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Private/Closed Bootleg Brothers 6


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


"You think THAT was magic?" The nord laughed loudly before his fist slammed against the babel club. Pit and the club skid back an inch. Another slam for the man's knuckles, and a burst of energy expelled from the impact, sliding Pit back a few more inches. Sparks of electricity began to crackle up his frozen fists and his forearms. "Boy, THIS is magic!"

A third fist powered into the babel club, and thunder cracked out from the impact as white-hot lightning surged around the babel club, bursting with such force that the club became dislodged, throwing it, and Pit behind it, back through the air. "Now I show you what magic, and the voice of dragons, can do-


The red mountain violently shook with the force of the dragonborn's vocals. The sky instantaneously darkened as more thunder rumbled out, clouds rushing in to form a dark, foreboding layer above - and not long after, powerful bolts of divine lightning began to strike downward, aimed for Pit. One of the bolts converged on Fjorrd as he raised his electrified arms to the sky. The bolt lingered, surging power forth into the dovahkiin, before a second bolt seared down to connect, then a third, a fourth, and finally a fifth, all crackling with power.

Finally, the nord, his arms now glowing with blinding light, struck his arms forward. At the speed of light, a bolt of lightning erupted forth, its girth greater than even the large man who cast it, Skyrim's natural might combined with the awesome power of a demigod's magic, all coming forth like a beam of light- and of death.

Either the nord was taking Pit as a serious challenge - or he believed the angel could handle it. Either thought might have been a bit scary to think about.
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Previously mallard
The Taskmaster
Fleetfoot. He used the technique before, in the fight against Shaymin. While it would be quick to most, Taskmaster's reaction was quicker. He took a step back and leaned away to dodge the kick. He swung his blade at the back of his knee in an attempt to cut the tendons in his leg. Then the Gale Strike came, and the assassin was in an awkward spot, so he gave into his lean and fell to the floor just to dodge the powerful blow. As he went down, he swung a quick kick at the Strongest's other knee, hopefully throwing him off-balance or even causing him to fall too. Then he pushed himself right up to his feet again with a rising slash at Masaru's chest, and concluded by his free hand conjuring his gas-powered pistol to fire two shots into Masaru's torso, specifically at any open wounds he had. The bullets on their own wouldn't do that much damage, but they were laced with a poison that could drop most men in mere seconds.

Kool Kats
The parasite got goomba-stomped, and Audrey soared towards Troy. She plucked her sword out of his gut, and soared away. Blood gushed from the wound, but the heavy weight was taken from his body and he now had the potential to move again. The hero summoned forth all the lightning she could muster, and yelled insults at the mentally ill pair. 'Nothing' and 'nobody' were two words Troy focused on, and those were words that should not be used to describe God. His ego flared up, filling the narcissist will pure loathing and malice towards Audrey. He slowly turned his head to face the woman, who now turned the blade to face him. He kicked downwards with his right leg, hitting the ground with the Vortex Ball. The orb of wind erupted, throwing Troy's lower body into the air, and allowing him to backflip completely over the stream of godly lightning. The bolt continued to strike the parasite, violently exploding it, as Troy landed and struck a pose despite his own blood splattering at his feet. Allison slid in from the side, also striking a pose, and the pair's insectoid features faded.

"What didja say? I didn't hear ya, crusty bitch."

Then, the god-killing lightning chained jumped back from the insect monster to the Kool Kats. Electricity fried their nerves simultaneously, and arcs of lightning spewed out of their pores. Electrical burns peeled away their skin, and a light smoke rose from their bodies as they fried. Troy struggled to spit his final words:




Both of them hollered one last time simultaneously before exploding into medium well viscera.

Winner: Audrey!
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Her attack missed, but she could feel Skull's arm break from the power of her Dragon Fang. William reappeared yet again, and blasts of electricity struck Nótt. The Princess screamed. She could feel her strength was nearly out, and this barrage of lightning would not end soon. But Skull was exhausted as well. It was now or never.

Lightning coursed through the princess' body. Nótt gritted her teeth, and ripped the ruined gauntlet off her left arm. It had been practically shattered by Skull's punch, and parts of it were jagged and sharp. The pushed through everything. The blazing pain. The exhaustion. This was more than life or death. She had to win. She needed to win.

"JÖTUNHEIMR!" Nótt cried, attempting to stab Skull in the head with her ruined gauntlet!


"Public Safety? You're a public safety devil?" Dagr asked with a smile. She didn't mean any disrespect, but the idea of it sounded... well, it sounded rather silly. This 'Lord Chainsaw' (what a badass name) must really be something if he had Beam deciding to become half-human and fight for... well, public safety.

Then Beam started gnawing on the table. Dagr giggled and pulled out her axe, Skinfaxi.
"Here dude. Why don't you gnaw on this instead? Won't be messing up the table here." Dagr said, offering her weapon to Beam. Her bird, Sun-Wing, let out an irritated squawk and pecked Dagr's head.
"Ow! It's not like he's gonna break it or anything." Dagr said.

Another fight caught the warrior's eye. It was Nótt, fighting that Skull guy. The match looked really close, Dagr wasn't quite sure who to cheer for. On one hand, it would be great to have Nótt taken down a peg. On the other hand? If word somehow got back to their mother that neither one reached at least quarter finals, whoooo. She would not be happy. Dagr decided to put her attention back to Beam.

"So you became half-human? How does that work, did you possess someone or something?" Dagr asked Beam.
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Previously Gamingfan2
Nott just wouldn't go down!
The princess tore off her own gauntlet, it's sharp spurs shimmering from the electricity around them. Nott pulled her arm back as Ryuji look at the improvised weapon.
He sighed internally.
Welp, he had already ruined half of his limbs. What's another?
Nott's war cry was met with a visceral yell from Ryuji as he forced his other arm against her gauntlet. It stabbed deep into his flesh, leaving a horrible burning sensation as all of his pain receptors fired off.
But that was good. As long as he felt his arm, Ryuji could push it against the gauntlet, keeping himself safe from a fatal blow.
The lighting continued burn into Nott, and effects of Shock started to settle in.
Soon, Ryuji thought with unearned confidence.


Previously Manu456Alola
Having been sent flying through the air from that last punch, the angel opted to swap to long range again - close combat with a clunky club didn't work out so well. The Babel Club vanished in a flash of light, now replaced by two glowing, fist sized orbs that hovered over Pit's shoulders: Guardian Orbitars. The Power of Flight also activated at that time, suspending Pit in the air as the sky began to darken. Another dragon shout.

"This is insane!"

"And he's only got more in store. I'll try to get you out of the way of his attacks, so focus on landing your shots!"

And so Pit began to soar through the air, bolts of lightning raining down on him. Thanks to Palutena's fine control over his flight path, he was able to steer clear of each strike, firing a barrage of energy projectiles down at the nord, who was currently being powered up by a series of lightning bolts.

That couldn't be good.

"Lady Palutena, it looks like he's preparing something!"

"Hold on tight!"

Pit's wings glowed a bright blue as he picked up speed, ceasing his fire for a moment to build up a charged shot. Sure enough, the dragonborn's next attack was a massive one, sticking his arms out to unleash a massive electric blast - one the angel could only respond to with a charge shot, summoning a large, shield shaped barrier below him to protect himself from the blast. The lightning bolt still pierced through, grazing the fast-moving Pit, causing him to cry out in pain as he plummeted to the overgrown ground below, a trail of smoke following him.

Caught by a large tree's branches, Pit groaned. How in the world was Fjorrd pulling off all this stuff? It was basically final boss stuff! He doubted even Phosphora could fire a lightning bolt that powerful. The captain of the royal guard trembled as the last of the electric current left his body, leaving him a little charred.

"That attack was vicious. Are you alright, Pit?"
"Never better... Though I might need a moment to breathe..."

Oh, she remembered this one! Axe had barely shown that form in the last fight, but he seemed to be a lot faster and angrier while in it. The winged child flew down under the arena to cut through the bottom portion of the Sunrise Palace, causing it to wear down at a faster rate, but Grazie paid little mind to it.

"Actin' all spooky an' stuff ain't gon' get you nowhere!"

Axe zipped forward for a stab, prompting Grazie to raise a hand, pincer spinning like a drill to intercept the attack, possibly even knocking the weapon out of the chosen one's hands from the sheer force. This wasn't all, however - as another sand tornado kicked up around Grazie herself, deterring Axe from making any further attacks. And when it faded, Grazie was gone.

Some of the sand that poured down into the abyss below suddenly flowed back up, forming a series of sand tendrils that would seek to ensnare the more mobile Axe. Regardless of their effectiveness, the Adept would soon come crashing down from above, her massive drill legs spinning ferociously to add extra deadliness to her powerful stomp!​

Even with his body broken, Skull still had enough energy to block her attack. She could feel her body begin to tense and freeze as the shock paralysis started to set in. The world was beginning to dim around her. But as long as she still had breath in her lungs, she had to fight. Nott attempted wrapped her free arm around Skull, and squeezed with all her might. It was a death grip. The lightning and shocks certainly helped contract her muscles, and she attempted to push the shard of broken gauntlet through Skull's arm and into his head. "Just.... die!" Nott gasped.

Suddenly, she was unable to move. The paralysis from the Ziodyne had set in. William called down another blast of electricity. Nótt gritted her teeth, fighting with all her might... But the world slowly darkened. Slowly, slowly, the Princess went limp. Her eyes fluttered shut, and she passed out.

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Previously mallard
Taskmaster (auto perms granted)
The supersoldier drew his blade across the back of Masaru's extended knee, and the cutting blade sent searing pain through the Strongest's leg. Taskmaster dropped to the floor to dodge the powerful Gale Punch, kicked Masaru's other knee out from under him, and then came up with another sword slash. Masaru was off-balance, but he wouldn't allow himself to lose to this villain!

