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Open Journey of Types

((In this one, you can only catch one type of Pokemon, with the exception of Pokemon with two types(example- if you're a flying type trainer you can catch a Charizard because it's a fire, and flying type) because at the age of 10 you take a personality quiz and are paired up with a type of Pokemon. A special PokeBall is given to you with your specific type.
Fire- Flame Ball_ Water- Aqua Ball_ Flying- Air Ball_ Ghost- Ghost Ball_ Electic- Shock Ball_ Fairy- Fairy Ball_ Dark- Dark Ball_ Psychic- Psy Ball_ Normal- Norm Ball_ Grass- Leaf Ball_ Dragon- Draco Ball_ Rock- Stone Ball_ Ground- Ground Ball_ Ice- Frost Ball_ Bug- Bug Ball_ Poison- Toxic Ball_ Fighting- Fight Ball))

Sia looked at her PokeBalls all of them were orange with a small yellow flame sticker above the button. She was a fire type trainer, but she was kind of sad about it because she loved water types. However she saw no point in fighting it, she was a fire type trainer, and she would go with it. Her first Pokemon was a Cyndaquil, and she was ready to start her journey.
Omega looked at the ghost balls he'd been given and was pleased. He loved ghost types and was glad he had Alpha his haunter with him." Do you think we'll become the best trainers in the world Alpha?" He asked as he walked through the town and saw a girl ahead." Hey there how are you?" He asked as he ran to her.
Sia jumped by a sudden voice, and turned to see a guy. "H-Hello, and I'm fine and yourself?" She asked fiddling with her blonde hair. She picked up her Cyndaquil who she named Cinder. The fire type cooed and sat on her shoulder.
Omega smiled." I'm fine thanks I'm Omega and that's Alpha!" He pointed at the haunter and looked at the cyndaquil." My dad had a cyndaquil when he started!" He smiled at the thought of his dad with his fire type team. He put his hand out for a handshake." What's your name?" He asked as he fed Alpha a pokepuff.
Brixi walked out of the Pokémart, now fully stocked up on Fairy Balls. Yes, she was an fairy-type trainer, and she loved fairy-types very much, especially her only Pokémon and forever partner, Wyatt the Whimsicott. After walking down the dirt road that lead to the next town for a bit, Wyatt spotted a pair of trainers. Brixi was unsure if they should intrude in their conversation, so she merely pushed Wy along. "Let them talk," she told her partner, quietly.
June liked things to be great and original, loud and atractive. She took the test expecting to get the dragon type pokemon, those buddies were big, powerful and really hard to get. She had already formed the idea of herself flying on the back of her Dragonite or Hydreigon, defeating everyone in just a few seconds...

Oh, but of course, she didn't have the dragon type, she had the most boring of all: the normal one. Now there she was, sitting ona tree with the most boring pokemon of the most boring type: Slakoth, her starter. The pokemon hadn't done anything but yawn since she got him, he moved like he was in slow mode permanently and fell asleep so fastly that she wondered if that thing could even fight.

Looking at him could make anyone sleepy, therefor she named it Morfeo.

And the worst part was that now, with those stupid norm-balls, she couldn't catch anything that wasn't a normal type.

June yawned, she wondered if the constant company of Morfeo would turn her into a Slakoth too. She looked at her surroundings. A couple of trainers were chatting a few metters from her. Then, she noticed a girl coming out of the pokemart with lots of fairy-balls and a Whismicott. She had gotten fairy balls! She was going to be a fairy trainer with lots of Cleffairys, Jigglypufs and Flabebes!

But of course, she'll have to content herself with a Slakoth... or maybe this pokemon had a hidden side that was totally amazing. "Okay Morfeo," she said "I'll give you a chance, show me you can do just one thing that isn't a yawn." Her green eyes looked severaly at the pokemon who, laying on the grass, stared at her peacefully. When June was about to give up, the pokemon turned around and scratched his belly. "Ugh, just great."
Omega smiled." I'm fine thanks I'm Omega and that's Alpha!" He pointed at the haunter and looked at the cyndaquil." My dad had a cyndaquil when he started!" He smiled at the thought of his dad with his fire type team. He put his hand out for a handshake." What's your name?" He asked as he fed Alpha a pokepuff.
Sia carefully took his hand and gently shook it. "I-I'm Sia, fire type trainer I guess." She smiled lightly and looked at Alpha. "He's so cute! I just adore Pokemon like him." Cinder pouted and glared at Alpha. "And this is Cinder."

"Cyndaquil!" He puffed.
Omega smiled at the cyndaquil." Before I became a trainer we had a typhlosion as a family pet!" He thought about his times playing with Scorch." When I can I'm going to evolve Alpha to a Gengar I just need someone to trade with." He smiled as he watched the haunter finish the last bite of the pokepuff.
Sia nodded, "Gengars are cute too though." She said. "Cinder stop pouting it's unsightly." Sia sighed with a small frown.

