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Private/Closed The Shelter

"Here, this should make sure he doesn't feel it." he said handing her a shot of morphine from his back pack.

The Cops pulled up shortly after.
"Thank goodness!" Levy exclaimed. She quickly rushed over to one of the officers. "I need you to get me back to the shelter nearby as soon as you can. This Riolu needs attention." Levy was quite happy with her authority nowadays. She could even walk up to a random trainer and get them to help her if she really needed it.
"Sure Miss Levy!" The Officer said as she commanded him around.

He also grabbed the Teenager and put him the back next to Rye, and had Her sit in the passenger seat with the Riolu.

~10 minutes later~

The Officer pulled up to the shelter, letting them both out before driving off to the police station to take care of the crook.

Rye opened the doors to the lobby for Levy, and was quite surprised when he the Umbreons, sitting there with the Eevee's, who were tumbling around sleepil, rolling on there backs and yawning. The rest of the Shelter seemed pretty quite aside from the noisy Litter.
Levy was talking urgently to a nurse before having Riolu wheeled off into a diagnosis room. She sighed and looked around the room. Levy saw a girl holding one of the Eevee pups. Quite frankly, she was surprised that she got hold of one. "Hello, miss? My name is Levy, I'm one of the assistant nurses here, and the Eevee you are holding was not officially put in your care, so I'm going to need it back to put with its mother." Levy explained holding her hands out to receive the Eevee.
"Wha, oh um sorry." She said emmbarresedly as she handed the sleeping Eevee to Levy.

~In the Umbreons room~

Rye sat down as the Eevee's clambered over to him, squeaking crazily as they rolled around.

A two of the more shy ones were hanging out by the Umbreons.

The rest were curled up on Rye's lap. As he counted the heads he felt as if some one was missing.

"Jesus, you guys are cute and all, but I don't know if I have time to take care of you all..."'he murmmered gently as he pet them as they slept.
"Oh my goodness." Levy snickered at the mass of fluff on Rye, placing the Eevee she had retrieved down with the rest. The one she liked in particular walked over to her and sniffed, curiously. "Hey, honey." Levy cooed as she pat the Eevee on the head. She walked over to Rye and tapped him on the shoulder. "Are you going to stay all night? Or are you taking them home?" Levy joked.
"I don't think they'll all fit in my car, yeah but I'll staying here until I can get one of my friends to help transport them." He said smiling.

~A few hours later~

Rye lay on one of the Guest beds in the room, while the Umbreons slept on top, a few of the Eevee's laid on top. One of the Eevees, the one that had taken a liking to Levy, wandered around until the Pup found her room, and nudged open the door.

The light cast into the room from down the hall, and the Eevee squeaked, hopping up onto the bed, snuggling underneath Levys chin, before falling asleep.
Levy felt her wristband buzz, telling her to get up. She had never really liked alarm clocks, so she had a small wristband that buzzed her awake. Levy started to move, but she opened her eyes to see an Eevee, the Eevee she liked to be exact, sleeping right next to her. Carefully, Levy climbed out of bed, trying not to wake up the Eevee. She got ready for the day and was about to leave when a small, "Eevee!" Could be heard behind her. The small Eevee followed her to the door and was probably going to continue to follow her. "I don't think Rye will mind if I look after one of them before hours." Levy whispered. She walked out, heading to the front desk's computer to check on the Pokemon in their care and to see how many Pokemon were adopted yesterday.
Ryes room, however did not have an alarm clock, but had a Hungry Umbreon, who kept on licking his face nonstop.

"Mm... cut it out... 5 more minutes..." He whispered sleepily to the Umbreon, who in return pawed at his face with her paw.

"Agh, I'm up, I'm up!" He cried wearily as the two Umbreon swatted at his face gently.

He sat up, almost launching the Eevee's into the air.

He got up and got dressed slowly, still feeling sluggish from sleeping. He walked out to the main hall, Eevee's chasing after their mother and father.
Eevee was pawing at the keyboard on the computer, wondering what it was. "Here, wait for one second." Levy laughed. She pulled up a program that just allows typing and watched as Eevee pounded on the board, enticed by the letters appearing on the screen. Levy wasn't really suppost to be anywhere, so this was to great enjoyment.

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Rye took the eevees home, but promised to bring them to visit, and he kept the promise.

~6 months later~

Rye was in the intensive care unit of the hospital. He had given the nurse in the abulalance ride to the hospital a piece of paper with Levi's phone number on it. He had been in a car crash.

The Nurse called the number. The paper seemed to have lots of little notes, dictating who got what if he got Killed in service, or was injured. It also stated that if he was to perish, or be unable to take care of his Pokemon, then Levy, was able to take care of them temporarily.

The nurse explained what happened and the stuff about the Pokemon, before giving her Ryes address to his apartment, where she could find the Pokemon.
"Hmm, next to no one called during service hours." Noted Levy as she felt her cell buzz in her white nurses outfit. "Excuse me for one moment please." She asked her patient as she waved one of the other desk woman over to help her. Levy walked outside and answered the call. The nurse almost dropped her phone when the news was reported. Quickly she jot down the information and went to talk to the head of the shelter. "I need the rest of the day off please." Levy begged as she faced her boss, hoping he understood her situation. Thankfully she received permission to leave early. While in her car, Levy noticed that Rye's apartment was father than hers so she made a quick stop at her apartment to set out a bed for the Eevee family.