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Open A Shiny Hunter's Guide to Saving Pokémon

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Mike looked at the stone curiously, same as aura and aria, "cle cle? cleffa cle ffa?" (What is that? Is that why you called me?) He asked the clefairies.
Suddenly he start to relize that he learn more about them, he also started to minic their language, even that learning how to talk the pokemon language in another word isnt that hard, the main problem is thw basic.
However because he can learn things fast he only spent 8 years to learn the language and he almost finished to know about every pokemon.


Pollen, jolty and mythic were asleep, they all was aware that mike has gone, they all slept deeply except sparky.
Sparky couldn't sleep after he had woken up, he was nervous again but this time he didnt have aura to calm him down again.
He start to look around carefully, he sees oliver and rei asleep, but he did see sitorro near the umbreon, he start to walk toward them with worry.
By this point, Zushi had wiggled himself off of Sitorro's lap, curling back up next to Rei. She provided him with a sense of comfort that, in Zushi's humble opinion, was far greater than any Kitsune magic could give him. He had no doubts Sitorro's calming methods worked for others--it simply didn't work on him in particular.
Zushi watched from his spot by the tree as Sparky scampered over to Sitorro, a worried expression on his face.
Curious, he watched Sitorro pet him. He seemed to calm down instantaneously. It was uncanny to Zushi--how did that work?
And more importantly, why doesn't it work on me? he wondered.

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
As sparky got closer to sitorro and zushi he was suddenly picked up, he didnt didnt expect to be picked up, he only wanted some company to be with.
At first he tried to struggle, he didnt like being picked up by someone that is not mike or one of his partners. But the struggle became weaker with each time, the arm that picked him felt so warm and soft, and he stopped struggling in defeat.
He felt the same like aura's ribbons when she unleashing her aura, like his energy have been drained away. it was strange from the fact he slept for a long time before waking up because of sylveon's ribbons and he was full of energy, but a touch from sitorro just made him grow tired immediately.
He start closing his eyes but he tried to resist from falling asleep again, it was seem like he wont be able to resist for too long. However, it prevented him from worrying.


"Clefairy" (got it) mike said and walked to the big stone, he looked closly at the stone but theres nothing different between this stone to a normal shiny stone. "I wonder why the clefairies afraid from that, maybe aura can see something on the glittering stone" mike thought before calling aura. Aura came to check with her, however, a simple touch with her ribbonon the stone made her blast away and hit the wall, the stone had a way stronger aura then the sylveon.

"Aura!" Mike said in shock, the clefairies and altaria was shocked as well, "are you okay, aura?" Mike said in panic as he ran to the sylveon, her ribbons was seem to be badly injured, they was a bit darker then usual, but except for the ribbons she was alright, but she couldn't use her aura at that time.

As mike checked aura if she is fine, two of the clefairies came and used heal pulse on the sylveon, tryin to heal her up. But the ribbons was still injured and darker, as the clefairies tried to heal aura, mike looked at the big glittering, shiny stone.

"A normal stone cant counter things, so what is that" mike wondered to himself in his thoughts, "maybe i can call mythic and his aura maybe can see" mike contined to think before closing his eyes.
He tried to reach mythic through his bond with him, even that the bond between mike and the meowstic wasnt so big mike still tried, but it seem theres no connection at this moment.
As Sitorro pet Sparky she looked at Zushi every once in a while and eventually decided to have a chat with him. “*I wish I knew the same.*” Zushi heard as a voice in his head, by the use of the pronoun I It was obviously Sitorro, but if it wasn’t for the change in tone, Zushi would’ve just thought it was his own thought. “*You’re a curious creature, calm, brave, collected. You’re somehow able to resist my calming warmth, though you are not able to resist my Aura reading abilities, nor possession. Curious more, I think you can read Aura in your own way, but in a way that allows you to read the mysterious Aura of the Aura readers... You astonish me more everyday Zushi, and I am glad I can work with you and Rei. I was also going to say I think it’s Rei’s turn to keep watch, but I can keep going if you’d like.*”
Zushi's head shot up when he heard Sitorro's voice in his mind. He was on edge already thanks to the memories, so a voice at this hour was startling, to say the least.
He listened to Sitorro's thoughts with his signature caution. When she mentioned her possession, though, something within him clicked.
Of course. Sitorro was the one who'd dug up the memories. She'd brought up the tortures again. One would think that Zushi would be upset with her for this--she'd forced him to relive his nightmarish past experiences. But in Zushi's eyes, he'd never have conquered them if it wasn't for her.
We'll just call it even, Sitorro. Zushi thought.
When Sitorro asked him if she should wake up Rei for her watch, though, Zushi was torn. On the one hand, he really wanted to go to sleep with Rei watching over him, as she was his safety blanket. But on the other hand, as he stared over at Sitorro, Sparky wasn't quite asleep yet. He didn't really want to remove Sparky's soother--how would he fall asleep otherwise?
.....You can stay, Sitorro. But just until Sparky falls asleep.
“Do you not trust me?” She asked, “you have nothing to be afraid of, I would never purposefully do anything to harm you or anyone else here. In fact, I regret most every battle I’ve had, except for gym and championship battles.”

