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If you would like to apply to sail with us on this voyage, don't be shy just message! Trainers from ALL regions are welcome to join.


Long ago, when people and pokémon first came into contact, not everyone saw their coexistence as acceptable. A faction of people from within one of the larger ancient settlements set out on a journey to find their own land away from the strange and powerful creatures they knew as Pokémon. While on their journey, they preached their philosophy to all they encountered.

"Humans should be the ruling force of this world! The dangerous beasts known as pokémon are a threat to our freedom and the safety of our children! Come with us! Together we will create a place were humanity can thrive in peace!"

As their numbers grew, the search for a haven grew more desperate. An ancient text from the time states that they set off into the ocean on large rafts towards the sunset, never to be seen again.


News stations worldwide were covering the story when it came to light that an island with only people and no pokémon was discovered in the middle of the ocean thousands of miles from any other civilization. The discovery was made by the adventure cruise line ship, SS Explorer. A sunbather on the deck of the ship spotted someone swimming in the ocean near the island. The Captain had taken a few of his crew members to shore to investigate and discovered a large settlement of people living in nice houses further into the island. The people on the island weren't hostile, the but it became apparent they were afraid of pokémon after the Captain tried to introduce his Pelliper to the settlement's president. The president was so frightened and offended he had the Captain and his crew escorted back to the beach and asked to deposit any pokémon back on their ship.

As diplomacy continued between the two completely different worlds, something surprising was happening among the Island's youth. The thirst for adventure, coupled with the opportunity for more global cooperation! One year after the island discovery, a program was created that allowed students of all ages from all over the world study together on a cruise ship that would travel the seas in the hope of raising interest in a cooperative global community. The ship would debark from Solitude, as the Island came to be known.

Before their voyage, all of the island students made sure to rigorously study the language of the rest of the world so communication would be less difficult.

All students will receive a pokémon egg on the first day of school. Students from other regions are welcome to bring a full party of pokémon if they desire.


If you would like to apply to sail with us on this voyage, don't be shy just message!
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Solitude was an imposing island rising high out of the water. It had no protective coves for ships and most of the shoreline was all rocky cliffs except for one beach with rough, pebbly sand. Tall conifer trees make up a thickly wooded forest that surrounds the center of the island where farms that were established in ancient times still provide all the food the islanders eat, 100% vegetarian diet. Since there are no Pokémon on the island, the locals had never heard of things like cheese or ice cream made from fresh moomoo milk.

The people lived in elaborate cabins amongst the trees or in homes carved directly into the stone on the side of the huge grey mountain that spired into the sky. Not everyone who lived there was afraid of pokémon or thought that they should live separate lives from humans. When the study abroad program was made available, ambassadors from other regions in the world came to Solitude to construct an offshore port where ships could dock. The port doubled as a pokémon hotel because although diplomacy was going well, pokémon were still prohibited on the island itself.


Megan sat stoned-faced and slouched over, not because she was in any sort of bad mood, but because she was deep in thought and had completely forgotten everything else in the world, including her posture. Today was Megan's last day on the only island she had ever known. She said goodbye to her parents and her brother at the trolley stop for pebble beach and had just gotten into a small ferry boat destined for the port just off shore. Megan wasn't sure what to feel, be it happiness, excitement, fear, dread but one thing she knew fore sure....she felt SICK! In a split second, Megan went from stone-faced giant to bolting sprinter as she raced from her seat to the edge of the ferry. She had only left the island for a few minutes and she had already lost her last lunch from home.

To distract herself from the dizzying motion of the sea, Megan tried to focus on what to expect from her first day abroad. At the port, other students would be arriving from all over and there would be pokémon walking around! Megan had never seen one in person before and part of her wondered if they were as dangerous as the legends told.
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"Hey, are... you okay?" Asked a nervous voice from a ways off to the side. Tyrik stood with his arms folded over the railing, staring with a perplexed look on his face into the murky blue yonder of the sea, up until Megan had run up and hurled overboard, that was. The meek boy looked a bit pale in the face, surely unsure of how to react, or maybe even a bit seasick himself given his troubled expression.

