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Ask to Join OC Stars (RP)


Previously mallard
(Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/oc-stars-discussion.22348/)
New York City, Present
Matt woke up at 11:03 when he fell out of bed. "Hurry the fuck up and get out before my boyfriend comes over!" The woman from the night prior was kicking him on the floor. That definitely woke Matt up. He scrambled to his feet. "I didn't know you had a boyfriend. Shit." I can't believe this happened twice in a month. He got dressed and walked to the door. Behind the door was a small blonde dude. Matt pat him on the shoulder and slid past him. "Sorry man, but your lady is a lying whore." He walked on, trying to ignore the shouting competition that was kicking up behind him. He took a taxi home, and Drake was watching TV. He opened up a box of raspberry jelly-filled donuts and picked out one, then headed to shower. After that, he got on his computer and turned on some random guy's stream.
Tokyo City, Present
Rakuno woke up startled by his cat that he never bothered to name. It didn't matter, because it would only listen to him if he made a "pspspsps" sound. He stumbled out of his futon, and got up to feed the cat. "Alright, alright, stop scratching, you little shit, I'm going." Rakuno wondered why he still kept this thing around, but he reminded himself that other than this thing, he had no company. After getting changed, he left his small apartment to get to his daily hangout spot. The Wall, as people called it, was a bounty board for anyone to come in and accept. Rakuno, or Raikiri, as everyone called him for his electric ability, liked this spot because he could get simple revenge on evil and pretty much any rich or powerful person that pissed him off.

Willow Tree

Previously Brightheart
Tokyo, Ancient Japan
A soft lapping at his cheek awoken the boy, and he groans as he pushes the soft cheek of his dog, Koi, away and off the bed. The dog lands with a yelp, having not fell too far but was still startled nonetheless. The shiba growls and jumps up, starting to chew on the edge of Kino's kimono, tugging at it viciously as the dog tries to wake his owner. Kino sat up abruptly at the tug then, drool dangling off the edge of his mouth as he wipes it away and glares menacingly at Koi.
"Koi, you dirty bastard of a bafoon." The kid started, insulting his dog right off the bat, "How dare you disturb my dreams, I was sleeping!" He whines.
Koi flicks his tongue out at the boy and walks out the room with their tail held high up in the air. Kino shook his fist at the shiba, but didn't bother to chase them. Instead, they got up and changes, stepping out the room shortly after Koi, twirling their flute in his hand. Downstairs, Kino can hear the gentle sizzling of a pan, drizzled over with oil, and the unmistakable waft of his breakfast drifting from the kitchen. He walks in, and the sunlight casted in from the window gave the room a homey cozy look, draping everything in a honey coated color.
His grandma blew out the fire she has been using to cook, ceasing the sizzling noise, causing an eerie silence to take over instead. Plates clattered sharply, disrupting the quiet atmosphere as she laid down the foods, unrolling her sleeves as she caught sight of her current child.
She beckons him over quickly, eager to have him sit down and eat, offering him tea to go with his food. Koi sat elsewhere, gobbling his fair share.
"Thanks Grandma," Kino said, graciously accepting whatever his guardian has to offer him, sitting down onto a mat upon the ground.
Breakfast was short and sweet, idle chats were carried out and Kino couldn't help but smiles. His grandma offers seconds after he was done, but Kino declines politely.
"I'll take Koi out on a walk instead." He said, standing up. Koi follow suit, and they both bow slightly to their grandma, who grins, and watch as they both leaves.
"C'mon Koi, let's go by desserts for grandma," Kino suggested. Koi agrees a with a bark, and the two made their way downtown, trying to see what will be fit to give their adopted parent.
Hau, Eastern Asia (Alternate Earth)

"Thank you, Maria. That's all I need from you today." In a tavern named The Jade Dragon, a Lycan woman dressed in a cheaper blue kimono looked up from the counter she was wiping down. Letting out a small breath, the wolf woman nodded before putting away the rag she was using.
"If you're sure, Hanzo." Maria said. The woman nodded her thanks before making her way out of the tavern.

Stepping out into the street, Maria took a moment to look around. Even in this less populated area of Hau, the street was still full with people going about their day, selling wares, and just trying to get where they needed to go. Maria entered into the stream of people, beginning to make her way back to the place she was currently living. She wouldn't call it home. As much as she had gotten used to living in Hau, this place would never be home to her. It was much to warm here, and while the food here was good, she missed the food of her homeland.


Previously EeviumZ
New York City, Present Day

A teenage girl wearing a navy hoodie strolled through a side street. Most people would be rather concerned about this. Allie wasn't.
She adjusted her hood slightly, making sure her ears were hidden. She appeared human to any onlookers, and wanted to keep it that way. Her wings were safely hidden - she'd managed to dematerialize them, with a lot of tinkering with her magic - and blue hair wasn't exactly that abnormal, so the only thing that could raise alarms were her pointed ears. She didn't go to Earth schools, so that wasn't a concern.

She wasn't supposed to be here - hell, she wasn't even supposed to be on this planet. She was supposed to be dead. She'd gotten extremely lucky when she was exiled. If she'd landed anywhere with hostilities towards her species - which, considering how elusive and difficult to find they were, as well as their powers and their value to interstellar races, was incredibly likely - she'd have been dead in seconds, or worse. She was certain the Grand Council had known this.

Fortunately enough, she had landed on earth. Though she hadn't known much about humanity at first, she'd soon realized that though they were dangerous to her, they were remarkably oblivious to the rest of the universe. Any other race would have easily been able to see through her facade.

Of course, Allie didn't take any of this seriously. She was just as bouncy and bubbly as usual, despite being jaded.

