze was solemn like heavy, steel beams.

The Senior paused, wiping her face and brow with a casual backhand before returning her full attention to the multi-paged leaflet. Her hand hovered over a particular question, hesitant to put pen to paper. She loosed an exhausted sigh, opting, in the end, to reread the question once more before she began.

Question 9

  • Prove that following statement is true by Mathematical Induction:

    1² + 2² + 3² + ... + n² = n (n + 1)(2n + 1)/ 6

A single groan escaped her throat, expressing the suffering of all mankind. The girl's brain throttled to grasp the mathematical complexities of the problem presented, failing to notice as the sunny-haired girl beside her tried to grab her attention.




"Guh—" Catherine, startled, almost fumbled her pen out the window of their second-story classroom. Thankfully, she'd never been one with butterfingers. After avoiding a potential tragedy, Catherine turned to look questionably at the blonde, who made a pulling gesture and pointed towards her ears.

Catherine removed her earplugs, which, now exposed to the air began to chant in an upbeats tune— "Ahoy~! Ahoy~!..."

"You listen to the weirdest shit..."

"Shut up—I just have varied tastes," Justifying her song selection as such, Catherine swiftly moved on, "what did you need?"

"Oh! Class is over; but, it looked like you didn't notice. Anyway, I'll see you at lunch."

Startled once more, Catherine finally took note of the rapidly emptying room and scrambled to pack her things. Sweeping through the hallways, the girl played little attention to the buzz of conversation around her. She already knew what it was about. Everyone in the entire school knew what it was about! It was about her; the girl that'd gone crazy during 2nd period.

Knowledge of the odd incident had swiftly spread across the school because the girl, hysterical, had made quite a scene and the school had been forced to contact both her parents and, for safe measure, an ambulance.

Catherine imagined the incident would be the talk of the school for at least the next week; but, more importantly, today was Monday and the cafeteria always served burgers on a Monday. Unfortunately, they only had so many burger patties; and, that meant it was first come, first served. Anyone that missed out would have to settle for the leftover mac and cheese they'd served for this morning's breakfast.

Luckily, her math class was just down the hall from the cafe, and Catherine, like a speed-walking demon (running wasn't allowed in the hallways), managed to squeeze her way into the top 10.

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After a PE class was over, a young boy rushed through the halls. His hair a bit messy and it still seemed he didn't change to normal clothes, but no way in hell he gonna eat the leftovers after other gluttonous creatures called students gets their hands on his food.

As the boy rushed through the halls, he could hear people talking about that weird girl. Crow-black haired boy didn't cared much, for him it wasn't nothing more than a rumor and so he continued his speed-walking, cuz if he gets captured on running he could only lose time.

Tommy had also everything planned as for what he want to do after the meal, go outside and make a nice sketch to his enormous collection. He liked to draw everything, espesially nature and people when they didn't know about him drawing them. It was the best thing for him to do to relax a bit after all those classes.

He panted heavily as he reached cafe, as it was quite a while of walking from the gymnastic hall.
But he was lucky as it seemed there were few burgers left. He quickly reached the treasure of the day and searched for a table. He took a seat and simply started to enjoy his meal, he didn't paid attencion at first if he sat with someone or not.


Previously Gamingfan2
Lifon suddenly snapped back into reality as he heard the bell ring. For a second, he was confused about his whereabouts before noticing the half-finished, crappy drawing of a boat on the desk he was sitting in. He sighed, realizing that he had been daydreaming.
Art wasn't Lifon's string suit. The only subject he was worse at was Math.
Eager to escape the classroom, Lifon hurriedly shoved the paper into his bag, barely giving potential mess he created a thought as made his way outside.
Despite his initial advance, the swarm of hurrying students overtook him, shoving the poor male to and fro as they pushed through.
Lifon doubted his words were heard. No one so much as glanced at him.
Then Lifon realized that he was near the end of the lunch line.
He sighed, shaking his head and yet grinning.
"And another burgerless day for Lifon. How DOES he do it?" he joked under his breath.
Kirin had been doodling on his notes while listening to the teacher, something he did to help study a lot. He wasn't necessarily a bookworm, but he did keep up to date with his work. He was in history class, where they were learning about different cultural deities. He was occupied drawing a large, noble dragon, one that came from the different mythology books he read. His favorite class wasn't history, that was Art, but he thought history was a nice class. He had just finished drawing the dragon when the bell rang. He paused, making sure it was actually the bell he heard. When he decided it was the bell, he put the drawing into his folders and slipped it into his bag easily, and walked out.

He managed to be one of the first people out of the doors, as the section where the history class was located happened to be right near a door to the front. He stepped out to the side doors, and pulled out his homework. He never really went out to eat lunch with others, as the other students could be an annoyance to draw around. He pulled out his earbuds and played his study music. He always studied to music whenever the had the chance. He started doing his art homework, which was always easy as he loved drawing, about as much as he loved music. He started drawing several mythical beasts, including a griffon, a phoenix, jormungandr, a siren and a kitsune. He didn't know himself to predict the future, but he felt like he would know someone related to these creatures of legends one day. He continued doodling, as he had nothing much else to do.


