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Open A Shiny Hunter's Guide to Saving Pokémon

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
(sorry, it didn't gave me alert)

It cant be team rocket, no R symbols, no rocket members and the machine dont look like something that team rocket will build, its something a way more further than that mike thought as he staring at the machine, he didn't believe that team rocket is behind the disappearing pokemons.

His thoughts were cuts off when he heard a cracking sound, he immediately knew it was an egg. He turned to alex so he could see the newborn pokemon.
Looking closely it was a larvesta, but with a different color.
"That kind is very rare, I've seen only one in my whole life, and i see a lot of pokemons everyday" mike said, it was look like the larvesta is trying to say something, but his words are faint.


In the meanwhile pollen levitate toward sparky and jolty, she start flying around the two pokemon cheerfully.
"Why wont we play in the cave? The humans are talking and the place is huge enough for us" she said in excitement.
"Yeah!" Sparky replaid cheerfully, "y-yeah" jolty said, she was afraid that she, pollen and sparky would get lost, but ribombee and her brother very excited for that and she didnt want to ruin their fun.
Plume glanced around frantically. Where had Tundra gone? She'd been there just a few seconds ago. She'd seen her. Rei had seen her. Everyone had seen her. Plume scanned the walls of the pit they'd fallen into--no tunnels or anything. So where--
Then it hit her.
Of course.
The cave was shifting--there could've been a tunnel moments ago that Tundra had gone down that was gone now.
But....if that was the case, how would they find her again?
Plume rushed frantically over to Mike's Pokémon. "Have you guys seen Tundra?"
Tundra continued through the tunnel, the peculiar smell of what she believed was a stone getting stronger. And perhaps she was tricking herself, but she thought a Pokémon's scent had joined as well. More determined than ever now, she pushed herself up the tunnel, which had begun a steep incline.
I wonder what's on the other side? she thought.

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Jolty and sparky ran while pollen tried to catch them, she was about to throw a pollen puff but hearing the leafeon made her stop for a moment. Jolty and sparky noticed that and stopped as well.

"No idea, we have been playing a few minutes... I think. But we haven't seen her" the ribombee said, a bit curiously. "Why wont we go search for her, she shouldn't be far away, i also remember the way from the entrance" pollen said proudly.

Sparky seemed to like that idea while jolty was afraid, she tried to say something but she couldn't bring herself to say it, until suddenly she blew out her words.
"Wait!" She said loudly, then relaxing a bit. "Dont you feel it too?, L-like something moving in the cave" she said in worry.
"Thundra is probably lost right now, if we will search we would get lost as well" she added with a little panic.

Sparky could agree with his sister, the cave is seem different then last time. However, pollen doesn't seem to agree with jolty, she was sure that nothing happened.
Plume bit her lip, concerned. She wanted to go and find Tundra, but she was also painfully aware of the fact that, considering the moving cave, it was doubtful that she'd be able to find her and get back safely.
What do I do?
Tundra continued upwards, her curiosity leading her forwards.
"I wonder..." she muttered. "What could the Pokémon scent be? And what's the stone all about?"
Suddenly, she remembered something.
The cave.
She'd just gone through a tunnel in a shifting cave. Meaning there was a very good chance that if she went backwards, she'd end up in a completely different place.
"Guess I just have to keep heading forward."
When Tundra finally reached the end of the tunnel, she saw what she could only assume was the stone that had caused Aura and Mythic trouble--except for one rather large detail. It almost seemed to be sucking in...air? No, it had to be Auras. Maybe even Auras from all over the cave.
Not to mention, there was one more thing. Just as Tundra had smelled, there was a Pokémon--a Gallade, to be exact. He had his hands on the stone, but he didn't seem to be having his Aura sucked up--if anything, it was almost as if he was sucking in Aura from the stone.
"Hello?" Tundra called.
(If anyone wants to control this Gallade, feel free!)