There was no shortage of things in the world that he feared. Ocean currents... tropical storms... his mother in a mood... Though today, something else trumped his fear of meeting strangers, and if he could lend a helping hand to the girl, he would've liked to do it.
Megan had to double take at the young man because the first time she glanced she thought he was talking to someone else.
"Oh!...uhh, I'm fine, thanks. Just a little seasick..." Her face changed from blushing red to white then back to sickly green as another dizzy spell hit hard, she clutched the railing for dear life but refused to vomit again. The young man standing down the railing still looked in her direction and not wanting to seem antiscocial Megan asked, "you feel sick too?"
"Maybe a little. Not for the reason you're thinking, though." Tyrick numbly answered. A twinge of shame ran across his bothered features as he suddenly felt very much in the wrong for being there. "Sorry, you probably want to be left alone while you're... you know, right? I can clear out, just say the word." He offered, palms out before him in an apologetic display.
"No no no, you're fine. You were here first anyway," Megan was finding him to be a very good distraction from the motion of the ocean. Not wanting him to walk away, she took a deep breathe through her nose to collect herself and decide what to say. Focusing on the difficulties of basic conversation, Megan regained some color in her face and remembered to flash a sweet smile before asking, "Have...have you ever seen a pokémon before?"
As the color returned to her face, it only drained a bit more from Tyrick's at the mention of Pokemon. Megan's words and smile seemed to intimidate him somewhat, but he offered one back nonetheless, maintaining his composure for the sake of being friendly. "No, I haven't. Actually... well, maybe I have. It's hard to tell what kinds of sounds come from what when you're out in the woods, and I know there've never been any sightings reported in Solitude before..." He took a deep breath, still smiling with the face of a good sport as he almost laughed aloud at his own fear. "And I know it's silly, or crazy even, but I swear I've seen one. Thing is, I could've gone my whole life without seeing it or any others and been perfectly content with that."
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Megan was no stranger to the deep breaths and nervous laughs that come with fear, but part of her was glad to know she wasn't the only one experiencing nerves. One thing was for certain, culture shock was in their near future and growing closer and closer as the ferry slowly motored towards the enormous port and Pokémon hotel. She attempted to tear her gaze from the horizon and get a better look at her fellow countryman and future classmate. "You're right about the sounds in the forest." A slight dizzy spell drew her gaze back out to sea,"And with all the swimming I've done off the coast here, you would think I would've encountered a pokémon...If they were around they were definitely camouflaged!" For a quick second, Megan had regained her full color. Thinking about a swim in the water always made conversation easier. Ironically, if she was in a boat on water she was utterly useless. Although the ferry kept a steady pace, Megan felt as if time had stopped. The enormity of what she was about to experience was starting to produce a numbing effect. Suddenly it felt okay to be completely silent. The past way of life that she knew so well had ended and her entire life from this moment on could never be the same
Tyrick dissuaded his gaze from the distant buildings as well, staring instead at the silken waves that crashed only just below. It was hypnotic, almost, and a decent distraction from his own plight. When the silence between them began to settle, he found himself hesitant to break it, but there was one question still burning in the back of his mind that refused to go unasked. "Do they scare you? The thought of them, I mean." He hurriedly blurted out.
Megan took her time to answer as she didn't like to admit being afraid of anything. The weight of the question seemed to increase the pull of gravity. With a deep breath followed by a long sigh, she slouched over the railing and let her head hang down. Megan thought back to the day she applied for the Students at Sea program. The pamphlet had a picture of what was known as a Pelliper on the front flap and from its mouth a powerful torrent of water was being fired into the sky. Megan remembered gawking at the photo and asking her parents if such thing could really exist and if so...could people really control it? That kind of potential power was absolutely terrifying, but somehow also exhilarating. Finally she answered, "I don't want to be afraid of them...but yes, the thought of them does scare me...Do they scare you?"
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Tyrick smiled a bit, chin resting atop his bridged hands as a blank look overtook the rest of his face. "Yeah. To be completely honest, they really do. It's so typical of our people, y'know? But I just can't shake it. My mom's always hated them. Told me they were beasts of a higher power's burden." He stopped for a moment to roll his eyes, disregarding the fact that they'd begun to prickle only slightly with tears. "She was nuts, if you couldn't tell, but it's hard not to love the person who raised you, even if the feelings stop seeming mutual. Oh no. Shut me up anytime. Don't let me start pouring it all out on you." He grimly chuckled.
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Megan smirked and let out a little chuckle herself, "Oh no, you're fine!" Usually she would want to keep things as lighthearted as possible, but sometimes, she thought, it's nice to talk about things that upset us. So a bit out of character but inspired by the spirit of trying new things, Megan opened up to the boy she just met, "My parents were against me going on this voyage. When I told them I had applied, my mother organized an emergency intervention meeting with all of her close friends with the goal of informing me that if I left the island a pokémon would probably kill me. My father just looked at me as if I wasn't his same daughter anymore...like he didn't know who I was...but to be fair I'm not even sure who I am right now..." Megan could feel the waves of emotion behind her eyes, but would not let herself cry. Holding back the tears with a long slow breath, she looked toward her new classmate, "It really is hard not to love the people who raised you, even when they do things or say things that break your heart."