Previously Swirled
After a tedious class of history, Jonah rose from his seat to casually walk to the cafeteria. Unlike most of the student body, the senior couldn't care less about the rampant race to get a taste of an admittedly so-so burger. Instead, Jonah opted to make one of his own every Monday. He would pack a medium well patty with a sliced yellow onion, shredded iceberg lettuce, a small container of burger sauce, and hamburger buns. What separated his meal from the rest of the student body's was that he used a unique spice blend(1 teaspoon of seasoned salt and pepper, 1/2 teaspoon of paprika, and 1/4 teaspoons of garlic powder) to season his burger and he hand made his own buns so that they would be light, fluffy, and lightly sweet to compliment the delightful saltiness of the patty and his savory sauce. Said burger sauce contained 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon of ketchup, 1 teaspoon of relish, and 1/2 teaspoons of paprika, onion powder and garlic powder. All of this was a chore to prepare, so he had to make this lunch a day in advance, use a special lunch box to ensure that the reheated patty would stay warm, and he had to walk carefully to ensure that nothing got messed up, but it was all worth it when he got to sit down and eat his delectable meal. His primary strategy was to be one of the last people to leave class, minimizing foot traffic so he wouldn't risk bumping into anyone and messing up his delicately crafted meal. When he eventually entered the cafeteria, he noticed that the burgers were all out, as he expected. Those who missed out either had to settle for the mac and cheese, which was even worse than the mediocre burger or go without eating during that lunch period, the latter being a rather common option. Without giving much more attention to his suffering peers, he found a place to sit down and set up.

Maybe I should start making burgers for those who miss out on the initial batch...then again, I doubt I could make that many burgers. I'm no Gordon Ramsay, and I'm sure he'd need some help to feed a bunch of unfortunate high schoolers.

As he ate his meal, Jonah went on his phone to read up on some of his favorite websites. While he didn't read much outside of cookbooks, he did enjoy reading one thing in his free time: articles on TV Tropes. He wasn't picky, he just clicked on the "Random Trope" button and read whatever article the algorithm put in front of him.

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
after his Arts class, Yukiro sat down on one of the isolated tables near the window, put on some earplugs and turned on his favorite classical music. He grabbed his bag and opened it to grab some books he was reading the other day from the library. It was about Kitsune, and what they do. The other one was about Jörmungandr. Yukiro also grabbed what it seemed to be a lunch box. Inside was another book, with a lock.

The contents of the book are unknown (To the other characters). "Prophecy... Prophecy... There" Yukiro had been reading the now unlocked book "Oscillation? Isn't that what she was talking about before?" Yukiro was a little suspicious of the book, As it couldn't be a coincidence as Yukiro didn't see her with any books of any kind.

Yukiro stood up grabbed his bag and went to the men's bathroom. "Jeez, Why is my neck so itchy today?" He had went to the bathroom to check if something was there. There wasn't anything there, but he didn't know why it was itching so much. Yukiro seemed to lose interest in it after he exited the bathroom. He was still thinking about the book and the girl. He noticed the long line of students piling up in the cafeteria, And Yukiro didn't mind if he didn't need to eat.
With half of a protein bar in his mouth, a boy quietly shuffled through the hallway upon conclusion of a rather boring class on English Literature, and as Erik Cho walked along, he nonchalantly hummed a tune to himself. The high ranking senior in his class seemed rather absorbed in a crossword puzzle and the music playing in his earbuds. He hadn't followed the many classmates rushing to the cafeteria to procure a dry burger on mediocre buns, deciding instead that his nearly-finished protein bar would be enough to sustain him for the day and making his way to his next period class: Art History. It was an interesting class; the teacher had recently had his students delve into artwork of creatures from tales of myth and legend, which was rather fascinating.

Despite all of the distractions pulling his mind away from the world around him as he walked, however, Erik found himself riddled with internal questions about a strange occurrence from 2nd period. Who was the girl that had produced such an outburst? What was she even talking about? The sheer absurdity of the event had undoubtedly reserved a large portion of his memory like it almost certainly had for everyone else on campus, and all attempts to decompress or direct his attention elsewhere had proved to be futile. Of course, Erik couldn't say that he completely hated the confusion and chaos brought upon the school by the event; it at least gave students something to talk about amongst each other, rather than the same old murmurs of awe every time they came across someone with a reputation like Erik's.

Eventually, with enough effort, he managed to remove the intrusive thoughts on the new topic of discussion at school, as he arrived at the door of the Art History classroom, convincing himself as sternly as possible that contemplation of what had happened could wait until he got home. As he entered through the door, Erik discarded the protein bar wrapper into a nearby trash can, popping the rest into his mouth and taking a seat at his assigned desk. Once he had gotten all of his supplies and utensils situated, he continued to work through his crossword puzzle, a playlist of jazz tunes softly playing in his ears as he waited for lunch to end and for class to begin.
History may have been one of Marcus Kosika's strong suits, but no matter how good one was at the subject it couldn't reduce the boredom of Mr. Hummel's class. The senior slumped at his desk, his hands on the straps of his backpack and his eyes transfixed on the doorway that would be momentarily jammed full of kids rushing to get to lunch. As if on cue, nearly every student leapt from their seats when the bell rang, and Marcus watched them run out before shaking his head dismissively. These kids act like they've got somewhere to be, Marcus mentally remarked, pulling his backpack over his shoulders and following behind them.

Marcus walked out side-by-side another senior, He's...Joey? Or was it Jonah?, but it was a brief and silent companionship before he stopped in front of the main bathroom outside of the cafeteria. At this time of day there would be more than a few kids idling around inside, something Marcus was counting on as he opened the door and was greeted by a group of first surprised then very relieved underclassmen, each gripping some sort of vaporizer. One of them, a junior on the rowing team, spoke up by greeting him with a quick, "Hey Marc."

