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The whats in your house game

not at all, I have a thick blanket on the window with the art of a white tiger on it

I have three games for a console I don't own yet... do you?
(not sure why I didn't get notification for topic)


Previously chibighost

I have a shelf filled with plushes, including but not limited to: Kirby and Pokemon plushes. Do you?
not anymore, got rid of mine about 2 years ago
when I didn't use it anymore

I have a closed pack of cookies in my room, do you?
I looked up piano and now I have a picture of a piano in my room now so sort of? that doesn't count? okay fine. no.

I have a happy doggy in my room, do you?


Previously Night's Shadow
Yep. From Build-a-Bear. It’s from, like, my sixth birthday.

I have a gigantic hallway smack-dab in the middle of my house, do you?


Previously SwiftSwoobat
No, my room is pretty small, a boombox would just take up space.

I have a thermometer in my room (it’s been their longer than I can remember), do you?
not yet, do hope to have one someday

I have a container of Gojuchang chili paste in my room, do you?
(its a sweet and spicy Koren chili paste,, good for the 'boring cheap' instant noodles)
d have dresser, no mirror, I removed mirror, I don't trust mirrors too much
paranormal reasons

v - I have about 10 pencils not sharpened, do you?


Previously Gamingfan2
I have about 2 unopened packs of unsharpened pencils. Literally forgot they were there for months

I have a bunk bed in my room. Do you?


Previously Gamingfan2
That and gatorade bottles.
I'm not a very neat person :'|

I have a bible in my room(Thanks to my religious mother). Do you?
Haven't had a tv since I donated mine in 2015, sitting around catching dust

I have a Pokeball plush in my room, do you?
yes I do, with the Seattle Seahawks logo on it
good thing I keep it in good conditions

I have a poster of Jurassic Park in my room, do you?