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Sparky kept resisting to the relaxing touch of sitorro but it was no use, he didn't have enough energy to struggle anymore, and he just let himself fall in defeat into a very deep slumber to regain his energy back.


"Come on, i can reach him" mike told himself as he tried to get a connection with mythic, two clefairies and one clefable looked in worry at mike while two clefable and one clefairy still tried to heal aura's robbons.

Suddenly mike was seem to finally make a connection with the meowstic, he could see him in front of him "im sorry to interrupt you in your dreams, but theres a big troubles, i need you to come here as fast as you can" mike said in worry to the meowstic, because of mike's worry tone and look mythic could understand its really important.
The connection between mike and mythic seem to be cut off as mike opened his eyes immediately. The clefairies looked at him after his quick responsd, they hoped that he called for a backup.

After the connection was cut off mythic woke up, he fast sneaked away and ran toward mike, he used his aura to see where he is.

After a few minutes mythic came, "me..ow meo...w" he huffed. "Thank you for coming mythic" mike said and explained to the meowstic what happened.
Mythic nodded, she had a little fear that the stone will counter his touch just like the sylveon, but he didnt didn back, he looked at aura's ribbons, they aren't white anymore, only a pure grey.

Meowstic walked forward and start touching the stone and unleashing a small aura, the stone start to turn blue and got brighter from mythic's aura.
As mythic felt the stone start to counter he opened his ears to unleash a powerful amount of aura, aria, the clefairies and aura looked amazed at the amount of aura the meowstic was unleashing.
But after a few seconds the rock stopped growing and mythic dont seem to move at all or unleash his aura anymore, a moment later he fall apart and his ears start to get darker like sylveon's ribbons.

Everyone was shocked again, "t-t-that stone..." Mike said, he couldn't continue his words from the shock, the altaria and the clefairies seem to panic even more and aura was shocked, she wanted to check mythic ears but she couldn't move or feel her robbons.
"W-w-we should get away before another one is getting hurt" mike said, the others nodded and got away from the cave with mike, aria picked up the unconscious meowstic before leaving.
Zushi shrank back a little. He hadn't expected that kind of reply.
I....I'm sorry. Zushi thought, drooping his ears and moving further back into Rei. But to be fair, I only just met you, y'know?
He took note of the fact that Sparky had fallen asleep, but decided not to mention it.

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Mike and the others looked at by the cave entrance and they were outside, aura and the clefairies looked in worry at the unconscious meowstic that was on aria, aura's robbons and mythic's ears was darker then before and a normal heal pulse doesnt seem to change anything.
Mike sat and covered his head in embrace, "what kind of trainer i am if i risk my pokemons" he told himself, he regretted that he let mythic touch the stone when he knew that the stone is dangerous. Mike grew nervous "what rei and the others will think that i made my pokemons get badly hurt, and what my pokemons will respond, they would be afraid that i would risk they're life as well" mike thought to himself. He couldnt raise his head and turn to the clefairies from how the disappointment he brought to the clefairies, he was so depressed that he couldn't hear what around him.

While he was sitting and covering his head, aria and the clefairies talked to each other while aura listened, they planned something to help mike.
The altaria, one clefable and two clefairies stood next to each other before mike and start using sing, the remain clefairies closed their ears and aura just let herself fall asleep, she couldn't use her ribbons to close her ears and she knew it was going to happen.