Previously SwiftSwoobat
"Um... I breed Pokemon at my ranch in Cianwood, we breed many Pokemon", Alex got up," I didn't expect a Larvesta, though... it's parents were an Ariados and Forretress..." Alex pondered," Is the shiny a side effect of the sudden loss of Pokemon?" Suddenly, the Larvesta hopped out of Alex's arms, looking around the cave. Just then, the Gallade jumped at the Larvesta. "Quick, Pulse, Psybeam-", Alex commanded. The Larvesta used a powerful Fire Blast, slamming the Gallade against the cave wall and leaving Alex bewildered.
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Tundra glanced around wildly--she, the Gallade, and the stone were suddenly in the same room as Rei and the others.
How did that even happen?
Ah, right. she thought. The shifting cave..That's the first time it's affected us directly.
She barely had time to react before a Fire Blast shot out from somewhere near Alex, causing her to duck for cover as it slammed the Gallade against the wall.
The Gallade quickly collected himself, scrambling to his feet. The look on his face was one of pure fury--he became a frenzied blur of Psycho Cuts and Slashes, all aimed towards the Pokémon--a Larvesta.
Out of pure instinct, Tundra decided to join the fray.
Icicle Crash. Avalanche. Ice Beam. Tundra was well-versed in her moves, with near-unmatched battle prowess. If she kept this up, she'd be victorious in no time.
But suddenly, the Gallade turned to her. Without warning, he hit a well-aimed Close Combat--being at a type disadvantage, Tundra went from winning to practically on death's door.
And out of pure panic, she threw out the final move in her set.
Sheer Cold.
There was no way it would hit--it never did. Tundra had practiced plenty, and she'd only ever hit two, maybe three times.
But before she knew it, the Gallade had collapsed. Whether it was her Sheer Cold, or perhaps an attack from another Pokémon, he was down.
"Tundra, I don't know what you were thinking, joining the fighting and all! And why on earth did you think Sheer Cold was a good idea? What if it had missed?" Plume berated as she tended to Tundra's injuries. The second Gallade had fainted, she'd bolted straight over to help. "Can you imagine?"
"Okay, okay, Plume. I get it." Tundra rolled her eyes.
"No, but really, Tundra--please, be more careful, okay?"
"You know I can't promise anything."
"I'm not asking you to promise. I'm asking you to do it." Plume sighed. "I don't know if you know this, but you very nearly lost that fight with the Gallade. He's much faster and stronger, plus a type advantage. A single hit almost caused permanent damage. At the very least, don't fight battles where the odds are so stacked against you."
"...I guess I'll try."
"That's what I like to hear. Now, you've gotta get some rest."
"Fine. But don't even try to use Sleep Powder like last--" Tundra didn't even have time to finish her sentence before the Sleep Powder took effect.
"Sweet dreams, Tundra!"
Sitorro snickered at what had transpired. She wasn’t well versed in Pokémon language, but she could read Aura, and from what she’d gathered, it was a funny story. “Interesting...” She said “I don’t really know how this cave is doing it, but it’s walls isn’t the only thing it can move, I remember I was just walking in a different direction with Kiner and Rex, but then all of the sudden I ended up here... You guys know what that’s about?”
"I...honestly, I have no clue. It's weird, isn't it? Maybe the Gallade knows something..." Rei said, digging a Revive out of her bag. She stood in front of him, then hesitated. "Although, as much as I would like to know, he'll probably just end up attacking again. Unless...Sitorro, is it possible to control him so he doesn't do anything?"
Zushi looked around at everything going on around him. Plume had put Tundra to sleep, and the Gallade had been defeated--but all the while, the people were conversing.
"Maybe the Gallade knows something..." Rei said. Zushi doubted that, if he was honest. At least, according to the Aura readings Zushi was getting, it didn't seem as though the stone had anything to do with it. And being that the Gallade had come with the stone, Zushi found it reasonable to assume that the Gallade didn't have anything to do with it either.
What he did notice, however, was that the stone seemed to be drawing in Aura from around it.
That'd explain what happened to Mythic and Aura... Zushi thought. But what could the Gallade have wanted with it? And if it's not the stone, then what's moving the cave?
“Well, I can control it. The only problem is that Gallade - being a psychic type - reads aura, so I could be risking both mine and the gallades lives if I try to possess it...” She looked around nervously, Biting her fingers.