Meanwhile, Kayla was looking out to the ocean. "This is amazing!" she yelled. She noticed two other kids talking. Although she was not crying,she overheard the conversation, and the girl sounded upset. "It's OK." she said,walking over to them. "My parents didn't want me to go either."
Tyrick stared back at Megan, his smile disappearing as he caught onto the strain of emotion in her voice. A hitch caught in his throat, and he forced himself to swallow, listening to her quandary until his tears were finally past the point of no return. He was wide-eyed and freely crying by the time of the newcomer's arrival, his expression that of a deer caught in the headlights, until he realized his own sorry state and frantically wiped his eyes. "You're someone who's strong, that much I can tell. Even when the life and family you've always known went and turned around on you, you're still fighting to hold it together, and that counts for so much." He stammered, hurriedly trying to clean himself up to properly greet the source of the voice. "Sorry to get so choked up. I mean, my mom made me go. Gave me the privilege of being here, yet I still have the gall to burst into tears like some spoiled little boy, even after you two both went through so much to make it here. I'm sorry." He trailed off.
"Hey water-eyes." A boy who looks like he just woke up called a guy who has puffy eyes from crying. "You got any idea when we get our pokemon eggs or when that first class starts?" He yelled and then yawned. His voice is that loud just enough be heard by the other two girls loud and clearly. Then he pointed at the other two and said "You two are next if this guy replies with "I don't know" so you better have some answers ready!" He now glares at the boy waiting for an answer.
Tyrick flinched, head lowered in an initially unspoken apology as he vied with himself for an answer. His stance grew defensive, but his tone only more passive at the next newcomer's sharp questioning. "But... I really don't know. I'm sorry I can't help, but I think you'd do best in finding an answer without pointing fingers at people." He placidly replied, not even realizing the potential for misinterpretation and passive aggression before he spoke the pacifistic words.
Megan didn't hesitate to pipe up, but couldn't bring herself to look at the source of the voice. It being that her parents weren't very interested in her voyage, Megan had to learn for herself exactly what needed to be done and where she needed to be. "Well we set sail tomorrow!" Surprised by the volume of her own voice, Megan blushed so red it could be seen from anywhere on the ferry. Making a note to lower her voice, Megan shakily recited what she remembered of their itinerary, "Our first day at sea will be our first day at school. In fact, every day at sea will be a day at school. When the ship is in a port there will be no class..." A lump caught in her throat. It was hard for her to not get emotional thinking about how close they were to something so terrifying...and amazing. "We will be given our Pokémon eggs after we attend the Welcome Seminar this evening and then check into the Pokémon Hotel for the night. Tomorrow we board the ship and get assigned roommates for our cabins. The ship is scheduled to debark at 18:00 tomorrow. If you are not on the ship by 18:00, you will be left behind." Her mouth felt like cotton and her heart was racing, Megan shut her mouth and stared out to sea. Whatever was said next she didn't care, the only thing on her mind was fear. Fear for the present situation, fear for the future just around the corner, fear that the world of her childhood was gone forever.
"Thank you." Lars walks to the girl and gives her a pat to the shoulder. "You smell by the way. Did you puke or something?" Then he continues walking towards the boy glaring at him then he puts his hand on the boys shoulder and smiled dropping the glare. "I like you, you're tough Big Bro~ sorry about awhile ago, I didn't wake up well from my sleep awhile ago." The tone of his voice was more friendly than when he was asking questions. Lars extended his hand and introduced himself. "Lars Cameron, some of nobody, owned by nobody. I'm 15, from Solitude."
Before anyone could react, the ferrys foghorn bellowed and they began to slow down. Just ahead, the massive port spread out over the surface of the water and in the center was a towering hotel. It looked absolutely deserted except for a few maintenance workers in the process of roping in the small ferry. All of the students from other regions, along with their pokémon, had arrived at the port the day before so as not to traumatize the incoming students from Solitude. The program directors had feared that seeing a horde of pokémon right off the bat would ruin the experience before it began for the sheltered youth of Solitude. With the boat docked, a short, fat man waddled to the loading ramp and announced in a clear voice, "Wrap up your conversations, grab your luggage and please make your way to the pokémon hotel!"
Liam stared out upon the porch of his house solemnly, but his face also showed sadness. He was leaving his childhood home today in search of adventure in a whole different place. He was living Hoenn to go study abroad. "Well, Are you ready to go, Kips" He asked his Mudkip, The Mudkip just stared at Liam and wagged his tail, similar to a dog. Liam just rolled his eyes and smiled. Liam then went inside and got his bags pack quickly and said goodbye to his grandmother, which he lived with. "I'm am going to miss you so much" He smiled and tears flowed down his cheeks. "Are you sure you are going to find alone Grandmother?" Liam asked his guardian, his voice full of concern. His grandmother replied she would be fine and that Liam should leave the island and make friends outside of the wild Pokemon that lived on his grandmother's land. With a final kiss on the cheek and a hug, Liam left his grandmother behind and went to the airline station