The sing catched mike attention, the voice was very familiar but he couldn't recognize why, thinking on that only made him drowsy until he fell from his sitting position to the ground and fell asleep.
Aria grabbed aura and mike with her cloudy wings and put them near mythic on her back. The clefairies waved to the altaria as a goodbye before aria flew away back to the camp, he was worried about the dark ribbons that aura have and the dark ears that mythic have, it was look like they dont have any energy in there.
Sitorro saw the Altaria in the background and saw Mike. She immediately knew something was wrong. “Oh my... L-lord Arceus! Nikoda, go!” She threw a pokeball and a Flygon came out, then entrusting Sparky to Zushi, was up in the sky before you even saw she had gotten up. “Altaria! Is everything OK?”

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
The altaria continued to fly until he spotted rei, sitorro, oliver and the pokemons with them, she stopped on the air for a moment as he saw sittoro sanding flygon.
He start diving toward them until he landed, aura's ribbons and mythic's ears was so dark that they almost match the darkness that surround them, those body parts was seem to be lifeless.

After hearing sittoro question he decided to not tell yet, he wasnt sure if mike would feel comfortable about that but the worry look on aria simply showed that something bad had happens, the fact that mythic, aura and mike looked fainted or sleeping on his back could show it too.

Aria sighed, he start thinking on another thoughts like how mike and sylveon fell asleep so sitorro wont Read his mind and know what happened, mike has told him about her aura abillity before.
She looked at the Altaria, who ignored her. She was gutted, she had never been ignored in this type of situation, and she always tried to help, but the Altaria was not going to even let her. Seeing Aura and Mythic; Sitorro’s eyes opened wide. “I- wow... is this something I can’t help?” Examining them a safe distance away, she said, “I wish I didn’t have to say this, but it looks like a parasite called blight has evolved methods to feed on Pokémon now... that said, Mike could be at risk too...” She reached out to the Altaria. “Please! You have nothing to fear from me. I understand Mike thinks this is his fault, but it’s not. I just want to help people... Rex will take care of healing Mike, but may I please take a closer look at Aura and Mythic? I promise to take good care of everyone...”
Zushi stared up at the sky, where Sitorro and her Flygon were hovering near Aria. Zushi could tell Sitorro was concerned about something--but what?
Something bad must've happened with Mike and the Clefairies. he thought. But what could possibly have went wrong, I wonder?

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Aria sighed, he could understand that sitorro want to help from what she said, he opened his wings as a sign that she can check.
“Thank you...” She went over and attempted to feel an Aura, in which she did, although it was severely dimmed, so much so she could read Aura’s without repercussion. She knew they were on the brink of death. “Wh-What happened?” After letting Rex check Mike she brought everyone down. “This isn’t blight like I thought, which is probably good. But I don’t know what it is.” She decided to let Mike wake up.
Zushi could sense Aria's concerned Aura and Sitorro's panicky one from where he was seated. That clearly wasn't a good sign.
He could only make out snippets of their conversation, too--"not blight....don't know....is." was about all he'd heard, and that wasn't much to go off of.
Because first of all: Zushi knew what blight was, and it certainly wasn't anything good. But also, Sitorro said it wasn't blight. So what was it? Well, she also said she didn't know. And that was also concerning. Obviously, if it might've been blight, it must have been bad. But who did this bad thing happen to?
With Mike waking up, Sitorro put a finger to his mouth, and hugged him. “It’s not your fault.” She whispered. At this time, Rex probably would have been waking Rei up so that we all knew the problem. Rex attempted to tend to Aria. Following this, Sitorro got up and dragged Mike onto his feet. “I do have a few questions though. What in your opinion caused them to be drained? Plus, how and why did you attempt to erase some of your guys’ memories?”

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
It took a few minutes until mike woke up, but when he did he was attacked by a surprise hug, before he could even respond he was dragged away from aria, he was very confused at first but he understood after a few minutes.

After hearing her questions he begain to think, "first, i cant erase memories so i dont know on what you are talking about" mike answered in confusion.
He then tried to think on her first question, he wasnt sure by himself, but he had a relief that sitorro isnt angry at him, he hoped that rei wont be angry too.
"Lets see, aura touched with her ribbons and mythic with her arms, but mythic's ears got hurt and not her paws..." Mike start thinking to himself, he seem to doze off for a moment before relizing what happened.
"The auras!" He immediately shouted "mythic's ears and aura's ribbons is where their auras are stored" he start to explain, "but without their auras... They are in a big troubles" he said quieter in worry.