Previously SwiftSwoobat
Alex, not hearing the others, was trying to come up with a nickname for his shiny Larvesta. "Huh... how 'bout... no...", Alex turned to Pulse. "What do you think?" "Bat!", Pulse cried. "Huh?", Alex looked at the Gallade, but then locked eyes with it. Suddenly, it attacked him. "Wha- what!?", Alex stuttered," Go! Sire! Hydro Pump!" The Quagsire came out of it's Lure Ball, but Alex realized Larvesta was in the way. "Oh, Arceus..." Alex ran ahead of Sire, and jumped to protect Larvesta. The Hydro Pump blasted off of Alex's back like a ramp, and when the Gallade jumped up to use Psycho Cut, the Hydro Pump landed a critical hit on it when it spiraled up.
Rei jumped out of the Gallade's way. "What the heck? I haven't even used the revive yet!" she yelped. "Oh, for crying out loud...Lucky, Air Slash!"
"Pidgeot!" Lucky sliced at the Gallade, causing him to flinch. That, coupled with the Hydro Pump, made him appear to faint.
"Okay. Nice job, Lucky. But...If he was fainted last time, he can probably still get up again...but what's making him get up?"
Zushi's eyes widened when he realized what was going on.
Of course.
The stone was drawing Aura from the air, but right before the Gallade had stood back up, a sliver, a tiny shred of power had come from the stone and boosted the Gallade's Aura, giving him enough energy to attack.
It made sense now--the stone belonged to the Gallade, and it gave him stolen Aura energy from other Pokémon. And naturally, because Aura and Mythic were Aura readers and had more powerful ones, their Aura had been almost completely drained.
But if he was taking the stone's energy, how could he be defeated? They'd have to get rid of the stone, no questions asked. But at the same time, no Pokémon other than the Gallade could touch it without having Aura drained. All they could really do for the moment was stall and hope he didn't throw the stone at Zushi or Treasure.
Unless, well, unless Rei decides to be insane and--Rei, are you serious?
Rei stared the Gallade down, Ultra Ball in hand. She could have sworn, could've sworn she'd just seen sparkles. It might have been her imagination, but it was probably a good idea to catch him anyway--if they couldn't control him or defeat him, maybe he could be captured.


Previously SwiftSwoobat
Alex glanced at the Ultra Ball. I'm not sure if we should catch it... Sire's Hydro Pump usually KOs... it seems to strong - maybe it already has a trainer?, Alex worried. He took a second look at the Gallade. He didn't see a normal Gallade - but a Shadow Galllade.
“Again, I could take this thing out, none of the less, this seems like a fight I’m actually needed in. Watch out. Go! Nikoda!” She sent out Nikoda, her Flygon, and geared up for battle. “Use Earthquake!” She shouted, soon after.


Previously SwiftSwoobat
Alex didn't know what to do, he had only heard of Shadow Pokemon in books! At the same time, he came up with a Nickname for his Larvesta - Sriracha. He realized Shadow Pokemon were caused by evil... So he should attack it.

"Sriracha", he looked at his Larvesta," I need you to use your best Fire Spin to trap it in fire!"

"Pulse", he looked at his Swoobat," I need you to use Psychic to make the Fire Spin even more intense and rage longer"

"Sire", he looked at his Quagsrie," I need you and the others to stall the Gallade with normal damaging attacks" He sent out everyone except Levi.

He hooked the Exp. Share on Levi's Dusk Ball and yelled," Everyone, go!"
“Decent strategy.” Sitorro said. The earthquake had additionally knocked the Gallade off its feet, so with a high enough attack power, everyone probably just killed it.


Previously SwiftSwoobat
Alex heard Sitorro's compliment and saw his Pokemon faint the Gallade... It looked more than "fainted"... Just then, Levi's Dusk Ball opened up. The Tynamo flashed white, then evolved into an Eelektrik. Alex gasped. His team was changing - rapidly. It was like the cave was affecting his Pokemon...
“Good job team, I’m sorry, we didn’t have much of a choice but to kill it. Does anyone have any ideas of what to do with the stone? Only two of my Pokémon can even touch it.”

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Mike saw what has happening, he could have help but something didnt seem to him right. A gallade that can create a stone, it can't be only him, there need to be someone behind it mike wondered to himself in his mind.
he looked at the suffering gallade, there was a strong black aura that come from his body.

"He could have be useful to find whats going on, but a gallade that made a rock to absorb auras doesn't seem fitting at all" mike said, he noticed that the Machine was gone when the stone came in suddenly, which means he was right about his theory before.


Pollen looked around, it cant be that she mistaken, even though that the cave is shifting. Sparky and jolty looked at her with confused face about her actions, sparky found it quite funny to see her nervous while jolty didn't really care, she was happy that tundra is now safe.


