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Open A Shiny Hunter's Guide to Saving Pokémon

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Mike was shocked how the lucario spoke like a human, he was more shocked that the lucario rushed and knocked the clefairy.
"D-d-did y-ou just..." He said in shock, he looked stright at the clefairy, who was lying on the ground, completely fainted.
Sparky looked in confusion at mike, then looking at the lucario curiously, "mi..." He said, start to doze off upon focusing on the lucario.
Aura looked in confusion as well at mike, she decide to read his feels with her aura, she touched mike with her ribbons, mike didnt notice the ribbon touching him.
the ribbon started to glow as she read his feeling, due to that she understand that mike is upset because that the clefairy is fainted, she lifted her ribbon from mike and turned to rei and waved to her, telling her to come.

After aura lifted her ribbon he snapped out from the shock, he looked at the lucario, who asked for help before, "with what do you need help with?" Mike said to the lucario, he guessed that the fact he spoke like a human is because his aura is strong enough.
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Rei's eyes widened as she replayed the events in her head. Did that Pokémon--TALK? Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Mike's shiny Sylveon wave her over. Tentatively, she began to walk forward, Treasure following closely.
"I--Did you just--Did you--" Rei stumbled over her words.
"With what do you need help with?" Mike asked, much more collected than Rei.
"Y-Yeah. Right. What's going on?"

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
"well, we would be happy to help you" mike said, he was a little shocked that the speaking have nothing to do with his aura.
"Eon!" The sylveon said in agreement and looked at minun, who seem to still be dozing on "mi...." The minun kept saying.
"I wonder if the call was from 'his lady'' mike thought to himself and took a look at the fainted clefairy again.
"Excuse me for moment" mike said and start heading toward the clefairy with a revive in his hand, leaving sylveon and minun with lucario, rei and her pokemons.
Rei stared at the Lucario, still uncertain. Mike seemed a lot less surprised than one would think after meeting a talking Pokémon, and he seemed to trust him fairly quickly. Even Treasure, her most fiercely protective Pokémon seemed to be relaxed, not uneasy around him at all.
Rei watched Mike running over to the Clefairy, a Revive in hand. That didn't seem like the best idea to Rei, considering it HAD been about to attack, but she decided against speaking out. After all, if anything went wrong, they did have Lucario.
"Okay. So where's this lady we're supposed to help?" she asked, yawning.
“Follow me, I will lead you there.” He turned around and began to walk. “Sir,” he said, speaking to Mike, “your aura, it’s very original. I have not seen any like it...” He tells you. He began to talk to himself, “you may be of good help...” He now resumes talking to you. “You see, though human, both me and the one I serve are Aura readers, this is due to who we are. My lady is what some of the human race call a Kitsune, meaning she is half human, half fox. She had a genetic mutation causing the change. Due to this, she can read and manipulate aura, like me. I think your guys’ original auras may intrigue her and break her from whatever she is under. Thank you.”

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Mike healed the clefairy, when the clefairy woke up she fast stood up and ran away, before mike could say or ask her anything.
He walked back to the lucario and the others, but before he could explain why he healed the clefairy, the lucario start saying about his aura.
Mike was completely in shock and he was sure that the lucario was mistaken with another, "that cant be me, even aura readers cant mistake sometimes" he told himself in his thoughts, he continued to follow the lucario with rei and the pokemons.

Aura was walking near max and holded his hand with her ribbon, she could see how mike is confused, but she couldnt feel his aura with her aura, unlike the lucario.
Sparky was riding on sylveon, he couldn't remember anything that happen while he was dozing off, he tried to think what happened and what the last thing he remember.

Mike got nervous, from what the lucario continued to say, he wasnt sure what he is going to do when he and the others would get to his trainer, the sylveon felt that mike is very nervous, more then usual.

