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18+ warning

  1. Psymallard

    Ask to Join OC Stars (RP)

    (Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/oc-stars-discussion.22348/) New York City, Present Matt woke up at 11:03 when he fell out of bed. "Hurry the fuck up and get out before my boyfriend comes over!" The woman from the night prior was kicking him on the floor. That definitely woke Matt up...
  2. Psymallard

    Open OC Stars (Discussion)

    (Rp: https://pokecharms.com/threads/oc-stars-rp.22349/) Use your favorite OC to be dropped in this world that has problems and crime as the real world... plus supervillans. If your OC isn't the action type, there's still ways to fit anyone in the story. There aren't many restrictions in this...
  3. _Umbreon_

    Ask to Join When it rains, it pours. (18+)

    The city, was always dismal, it seemed. It neither mattered where it was, or what it was called. It was always raining. And so the city was named Cerulean, after the gem that was very much representative of water. And so the city began. First it was a town, and then it spread, larger and...
  4. Meepy

    Open Runeva, The hostile Region Disscussion thread.

    first time making my own rp dont hurt me Runeva, Or to put it simply, Rune, is a region located south of most regions and is simply... Odd. It is inhabited by pokemon of almost all regions and what makes it so special is the plant that grows there. Through a few studies and dead professors...
  5. Evenir

    Ask to Join Haunted [Horror Gijinka RP]

    OOC: Warning! This roleplay is 18+ for graphic horror content and inappropriate language, although there will be minimal, if any, sexual content, reader discretion is advised. All graphic content will be forewarned in post. Looking to join? Please check out the OOC and Sign-Up thread here...
  6. Evenir

    Ask to Join Haunted [Horror Gijinka RP||Sign Up and OOC]

    Hello there! The following is an 18+ roleplay due to graphic horror, strong language and the potential for some heavy topics, however it will not contain explicit sexual content. Please proceed with caution. (The following is written in second person to introduce you to the plot, however as per...
  7. Magjia

    Ask to Join A World of Only Pokemon: The Darkness vs The Light (18+)

    In a World where only Pokemon Exist... In this world of pokemon is it a far reach of many lands for different pokemon, and some kill and eat other pokemon ..some eat the berries, some are evil and like to do nasty things, and some are very nice! Thus, the two clans were born, The Darkness, and...
  8. PentheWonderful

    Ask to Join Once Upon A Time In Suimera

    (Discussion Thread for those interested.) Long ago, there once was a man who traveled the world in search of ‘home’. High and low he searched, many years he spent. They say he would fly for days at a time, resting only after he lost all feeling in his wings, the Dragonite man. His journey was...
  9. PentheWonderful

    Open Once Upon A Time In Suimera (Gijinka RP)

    This roleplay is going to be a non-canon, light-hearted, alternate universe collaboration between me and @Nygenn set in a medieval kingdom with royalty, knights, villagers, and a vast, beautiful meadow landscape to explore. Here, you will be roleplaying as gijinkas, or anthropomorphic Pokemon...