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Mike eyes widen for a moment as sitorro said about the stone "h-h-how did y-you know about t-t-that" he said in a little fear.
He then looked at rei, it looked like the lucario is attempting to wake her up, he wasnt sure how rei would respond to what happened.

He looked back at aura and mythic, they both suffering and shivering, however, mythic seem to suffer more then aura.
"Im sorry..." he said slowly and quietly.
Zushi bit his lip. This didn't sound good at all--both Mike's Pokémon were decently strong Aura readers, and if this stone had fried them both, well....
He'd figured it had something to do with their Auras, and his suspicions were confirmed when Mike suggested it. That wasn't exactly a comforting thought--did that mean Zushi was in danger too? This he doubted--he hadn't come into contact with the mystery stone, after all.
Either way, he figured he should probably wake up Rei--she deserved to know what was happening, after all.
Rei awoke to a nudge from Zushi, a familiar gesture she'd grown accustomed to over the years of knowing him. However, she'd normally be greeted by the morning sun, rather than the crisp moonlight air.
"Oh, hi Zushi....my watch?" she asked, rubbing her eyes. Treasure had roused herself from sleep, standing off of her legs to give Rei mobility. Rei stood up, glancing around to see Sitorro and Mike talking some distance away. She figured she'd better join in their conversation, so with Zushi and Treasure both at her heels, she trotted over.
"So, what'd I miss?"
Then, she noticed both of Mike's Pokémon. They were clearly injured--shivering, with Aura's feelers and Mythic's ears fried. Mythic almost looked like he was about to collapse, and Aura was clearly having trouble staying awake.
"Oh no." she muttered. "What did I miss?"
“I can’t heal us up this time, I may be very strong but I know my limits. We need to blast the stone to pieces and have anyone that does not read Aura carry the pieces to an area where they can be disposed of. And then, get Aura and Mythic to the Pokémon centre. I guess I didn’t fully explain my abilities either... the reason I know about the stone is because: when I am inside another, I can hear, see, taste, and feel anything that they do if I choose to. I’m a bit too powerful for my own good...”

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
"a pokemon center won't be able to cure that, its further beyond their level" mike muttered to himself, right after that rei came, questioning about what happened.
Mike couldn't let himself tell rei what happened and how he acted recklessly, even that sitorro said its not his fault.

"T-their a-aura got d-d-drained a-aw-away" he stammered, that the only thing he could say right now without letting her discover what happened, "smashing that stone wont be easy, if he drained the aura from mythic and aura he might have drained away the auras from others, and they suffering right now, or even dead" mike thought, but only thinking on what could happen to the other pokemons made him shiver, then another thought came to his mind.
"What if the stone is the reason for the disappearing pokemons, but... Sandshrews like the one that told me dont have any aura" he thought, "maybe oliver would know something about it, he know about the light, and that what made pokemons disappear according to the clefairies".
No, you do have a point though... why would it drain aura but affect those without it too... it’s an interesting concept, and if we can’t go to a Pokémon center I don’t know who else can help. I- I guess I can try if you want me to...” She was stroking her hair and grooming her tail, trying to cope with the emotions she was dealing with. “Unless... unless you wish to meet my father... he is more powerful than I and could potentially deal with this situation with ease... I just... kind of want to figure this out without his help. With you guys... but I doubt Oliver would have extra information...”
Mind if I join? I have a little OC who may work!
Name: Adolph Richter, but is known as Eisenblatt in his home region of Hoenn.
Age: "Does it matter?" (22 years)
Gender: "... Are you blind? I believe my genitalia makes me Male, thank you..."
Trainer Class: "I believe that I am a Researcher, but also a Ranger, thank you."
Random fun fact(s): Eisenblatt seems to be German, born in a strange small region too small to be considered a proper region yet. He also seems to be emotionless, but his Pokémon are well taken care of and loved for dearly, as while he may preform the occasional experiment on them, he loves them deeply and is devoted to their safety. He is also deeply concerned for what has happened to the pokemon in Kantos and Johto, and upon his trusty Swellow, he took a long trip to do research on what happened, and to solve this odd mystery.
Random character traits: On the outside, he may seem cold, emotionless, edgy, and rude, treating Humans with cold untrust and shyness, and treating Pokémon with mild kindness, with some fear of hurting them, but once one gets to know him, his true self opens up and he turns out to be a kind-hearted and trusting lad, who cares deeply for all Pokémon, and has a soft spot for humans. To those who befriend him, he will do everything it takes to protect them. He also has a love for doing research, and strives to unlock the mysteries surrounding pokemon and their powers, and even their DNA. However, for a little twist, if you meet him while he is not relaxed and in a casual state, his serious nature will cause him to be military like, but his above traits stand.
Pokémon Team: Male Blaziken(Feuer-German for fire), Female Gardevoir(Lady), Female Swellow(Schwalben-The first half of the German word for Swallowtail), Female Masquerain(Strider, a nickname he gave when it was a Surskit, for resemblance of a large spider-like robot his father drew plans for based on the same Pokémon species, ironically), Beautifly(Poddie, a nickname he gave from when he caught her as a Silcoon), and Male Pikachu in a cool cosplay costume(who he named fuego, which is Spanish for fire, at least that is what Eisenblatt believes)

