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  1. Icena

    Private/Closed Team Plasma in a New Region

    This is an RP about Team Plasma trying to get in control of the Mellila Region, a region newly discovered, after an epic fail in Unova. The Trainers, of course, will try to stop them. Here are the rules: 1. Your age needs to be from 10 to 18 2. You can be a pokemon trainer or a Team Plasma...
  2. TrappedNutCase

    Open Journey of Types

    ((In this one, you can only catch one type of Pokemon, with the exception of Pokemon with two types(example- if you're a flying type trainer you can catch a Charizard because it's a fire, and flying type) because at the age of 10 you take a personality quiz and are paired up with a type of...
  3. Pokemon=Bae

    Pokemon: Journey With Me

    ((I am only accepting two people! Other than my pre decided person @GeekyFlareon ! Who will be playing my sister!)) Kutsu brushed back his black hair as he walked to the train station, he was finally going to see his twin sister again after almost two years. To his side, was a smaller than...