(I think the aura should be belong to ReiShinyHunter, after all she created the rp, so i think she deserve to get that unique aura)
(Ok.) He led you to a clearing, in which a woman and a boy were unconscious on the ground, there was a Reuniclus floating over the woman, worried. “Rex! Your back” it said, though this time it sounded different, the Reuniclus seemed to use more of a telepathic broadcast. “Hello,” It said to you, “My name is Kiner, the lady here, who’s name is Sitorro, is my trainer.” As you got closer the body in the ground started to shift, and when you were right next to her she opened her eyes. “H-Holy Arceus where was I?” She noticed you guys, and got up quickly. She bowed. “I- I’m sorry, I was unconscious, is there something you need?” She looks at Rex, and from his presence outside his Pokéball realizes what happened. “W-Wait! Oh! I- thank you Rex. I guess I fell victim to my own abilities...” her ears twitch and she goes over to you and shakes your hand, “I’m Sitorro, and you are?”
Rei took a step back, her head full of questions. Firstly, how EXACTLY did Auras work? Considering all she'd ever heard of regarding Aura was that Lucario could use it, she was incredibly confused on that front.
And second, what did Lucario--or, Rex, as he was apparently called--mean when he said she had a special Aura? As far as she knew, she was an ordinary person, with her only distinguishing trait being uncannily lucky with Shinies.
And third, possibly her most confusing question of all: What the heck was this trainer?
She had what looked like Ninetales ears and tails. And yet, she was human, wasn't she?
"I--" Rei swallowed her nerves, feeling Zushi give her a comforting nudge. "I'm Rei. And.....well......this is Zushi, Plume, and Treasure. I think that's all that's worth mentioning for the moment." Rei said, expecting Mike to take over the introductions from there. She remembered the "special Aura" after she spoke, wondering if Sitorro could see it. She was hoping for some answers about that eventually.

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Mike was surprised, the lucario said that sitorro was fainted but when he and rei stood near her she suddenly woke up.
"M-my name is mike, and this is aura and sparky" mike said and pointed on the sylveon and the shiny minun, "sylveon" the sylveon said cheerfully to sitorro.
The minun usually doing a cheering welcome but this time he was busy in thoughts, the last thing he remembered before dozing off was the lucario, which made him suspect a little.

After mike included himself he remembered what sirotto said, 'i guess i fell victim to my own abillities'.
"Fell victim to my own abilities?, Thats mean she nade herself to faint" mike thought and remembered what the lucario said as well that he and his trainer can read auras.
"Fainting yourself with aura doesnt seem right" mike continued to think but after that he snapped out from the thoughts and decide to ask something.

"Amm...sirotto?, i want to ask you something?" Mike saidand start to question "do you know something about the fact that pokemon disappearing?" Mike asked, he hoped that she know something, "also, who is he?" He added and pointed on oliver
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She looked over to Oliver. “He’s a trainer that I was helping before I fainted, he broke his leg so I was going to help him out. And no, I was going to ask you the same thing.” She paused for a moment before turning to rei. “Y- your aura... H- how? It changes... Grey, Black, White, none of which are that common to begin with... and your aura changes!? That’s phenomenal! Sorry; I can tell you’re a bit confused...
Aura is like energy, it can manipulated, but not created or destroyed. Like a book, it can also be read to see your emotions and if you’re good at reading it, ones thoughts too. A very select few can see it but it’s a good ability to have. Any other questions?”
"I--" Rei gave a nervous laugh. She still had no idea what to make of this girl. "What? Sorry, but like....what do those colors even mean?" At this point, Rei was more confused than ever--so she had a special Aura. But what did the changing colors mean?
Also, Sitorro could read minds? Rei felt conflicted on that one--On the one hand, something about Sitorro told Rei that she was one to respect people's privacy, and she did say that she ignored it, but at the same time, information was a tempting thing, and an accidental intrusion could probably happen even with the best of mind readers.
And to top it all off, even Sitorro had no clue what was happening with the disappearing Pokémon.
Rei decided that for now, at least, she'd trust Sitorro. She was hoping the Kitsune could provide some much-needed answers about her Aura, mostly, but also about other things, like how she taught her Pokémon to talk.
Rei was also hoping to learn more about Mike, like how he seemed to communicate with his Meowstic in the cave. She was sure he had more to say about that.
Yes, Rei decided, Sitorro and Mike were definitely people worth exploring.