"Richie." Marcus responded, before greeting the rest of the ensemble with a simple, "Lads." The senior picked a urinal and did his business, but he didn't leave once he washed his hands. Instead Marcus slipped his bag off of his shoulders and set it on top of a sink, and after a few moments of rummaging produced a small black and white vape. He walked back to the group of underclassmen, taking a spot leaning against the wall and listening to their conversation as he got his nicotine fix in. Their conversation was mostly surface level, just some nonsense about whatever the latest TikTok trend was, but after a few minutes one of the boys said something that peaked his interest.

"Did you hear about that crazy chick?"
Richie perked up at the question and eagerly added, "Yeah, I was in her class when it happened!"
Marcus blew the tropical-scented vapor from his nose and asked Richie for some clarification. He had heard rumors here and there about a girl spouting some nonsense about gremlins and mermaids, but he figured there was more to the story since she had to be taken from school in an ambulance. "So this girl Zola starts freaking out out of nowhere," Richie began, gaining the entire group's rapt attention. "Crying about how she saw the future, saying that people were gonna turn into monsters when the sky breaks. The teacher couldn't calm her down, and she just got worse and worse into hysterics, so they had to call EMTs to pick her up."

Marcus took another hit off his vaporizer as he pondered Richie's story. It lines up with what I've heard elsewhere, but it's nothing really new. "Do you think there's anything to it?" Richie asked Marcus, and after a brief moment of consideration Marcus shook his head. "She's probably just off her schizophrenia meds," the senior said with a shrug. "She'll be back in a couple days if not tomorrow and this'll just become a funny story we tell at our high school reunion."
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When Tommy just finished his well-protected and deserved meal, he noticed as Jonah came to the cafe and the boy chuckled as he saw that probably serious face. He could only guess what a senior could think, maybe he was mad cuz he didn't manage to get a burger?

The boy didn't knew, but Jonah was a perfect victim for his first sketch today! He opened his notebook and as he scrolled, he looked at few of his scetches. Majestic Unicorn, beautiful mermaid and Mysterious Hades from the underworld. He made all those pics as he listened about myths during classes, but as he went through the pages, he saw that one creature that was never said in class, the being was as tall as trees in his scetches an old man with an owl on his schoulder and pack of wolfs under his feets. It emanate with mystery that he was, unknown by most mythical creature, that couldn't get as famous as beings of nordic, greek or egyptian myths. Thomas learned about the creature existence from his grandpa's book. He couldn't read it well as it was a quite old book and any other languege than english caused him a slight trouble, but in the end at least he could scetch this mysterious figure of the past.

He couldn't give it any more thought as he wanted to draw other students without their knowledge and permission. When he took a better look on dark-brown like a wood haired with those greyish-green eyes like a leafs face of his senior. He quickly get to work, as he was drawing and sketching almost his entire life, Tommy was really good at this and didn't need a second look, nor he needed an eraser as even when he made small mistake. He somehow manages to make it look like it was a part of a picture, people usually didn't notice it.


Previously Swirled
Eventually, Jonah finished his burger, which allowed him to put away his phone for now. As he packed up to get ready for his next class, his mind wandered to the most recent topic of conversation among the student body: the ramblings of Zola. The senior wasn't very familiar with the girl prior to her outburst, but he did take pity on her for being dragged out of the school like some sort of insane person. Chances are, she might've had an undiagnosed mental illness that'll be resolved with proper therapy and possibly some medication, but it wasn't what happened to Zola that peaked Jonah's curiosity most. Rather, it was what the girl had to say that grabbed his attention.

The sky...breaking? That sounds like something straight out of Chicken Little, or some other equally mediocre movie. As for people turning into mythical creatures, I sincerely doubt that would happen, especially after an event like the sky breaking. I mean both events separately are rather unlikely, but saying that they'd both happen and implying that a broken sky would cause people to turn into griffons or dragons? That's just ridiculous. Still, that does sound like the premise for an interesting book, maybe she can write one once she gets herself together.

As he was leaving the cafeteria to go to science, one of his favorite classes, he noticed a boy around the same age as him intensely focused on a drawing. Though Jonah only got a passing glance at the canvas so he couldn't really see what his peer was drawing, yet he did notice the quality and lack of hesitation from the artist. Wanting to compliment him but not knowing how, he settled for giving an approving nod with an encouraging thumbs up as he headed to his science class.

If I see him again, I'll be sure to give him a proper compliment. Talent should be recognized and properly praised, after all.
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Another day, another migraine. If it weren't for the free food, he would not be here to begin with. Lounging around the cafeteria, former junior Orm Skau looked over the crowding students desperate for mediocre burgers. He really didn't see the appeal of frozen burgers, but food was food and he was not going to reject food that was free. After all, it could be the only meal of the day he would eat. Taking a bite out of his admittedly crappy mac and cheese, he looked around and listened to the ruckus in the cafeteria. Even though he dropped out two days ago, he could still get food. The administration probably still needed to be updated, which meant one less meal he had to worry about.

"Did you hear about that girl who went mental during second period?"

"Hear? It's like it's all that everyone talks about today! People turning into monsters and the sky breaking though? Sounds to me like she's a regular substance abuser."

Two freshmen walked past Orm who caught snippets of their conversation, the sky breaking? Monsters? He had to know more about this, if only for some short-lived amusement. Getting up from his seat, the junior caught up to the two freshmen and tapped one on her shoulder. "You, what were you saying about this girl who went crazy?" The two girls turned around and their faces went pale from fear, something Orm was so used to at this point that he didn't even react to it anymore.