In the sky, the screech of a Swellow would be heard before anything is seen, and shortly after the screech, a Female Swellow with a scar across her eye would be seen high in the sky, with a strange glint on it's back. It spirals towards the ground and a strange fellow seems to be riding her, patting her back gently as he gestures for her to keep him safe. He appears to be a cross between a trainer and a scientist, due to his open jacket over top of a lab coat, as well as a strange visor type vision aid that looks futuristic and very techy. His jacket appears to be a bit techy as well, his entire outfit seeming to fit his emotionless, dark personality, being a cross between retro-futuristic and dark sci-fi. As soon as he gets close enough to the ground to avoid injury upon landing, he would carefully stand on the back of Schwalben and leap off, doing his very best to avoid causing the second Pokémon he ever caught injury. She would screech as he lands, and land herself, right next to him, seconds after he does his signature landing, and brushes the hair away from his right eye, ignoring that over his left, as he looks at the others with cold analysis, trying to analyse them through sight and his poke-tech integrated eyewear, indeed looking like an advanced pokedex made into a visor. "Hello there, the Hoenn famous Eisenblatt is here... I have arrived here to do research on this odd disappearance, do you have any useful information? If not, I will be on my way..." He says, greeting the others in his blunt and emotionless style, his voice soft and cold, but easily heard. He seems to be injured slightly as he rubs his leg tenderly, the leap from his Pokémon seemingly not a good idea. "Oh Scheiße... Mein Bein... Ich bin ein gottverdammter Idiot..."(Translation: "Oh shit... My leg... I am a god damn idiot...")
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(You can definitely join--all you have to do is write your character into the story!)

Rei raised an eyebrow. Mike didn't sound so sure of his answer--was there more he wasn't telling her? Sitorro also kept mentioning a stone--did that have something to do with it?
Probably. Rei thought, looking closer at Aura and Mythic's injuries. They were unlike anything she'd ever seen before--and she'd seen Zushi as a scarred-up Eevee.
And while these wounds weren't worse, per se, they were definitely more.....potent. Zushi had been healed pretty much just by food, rest in his Poké Ball, and frequent trips to the Pokémon Center, whereas these injuries would clearly need something more.
"Look, guys, I'm no Nurse Joy, but.....shouldn't Aura and Mythic be in their Poké Balls? It's probably warmer in there, at least." Rei suggested, glancing over at the two shivering Pokémon, still shaking stubbornly despite Treasure having sat down right next to them. "Plus, y'know......protection from the outside world."
“Maybe, but we probably also want to keep an eye on their status.” (Eisenblatt, this would be a nice place. Welcome to the RolePlay by the way!)

“We do have information on the disappearance on Pokémon in the area, though, we do not recommend anyone taking a look at it until we find out more. By the way, I’m Sitorro, World Champion contender. And you are?” She held out her hand for the new arrival to shake it, she smiled. “And, you seem to be feeling pain in your leg, would you like help?”
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Previously SwiftSwoobat
Is it okay if I join? I don't want to come on rude or anything.

