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Open A Shiny Hunter's Guide to Saving Pokémon


Previously SwiftSwoobat
"Hm... no, not much", Alex said," Wait, I do recall seeing a machine in my journey through this cave... I just can't remember where..."
Sitorro nodded at the Gardevoir and looked at the new arrival, she went up to them, shook their hand and introduced herself. “Hello, I’m Sitorro.” She said, she then continued to introduce everyone else, signaling to them as she said their names. “And this is Mike, Rei, and Zushi.”

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
"nice to meet you too" mike added after after sitorro introduced him.
However, it seemed very suspicious to him that two people showed up at the midnight, but it decide to ignore it for now.
"You said a machine?, That's interesting" mike said, he was surprised that he have information about the situation.


Previously SwiftSwoobat
"Yeah... I caught it out of the corner of my eye...", Alex faced Pulse," It was when I was running... I have an awful memory... I guess we should find it?"

Pulse replied," Bat, Swoo, Swoobat"

"Oh yeah! I think it was on the other side of this cave...", Alex pondered," We should check this area before, though."
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Previously Sparkling Emolga
Mike sighed at rei's question, "i will tell you later, its a long story" mike said, he knew he couldn't keep it away for too long.

"We should check the machine before" mike then said, somehow the mysterious machine seemed to him less dangerous then the mysterious stone.


Previously SwiftSwoobat
"Maybe we could use Pulse's echolocation?", Alex replied," It's helped me on numerous occasions."

"Pulse, Supersonic!", Alex commanded," Look for that machine!"

"Swoooobat!", waves of sound emitted from it's... receptors... on its head.
"Alright." Rei conceded, turning away. Mike seemed to dodge questions a lot--he still hadn't explained how he'd seemingly communicated with Mythic in the cave, either. Rei honestly couldn't blame him, but it was still somewhat annoying. Either way, she figured she may as well join them in the search for the machine--she was curious, after all.
She watched the boy's Swoobat sending sound waves through the cave.
Yeah, that could probably come in handy. she thought, reaching down to give Zushi a pat.
"Okay, lead the way!"

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
Mike felt a little sad when he saw the swoobat using sound waves to see his surrounding.
"Usually mythic using his aura to see the aura of the surrounding, but now without his aura... He is more then in danger" mike thought to himself, he was worried about mythic and aura.

"Im going to wake up my pokemons, aria, you stay here in the meanwhile" mike said before immediately walking away.
He walked to the place where he slept and wake up jolty and pollen.

The plusle and the ribombee woke up slowly in confusion, they weren't very sure why mike is waking them, "maybe its our turn" they thought, but as mike start speaking they relized that its about something else.
"Listen, we in a big trouble" mike said and start explaining, but he didnt explain everything to them, the two pokemons nodded in understand.

"You two go to aria, sparky seem to be gone so i will search for him" mike said and start walking around the rock he slept near, in the meanwhile pollen flew to aria and jolty ran toward them.

After a few seconds he spotted the shiny minun sleeping near the tree that rei slept, "he probably sleep walked" mike thought to himself as he waking up sparky.
Sparky doesn't seem to respond or wake up, he was very deep in his dreams after falling asleep twice.

Mike sighed as he carry the minun with him and return to the group.


Previously SwiftSwoobat
He lead the group with Pulse, looking at every crack in the cave for the machine. In the middle of walking, Alex perked up. "Oh", Alex gasped," I forgot to tell you my name, it's Alexander, Alex for short"

Suddenly, a very loud explosion could be heard in the distance. "Wait, what WAS that sound?:, Alex questioned.

"Bat...", Pulse looked vigilant. "Huh?", Alex looked at Pulse," What's the matter?"