"The serpent.." The girl Orm didn't ask whispered, earning her a glare from the boy.

"I don't recall asking you anything

"I-I don't know too much about it! Apparently there's some girl who went crazy during second period and talked about people turning to monsters when the sky would crack! I think she also scribbled all over her table, but it's just rumors! I swear!" The girl was obviously afraid and unwanting to cause a scene, Orm simply nodded.

"I see." Without saying goodbye, Orm walked back to his seat and finished eating his food. It all sounded crazy, there was no way that this girl was sober when saying all that. Maybe a panic attack, maybe drugs, maybe she just was crazy to begin with. The two freshman had ran away in the meantime, leaving the boy alone with his thoughts and a fork in his mouth. It seemed that his reputation preceded him, he'd never seen those girls before yet they were scared of him. The serpent, a less than flattering nickname that he'd gotten over the years. Whenever he was in the classroom, teachers tried to not pay him much heed and those that tried to reprimand him for his behaviour felt the venomous comments that laced his tongue. He'd been compared to a rattlesnake that was always rattlingbefore in overheard conversations. Anyone in the room felt uncomfortable around him and knew that if they did anything that could be percieved as corrections, they would get bitten as well. His size didn't help either, being taller than the average student. He didn't know much about snakes, but he was pretty sure that the really big ones crushed instead of using venom.

Was he to blame though? It wasn't like he enjoyed needing help to get this far or dropping out, but who cared about his opinion? All they saw was a scary junior with a terrible temper and just as bad grades and if that was the only thing they saw, then he'd give them nothing else to see. He wasn't evil or anything, he just didn't take anyone's crap. Especially not from people who thought studying was more important than family, when was he going to use the information that cells have organelles? That wouldn't put food on your plate, so he was not even going to try and bother to learn it. He was better than them and always would be, degree be damned.
Adrian was in the same bored and indifferent mood as he patiently waited for his English class to finally come to an end. When the bell rang, he perked up and immediately got up from his desk to head to lunch, as much as he hated loud noises, the ring of the bell to notify his boring lesson's conclusion was an exception as he went to wait in line and hopefully get his hands on any burgers. He heard about how he had to get one as soon as possible because there wasn't a single chance in Hell that he would accept the leftover Mac and cheese. His head perked up when he overheard a few people talk about a strange rumor that regarded a girl in second period. The idea of the sky "breaking" or people turning in to creatures from many known myths and legends sounded somewhat ridiculous to Adrian, but he paid it little mind and simply stepped forward in the hope to get his hand on a burger. "Perhaps I should get myself a lunchbox and get started on making my own lunch for lunchtime, then I wouldn't have to settle for whatever crap they have here..."

When he heard how there were no burgers left, he groaned in annoyance and simply walked off. "Hang on, we still have some mac'n'cheese left." One lunch lady said. "I know, that's why I'm leaving." Adrian said with his hands in his pockets and a somewhat smug look on his face, the lunch lady scoffed before she turned to the student next in line. It wasn't the first time he skipped lunch because what they served was like crap which only confirmed his idea on making packed lunches for himself.

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
Yukiro notices Adrian and walks up to him. He grabbed something from his bag, and took out a box. it had three sandwiches, two apples and nothing else. "Here you go Adrian, seemed like you were hungry. Take it" Yukiro never acts that way to strangers, but Adrian was his childhood friend.

"Don't worry about me, I packed three sandwiches" Yukiro still trying to make Adrian eat since people needed to eat too. "You didn't get a burger, so instead of skipping lunch, come and eat this" Yukiro had handed the sandwich to Adrian for him to eat it. "lest you want to eat mac n' cheese" Yukiro jokingly said to Adrian.
Adrian turned his head and looked up lightly with a smile when he saw Yukiro, his smile only got wider when he handed him a sandwich which he immediately took and happily ate. "Thanks Yukiro, I really need to get myself a lunchbox as well... it's not that I'm broke, but my old man thinks it's not worth the effort or cash. But if he saw what food they had, I bet he'd hand me some of his cash so I could buy one... or maybe drive me to McDonalds if I get lucky." He said with some light laughter before he proceeded to eat his... or Yukiro's sandwich. "So, what's your next lesson? I'll be doing history which... might be interesting depending on what part of history we'll be learning."

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
"No problem Adrian, It's what friends do right?" as Yukiro checked his schedule, "Hmm, i have history next" Yukiro answering Adrian's question, He chuckles at the joke that Adrian had said. "You know the talk of the school right Adrian?" Yukiro told Adrian in a whispered voice to not let anyone hear him.

"Remember how she said that the sky would break and people would turn into monsters?" Yukiro didn't seem menacing, just curious what Adrian's opinion is. He wanted to know more about what she said, since Yukiro only heard about the sky breaking and such from other students. "What about your opinion on Zola? The one who was talking about prophecies and stuff?"
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Catherine swabbed up the last of her burger sauces—a mix of mustard, ketchup, mayo, and seasoning—with her last remaining fry (the side of french fries cost a bit extra but was worth it for a complete meal). If she were at home, she would've finished by licking the salt off her greasy digits; but, moderately self-conscious about her image, the girl opted to wipe her hands with a pair of napkins like the prim, proper and dignified senior that she totally was.

