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Ask to Join OC Stars (RP)

Maria's confusion became more apparent as Red attempted to answer her question. He used a lot of words she hadn't heard of. Revolver? Hammer action? Okay, that one wasn't too difficult to infer, but semi-automatic? What the heck did that word even mean? It sounded similar to automaton... A mechanical device. But a gun was already mechanical. A gun that fired on it's own? But what did the semi part mean? The whole thing was very confusing. And it was made in the 70s? What did that mean? The gun was produced in sets of 70?

Maria was brought out of her confusion by Kino's irratated comments. The Lycan shook her head before nodding towards Kino.
"Kino is right. We need to keep moving and find our allies. I do not want to meet whatever is making that noise either." Maria said. The wolf woman turned and began to quickly stride down the maze, keeping alert in listening and smelling for any signs of the others, or whatever was getting closer. But as she moved, Maria could not help but to reflect on what Red had been talking about. What year was it? What an odd question. Why would one ask that question, everyone knew what year it was. Maria began to figure what Red was thinking. They were in a different place, clearly. Were these people from different times as well? It certainly would explain a lot of things... The boy kept calling her Flintlocks 'smoking pipes' after all. Even peasants knew what guns were. Then there were the strange clothes that Infinity and Red were wearing, as well as the strange clothes Drake and the mist creatures had been wearing.

As the group walked, Maria looked back to Red.
"The year is 1653 of the Manticarian Calender." Maria said quietly to Red. "What about you? What year do you believe it to be?"

@Willow Tree @TheJustinMan

Willow Tree

Previously Brightheart
Pleased to see that they're moving forward once more, Kino marches happily behind Maria. Koi prances next to him, and the duo eagerly look around the space and cracks. The roof certainly looks weird, it doesn't even seem to exist, only held a looming black abyss.
Then again, everything was weird here, so Kino isn't really surprised.
But when Maria mentioned the date, Kino frozed, and whips his head to face the wolf woman, crazed confusion clashing along his expressions.
"1653?!" He exclaims, "Am I that behind on the calendar?! Since when did we reach 1653 already?!" He shrieks. Koi looks startled too, and looks around nervously.
"Last time I checked, the year was 1127, there's a hunking 500 years difference between us." He said, "Am I wrong or are you wrong, I like to think myself younger than 300 years old thank you very much." He said sarcastically, "Time couldn't have gone by that fast, and I'm not immortal like someone here, so I shouldn't even be alive! How is it 1653? Explain!"

@Captain Cardboard


Previously TheJustinMan
"Calm down, man. I think it's as easy to explain as you know. To put it simply, whoever brought us here had the power to do so from different times, and most likely different planes of existence as well. It’s all really simple, if you think about it.” Red said, trying to calm his newfound companion down. “It really doesn’t surprise me. This is a thing that feels like might happen all the time. I could care less about being here with people from different times, but man. Some of these guys might be from other worlds too. That would be cool and all, but these people kinda just feel like humans.” He thought to himself. “And, just for the record, you’d be over a thousand in my time. Because currently, it’s 2020 in my time, based on a Gregorian Calendar. Which has 365 days in a year, 24 hours in a day, to clarify.” Red continued, answering Maria’s question while making a bit of fun out of Kino.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Bellamy listened to the conversation with interest, his guesses were right the first two were from different times, he spoke up "I am also from the year 2020, but I was born around 700 B.C. so yeah, anyway as was already mentioned let's focus on who is from where and what weapons we have after finding out what said creature is" he stated simply before turning in the direction of the noise, he was pretty sure this creature was something he had never witnessed before, but there was always a time for new things.

Willow Tree

Previously Brightheart
"2020?? A thousand years old??" Kino shrieks, "That's even worst! Holy cow I'm behind. 365,000 days behind. 8,760,000 hours behind. I'm f*cking ancient." He said in an exaggerating tone.
"My birthday had flew by my eyes 1000 f*cking times and I didn't even notice! What kind of witchery am I witnessing?" He demanded, barely paying attention to the explanation that Red had just given them.
He went on an anger rant for a while, but eventually accepted the idea that he's a tiny old man now, and just thought that maybe it's not so bad to be a thousand year old being living in the middle of nowhere.
He had to repeat the last part over and over in his head, for he still doesn't really believe that it was 'not so bad', and ended up convincing himself through reiteration effect.
He glad for the change of subject, and merely played off the earlier topic as if it didn't happen, walking slowly after the others in pursuit of the creature in charge of the noises.
Red's answer completely surprised Maria. 2020?! Nearly four centuries in the future?! But before Maria had the chance to respond to either Red or Infinity, Kino began to babble and yell. The Lycan quickly turned to Kino, snarling at the small human.
"Be silent, you fool!" Maria hissed to Kino, baring her teeth at him. "We don't know if whatever that thing is, is friendly. For all we know, it could be working with that terrible harlequin. So undoubtedly, your veritable and continuous screeching does not help us now! Panic when we are no longer in danger!"

