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  1. Hydreigonborn

    Ask to Join Pokémon Masters Tournament RP

    (Ooc and Charcter sheet goes here http://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-masters-tournament-disscussion.15022/) Danny walked into the registration office. He handed the secretary his Identification card. The screen behind her showed a picture of Danny and it said" Welcome, Champion of Kalos."...
  2. Hydreigonborn

    Open Pokemon Masters Tournament Disscussion

    You are Pokémon Master! You and your Pokemon have made it through thick and thin to get were you are. Will you win it all, or crash and burn. Prove your the greatest master of them all... Rules 1. Follow Pokecharms' rules. 2. Try not to swear to much. 3.Mega evolution and Z moves are allowed...
  3. Frostwind

    Ask to Join Pokemon League Tournament Discussion

    Hi there everyone! This is the Discussion page of the possible RP: Pokemon League Tournament. This is a tournament where all members of the Pokemon League from each region come to participate in, whether it be the Champion, Elite Four Member, or Gym Leader. The tournament is held annually in...
  4. VeryGaryOak

    Open Kanto League

    Sup, my fellow Pokemon trainers! Welcome to VeryGaryOaks Pokemon Kanto League! Bring your best PokePals and be sure to pack some HP/PP restores! Oh, and remember: "You can't be champion of the Pokemon league without knowing how to spam full restores!"
  5. BonslyJuice

    Ask to Join Tournament of Lies

    In this Roleplay, you are one of eight semi-finalists in a wild pokèmon tournament. You're all battling for the top, who recieves a mystery prize. Little do they know, the prize isn't as expected. To many standards, it isn't even a prize. It's a bane. Please PM me for sign-up. I ask that you...
  6. shubhcharm

    Open mystical Inkidio region.

    If you want to join it you can but fill out your details.mega pokemon and sychornizing with your pokemon is allowed but describe the story how you bonded with your pokemon. your details(for me.) gender:Male.(Male/Female.) trainer level:expert.(beginner,novice,senior,expert.)...
  7. Noobde

    Open Pokemon Ultimate Tournament Season 1 (Kanto)

    ~Plot~ 500 years ago, the annual Pokemon League Tournament, long the most prestigious Pokemon tournament in the world, was interrupted by the appearance of an old sage and a strange four-armed Pokemon, who entered the tournament and defeated the Champion. This Sage was the Leader of Team Plasma...
  8. ChungHa

    Open Festival of Coalition || DISCUSSION

    Alright guys, so yes theres been a couple of questions and doubts about the festival and the twist taking place within the role-play. Mostly my fault for the confusion, I probably didn't explain it well enough in the thread. ================================================== Everyone...
  9. iVynm

    Open Battle Royale DISCUSSION

    This is a discussion about an rp I'm planning to make about kids joining a tournament called the Battle Royale. It's basically just a battling tournament that you join and battle people, you could battle a real person in the rp, or if no-one else wants to battle you could battle an AI, but make...
  10. Ryu Nura

    Team Based Player Run League

    I don't know if there is a League yet but I would like to try and set one up if not. This would run for a few weeks depending on how many teams enter and would be an elimination style bracket where each week only the winning teams move on. After the Championships, we will start the offseason...