The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney

A quiet sigh escaped Issac's lips as he packed up the last box of his office space. "I'm gonna miss this place." Issac muttered out under his breath, his eyes trailing his now empty desk, resdy to welcome whoever would be taking his position. Issac had been offered a new position at the S.P.A.R.D.A. main office in New York city. While he would miss his work, the thing he'd miss the most was his hero work here. He had no intention of stopping his life as Elemental, and there was other heroes in San Francisco that would keep the place safe. But it was still a special place for him, where he started his work as Elemental.

Just as he began to leave, his soon to be former boss greeted him. "Sad to see you go Issac, but I know you'll do great work at the main offices. New York has some of the highest concentration of super beings, so you'll never be bored." The older man laughed, slapping Issac on the back. Issac chuckled along, trying to hide that the sudden slap nearly made him drop his box. "Yeah looks like all the excitment is leaving the city. I'm leaving the office, plus Elemental announced he'd be working in more cities now. Good he wants to expand his reach." That was the story Issac made as Elemental, as a soft way to cover that he was moving away. Hopefully no one would make the connection between the two.

With that Issac left the office, he made his way home and finish up his packing, ready to move across the entire country. After a few days of goodbyes, and travel, the hero was finally in his New York apartment, loads of unopened boxes surrounding him. "Welcome to your new home Issac. And your new city Elemental." He muttered to himself.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Sparta, Ancient Greece
Bellamy was sparring against some of his fellow Spartans, he had never lost a match due to his ability to perfectly copy the fighting style of his opponent as well as wield any weapon with ease. He fought mostly as a teacher instructing the young as they grew to become warriors.

Rome, Ancient Rome
Bellamy was caught by the Roman's and had been fighting in the Colosseum for over a decade, he heard the roar of the crowd and the clash of steal, and prepared himself as the gate rose and he shielded his eyes from the harsh sunlight.

Paris, French Revolution
Bellamy hid in a dank cellar with a small group of nobles, he could here the peasants marching around above them and shouting out about the revolution, a bang came out as the door to the cellar was kick down and the peasants entered, "well, off with our heads" Bellamy joked as he and the nobles were dragged out.

Dunkirk, World War 2
Bellamy huddled behind a rudimentary barricade with his platoon as the machine gun rounds tore the ground around them to pieces, they had lost a lot of men from simply peaking out or making a run for it, they were cornered at the beach with no hope, at least until the first of the boats were spotted on the horizon.

Vietnam, Vietnam War
Bellamy hung by his hands in a prisoner of war camp, he had been there for a long time and was getting almost bored if the torture, his jailer entered and screamed in his face as usual, Bellamy responded by spitting in his face, all this got him was another waterboarding session, followed by the breaking if a few bones.

Hell's Kitchen, Present Day
Bellamy sat in a bar smoking a cigarette, he glanced at his phone, he had already been here for a few hours so it was probably time to leave. He put out his cigarette and put on his coat before saying goodbye to the bartender and heading out. He liked to stroll around doing absolutely nothing, it definitely felt better after a few thousand years or so of basically nothing but war and violence. He reached Central Park and found a comfortable looking bench where he sat down and started to casually look at his phone.

(Was gonna include apart where he witnessed the crucifixion of christ but didn't really know what to write)


Previously mallard
Matt started his own stream, which carried on for two hours, where he chatted with other streamers he knew. After that, he got up to lumber over to his kitchen, when one of his black screens started to ripple. A snakelike pinstriped arm emerged, and wrapped around Matt's throat, pulling him into the monitor. Meanwhile, in the living room, Drake heard some commotion, and started to fly, when the couch cushion popped up and closed around the waterfowl. When the cushion opened, Drake was gone.

Limbo Manor, ???
Matt and Drake found themselves on a rotting wood platform, surrounded by seemingly never-ending rooms of similar drab materials (similar to where Kibitsuji met the lower 6 of the 12 kizuki, but with haunted house textures). Peekaboo the Clown was floating above on a giant sofa. "You'll have company soon," He rasped.

The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney
Issac had finally finished unpacking his bedroom, letting out a relaxed, but tired sigh. Falling back onto the bed, his head turned to the side the sight of yet unopened boxed for his living room and kitchen. He let out a deep sigh, before getting to his feet. "Alright New York, get ready to meet your new superhero." Issac smirked, opening the closet.

Inside was a metal box with a keypad, resembling a safe. He entered the code in and out popped his armour. After a bit of shuffeling, Issac managed to slip on the outfit, flashing some fingerguns at himself in the mirror. "Looking as good as always Elemental. Lets do some tests..." Tapping the side of the helmet, around where his ear would be, a grouping of files with the S.P.A.R.D.A. logo popped up on his visor.

"Looks like I can still access the San Francisco files from across the country, dope. I'll have to update it to the NY mainframe when I get the chance. Being the main building for the company means it should have more files anyways." The hero muttered to himself, before heading towards his window. "Enough planning, now it's time for heroing." With a smirk, Issac lauched himself out the window, ready to fly around his new city.

However, once he leaped through, instead of being in the Big Apple...He was back inside his apartment. But it looked like a mirror image of it. "Suit, access files, look for any hallucination or trickerly based power users in New York." Issac said, dropping his carefree attitude immediatly. Despite asking, the suit came back with an error screen, saying it couldn't access the mainframe.

"What the fuck? But we were just ab-" Before Issac could finish his sentence, he found his body falling back, his room starting to rotate. Despite that, none of the boxes or anything moved, like they were all bolted down. Within seconds, Issac crashed through his window, falling through... nothing? He was just surrounded by blackness, the window now gone from his sight. Soon enough, the hero found himself falling onto a rotting wooden platform. He coughed out, slowly getting to his feet, inspecting his surroundings.