A distant thumping caught Maria's ear. Much like the strange 'boing' sound, it appeared to be getting closer! But unlike the 'boing' sound, which was coming from in front of them, the thumping was coming from behind. Lovely. They were stuck between two unknowns.

Willow Tree

Previously Brightheart
Upon Maria's quick scolding and logical approach to the situation, Kino didn't seem to accept it, and flips a mean finger at the wolf, sticking his tongue out mockingly at her.
"I panic whenever I want b*tch," he retorted rudely, "emotions are bound to kill my liver off anyways, so might as well make it voluntary." He said.
Just as he was about to say more, perhaps even louder just to spite her, the sound seems to become higher in pitch, or so he thinks. It certainly did become louder, and since he had some rather advanced hearing, this was annoying. A thumping sound accompanies the shrieks, and Kino furrowed his brows.
"I swear to God I rather be stuck at home washing dishes than be here. Dang, why did I jump in. Koi, why didn't you stop me, you know I always regret stupid choices." The kid said, prodding the dog with his leg. Koi yapped, and turns away, sniffing a bit as the noise gets louder.
They were both bothered, but what can they do.
Ziph's ears remained perked up hearing the movement of the people she heard earlier, their hushed voices for a while let her know that they were on alert, perhaps they were warriors of some kind. Ziph continued on her way having pinpointed their location as they began talking more casually.

She broke out into a light run jumping off the walls when there were turns in the hallway, she was having fun running along the walls and ceiling. She was nearly completely silent, cat-like. She stopped when she knew that they were just around the corner and she created a few of the diamond-like spikes that filtered through her main and around her front legs before she turned the corner to see the group on individuals, and immediately was rather entertained, they seemed tense and on guard, but at a glance the group seemed to carry a wide range of technology, though all of it seemed primitive. Ziph’s stance was more of curiosity and relaxation rather than aggression despite the diamond-like spikes sparkling in the light within her fur.
"You little, insolent..." Maria let out a small growl as she turned away from Kino. The small human was annoying but at least he had stopped yelling. That was all Maria had wanted. The wolf woman scanned the area once again, but instantly froze. Just around the corner in front of them appeared a creature that Maria had never seen before. It was almost... wolflike? Maria was having a hard time trying to comprehend what she was seeing. It had fur that was rather fluffy, looking to be white with violet and blue highlights. It was watching them with blue eyes, not seeming to be aggressive... just curious. Still, Maria couldn't help but to notice the large, crystal spikes that seemed to have grown from it's front legs. Was this the one that had been making the strange, 'boing' noises?

"Everyone..." Maria said to the rest of the group, not keeping her eyes off Ziph. She wanted to keep focused on this new, possible threat. Maria had remembered stories from her childhood of monsters roaming labyrinths, eating any adventurers that dared entered. She had no desire to become a part of those legends she had heard about...