Alex had a very nervous expression on his face. He thought, What could possibly be over there?
“I have a feeling I know... Giovani... he’s a criminal boss that usually operates in Kanto, but it looks like my beep of an Uncle decided to take his plans here.” Sitorro scoffed, she seemed enraged, almost to the point of yelling, which most who know her know it never happens except under extreme circumstances. “We have to stop that machine, we don’t know what it’s doing, or if it just blew up. If that’s the case, we’re too late and we’ll have to stand up and fight, but, if it’s still going, there’s a minute chance we can stop it.” Her voice got cold and she closed her eyes, reflecting on her options. “Is everyone with me?” She shouted, hoping to get the parties attention. “We have to fight, or die. Dying is cowardly, so I have no chance but to stand up to what is difficult and fight with all my heart, all my soul, and all my mind...” She is still shouting, but now more to empower herself and the party.
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Previously Sparkling Emolga
Mike didnt take seriously what sitorro has said, "i heard about that guy, but its not him" mike said "the stone isnt something he made and if the machine belongs to them then the cave was full of team rocket members" he explained as he continued to carry sparky as he walks.

Aria, pollen and jolty walked behind mike, jolty hide inside aria's cloud wings since she afraid from the dark.
pollen checked every spot in the cave, she was excited about everything.
And aria just walked peacefully, the cave was a little crowded but he didnt let it bother him.
Rei blew out a breath. "I wouldn't dismiss the possibility, to be honest." she said, thinking. "I mean, it's true that the cave wasn't full of Rocket members--but it might still be them. Then again, it might not--but whatever it is, it probably just blew up. Can we at least agree that that deserves a quick look?" If Rei was being honest, a part of her wanted nothing more than to get to Saffron City and ride the Magnet Train home to Johto. She would probably be able to find Clefairies elsewhere to continue her shiny hunt. But by this point, she felt that they had to find out what was happening with the machine, the "stone," Mike's Pokémon, everything.
"Okay." she muttered. "First, we have to find whatever blew up. Tundra?" Rei pointed her gaze at the Glaceon, who gave an affirmative nod.
"Glace!" Tundra declared, sniffing the air. Glaceon were incredibly good with scents--they had to be, considering they could smell things through falling snow, which dampened scents. Almost instantaneously, Tundra pointed her nose straight to the right. "Glaceon!"
"This way?" Rei confirmed, getting a nod in response. "Hey guys!" she waved toward true rest of them. "This way!"


Previously SwiftSwoobat
He followed Rei's Glaceon inside the cave, with Pulse short behind him, the cave was pitch black sooner or later.

"Ack! This is too dark!", he reached for Tynamo's Dusk Ball but accidentally sent out Faux, his Lurantis.

"Luuuur!", Faux hated the dark and started to use Night Slash and Brick Break everywhere.

"Ow!", Alex exclaimed, "Return, Faux!"

He tripped on a Geodude slumbering and awoke a Golem.

Alex sighed, and then complained," Because THIS is my life..."
“You guys continue, I’ve got them.” She still was a bit annoyed, but it wasn’t due to you guys. She asked Rex, who was walking with her to use Aura Sphere on the Golem, who fainted and then in the Geodude who fainted too, she then continued with the party. “I feel people nearby, along with a very strong presence. I’m also starting to realize this is in the direction the stone was... maybe they’re related?”

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
Mike felt a bit annoyed from how sitorro just attacked them, "they didnt even attack" mike thought. He wanted to heal them but he didnt want to lose his team, he could only watch them unconscious as he walks.

"Impossible that we are in a direction on the stone, to what i have saw theres only one path and its not this path" mike said, he start thinking that sitorro lying about things and not everything she said was true.
"Well," Rei began, "maybe it goes in the same direction, but doesn't quite link up. Either way, everything's worth investigating."
"Glaceon!" Tundra perked up. The scent she was following must have gotten stronger.
"Keep going, Tundra. I'm sure you'll be able to find it."
Tundra sniffed the air. The scorched smell of something having exploded was clear in the air--Tundra was surprised no one else had smelled it yet.
"This way." she muttered, knowing that none of the people could understand. Still, she enjoyed commentating.
"You sure?" Zushi asked. Tundra wasn't one to blame him for being careful--if she'd gone through the hell he had, she'd be careful too.
"Absolutely." Tundra said confidently, leading the group into the darkness at a steady trot.

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
Mike felt useless now that aura and mythic not with him but something seemed to him weird, "if this is truly the path to the stone its means that the cave is changing, and that means the cave is trapping us... But is it true that the cave is changing?" Mike thought to himself, he couldn't be sure if its right or not, it was only a guess of his thoughts.