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Mike was confused, he didnt have a lot of knowledge about auras, but the fact she said that rei aura is changing probably means something unique.
"Im going to find something, i will be back soon" mike said, in his thoughts he planned to find the clefairy and calm her, then asking her the same question he asked rei and sittoro.

Mike then starts to walk away, aura followed him with sparky on her back, mike took a look at the dark sky, "its getting really dark" mike said as he sees the sky getting darker.

Moments later he see the clefairy near fainted clefairies, trying to use heal pulse to heal her friends. Mike walked slowly toward the clefairy but as soon the clefairy noticed him she stopped using heal pulse and start charging a moonblast in a warning, she wasnt going to run away and leave her friends this time.

"Cleffa cle, cleffa cleffa (calm down, not going to hurt you) mike said, he didnt know about clefairies and clefables yet, thats why he went to mt moon in the first place.
The clefairy still didnt trust mike but stopped her moonblast, she was a bit confused, "fairy clefairy" the clefairy said, giving a warning to mike that she would attack if he hurt her friends.
Mike nodded in confusion and start questioning the clefairy from a distance, he couldnt step closer or the clefairy will see him as enemy "cleffa cleffa ffa?" Mike said, questioning if she know something on the disappearing pokemons, the clefairy was shocked to hear the question.

The clefairy explained mike what she know, there was almost nothing new in what she said but there was still new things, "thank you" mike said and walked back with aura and sparky, he wanted to help the clefairies but he knew that the clefairy wont let him.
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Sitorro looked at Rei and nodded to her, not really knowing what to do, and led the both of you to a tree. Sitting down and using her tail as a cushion between her and the tree, she leaned back, sighing. “Well, I guess I should explain aura colors.” She said, but you could tell something was slightly troubling her. “Aura colors are hard to explain and we don’t really know much about them, but some think what we do know is rather interesting. Aura colors tend to describe ones personality, yellow will describe a bold and outgoing person for example. But they don’t typically change with your thoughts. In truth Auras aren’t the main reason I can read your mind, but we’ll get to that later. Grey is actually illegible on most occasions, so I actually should not have been able to read Rei’s mind. But the fact that I could is due to the fact that yours changes, this could be due to bipolarness or another form of depression, or it may be that somewhere you evolved that trait.
Many Pokémon can read Aura, even if unconsciously, but they can’t manipulate it. An example would be Ninetails, which you happen to have befriended. Another would be Umbreon, behind you. Sylveon can actually read and manipulate them, though not well, and only at close range. But if I tried to read another Aura reader’s Aura, the both of us would instantly faint. Which I think is what happened for Oliver there, and in most occasions, you won’t wake up until you, I guess absorb would be an ok word for it, absorb an Aura different than your own.”

She took a break for a second and then continued. “You guys are probably also wondering what I mean when I talk about my abilities too...” She gets up and goes to a fold out table that she had placed in the grass and begins to make some food. “Though not even my father can explain why, the genetic mutations I received during fetal development seem to enable me to possess people to various degrees, sometimes I just harbor the mind for telepathic communication, but if I need, I can control your whole body without you ever knowing, I know it’s kind of creepy. I do all this through contact, such as, well, a simple hand shake, and yes, I have done this to you, though only for communication. If you want me to leave, just tell me, but this way, you can tell me things and ask questions just by thinking, and I don’t have to speak to respond. This is the main reason I can read your minds.”