A long flight later~

By the time Liam got off his flight from Hoenn, He was quite tired. Liam had attempted to sleep during the flight but his Mudkip decided it would be a good idea to chew on his trainer's ears the entire flight. He tried to get Kip to stop chewing on him, but Kip would just go chew on another person's ear, which was even worse. So Liam decided to let the Mudkip be and allow him to chew. "You are such a rascal" Liam laughed as he spoke to his slightly annoying starter Pokemon. Kips then jumped on Liam's shoulder and sat quietly, waiting for something interesting to occur."Wait, It's time to go in your pokeball, I don't want you running away." Kip didn't exactly like his pokeball but he did so anyway.

When Liam got to the port after he got off the ferry from Solitude Island, He looked around to see the other students that would be attending the school with him. He saw a tall girl with bright blonde hair. Liam then spotted a boy around his age with jet black hair and then another boy, who was tall and had chocolate brown hair. "Hmm, I guess I will not be the tallest here then. That's fine with me" Liam wanted to go say hey to the other students but a feeling of nervousness hit Liam like a truck. Liam was about to panic when he heard a voice call out to go the Pokemon Hotel. "Alright! Let's go get a room! Maybe if I am lucky,I will not have to share!" Liam then pick up his bags and made his way over to the hotel to check in.
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Wincing from the foghorn, Tyrick shook his head to clear his thoughts and began pulling himself together. A minimally simple duffel bag rested by his feet, and he took the handles in his hands at the call for luggage. Lars's glare had him on edge, but the sudden shift into a friendly tone reassured him enough to talk. "Tough? Oh nononono. Whatever you're trying to say, I bet she's loads tougher." He unobtrusively pointed a thumb in Megan's direction. "I mean look at me right now, nothing but waterworks, but uh... anyways, it's nice to meet you? You look... familiar actually." His tone trailed off, searching for a way to wrap this all up as his gaze landed by chance on the newcomer girl who'd spoken earlier. She seemed nice, but for now, he stood loyally at Megan's side, shooting her a concerned glance as if to ask if she was beyond her spell of seasickness.
Caylyn plopped down on one of the couches in the main lobby of the Pokemon Hotel. "Well, this is it." She murmured, as her Mightyena pulled himself on to the couch and laid down, resting his head on her lap. Caylyn began rubbing her partner's head. "Just try to stay like this, okay, Mightyena? We don't wanna scare some of 'em off before we even go to the seminar." She quipped, to which Mightyena just lazily nodded his head. "Jeez, you're too passive."
Ty was waiting by the port with a pokeball in his hand"wonder why we're not allowed to have Pokemon at that solitude place,well I'll just wait to let you out Danny"he was interrupted by the loud voice of another student"huh,the heck was that,well,guess I'll check it out"Ty said heading following the sound
The foghorn had made it official, time to keep moving forward in life or get left in the dust. Megan hoped Tyrik understood from their moment of eye contact that she was feeling a little better at least physically and hoped he would become a trusted friend on this voyage. As the other students filed towards the exit, Megan took her sweet time walking back to where she had abandoned her luggage. Thanks to Lars, she was very subconscious about her sickly smell and wanted to make sure she was the very last in line, desperate not to attract the attention of sensitive noses. For a moment her empty stomach was doing backflips, she couldn't see her luggage anywhere. All ambient sound seemed to cease and be replaced with a high pitched tone as Megan felt her heart racing. Luckily, the feeling lasted only a second. Her luggage had just been on a seat one row further back on the ferry. She silently scolded herself for nearly fainting because she forgot which row she left her bag in. Completely fed up with the waves of emotion that had been slamming into her all afternoon, Megan adopted her default, slightly-depressed resting face, grabbed her bright red duffle and shuffled to the back of the line of students headed toward the hotel.
When the fat man announced for them to go to the hotel, Lars was overjoyed. " Ciao! Seeya guys later!" He started running for his luggage which is a black backpack and black suitcase. "Comfotable Hospital beds here I come!" He screamed and chanted reapitedly as he tries to cut in line going to the front.
When he reached the Lobby, he saw a girl and her Mightyena. He went to them and approached the Mightyena with a grin but also approaching him cautiously. "Hey is this a Pokémon?" He asked the girl who was sitting on the couch. "Damn it you look so cool." He said as he reached for the Mightyena attempting to pet him.
Caylyn looked up as a boy approached her. Considering the fact that the first thing he asked her was if her Mightyena was a Pokémon, and that he had just arrived, she figured it was a safe assumption he was from the local island, Solitude. She still couldn't believe the islanders had never seen any Pokemon before. Were there not even any aquatic Pokémon around? But, the islander asked her a question, so she replied. "Yup! This is my partner, Mightyena! He's a Dark-Type from the Hoenn Region!" Upon hearing a new voice nearby, Mightyena opened one eye to get a good look at the boy who was trying to pet him. Mightyena just raised his head so it made contact with the boy's palm, and kept it there.
As the rest of the students approached the hotel, a blaring intercom echoed throughout the port,