Willow Tree

Previously Brightheart
Running through the city upon the rocky road, Kino slips past crowds and wagons with elegant ease, credit going to his small size as they swirl through crevices between walls like cockroaches, finding every little crack they could to squeeze into. He gives occasional greetings to the elderly to whom he is familiar with, bowing at the waist then blowing kisses to them as he leaves again. He reaches the village shortly at the speed he was going at, skidding to a stop in front of a small restaurant. The bell hung above the worn-down wooden jingled lightly as the door creaks open, and the floor rattles as the boy walked through.
The lady standing at the counter saw him, and greeted him with a welcoming smile, asking him what she could help him with. He answers graciously, wanting a few rolls of sushi and desserts, to which the lady complies eagerly, bagging him the treats and handing it to him, accepting the meager coin he offers in return.
"Have a nice day big sis!" Kino said before closing the door behind him, continuing his expedition back home. All the while his dog, Koi, follows obediently, tailing after his every move up till now.
Everything was a blur around the boy as he ran with inhuman speed, the high heels which he wore done nothing to affect his speed in the least.
Perhaps it was because everything was already in a blur, or Kino just wasn't observant, that he didn't notice the bend in the space around him, hiw they twist and morphI into one, closing the gap around him. It wasn't until he realize that Sakura flowers don't bend onto the street pathways that he finally found out that his entire world was shattering and dissolving into nothingness.
He didn't gasp, didn't even scream, just gapes in shock at his town being destroyed by an unknown force. Koi whimpers and press their body against his leg, trembling as the weird effect slowly moves closer. Having come to his senses, Kino blinks at the growing darkness, which moves ever so closer by the second. Then he smiles, and the bend in the universe seems to stop as the boy starts to laugh.
"Ahahahahahaha! Look at this! Look at this! Are we stuck in a black hole or something?! Haha, this is amusing! So amusing! I like it!" Kino wheezes, then plucks Koi off the ground.
"We're going in!" He announced, and bolts through the crack without further hesitation.
He somersault pass the portal and rolls clumsily into the weird decay of woods, landing splat onto a set of stairs, which faced itself awkwardly along the walls. Kino laid on his back, in a slight daze as Koi growls on his chest.
The room spirals before his eyes, gravity did not seem to exist. Stairs were positioned unnaturally whether upside-down or sideways, and Kino's eyes sparkled as he examines the room.
"This is amazing! Beautiful! Awesome!" Kino squeals, sitting up abruptly, knocking the puppy off his chest.
"Is there anyone else here? Is grandma here? Oh wooooooah-- ew, the ground is disgusting." Kino said, standing up, dusting splinters off his clothes while Kino shook out his pelt.
He still seems to be oblivious to the fact he had just threw himself into a situation to which he had no idea how to get out of, and just place both his hands onto his hips.
"Alright so, where are we." He said casually.
"Hey there, puppy..." Maria paused as a raspy voice whispered to her from an alleyway. Looking over, she found a Lizardperson slinking towards her, knife in hand. The scaled humanoid leered at her, a wicked grin on his face. "This issss... no place for a puppy like you to be walking alone."
Maria glared at the Lizardperson, a low growl emitting from her throat. The Lizardperson took another step closer, and in an instant Maria had grabbed the Lizardperson's knife wrist. Surprised by the sudden assault, the Lizardperson was even more surprised to find the barrel of a flintlock pistol placed firmly under his jaw. The knife clattered to the ground.
"I suggest that you move along. I have no patience for the likes of you." Maria snarled. With that, she pushed the Lizardperson back. Whimpering, the Lizardperson booked it with the tail between his legs.


Later, Maria had made her way back to the place she was living. With her duties at the Jade Dragon accomplished for the day, it was time to find if the Hau police force was in need of any extra muscle. Perhaps there was another bounty up that was needed to be brought in. Maria only needed a little bit more money. Once she had enough, she would be able to buy passage back to her homeland. But was it really worth it? By now, everyone must have thought her dead. If she returned, they may attempt to brand her a deserter and a traitor. But it was a risk she was willing to take.

Shaking off her doubts, Maria began to prepare for the evening. She shedded her blue kimono, putting on her old scarlet military uniform of her homeland. A red, leather trenchcoat kept her warm when the nights or the blizzards got too cold, as did the matching gloves and boots. She cleaned her Flintlock pistols, making sure they were in top shape before loading them and sliding them into the bandolier she wore across her chest. Finally, she pulled out her saber from under her bed. Inspecting the blade, she cleaned it once more before sheathing it and attaching it to he belt. She was finally ready.

Maria opened her door to step out of her room, but instead of a hallway... the was just a wall of pitch darkness. The Lycan stared at the wall of darkness for a moment in confusion, trying to process what was happening. Then... the darkness moved. Tendrils made of shadow seemed to shoot from the darkness, grabbing Maria and pulling her through the door before she could make so much as a startled shout. Then she was falling.


Maria hit the wooden floor with a painful slam, completely disoriented. But in less than a second she had scrambled to her feet, staring at a rather unusual sight. Three creatures appeared to be on the same platform on her. The first, a human male that appeared to be in his late teenage years. He wore unusual clothes that were clearly not from Hau, or any place she recognized, and had curly dark brown hair. The second one was a bit harder to comprehend. It appeared humanoid, a human male. Its head was unusually large, and the clothing it wore reminded Maria of the harlequins that would frequently perform in her homeland. Third, well... the third appeared to be a duck.