With her meal done, Catherine slipped out of the Cafeteria and headed to her next class, Science. The classroom was mostly empty, with only a few students milling about; classes wouldn't start for another half an hour, so Catherine wasn't surprised. Catherine found her seat and set down her books. Her eyes swept around the room, recognizing one of the students as...Joshua? No, Jonah. She remembered it because it was a name she'd heard in Bible class.

She hadn't talked to him much, but seeing as they were virtually the only people in the classroom, she decided to make some small talk.

"Hey, you're Jonah...right? I'm Catherine." She began with a simple introduction but skipped the pleasantries and went straight to the meat of the matter. "You've heard about what happened this morning, right? With that girl? I heard that she wrote all over her desk, a prophecy, or something. Curious?"


Previously Swirled
Admittedly, Jonah wasn't expecting someone to attempt to make conversation with him, even if it was just simple small talk. Like Catherine towards him, Jonah had a baseline familiarity towards the girl, mainly through whatever he heard about the science club.

"Nice to meet you Catherine." Jonah responded with a small smile, not lit up by familiarity but carried by general friendliness. Of course, she would bring up what happened with Zola, considering that it's all that the student body seemed to care about, right next to their weekly burgers.

"I've heard a couple rumors here and there, but I don't like sticking my nose in places it doesn't belong," Jonah's voice was nonchalant without being dismissive, "Besides, I wouldn't take her ramblings very seriously anyway. At most, I could entertain the sky 'breaking', but not the part about people turning into fairy tale creatures. But what about you, do you think your suddenly going to turn into the Fairy Godmother or something?" He attempted to joke with Catherine to add a modicum of levity to the otherwise concerning situation. Unfortunately, Jonah never really considered himself much of comedic genius, so he had no real confidence that his efforts would be successful.
Kirin finished his drawing, and methodically put it into his art binder. He packed up his bag and decided that he would just hang out in his next class, Science. He got up, paused his MP3 player, and walked to the class and opened the door. He noticed two people who looked familiar, but couldn't place their names. He sat down in his seat, which happened to be one seat over horizontally from them. Kirin didn't pay the fullest attention to what they were saying, and spaced out, his mind flipping through different thoughts. He pulled out a small, leather box and pulled out the item within, which happened to be a Butterfly Knife. He was allowed to have it in school as a fidget toy, as he had gotten approval from the Counselor to do so, as it was just a trainer butterfly knife with a dull blade.. He wasn't quite sure why the counselor would agree to it, but he managed to get it regardless. He flipped it between his fingers, doing various tricks, that taking his mind off of most thoughts. He stopped, looking up, getting distracted by the different science formulas that bordered the walls. He then continued flipping the knife, before catching it backwards. He then flipped it closed, and took a glance at the students he noticed while walking in.
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"So ya missed out too, huh?"

Lifon received a pat on the back, from a sympathetic Sarah. "Yep, teacher wanted to talk with me after class..." She shook her head, "Says that I didn't turn in a homework sheet, I tell her I forgot about it, she says this was the third week in a row I've forgotten about it...But I mean, I do a lot of things, don't I? It's just a history sheet- And I mean, when am I gonna use history for anyways? A bunch of old guys busy messing around with stuff hundreds of years ago doesn't really matter, right?" Sarah had seemingly trapped Lifon into a rant without realizing it. If there was other appealing food there, they both probably had lost it by this point.

"So what got you all the way back here in line? You get in trouble too?" She gave him a look over, but seemingly came to her own conclusion. "Nah, you look like someone who'd slip your way out of stuff pretty easy." She shrugged, before glancing at the remaining food left in the cafeteria stall. "Come on, we'll walk and talk- I'm sure there's something good left!"

Sarah hadn't actually let Lifon get a word in yet...


Previously Kid_Nukas
Sam looked down at his worksheet as the clock kept ticking away. He hadn't done anything on it yet, he'd been goofing off the entire class period playing on his phone. It wasn't like the teacher didn't notice, he was just able to get away with it since he knew the material already. Math was his easiest subject, and so long as he turned in his homework and tests, the teacher didn't really care what he did during class. The bell rang and Sam started to pack up his stuff and head to lunch, but was stopped by the teacher on his way out. He was expecting the usual spiel about how he should focus his talents on something productive rather than wasting it on his phone, but instead was informed that his choir teacher had called for him to go there. He didn't usually get requests like that, and while it sounded like it was probably going to be a pain, he decided he should get moving.

On his way there, he got a notification about some posts that had just come in. Apparently there was a big incident involving a girl named Zola spouting some nonsense about how people were going to transform into monsters. Despite it only happening in second period, there was already a ton of people posting memes about it on social media. He decided to turn his phone on do not disturb to avoid too many more notifications about it since he didn't really enjoy making fun of others problems.

He arrived in his choir class to find the chorus teacher at their desk. "Oh good Sam you're here, come on over." Sam hesitated before complying. They didn't sound upset, but it was quite odd for them to call Sam there without any warning. "We have a new student who got choir put in their schedule. They won't really know anybody and I think you would be the perfect one to try and help him feel more welcome." This came as quite a shock to Sam. He'd never been super active in choir, but he participated which was more than he could say for most of his other classes.

"I don't mean any disrespect, but wouldn't you want to get someone who is more involved to show him the ropes? I just kind of got put in here because I didn't feel like picking my electives this semester."

"That's exactly the reason I want you to be the person to help. After all, you didn't want to be here and yet I see you singing every class period and enjoying yourself. His name is Thomas Dzikowski and he should get here next period. Just get him up to speed and try to make sure he doesn't feel alienated. I'm counting on you."

