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Private/Closed 7 Seas (discussion)

Ok this took me like, an hour and a half, so now it's time to go crash in my bed!

Sparrow Weaver
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Rank: Boatswain
Appearance: Sparrow is a fairly average looking individual, standing at 5'8 and weighing around 144 lbs. He has fairly lengthy black hair that falls to his neck, and a dark brown/black eye color. He usually wears a long, black trench coat over a white poet shirt, accompanied with plain black pants and black boots. He also wears a tricorne hat on his head, and has a scabbard and holster to hold his weapons sitting on a utility belt slung across his coat.
Personality: A useful deckhand and a charismatic leader, Sparrow knows when to joke around and when to be serious. He's good at reading the room and is pretty adept at talking himself out of situations, although he still knows his way around a good sword and a flintlock.
Blood gem: Vampyric
Weapon: Cavalry Sabre and a Flintlock Pistol
Backstory: Sparrow was born in Kinzoku, the Iron City, where he was trained in the art of swordfighting and marksmanship. He otherwise lived a fairly normal childhood until he was separated from his parents while they were on a voyage heading to Sakana, which was attacked by pirates. The pirates ended up killing almost everyone on board, though Sparrow talked them out of killing him on promise that he'd work for them.

For about six months he did the pirates dirty work, cooking, cleaning, repairing hull damage, waiting for an opportunity to escape. This opportunity arose when the crew of the ship stopped at an island for the night, to restock the ship for the voyage ahead, and maybe get a good nights sleep at one of the islands pubs. As the crew were off drinking, Sparrow snuck back onto the ship and raided the storage room for the meager supplies left, before taking the rowboat. He didn't actually plan to leave the island, as that would be idiotic without an actual ship, so he rowed himself to a hidden cove built into one of the islands cliffs, and slept there for the night. The next morning the pirates were gone, they'd obviously left without him since he didn't matter all that much to them, and the supplies he'd stolen were replenished anyways, so they didn't come looking for them, either that or they believed he was out at sea and went to find him.

Finally in the clear and now 15, Sparrow made a life for himself on that island for the next year, doing odd jobs for it's residents and sometimes heading off on small voyages of his own, leading small crews to nearby islands to conduct trade in the later years of his stay there.
Blood gem backstory (had already written up my backstory before I came up with the gem, so this is just easier than editing):
Sparrow found the Vampyric gem while doing his sweep of the ship for supplies, it was in a hidden compartment near the back of the captains quarters. After grabbing it out of curiosity, it fused with him, granting him the ability to drain blood from other people, and using it any way he desires. He can do this by obviously biting them, which is the effective way, or by pulling out their blood, which he does by holding up and splaying his hand in front of his victim, the blood comes out as a red vapor and carries itself to his fingertips, where it is absorbed by them. This is much less effective, and he typically uses it as a scare tactic since not much harm comes to the person on the receiving end of it. He's not very good at controlling these powers, and since being fused with the gem, his skin has grown a little pale, and he blisters more easily from sunlight.
Pet: N/A
Other: Still owns the rowboat he stole from the pirates, he's made major improvements to it as it's pretty much his home.
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