The moment Maria jumped onto her feet, she had drawn her saber and one of her flintlock pistols. The pistol she aimed at the human teen, while the saber she pointed at the harlequin. The Lycan let out a low growl as she slowly backed up, the fur on the back of her neck raising as well.
"What... what is this... Where am I?!" Maria exclaimed, glancing from Matt to Peekaboo angrily.


Previously mallard
Matt casually sat down, when a wolf-woman fell from an inky black rift. She was obviously angry. "I don't know, ask Bozo over here. He's apparently runnin' the show here." He yawned and laid back, confident that he could take a bullet without too much repercussion. Peekaboo just giggled in his dry voice while his eyes darted between the two. "So," Matt inquired, "since we have a little time while Chuckles is doing something, let's talk. First of all, I'm Matt." He rolled back to stand on his feet. "What about you?"
Rakuno ripped a paper off of the wall. It was a bounty for someone in New York City. "That shouldn't be too hard to get to," Rakuno whispered under his breath as he headed to the ocean to fast travel over to America. As soon as he began, some kind of fuzzy blackness appeared above him and engulfed everything around Rakuno until nothing in his sight was left. He seemed to be standing on a rotting wood platform, and there were several figures that he couldn't see at first because of his fuzzy vision, but their picture became clearer and he began walking towards them.
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Previously Shadow_Pup
Deucalion stood up from the bench, he stretched his limbs and decided to make his way back to the bar, he figured he would head back in for one last drink before heading home, he reached the bar and opened the door to enter, but ended up falling through an abyss, he tumbled through until coming out and landing carefully on the decaying floor as he had righted himself. He glanced around at the group surrounding him, he had experienced many strange things but this was definitely one of the strangest. He turned to the other 'people' "so, where are we and what's with Krusty the Clown over there" he said motioning to Peekaboo as he spoke.

The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney

Just as Issac was starting to get his bearings straight, suddenly some kid and a puppy of all things came crashing down into the strange room as well. Issac tried to fly over to him, but there wasn't enough air flow in here to get him off his feet.

The hero let out a sigh, dashing over to the pair. "Hey kid, you alright? How'd you even get in here? I'm Elemental, and I'm here to help." Issac gave the kid a confidant thumbs up. Even if he didn't know what was happening, he didn't want to worry anyone around him.

@Willow Tree

Willow Tree

Previously Brightheart
"I'm fine!" Kino replies immediately, whipping his head to face the new stranger, treating them with a thumbs up also, eyes sparkling with adrenaline as he looked the new guy up and down, "Wow! So there really are others here, we aren't alone!" He chirps, bouncing over to Elemental and clasp their hands into his.
"Hi hi hi, I'm Kino! And this is Koi!" He greeted, motioning towards the dog as he introduces them, shaking Elemental's hands energetically.
"Do you know where we are? Did you get sucked into a black hole looking thingy? Did you go thinkity-thwack into one? The twirly twirly you get when you fly through that sark space was pretty entertaining!" He said.
"Oh wait, but this is bad right? We're stuck in an unknown world with weird stairs and upside down dimensions, it's totally suspicious." He continues.
"Oh, and I have sushi." He added just for the sake of it.

@The Alright Attorney

The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney
The hero was taken aback at just how energetic the kid was. Clearly, Issac wouldn't need to keep the kid feeling happy, he was doing it just fine himself. He kept shaking his hand, before finally pulling his hand free. "I'm not sure where we are, but if I were to take a guess, it be a pocket dimension." Issac explained, glancing around.

"I've encountered villians like this before, they make little spaces they can stick people in. Although I've never seen any as complex as this." Issac muttered, feeling himself grow on edge. "Who ever put us here is powerful." Slowly the hero's eyes glanced up, seeing...it.

A Clown creature sat above the pair, a giant, sinister grin plastered on it's face. Cursing out, Issac clenched his fists, getting into a position ready to fight. "Looks like we found our enemy." He muttered out, glancing back at Kino. "You and your dog better step back."

Willow Tree

Previously Brightheart
Kino looks towards Elemental when the man told him to step back, saying that they must've found the enemy who stuck them in this place like he had explained earlier. The boy appears to be a bit offended that Elemental would tell him to 'step back', like Kino couldn't do any better in this spar than he could. Kino grimaces, and placed both hands onto his hips, sassily flipping back his hair with a huff.
"Step back? Says who? Why, because I'm a kid? I can fight perfectly well myself thank you very much." He retorted, "My small size has nothing to do with this so don't get me started on that."
"Plus, aren't those things the jesters that the English men has? Ones with creepy make ups and such? They don't come to Japan often but I've seen posters from merchants." He said.
Koi barks at the clown, growling menacingly as the puppy paws the ground. He was feeling anxious with the creepy inhuman smile being directed at them, and he whines at Kino, head butting the boy's knees, trying to perhaps get them to just let the man do his thing. Kino looks down at the dog then, their tail snap between their legs, and Kino seems to soften.
"Fine, I'll just sit here then," the kid says, propping himself up upon a stair, sitting with one leg over the other, "but it's best not to attack first if the jester doesn't start. Who knows, maybe they're stuck here too." He said.

@The Alright Attorney


Previously EeviumZ
New York City
The teen continued down the alleyway, not really paying attention to anyone or anything in her surroundings. This was a pity, for if she had, she'd have noticed a couple of things: one, the side street was consistently getting darker, and two, the end seemed to be moving farther away.
She glanced down at her... phone? in confusion. She'd been in this same street for an hour, without finding an intersection of any sort? That couldn't be right. It had seemed like only a couple of minutes to her.
Staring down at the otherworldly device, she didn't notice the rock in her path. She tripped, letting out a small yelp as she fell.
And kept falling.
She didn't stop at the pavement.