With a yell, the martial artist grabbed the sword with both hands and shattered it. The mercenary pulled out a pistol, but Masaru backhanded it out of his opponent's grip. Then, he threw another punch. Taskmaster, now without any weapons, met the challenge. He ducked the punch to counter with a strike to the arm's pressure point. The arm flopped numb over Taskmaster's shoulder as he grabbed it, and used it to hurl the Strongest over his shoulder and slam him into the ground on the other side of the supervillain. With a throwing crescent between his knuckles, he punched down at Masaru, but the younger man rolled out of the way. Masaru rolled to his feet, and immediately attempted to charge Taskmaster, even with his limp. Masters somersaulted over the stronger man, but Masaru pivoted on his good leg and threw another punch.

"Gale Strike!"

The Taskmaster didn't have enough time to dodge this one, and though he raised his arm to block, it wasn't enough to stop the sheer force from this attack. Masaru punched Taskmaster across the large room and into a pile of rubble. The supersoldier's left arm was limp- his radius was sticking out of it at a bad angle under his costume. His ribs on the left side were definely cracked, and his spine hurt, but there was still feeling in his legs, so he hadn't been paralyzed, thankfully.

As Masaru limped over, the skill-for-hire glanced around his surroundings. He spotted some of his signature blue-and-yellow under a bit of rubble. His shield. With how this fight had played out, Taskmaster's options were limited, down to a knife, pistol, and a few throwables. As usual, though, he had a plan.The mercenary slowly got to his feet, but Takahara was eager to close the distance before his opponent got his bearings.

"Lookpanjama Kick!"

Close the distance he did, but the Taskmaster was able to hop away as he drew a knife again. Masaru had to recover quickly as his armed foe made two stabs at the martial artist's chest, which he blocked twice by stopping Tasky's wrist. He tried to counter with a knee, but the skull-faced killer backpedalled to avoid it. Now at midrange, Taskmaster kicked a piece of rubble into the air, and then threw out a side kick to send it towards Masaru, a trick he saw Daredevil do once. The rock disintegrated against the Strongest's fist, and he leapt at the skill-for-hire with another hook. Taskmaster ducked it, but by that point, the younger man had feeling in his previously paralyzed arm again. He caught Taskmaster in the forehead with an uppercut, sending cracks spiderwebbing down the mask and throwing his hood off. The assassin fell to the ground, dazed, and it was at that point that Masaru spotted the shield as well. Tasky had been leading the fight closer to the weapon, and with the last of his strength, the masked man grabbed the shield and threw it at Masaru.

However, the Taskmaster was still seemingly dazed, and his throw went wide. Masaru angrily lifted his opponent back to his feet by his quiver strap, and Taskmaster stared back, expressionless as he let out a final quip,

"...Thanks, Cap....."

The shield had ricocheted from a pile of rubble to a half-destroyed wall to a piece of gnarled rebar, and finally found itself embedded in the back of Masaru's skull. The World's Strongest slumped over, and the Taskmaster watched him.

"Nice fight, kid."



The fiend grabbed Skinfaxi and hesitantly bit it. He usually preferred something with a bit more give, but he was quickly occupied with gnawing on it anyway. Beam quickly responded to Dagr's question with a nod.

Audrey Redheart
The Hero was quick to see her foes fall, getting covered in...well, to keep things family friendly, bits.
She was even quicker to throw up a few seconds later, letting her sick fall off the edge of the stage before she was transported back to the lobby.
"Good Eya, that was disgusting..." She felt quite queasy for a moment as she got back to her feet, looking around the lobby. Her missing arm returned with a flash of light, gaining a sigh of relief. "Fitting end for nuisances like them, but still, ew." She gagged as she stumbled back out into the lobby, looking around. After a glance to her pocket, she noticed that card had returned to her, and she had a few choice words for it's owner.
After a moment, she finally noticed the Brat over by the 'Regular Burger', and began storming over.

"HEY! YOU!" She yelled out over at Weevil, holding out the Parasite Paracide card once more. "Take this back." That was surprisingly calm. "YOU COULD'VE WARNED ME I'D HAVE TO FIGHT IT TOO!" There it was, shouted through grit teeth.

The Warlock
As Dart returned to the lobby through the gate, the Warlock forcibly began to regenerate on the spot - It looked as though he had to be dragged back from his Universe again during this process. After it was done, it was if very little had changed about him from before the fight even begun. He gave Dart a glance, and a very hesitant nod.

"...Human. I underestimated you." A shockingly short sentence, though it was clear he wasn't done talking. "If we face again, all I ask is you do not use that...Mind, melding blade. It weakened my mind, allowing the voices to beseech it." He added, waving his hand away as he began to walk off...towards the shop? He seemed to be taking his time, and was clearly not in a rush.
Weevil Underwood

The fights were finally wrapping up. Honestly, they were starting to bore him. It's about time they wrapped up, the sooner they moved on, the sooner Weevil could see who he was up against next. Weevil finished his popcorn and tossed the bag aside. He wiped his hands on the table, looking around. Time to get a head start to that coin store- Wait! Was that Raptor?

That dweeb was camping out in front of the coin shop like some desperate geek waiting for the next video game system! No way would Weevil be letting that idiot get his grubby claws on those goodies before he had his own pick! Weevil quickly walked towards the store, but a familiar, angry voice called out to him.

"Eep!" Weevil turned to find Audrey storming towards him, card outstretched. Weevil adjusted his glasses, quickly regaining his stance. It was rather frightening, this woman standing over him and yelling down at him. Still, he had to maintain his confidence. He was a regional champ, after all. He glanced past Audrey and spotted her position on the leaderboard. She had won her match.

Weevil grinned, and made no move to take back the card.
"Well, I thought a great and powerful hero such as you would have no problem fighting a small little monster like Parasite Paracide. And I was right, wasn't I? You won your match, congrats!" Weevil said to Audrey.


So Dagr wasn't too far off with her possession guess. But possessing an already dead corpse. That was... interesting, for sure. She hadn't really heard anything like that before. The princess watched Beam gnaw on Skinfaxi a moment longer.
"So do you like being part-human? Anything that's better than when you were a full devil?" Dagr asked Beam.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Auto-Perms Granted

Pit's moment to breathe turned out to be about two seconds, as the nord was rushing in again, ice coating his fists once more, which were holding onto his frost axes that he'd finally pulled out. "Breathe!?" He shouted, sounded incredulous. "Where's that fight you had in you?"

Fjorrd leapt into the air, his axes ripping through the branches in his way while his body simply barreled through what he missed. Lightning still cracked through the sky, and the tree beside Pit erupted in flames as it was struck by a particularly vicious bolt of lightning - Skyrim's weather effects still ceased to dissipate. The man was like an unstoppable juggernaut as he reached the angel. "I gave you one simple challenge!"

Pit's wings flashed, and he rose above an axe-strike. The slash from Fjorrd caused the entire upper half of the tree to fall away, before the nord kicked off of the branch he had landed on, previously occupied by Pit. "Do not run from me! Show me your truth! You are greater than this!" It dislodged from the force of his push as Fjorrd rose into the air, still closing the distance to Pit, who swerved to the side and belted out of the way - but Fjorrd shifted in the air, turning his body to face Pit, before-


The distance closed once again, Fjorrd blitzing through the air like a missile, his shoulder ramming into the angel, who let out a shout as his wings ceased their glow for a moment, and the two began to plummet. Fjorrd tossed the axes aside, leaving them to tumble through the air as the man grappled the much smaller boy. His hands were like blocks of ice, freezing to the touch, and Pit could feel that frost seeping into his body by touch alone. "Where has your courage gone? Bring it forth! Show me your might!" Fjorrd bellowed, his voice making the sky itself rumble, despite the storm now dissipating. "SHOW ME!"


Warlock's return was one of surprising humility - though Dart wasn't as surprised as most might be. Every villain he'd ever faced wound up doing something like this. In a sense, it was par for the course - but he didn't lack appreciation for it. Dart gave a nod to the Warlock, before he crossed his arms over his chest. "Sure thing, Mindripper."

With that, the Warlock stalked away, headed seemingly to the Regular Shop, but for all anyone knew, that could have just been in the way of the direction the psychic beast had chosen.

Dart glanced around the lobby as many of the remaining fights began to wrap up, and he felt a sense of calm and ease returning to him. The Warlock had really worked him up for a moment there... but it had been a long time since the mercenary had been in a proper fight, especially one against a villain. He'd almost forgotten how they could get under his skin. Especially the Warlock's mental attacks. Nevertheless, Dart was reminded of where he was. The tournament, and he'd just moved up the bracket.

The familiar excitement seeped back in, and Dart's face split into a grin. The next round on the Winner's Bracket was looking promising - a LOT of great potential to be found there. He also happened to catch the end of the fight between Mudkip and Lucario - in which the little mud fish had seemingly evolved into something that looked a lot more powerful than the earlier Mudkip. When they returned to the lobby, Dart gave the Marshtomp (as the roster now indicated) an approving, encouraging nod.


Auto-Perms Granted

Rather than abide by Kassandra's wishes, the Knight darted forth with an encroaching zeal. Her blade slashed and hacked, but the newly conjured Trident of Poseidon met and matched her attack, blow-for-blow. Finally, another bolt of lightning from the sky separated them, forcing Kassandra to dig her heels into the earth again, sliding to a stop.

"No, we finish how we began," Alter Knight replied. "I've seen what you can do at range - I won't let you recover."

"Recover what?" Kassandra smirked. "You haven't even nicked me."

"We will see."

Alter Knight charged once again, preparing several more lightning-based attacks (as they seemed fairly effective against the misthios, at least in keeping her on a back foot), but something surprising happened.