With that Sam was released to lunch, not that he was actually hungry. He wasn't sure exactly how to feel about his current situation. On one hand, he wasn't really sure he had the energy for this today, but on the other hand, he did want to help the new kid adjust to school life. It was a bit of a dilemma, but after thinking about it, he figured he might as well do it. He hung out in the hallway waiting for lunch to be over so that he could meet the kid and push through the day.
After few minutes a random victim (aka Jonah) sketch was completed and Tommy was proud of it. When he looked around, it seemed that the Senior left the cafe, so Tommy won't be able to shoe him his sketch, but he had to admit it went well. Although he wasn't sure if he made nose the same as the model had or if he didn't make his ears a little too big... Well, he will need to see original again, but he hoped that he made everything exacly as it should be.
He stood up from his table and as he noticed that no one took a seat with him and confirmed that he doesn't have to say 'bye' to anyone. He took his leave from the cafeteria.
He hummed a melody under his nose as he was entering the halls. He quickly remind himself that he doesn't know where is the choir. Tommy heard that he was to join to choir and he simply accepted this decision. He wasn't a bad singer, but always loved the sketching more...

But who knows? Maybe he will start to like singing and taking part in this choir too.

So now he just to find where it is... And so he started to ask around.
Adrian smiled when Yukiro mentioned friends as he ate the last of his sandwich. "Yeah? Everyone knows about it now, my opinion, I feel like it's just a ridiculous attempt at trying to be funny. Don't you remember back in 2012 when they said it was gonna be the end of the world? We're still here, the world's still here, so what are the chances this is gonna be any different?" Adrian said with a slight tone of indifference. "I'd give this rumor a month until it dies down and we get back to our boring school lives... at least these crazy rumors give us something interesting to talk about."


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"Hmm, Yeah. I guess it's like the 2012 incident wasn't it" Yukiro gave a little chuckle of disbelief of the rumors about what Zola had said. Yukiro looked at his watch to see the time, "Jeez, It's almost fifth period. We should probably get to class.Huh, I have History as well" As Yukiro checked his schedule. "Well, c'mon. We're in the same class anyway, Let's go" Yukiro signalling to Adrian to follow him

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Lifon turned towards at the sympathetic voice and the pat the followed it. Before he knew it, he was bombarded by a sudden rant from Sarah. His "Well-"s, "I-"s, and "Well I-"s were interrupted with each rapid sentence. Her description of him made him pause.
Someone who'd slip my way out of stuff? Is that a compliment or-?
Then he realized Sarah was still talking. He took a second, before nodding uncertainty.
"Uh, sure." he answered awkwardly.
"although it's more walk and listen in my case."
"I'm surprised you'd entertain any of it," Catherine gawked and rolled her eyes, "but it's still interesting, no? Aren't you at least a little bit curious to see ground zero?"

Her expression slowly focused: her eyes vivid with curiosity while her lips curved into a lighthearted smile. "I've been thinking of paying her class a visit; and, seeing the fabled prophecy up close. Interested?"

Like a Cheshire cat, Catherine extended her invitation with a toothy grin.
Half asleep, Alex snapped to attention at the sounds of voices and the pounding of footsteps outside his classroom. Slowly, he began packing up his books along with the rest of the class, before his lethargic brain managed to connect the dots between class ending and lunch beginning

"So fourth period is over, meaning it's lunch. I came in fourth period today to grab lunch, because... lunch today is burgers. Oh shit-" Alex's packing became a lot more hasty upon remembering lunch. As much as he'd heard the other students insulting the burgers, they were free and they tasted pretty good and, regardless of their mediocrit,y they'd be gone in minutes if he wasn't quick enough. Not bothering to zip up his backpack, Alex slung it onto one shoulder and ran out into the corridor.

Being as experienced as any other high schooler at weaving through the human mass in the corridors, Alex managed to make it to the canteen and secure himself a meal, finding a quiet corner to sit. Of course, quiet meant 'not packed with freshmen', but he had to make do.

Popping in a headphone, Alex sat back to eat his burger and watch the bustle of the cafeteria, as he usually did. He'd heard some mentions of a crazy chick being dragged out of 2nd period; from what he'd pieced together, it was some rant about 'prophecies' and 'the end of the world' and Alex thought he'd heard some snippets about 'monsters' and 'the sky breaking', but that might've just been him. Odds were, it was just some poor girl having a bad trip that got overblown, but at least it meant something was happening in school for once.

Having finished his burger, Alex found himself flicking small balls of paper he'd ripped out of a notebook onto the floor out of sheer boredom. Though the day seemed fairly eventful there was still little to do apart from eat and talk during lunch, and Alex had exhausted both those options. He could try to study or go to his next class early, but Alex really didn't feel like going to chemistry at all that day, nor did he have the energy to get out a textbook to study from, so he'd gone to making life a bit harder for the cleaners and the students he made targets. Most of them were too busy gossiping to even notice, and the worst he ever got was a few annoyed looks. Resting his head on his hand, he flicked another piece of paper into a crowd of sophomores.

His aim was off, and the the small ball of paper ended up careening into some junior's Mac and cheese. Hopefully they weren't paying enough attention to clock where it came from, and though the tough-looking boy looked vaguely familiar, Alex didn't show any sign of noticing his mistake as he tore off another piece of paper.
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"What can I say? I like to keep an open mind," Jonah chuckled in response to Catherine rolling her eyes at him. When he noticed the lighthearted smile on her face, the senior became somewhat concerned. This concern became more apparent when she fully extended her offer to visit the classroom where Zola wrote her prophecy.