Platform #2
She crashed onto the wooden floor with a thud, unable to pick herself up with her wings. It took her a few moments to gain her bearings, slowly pushing herself into a sitting position.
"Who.. what - who the hell are all of you?"

Willow Tree

Previously Brightheart
Sitting upon the stairs, Kino really didn't expect another person to just plop into the room just like that. The landing seems painful, though she sat up just fine. Kino tilted his head, examining the girl with quiet delight. If she appears different from him, he didnt appears to notice, only smiles as she started demanding for their identity.
"I can say the same to you, people flying through invisible portals isn't something we see everyday, though admittedly I also fell through one. Some fun that was," the kid chirps.
"The name is Kino, this is Koi," Kino said, flicking a finger at his dog, who waddled over to the new girl, sniffing her curiously, "it would've been a pleasure to meet you if it wasn't for the circumstances we're in right now, but nice to meet you anyways." He said.
"Oh, and that's...eh...hmm.....sorry big brother I forgot your name." Kino said, looking sheepishly at Elemental as the boy giggles.
"But yeah! He think the one responsible for all of this weird phenomenon is that thing stalking us up there." He said, pointing upwards at the clown, "Creepy right? And the English men said they're people of entertainment! Some dark humor they have if that thing entertains." He scoffs.

@The Alright Attorney @EeviumZ

The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney
Issac sighed at the persistent attitude that Kino seemed to put on. "I appreciate you wanting to help, but I'm a superhero and you're a kid. I can't allow you to come into harm's way." He explained, before glancing back up at the clown.

"You're right he hasn't attacked us yet, but he seems a little different than you and me. As goofy as he looks, I'm sure hes probably strong. Who knows what powe-" Suddenly, another person feel from out of nowhere, landing in front of Issac and Kino. Kino ran towards the girl, introducing himself. "How can you forget? We just met? Am I just not that well known in New York?" Issac sighed and walkef towards the girl. "Names Elemental. A hero from San Francisco. If my theory is correct, we're in some sort of pocket dimension."


Previously EeviumZ
Pulling her hood up to hide her ears, she glanced up at where Kino had pointed. Indeed, there was a rather... unnerving figure watching them, almost... clown-like? How hard had she hit her head?
She couldn't deny that this did seem like a pocket dimension, from what she'd read about them. She looked around at the decaying wooden room. It was rather confusing, to say the least.
"I-" She stopped herself. Her question had been rather idiotic. "Who is that?" She gestured to the figure.

Willow Tree

Previously Brightheart
"If you asks me who am I supposed to ask, those things don't even exist in Japan, I'm just as dumbfounded as you." Kino replies, adding a flare towards Elemental when he refers him as to 'a kid'. Superhero or not, this man is rude!
"I don't care much as to who they are unless they're going to affect us one way or the other, just don't want them to attack us." Kino said, "Eli-whatever-your-name-is thought of fighting it or something, and told me to stay out because he thinks I'm some kind of f**king child-" he spat, going into his cursing spree, proving all the more that, even with the body of a little boy, his mind surely isn't.
"--like, I'm tiny, I get it! But I'm no kid! I can beat that thing's butt all the same as you could! For all you know, I'm older than all of you here!" He snaps, stamping his leg like the child he appears to be, complaining about the trivial things, completely twisting his conversation to a whole different topic than what they were focusing on. Koi plops down, just watching all of this takes place, every once in a while looking up at the clown that hung above them, as if it was going to come down anytime soon.

@The Alright Attorney @EeviumZ
Maria looked from Matt to the harlequin. Neither seemed to be making any moves to attack or kill, and while Maria was sensing that the stranger of the trio was more dangerous, it seemed that it wasn't interesting in trying to kill her. Ignoring the more normal human, Maria lowered the flintlock's hammer and relaxed slightly, turning her attention to the harlequin only. She still held her sword at the ready, but she shifted her grip on the flintlock to be more relaxed. Right as Maria was about to repeat her question to the harlequin, another human... just appeared. He was a younger human boy, teenage, with unusually blond hair. Unlike the clothes that the first human was wearing, this one's clothes seemed more akin to the style seen in Hau. Still, there just wasn't something right about them him... He seemed slightly dazed, and began to start walking towards herself and the other human. Once again, her flintlock was aimed and ready, this time at the boy in the samurai armor.
"Stop, human." Maria said to Rakuno with a low growl.

Before the human had the chance to identify themselves, yet another one seemed to appear! This one was a taller adult male, with brown hair. His clothes were like that of the first human's, of unusual origin and style. Mostly. He wore a red overcoat, which reminded Maria of the clothes of her homeland... Yet the rest of his clothes were just as unusual as the first human's. And even so, while this human was rather alien, there was something... familiar, about him.

Anyway, the third human had fallen from the sky in a similar style that Maria had. But unlike Maria, he had managed to land on his feet. Like the first human, this one was rather relaxed as well. How were they so unfazed by a situation such as this?! Maria aimed her flintlock at Bellamy for but a moment before coming to the realization that he was like the others. Not going to attack her, and more confused than aggressive. For the second time, Maria disengaged the hammer of her flintlock and lowered it, relaxing her stance slightly as well.

With a low growl, she turned her attention to the harlequin.
"I do not know." The Lycan said in response to Bellamy's question. "But if this first human is to be believed, then this harlequin is the reason we are here."


Previously mallard
Matt walked over to the blondie that acted like a zombie and flicked him on the brow. "The fuck's your problem? Are you undead or just brain dead?" He turned back around. "So... any ideas on what makes us so special that we were brought here? I mean, I'm semi-famous, but I've never heard of any of you."
Rakuno drew his blade. "The fuck's YOUR problem? I have no idea where I am, and the first person I see flicks me on the forehead." I could just kill him and say it was for a bounty, Rakuno thought as he glared at the person that was now ignoring him and talking to a small group of strange-looking people.