Willow Tree

Previously Brightheart
"Hm, what, you bored? I'm bored too, the noise stopped at least, for the most part. It did certainly got quieter." Kino said, prancing around the area, but nowhere close to where the newcomer was. Koi was just peeing, as per usual.
It wasn't until Kino turns to face Maria, and then proceeds to follow where her gaze trails too, that he saw the newest stranger.
"Holy f*ck it's a Kitsune." He blurted, a bit taken aback by the weird new being, white face with designs that patterns along the head, what color it was he couldn't make out through the dark. It made Kino think it's the legendary nine-tailed fox, but upon catching sight of the tail, he had some second thoughts.
"Wait no, couldn't be a Kitsune, they have nine tails, this one doesn't..." he said, pausing, then continues in a more sarcastic tone, "...but the length of that one certainly makes up for it." He mutters, gazing at Ziph's tail.
There was a chance this creature was the one who created such an annoying sound, so Kino was kind of subconsciously creating some rather unpleasant questions in his mind that he would've probably want to ask the thing.
Like, does she think she's a f*cking whale?! A narwhal??? Maybe a bat?! Why in the name of all those that are holy does she need to send off sound waves? Communication? Echolocation?
Kino doesn't know what the reason was, but he does know that he's not a f*cking whale nor a f*cking bat.
The little movie played in his head again. He was standing, almost as tall as the sky, and was just about to bite Odin's head off when he suddenly found himself in present day Sweden. This short movie played in Fenri's head all the time, and he was getting annoyed by it. Suddenly he came back to reality. But was it reality, because what he saw didn't look real at all. He was in a weird room with stairs and shit, and his head was hurting. Probably because he had overdosed earlier. He didn't see anyone but he could hear voices of people talking. He didn't yell. Fenri hadn't yelled since he got broke free from Glaupnir, the rope that had tied him to that mountain for so many years. "Fuck, where are they?" he thought to himself. "And who are they?" He started walking and the voices where getting louder and louder. Why couldn't he see them, but he could hear them loud and clear. Was someone messing with him? He remembered a, what was it called again, a clown? After that everything was just, gone.
Rakuno saw nothing but black and the occasional wall. He was blinded not physically, but mentally. He hadn't known what was going on until he was dropped into this hellish maze. I'm going to go insane if I can't find my way out of here, he thought constantly to himself. Reality was becoming more fractured by the second and every step he took descended him further into madness. He tried to use electricity to light up his path every so often but he only saw more wall.
Ziph deduced that these creatures were at least intelligent to have a proper structured language of communication. Interestingly enough the two even appeared to be different species that shared a common language. Well this makes things a bit easier. Ziph thought. She transformed into her two legged humanoid form and retracted back the diamond-like spikes. “Quoi, foraeh cholo, yu jyuja meg noum geh cgulgro iea. Jeh oyuchol eh iea vi umi seumto amjolcgumja quoug yu un cuiot?” she said calmy, careful not to come off as aggressive. Her long tail swished around behind her slowly.

Willow Tree

Previously Brightheart
At this point forward, Kino had already guess weird things happens quite frequently in this hell hole, to the point where animals could babble nonsense at him.
And he's speaking from what he's seeing.
The weird fox looking creature, or whatever she is, has suddenly morphed into a more upright standing version of themself, the spikes retracted. Immediately after the transformation, she started speaking, but not in a language he knows about.
That was certainly not Japanese, nor english for all he knew. German maybe? French?
He's not even going to try and guess.
Crossing his arms, he huffs and glares at the newcomer, Koi growling slightly next to him. They're both still pretty piss from all the noises caused by whatever, and they both suspect this thing.
"If you're asking us if we know where we are or what to do, we don't." He said simply, "All that I know is that a son of a b*tch is playing us and he's going to lose his d*ck for that." He added.
Koi barks, though he was more demanding of if she was responsible for all the 'boing' sound that had ricocheted through the place earlier.

Ziph tilted her head slightly, the creature talking to seemed rather irritated by listening to the tone of his voice, but his irritation does not seem to be particularly directed at her. The smaller quadruped creature at his feet however does seem rather irritated by her. Ziph emitted the boing noise again as she shook her head slightly, quieter this time. Well I guess I have to use gestures to see if I can get my point across. Ziph held up one hand claw and pointed at it with the other, then she pointed at Kino’s head and did a patting motion.

@Willow Tree

Willow Tree

Previously Brightheart
Having looked quite confused by their action, the creature gave off the same 'boing' noise once more, confirming their suspicions flawlessly. Koi immediately yapped angrily at her, and Kino frowns when the creature shook her head. Her point wasn't made, and Kino doesn't speak her language, so she seems to have taken sign language as her next approach.
After making some kind of motion after pointing at his head, Kino clamped both hands atop his scale, looking terribly offended. He didn't even think twice or comprehend perhaps what she was trying to say, just instantly concluded what he had in mind right off the bat without a thought.
"You wanna pet my head or something?! I'm not a dog! F*ck off!" He snaps, then remembered that they don't speak the same tongue. So instead, he repositions himself into a more natural stance, and smiles at Ziph, cheerfully holding up a hand and pointing at the other like how she had done. After pointing at the other hand, he proceeds to point back at her, but instead of making a patting motion, he flipped the mean finger and stuck his tongue out at the poor creature.
He doesn't care if she doesn't know what the finger meant, his point was still made.