Kassandra let out a sigh as she rolled her eyes, before the trident disappeared as the distance between herself and Alter rapidly closed. "Alright, fine. We'll skip the spectacle, and I'll-"

Alter's blade plunged through the spartan's torso, who grit her teeth - and bolts of lightning plunged downward, striking the misthios. Smoke burst about on impact, before Alter made sure to strike a few more times, the lightning bolts likely reducing the spartan woman to a charred corpse, and ending the fight.

But after the third bolt, when Alter tried to pull her blade out, one of the misthios' hands snapped out, grasping the knight's forearm. Alter's yes narrowed, and she prepared another bolt to escape the grasp - only for pain to shoot up her arms as Kassandra simply gripped, and the knight's arm snapped in half, breaking off in the woman's grip, armor, bone, and all.

Staggering back, now armless and weaponless (for the moment), Alter Knight grit her teeth as the smoke cleared, clinging to Kassandra as the spartan began to walk forward. Her eyes were flaring with a red light, a crimson aura seemingly drifting from her body. Alter Knight didn't know it - but this was War Cry of Ares.

Alter's severed arm still clung to the sword, which still stuck through Kassandra's chest. Calmly, the misthios yanked it out, before tossing it aside, and rolling her head. Her neck popped several times, before the woman grinned. "Like I was saying: I'll make this quick."

Before the knight could attempt to dive for her now discarded weapon, Kassandra was upon her, fist swinging upward. Alter couldn't breathe as the fist made contact, imploding her breastplate into her chest, simultaneously knocking the wind out of her. Alter was launched upward, but Kassandra grabbed her by the leg before she could soar away, and yanked her back with enough force to dislocate her leg. Alter felt her face cave in as Kassandra slammed her own head into the knight, smashing her into the ground with the force of the blow.

Kassandra was being needlessly violent, excessive with her brute force. She wasn't doing this to prove a point, or to humble Alter Knight - Kassandra's aim was to put her potential on display for the other contestants that caught her fight. She was trying to root a fear in some of them through her display, something that words would never do.

Alter Knight could barely think or react, she couldn't even refill her collapsing lungs. The last thing she saw was Kassandra raising a sandal over the knight's skull, and-



When the gateway opened, Kassandra stepped out of it, rolling her shoulders, before her gaze drifted up toward the stands high above. She didn't so much as glance at the leaderboard, her eyes instead connecting with Specter's. The ape lifted a wine glass up in the air as he stared back down at her with a thin grin across his face.

The misthios probably didn't recognize it - but she had just started down a path much darker than she would have taken if she had never met the psychic ape.


Her initial feeling was embarassment. She'd just had a breakdown, let loose all of her might, then cried, and still lost - all on interdimensional television. Her face was flushed when her eyes darted toward the leaderboard to find her name had been stricken from the leaderboard, instead appearing under a category listed as "ELIMINATED."

Soured, she turned her gaze away from it. Despite the anger and shame she felt, a part of it was quelled by her experience in this strange tournament. Back home, she was so used to being superior. She almost never had to struggle. She was the prized Pokémon of a champion, the main reason he had attained that position in the first place. But after struggling against Wally, shortly before his passing, she found herself woefully unmatched - and sorely misplaced. Her trainer was content to live life outside of the battle scene, something that they had dedicated so much of their life to.

But maybe that's really what awaited those who truly attain victory. For years they had talked and dreamed of overcoming the Elite 4 and become Champions. Then they did. Dreams achieved. That was it. Neph still wanted to battle, to protect their title, but outside of Wally, none ever compared. Even when she'd run away to Sinnoh, the gardevoir still found none worthy of her efforts.

Well, until now. This tournament was chalk full of people her equal, and her superior. It was a strange dichotomy, being forced back into a stage where she actually had to try again - and despite giving both of her fights every ounce of her strength, she had still failed.

Would victory have given her anything, though?

If she had somehow come out on top in this tournament, would she finally be satisfied? Or should she have been satisfied with all that she had already accomplished? Her trainer was. Maybe...

Maybe it was time she was, too.

Nephthys closed her eyes, her shoulders slumping slightly as an unfamiliar feeling started to settle over her. At first, she couldn't place a name to this feeling, but after some fleeting moments of deliberation, the gardevoir came to the realization of what this emotion was.


It felt alien, yet at the same time, comforting. Slowly opening her eyes, the gardevoir cast a glance around herself at the gathered contestants, and felt a sudden surge of another emotion that was foreign to her, though not unknown. Respect.

She hadn't felt that in a while.

For the first time in a long time, Nepthys felt her lips curl into a small smile.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

"Alright guys, stop warming up and start bashing each other in! Whoop whoop!" Chai called to Cayman and Knuckles outside the ring. "Let's see some wrestler moves!"

It was hard to ignoring the living earthquake that stomped behind him. The hairs on his skin stood up on end and his fingers curled, the guitarist slowly turning to the big beetle. He's...not here to finish the job is he? I thought we were cool now? Chai gave a sheepish wave before Kragg revealed his intentions, pointing to Bakura.


"Help with that exactly?" 808 spoke, eyeing Bakura up and down.

The sphere like drone transformed back into a cat, 808 walking over and making a circle around Bakura and Kragg. Chai pointed at Bakura with a confused expression.

"If you mean the hair, that's called hair dye dude, it's normal."


Previously Gamingfan2
"Just....die!" screamed Nott as she attempted to drive her weapon into Ryuji's head.

"You...first!" Skull choked out, still focused on keeping the weapon a non-fatal distance. Still, it got ever closer, enough for it to tough his temple...
Suddenly, Nott's grip weakened, letting Ryuji push her arm away. More than that, the princess went entirely limp, finally succumbing to her wounds.
Wait, that meant he won!
Ryuji was way to tired to celebrate that though, instead rolling off the princess, shutting his eyes for a brief moment of relaxation.
"That was...way too close..." he sighed.
When Ryuji opened his eyes again, he found himself back in the lobby, back to 100% as if he wasn't profusely bleeding three seconds ago. The phantom thief picked himself off the floor and scanned the arena to find his green-haired opponent, before locating her.
"I'm gonna be honest, you are really scary in a fight." Ryuji said sheepishly as he approached Nott

Alter Knight
The knight came out her own gateway, surprisingly calm for someone who just got dismembered. Her eyes were closed as if deep in thought.
Another loss. Is this because I'm not longer the hero?
Putting those thoughts aside, the Knight looked around to find Kassandra. The spartan was facing something else, a strange monkey-like creature that looked very pleased.

"Ah! So that's what the smell was~"
Up above the shop, Magolor dropped in from a star shaped portal, cheerfully giggling.
"Hello Shopkeep! How's it going? I trust you've been keeping up your end of our little bargain?"
As he spoke, Magolor eyed behind the man. From the items and their prices, Magolor already began to understand what was going on and the point of the tokens on his person. Though nothing there seemed to go for half a token....

The aura pokemon's blood red eyes widened as his pupil shimmered and grew.
Congratulations! Mudkip has evolved into Marshstomp!
Lucario quickly jumped off the island, maneuvering around the rocks until he was back on the beach.
"Incredible. To think you'd gain so much experience." Lucario said proudly. His tone didn't change, but his words were traced with excitement.
"Then we shall take this up a notch. Face me!"
Marshtomp didn't need to be told twice, already charging at the steel/fighting type. It attempted to use it's newly increased power to unleash a rock smash into Lucario, who gracefully gripped Marshstomp and used its weight to shoved it behind it.
Marshstomp stumbled a bit, but quickly got back into the action and leapt over Lucario, bringing its arms over the pokemon. Lucario blocked the blow with his arms, before shoving Marshstomp back into the air. Marshtomp was forced back, but surprised Lucario by blasting him with a concentrated burst of mud as he flew back. It was Marshtomp's newly learned move: Mud shot!
The mud covered Lucario, weighing down the pokemon a bit. Once Marshtomp landed, it used the move again, this time close to the ground. Sand was picked up by the mud, forming into a muddy wave that would crash over Lucario!
Lucario charged an aura sphere between his palms, before firing it towards the wave, blasting it apart and sending globs of mud and sand all over the beach. The attack was even larger than his previous aura spheres, continuing its path towards Marshtomp itself! It directly struck the water/ground type, sending Marshtomp back a few feet, but the pokemon remained standing. It's evolution made it tougher as well! The pokemon let out a battle cry as it jumped again at Lucario, pulling it's arm back to unleash another Rock Smash. Lucario summoned a bone staff, formulating a plan of attack.
...Before Marshtomp suddenly slipped on a puddle of mud, landing on it's back and pathetically sliding until it came to a stop against Lucario's foot.
Lucario let out a small huff of amusement, before its staff dissipated as it crouched down. Marshtomp rose back up, seemingly confused on why they stopped fighting.
Lucario spoke again. "You've gained power, but you're relying too much on it. After evolving, it may take some time to adjust to your new body. You've still got a lot to learn."
The aura pokemon reached its paw out.
"Perhaps we should do this again later." he offered kindly.
Marshtomp looked at the outstretched hand, as if considering Lucario words. It took a second, before nodding in understanding and returning the handshake, conceding Lucario's point.

Winner: Lucario!

Back in the Lobby, the aura pokemon and mud fish pokemon exited the gateway side-by-side. Lucario saw Dart give Marshtomp a nod, a figured now was a good opportunity.
"Dart Feld. You have my thanks."


Previously Manu456Alola
Fjorrd was relentless, landing blow after blow on the angel. It was clear Pit was feeling overwhelmed, unaccustomed to such an opponent.

"Where has your courage gone? Bring it forth! Show me your might!"

...the nord had a point. He'd been able to defeat several gods in battle, including Hades! There was no way he could go down to a single man, magic or not!


A flash of light followed Fjorrd's words, Pit's Guardian Orbitars disappearing to give way to a different weapon. Something now poked at the dragonborn's gut, and when the nord looked down, he was met with a rectangular white and and blue object that enveloped Pit's arm: the EZ Cannon.