Previously mallard
Matt's grin grew as he whirled around on his heels. "Looks like we have another tight-ass in here." He reached up with both hands, fingers woven together. "Whatever, I could use a fight. Let's see if your skill is one of the things that sword compensates for." His arms dropped to his sides. "What say you, edgelord?" @Inkachu1251
Maria watched as the human that wore Hua-styled clothes and the human that had introduced himself as Matt began to argue and ready to fight. A pair of idiots.
"Stop that, you fools." Maria growled over to the pair. "Clearly we have larger issues and enemies at hand. If you wish to prove your testosterone like a pair of male Deerkin during their mating season, wait until after we've dealt with the harlequin."
Maria gestured Peekaboo as she spoke, then turned to face the clown with her fangs bared.
"Now, harlequin. Where are we? Who are you? Why are we here?" Maria growled to Peekaboo, her saber at the ready.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Bellamy sighed this group hadn't known each other for more than a minute and were already talking about fighting each other, he turned to look at each in turn, this was a strange bunch to be fair. He turned to the clown as girl questioned him, Bellamy had had similar questions for the clown but hadn't thought to ask, of course he had also had a further question to do with his own curiosity, this being whether the clown was an ancient creature like himself. He examined it, he wasn't sure but he was certain it was probably powerful, he did however decide to speak up "yes I would also like to know these things also, furthermore you interrupted my afternpoon, you wouldn't happen to have some alcohol would Clown Boy" he asked raising his eyebrow at the creature.


Previously mallard
Turning around again, Matt said,"C'mon, I'm just tryna pass the time." When the other guy asked about alcohol, Matt perked up a little. "At least someone is speaking my language. Nothing's happening right now, so why not have a little fun?" Matt said the last part while looking around at the two jumpy ones. As soon as that happened, a child, a soldier-looking man, and a teen girl (violent clones of those on the other platform) appeared. Peekaboo finally spoke. "I am Peekaboo, and these are my friends. Now then, let the battle begin."

(OOC: Same thing happens on the other platform, feel free to control the clones.)

The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney
Issac sighed, pressing his hand to the visor of his helmet and shaking his head. "Listen Kino, I'm sorry about saying that. But you need to calm down, all of us need to stay focused if we want to figure out what the hell is happening to us." He said, glancing around.

Suddenly, a group of four appeared, the clown finally announcing his name and that these were his 'friends.' Issac immediatly got into a fighting positon, getting ready to shoot flames from his arm cannon. "Alright you too. If you can fight, now is the time to prove it. If not, get back, and get safe."

Willow Tree

Previously Brightheart
"Haha, prove it? Watch me." Kino said, stretching out his biceps with a smirk. He had enough experience from killing powerful daimyos to know the most basics of the killing art. Balls of flame suddenly burst into life around him, circulating the boy in a clockwise direction as it illuminated his face with a more define feature.
"Hee hee, people in this black holes are weird." The boy said before bending at the knees, flames erupting around his heels and launched him into the air. Koi dissolves into flames as well, and disappears within a flute to which Kino has flipped out. His target was a wolf-like figure wearing a kimono (Maria clone). She had taste, being a wolf wearing kimonos and all. Kino was just being bias.
She turns out to be faster than he expected, and he had to block as she striked. It had only been a matter of seconds, but Kino blinked as her clothes suddenly melted into new ones, this time somewhat of a commander's gear.
"Hey, we're having a fight, not a fashion show, don't need to go all flashy on me." Kino commented sarcastically, landing atop his heels heavily after being thrown back by her strike. He shook out his hands, slightly aching from her punch, but he smiles, finding it amusing nonetheless.
"Ay ay, you're fun, let's play some more~" he chimes, briefly looking at the others to see how they're doing before continuing on with his enemy.
This time, she went first, running at him with her booted legs. It made a loud clacking noise, so Kino was ready when she gave a kick, dodging downwards and back, burning her skin with one of his fire balls. The clone gave no reaction, and charges once more, menacingly.
When she came close enough toward the boy, Kino ducks backward again, landing along his hands in a cartwheel, thwacking her upside the chin and threw his flute. Koi burst out then from the musical instrument, teeths bared and snap along her shoulder. Still, no reaction was given and Kino had this strange urge to laugh.
"Ha! What? Do you not feel pain? Does your brain not function? Yo how are you even moving? Are you a zombie? How does life even work at this point?" He rambles, shaking his hands wildly, both in disbelief and laughter.
The clone was calm despite the annoying chatter the boy was going off on, and bends slightly, hands upon a saber near her waist. Just as the boy was going on about maybe she was sleep walking, she lurches forward once more, slicing at him with the blade. He squeals in surprise, and barely makes it out unscathed, some strands of his radiant hair lost to the sword.
"Heeeeeeeeey, do you know how long it took for me to grow out my hair? I'm not done growing it yet! How dare you!" The boy whines. He glares harshly at the wolf, all his fire balls bursting with the growing anger. He wasn't that livid about it, only getting piss over his beloved hair.
The saber got too close for comfort then, and Kino had to block with his flute. A clang sounded, and the decaying woods beneath him cracked with the added weight. Her strength was formidable, and Kino curses with the irritation of that thought. Koi couldn't pull her back either, he was a puppy, she was something else.
Kino gripped the surface of his flute, which is starting to descend down near his throat, he don't think he could hold on for much longer. So he blew. He blew the flute, allowing a loud sound wave to erupt from the inside to out, vibrating into one body directed towards the clone along. It manage to knock her back enough for him to regain posture, and he uses the remaining echoes of the sound waves created to propel himself up and onto one of the sideways stairs.
He stood awkwardly on the side, but appears to be smug as the clone tries to heals from their confusion, a fazed look adorning their copied face.
"Hey big brother! Look! I'm holding my side just fine! So screw you!" He exclaims at Elemental, the last part added in with an adorning delightful teasing note to it, just there for the fun of it, but he wouldn't mind if Elemental thought he was serious.
He don't know when the clone was going to snap out of her temporary dizziness, no doubt having a ringing ear to go with it too, but Kino just sat down on the spiral stairway, and just watch the other two of his new teammates go on with their battles, if they're going to start one at all.
Of course, to add the cherry on top to his new entertainment, he flipped the finger at the clown hanging above them.
"Screw you too."

