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pokemon trainer

  1. Daffodile Daily

    Ask to Join Students at Sea

    https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-secret-human-village-character-bios.16731/ If you would like to apply to sail with us on this voyage, don't be shy just message! Trainers from ALL regions are welcome to join. ... Long ago, when people and pokémon first came into contact, not everyone saw...
  2. Orion778

    Ask to Join Fledgling Dreams, A Journey Through Hoen

    Sign-up page here :D https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-trainer-rp-hoen-region-sign-ups.16272/#post-437976
  3. Stephanie Luna Valentine

    I need a custom Trainer Sprite done

    I would do my own sprite, but I just don't have anything to make it with. Anyone willing to make the sprite? I'll give you the details. Can you make a Trainer Sprite of my Original Character? I really need it for something and I'm planning to make a rom hack of Firered. The character has a...
  4. Petrus G.P

    Open A different world, a different adventure - Welcome again to Kanto

    ((((((( In this pokemon adventure you will need a few things and a more important one is doing one of the consistent story, explore your imagination and your desire to be a pokemon trainer as well as companionship with others been, because after all we're here for fun. Ok... The rules... - In...
  5. Icena

    Private/Closed Team Plasma in a New Region

    This is an RP about Team Plasma trying to get in control of the Mellila Region, a region newly discovered, after an epic fail in Unova. The Trainers, of course, will try to stop them. Here are the rules: 1. Your age needs to be from 10 to 18 2. You can be a pokemon trainer or a Team Plasma...
  6. Shiny Motley

    Shiny's Sprite Thread (Open)

    Requests: OPEN Commissions: CLOSED Heyo! Welcome to my sprite thread! This is where I post all request/commission information. Request Rules: If requests are closed, do not ask me to make a sprite for you. If you do, I'll just ignore your post. One request per person. I have a heavy workload...