"You want might? I'll give you that and then some!"

The EZ Cannon fired, its volatile volley bursting at point blank range, unleashing a large explosion!​

Grazie vs Axe
(auto perms granted)
The sand tendrils came in at high speeds, following the winged Axe's movements closely. The boy said nothing as he flew, zipping this way and that, three of the tendrils missing their mark and zooming past, before he suddenly dipped low. His pickaxe came out once more, glowing brightly as he swung -


Two more of the tendrils were sliced apart, falling to the depths below - but another tendril emerged from an unexpected angle, grabbing onto him. It compressed around his body pretty tightly, locking him in place as he looked up, hearing the rip-roaring Grazie falling to drill him to the ground.

"Y'aint gettin' outta this one!"

"I thought I told you to never try to beat me with power!"

Axe's shield-wielding arm broke free, rearing back before shooting skyward to meet Grazie's attack. Much to her surprise, Axe's Power of Fire held up against her huge drills, and even as they both crashed back down to the bridge, the chosen one stood his ground. His weapon was starting to get pretty roughed up, though...

"Whaaa?! Just go down, ya little ant!"

Axe swung his arm to the side, shifting Grazie away just enough to avoid being crushed, the pickaxe extending at the same time. One of the drilled legs was chopped in half as Grazie finally hit the ground. Axe took to the air again, wings flapping as his crimson eyes locked onto Grazie's own. She was visibly surprised by this development, gritting her teeth as she stomped, her mech's two legs quickly redistributing their length.

"Couldn't ya have used all this power last match?!"

Her opponent said nothing in return. Frustrated, Grazie threw a punch forward - and a large sand pillar burst from her arm with impressive speed, grazing Axe's side as he attempted to evade, knocking him a little lower to the ground with a wince. This got the Adept's attention. Axe had a bunch of power now, but that attack still seemed to hurt. Maybe he was still relatively squishy!

Grazie leapt forward, swiping downward with a pincer arm with the intent of slamming Axe down to the ground, but he dove to the side, closing in for a stab of his pickaxe. The weapon dug into the mech's breastplate, deep enough to cut into Grazie's abdomen, getting a shout out of her, though it was not fatal. Sand shot out from the area he struck, once again compressing around him with great force. More sand burst from the mech's outstretched arm while Axe was immobilized, a spike quickly jabbing at him - and it sliced his right arm open from shoulder to forearm, earning a pained cry.

"You're not going to win!" Axe grunted, wings bursting from the sand cocoon to get him away from a follow-up punch. Deciding to pick up the pace, the monster boy flew around the bridge, becoming a blur to Grazie as his extended pickaxe dug into the arena - and when he finally slowed to a stop, the sound of stone breaking could be heard.​

The bridge was falling apart.

"Whoaa!" Grazie yelped as she jumped, a sand tendril shooting out from her arm and latching onto Axe, pulling him in as they both began to fall. Not willing to go down with his opponent, Axe began to slice away at the mech, sparks, metal and sand flying everywhere as the two plummeted, but a constant flow of sand from the armor piled up on the boy. Grazie's exposed face was covered in tough sand for protection, her mech curling up around her opponent to prevent him from getting away, the entire mech's weight converging on Axe with crushing force.

Yet, unbeknownst to the boy, a hole had opened up on the back of the massive armor, allowing the girl inside to slip out, procuring her staff as she spun it above her head to rise back up. Grazie knew her odds of winning with brute force weren't as great as she thought, so she had resorted to a more sneaky approach.

Axe kept slicing and dicing away at the armor, attempting to get to Grazie before they both hit the bottom. He finally cut through the front of the mech - and was greeted by an empty chamber that quickly closed up, trapping him inside. The chosen one struggled to break free, but he was too late.

The abandoned mech and the boy inside hit the ground with a booming thud.
Winner: Grazie!

"I'm gonna be honest, you are really scary in a fight."

The Princess slowly blinked awake. She was back in the plaza, Skull by her side. Slowly, Nótt looked around. Moon-Wing landed on it's perch on the back of Nótt's armor, preening its feathers and looking down at Skull with a glare. Just like the match before, Nótt felt refreshed. Fully healed, as if their fight had never happened. She looked at the gauntlet on her left hand. Perfectly maintained, no signs of having been crushed by Skull's punch. Even her lance, Hrímfaxi, was in her hand.

She had lost.

Nótt's grip tightened to a fist. This... wasn't supposed to happen. How could she lose? To this... Nótt sighed. She supposed it was earned. It had been a long time since she had tasted the sting of defeat. If she kept on this path, she might have let it gone to her head. Still, it did feel rather embaressing. At least she hadn't been eliminated in the tournament yet, she still had a chance. Or at least, the quarter finals. Maybe the pre-quarter finals, with how powerful these fighters were, Nótt supposed she could be proud of that.

Coming out of her thoughts, she turned her attention to Skull. Nótt looked the Phantom Thief up and down once more before giving the teen a smile and an elegant nod.
"As are you, Skull." Nótt said. "Even from having fought besides you last match, I had no idea you had such strength. You humans are always so surprising. I wasn't expecting you to have the strength to actually push me back."

Nótt tossed her hair behind her, before letting out a frustrated sigh. Despite trying to hide her annoyance and embarrassment at her own loss, it was still bubbling up.
"Gah. A close match. When we next fight, it will be different." Nótt said. "But in the meantime... ugh, this is embarrassing... a wager is a wager..."


The white haired teen followed after Kragg nervously, wringing his hands. The massive rock beetle strode across the plaza, bringing Bakura to an area he hadn't noticed before. Some sort of training practice area? A large, muscular man was trading blows with a short red creature. Bakura winced at the force in which they were fighting each other. But Kragg wasn't leading Bakura to that pair. Instead, he stopped in front of a young man, human by the look. One dressed in red and yellow, with a metal arm.

"Help." Kragg said, pointing back to Bakura. By this point, the teen had managed to calm himself down quite a bit. He nervously waved to Chai.

Then yet another surprise. The small drone hovering around Chai transformed, taking the form of a robotic cat. Bakura watched as 808 walked around him and Kragg.

"Um... It's not that..." Bakura said. He looked up at Kragg. Was the warrior sure that this guy could help? Bakura sighed. It wasn't like he had many options.

"Look, I... I don't know how to say this." Bakura said. He sighed. "I've been... having these blackouts. Gaps in my memory, when suddenly I'm somewhere else, and time has passed. And usually that's been fine. But now... Now I'm here. And I have no idea how I got here. And then, evidently... I was fighting? I fought a match?"

Bakura shook his head, crossing his arms.
"I don't know what's going on. There's no way I'd fight in a match like this. I don't even know how I fought. But evidently, I did?" Bakura said. "If I'm fighting people in these blackouts, joining strange fighting tournaments... I just don't know what's going on with me..."
He looked back up to Kragg.
"How did I fight you, anyway?" Bakura asked. "Was it like Rex and Weevil? I mean, did I summon monsters?"
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Chai & Peppermint

"Wait, so you're telling me you fall unconscious and fight people? And I thought I've seen everything..." Chai muttered.

"Wouldn't be the weirdest thing I've seen here." Peppermint added, speaking through 808. "But that doesn't add up, because he doesn't know how he was fighting."

808 stood on their back paws, crossing their arms like a human and eyeing Bakura up. He was definitely shaken. In fact, looked like he wouldn't be down for fighting a bug with a fly swatter let alone other people. Lifting a paw inquisitively, she gestured to him.

"Say, you don't have dissociative personality disorder, do you? That would explain why you don't remember anything about the match. Unless there's something else whacky from your world that it could be."


The petite demon whistled nearby Kassandra, hands behind his head. He was propped up against a wall as Kassandra exited the gate. He found himself gaining a grin after seeing the gruesome display, reminding of his own against his two opponents.

"Now THAT was a brutal conclusion." Rinku called out, slowly clapping. "Nice to see that some aren't sissies here and actually put up a good fight without mercy. And here I thought the big 'ol hand was doing me wrong by inviting me."

Casually approaching her, the S class demon paused. This is where someone would typically offer a hand for a shake or something along the lines, but Rinku just beamed a toothy smile.

"I can't wait for our match, I want to see just how brutal you can get! The other guys here break too easy!"

Sonic & NiGHTS

Aw shoot, why'd it have to be water!

Sonic held up his arms as the water eclipsed his sand tornado, the current crashing over him in a big burst of bubbles! The hedgehog was sloshed around the tornado's current, the jostled hedgehog trying to gain his bearings. He spun his feet around and around, finally gaining some semblance of traction. Fighting against the current, Sonic held his breath, looking directly up through the tornado.

Alright Chaos, experience don't fail me now!

Sonic shot upwards, running on the water through the current, fighting it all the while as he climbed the inner workings of the tornado like a spiral staircase. He ascended and ascended, finally getting to the top where NiGHTS was spinning around in a frenzy. Sonic curled into a ball, delivering a fierce homing attack to Dolphin-NiGHTS, knocking her out of her pattern and sent her flipping into the deeper ocean bubble in the sky.

Direct hit!

Sonic smirked, bubbles escaping his mouth. His eyes went as big around as plates. He had found himself deeper in the bubble that expected. Without a current to climb nor solid ground, he was out on his own! He could hear a countdown in his head as he tried to swim to the outside of the bubble, his movements getting more and more frantic as he tried to get out.


No air bubbles here to save him this time, the hedgehog spun his feet fast, only to do front flips in place without getting any further to the oxygen on the other side. Yeah, he was screwed.



A pair of hands scooped up the hedgehog from under his arms, taking him out into the air filled zone outside. NiGHTS, who was back to her old self, had swooped in to save him at the last second. Sonic shook his head off from the dripping water from his quills, peering back up at NiGHTS.