"Cynda..." Cinder pouted more.

"Um....will you...." Sia looked uncertain. "Will you battle with me?" She asked.
Omega smirked." This is going to be fun sure!" He said as he got himself ready." Ready?" He shouted. His heart pounded, his first time to see Alpha against a fire type Pokemon! He really wanted to win. He must win!
"Cinder," Sia said calmly and held her hand out. "The show is about to start." Cinder ran down her arm, his flame was blazing and ready.

"Quil!" He called.

"You can go first." Sia put her arm down.
Omega smiled and looked at Alpha." Get close with confuse ray!" He said as Alpha teleported next to the cyndaquil and used confuse ray. Hopefully it would hit and wrap the battle up quickly before any major damage.
"Cinder spin and use tackle to get away." Cinder wrapped himself in a ball and used tack while in a ball. Instead of going towards Alpha like a normal tackle, he retreated and went the opposite way.
When the battle started, Bri and Wy backed up into the grass surrounding the dirt path. They watched the battle unfold, curiously. They had been in a few battled themselves, but preferred preforming to battling. Nonetheless, it was always fun to watch a good battle and cheer each side on.
June didn't notice how it happened, but all of a sudden, the guys chatting started a battle. It was a hunter against a Cyndaquile and it was looking exciting. "Morfeo! Come on! Let's watch the battle!" exclaimed June as she stood up. But the pokemon didn't look very excited about it. In fact, he just yawned and followed her slowly... too slowly.

"Oh come on! I didn't ask for a pokemon in slow mode!" she acomplished as she took the Slakoth int her arms and ran where the battling took place. "What am I going to do with you? You don't have any grace for contests or speed for fighting, and I don't want to be a breeder!"
Isis laughed as she put her five Psy Balls in her bag. Her Shiny Meowstic was making funny faces. Isis felt a battle brewing and she slowly stood up. Poking her head out from behind her tree, her two Meowstic floated above her and watched silently. Isis suddenly began to walk towards to battle, He Meowstic grieving and following. They each sat in one shoulder, and watched the battle with Isis, who was standing in eye and earshot, but out of range form the pokèmon attacks.
Sia smiled to herself, yes Cinder wasn't as strong, but Sia always had a nack for strategy. She watched Omega carefully to predict the moves he'd use. In her head she had a list of moves that she knew Haunters could use.

Omega smirked." Alpha work it." The haunter relentlessly teleported to the cyndaquil and used confuse ray then shadow ball. Hopefully it would tire and fall into confusion. The moment was close for the unexpected move.
Isis titled her head "Hmmm, looks like they don't use combo moves like we do" Isis said and the Meowstic nodded "Meeeooowwwww!" The cooed as the three sets of eyes eyed the pokèmon and the trainers effortlessly.
"Smokescreen." She directed, but the Confuse Ray was in action and he couldn't move. The Shadow Ball hit the fire type, and sent him falling.

"Cynda!" Cinder cried out.

"Cinder!" The fire type stood up, and Sia sighed in relief. "Alright love, now use your smoke screen."

"Quill!" He called and balled himself up and spun as a black smokescreen made it impossible to see.

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"Well, I personally believe you can do a whole lot with that little Slakoth!" came a voice from behind June, said voice belonging to a small blonde girl who was riding atop a Doduo. "While they're a little...well, a lot slower than most normal types, they've got a lot of hidden potential, you just need to be patient, like they are", the Doduo slowly walked over to June as the girl stuck out her hand, "Hehe...sorry about the sudden 'lecture' there, name's Lucy; a fellow Normal-Type trainer, and what's your name?"
A teenager named Daniel, 16, was leaning against a tree, watching the battle from distance, tossing one of his Toxic balls up and down, and to make sure people he didn't mess around, he wore a Toxic Purple Vest, along with Contact lens of the same colour.
While he had hoped to score Steel or Fairy to get his favourite Pokemon, Mawile, He settled with Poison, admitting that Poison Pokemon works for his style of play.
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Mia remembered as she received the Psy Balls from the instructor at her school, who said they'd catch psychic pokemon, which "suited her personality". Yeah, right. Like the noisy Chingling jumping beside her, letting out loud jingling tones which wore on her ears shortly after she first let it out of its ball. At least she got to go on a journey, right?
As she looked around the field she was entering upon exiting the town where she lived for most of her life, and from the safety and comfort of her previous life, she saw grass that came up to her knees and trees that were far off along with other people walking along the road ahead, also seeming to be starting their adventures soon as well. She Ran as fast as she could after them, trying to ignore how Chingling was jingling more frequently and loudly trying to keep up.
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June turned around to face the blond girl that had talked to her, she was a small blond girl, riding a Doduo. "While they're a little...well, alot slower than most normal types, they've got a lot of hidden potential, you just need to be patient, like they are" June flinched as the Doduo walked closer to her, then looked at Morfeo, who as about to fall asleep (agaig) between her arms "Hehe...sorry about the sudden 'lecture' there, name's Lucy; a fellow Normal-Type trainer, and what's your name?".