"Attention all students!" The feminine, secretarial voice paused for a moment then repeated, "Attention all students! Please check your luggage at the front desk and find a seat in our spacious lobby! The Students at Sea Welcome Seminar will commence shortly! We will be discussing ship rules, handing out class schedules, distributing pokémon eggs and concluding with sign-ups for cabin roommates. If you have any questions, please see one of our front desk attendants."

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Lars gives Mightyena one last pat to the head and grabbed his luggage then yawned. "Well nice meeting you guys. See ya around!" He walked away slouching with a tired look on his face and made himself comfortable on the nearest couch. He whispered to himself. "And so it begins, I'm gonna get my first cool Pokémon today." He then lied down sideways and drifted to sleep.
Tyrick walked along with the rest, a hint of trepidation showing in his gait while bunched into the line. It occurred to him that he'd lost sight of any familiar faces while lining up, and frankly, he was ironically fortunate enough to be somewhat nervous around the strangers, considering that, otherwise, he'd be stuck thinking about the prospect of seeing Pokemon instead. He kept his gaze to the back of the person in front of him's head while inching along to baggage check. Whatever attendee searched his duffel bag would've found nothing more than a few changes of clothes, money for supplies, excessive amounts of trail mix, berry seeds, and some other minor possessions from home. With that settled, he took a seat in the lobby, keeping his lanky legs and arms self-consciously out of the way of others in wait.
Ty was wandering around for the voice when the intercom announces to the students"uh oh I'm gonna have to find out who that was later"Ty hurried to the counter and allowed to the attendant search his backpack it only contained a few potions,a first aid kit,a rope,and a bag of pb&j sandwiches,however the attendant was confused about the rope,he let Ty go on into the area were the seminar was going to going to take place
The floating port felt nearly as stable as dry land. Megan was extremely thankful that her regained sense of balance helped to quell her anxiety. Being more present of mind, she rummaged through her duffle as she walked, looking for a piece of gum. Then, as if the embarrassment of losing her lunch on the ferry wasn't enough, Megan accidently ran her hip into the frame of the front door to the Pokémon Hotel which rattled with a metallic clanking. For a moment she wondered if wearing a yellow tank top wasn't the best idea, knowing her face was most likely red, and also having decided to wear her favorite electric blue shorts, I'm one giant, clumsy rainbow, she thought.
"Really should remember to look where I'm going..." Megan muttered to herself out loud. She glanced around the room filled with students, and was happy to see most of them minding their own business but at the sight of a large black and grey beast she found herself mesmerized. Unable to tell if she had been staring seconds or minutes, Megan was snapped out of it by an attendant waving a hand in front of her face. The attendant smirked at her, knowingly and motioned for her to drop her bag at the desk, "You better hurry up! The Dean will begin speaking in just a minute." Lowering her eyes to the ground, Megan hastily checked in at the desk. Searching for an open seat, she was happy to find that the tall, lanky boy from the ferry had one next to him. Now if I can just manage not to trip over his legs...She made her way across the lobby, bumping every other chair with her hips but by some miracle not tripping over anything.
After spending some time toying with the sleeves of his mint green, henley t-shirt, Tyrick nearly breathed a sigh of relief as the tall girl from earlier came into view. The lopsided smile on his face served as a greeting, as well as the friendly wave he somehow mustered up the courage to give. "Hey! I'm lucky to run into you again." He said, trying to ignore her clumsy march through the sea of chairs that made up the lobby. He had to bite back a chuckle, not because he was laughing at her, but because he knew the feeling himself. After a moment of internally warring with himself, he stuck out a hand to shake. "I'm uh- Tyrick... Vachel by the way. From Solitude. I don't think we've ever met, but maybe our families might've known each other at some point."
"Hey!" Megan met Tyrik's outstretched hand with a firm handshake and hoped it didn't intimidate him, "It was nice to meet you on the ferry. I'm Megan Taylor...Vachel sounds sort of familiar...My family has a house in the forest close to the sea cliffs, where do you live on the island?" She took her seat. The chair was so soft and comfortable, the only thing lacking was space. Megan envied the students who had checked in earlier and claimed large sofas to sprawl out over.

