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Previously AceAltaria
Before I get into anything else, since this is a Warriors based roleplay, I ask of you to have at least read ONE or more of the books in the series and are familiar with how things work in the warrior cats world. Thanks!
It took quite a bit to make this, so I'm hoping it will be successful.

I WILL LINK THE RP THREAD HERE ONCE IT IS POSTED. If this roleplay gets that far.


The two clans, PeakClan and CrestClan, have been at war for quite some time. Recently, however, cats from both clans have united together and formed a small clan of their own, named RidgeClan. More and more cats have joined--but this hasn't gone unnoticed by the original clans. PeakClan and CrestClan have named RidgeClan traitors and have been trying to get revenge on them for 'betrayal'. These cats are in great peril, but what happens to them next is entirely up to you.

Most of our characters will be in RidgeClan. Everyone has to have at least ONE character in this clan. Other characters can be in PeakClan or CrestClan, but they will not be featured too much in the story. Now, here are some rules before you can make a form. I will not hesitate to ask for you to be removed if you break any of the major rules.


1) You must have at least ONE character in RidgeClan before you can make any others in the two rival clans, as I have stated above.

2) You may have up to 4 characters, assuming you can keep up with all of them. Try to play them all evenly.

3) Please refrain from creating over-powered characters or mary-sues. Also, there will be no godmodding, power-playing, autoing, bunnying, or anything of the sort. While we're on the subject, you also may NOT have an oc that is bright pink with rainbow eyes that is named Galaxystar--just, no.

4) Prefixes that I will not allow are: Galaxy, Star, Moon, Peak, Ridge, and Crest. If you are in doubt about your character's prefix, please ask!

5) Please give as much detail as you can about your character, especially its personality and appearance! You don't have to add every single detail, but it helps me get a better idea of your character.

6) These cats originate from the mountains, so it would be highly unlikely that they would have short-length fur. Try to choose a cat breed that has either medium or long fur, just to keep it relatively realistic.

7) Just as a side note, these cats believe in StarClan, just as any other clan from the books. I will also not allow the name Silverpelt, because that is the name of the stars they see in the sky.

8 ) If you are a medicine cat, DO NOT go spitting out prophecies or omens without my permission! And certainly do not make them just so you can be the center of attention. If you'd like to give an idea for one, private message me about it first, thank you :)

9) Romance is allowed, but do not go overboard with it. Especially forbidden love, I don't want EVERYONE having a crush on a cat from a different clan. Try to have some normal love as well.

10) Not really a rule, but I hope you have fun!

Wow, glad that's over. Let's get into the form!



Name (include any previous/future names):
Rank (if you want to be leader of a clan, private message me and I'll see what I can do):
Sexual orientation:
Personality (try not to make it a mary-sue! everyone has flaws):
Appearance (include your cat's breed):
Any love interests?:
Extra Info:


Name (include any previous/future names): Pigeonwing [Previous: Pigeonpaw, Pigeonkit]
Nicknames?: Pigeon
Gender: Male
Age: 22 moons
Clan: RidgeClan, formerly CrestClan
Rank: Warrior
Sexual orientation: He's as straight as a board
Personality: Pigeonwing is a fiercely loyal cat, willing to do most things for his friends and clanmates. He won't hesitate to fight, as long as it's in good reason. Other then that, he is a generally open cat, and speaks his mind. He is relatively cheerful, but his thoughts are almost always pessimistic, and they've been like that ever since the two original clans declared war on each other. Pigeon is socially awkward, and tries not to involve himself in too much unless it's for the clan or he feels like he really needs to. He's like this because he's afraid his actions will only hurt others.
Appearance (include your cat's breed): Pigeonwing is an unusually small cat for his age, but he doesn't let this aspect of him bring him down. He also has fluffy, pure white fur as well as cautious, oddly colored eyes--one blue and one amber. His breed is a Turkish Angora with semi-long fur. His tail is also long and poofy, and he has medium-length whiskers as well as a pink nose and inner ears.
Any love interests?: ha that's funny, he's too lonely for that
Extra Info: N/A

I love warriors and will join if the discussion gets more attention. I have multiple characters in mind but don't want to spend time on a bio unless this gets more attention. (Not much we can do with just the two of us, you know?)