Fenri wandered around for what felt like a few hours, before he gave up and sat down. He didn't have anything to lean on, but he couldn't always have that luxury. He checked inside of his pocket and took up a small can of beer. Fenri opened it and took a sip. He always had atleast one beer and a pack of cigarettes on him, because he, even though he doesn't want to realise it, is probably has a problem. When he finished his beer he threw the can on the "ground" and fished up the pack of cigarettes from his pocket. He took one out of the pack, lit it, and put the cigarette in his mouth. He stood up and started walking around, looking for anything that could help him get out of here. "If I have to be here for just another hour, I'm probably gonna become insane." Fenri said to himself. He tried transforming to his wolf-form, but whatever this place was it seemed to either be really fucking huge or just expanding. He roared, maybe someone could hear him? He transformed back into his human form, and sat down. Would he just have to wait or would he have to figure out a way to get out of this place?
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Previously TheJustinMan
After seeing a creature that not only spoke a random language but also had the ability to transform, Red had seen enough to believe anything existed. The creature seemed to be gesturing at Kino, who was still relatively frustrated, and Kino got even more so after the gestures. Red felt that getting mad wouldn’t help the matter at all, but he still didn’t know what the creature said, or what it’s gestures meant exactly. "Kino, you need to calm down dude. If you get to angry, we'll all screw ourselves over. So just be calm, and I'll try to deal with this." Red said, knowing that Kino's anger was no good for him. He then turned to the newer creature. Seeing as it had tried to gesture them, he began to think about what they could mean. "Well... it looked like it wanted Kino to let it pat his head. But why? It seems to have understood some of Kino's feelings, but why would it want to do that of all things. It seems relatively harmless right now, those spikes retracted into it's body. I don't think it's trying to steal our souls or anything... maybe, just maybe, physical contact will help it understand us better?" He thought, as he stood nearly still as a statue, with his fingers on his chin. Seeing as the creature was a bit shorter than him, he bent down and began to gesture towards it. He tried to catch it's attention, and then pointed straight at it. He then took off his hat, which you could only see the shadow from the mask, and pointed his finger to the top of his head, and back to the creature a few times. "Hope I got this right. This is kinda embarrasing." He thought, hoping it wouldn't kill him.

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By now, after running about at around the speed of sound, Neon had heard may objects being smashed. He knew it was probably a bad idea to go towards the smashed objects, but he didn't care, he could handle himself easily if things got out of hand. So, he went in the direction of the smashed objects. He sprinted, which was probably a bad idea, considering he goes past the speed of sound when he sprints. After creating an accidental sonic boom, he almost ran straight into someone, luckily he stopped before he could break their skull. (Considering how fast he was going.) The guy he almost ran into was the guy smashing the objects, which turned out to be the walls and the floor. This guy had another guy behind him. (I think it's just Matt and Isaac, unless I missed something.) "Finally, some people." He said, relieved. "I've been wandering around here for what feels like hours. Got any idea what this place is? Also, any idea if this place is just huge, or if it's rapidly expanding or something like that? I'm Neon, by the way." He said, although he didn't extend his hand, because one of the guys had no problem smashing walls and the floor, and he liked his hand. (I am aware I used the word "Guy" way too many times in this post.)


Previously mallard
Matt kept smashing things, with enthusiasm slowly draining from his random strikes. A figure approached, and he could barely raise an arm to defend himself with his limited power. Drake, who hasn't used up as much of his power, slid in front of the others and threateningly raised his wings. The figure seemed much less threatening when it opened his mouth. "Whoa, slow down there... 'Neon.'" Matt wasn't all excited about a person creating a sonic boom just to say hi. "I don't know shit about this place, I'm just here to kick Giggles's ass." With that, he walked past the newcomer, Drake now behind him. Matt decided against smashing anything else, because he didn't really need a much bigger group.

"NO, NO, NO!!!" Peekaboo screeched in childlike rage. "YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO FIGHT EACH OTHER!" He switched to Plan B.

Matt's vision suddenly blacked out. After ten seconds, his vision became clear again. he was in an arena. It was built from the same materials as the other areas, rotting wood, but was filled with orange light from numerous balls of fire in the sky. The arena walls were made of rotting boards with sharpened tips, and there were wooden benches outside the arena. On one side of the arena, there was a huge throne with torches on either side, and made from the same sharpened planks as the walls. "Well," A certain clown materialized on that throne. "The show must go on."