"I have no interest in playing detective, but I have nothing better to do right now, so I guess I'll go with you." His tone portrayed disinterest, but the young man held a modicum of curiosity on the matter. Rumors could only hold so much of the truth, so the best way to get information on a topic is to do independent research.

I doubt the room is even open, but I guess I'll entertain her sense of exploration.
With the conversation about Zola coming to a close, and the end of his lunch period steadily approaching, Marcus decided to bid the group adieu and head to his next class. Figuring he wouldn't get another chance until after school, Marcus took a final hit off his vape before slipping it back into the secure pocket in his backpack. "Riveting conversation as always, lads," the senior said with a mildly sarcastic tone. "Richie, I'll see you at practice."

As Marcus left the bathroom, he checked the picture of his schedule that he had set as the lock screen on his phone. Science, he thought, Should be easy enough. Three years at Zenobia High had made Marcus an expert at navigating its halls, and he mentally mapped out a route to the classroom that would take him through the lunchroom as a shortcut. The senior walked quickly, crossing through the lunchroom with a confident stride. He kept his head on a swivel as he walked, but noticed nothing in particular until his eyes fell on a confrontation between a rather large boy and a couple of what Marcus assumed were freshmen.

The Serpent strikes again, the senior thought while rolling his dark brown eyes. Since his own sophomore year Marcus had been hearing of a kid in the grade below him, a boy that was bigger and tougher than some of the seniors when he was only a freshman. Their paths didn't cross often, but Marcus knew enough about him to recognize him. Orm...something or another. I wish I could talk to that guy, see if he's more than the stories.
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Sam was on his phone until lunch was over. He knew the new kid was probably going to have a hard time finding the chorus room, so he decided to try and see if he could intercept him before he got too lost. Luckily, it didn't take him long to find a boy asking around for where the choir class was. Sam could only assume that was the guy he was looking for. "Hey, you wouldn't happen to be Thomas would you? If you're looking for the choir class, you can follow me." Sam waited for them to respond. This was very outside of his comfort zone and he was hoping he didn't sound too apathetic when talking to this new kid. He wanted the kid to feel like he could fit in, he knew it was kind of hard to feel alienated.
Tommy turned around to the voice that called to him and he turned to Sam that was offering his help. He sounded a bit emotionless and Thomas couldn't tell if he was a problem or something else, but he needed help, so he wasn't stating that part of his mind out loud. He quickly thought that maybe at least he should try and cheer the boy that approached him up. He made a small, honest smile and said with cheerful voice "Yup! Thats me, thank you for the offer, I will be really glad if you help me. Umm... You know my name, but I don't know yours" Tommy waited for the boy reponse and added "I will be under your care then and I hope that I won't trouble you much before we reach the class"


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Sam realized he probably should've introduced himself instead of just outright saying he knew who this kid was. In retrospect that probably would've seemed weird had it been him in that position. "Ah, sorry that's my bad. I'm Sam, I'm in your chorus class and the teacher kind of asked me to help you get up to speed. You don't need to do all that 'under you're care stuff.' The chorus class isn't far from here. So how come you're getting to school so late? I don't mean to be rude, but we did start school a month ago, just seems odd to me."
"Well..." started Tommy as Sam asked him this kinda understandable but uncomfortable question.
"I just got transfered recently and got trouble getting to this school too.. In fact, I tried to be here earlier, but due to few troubles couldn't.. And no, you weren't rude" said Tommy.
"And still thanks for your help. So, what are we gonna to do in the choir today, Sam? Or do you don't know too?" he asked out of curiosity.
Catherine's grin widened—if that was even possible—after successfully roping in an accomplice.

"Then, shall we?"

All too eager to see, with her own eyes, the talk of the school, Catherine departed swiftly. Curiosity was a relentless drillmaster, pushing her forward with a single-minded focus. She felt an entire kaleidoscope of butterflies in her stomach, each as eager and excited as she was.

It didn't take long for them to cross the school and arrive at the location they'd quested for: the Spanish classroom. Catherine tried the doorknob, finding it—to her glee—unlocked. She threw a wicked grin towards her partner in crime, her eyes narrowing to smiling crescent. Without a word, she pushed into the room.

It would be hard to tell which desk had been Zola's—or it might've been; but, it was obvious at a glance. There, on the left side of the classroom was a desk covered in what looked to Catherine like black sharpie. Something was written on it; though it was unreadable at a. distance. Cathrine did the obvious thing and swaggered across the room to get a better look.

She stood beside the desk and peered down; but, brow furrowing in confusion, she could make no sense of what she saw. There seemed to be a single...word(?) written on the desk, repeated tens of times, the letters blending into each other, in parts, becoming unreadable. However, the word itself was so distinct that Catherine could easily make it out.

ọ̀dàlẹ̀ ọ̀dàlẹ̀ ọ̀dàlẹ̀ ọ̀dàlẹ̀ ọ̀dàlẹ̀ ọ̀dàlẹ̀...

That being said...the girl couldn't help but wonder out loud.

