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Open A Shiny Hunter's Guide to Saving Pokémon

“Eeek! Oh... hi... it’s another person...” She had thrown her hand up to her breast after being startled, but quickly calmed down. “Do you need help? Sorry, we can’t help you with the cave, the layout changes every ten minutes or so.”
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"Aah!" Piper jumped back, not actually expecting to see anybody. Piper started to calm down. "Oh.. Uh, hi. I'm, Piper." She stuttered. "Um, wait. What do you mean the 'layout?" She asked, her English failing her just a bit. "Do you know how to get out?" She asked, which was all she really meant to say in the first place.
"What we mean," Ed said, "is that something weird is going on in this cave, and the tunnel systems keep changing. There's also some sort of aura-sapping stone in the center that took out a few of our Pokemon. We were just about to go to destroy it now. Do you want to join us? We don't really know how to get out ourselves, so I'm not sure we can help you there."
"Why not go help to defeat an aura-sapping stone at this point." Piper murmured, joking to herself sarcastically. "Sure, why not. Where is it?" She asked.
"Ah. Alrighty then." Piper said, she plopped Felix onto her head and let her face give a determined smile to the basic stranger. "To the unknown!" She joked, ready to find it.
“I’m really not liking this cave...” Sitorro said, continuing with the party. They had stopped for breaks every once in a while, but they usually just trudged on in the darkness. It felt like days had gone by since they came in, trying to destroy the stone, but that plan had long since failed. Now they were just trying to find their friends while staying alive, and then get out of this cave. “We need to do something differently, who’s up for trying to blast their way out of here?”
"I don't know," replied Ed hesitantly, "it could destabilize the caverns even more, but then again, it's something we haven't tried yet, a list that's getting progressively shorter. Might as well. Carrie, I need your help." He tossed the Ultra Ball to the ground, calling out his Kingdra. The Pokemon simply stared at him for the moment. "Carrie, use Focus Energy, and then Hydro Pump on the wall. I need to see if you can damage it." Carrie nodded and closed her eyes for a moment, then opened them, unleashing a powerful blast of water striking true and knocking chunks of rock off of the wall.
“You too Filo.” She loosed a pokeball from inside her Kimono revealing a large serpentine Milotic. It blasted the wall, trying to break it too. The wall cracked under the pressure of the two, but it seemed this here was solid rock, it was going to need a more physical attack. After it’s efforts, the Milotic chittered happily. And bent down, wanting to be pet by Sitorro. “Not now Filo.” She said, giggling, before putting it in its pokeball. “Hmm... should I try Rex, my Lucario?”
"Maybe. Dino, you too." The Fraxure hopped out of its Pokeball and stepped up to the wall. "Dragon Dance!" commanded Ed, as Dino began stomping from foot to foot, getting more and more worked up. "Now, use Dragon Claw on the part of the wall that Carrie and Filo cracked and weakened!" Dino lunged forward, claws of draconic energy forming, and struck a blow at the wall, damaging it further. "I could use some help here. Dino is powerful, but not enough to do it on his own."
“Alright. Rex!” Without her even doing anything, Rex shot from his pokeball. He aided Dino, using Close Combat. A tunnel was created by the force of the two, and now it seems: pretty easily. Eventually you got to another area, it opened to a cavern. There was a purple stone in the middle, and a Gallade holding on for life in the corner. “That’s the Gallade again... be careful, it looks hurt, but that stone is controlling it.” It seemed like she was having some sort of conversation, couldn’t see with who.
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"Alright, here we are." Ed stepped forward, with Carrie and Dino following him. "Carrie, you help the others go after the stone. Dino and I will keep an eye on the Gallade." The Gallade looked up, glaring at the group with a purple gleam of hatred in its eye. It stood up, barely capable of it, but doing so all the same. "Don't worry," said Ed, "we've got this. Dino, use Dragon Claw!" The Fraxure leapt forward, energy claws forming around its arms, and slashed viciously at the Gallade. Suddenly, however, Dino was stopped and thrown backwards by the Gallade's telekinetic powers. The Pokemon lunged at Dino with a Psycho Cut, arms glowing. "Protect!" shouted Ed, caught by surprise. Dino barely managed to block the attack, and was still pushed back. "I've got an idea," said Ed, "but I need you people to disrupt that stone's energy! Now!"
She nodded, walking over to the stone. “I have been growing weaker ever since I came in this cave, the stone draws on it immensely. But, I will use the last bit of my power to destroy it!” She thrust her hand to the stone, some sort of purple power flowing between her hand and the stone. She screamed, it was obviously painful. In her other hand, she held on to something tightly, probably just tensing from the pain. There was a flash of light and a man appeared behind her, his presence filling the whole room. His hair was brown and he wore a Gold and Green cloak, he put a hand on Sitorro’s shoulder, but she took no notice due to her focus on destroying the stone. The stone shattered, light from it filling the cave. When it dissipated, the man was gone. Sitorro was laying on her back, breathing heavily. “I- I did it! I did it! I- did it...” She looked at her hand, she saw something, but didn’t say anything. She stood up, still weak, but her Aura returned. “Were ok...” She looked exhausted, but a satisfied smile spread across her face.
"Huh." Ed stared at this light show, before turning his attention back to the Gallade who was stumbling. "Now, Dino, use False Swipe!" The Fraxure dashed forwards, even more quickly than before, leaving the Gallade on the floor, but still barely conscious. "Alright!" said Ed, readying a Dusk Ball, "I've got you now!" He threw the ball, and the Gallade disappeared into it. The ball shook once. Twice. Three times. Then, with a click, the Gallade was caught. Ed walked up to the ball and picked it up. "I really need to get you, Angel, and Dino to a Pokemon Center. For now, though, you need a name. I think I'll call you Kay."
“That Gallade will be hard to handle, be careful, but congratulations.” Her two tails and ears drooped, and she fell on the ground, unconscious. In her hand was the amulet you saw her wearing earlier. And then it hit you, the colors of her amulet were Gold and Green. The same colors as the robes of the man that had appeared. Maybe the man was a power called upon by the amulet, or maybe from the amulet itself? In her other hand was some sort of symbol, you couldn’t really tell what it was, but was literally burnt into her hand, so it was probably important.
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"Dino, help me carry her out." At least the cave had stopped moving, so it would be easier to find a way out. What was that symbol, Ed wondered, and what significance did it bear in relation to that strange man? The small group began to make its way out into the light of day, and from that point on, Ed's part was done. He left Sitorro in the care of the Pokemon Center, and after healing his Pokemon, walked off along the road to earn more badges and prove his worth. Unfortunately, it was the middle of the day, and as such there was no sunset to walk into.
Around 2:00 Sitorro woke up, she was confused where she was but when she saw the bright lights, she knew she was at a Pokémon center, she was glad her part was done and that Rex was still here with her. She gave Rex a hug and got up. The nurses tried to get her to lay back down, but she refused, and left. She realized that she actually wanted to travel with Ed, and checked that he wasn’t in the Pokémon center. Now knowing he wasn’t, Sitorro left at a quick pace, hoping that he wasn’t too far, putting the cave, the stone, and her previous friends behind her. -They will be ok.- She concluded. After all, the Pokémon would soon come back. All she wanted now was to aid Ed in his journey.