@The Alright Attorney @EeviumZ
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Maria rolled her eyes at Matt trying to have 'fun'. Did he not realize what situation he was in?! As if to mention her point, the harlequin finally spoke. As he did, three figures appeared. More humans. Great. Three of them, as it appeared. Well, two of them for sure seemed human, a teenage human girl that wore the strange clothes similar to Matt and the older adult human, and a smaller human that... well, he seemed childish in appearance and wore clothes in similar style to that of the clothing from Hau. The third one was so covered in unusual armor, Maria was only guessing at this point. He could be human, but she couldn't tell. And that was an unusual thing. These things... well, they didn't smell human. Sure, the three other humans she had met before smell strange, but they definitely smelled human. These things didn't.

Without warning, the childlike one suddenly lunged at her. What Maria had original thought was a flute suddenly revealed a hidden blade, as the childlike 'human' slashed at her. Maria managed to just bring up her saber in time, knocking away the blade and quickly moving back. Even so, the childlike human continued staying at a close range. While Maria was a skilled swordsman, there was two problems. The first being that even with her defensive maneuvers, the child still kept right on her. The close proximity made it difficult for Maria to get a good thrust or lunge or even slash, reducing the techniques she could use. Second, Maria was not accustomed to dueling opponents of this... stature. For a child, he seemed unusual strong and bloodthirsty. To be honest, that frightened Maria slightly.

Even so, Maria's training kicked in. She kept her stance and footwork, staying light on her feet as the Kino clone continued slashing at her. Suddenly, she felt open air under her ankle. She had reached the edge of the platform. Sensing an advantage, the childlike human attempted another stab. But Maria was still ready. She quickly parried the attack, and spotting an opening of her own, punched the child in the face with the guard of her saber. The childlike human staggered back, and Maria compounded her attack with a swift kick to the kid's side. Now was her chance to finish this. While one may have hesitated when fighting a child, Maria was running on pure animal instinct. She didn't see a small, human, innocent child. It certainly didn't smell like one. What she was up against was a dangerous foe who was intent on killing her. Maria aimed a thrust of her blade down onto the child, only for a sudden shockwave to blast her back. The child had blown through his flute, creating some sort of explosive shockwave that sent Maria off the platform. Luckily, she only fell a few feet before landing hard on a wooden staircase.

The child climbed back to his feet, quickly making his way over to side of the platform. Looking down onto Maria, he put his flute to his lips once again. But instead of another shockwave, fireballs seemed to shoot from it! Maria scrambled up the stairs, attempting her best to evade the fireballs. The ones that missed splattered against the wooden structure they were in, but strangely enough the wood did not ignite. Peculiar. Maria ducked behind another staircase just as a fireball struck her back shoulder. It hurt like heck, but her leather trenchcoat protected her from most of it. Still, Maria threw herself on her back to estinguish the flames. Another fireball whizzed by, and Maria drew one of her flintlocks. Waiting just as another fireball whizzed past, the Lycan jumped up and fired a shot. The gunshot echoed throughout the structure with a thunderous, almost deafening boom. While Maria's aim was good, the young 'human' was still fast. The shot caught the child in the shoulder, causing the child to spin and fall off his feet. Maria quickly ducked behind cover, holstering her first flintlock and drawing her second.


Previously mallard
Matt watched the fight unfold in front of him. "I think she's got it," he said under his breath, as he turned to the clones just in time to be hit by a gust of wind. Luckily, it just slid across the surface of his field, leaving him unscathed. "I've been itching for a fight for the past two weeks. I hope you've got more than that." He rushed the soldier, both fists out in front of him. They went off the platform, and into a wall. Matt pushed the clone away and made a wide flap, sending a wave of air at him. The foe made a pushing motion with his arms, sending the wall back at him. Just like the first time, nothing happened. "Man, I thought you'd be more of a challenge. If you could control wood or something, then it'd be more fun." He rushed the man again, and when the clone put his arms up to guard, he grabbed them and slammed him into the floor. He was unfazed, and kicked him in the side of the head. Matt felt that, and fell back. The soldier swept his feet out from under him, and quickly jumped up to slam him through the floor. With a sudden power boost, Matt flew up to uppercut the modern juggernaut. That seemed to set something off, as it faded into black mist.
(OOC: have the clones retreat soon.)
Rakuno watched the other two fights before the evil teen girl jumped forward at him before he could react. He was launched back and landed on the edge of the platform. He was now content on his battle position and flung two kunai at his oppressor to see how they reacted. Surprisingly, the shadowlike teen girl took the hits straight on and blood was now drizzling out of her. "That easy? Jeez, this whole thing is wasting my time." But Rakuno spoke too soon. The girl lunged at him again, but this time he was ready for it. He struck the girl with a full-force electrified blow and that caused her to vanish. Rakuno stayed on his guard in case she reappeared.