Previously SwiftSwoobat
Alex patted his Eelektrik, and put it away in it's Dusk Ball. "...", Alex became quiet, then he looked up and yelled to the cave," I DEMAND A FINE! 40000 POKEDOLLARS!!!", he said, sounding like Barry. He put a saddle on Duo and jumped on it. He returned every Pokemon except Pulse. He couldn't find Pulse.... "What?", he said, looking around. Suddenly, the cave shifted, and he became separated from the people in the cave.
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Sorry if this upsets anything, but this thread was marked open.
Name: Edward "Ed" Thistle
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Trainer Class: Tactician
Random fun fact(s): Was born in Blackthorn City, but left to prove himself worthy of that town's tradition of strong trainers.
Random character traits: Slightly overconfident, and can get carried away with his strategies.
Pokémon Team: Fraxure (Dino), Absol (Angel), and Kingdra (Carrie)

"I hate caves," muttered Edward as he walked through the cavern that was dimly lit by his flashlight, "and all of a sudden - guess what? - a cave!" The Fraxure treading along behind him nodded emphatically and gave a guttural noise. Ed smiled. Dino had been with him since day one, and had been instrumental in catching his other two team members. Despite not being fully evolved yet, the Pokemon filled a crucial role in many of his battle plans, serving as a close-up brawler who could take a hit or two (unlike Angel). This moment was rudely interrupted as he heard a rumble from deeper within the cave and saw a number of Zubats flooding out of an opening. Ed, always curious, decided to investigate its source and ran off.


Previously SwiftSwoobat
Alex eventually bumped into Ed, and he hopped off of his Doduo to greet him. "Hi! I'm Alex, I got separated from a group of people when I was exploring this cave... can you help me find them again?", Alex questioned
Ed, dusting himself off from his unexpected collision with Alex and his Doduo, replied with "Well, since I have nothing better to do, and you look like you could use some help, I'll lend a hand. First, what do your friends look like? Second, do you have any Pokemon that can emit light? This flashlight is probably going to run out of battery soon. Oh, and my name is Edward, but most people just call me Ed."


Previously SwiftSwoobat
Alex thought for a minute," Well... one has an Umbreon...", for some reason, Alex's memories of them started to fade," That's all I remember" Ed asked for a light emitting Pokemon, next. "Oh yeah... Levi, come on out!", the Eelektrik came out, and lit up the dark, damp cave. "Nice to meet you, Ed! I hope we can find the group I was with earlier!", Alex gleamed with excitement.
Ed smiled a little bit at Alex's enthusiasm as he called back Dino and brought out Angel. The Absol nodded in greeting as Ed introduced him to Alex, and then looked back to Ed for instructions. "Absol has the rare ability to sense disasters, both current and in the immediate future, so Angel should be able to guide us away from, or at the very least warn us of, some of the danger that might lie ahead. Let's go find your friends. An Umbreon, was it?"


Previously SwiftSwoobat
"Yeah", Alex looked at the Absol, amazed," I've never seen a Pokemon like that before....", he mumbled. Alex and Ed wandered the cave, until a loud noise was heard in the distance. "Huh?", Alex looked around the cave, startled.
“I think I can still hear Alex a tiny bit...” Sitorro’s ears twitched, her looking around. “I can’t tell where he is though...” She went over to the bloodied body of the Gallade, inspecting it. “I don’t know if the stone caused this, but I think that the Gallade is truly dead... not knocked out—dead.” Then, looking around, she suggested that they try and destroy the stone some more, considering the cave was still moving. Of course, this was said before she too was swallowed by the caves many passages, about a mile ahead of Ed and Alex, Ed’s Absol noticed something was up.
Angel had proven useful to Ed and Alex as they traveled through the cave. For a Pokemon that could not articulate words or speak telepathically, he was surprisingly capable of communicating potential disasters. There was a scary moment when some rocks fell, blocking the passageway behind them, but most possible disasters were averted. However, as the small group was about to enter a wider room, Angel froze his tracks, not moving a muscle. "What's the matter?" asked Ed, concerned "Is there something bad up ahead?" The Absol made no noise, and began shaking violently. "Angel! Are you okay?" he asked nervously, kneeling down beside him. Suddenly, Angel stumbled and his eyes rolled up into his head, collapsing in the process. Ed applied a Full Heal, but nothing happened. Revives met with similar failure. Ed quickly checked Angel's pulse before recalling him. "I've never seen anything like this before." he said, "He's not dead, thank goodness, but he's not merely fainted either. I'll have to get him checked out after we escape this maze. Looks like we'll have to be extra careful from now on. Something is going on here, and I don't like it."
“This is unsettling...” Sitorro said getting up, she’d dealt with a lot over her lifetime, but this was definitely new to her. She thought about using a mapping spell so she didn’t get lost, but then remembered if she did, the stone would take the rest of her mana. She looked around her area, seeing a glimpse of Alex. She ran over to them, deciding to introduce herself to the new guy.

