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The whats in your house game

I want to get one, seems easier for drawing, touch screen and tablet pen... much easier than a mouse
going to save for one... after I get a Switch first

I have a 'drawing tablet' a wooden one with old fashion clips that holds paper in place
(yep, non electronic)
sort off, i have 2, full of plushies and figurines, not books

I have an ceramic figure of the lucky cat - Maneki Neko - 招き猫 - do you?
ive seen this from time to time but i've never actually wanted one. i have a dog sleeping right beside me right now as i type this. it would kinda be weird but not really since my dog isn't smart enough to realize its a cat. thus contradicting myself.

i have a calligraphy pen in my room, do you?
nope, I do have lots of other plushies in my room

I have a....
plush in my room, do you?
no... out of curiosity, which generation is the calendar you own? im assuming gen. 7 since that's that most recent (if you ignore gen. 8 that's right around the corner.)

I have a leash and harness in my room (for my dog of course), do you?
i looked... why did i look? i should know whether or not i have sauce in my room without having to look!... No.

I have a pack of gum in my room, do you?
yeah... that i do.

i have a bug in my room(its a fly) in my room, do you?

my dog is chasing the fly around the room... she's definitely not going to catch the fly, but that's not stopping her from trying.
i don't drink tea... If i did it would be cold because I'm not going to make tea or buy hot tea...

I have a sticker on my doornob in my room, do you?
unless you mean the ones for 'dry erase boards' those I do have lots of

I have an empty bag of Cheetos in my room, do you?
(just finished them)
the one hanging on my window, it has a picture of a tiger on it, so yes

I have a poster of Guardians of the Galaxy in my room, well wall... do you?
No, great movie(both 1 and 2) but no.
Thanks a lot firox... now I got this song from the movie stuck in my head...

I have a mouse connected to the laptop in my room, do you?
yep, couple of them, doesn't compare to the real spider in the corner of my room - common house spider of the Pacific Northwest
(love arachnids, as long as I know I don't bother it, it won't bother me... been there for almost 3 months, probably escaping the rain and cold weather)

at times it hard coming up with something new.... or unique
I have a spoon and fork in my room, do you?
Yeah... me too. I have martial arts weapons in my room but I sincerely doubt the people here do too...

I had a spoon in my room when I ate breakfast but not anymore.

I have a ceiling fan in my room, do you?
none with my name, do have one with a sports team logo on it

I have a football in my room, do you?
(has the Jabulani logo from the 2010 world cup on it)
No. No football. No sports in my room.

I have very few things left in my room I haven't mentioned yet.
(By the end of this thread there is a very good chance were going to know the exact layout to each of our rooms.)