Pollen just wandered around, continuing checking every spot in excitement.
Aria start to feel tired but jolty kept cheering her and giving her an helping hand inside aria's cloud wing.
And sparky still slept deeply in mike's arms.


Previously SwiftSwoobat
Alex followed the group, keeping up a steady pace.

Pulse was sleeping on Alex's shoulder, not making a sound.

Alex took out his portable PC, he talked to Professor Elm, later a Great Ball popped out on to the hole near the mouse.

"Oh, I forgot to bring him along...", Alex said to himself," I know Relic loves caves too... I don't know why I didn't bring him..."

Alex felt a rumble near his feet, knowing it had to be the machine.

"Go, Relic!", the Xatu hopped out of it's Great Ball, cheerfully. "Hey guys, this guy was examined by Prof Elm because of it's move it can learn... for some reason, this Xatu can use Phantom Force!"

Alex patted Relic," I just thought we could get to the machine more easily using my Xatu?"
Tundra sniffed harder. The scent seemed to be leading beyond the cave's wall. She was certain it was coming from there--but how were they supposed to get past?
"Tundra, what's wrong?" Plume asked, padding over to Tundra's side.
"The scent....It leads this way, but....there's a wall."
"Ah. Yeah, I see the problem."
"But I know it's this way!" Tundra continued to smell the wall, uncertain. Did she mess up?
"Relax, Tundra. I believe you. We just need a way through the wall." Plume reassured.
"Like how?"
"Well......we could try to break through the barrier physically." Plume suggested. "Maybe with some sort of move."
Tundra examined the wall. It seemed too thick for an Ice Beam, or even one of Plume's Magical Leaves, meaning they might need a more....interesting way in.
"How about Teleport?" Tundra asked.
Plume nodded. "That'll definitely work."
"Okay!" Tundra nodded to herself, turning to face the other Pokémon. "Anyone here know Teleport?"


Previously SwiftSwoobat
"Yeah... I guess my Xatu also knows Teleport...", Alex said," But it can only teleport about 5 things at a time, so we could teleport all of us and a Pokemon once, or just keep on using teleport, but Relic here isn't used to spamming Teleport, I'm worried what could happen to it..."

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
Mike thought on an idea to break the wall, until an idea popped in his head.

"I have another idea!" Max said,
"Jolt! I need your help! You too aria!" Mike called, aria turned his head to mike and jolty peeked from the cloud wing.
"I will need you as well sparky" mike said softly as he waking up the minun.

"Sparky and jolty, use helping hand on aria! And aria, charge a moonblast" mike said, sparkly jumped from mike's arms toward the altaria and used helping hand along with jolty while altaria charged a moonblast.

"This would maybe break the wall, hopefully... Now move away so you wont get hurt" mike said, the Altaria in the meanwhile was ready with a powerful moonblast, ready to shoot it at any moment.
I wonder....Will that work? Tundra thought, watching the Altaria charging up a Moonblast. From what she'd seen, the rock probably wouldn't move just from the force of a Pokémon move--but maybe the Helping Hands would be able to power it up enough? Either way, it would be a close call.
"You think that'll work?" Tundra was jolted out of her thoughts by Plume muttering a question to her.
"I mean, maybe. It's hard to tell, but I think I smell metal. If that's the case, a Moonblast will have trouble breaking through." Tundra replied. She sniffed a little harder. "There's definitely metal in there. I guess we'll see if it's strong enough to block the Moonblast....."

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
Aria shoot his moonblast at the wall, it did a serious damage but didn't seem to be enough, not even with two helping hands.

"It still wasnt enough" mike said, he wasnt in shock like he was supposed to be. leafeon and glaceon said that its metal, that mean i need a fire, fighting or a ground move mike thought to himself.

"Okay, jolty and sparky! Use helping hand again on aria!" Mike said, "and aria, this time try a flamethrower, it might melt the metal" he said.

Aria stastar charging up fire in her mouth as sparky and jolty using they're hands to help. even pollen joined the two pokemons, even that she cant use hanping hand "ribooo!" She said cheerfully.