"Ah, sorry bout that blue, forgot you had a hydrophobia thing. Must be the nightmaren in me." NiGHTS laughed regrettably. "We can continue the fight now if you like?"

Sonic crossed his arms, looking away from her. "Nah, it's fine. You woulda won that, can't hope in a real fight my enemy would give me a pick-me-up in a tough situation, eh?"

"Aw screw, maybe we should choose a map with less water next time for a real fair fight."

"Look on the bright side." Sonic flashes them a smile. "At least there weren't any orcas this time."

They both shared an elated bundle of laughs as the simulated world begun to fade before them, the gateway emerging to ferry them back to the plaza.

Master Hand

Master hand was seen far above with eyeglasses over his middle finger, a book, and an arm chair, which is odd considering he hadn't any eyes nor arms. As the remaining pair left their round, Master Hand did a double take, his pinky lowering the glasses he was wearing.

"Oh god finally." He sighed, throwing the book and glasses off with a flick. "That felt like it went on for MONTHS. Let's make the next round a bit more snappy, eh?"

Floating down to the main plaza fountain, Master Hand cleared his non-existent throat, pointing to the new brackets forming on the roster.

"Now that the weak links that couldn't play with the big boys have been taken down a peg, let's find our new pegging order!"

BB6 - Winner's Bracket Round 3 (5 Matches)

Ryuji vs Kragg
Kassandra vs Jeice
Weevil vs Rinku
Irnane vs Aegislash
Dart vs Magolor

BB6 - Loser's Bracket Round 3 (8 Matches)

Pit vs Chai
Jevil vs Dagr
Warlock vs Rex Raptor
Alter Knight vs Kirin
Beam vs NiGHTS
Lucario vs MODOK
Grazie vs Audrey
Nótt vs Taskmaster

"Ha! There are some good ones here. Fight well everyone, and make sure to give me a good show!"
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Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Taking control of one's own destiny.

It was exhilarating. It was...


It had been a long time since the spartan had felt so alive. For centuries she'd simply wandered and destroyed artifacts, a fate she believed had been deemed to her for the next two thousand years to follow. But now...

Now she was in control of it all. The Staff of Hermes had called her "True Keeper." She had usurped Layla's destiny.

She gave a nod toward Specter's approval, before she turned. Alter Knight was staring back at her, her gaze mostly blank, though a tad inquisitive. Kassandra elected to ignore her - the knight was now a non-threat. She might have been decent enough to fight alongside, but the better of the two had been proven. The misthios was moving on to bigger and better things.

She strode past Alter Knight without addressing her, instead making her way toward the various shops. That was two wins under her belt... already, she was performing better than last time.

However, a child interrupted both her thoughts and her trajectory, waltzing in her way. The spartan slowed to a stop, and looked down at him. He seemed impressed by the display she'd put on, demeaning the surrounding contestants in the process, seemingly eager to fight the misthios.

"Eh, that's nice, kid," Kassandra replied. She hadn't really seen anything this boy had done, or even really cared. Obviously he had done something to stay within the Winner's Bracket, given the kinds of fighters that were present in this tournament, but in truth, Kassandra's priorities had shifted after her conversation with Specter.

She hardly seemed to give Master Hand, or the leaderboard, a glance as round 3 commenced.


The voice of the Lucario entered the Red Dragoon's mind - though after everything he'd experienced in his own universe, and now the Warlock, it was hardly a surprise or a discomfort, and instead, Dart grinned as he awkwardly rubbed the back of his head, placing his other hand on his hip. "Shucks, it's nothin'! I just respect a good fighter! And that little guy's now a bigger guy! Means he's getting stronger. He's putting in hard work!"

However, Master Hand's announcement came, and Dart blinked, lowering his arms to turn toward the leaderboard. His new opponent, in the rapidly dwindling Winner's Bracket, was a Magolor. Magolor... he'd caught something that the guy had done... hadn't he and the goofy magician teamed up against the sand girl and her feisty companion (at least companion at the time, apparently he'd been wiped out into the 'Eliminated' list by her)?

Quickly, Dart's eyes began to scan the gathered contestants in search of his new opponent, eager to get a better look at him.

However, as Dart began his search, the Lucario would be intruded upon by a rather colossal figure in comparison to himself. Some sort of Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing had blocked his way, hovering a few feet above the ground, his oversized maw split into an oversized grin.



The eruption engulfed the pair in light and smoke, launching them in opposite directions. Pit was sent back through a web of tree branches, crashing through them before he reached the ground, landing heavily. He began to roll and tumble a few dozen more feet due to the slope of the mountain, before he finally came to a stop. Singed, a little worse for wear, but still fighting fit. As for Fjorrd... he'd lost sight of the mountainous man.

Considering the lack of fanfare, dispersing world, or a portal, it meant that the nord was still active. Hardly a surprise, given everything he'd displayed up until that point. Pit's attention was drawn just ahead of him, toward the sound of snapping twigs, breaking tree limbs, and rustling bushes. Unless the selection of the Throat of the World had brought some kind of indigenous creature to the arena, there was no doubting it was Fjorrd.

And as two heavy branches parted, the truth was revealed in full. The dragonborn stomped forward, his iron armor smoldering, but he appeared relatively fine as he walked toward the angel.

Then, the nord came to a stop, standing opposite the small clearing he and Pit shared, before he grinned widely - and Pit could see a gap where a tooth should have been.

"Over too soon," Fjorrd chuckled, before he took a step forward, and extended his arm. "Was a good fight, son."


"Oh oh hoh!" Jevil kicked his feet in the air as he did a small, bouncy swoop. "A like-minded missus. You and I are just the sane, sane! A metamorphosis of perception, and belonging..."

"Um, yeah..."

Unfortunately (or fortunately) Master Hand interrupted the lobby with his announcement - the third round had officially begun. Irnane squinted at the board. Her battle would be against... the sentient sword of royal majesty. Aegislash. This would certainly be a different kind of fight...

"I would love to speak more with a... likewise aware individual, but..." she gestured toward the gateways.

Jevil let out a small chuckle, his toothy grin widening. "People like us always meet again, again! Heeheehee!"

"Yeah..." Irnane had to admit, the jester was a bit surprising. She didn't even know if she had accurately deduced who he was, and what he had experienced. He didn't at all seem bothered by her dissection of his character, instead seemingly elated that she was aware of things, like her, that others simply weren't. Had he done the same dissection for her, and simply had the self restraint to not spout it out like she did?

Perhaps a follow-up conversation was in the cards.

Nevertheless, Irnane had a fight to get to. She could see the floating sword already hovering toward the gateway, so the dark elf quickened her pace to join it.


And so the third round began, and the gardevoir found herself no longer a part of the tournament. People began to trickle back through the gateways, and Neph had to fight back a bitter emotion. Admittedly, she felt dejected that she couldn't join them any longer. On top of that, Kirin still hadn't appeared. Where had she gone...?

The gardevoir closed her eyes and began to sense her way through the lobby, but Kirin's unique signature was undetectable. Neither was she in the various 'Regular' stores. It was as though she'd vanished. She'd come back from the arena, hadn't she? Her name still resided on the leaderboard...

The further Nephthys tried to sense, the more difficult and unreliable this ability became. For a moment, she felt she could sense the faint presence of Kirin's mind, far beneath the lobby... but that didn't make any sense. There didn't seem any path downward, the only way was up toward the stands.


"Hey Every !! You Used [SPECIL POTION]! That Means Y ou're Ready To Make [THE BIG DEAL]..."

Kirin found herself back at the dingy, grungy, uncanny little shop of Spamton G. Spamton - the little robot who'd given her the special potion that had granted her victory in her last fight.

"Little [HOCHI MAMA], Have We<I Got A [THE BIG DEAL] For You!"

Spamton spread his arms as wide as their short length would allow him as he leaned over his shoddily-made stand, his pink and yellow eyes seemingly glaring at her.

"All Y ou Need To Do... Is [1] More... [[HYPERLINK BLOCKED]]"

For a moment, the robot fell still, his jaw falling open, before he let out his crazed mechanical laughter.

"To Get... This... [THE BIG DEAL]... And Th a^t... Is... [SPECIL POTION] Two Point Oh!"

A second potion appeared, quickly thrust out toward Kirin by Spamton, whose body was shaking with the anticipation of her taking the potion from him, his eagerness making him shudder and twitch.


Audrey Redheart
"Oh, well I mean," Audrey was immeadiately cut off guard by the praise, and 'calmed down', for lack of a better term, fast. "Of course I won and beat it, given how Awesome I am! A warning would've been appreciated, though." She then gagged after a moment. "Besides, it turned my opponents into bugs. No offense to bugs or whatever, but that was disgusting." Suddenly, Master Hand spoke up and revealed the new brackets.

"Seriously? I just got done with those creeps, I can't catch a break...!?" She grumbled, suddenly very distracted from Weevil. Her callousness led to the card she was previously holding falling to the floor.

The Warlock
"Urgh." The Warlock could only roll his eyes at Dart's response, before he noticed a little child by the shop as well. Before he could speak, Master Hand spoke to reveal his next foe.
The child.

He would not embaress himself against another Human, let alone a child.
The Chosen looked back at 'Rex Raptor', and sneered once more as he began to walk past the boy to the Shop. He did see some other alien creature was there in front of this 'queue' of sorts, and though he would usually consider one Pathetic, it was clearly in the Winner's Bracket for a reason still; "Magolor", so he had to 'respect' that.
Weevil Underwood

Audrey dropped the Parasite Paracide card, and Weevil rolled his eyes. Master Hand then revealed the new matchups. He was facing... Rinku, the demon he had just spoken to. Huh. What a coincidence. And now there was already a line queuing at that coin thrift store. Still, he would try to make one last attempt to mess with the 'hero' and have her keep the card.

Actually... Perhaps there was a third option...