Name: Alexander (Alex)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Trainer Class: Pokemon Breeder
Random fun fact(s): Caught the entire Johto Pokedex, except the legendaries, in under a year! Born in Cianwood City.
Random character traits: Corageous and Adventurous. Always protects Pokemon in danger. His eyes always look tired.
Pokémon Team: Swoobat (Pulse), Quagsire (Sire), Lurantis (Faux), Tynamo (Levi), Doduo (Duo), has a peculiar egg in a bag.


"Hm...", Alex looked up at Mount Moon," Is this the right place, Pulse?"

"Swoo, Bat", Pulse's eyes sparkled.

"Huh? Oh yeah, we first met in a cave", Alex remembered," Let's try and find the Moon Stone we're looking for!"

They entered the cave," Hm... Go, Levi!", the Tynamo hopped out of it's Dusk Ball. "Let's go, Flash!", the room lit up from Tynamo.

"Huh? Is something going on over there?", Alex looked at the cave's many tunnels," Well, let's go, guys, it must be a new Pokemon to catch... wait. Where ARE the Pokemon."

Pulse sighed.

StellarWind Elsydeon

Armblades Ascendant
Staff member
Oh my absolute deities.

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This also goes for posts that are nothing but character bios. If there's no actual in-character content in them, they don't belong here. Nevermind the fact that this is an Open RP thread and so you don't actually need to ask if you can join (though if you want to, you can - by contacting the person who started the thread privately). You can just step in. Gog's sake, we have thread classifications for a reason.

(Also, please do not spam youtube videos too. This isn't your character music, it's a piece of music from a different source you co-opted without permission. We don't do that here.)
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Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
"didnt tought of return them, its a great idea" mike replied, he took two pokeballs from his pocket and returned aura and mythic.
"This is really getting bad, their injury get worse and worse with each second" mike muttered to himself in worry.
Then he noticed another man coming, saying he is famous from hoenn and he came to do a research, which mean he is a researcher.

"Im a researcher too, my names mike, its a pleasure to meet you" mike said, "we do have information, but you should rest to make your leg recover" mike contined.
"I will need aria and pollen this time to help" he thought to himself.


Previously SwiftSwoobat
"Hey, Pulse... I think we're lost...", Alex thought he had heard a wild Pokemon, but it dug him deeper in the cave's tunnels.

"Swoo?", Pulse looked like it heard something.

"Ty!" Levi's Flash quickly flickered out.

"Hm... maybe someone's over there?", Alex pointed further down the tunnel," Levi, return!"

Alex ran toward the end of the tunnel, where he saw a group of people talking with each other. "Hey, um... I'm lost, do you know where we are?"
The scientist/trainer gave a soft smile as the others show concern for him, which faded when Sitorro felt his leg, wincing in pain as he shied away, a glimmer behind his semi-transparent goggles. "N-no, I am fine, that is why I have Lady. She takes care of me. Come on out, mein fraue(my lady)." He replied, as he tried to shy away, pressing a pokeball on his belt, which released a lovely Gardevoir, who simply emanates with positive energy. "Lady, you know what to do..." He commented, causing his Pokémon to nod and start slowly using a healing energy on his leg, using heal pulse to try and sooth his pain for the time being. "Now, while I am being healed, time for the matter at hand... It is nice we have another researcher, as I hope you can relate to the worry I am stricken with the disappearance of most pokemon... I only hope we can solve this, as I need all the information you have... Hey, careful Lady." He replied, giving his Gardevoir a quick glance as she tried to rush healing, causing a sting of pain.
Holy people everywhere..... Rei thought, glancing around at the two newcomers. First, there was this bizarre researcher person--Rei wasn't entirely sure what to make of him yet. Like Sitorro had been, he was mysterious, but almost in a completely opposite way. His personality was certainly interesting, to say the least, and he seemed kind to his Pokémon, so Rei figured that should at least count for something.
Zushi had scooted closer to Rei, clinging tightly on her heels. Rei reached behind her to scratch him on the head before turning to the second newcomer.
"Hey, um....I'm lost, do you know where we are?" he asked. Rei figured she might as well help this kid out--perhaps he'd know something about the missing Pokémon.
"Yeah, sure! We're right outside Mount Moon. I'm fairly sure we're on the Cerulean City side, if that helps." Rei paused, glancing to the side. "But also, quick question.....do you know anything about the Pokémon in this area being.....missing?"