"I'm June." she answered smiling "I'm a normal type trainer too but... I don't like it... they're too common. I don't see why would someone want..." she looked at Morfeo, who was now asleep "this as a partner..."
Sia waited for her chance. The smokescreen blocked any sight from any thing. "Its evaluation time," she smiled. "As you can see, Alpha is clearly stronger, however Cinder is smaller and faster, and in that smokescreen not even a ghost type can see him."

Omega smirked." Clear smog! Then confuse Ray and payback Alpha you can do it!" He shouted and alpha removed the smokescreen then ran at the cyndaquil." Watch for counter attack if he hits confuse him!"
"Cinder take off and use Ember," Cinder started running around Alpha, at certain points he would fire an Ember attack. Sia watched and evaluated her Pokemon. She had no real interest in battles in contests or performances, she strived for something else.

Alpha took 2 hits and shrugged it off." Great job Alpha evaluate it then strike." The haunter watched until the moment when the cyndaquil was in front of him and used confuse Ray arcing towards the Pokemon.
"Finally my turn to get a Pokemon, please be fire please be fire!" The platinum haired 16 year old boy pleaded when a customized Fight ball with flames around the opening of the ball was plced in Nero's hand "awwww darn" Nero sulks "Dont worry i think you will be more than thrilled to see what your pokemon is young man" said the instructor.

Nero looks at the pokeball and lets the pokemon that will be his life time partner out of its imprisonment. "NO WAY!" Nero shouted at the top of his lungs. "Its Blaziken!, but its a fully evolved pokemon" Nero was filled with joy "thats right its other two evolutions are fire types so it had to be Blaziken" The instructor said informing Nero of the situation "but isnt Combusken a fighting type to?" Nero said with a laugh "are you insulting our education system young man?, maybe that pokemon is to powerful for you and i should confescate it from you right now!" The instructor said with a stern face "No Mr. Instuctor sir!, i apologize for such rude and ummm insulting insults sir!"

Nero sprints out the building kicking the door open and looks over to see a battle taking place but he hadnt stopped running and before he knew it he collides with a girl holding a sleeping Slakoth. "Ahh shot now my trench coats dirty" he quickly gets up to notice the girl he knocked over "oh im sorry did i hurt you?" He extends a hand to help her get up
As Daniel watched the fight unfold, his interest drifted else where, over to where a boy collide into the girl. "All the newcomers for this year... they better have the determination to continue with their typing... and their Pokemon" Looking down to his Toxic Ball, customized to have a bladed leaves around the centre "And you... better not cause any more trouble..." tossing it one more time
Omega smiled." Finish it with brick break then shadow ball!" He shouted as the haunter began to collide with the cyndaquil." You can do it alpha believe in it!" He shouted. He was tired and he wasn't even the one fighting.
"Cinder!" Sia gasped, distress in her voice. 'I have to calm down or Cinder will freak out more.' She told herself. "Cinder use your Ember on the ground!"

"Cynda-QUIL!" He did as told and took off into the air.

Brixi and Wyatt's eyes widened in surprise. This battle sure was interesting! The methods used in it were unlike any they had ever seen before! Both cheered for the unique use of the Ember move, smiles wide on their faces.
Alpha flew into the air as well." He's a ghost he can levitate above the ground. Lucky us. Brick break and send him into the ember on the floor." Alpha charged through the air and brought his fist downwards.
" Wow, I guess that you are training hard kid! " Raina replied to Omega," I hope I can be a gym leader someday like my sister." Raina looked at her dark balls," What kind of Pokemon did you use anyways?"
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"Cynda-" Cinder coughed when he hit the ground.

"Cinder," Sia looked at her Pokemon with worry.

Cinder saw Sia's worry and stood up. His body started to glow orange.

"Wait...that's Blaze." Sia smiled, and sharpened her gaze. "Use your Quick Attack to get in close and use Ember!"

Cinder took off in a Quick Attack and got behind Alpha. Drawing his head back he unleashed a Ember, it's power increased because of Blaze.
Raina looked at Abby's Sylveon," Wow! You got a Sylveon? I got a Greninja, which is water and dark type. And speaking about Sylveons, have you heard of my sister Lavender? "
"Nope, never heard of her, I just like fairy types and got fairy on the test." Abby said shyly, she was fairly shy ever since she was 9, and didn't talk much, only to her Pokemon, she could be friendly if you got used to her though.