"Attention all students!" the intercom cut through the noise in the lobby. Most students stopped talking and started shushing their peers but a few jokingly shouted things like Huh?! Who's there?! and Sir! Yes, Sir!. The intercom continued, "The Students at Sea Welcome Seminar will now begin! Please direct your attention to the podium."

With all the chairs and sofas in the room set up to face the podium, it would've been hard not to direct your attention to it. The distinctive click of a microphone turning on had a quieting effect on the lobby. An old man stepped up and anxious to get started he began speaking,

"Welcome, welcome, welcome!" He sounded as though he needed to clear his throat, but the students would soon discover that they were stuck with his scratching, gurgley tone, "My name is James Macaby, but please, Students, call me Dean Jim!"

A few students echoed, Hello Dean Jim! Hello Mr. Macaby!

"Yes, yes, hello. Listen up! I'm an old man! I don't want to bore you kids with rhetoric or waste your time by repeating myself, as old men tend to do sometimes. Now! First off, congratulations on your acceptance to the first ever Students at Sea study abroad voyage! It's no small feat that you made it here and some of you from very far away! So brave! I want to share with you just a few basic rules," Dean Jim read off a piece of paper, "Rule 1 - Students are expected to live by an honor code. Be respectful, non-violent, and maintain at least a passing grade in class. Rule 2 - All pokémon battles and exercises must take place in the open air stadium on the top deck of the ship. Rule 3 - Students are prohibited from jumping overboard as this poses a huge safety hazard and would cause costly delays." The Dean took a moment to look out over the crowd and make sure he still had their attention before taking two pokeballs out of his pocket. In a red flash, two pokémon appeared, "Allow me to introduce my partners, Castform and Machamp!" It was obvious now which students in the crowd were from the nearby island of Solitude because their mouths were all slightly gaping. He wet his lips, then continued to the next section on his sheet, "I have a list here of all your names! When I call your name please raise your hand and Castform here will deliver your class schedule! And mighty Machamp here will deliver your pokémon eggs! Those of you who are new to the wonderful world of pokémon, have no fear! There will always be someone around to answer your questions and every egg comes with a special portable case and a pamphlet on how to care for the egg."

Almost every student was on the edge of their seat watching the tiny, grey Castform fly papers around the room, and the massive Machamp dance daintily about delivering eggs.