Previously Shadow_Pup
When the clones appeared Bellamy had sighed and sat down on one of the staircases, "yeah, not really in the mood for a fight so I'll let you guys handle it seeing as there is only three" he said lounging back slightly watching the fights two of these enemies disappeared leaving only the small one, he wondered whether he would disappear as well. Bellamy watched the girl fight, she could definitely handle herself well that was for sure. He groaned slightly as he used his bladed staff to stand up and the he flipped it so one blade was touching the ground and he balanced himself on top of the other blade to get a better view of the surroundings. He didn't mind if he got a slight cut he would heal.
Maria looked out from behind the staircase. On the platform she once stood, she watched as the childlike 'human' slowly pushed himself up. Dark mist seeped from the wound on his shoulder, and he looked down. Maria followed his gaze to find that he had dropped his flute and it had fallen off the platform. Perfect. But to Maria's surprise, the child held out his hand and another flute began to form from similar dark mist that was leaking out of him. Maria was not about to have that. Taking careful aim with her second flintlock pistol, she fired. A second thunderous boom rang through the building as smoke and sparks were kicked up, but her shot found it's mark. The lead ball drilled the child in the forehead, punching through the 'human'. He flew back, and Maria watched as he turned to dust. And with that, it appeared that the enemies were defeated. Well, most of them. The harlequin was still there, not doing much...

Maria moved back behind the staircase, watching the platform as she began to reload her flintlocks.

Willow Tree

Previously Brightheart
(@Captain Cardboard Damn, you wrote out Kino's clone way cooler than how Kino is actually is. XD)

Sitting upon the decaying stairs, Kino watch with amusement as the clone slowing came to, and snap out of her daze, the ringing in her ears subsiding. She hisses, smoke bellowing from her maw as she advances forward towards Kino, who is upside-down to her view.
She lept, and he dodge, woods shattering and splinters flying. Landing with a clack on his heels, he turns in time to duck the saber that could've skewered his neck. She whips out a hand to grab him then, the paw clasping neatly around his svelte waist, squeezing tightly. The breath was knocked out of him at the sudden restriction, as he wasn't prepared for her to use that move, and her enhanced strength didn't help him anymore than it did before.
He sucked in what breath was left and focused intently, all thoughts gone and fixated on himself. His skin sizzled, hot to the touch, another advantage of his fire ability, and though the clone shows no pained reaction, she did release due to the burning. Some parts of the fur along her arm was singed off, and Kino mocks her.
"Ha! Take that! Karma for cutting my hair!" He laughs. Koi flew back to him in a spiral of flame, equally as pleased as his owner for the little mark they left on the wolf.
In the little ounce of rage that builds up in the clone, she lash out at him once more, and when he ran out of her range, she swipes her weapon to something completely out of Kino's expectations; a long wooden pipe that curves in between the middle of her index and thumb. There was a trigger to which she hooked her index finger through, and she flipped something, which made a clicking noise, then a deafening bellow escaped the pipe to which she held in her hand with a cool proficiency.
A sudden force slams into his right shoulder. It was tiny, but it was able to knock him back with a harsh yank. He shrieks and Koi whimpers, watching as his owner collapse from the impact. The pain came sharp and fast, he felt nauseated and dizzy.
The clone marches forward, pointing the pipe towards his head for the final blow, a clicking sounded, but Kino isn't going to take a hit straight to the head like that.
Rolling out the way just moments before she pressed the trigger, Kino lash out his legs at hers, tripping her swiftly and then pinning her down, forcing the pistol out of her hands and pressed his flute against the back of her neck. A blade, hidden within the interior of the flute unfolds itself, cutting her clean through the neck and out into the decaying woods below.
It was dead silent after that, and the clone disintegrated, disappearing into dust.
Kino gasp and sucked in a breath, wheezing from the near close death. His blade sheathed itself and he whistles onto the mouthpiece, playing any random notes. Within seconds, his wound heals, the bullet forced out of his flesh and lands with a gentle clinking to the ground before also dissipating.
Now refresh and unwounded, Kino plops onto his back, just lying there. Koi turns back into a Shiba again, then waddled over to lay next to Kino.
"Next time I see that wooden smoking pipe, I'm f**king running." He said.
A half a minute later, Maria had reloaded both of her Flintlock pistols and emerged from behind the staircase. The place had fallen quiet, with no sounds of talking or fighting. Cautiously, Maria made her way to the staircase leading to the platform the group had originally appeared on. Saber in hand, she was ready.

When she reached the top of the platform, the wolf woman found two of the humans. The samurai one and the older strange one. The second one was standing on some sort of staff with two blades on either side. While the samurai looked like he had just got out of a fight, the second one appeared to have not fought at all.
"Thank you for your assistance." Maria said to Bellamy dryly. Looking around, she found that Mart wasn't on the platform. Perhaps he had fallen. Maria surveyed the area to find him not too far away, still quite alive.

Maria turned her attention back to Peekaboo, glaring at the clown.
"I grow tired of your games, harliquen." Maria said, pointing her saber to the clown. "Perhaps your death will release us from this strange place."


Previously Shadow_Pup
Bellamy flipped off his staff landing on the ground, he picked up his staff and strolled over to Maria "Now I don't doubt your logic or strength but I dont think this clown will be as easy to kill as his 'friends' I have met a few creatures like him in my early years" he said before attaching his staff to his back and pulling out his Desert Eagle and pointing it at the clown "but I would like to know what it is you want with us, Mr. Clown" he said dryly before remembering what Maria had said, "oh and I thought the three of you had it handled earlier so I didn't get involved" he added.