“Hello,” She began. Unless Ed was from another planet, this woman was like none he’d ever seen before. Her eyes looking like the universe, she looked at him. If it wasn’t for the fact that her face was beaming with happiness it would’ve felt like holes drilled into him. Sitorro’s slick, midnight black hair was interrupted by two protrusions sticking out of the top. Ears, you decided. Although surprising, it was the most logical solution. Escpecially considering that her hair flowed down to her waist, leading to three tails that were almost like an Eevee’s.

Sitorro sensed the tension in Ed and caught herself. “Sir, introductions paused, may I ask if you need help?”
"Finally, another... person?" Ed began and continued hesitantly, "I honestly don't know what's going on anymore. First, Alex here says that he can't really remember his friends, second, this cave has been shaking, third - and most importantly - my Absol just collapsed into a coma for no apparent reason - and fourth, some woman with ears and tails walks up to us." Ed stopped, out of breath from his run-on sentence, still clutching tightly to Angel's Quick Ball. "To tell you the truth, it might be easier to list the things we don't need help with right now. I go by Ed, but who - and if you don't mind me asking, what - are you?"
“I am Sitorro, a mutant of nature as a Kitsune and a World Champion nominee. Pleased to meet you.” She bowed. She was wearing a white and red Kimono. “Alex here was part of my group, we got split up due to the shifting caves. Also, there is a stone in the center that absorbs all Aura, which is why your poor Absol fainted. Be careful or else we’ll be split apart too. Thanks for having me.”
"A Kitsune, huh? Living in Blackthorn, I heard all of the legends, of course, but didn't think they actually existed. And a World Champion nominee at that." Ed let out a sigh. "More importantly, there's a stone that's draining Aura? Will Angel recover once we get out of here, or do we have to do something with that stone?"
“First, we need to destroy the stone, then we need to evacuate the cave as fast as possible and then get you and your Pokémon to a Pokémon center, the largest problem, I can’t touch that stone, and only two of my Pokémon can.”
Ed looked down to the Ultra Ball at his hip, which contained the only one of his three Pokemon that he had not sent out recently. "I have a plan," he said, "and if it works, we may not need to touch the stone. Alex, Sitorro, how many Pokemon do you have that can deliver a powerful ranged attack? I've got my Kingdra, Carrie, but that's about it. The stronger the attacks the better."
“My Lucario was fainted from the stone... I might be able to get Kiner, My Reuniclus, to do ok though.” She looked down with her index up to her lips, blushing, embarrassed that she had to say the word my and fainted in the same sentence.
"Okay. So we have your Reuniclus and my Kingdra. I've seen that Alex has an Eelektrik, so all of us have at least one Pokemon that attack this stone without taking the risk of touching it." Ed tossed Carrie's Ultra Ball from one hand to another, thinking. "I have no idea how much force it will take to destroy the stone, but I'd wager that it'll be tougher than your average rock. Though," he paused for a moment, "one could say that the more pressing concern is finding the stone. Sitorro, you said that it was in the center of the cave, but with the cave shifting the way it is... Let's go and try to find this thing."
“We’ve already fired two hyper beams at it. It’s tough.” She perked up a little bit, happy to say what she had next. “Well, but the others aren’t us, we can do it!” She grinned.
(tell me if I did something wrong on this, I'm kinda new.)
Name: Piper
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Trainer Class: Trainer
Random fun fact(s): Piper has a mission of raising and training her own pokemon to the best they can be. She doesn't have a huge passion for catching pokemon. Piper does wish to befriend as many as possible though. She likes pokemon a lot more than people and doesn't like socializing that much. She always has her Shinx with her and barely ever puts him in his pokeball because he doesn't like it.
Random character traits: Always trying to be helpful, very passionate and determined when she wants to be. She will sometimes be a bit stubborn and isn't that easy to persuade. She can be a bit awkward in speech, but she'll eventually warm up once she gets comfortable. Piper absolutely loves her pokemon and would do anything for them.
Pokémon Team: Felix (Male Shinx), Destiny (Female Dratini), Faith (Female Notched-Ear Pichu/Gizamimi Pichu), Jet (Male Gabite)

Piper quietly shuffled through the dark cave, not quite sure what to do. Felix and Faith could only keep doing their best to keep up their zaps of electricity. She suddenly heard voices from a long distance away. She looked at the two and frowned wondering what to do. She decided to return Faith to her pokeball and run on ahead. She grabbed Felix and felt a bit of electricity run through her. Felix quickly stopped. Piper was actually pretty used to all the electricity-zaps. She'd had worse. Piper raced ahead, surprisingly only bumping into a wall twice. Shinx sometimes giving out a yelp right before they crashed into one. Right then Piper spotted a bit of light ahead and decided to follow it. She turned the corner.
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