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  1. Bumbletime

    Open The world: RP discussion

    This Rp is basically a RP about, our world. With no intentional plot (Yet) and you may be a Animal or a human. @Jodie.xox @AnimeTail @Pokéboy098 @GalacticDeg @Red Gallade Rules: Romance and Violence..okay, but please, PG You can be a mythical creature BUT keep your powers to a, ehem, limit. No...
  2. GalacticDeg

    Private/Closed Seven Together

    DISCUSSION: https://pokecharms.com/threads/seven-together-discussion.19768/ Jayden Chambers stepped out of Professor Oak's helicopter, holding his bag and looked around. The location was a flower-covered field, and in the close distance, a town. The town was probably Nuvema Town. The helicopter...
  3. GalacticDeg

    Ask to Join Seven Together (Discussion)

    ROLEPLAY: https://pokecharms.com/threads/seven-together.19795/ STORYLINE Seven trainers are sent by each Professor to Unova's Nuvema Town. (B2W2 Pokemon) The Professors have spotted something odd there in Unova. What it is, they don't know. What they do know, is that the thing needs to be...
  4. Blonde

    Private/Closed After You.

    new beginnings and a welcome back roleplay between me & @kageyama reminder— I’ve been off pokecharms and rps for about two years so I’m a little rusty, notice in advance. {camera slowly zooms in thru a nest of clouds} We beginning our story in the city of Judilife where our main characters...
  5. Daffodile Daily

    Ask to Join Students at Sea

    https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-secret-human-village-character-bios.16731/ If you would like to apply to sail with us on this voyage, don't be shy just message! Trainers from ALL regions are welcome to join. ... Long ago, when people and pokémon first came into contact, not everyone saw...
  6. _Lunakitty_

    Open Trainer RP

    Before we begin, please read below. Rules: 1) Please follow TOS 2) Please use 3rd person literate only. That means no *'s and using ('s outside of RP 3) No OP characters, or legendaries. 4) Have fun! Please fill out: Name: Age: Appearance: Traits: Team: Region: Other: - My info Name: Luna...
  7. Galaxy Sylveon

    Private/Closed PokèHigh

    Hello Everybody! I decided to do a Pokemon School! Here are the rules: Only allowed 4 pokèmon for now! No legendaries! Your only allowed to be 14-17! Everybody is in the same class! Here is the form to film out: Name: Age: Gender: Personality: Pokèmon: 1. ??? (Name and Gender) 2. ??? 3. ...