“Also, Rei, you were wondering how I taught my Pokémon to speak, just do it how you would any child. You ha-... Nevermind... but that is how you teach them.” She finished the food she was making and handed each of you a sandwich. It was at this time she realized Mike had left.
Oliver woke up, looking around. "Where...how....oh! I'm in the cave!" Oliver said, seeing his Pokemon around him. He smiled and picked them all up, except for his pichu, which travelled on his head. " Well, my leg seems ok.... " He mumbled, walking around a bit.
Rei glanced at Treasure and Zushi as Sitorro talked. So they were Aura readers too?
Sitorro handed her a sandwich, suddenly glancing around. Then Rei realized what she was looking for.
"I'm sure he'll be back soon." Rei said, glancing up at the sky. It was getting dark. "Worst comes to worst, we can always go find him, right?"
Rei turned to face her Pokémon.
"Out of curiosity, did you guys know about my 'special Aura' the whole time?" she asked.
Zushi shook his head, trying to find the best way to nonverbally explain it. He pointed at the rising moon, which seemed to symbolize his evolution method.
".....Oh. So you got it when you evolved, huh? That means Eevee can't read Auras, then. What about you, Treasure? Can Vulpix?"
Treasure shook her head as well.
"Interesting." Rei muttered as the sky darkened. She turned back to Sitorro. "Now it is kinda dark, Sitorro...Whatcha think? Should we go look for him?" she asked, noticing that the boy had gotten up.

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
"sorry i went off" mike said upon returning to them, it was two minutes after rei and sittoro noticed he was gone, mike wasnt sure if to tell them what the clefairy said or tell it later.
"The clefairy didnt let me get close because she didn't trust me, but she told me everything she knows as she is trusting me" mike thought to himself.
Aura looked around, seeing that oliver had awoken, but meanwhile sparky was very nervous, he was very afraid.
"Its getting really dark, we should camp here for tonight" mike then said to rei and sittoro.
“I think I’ll agree with Mike in this case. Going without sleep is harder on the mortal body than mine, so I have to assume you guys are tired right now. Plus, we will find out nothing tonight that we can’t find tomorrow morning. Me and my Pokémon will take first watch, there may not be Pokémon around, but that doesn’t mean we’re safe. Who wants to take second?”
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"I'll take second." Rei replied quickly. She was used to going days, or even weeks without sleep on shiny hunts--her record was three weeks awake, hunting for two shiny Eevees (Plume and Tundra), so she was perfectly fine with taking what would probably end up as the longest watch. Zushi nodded, satisfied.

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
"i would be third" mike said, he could've do the first or two as well since he was planning to search for the clefairy again, and do what he came to in te first place.
Sparky was very nervous, he kept looking everywhere suspectly, he wasnt sure if he see it again
Aura noticed the minun's movement on her back, she just used her ribbons to grab sparky. By unleashing some of her aura she managed to calm the minun, after she had readen his feeling, The relaxation made sparky fall asleep in aura's ribbons.

Mike saw it but didnt response, he wasnt sure why sparky was so nervous but he Thought that resting would be the best thing for him, he turned his hed back to the trainers "should we make a campfire?" He asked.

Aura kept her eyes on oliver, she used one of her ribbon that weren't holding the minun, she used the ribbon to wave toward oliver and call him to come.
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Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
"dont worry, i have a reason why im searching for the clefairy" mike said cheerfully, then mike decided to sent his pokemons.
"Im going to sent out my pokemons, they can help" mike said to the two trainer, he took four pokeballs and threw them in the air, a plusle and a meowstic came from their pokeballs and landed on the ground, after them an altaria and a ribombee came out but they stayed in the air.

Mythic was calmer then how he was before, while jolty got afraid quickly because of the darkness that surrounded them, she wanted to be with sparky but the minun was in a deep sleep inside aura's ribbon.
The ribombee was flying around cheerfully, she was always hyperactive and she made a pollen as she flew, the altaria meanwhile watched how the ribombee flew in excitement like always.

"Sorry that i sent out all my pokemons, it just we always sleep together, they also can help in a different ways" mike apologized, trying to explain why he did that.
Oliver walked over to the others, sitting down.”hey everyone....what did i miss....?” The boy asked, while Rocky curled up in his lap. Sparkz began to run around to explore, while Munchkin fell asleep. “Well.... what should we do about that glowing thing i saw...?” He whispered to Sitorro.

