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The whats in your house game

Well, I do not think that I have a gondola in my bedroom. The most relatable thing that I have is a mini-sized sailboat from Prince Edward Island that was gifted to me from a family member of mine.

I have a plump and friendly Pikachu plush in my room, do you?

nope, my largest plush is an Eevee

I have a brand new, closed packs of bandaids in my room, do you?
nope, the only poster I have is the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom logo

I have Matchbox toys of "Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom" in my room, do you?
@smew178 banned for looking good

Edit: wrong topic

(my pfp I made to kind o playfully taunt an Eevee friend of mine, in another forum, sticking tongue out at them to get them started on playing or doing something funny, funny way canines do, I just removed the text on the far right - on my Deviant Art I got the original art up)
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Previously Caleb LaMont
Yes, I do have a very good could sense of style called "I dont give af what I wear".

I have a diagram of the Bikini Bottom in my room? Do you.
sort of, it has a plush of Zabivaka, a replica of the Jabulani, and my Northern Ireland football jersey... if it counts

I have laptop speakers in my room, do you?


Previously LizardWarrior
what is a me me? NANI!? (no)

I have a dirty plate that has been there for 30 seconds and I can't stop staring at in my room, do you?