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Ask to Join Fledgling Dreams, A Journey Through Hoen

Arriving at the slateport harbor Kasper sets his Charmander down on the deck of the ship. Beneath them gentle waves sway the ship, and the air is filled with the smell of the salty ocean carried on a crisp breeze The little Pokémon runs in circles around its trainer , excited about the new location

The air was alive with sounds, waves crashing against to docks, the hum of boat motors and of course the chatter of people and Pokémon alike coming and going from the many ships in the port. Kasper had never seen so many Pokémon trainers in one place before "so this is the Hoenn Region" he said to himself shuddering with anticipation

It had been a day and a half of seatravel to reach Slateport from Veridian city most nights Kasper slept out on the deck of the ship watching the stars and holding his Charmander close for warmth.
Kasper is a seventeen year old boy from the kanto region, after discovering his fathers involvement in the villainous team rocket he ran away from home, fleeing to the Hoenn Region.

"This is It Charmander" the boy says with a hopeful smile as he pulls the sides of his black leather jacket around him "the start of our new life together"
"Char-Char" the little Pokémon cheered excitedly jumping up and down.

Together In the footsteps of so many trainers past, the pair of novices stepped of the rocking boat onto the hard stone harbor of slateport city.
The boat journey from Sinnoh had been a long one, too long in Fin's opinion and he was glad to finally step foot on solid ground. After a deep breath Fin walked off the boat and onto the dock, glancing to the Pokemon on his shoulder and grinning in amusement.

Sparky held onto Fin's shoulder, tightly. The little electric squirrel was not a fan of the ocean so the journey had been horrible; not as horrible as a Pokeball but still horrible. The Pokemon had yet to realise they had actually made it onto land until it recieved a boop to the nose.

"Hey, we're here alright" Slowly the pachirisu opened its eyes, looking down at the ground and then leaping onto it. Fin couldn't help but laugh lightly as he watched his companion hug the ground, the trainer himself folding his arms and taking in his surroundings as he spoke once again. "Yeah I'm glad to be off that boat too buddy"
"Charmander, Return" Kasper called out as a flash of red light pulled the little fire Pokémon back into its ball. Now was not the time to deal with charmander's wandering off. Being in a new town was stressful enough without having to keep an eye on your easily distracted Pokémon.

Exiting the harbor building Kasper made his way into town. Slateport was a quaint little beach town with cobbled streets. Market stalls and shops lined the sides of the road. Grandfather had once told Kas that he had an Uncle who lived in lavaridge town, check his map he saw that that town was about two towns north of Slateport, once out the outskirts of route 110 and the town Kasper once again released Charmander, who stretched and began following closely behind his trainer staring in awe at all of the new sights.
Rose Grant stepped off of the plane from Kalos, it had been a 10 hour flight and she was impatient to get into the wilderness. She'd landed in a place called Slateport City, which was full of trainers and their pokemon. She smiled and looked down, her Fennekin Ali was asleep in her arms. Rose felt a tad uncomfortable, she wasn't use to be in a big city without her siblings. Spotting a way out of the city, she ran as fast as she could towards the exit, eager to get into the Hoenn wilderness. One of the ways was full of trainers, and it was very crowded, and the other way was a dead end. Rose sighed and walked over ot the fence holding the bush back, she jumped over it and set Ali down on the ground. "Time to wake up Ali, we're going to explore"
As Kasper took his first steps onto route 110 his heart was racing. A gentle breeze still. Blowing off the ocean caused the grass and trees to rustle around him.
"I wonder what Pokémon we'll meet first!" He asked his Charmander excitedly, clenching his fists. "Char-char" it cried, doing a little dance.

The pokemon's cry was matched by a howl coming from the nearby trees, scooping the Charmander into his arms Kasper sprinted towards the sound of the Pokémon. It was a Poocheyana, the little black dog Pokémon lowered its stance and bared its teeth, ready for a fight. Charmander was squirming now trying to break free from its trainer who promptly released it onto the ground.

Starting the battle off "Charmander! Use ember!"Kasper shouted pointing at the wild Pokémon, Charmander released a slew of sparks at the little black wolf which promptly dodged the attack releasing a fierce howl. The Poochyana then charged, taking the offensive with a powerful bit attack "Charmander! Dod--" the trainer's. Command wasn't fast enough as the poocheyana latched its fangs into charmander's tail "get him with your metal claw Charmander!!" Kasper shouted to his injured Pokémon who turned around delivering a close range metal claw attack that sent to poocheyana tumbling through the dirt "not follow up with an ember attack" Kasper shouted, pressing the advantage the ember hit its mark, knocking the poocheyana back into the dirt, filling the air with the smell of burnt fur "pokeball GO!" Kasper shouted releasing an empty pokeball from his hand which pulled the poocheyana in with a flash of red light.
"Come on come on!!" Kasper said through clenched teeth as the ball rocked. Once...twice......three times, click" the button of the pokeball turned white, signifying that the Pokémon had been caught. Kasper walked over and lifted the ball from the ground "welcome to the team" he smiled fixing the Pokémon to his belt and continued towards mauvale city
Rose was alerted as she heard fighting, she quickly ran towards the noise and then slowed down when she saw a boy and a orange Pokemon fighting a kind of dog like Pokemon. "You did really well" Rose said, emerging from the trees, "You look like a good Pokemon trainer"
"Thankyou," the boy said patting his Charmander on the head "this is Charmander, and I'm Kasper, we just arrived from the Kanto Region"
Raven stepped of the Boat and immediately started exploring, she hoped nobody would talk to her, she wasn't very good at making friends.
"Chikorita!" Her beloved partner said as she wrapped her vines around Raven's wrist comfortingly.
"You ready to roll Chikorita?" Raven said more confidently. Chikorita nodded with excitement.
"Let's go!" They set off on route 110.
"Nice to meet you Kasper, I'm Rose and this is my Fennekin, Ali" Rose said, she walked towards the Charmander and bent down. "I've just arrived from Kalos, I've never seen a Charmander before!" Rose said, examining it. It looked like a fire type, just like Ali.
Raven's heart sunk as she saw a young girl, and a boy not much older then her.
"Chikorita, let's be as quiet as can be, we don't want to talk to people." Chikorita looked at Raven disapprovingly.
"CHIKORITA!" She squealed trying to get the attention of the trainer's.
"What are you doing, what did I just say?!" Raven said urgently. Chikorita would not quiet down until Piper had made new friends.
"Char-Char!" Shouted the little Pokémon, excited by the attention it was receiving "where are you headed?" Kasper asked Rose

The boy stood a good couple inches taller than the girl. He was rather handsome with a chiseled face framed by black hair streaked with blue on one side. Dressed rather well Kasper was wearing a black leather jacket over a lavender button-up and black jeans"

Hearing the sound of a Pokémon shouting behind him he turned for a moment and noticed another girl with jet black hair, walking sheepishly beside a very excitable grass Pokémon. He waived and smiled to the pair before returning to his conversation with rose"
"Good they didn't notice us." Raven was relieved, but Chikorita let out another ear splitting squeal.
"Stop it!" Raven said.
"I don't want friends!" But it was too late, they were already looking at her.
"I think I'm either gonna head to Mauville or Lilycove City, but probably Mauville" Rose said, she then turned her attention to a girl and her squealing little green Pokemon. Ali yipped and ran over to the Pokemon, "Fen! Fennekin!" She said, bouncing around the small green Pokemon and its trainer.
"Hehe, Hi there." Raven smiled at the small fox.
"Chikorita!" Chikorita let go of Raven and bounced around with the Fox. Raven groaned.
"Hi, um, sorry about my Pokemon, she likes to meet new people." She told the Trainer's.
Rose smiled at the trainer. Pokemon. "Sorry for my Fennekin, Her name's Ali. She's pretty excited about this new region, Anyway, I'm Rose and I just arrived here from Kalos" Rose said.
"I got here today too." Chikorita smiled at the sight of Raven talking to people without a scowl.
"Kalos, Kanto, Johto." Raven thought to herself.
"And it's quite all right, Chikorita is like that as well, always wanting to make new friends." She said this as she glared subtlety at her Pokemon.
"Would you mind if I tagged along with you guys?" Raven asked forgetting any anger she felt towards her Pokemon.
"I'm heading to meet my uncle in Lavaridge town" Kasper said, scratching the back of his head "it's quite a hike, but you're more than welcome to come along"
"Well I'll come, I've always wanted to see a real Volcano!" Rose said enthusiastically. She looked over at the others and smiled, Ali ran around the group, jumping happily.
"I don't mind getting a bit sweaty, in case you haven't noticed, I am not one to care about my appearance." She said as she gestured to her make up free face, and muscles.
"Besides, I want to see if there are any Pokemon I can add to my team." She grinned.
"Imagine all the Pokemon you'd find there!" Rose exclaimed. Thinking of fire and ground types. "But first, I think I'd like to catch a Pokemon here"
"Then it's settled" Kasper remarked with a grin "first stop, Maiville City" before proceeding to walk north towards the silhouette of a city on the horizon.
"Let's get going." Raven said following her new friends.
"Oh, I didn't catch your name!" She exclaimed to the boy.
"I'm Raven." She said as they continued walking behind the light of Charmander's tail.
"I'm rose" She said. While walking through the forest towards the city, a small Pokemon caught Rose's eyes. "Wait a second guys, I'm going to try and catch this guy!" Rose exclaimed.

Ali leapt forward, her fur standing up on end. "Alright Ali! Use Flamethrower!" Rose exclaimed, thrusting her hand forward. Ali leapt into the air and did a graceful front flip before spewing a blast of flames at the Pokemon. The small Pokemon cowered in fear. So Rose brought out a pokeball and tossed it at the Pokemon. "Come on..." She murmured. 1... 2...3...
Click! Rose's eyes lit up as she rushed forwards towards the pokeball. "I actually caught it!" She exclaimed, holding up the pokeball. Rose flicked through the pokedex until she came to a Pokemon matching what it looked like. She had caught a Zigzagoon. "Hmm... I'll name you Samantha! Sam for short!" She said, putting the pokeball in her bag.
"Kasper" he replied "but you can call me Kas if you'd like" after hearing his new friend say that she'd wanted to catch a Pokémon he too bagan scanning the area for signs of activity.
"Alright Sam, come on out!" Rose exclaimed, throwing the pokeball up into the air. The pokeball burst open and let out a cloud of grey light before Sam appeared. Rose ran towards the falling Pokemon and caught her. Rose stroked Sam's soft fur and smiled. "She's so cute!" Rose said, showing her to the others.
"What did you catch?" She asked Rose.
"Wait, shh." Raven whispered as she crept into the forest.
"Stay here."
"Chikorita, use Magical Leaf!" She commanded, then threw a dusk ball at the Pokemon in the dark.
"Let's go." 1...2...3. Click
"Yes!" Raven released the Purple Pokemon.
"Sableye." Raven smiled.
"I didn't think they would live here" She said suprised.
"It's called a Zigzagoon..." Rose said. She then bent down to look at the small purple Pokemon. "I've seen one of those before, A Sableye, it was in a Pokemon showcase back in Kalos" Rose said, looking at the Pokemon with interest.
"I LOVE HIM!" Raven exclaimed looking at her new Pokemon.
"I assume you don't like hugs, right?" She asked the Purple Pokemon who in return gave her a small hug.
"Okay, so you can give me hugs, I won't give you hugs though." She said and Sableye nodded.
"Alright, and Zigzagoon, I saw one of those on the boat today." Raven said.
"It's really soft, she'll be perfect for contests!" Rose exclaimed. "Oh and yeah that reminds me, since I came here to compete in contests, I have to go up to LilyCove city to sign up for them... Maybe I could meet you guys in lava ridge town?" Rose said, looking down at Sam and Ali.
Releasing his newly caught poocheyana from it's ball "I caught this little guy before the two of you showed up" he reached down to scratch the Pokémon head. But it bit him on the hand, hard enough to draw blood. "What's wrong poocheyana, do you not want to come with me?" Alan asked the little black Pokémon as it released his hand. "If you're really that unhappy, then you're free to go" the boy said with a dad smile as the little black dog took off into the grass
"I guess you can't win every time" he said to the two girls in his group
"Sure, just make sure you don't get lost along the way." Raven said looking at the small girl.
"Should you give her the address to your uncle's house." She told Kasper.
"Aw, that Poocheyana looks so happy now." Raven said quietly.
"I don't actually know the address myself" Kasper explained. "My grandfather always used to talk about my uncle in the Hoen Region when I was younger"
"I guess you can't..." Rose said, trailing off. "Well, I better get a head start on you guys so that I can meet you in lavaridge town" She said. She picked up two pokeballs from out of her bag and returned Ali and Sam. "I'll find you guys in lavaridge town, see ya!" Rose exclaimed. She ran out onto the path and waved goodbye before running off into the distance.
Raven nodded.
"Okay, well Rose, just make sure you get to the Volcano, I can wait for you there." She said with a smile.
"Have a safe trip!"
"Chikorita!" Chikorita was sad that Ali had to go.
"Alright, you ready?" She asked Kas.
Raven stopped for a moment.
"Wait, let me see your hand." Raven took his hand and gently removed the other hand.
"Chikorita, use Aromatherapy." Chikorita healed his hand.
"There, now we can continue." Raven said.