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Previously Sparkling Emolga
Mike looked suspiciously at oliver and sitorro, but he couldn't hear what they said, which make it more suspicious, a plan poped in his head but as soon as the idea came he covered him with a lot of other thoughts, so sitorro wont read his mind and know about that 'sneaky plan'.
Sitorro noticed that Mike was displeased with her whispering. “All we’re talking about is if Oliver is coming tomorrow.” (Also, Emolga, it is very doubtful that you’ll be able to enact it without anyone saying anything. You should be fine as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone and it’s ok with Rei though.)
(It's fine by me, if it's ok with the rest of you guys--roleplay is a community thing, after all!)
"Okay." Rei muttered. She glanced over at Mike, who had sent out all of his Pokémon. "Whatcha think, guys, should we bring out Tundra and Lucky too?" she asked her three Pokémon.
Rei took that as a yes, withdrawing two Ultra Balls and releasing the Pokémon inside. From one came a snow-white Glaceon, and from the other, a golden Pidgeot.
"Glace." Tundra nodded in greeting to the surrounding people and Pokémon, walking over to Plume's side.
"Pidge!" Lucky perched on a nearby tree. She looked up at the darkening sky, nestling down and preparing to sleep.
"Okay....Erm, goodnight, I guess...." Rei said, taking a seat at the base of Lucky's tree. Treasure lay down on her feet to keep her warm. Plume and Tundra curled up next to each other on Rei's left, and Zushi lay down on the right.
But unlike the rest of Rei's Pokémon, Zushi kept his eyes open. He preferred to protect Rei during the night, even with a designated watcher. He was her first Pokémon, after all--one would expect some sort of protective feeling. It didn't bother Zushi very much, anyway--he would take a nap when it was Rei's turn to watch. But while she was asleep, he was content to lie awake.
Name: El
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Trainer class: trainer
Random fun facts: She loves being with friends, and her favorite color is purple
Random character traits: She is the life of the party and she is very smart and can make her way through any battle if necessary
Pokemon team: Her partner Espy ( espeon), a mimikyu, a lycanroc midnight form, a braixen, and a lucario
(Espeon, I think a little backround information would be useful, plus; I’d like to know what level your Pokémon are. Have you read the story up to this point? It is not necessary, but it may help you understand what the situation is. I know now that I’m asking a bit much, but can you describe the appearance of your character? This is not my thread, and I’m sorry I’m asking so much, but we- I- rather, are a very detailed group.)

“Hello,” She said to the newly introduced Pokémon. She went over and pet Zushi behind the ears, sitting there too.
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Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Mike went to sleep with his pokemons as well behind a rock that was near the tree, he and his pokemons curled together as they slept, except aura who sat next to them and watched the moon.
Aura always liked to watch the moon shine, when she is outside she going to sleep a few hours near after mike and the others going to sleep.
Sitorro decided to use her Pokémon to watch as well: “Come on out Hunebo, Rex.” The Decidueye and Lucario appeared beside her.

A few hours into the watch there were faint voices. “Clef- Clef!” She heard them say. “Sitorro,” Rex began to translate. “they say they come in peace and wish to speak to the boy.”

“The boy? Mike? I’ll wake him up...” She goes over and shakes Mike, “Hey, Mike, the Clefairy and Clefable want to talk to you.”
Rei blinked open her eyes at murmur of voices. She flinched a tiny bit upon being roused from sleep, which made Zushi leap to his feet instantly.
"It's fine, Zushi." she whispered, giving him a little pat on the head.
"Umber..." Zushi nudged her shoulder affectionately.
Rei glanced around, spotting Mike's shiny Sylveon awake, staring at the moon. Meanwhile, Sitorro was shaking Mike awake for some reason.
Rei squinted at them, unable to get up with Treasure on her feet. She really wanted to know what was happening, but she didn't want to wake Treasure, or any of her other Pokémon, for that matter.
For now, she settled on lying awake, hoping that perhaps Sitorro would inform her of what was happening later.
Out of the corner of her eye, however, Rei spotted what looked like a group of Clefairy and Clefable. It wasn't many, however--only about six.
"I've done enough shiny hunting in hordes to know one when I see one." Rei muttered to Zushi. "I wonder what they want here?"