Megan's palms were sweating and she found it hard to keep from shaking as she listened intently for her name, terrified she would miss it or for some odd reason not be on the list. She rehearsed in her head the action of raising her hand at the sound of her name and repeatedly told herself to stay collected when the two pokémon came to deliver her things. Despite her fears, her name was eventually called and her hand shot up in the air. In a second flat, a piece of paper was touching her fingertips. She grabbed on, but before she could even react to Castform it was gone and the huge, muscular Machamp appeared in front of her presenting a vibrant purple satchel that contained a large baby blue egg. Laying the schedule on her lap, she held out her arms and let the satchel get dropped into her hands. "Th-Thank you," she squeaked and just as quickly as Castform, Machamp moved on to the next student with their hand in the air.
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Caylyn raised her hand in the air lazily as her name was called, and the Castform came over to her and handed her her schedule, shortly followed by the Machamp with a satchel, containing her egg. She smiled at the Machamp, saying "Thanks" before taking the satchel. She slowly slid the egg out and looked at it. The portion of the bottom of the egg was a milky-cream color, while the rest was bluish-green, save for four red ovals, equally separated along the middle of the egg. Mightyena lazily opened his eyes and stared at the egg, a small smile coming to the lazy Dark-Type's mouth.
Tyrick's eyes were the size of dinner plates, lit up with total fear at the hulking sight of the Dean's Machamp. His breaths seemed to fail him, sweat beginning to bead at his forehead, and the world around him suddenly seemed a lot more claustrophobic than before as he pressed himself up to the back of his seat. Worse, the sound of Tyrick's own name being called hit him as hard as a bullet, snapping him out of his trance as he stood rapidly from his seat. Torn on what to do, he gripped the top of the chair hard enough to leave indentations, knuckles turning white as he looked ready to bolt. "No I- No... I can't do this!" He shakily whispered under his breath, unclear as to whom he was talking to, but still muttering nonetheless. Yet, when the Castform he'd barely noticed appeared before him, a bit of his fear began to melt. The thing was almost... cute, and as if his hand weren't his own, he'd snatched up his schedule before he'd thought twice about it. Only when the shadow of the Machamp cast itself onto him was he ready to scream. He looked the creature in the face, swallowing hard, but fortunately, as soon as it was there, it was already gone, promptly setting the satchel that he knew he had to take in his hands and backing off. Within the solid green satchel, an unremarkable brown egg sat. Faded streaks of red and specks of tan decorated its surface, but Tyrick wouldn't know it yet as he quickly set the bag beneath his chair and stared down in his lap.

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As Dean Jim called his name Ty tried to act cool but inside he was very cheerful"yes, this'll be the first Pokemon I've had besides Danny"he thought to himself.his thoughts were interrupted by a castform and a machoke,they handed him a paper and an egg,the egg looked strange it was a dark purple tint as well as a red feather looking thing on the top,it also felt very cold"Burrr,this egg is freezing, I've never seen a egg that looked like this,maybe it's an ice type Pokemon"Ty was confused so he decided to ask the student next to him a girl with a yellow tank top,Ty nervously asked"uh,hi,do you no what Pokemon egg this is"Ty was never a very social person as he explored a lot,but alone most of the time.
Megan hadn't moved an inch since receiving her egg, all she could do was stare. It wasn't until she was asked a direct question that the trance was broken. "Uh...umm...no, sorry I....I don't really know anything about Pokémon." She whispered, briefly making eye contact with the green-eyed boy in a black hoodie who held an egg that looked remarkably different from hers. "Maybe we'll learn in class..." She wondered aloud, slouching over to read the schedule on her lap:

Megan Taylor
Alternating Class Schedule:
"A" Day : 8:00 - Introduction to Pokémon
- learn about the different types of pokémon in the world
"B" Day: 10:00 -Training 101
-a class for beginning pokémon trainers focusing on pokémon care

"What classes are you guys in?" She spoke a bit louder to make sure Tyrik could hear her.

Caylyn could hear someone with a Phantump inquire about what his egg would be. She took a look at it, before instantly recognizing it thanks to the red feather. However, Caylyn decided not to respond to the boy's question. She'd let him be surprised by the Pokemon that emerged. She knew what hers would be by the pattern, and she was satisfied with it. Caylyn skimmed over her schedule.
Lars woke up when he heard the crowd around him greeting from what he figured out was their Dean judging from their greeting. "Congratulations... Yadda yadda yadda... Rules yadda yadda yadda... this could get any boring." Then he saw the dean holding two balls that are red at the top and white under. They opened and what came out were what he assumed were Pokemon. He became very excited that he sat bolt upright. "Wow. It looks so strong and tough." He said as he looked at the Machamp. He then looked at Castform. "And that's... a ball of gas?"
When his name was called he immediately raised his hand and got his Class Schedule then immediately grabbed his Pokemon egg. It was overall pink and it has black spots. He then whispered to it."You're probably cool like that Mightyena although it's black pink's fine too. Or maybe a Pink muscular four-armed one just don't be a pink ball of gas okay?" He then put his egg on his lap and started reading his schedule.