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The whats in your house game

probably, depends what it is

I have a photo of a great grandparent that passed away long ago in my room, do you have something similar?
nope, never seen them in real life or photograph.(i don;t even know their names.)

I have a picture of a deceased pet in my room(two actually, my previous dog and the one before that), do you?
not at the moment, soon will

I have a folder with lots of TCG cards in them, do you?
(an Eeveelution collection, and a feline collection)
nope, its mostly white in my room

I have small flags of African countries near my laptop in my room, anything similar for you?
(South Sudan on the left, Eritrea on the right - some others in same area eSwatini, Djibouti, Tanzania, Seychelles, Mauritius, Namibia, Kenya, Madagascar)
no plastic silverware. plus all my silverware are in the kitchen anyways.

I have a dog on my lap... no wait!( actually i do...) I have a jar in my room, do you?
a jar of almond butter, so yes I do

I have cheese puffs in my room, do you?
(I still wear long sleeves, especially in the colder weather times)

sorry, I don't have duffel bags at all

I have a plush of Fuli (cheetah from The Lion Guard) in my room, do you?
nope, only light yellow colored pillows for me
unless my shiny Espeon plush is with me in my bed, then I have something green
without trying they sometimes become a pillow

I have a chocolate chip cookie in my room, not yet eaten saving for after meal, do you?
no. no cookies. no food in my room. just random other stuff.

I have a charcoal sharpener... kinda like a pencil sharpener but for charcoal, do you?
My alarm clock sees a lot of use - as an early morning me can attest to.

I have an impeccably organized set of drawers stuffed with a horrendously disorganized mountain of paper. Anyone else?