Mike gave a little nod of thank you to leafeon and glaceon, without them he might have given up or thinking for hours on a situation to get through.
Tundra stared at Mike in confusion. Did he just.....nod at her? Almost as if he'd understood her conversation with Plume. But that was impossible.....right?
Tundra shook her head. She had more important things to concentrate on--such as the scent.
It was clearly still in the air, and stronger than ever now. Except......Now it was leading in the opposite direction?
"Plume, something isn't right." Tundra said, her voice growing panicked.
"What's wrong?" Plume asked, noticing Tundra's eyes going wide. "Tundra, please tell me, what is it?"
Treasure looked over the group. She liked to think of herself as the supervisor--she made sure all was flowing smoothly in Rei's Pokémon team, and was extending that part of her nature to this group.
Her eye caught on the Kitsune girl--was her name Sitorro? Treasure wasn't very good with names. Either way, Treasure didn't even need her Aura to tell that Sitorro was frustrated. But by what?
Treasure was determined to find out, so she padded over to Sitorro's side, subtly taking a seat next to her. Unfortunately, Treasure couldn't talk--she could normally do a sign language of some sort to Rei, but for talking to Sitorro, her hands--or rather, tails--were tied.
As she tried to brainstorm an idea, she heard something from up front.
"Tundra, please tell me, what is it?" That was Plume's voice--and already, things didn't sound so good. She snapped her gaze that way, watching Tundra trembling in her seat before slowly whispering to Plume.
"I think......I think the cave is shifting."


Previously SwiftSwoobat
Alex knocked on the wall. "Well... this wall sounds... hollow...", he turned to Pulse," Hey, um... maybe you could use Supersonic to locate what is inside?"

"Swoo!", Pulse used Supersonic on the wall, and a hole was indented into it, which slowly broke through the wall, the reveal a machine.
Tundra blew out a breath, pushing away her panic. "Never mind that for now." she told Plume, turning her gaze to the machine. "That's definitely where the scent was coming from. Guess I'll let the others take over this part."
Plume stared at Tundra in awe. How did she do it? Just moments ago, she was trembling in fear, and now she was back to normal.
"Tundra, wait. You said the cave was shifting? That kinda sounds like something worth thinking about to me."
"I, ah, yeah. I suppose so." Tundra shuffled her feet a little. "But, I'm not even sure that's what happened--the scent just changed directions entirely for a moment. And, well, I mean....I didn't feel anything move, so I might be wrong."
This was worrying to Plume--Tundra was never wrong when it came to scents. It felt like Tundra's explanation was more of a confirmation. "Tundra.....this might be a problem. I'm not sure how we'd tell the people in the group, though."
Treasure watched Tundra snap back into focus. She turned her attention back to Sitorro--she'd have to find some way to talk to her. After all, Treasure herself was curious about what she'd said earlier--something about her relatives? And Team Rocket? That was obviously something worth investigating. Perhaps they were the missing link to what was happening--maybe this machine had something to do with them.
But then again, that was all speculation on Treasure's part--she'd only be able to find out the real truth from Sitorro herself.

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
The flamethrower start melting the metal, now we need a different force to break the wall completely, or else we will have to wait a bit mike thought to himself.
but just then the swoobat used supersonic, it look like it was the exact force to break it.
"That worked" mike said proudly, he saw that aria is huffing, completely tired after the powerful power she used. mike took his ball and returned him, which let jolty get scared again.

Mike looked at the machine suspiciously, There wasn't any symbol on it, and no buttons either.
It just stood there for no reason, with a wall protecting him.

In the meanwhile pollen floated toward plume and tundra, "are you sure the cave is shifting?, I've been checking everything in the cave, even the tiniest rocks" the ribombee said cheerfully.

Mike heard what the glaceon, leafeon and pollen were talking about, he could agree with the two eevelutions. Not because the scent but the cave just seemed... odd for some reason.
Maybe the machine have to do something with that.


Previously SwiftSwoobat
Alex took notice of two people in the group seem to talk to Pokemon. He did not want to interfere with their conversations so he left them be.

Suddenly, the Egg in his backpack made a cracking sound. Alex became ecstatic and put his backpack on the floor.

The Pokemon inside started to come out... 1... 2... 3...

"A... Larvesta!", Alex shrieked in excitement.