Sol the Lycanroc

Previously Ember Wolf
London, 1925
Ash was soaring over the city in his eagle form, admiring the nature around him. However, he felt something wrap around his wings. What the- He thought, then became warped into an arena of some sort. He was back to human again, and there was something restraining him from standing up. He looked around and saw a few others in the stands with him. "Damn it..." He grumbled.


Previously Gamingfan2
A large wolf prowled around the maze, his ears perked. It appeared like he was hunting, but in reality he was just suspicious of everything around him, as it was all very unfamiliar.
A voice spoke in his mind. Did we really have to avoid all those people?
O.S sighed Yes. We don't know where we are or who they are. We can't risk anything.
And if they were friendly?
Y'know Loufe? I'm sick of you being so friendly and stupid. This is the real world, and not everyone-

Before the wolf could continue, he blacked out.

Loufe woke with a start, shaking his chair. The belt around him restrained his movement, and felt like it was nullifying his magic.
I'll show you. Well, O.S will.
Loufe immediately grew in size, growing fur, losing clothing, and gaining a sharp nose and fangs. The belt should have broken, but it expanded with his growth, which only took a second, then turned him back to human in the same second.
"W-Wha-How!" Loufe tried again, repeating the action multiple times. Each time the belt returned him to normal, not even loosening. Loufe groaned, before noticing a scent. Multiple, actually. All of which came from the people in the maze.
So much for avoiding them.
Shut it.

Loufe spoke up "Er, hi. Odd time for an introduction I know, but my name is Loufe, and I'm insane."
Heh, yeah he is. O.S's voice tranferred mentally to everyone around, sounding as if he spoke aloud.
"I have no idea where this is, how I got here, or what it is, and I'll assume you all weren't brought here willingly either. Soooo....what the heck is going on?"

Sol the Lycanroc

Previously Ember Wolf
Ash looked at the wolf-man who had spoken. "I have absolutely no idea what is going on, but I'm Ash, and I might go insane from this. What year is it?" He patiently waited for a response, although he was panicking on the inside.
Maria was backing away from the strange creature, not looking away or lowering her guard, when she felt darkness creeping onto her vision once again.
"Oh no... Again?" Maria said. She fell backwards as the strangest feeling washed over her. Suddenly, she was back on her feet. No longer in the maze, Maria found herself in an arena like area. Others were here as well, but more importantly so was the harliquen. The Lycan woman drew a Flintlock pistol, only to stop on hearing confused voices. More new people. Maria sighed and rolled her eyes before turning towards the new people. There were two, what appeared to be a pair of humans. The first had black hair, brown eyes, and the same strange clothes all the other humans had. However, he did not have the scent of a human. In fact, he smelled more like a fellow Lycan. The second was a human male with firey red hair. He had a more unusual scent, one reminding Maria of different Avians she had met. His clothes were different than most of these 'future humans', but still rather strange.

"Both of you, be silent! What you must know is that wicked harliquen was the one that pulled all of us here. He's been treating us as nothing more than playthings." Maria called over to Loufe and Ash. Turning back to Peekaboo, Maria drew her Flintlock. She had enough of this clown's games. Not hesitating, Maria aimed her Flintlock and fired it at Peekaboo. A resonating 'BOOM' echoed throughout the chamber.


Previously mallard
The bullet entered Peekaboo's left eye, and bounced around in his skull with multiple echoing tings. Suddenly it stopped, and Peekaboo extended his folded tongue, it slowly morphing into an arm as it extended. He dropped a metal statue of a pony the size of the bullet into Maria's lap, and gave her a pat on the head with the slimy tongue-hand. "There you go, darling. Play nice now." On cue, the statue expanded into a fleshy mass the size of a basketball, writhing around in pain.