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Aura was sitting as she watching the moon, her tail waggle as she enjoying the sight, until she noticed that sitorro coming toward mike.
At start she was confused but then she saw her trying to wake him up, she tried to figure it out why she try to wake him up.
Suddenly she heard a familiar voice, she turned her head and saw the clefairies, then relizing why sitorro attempting to wake mike up.
She stood up and walked a few steps to mike, she wanted to help sitorro and wake him up too but it seem like sitorro start to success as she see mike waking up.

Mike start opening his eyes "is it my turn already?" He muttered, he was surprised to see sitorro in front of him, which means that its still her turn.
“Hey, Mike, the Clefairy and Clefable want to talk to you.” he heard from sitorro, which made his eyes widen "t-the clefairies?" He said and looked what behind sitorro, there was 3 clefables and 3 clefairies, one of them waving her arm, trying to tell him to follow them.
Mike fast perked up, he wasnt sure what the clefairies want but they are looking for him so they must need him for something. "they want me for something, so it probably take a while" he told sitorro and start walking toward the clefairies as aura follow him.

when he perked the altaria start opening her eyes, she saw that mike walking and start following him too, "sorry for waking you up aria, you want to join us too?" mike said to the altaria when he noticed her, "altar" aria said and nodded.

As mike passed rei he was sure she is asleep at that moment but sylveon saw that she still awake and she seemed confused, aura stopped and start explaining to her the situation with her ribbons and by talking, after she explained she continued after mike, without making sure if she understands what she said or not.

The clefairies start running away when mike reached them, one of them stayed and told mike to follow them, then joining the other clefairies in their run.
As soon as mike heard the clefairy he start running after them with aura and aria as well, he was confused what the clefairies need from him but he continued to run.

In the meantime Mike's pokemons except aura and aria was still asleep, no one of them noticed that they're trainer is gone for while.

(Im going to explain in my next post why the clefairies were calling him).
(Oh, I was going to, but you can if you want.)

Following Mike’s absence, Sitorro woke each of Mike’s Pokémon up one by one and explained to them the situation in their language so they understood. “That’s done...” She said after everyone fell back asleep. She went over to Zushi who as still awake and setting him on her lap, pet him. “You’re pretty, Zushi. I’d never seen a shiny Umbreon before I met you.” She leaned back and let Rex and Hunebo take over the watch for her.
Zushi froze, startled by the sudden contact from Sitorro. He sat stock-still for a moment on her lap, unsure of what to do. On the one hand, Sitorro didn't seem bad per se, but on the other hand, humans were generally unpredictable.
That's what he found most appealing in Rei--she wasn't boring, but never a surprise. She might pick a seemingly random Pokémon to shiny hunt, but in the end, it was always routine for Zushi. Make sure she buys food and water before departing on a hunt, be absolutely certain she has the other four of her main Pokémon--Zushi couldn't protect her from everything, after all--and above all, ensure that she gave herself some rest. After that, it was always the same--Find a shiny, rinse, repeat. To most Pokémon, it probably would have seemed boring, but Zushi needed that kind of consistency in his life.
But back to Sitorro. Zushi relaxed a tiny bit--as long as he could still see Rei and the others, he wouldn't have much trouble, regardless of whether Sitorro was good or bad.
Sitorro leaned back a little, stroking Zushi gently and complementing his shiny colors. He appreciated the gesture, sure--but he still didn't move. He had to keep watch over Rei--it was his own self-appointed duty.
Still, in comparison to some humans, he figured, Sitorro couldn't be all that bad.

