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  1. NerdySquirtle

    Private/Closed Johto: The New Gym Leaders

    Discussion/Signups A blonde trainer sat on a cliff of route 45 with his gligar as the sun slowly rose, “Well, good morning,” Flynn said, he got up and grabbed his white jacket next to the campfire they had used that night. “We should get heading to cherrygrove, I want to challenge the Violet...
  2. NerdySquirtle

    Private/Closed Johto: The New Gym Leaders (Signups/Discussion)

    Hey! This is a sequel to the roleplay Kanto: The New Gym Leaders, fortunately for you, there isn`t much you need to know Rules are: Pokecharms global and rp rules, people usually think these are simpler than they actually are I would prefer you don`t take any of the eight types from the...
  3. Jagson

    Ask to Join Chronicals of Necros: Return of the Tagryn Empire (Prologue)

    For character and plot idea's go here https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-chronicals-of-necros-2-disscussion.17024/#post-474211 Having heard of the events that transpired in his home kingdom Gabil of Central makes the plan to head back home. He knew he would be ridiculed and hated but he had to...
  4. ngalili

    Ask to Join Unova Trainer RP

    Join here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/unova-trainer-rp.16637 Without further ado, let's a go! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring! The alarm went off. Grant moved from laying down to sitting on the bed. "Ugh, morning to you too, clock." He said. Ray was in his pokeball, that was...
  5. EthanRDM

    A sequel for Sun and Moon ?

    Do you think this is possible, like Black and White 2, to have a Pokemon Sun and Moon sequel ? Or also, I thought recently that the next Pokemon game could be a Red/Blue/Yellow remake, /!\ LITTLE SPOILER /!\ you know that Lillie and Lusamine went to Kanto, because Lusamine is ill or somethind...