"What the hell is an odale?"
Absently chewing on his food, Orm's mind trailed back to the story that the freshmen told him. The story itself was absurd, there was no doubt about that, but how on earth did the girl come up with that story? Alcohol? Drugs? Boredom? Maybe she went insane from the pressure that the school put upon her, and he couldn't blame her. School only cared about good grades, the only help he got was because his grades plummeted. If this girl's grades were good, but her mental health was one plum away from a fruit pie then it was no surprise that she snapped. He felt bad for the girl, he knew what it felt like to be in her situation. The junior clenched his fists in anger, convinced that he knew exactly what was going on with Zola and that Zenobia didn't care about its students. At that moment, a ball of paper landed in his mac and cheese and that was the final straw. Slamming his hands on the table, Orm stood up and looked in the direction that the ball came from, seeing someone tear off a piece of paper. Blinded by both arrogance and anger, the junior decided that they just had to be the culprit and they would have to pay for ruining their meal. It didn't matter if it was bad mac and cheese or something else, it was the fact that someone had the sheer audacity to ruin his meal.

Stomping over towards Alex, Orm attempted to grab the paper thrower by the collar of his shirt and slam him against a nearby wall. Anger seethed behind his eyes as he looked down on the boy. The paper thrower was almost 8 inches shorter than him, but that was no excuse for the boy. "You've got guts messing with me, think you're funny or something? Think people like it when they get paper thrown at them, huh? Who do you think you are, some kind of superior kid who can get away with that stuff? How about I throw you, see if you like that? Pull that shit again and I will not hesitate to beat you up, got it?" The tall boy scowled, if this kid had half as much brains as he had guts, he'd not be in this situation. Everyone knew to leave him alone, lest they evoke the wrath of the Serpent. The kid didn't look like a freshman, so they had no excuse not to know him.


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"Well, you're here now, so I guess that's really all that matters, I won't pry more. We shouldn't be doing too much in choir today, this first month has been mostly teaching basics, or so the veterans have told me. Basically, we've been learning how to sight-sing and learning solfege, which is basically just the ABCs of music. You should be fine for the most part. The teacher loves new students, she tries to get as many people involved in the group as she can, heck she even got me to participate and I didn't want anything to do with choir. You'll be fine." As Sam was saying this, they arrived at the class, they were still a few minutes early, so he just stopped outside the classroom. "Since we have a few minutes, I guess I could answer any questions you have."
"Well, I never said that you can't pry more, it is just family matter so I wouldn't tell you if you wouldn't want to know. Still thanks for not trying to pry" said Tommy with a smile to the boy. After then he said "I see, well sounds like it may be a bit fun" he added after hearing about a choir and then he took a good look at the class.. Or rather its door. "So there it is huh... And I can ask any question?" he gave it a serious thought and then started to ask "Do you know how many people are now in choir and how many wanted it from the beginning?" that was his first question as he wondered if there were many people like him and Sam.. That didn't really want to be in choir at first. "And another question is... Mind if I draw you?" he asked as he thought that Sam can make another second sketch and teacher of choir will be his third sketch today.
"Hm?" Spotting somebody coming towards him, Alex perked up in expectancy of a question, trying to pin down who it could be that'd have a reason to talk to. The boy was a monster of a junior, easily breaking the 6'4 mark, and looked thoroughly pissed.

"Hey, what's-" Alex began, before he felt himself being roughly lifted out of his chair and slammed against the wall behind him. Now having a far better view of the boy's face than he'd prefer, he vaguely recalled seeing him before, but couldn't pin where. Doing his best to ignore the boy's ring pressing into him, Alex suddenly realised who he was.

"Oh shit, that was you?" He asked, wincing slightly at the realisation. "Ah, sorry mate, my bad. At least it's a bit more fiber in your diet, you know?" Alex didn't know much about Orm, but he'd heard the name around, along with some dumb nickname Alex assumed he'd given himself. 'Serpent', or something of the sort.
Kirin paused, noticing the two people leaving, and decided Hey, might as well not miss out.
He trailed the two, making sure to look like he was supposed to be going there, as to not raise suspicion to himself. He did this by looking down at his phone and using his peripheral vision to see where they were heading. When the two stopped at the Spanish classroom, Kirin wondered to himself, why would they need to go here?
He then saw the desk, and put everything together.
Huh, they're investigating the insane "Prophetic". Why do they have any interest in this?
Sarah had led Lifon through the lunch line, where there was occasional scraps of food left in the trays- Though none more copiously however, than a tray of greenish sludge labelled "Spinach". To their credit, it did vaguely resemble spinach. "See? There's plenty of food left!" Not dissuaded from it's appearance, she took a scoop of it, plopping it on her plate. "Spinach is pretty good for you too. Protein and stuff. Not sure why everyone skipped over it!"

However, there was a bit of a commotion that she turned to look at- A big dude was threatening a not so big dude. It took her a moment to realize who the big dude was.

"Hey, isn't that guy expelled?" She brought up in a hushed tone. "Or at least, isn't supposed to be here? You'd think security would drag him out for causing a scene..." Sarah shook her head. "I guess security is still reeling from the girl who freaked out earlier today."

She had actually stopped talking, so it seemed now would be ample time for Lifon to get some words of his own in.


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"Well, I'm not sure the exact ratio, but I know that I was one of the people who just got thrown into the class. Most of the people who weren't at least enjoying it somewhat dropped it in the first week though, and there weren't many who did. I'd say most people find something to enjoy in here, despite if they wanted to be in it or not." Sam was pretty confident with his first answer and was ready to answer more, but the second was certainly not what he was expecting. "Can you draw me? I mean, I guess I'm not against it, but I don't really think I make the best model." Sam didn't want to shoot Thomas down, but it was a weird situation to be in. He wasn't one for the spotlight and wasn't ready for the question, but the more he thought about it, he thought it couldn't be terrible to see a drawing of himself, so he let it happen.