He looked around at everyone, not seeming to pay attention. "Well", he whispered," My newest team member!"
(Sorry I haven’t responded yet.) Sitorro looked at Treasure, she hadn’t been able to touch the Ninetails so she couldn’t read it, but she knew it wanted something. She went over and pet Treasure: “Good job, you’re doing great.” She said, she didn’t want anything to be suspicious. “Treasure, it is me, Sitorro. I noticed you were having trouble with something so I wanted to know if I could help you. Other’s happiness is what I live for. Please allow me to answer your questions and help you.”
Tundra turned to the Ribombee. "I'm pretty sure....Or at least, something is definitely happening to the scents. It might just be the smells acting up, though."
"Tundra, you're probably right. I mean, smells don't just suddenly change direction, right?" Plume pointed out.
"Yeah, I s'pose so....." Tundra muttered, turning towards the bizarre machine. "What do you think that is? It's definitely where the scorched scent was coming from, but....why? We heard an explosion, so why isn't it damaged?"
"I'm not sure. But then again, I don't know anything about machines, so....." Plume trailed off.
Treasure leaned into Sitorro's hand, relishing the attention. Unlike Zushi, she enjoyed the company of anyone.
However, what Sitorro said--or rather, thought, only made Treasure more curious--a life lived only for others' happiness would be a somewhat unsatisfying one, wouldn't it?
She brushed those thoughts away, embracing the opportunity she'd been given to talk to Sitorro.
Well, I guess you could say that. I was hoping you could tell me more about what you said earlier--y'know, the Team Rocket things.
It’s better than you’d think. I still have time to do things for myself, considering as a Kitsune I can live longer than you.” She giggled in her thoughts. “But about team rocket... I know it may seem crazy, but my great uncle is actually Giovani, the boss and leader of team rocket. I hate the fact with a passion, but I have no choice but to accept it...” She stood up and inspected what she could see of the machine. “I don’t think you guys want me to say what I think it is...”
"What?" Rei wondered what Sitorro thought it was--with a background like hers, it was probably something unconventional or even dangerous.

Treasure felt herself growing faint. The Nidoking standing before her showed no mercy--she'd been hit hard by a Toxic, and Bulldozes were piled on every second. The few Psychics Treasure had managed to hit hadn't even made Nidoking flinch.
As Treasure's vision started to blur, she saw someone behind the Pokémon--the silhouette of a man, who appeared to be wearing a suit.
Treasure was about to succumb to the poison, feeling her consciousness slipping away from her. But just before her eyes began to close, she heard a voice. A familiar, comforting voice, despite how panicked it sounded.
"P-Plume! Use Sleep Powder!"

[End of Flashback]
Treasure watched Sitorro walk toward the machine--what Sitorro had told her had piqued her interest even more now.
Treasure was no stranger to Team Rocket--as a wild Pokémon, she'd seen her fellow Vulpixes captured for their tails. Some time after joining Rei, they'd climbed Lavender Town's Pokémon Tower to find a shiny Gastly. More than half of the graves said something about Pokémon being stolen by Team Rocket. And just months after Treasure had evolved, she'd been targeted herself. She still shuddered at the thought of Nidokings.
If that machine has anything to do with Team Rocket, it can't be good. Treasure thought.


Previously SwiftSwoobat
Alex held the Larvesta up, looking at its eyes.

He stared in amazement... it was a shiny!

Pulse looked over, gazing at it as well. Alex hugged Larvesta, but it's Flame Body ability burned him.

"AIYEE!", Alex yelled so loud that the cave started to shake. The cave floors opened up, pushing everybody to the floor below.
"Holy Shinx..." Rei muttered, standing up and dusting herself off. She looked around, making sure her Pokémon were okay. They seemed injury-free across the board, so Rei could breathe out a sigh of relief.
Now, she could turn her attention to the other matter at hand. "I saw sparkles." she scanned the area for the shiny Pokémon, her attention focusing in on the Larvesta in Alex's arms. It had to have hatched from that egg--Rei knew all the Mount Moon Pokémon, and Larvesta certainly wasn't one of them.
"Oh my gosh! That shiny is incredibly rare--I've only ever seen a normal Larvesta once! Where'd you even get that egg?"