Weevil rubbed his chin, looking up at the leaderboard.
"Hm... Looks like you're up against Grazie. She's pretty tough, with earth powers. I know you're really strong, but is your lighting going to be able to work against that?" Weevil asked Audrey in false concern. He glanced down at the Parasite Paracide. "Ah, you dropped that."


"Well, it's about bloody time!"

The number 2 of the Ginyu Force had been reclining in the Regular Burger, eating a chocolate parfait and watching the fights. A total snooze fest in his opinion, even after the first round. But now it was all over. The new matches were announced, and Jeice was against some warrior lady named Kassandra. He scoffed. She used conventional weapons, like swords and bows. Not even guns or energy weapons, like Minos or MODOK. At least that angel kid had energy arrows.



Jeice nearly fell out of his chair from the screaming voice of Captain Ginyu in his ear. He was quick to press the button on his scouter.
"Not just him!" The annoying voice of Guldo cut in. The video function of the scouter activated. It was a section of the stands, with Guldo, Burter, and Recoome there! Burter and Recoome smiled and waved, and Jeice could see the pair were holding small flags with his face and the Ginyu Force symbol on it. It was the feed coming from Captain Ginyu's scouter! Captain Ginyu took off his scouter, turning it so the camera faced all four of the remaining Ginyu Force members.

"You guys! You're all here?" Jeice asked.
"Of course we are! Like we'd miss a tournament with you in it!" Burter said.
"I just wanna know why you were invited and the rest of us weren't!" Recoome said.
"I'd be all for missing a tournament with Jeice in it. But at least it's better than space travel. The food's better. And it's been a lot of fun watching people beat the crap out of you!" Guldo said.

"Everyone shut up!" Captain Ginyu snapped.
"Sorry..." Recoome muttered. The leader of the Ginyu Force looked back to the camera.
"Listen, Jeice! I don't know why you were picked and I wasn't. But it doesn't matter now!" Captain Ginyu said. "Jeice, you need to get your head in the game and take this seriously. While you're here, you're not just representing the Ginyu Force. You're representing the great power of Lord Frieza himself! You can't have any embarrassing moments like you had in that first fight. Now, have you been watching the matches?!"

Jeice frowned, glancing away.
"Jeice..." Captain Ginyu growled. "I can tell you're already underestimating this woman. Take her SERIOUSLY. She is not just some savage with sharpened sticks."
Jeice looked out the window of the Regular Burger, scanning the crowd of people in the plaza before finding Kassandra. The scouter was able to pick out the woman, and lock onto her power level.
"What are you talking about, Captain? Her power level's-" Jeice was cut off by Captain Ginyu's sigh.
"Jeice. Listen to me. In our universe, there are warriors who are able to hide their true power levels. Weren't you confused on why Minos and MODOK seemed like their power levels were so low, but they were so strong?" Ginyu said. "These fighters must have a similar technique! It's quite obvious that here, you can't rely on your scouter for detecting an enemy's power level. So treat every enemy as if they are incredibly strong. These are hand-picked warriors from other universes, after all."

"Right." Jeice nodded.
"Now get out there, and show these freaks the true power of the Ginyu Force!"
"I will, Captain! I won't let you or Lord Frieza down!" Jeice said, jumping onto the table. He threw his chocolate parfeit, the dessert shattering against the wall near Dagr and Beam.
"Ha! Hoo hah!" Jeice struck a pose on the table, before flying out the door of the regular burger.
"Good luck, Jeice!" Burter called out, then the call was ended.

With super speed, Jeice flew over to Kassandra and landed next to the assassin. He crossed his arms and looked to her smugly.
"Oi, ponytail. Seems like you and me's fighting next." Jeice said.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist


Rinku was disappointed in the lack of banter back from Kassandra, who boringly waved him off. The wind in his sails were taken out, blinking a few times, Rinku readjusted himself, putting his hands on his hips.

"Not a talker, are you? Man that's boring. No corny one liners in that cold carcass of a body?"

As Jeice arrived to confront Kassandra to start their match, Rinku sighed, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

"Good luck tomato, make her squeal for me. Got a fight of my own to get to."

Glancing at the screen, the deflated Rinku perked up again, seeing that green haired dweeb from before matched up with him. Well wasn't that convenient? Perhaps he'd get a fun fight after all. Wonder how many times a nerd can be folded in half?

Rex Raptor

Rex slammed on the table as soon as the new brackets were announced, pointing at the shopkeep with new vigor.

"Alright guy, hand over the good stuff! You said you would hook me up and I'm first in line for the best ones!"


Previously Gamingfan2
The aura pokemon simply nodded towards Dart's reply, before finding himself face to face with what looked like a massive head sporting grotesque grin.
"I am Lucario. And I suppose you are MODOK." Lucario said plainly. His opponent's aura did have similarities to Warlock, but he wasn't lying when it came to the power difference. Maybe it was the head size.
MODOK's behavior on the other hand, felt like talking to the Mindripper all over again. At least MODOK spoke a little less.
Lucario held eye contact with MODOK for a second as if actually considering the offer, before shaking his head.
"I will not hold back." Lucario answered. "And I don't expect you to either."


The unnatural blonde crossed his arms proudly at Nott's begrudging compliment. "Heh, well don't underestimate humans! Especially not us Phantom Thieves!"
Nott huffed, muttering something.
"Hah! I'll take that action-wait?" Skull blinked in confusion, before suddenly blurting, "Oh right, that!"
He had entirely forgotten about the bet! Anything he wanted was on the table!
Which would be...what? Ryuji had yet to figure it out.
"So uh...what were you gonna make me do?" he asked casually. Maybe he could base an idea off of that.

Of course, Skull had forgotten about it. Nótt sighed. She should have just kept her mouth shut. Nótt sat down at a nearby table in the plaza, resting her lance against it. Her eagle hopped off her back, settling down on one of the other chairs. What was she going to make him do anyway? She hadn't given too much thought to it.
"Well..." Nótt said, playing with her hair as she thought. "I wanted to see what you looked like without a mask on. And also, for me to call you Ryuji instead of Skull."

There was something else, too, but Nótt was hesitant to admit it. But she had to.
"I was also going to have you give me the coins you won from the last fight." Nótt said. "After that, well, this whole wager was rather last minute. So I hadn't really thought of anything else yet. Maybe I would have had you do something you found a little embarrassing."

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

As the demon child left and a hot headed Freiza Force member arrived, Kassandra's battle was to commence immediately afterwards. At that exact moment, there was a sudden buzz of white noise in Kassandra's head. A echoing voice resounding off in her mental space came calling out, as if crawling from her subconscious.

"You handled yourself well, can't say I haven't enjoyed the show."

It was Specter's voice, the psychic ape contacting her from the stands. Seems like his business with her wasn't quite done yet.

"I'm sure you can make quick work of the next rather flamboyant opponent. Take heed to control thoughts that are entangled. Keep your goal clear and in the moment. Less you find yourself a weakness you painted there yourself. Hyenas wait for a weakness to strike. See to that you don't have one."


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


The dejected kid sauntered off when both Kassandra didn't humor him, and when Jeice arrived to initiate their match. He was the somewhat short red-skinned man wearing odd armor, a green lens over his eyes, and bore a mane of bushy white hair that flowed out behind him. That hair was an obvious weakness he possessed. Any spartan knew that. In the culture she'd been raised in, long hair was a valued trait in both men and women, but it was to be braided for battle, to keep it out of your way and to prevent the enemy from easily grabbing hold of it.

He even pointed out her braid, possibly as a demeaning nickname.

She glanced at him, head to toe, before she sniffed. "Fine."

Evidently, just like with Rinku, Kassandra wasn't sparing much time for witty banter, as she normally might. On the one hand, she was reserving it for the fight itself. On the other... well, she wasn't exactly acting like herself anymore. Not only had she changed the threads of fate through the knowledge she now possessed, it had allowed her growing darkness to be fed by something else.

The Staff of Hermes.

It whispered to her.

It encouraged her.

But another voice entered her mind. One more familiar. One more welcome. It all came back to Specter in the end, really. He was the catalyst for Kassandra's transformation. She turned her gaze briefly back up to him. His smirk returned to her as his voice echoed in her mind with clear and concise advice.

It wasn't the most helpful of advice, but that's probably not what it was meant to be. He was keeping her trained on what she needed to remain focused on. No distractions, no detours. She'd seen bits and pieces of Jeice's fight against his last three opponents. He relied on speed and strength above all else, and when needed, he could keep his distance and use ranged attacks.

So she would have to be faster. Hit harder. Shoot further.

With the slimmest nods of acknowledgement to the ape, Kassandra turned and made her way back to the gateway, nary a moment to spare after her last match.

Once enveloped, she chose her destination: "The entrance to Atlantis."

That would heavily restrict Jeice's movement, in the event his own pick didn't completely deter the main advantage of Atlantis.


Somehow, that wide, unsettling grin only seemed to stretch a little larger. The Man-Mind's wild eyes betrayed his confidence, and his bloodlust. "YOU ARE A CREATURE THAT GAINS STRENGTH FROM WEAKENING. A TENACITY. I SIMPLY WILL KILL YOU BEFORE YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO ENTERTAIN ANY OF THAT HIDDEN POWER."

With a cackle, the mechanised organism turned and hovered toward the gateway, slipping through it and into the void of the pre-arena. "COMPUTER. DESTINATION: AVENGERS TOWER. THIS WILL BE A GOOD OPPORTUNITY FOR ME TO THRASH THE HOME OF MY ENEMIES, AND GET INSIGHT ON THEIR BASE OF OPERATIONS - ALL WHILE I EXONERATE THIS FURRY FROM ITS PITIFUL EXISTENCE."