(I'll probably go more in detail about Zushi's backstory later, and why he does things the way he does--e.g. why he loves routine, why he's so protective towards Rei, etc.)
Sitorro looked at Zushi who somehow was immune to the calming effects of her touch. She decided to inhabit Zushi, just to see what he was thinking. “Don’t worry Zushi.” She said aloud: “You’ll get used to me in due time.” She made sure Zushi wouldn’t notice her presence in his mind.

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
The clefairies along with mike, aura and aria continued walking, they stopped running as the clefairies getting closer to where they leading mike.
Mike remembered as he walked his plan with oliver, he also remembered that aria maybe heard them because of his developed hearing.
"aria, did you heard what oliver and sitorro were whispering before?" Mike questioned, he knew thay sitorro told him that the whisper was about that he would come tomorrow, bit it didn't seem right.
The altaria tried to remember for a moment ouch she remembered she said what oliver has whispered.
They all stopped and there was a silence for a several seconds before the clefairies start panicing, mike and aura seemed to be in a little panic as well, "d-d-did he said g-glowing thing?!" Mike said in shock, it was the same thing that the clefairies told to him.

The clefairies wasnt sure what to do, they whispered to each other before deciding to ignore what they heard and continued, aria could hear what they have whispered.

As they continued mike saw something from a distance, it was the same cave he was earlier but the entrance looked different, it was another entry.
"Cleffa cle cleffa?" Mike said, questioning the group why they taking him to the cave, the clefairies only said that he would find out, one of them added that that he the only human they could trust right now.
The clefairies contined to lead him into the cave.

(I think i will let Jeffrey snow controll the clefairies if she want)
Zushi paused. Something felt...off. He couldn't quite place it, but something was definitely wrong. It almost felt like Treasure was reading his Aura--the two of them had become quite skilled with it, being able to read each other's Auras without fainting. But at the same time, this presence felt different. It definitely wasn't Treasure's, and Zushi was fairly sure that whatever it was, it wasn't Aura reading.
And it was definitely unnerving.
Zushi was about to jump off Sitorro and hide in the shadows next to Rei, when all of a sudden, he was hit with overwhelming flashbacks. Memories that he had sworn to suppress as soon as he had met Rei, memories he had wanted to suppress as soon as they were made. It was as if someone had dug them up--the memories should have stayed buried deep down.
He could have thrashed, cried, kicked, and screamed--but what good would that do? He had learned long ago that crying wouldn't help him any. So instead, Zushi did what he had done when he'd just met Rei and was still tormented by the memories.
He froze.
Zushi held completely still, like he'd been hit by one of Tundra's Ice Beams. He sat, petrified, waiting for the memories to pass. He let the world melt around him, focusing on just the inside of his head, his eyes open, but unseeing.
It's like Treasure always says. he thought. You can't win a battle if you only hide.
And so, Zushi confronted the memories. He relived every terrible experience with the "Bad Man," as he'd called him--it wasn't as if Zushi had a better name for him. Every unusual torture method he used, a different one each day, at different, unpredictable times, was playing before Zushi's eyes. And then when the police barged in on him, releasing all the Pokémon they could find, well--Zushi had never run harder in his life.
He thought he heard Sitorro call his name once or twice, but it may have just been his imagination.
Not yet, Sitorro.
And then came the calmer part of the memories--when he'd found Rei. As a scrawny, malnourished, and dehydrated Eevee, Zushi didn't get very far running. He'd passed out before even making it out of Goldenrod City, in the middle of an alleyway somewhere in the maze of buildings. And, by pure chance, the alleyway happened to be directly next to a ten-year-old girl's house. Long story short, that girl was Rei, and she'd brought him to the Pokémon Center immediately. And after he was nursed back to health and given the name "Zushi"--Zushi still had no idea why that was his name, but he liked it--he decided he would rather stick with Rei than take his chances in the wild.
Zushi felt the memories coming to a close. He could tell they were blurring away, transitioning him back into the real world. He flinched, blinking rapidly and glancing around quickly. However, upon seeing Rei, he immediately relaxed.