Drake was warped to the stands as well, in a steel vase. No matter how he squirmed, he couldn't get free. So, he stared at his partner, waiting to see who the clown would pit him against.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Bellamy was warped into the arena, he looked around at the stands with a look of curiosity "what gives clown boy, I would be ever so greatful if you would stop teleporting people around, anyway what's the deal here, we gonna fight more of your stupid copies or something" he shouted up to the clown as he checked the ammo is his handgun and casually glanced around the arena for a second time, he hadn't been in a place like this since the Roman Empire and he wasn't particularly fond of it then either. He sighed ti himself and the turned to look at the clown, awaiting his response.
Dallas, Present Day
Jay was walking around, a large grin on his face as usual. People kept giving him funny looks, and he kept looking in their direction, causing them to quickly stop looking, and start walking faster. People kept giving him those looks because of his white pupils, black scleras, no irises, sharp teeth, and unhinged smile. He told people his eyes were the result of a medical condition, but it was really because he was basically an energy demon. Although, he couldn't explain his voice that echoed and sounded pixelated, so people often just walked away. Which he had no problem with. He didn't need people, he had animals.Then, some jerk decided to run up on him and pushed him into an alley. He stopped grinning, but continued to smile. He was caught by surprise, but not intimidated. "Listen you little freak. I don't know what you are, or why you look like that, but you're gonna give me all your money, right now." The guy said. Jay snickered. "My friend, I believe you're confused. If I wanted to give you my money, I would have done so already! So, I'd rather not." The guy squinted. "I will STAB you in 10 seconds." "No, YOU listen, you county fair bendy pencil! Instead of you stabbing me, I do this." Jay said, then proceeded to get down and sweep the guy's legs out from under him. The guy fell, and Jay put his foot on the man's neck. The man immediately lost all of his bravado. "Ah! Hey man! Chill! I'll leave you alone!" Jay laughed. "Sorry man, looks like you just lost your neck privileges." He said, then quickly twisted his foot and broke the man's neck, killing him. Jay snapped his fingers and the man's body disappeared.
Jay went home, and sat on the couch, where his dog, a Giant Schnoodle named Cosmo, was currently laying down. Jay stroked Cosmo's head while watching TV. Suddenly, some sort of portal opened and they were teleported into some sort of Arena.

Peekaboo's Arena, ???
Jay AND Cosmo were both teleported into the arena. Jay was restrained with some sort of invisible restraints. "What the..." Jay said. Cosmo was right next to him, in the same restraints. Jay immediately projected some sort of barrier around Cosmo, so that he couldn't get hurt. He couldn't use his magic to escape the restraints for some reason. He saw some sort of clown sitting on top of a throne. As well as other people around him, most likely in the same restraints he was. He immediately became hostile, and he was only barely smiling. "HEY! What the HELL is going on here?!"

(Notify me if I made any dumb mistakes.)
Fenri woke up in an arena, with some sort of invisible restraints holding in his place. "It's fine, I have broken some of the strongest chains in the world by only stretching my muscles, I can get free from this as well," he thought for himself. Fenri tried to transform into his original form, his wolf form, but it just wouldn't work. He tried again, and failed again. Then he tried breaking free from it with force, without transforming into the Fenris-Wolf. That didn't work either. "What the hell is going on, are these chains just like Glaupnir, but invisible" he thought. He still had small marks from Glaupnir, that sent him into pain sometimes. That was when he noticed the creature in the middle of the room, apparantly they were called clowns. Fenri had seen a glimpse of that clown before, but he couldn't really get a good look at it back then. The other people around him seemed to be just as confused as him.

Sol the Lycanroc

Previously Ember Wolf
Ash watched all of the chaos in the arena continue, and he figured it would be best for him to stay put, or else it might make things worse. For now, though, he scanned the faces of everyone. There were three wolf-people, some sort of energy demon with strange eyes and sharp teeth, and several others, including a duck. Yay, another bird. Ash thought to himself.
Maria watched in shock at the utter impossibility that Peekaboo had performed, staring down at the small metal pony that had been made somehow. Even though things had already been strange, Maria was beginning to feel a little frightened. When Peekaboo patted her on the head, the Lycan woman instantly recoiled with a snarl. She would have slashed at the harliquen, when the small metal pony suddenly expanded into a large, throbbing ball of flesh. It was moving!! Maria let out a yelp, quickly falling back and kicking the fleshy mass away from her on reflex. She watched in shock as Peekaboo continued on his way. She slowly got back to her feet, looking around as more people began to appear. Once again, mostly humans. She was glad to see some familiar faces, of that one human Drake and Infinity. No sign of Red or Kino yet...

Maria bolstered her first Flintlock, drawing her second as she made her way over to Infinity.
"I believe that you may be right... I am not sure if I will be able to hurt this thing on my own." Maria said to Infinity.