Previously mallard
Walking into the lobby once again, the Taskmaster's cold eyes surveyed the tail ends of the other fights. A brutal display of cruelty from one of the contestants. Another spewed lightning from their weapon, like a wannabe Thor. But, before long, they were all ended, and the large hand was talking again. Taskmaster tuned out the fluff; his focus was saved for the brackets. Nótt. Judging by the name and her picture, she was Asgardian, or something close to it. He'd seen their kind in action, and took down a few of them, too. He wasn't too worried about it, and decided to slink into a corner for a while to watch how some of the contestants would start off for a change.

The humans conversed, ad threw around terms that the much knowledgeable beetle did not understand. So, he stayed silent, but remained present as a formality.

"Was it like Rex and Weevil? I mean, did I summon monsters?"

The conversation was shifted to include Kragg again, though he hadn't been following enough to see it coming. The earth-creature hesitated, but he knew the answer, and after a moment he gave a slow nod.

"So do you like being part-human? Anything that's better than when you were a full devil?"

Beam stopped gnawing on the axe for a moment. He hadn't considered that before, and didn't really care to. To him, it was just a thing that happened. Yet, at Dagr's inquiry, he tried to give it some thought, to not much success. A chocolate parfait smashing against the wall snapped him out of his slack-jawed stupor, and the devilman tumbled out of his seat.


The fiend landed on his head, and his feet flailed in the air as Skinfaxi clattered to the ground.

Rex Raptor came in, slammed his hands on the table, and demanded items. The shopkeeper still pretended to be busy cleaning the empty shelves, but at Rex's shouts, the man slowly turned to greet his customer with a fake smile.

"Soarry for the wait, but I'm gonna have to put you on hold for just one moment more. I haven't officially opened quite yet, so BACK OFF, SQUIRT!"
The smile fell to anger at the last part, and he leaned over the counter to shout directly into Rex's greedy face. He backed off slowly, with his brow furrowed and jaw jutted. Then, he flashed his gleaming smile again.

"Thanks for cooperating."
Magolor dropped in, but the Shopkeep was already pressing a button on a remote, triggering a metal sheet to drop from the ceiling and totally cut off the two halves of the room at the counter.

Meanwhile, outside, a dot appeared in the sky. It grew larger and larger- an unknown object hurdling towards the plaza! It roared towards the Regular Shop, yet upon impact, it only made a soft ding sound, causing no damage as it rested safely upon the roof of the shop. The object was a large sign that read "GRAND OPENING" in massive, orange letters. They flashed a golden light, trying to grab as much attention as possible. A platform raised from the shop behind the sign, and atop it, the charismatic shopkeep, dressed in a tacky suit with colors divided into equal red, blue, green and yellow square shapes. He held a microphone.


Pyrotechnics spewed from behind the man while he played the air guitar. The invisible instrument actually seemed to produce a sound, and the shopkeeper got very into his guitar solo; flicking his tongue and stamping his heel. As he put on his show, a large, red ribbon faded into existence in a circle around the shop. His platform hovered down in front of the shop, and as he finished his solo, a pair of large golden scissors appeared in front of him. He was slightly winded, but grabbed the scissors and snipped the ribbon, which then crumbled into nothingness.

"Now we're open for business."

He winked, flashed is smile again, and made finger guns towards the approaching Warlock. Then he disappeared, alongside the scissors and the giant grand opening sign on top of the building.

Back inside, there was a moment more until the metal sheet was lifted. Behind it was the Shopkeep, and behind him were shelves of his items.

Nótt- 1
Ryuji- 3
Warlock- 1
Dart- 3
Rex- 1
Weevil- 3
Jeice- 3
Rinku- 3
Beam- 1
Kragg- 3
Dagr- 1
Chai- 1
Magolor- 2
Irnane- 2
Slash- 2
Kirin- 1
Audrey- 1
Lucario- 1
Kassandra- 3
Jevil- 1
Taskmaster- 1
Grazie- 1
Alter Knight- 1

Prime Serpents- 1 token
Sword Manual- 1 token
Gracidea Flower- 1 token
Miraculous Magician's Hat- 1 token
Splat Bomb- 2 tokens
Crimson Stone- 2 tokens
Get Down Here and Fight Me!- 2 tokens
Synchronize- 2 tokens
TNT/Nitro Crate- 2 tokens
TM Rock Smash- 2 tokens
Soul Edge- 2 tokens
Sweet Kicks- 2 tokens
Learn Their Secrets- 2 tokens
The Power of Fire- 2 tokens
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Rex Raptor

The beanie wearing sleaze flinched and threw back his arms as the shopkeep yelled directly at him. That's when he cleared his throat and announced the grand opening for the place, scissors cutting it open to signify it, a rock show and everything. Dramatic, reminded him a bit of Pegasus. Shaking it off and glaring back at the rest of the line at the kiosk, he barked first to claim an item before someone behind him could.

"I don't know what these mean but...uh...THERE!" Rex pointed to the Miraculous Magician's Hat. "That one looks strong! Give it here!"

Rex slapped his coin on the table as he greedily called for the hat to come forward into his mitts.


Previously Gamingfan2
The mechanical head spat out another threat before departing into a portal, leaving Lucario standing in the lobby, a little mystified.
...But I haven't learned hidden power.
Lucario wouldn't dwell on it any longer though, as a brilliant display caught his attention. A shop? From what he understood, it was for held items.
Curious, Lucario made his way over to it studying the many held items one display. Perhaps he could do with a better item than his mega stone. His mega form was powerful, but the Warlock managed to beat it. And the description of one item caught his attention.
He had just enough for them, so Lucario decided to experiment, dropping a token onto the store counter.
"The Prime Serpents. I'd like to buy them."

Ryuji nodded along with Nott's ideas, understanding most of them until she she paused, then spoke again.
"Wha-my coins!? For real?!" Ryuji defensively grabbed his coin pouch, looking shocked. "You really weren't gonna hold back huh..."
Well, he did make the bet, and he did say anything. But he couldn't find it in him to take Nott's own coins for himself. She still had her own fights.
That said, something embarrassing would be on the table...
A sneaky look seemed to settle in Ryuji's eyes before they suddenly brightened as a flash of light caught his attention. The "GRAND OPENING" of the shop!
"Who-hoh! That looks sick!" Ryuji said, ecstatic.
Leaving the bet aside for now, Ryuji already began making his way over. "Nott! Let's check it out!"

The mage couldn't deny the Shopkeep had style. Maybe he'd take notes for his own shop.
Speaking of, his question was left unanswered.
Magolor was about to ask again before the kid next to him started blabbering, reaching out for a familiar looking hat.
"Well, that's funny..." said Magolor under his breath. He scanned the items closer this time, but non appealed to him. No matter, next round would likely have a wider selection, and he would have more coins for it.
The mage brought his attention to the new matchups. He took pride in the fact that they got his name right this time, before noticing his opponent: Dart Feld, who currently looking around for Magolor himself.
The mage giggled silently as he lowered himself into another star shaped portal. The exit portal opened behind Dart, and Magolor would sneak behind the Red Dragoon before suddenly belting out "Boo!" and laughing cheekily.
"Hee Hee! Guess who?" Magolor asked, hiding his visage with one of his posters.
Given the poster itself already displayed his smiling face, it wasn't a difficult question.

Kass remained stoic. Determined. It made sense. She was from a different entire universe, this savage woman had no idea who the Ginyu Force or Lord Frieza were. If she did, no doubt she would be terrified!

Jeice tapped his head. No, he couldn't think like that. Captain had told him to take these fights seriously. He had too. Neither Minos nor MODOK had given him any time to toy around with them like he usually could. And if this savage had made this far in the tournament, in the winner's bracket, Jeice would have to take her seriously too. He followed Kass into the white void and stood across from her. She voiced her choice of the arena, 'The Entrance to Atlantis'. Something that meant nothing to Jeice. But before he picked his choice for the battleground...

Jeice tossed his hair back, smirking at Kass.
"Alright then, savage. Since you've made it this far in the tournament, I'll give you a little treat before we start. Ha! Ha! HYah!" Jeice struck a trio of poses in rapid succession, then launched himself into a backflip and landed a good 10 yards back. He quickly tapped his feet on the ground.

"Speed of Light, and strength of all!"

"The Ginyu Force shall make them fall!"

"Lord King Cold's army's strongest force!"

"We'll beat them all, secure the course!"

"If trouble meets us as we pass..."

"We'll shove our fists right up their ass!"

"Ginyu Force! Move out! HAAA!"

Jeice struck his traditional Ginyu Force pose, kneeling and throwing his hands up. He jumped back to his feet with a smirk. Yeah. Doing the chant on his own may not be as fun without the others, but damn. It felt good.

But that was enough for chants and poses. If he was going to take this fight seriously, it was best to get them out now before the fight started. So, now to pick the fighting arena.
"Hm... What was the name of that planet... Oh right. I pick Namek." Jeice said. Sure he hadn't been there before. But he could fight anywhere and everywhere. At least now, this would be a chance to see what this Namek planet was like.

The arena took shape around the fighters. A massive cavern formed around them. Jeice and Kassandra were on top of a metal platform. On Kassandra's side, a statue of a massive snake creature stood. On Jeice's side, the statue was of a Namekian warrior. A green skinned humanoid, bald, with pointed ears and antenna. But what was more impressive was the massive 'window' on one wall of the cavern. A massive energy field that kept countless tons of bright green water from crashing in and flooding the chamber. Beyond the energy field, strange ruins could be spotted. A strange castle-like structure with many pod type protrusions.

3! 2! 1! FIGHT!

During the countdown, Jeice took the time to center himself. Red energy began to flow off of the warrior, causing his long white hair to swirl in the wind. The moment 'FIGHT' was announced, Jeice blasted off. He would try to end this before it even had a chance to start. The warrior attempted to fly behind Kassandra with super speed and aim a powerful kick at the back of her head, a move the Burtr would be quite proud of, and follow up with a flurry of punches and kicks!


Kragg nodded in affirmative. So he had just been summoning monsters, 'playing' Duel Monsters like Rex and Weevil had. Well, that was a bit of a relief. Still, after the gruesome fights that he had seen, Bakura wasn't sure he would have joined. Then the robot cat spoke up. It stood on it's hind legs, holding itself like a human. It seemed rather... strange to Bakura. Then again, he was talking to a massive bug warrior. So...

"I haven't told anyone about this before. And I guess no one else has noticed. It's not like I pass out and collapse. When I wake up, it's more like... coming out of an intense daydream, I suppose." Bakura said. "Usually when this happens, I just kind of... roll with it? I wake up, find my way back to wherever I needed to go, and I'm fine. It's only recently that it's gotten worse."
He frowned and rubbed his chin.
"Actually, really recently. I was watching on TV that Maximillion Pegasus was hosting a massive Duel Monsters tournament on a private island." Bakura said. "He's a big president of a big gaming company. And then... I must have blacked out. I definetly did. I was on a boat, a large ship. And I think it was heading to the tournament."

Bakura sighed.
"Usually I was just in another place in Domino City when I came to. The farthest before was just a bus ride away. So coming to on a ship was a bit of a shock. But I just rolled with it, like normal. What else was I going to do?" Bakura asked. "And then... I'm here, in the stands, watching the fights. And then I'm in the plaza, slated to fight. Then I'm in the middle of a fight. Then, I'm here. And the fight is over. I just... don't know what's happening to me..."


The princess flinched when the chocolate parfait shattered against the wall.
"Watch it, creep!" Dagr called out, but Jeice was already gone. If anything, Beam was the one looking worse for wear. For a crazy shark devilman, he sure freaked out over quite a bit. Dagr got out of her seat and picked up Skinfaxi, then offered a hand to Beam to help him up. She smiled at the devilman.
"You're okay, dude. I guess I fried your brain with that last question, huh?" Dagr asked with a chuckle.

There was a flurry of activity. Master Hand announced the next round, and a new shop was opened. The coin shop. It looks like she was now slated to fight that strange jester, Jevil. Beam was going up against the other strange jester. Rinku was fighting the bug summoner kid. Nótt was facing the other skull warrior with all the weapons. And Pit has won his match! He was up against some... random guy, from the looks of the picture. Dagr leaned on her ax, and looked back to Beam.

"It's finally on to round 3! So what do you wanna do? Chill here and get some food? Find your opponent? Check out that weird store?" Dagr asked Beam.


A sneaky look came across Skull's face when Nótt mentioned having him do something embarrassing. She felt a slight bit of sweat form on her brow... but Ryuji's attention was quickly broken by the loud and dramatic reveal that the coin store was open. Nótt let out a small breath of relief. He had forgotten about the wager before, perhaps he would forget about whatever idea he just had as well.

The Princess nodded, quickly following after Ryuji. Moon-Wing settled on its normal perch on Nótt's back, and the group made it to the new store rather quickly. The Regular shop. Quite a few fighters were making their way in, no one that Nótt payed special attention to. That wasn't to say, they weren't strange. A normal, snotty looking boy with a strange device on his arm. A blue and black jackal beastman. A tall humanoid in purple armor that was neither man nor beast. A floating circle in a blue cloak, with hands that simply floated next to him. Nótt watched as the unusual creature lowered itself into a portal and disappeared.

She hadn't come here for the competition, Nótt was far more interested in the items. Unfortunately, there wasn't many left she could buy. Just a book titled 'Sword Manuel' and a rather pretty flower. It's display called it a Gracidia Flower. Nótt picked up the Sword Manuel, flipping through it curiously.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d



"Huh?" Dart had been looking in the opposite direction when Magolor had snuck up behind him to deliver a fright - although the method didn't seem to quite work on the mercenary, who simply turned around with a questioning eyebrow raised. "What does that mean?"

Dart's question was drowned out by a giggle from the spherical cat-like... thing, holding up a picture of another spherical cat-like thing in front of it. "Guess who?"

"Uh..." Dart stroked his chin thoughtfully for a moment. "Is your name... Boo...?"


What. The hell.

At least Alter Knight had acted serious. This guy seemed to have a few screws loose - of course, so had Jevil and Roo.

Perhaps the misthios was too quick to judge, but she preferred her opponents to be a little more... grave.

His choice of arena saw the Entrance to Atlantis surge into existence, with strange elements mixed in. "Namek," Jeice had called it. Green seemed to be the theme with it, and it muddied the beautiful blue waters around the true Atlantis. However, the main element to this selection remained: they were in an enclosed area.

Strangely, Jeice took the time to gather his strength. If Kassandra wasn't mistaken, he didn't usually do this at the start of a fight. Was he actually taking her more seriously? And if so, why?

Yet when the fight began, Jeice had taken directly for her. She procured the Sword of Perseus, and Jeice flashed behind her in an attempt to get the jump on her. He was aiming for lethality off of the bat. Again, Kassandra was led to believe he actually was taking her seriously, and again, had to question why.

She spun on her heels, quick on the uptake, but not quick enough to do more than block his attack, the flat end of her blade taking the kick, and skidding the spartan woman back a few paces. His dire approach could have been because he actually perceived her as a threat - which was her aim, given the brutality she displayed in her prior fight. But his aloofness and confidence would have counteracted that. He didn't seem the type to deem someone like her as a 'threat.' Advice from another could have influenced this. Or maybe he'd seen what she was actually capable of...

Regardless of the reason, Kassandra came up with an intriguing idea, both to lower Jeice's defenses, and to give her a better hands-on experience with his fighting style, to allow her both a chance to figure it out, and to retaliate.

She kept her stance seemingly open, using body language to tell Jeice that she was underestimating him, hopefully keeping him on the offensive while she played defense. If she allowed him to toss her around for a bit, he'd probably reconsider his lethal approach and start getting overconfident. He seemed thick-headed enough for it. Once his defenses were down enough... she'd strike. It would likely be enough to compensate for his power output. Plus, any of those projectiles he used could be batted aside by the Sword of Perseus, hence why she'd selected the weapon.
Audrey Redheart
Audrey clenched her fist as she looked at Grazie from across the lobby, and 'listening' to Weevil. She looked at the card when Weevil pointed it out, taking a second.
"...Alright, I'll bite." She slowly picked it up and moved it to her pocket. "But I'm not gonna need it, Kid." She finally got out of his way as she wandered off to the side and began inspecting her blade...

The Warlock
The Warlock kept quiet, for once, as the store opened and it swarmed. Unlike some people, the Warlock took some pride in not wanting to overwhelm a retail worker, but it looked like it was being handled fine by the Shopkeep.
After shooting Lucario a smug smirk, he looked over the stock... And the people taking it in.
Lucario, of course, he'd already assessed, looking at the 'Prime Serpents', a conversation that the psychically-adept hybrid was easily able to pick up on.
His new opponent, Rex Raptor, looking at the magic hat. Depending on luck, that could cause issues.
The disappearing alien blob was gone, so he didn't matter - Though he pitied the alien for facing Dart.
And a rather tall and powerful...Well, if he hadn't taken a sneak peek into her mind, the Mindripper would've mistaken her for a human. Seemed they all had only 1 token, how interesting. And not intruding on what they were taking left only one option for him.

The Gracidea Flower. Looking at it, it seemed like it was from a combatant of Lucario's world, but probably on a higher level. Curiousity overtook the Hybrid.
"Shopkeep. I only have One Token, and given what items are being looked at, you can guess what I will take." He placed the token on the table, calmly keeping a hand ready for the item.

The woman was quick, fast enough to block his attack from behind. And that sword was something special too, with how strong his kicks were, Jeice would have expected it to shatter. His kick was enough to force the savage back and leave her reeling. She was off balance, a perfect time to press his advantage. Jeice pushed off the ground and followed after her, grinning confidently. He floated a bit off the ground, matching her height.

"You're goin' down, red!" Jeice called out. She still looked determine, no sign of fear or panic yet. This savage sure could keep her cool. He threw a quick flurry of punches and kicks, testing Kass' defense against rapid-fire attacks and looking to break through her defenses. This savage would rue the day she tried to stand up to the Ginyu Force's number 2!

"An' when I say goin' down, I don't mean on an elevator! HYA!"

Weevil Underwood

So Audrey decided to accept the card. Hm. Weevil had more important things to do than mess around with this loser hero anyway, especially now that the store was open.
"Good luck!" Weevil said cheerily, waving as Audrey walked off.

The moment Audrey turned her back, Weevil booked it to the Regular Store. There were already so many people! And even worse, Raptor had gotten there first! No! He had a...

A lame looking top hat.

"Keh. Heh. Hyahaha!" Weevil laughed, pointing at Rex. "Really? A lame top hat? That's what you're going for? Raptor, your fashion sense was already in the stone age. You wear that around, you'll look even more like a dork! Kyahaha!"

Weevil put his hands in his pockets and started to look around the shop. A lot of spaces on the shelves were empty. Was more stuff going to show up? And this stuff that was here, it looked quite familiar. It was all stuff the eliminated competitors had used, Weevil recognized that strange weapon the Kool Kats had used. The bug duelist tapped the coins in his pocket. He had three coins, which meant anything here in the store was open for him. Talking to Audrey had costed too much time, all the 1 coin items were picked. Weevil needed something that could help him...

The bug duelist's eyes fell upon something familiar. A piece of headgear, a green curved helmet. It was what that weird fairy chick had been wearing, the one that had beaten him in the first match! Weevil read the plaque. 'Synchronize'. Any status effects inflicted on the user are inflicted back on the opponent. Hm... Rinku liked to paralyze his opponents, didn't he? With a grin, Weevil grabbed the Synchronize helmet and ran to the counter to pay.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Chai & 808

"Sounds like something right out of a crime podcast..." