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I would do my own sprite, but I just don't have anything to make it with.
Anyone willing to make the sprite? I'll give you the details.

Can you make a Trainer Sprite of my Original Character? I really need it for something and I'm planning to make a rom hack of Firered.

The character has a fuzzy beige colored hate with an black outlined pokeball design on it. The hat look sort of like Dawn's hat (from Diamond and Pearl) except the hat has a fuzzy cottonball on the top of the hat.

Moving on to her clothes.
She has a knitted beige colored open cardigan sweater with no designs or patterns on it and has long sleeves of course.
Her black shirt is easily visible since she has an open sweater and it has white polka dots on it.
She has ripped denim shorts just like the female protagonist from Pokemon BW and she also has black tights that are ripped at the knees.
Her shoes are just plain white.

Moving on to the hair.
She has short straight black hair hair that reaches slightly above her shoulders and it is exactly like the Pokemon Sun and Moon Female protagonist's hair.

I'd like Hilda's sprite (Pkmn BW) to be the base for the sprite of my original character. I'm sorry this is too long of a description.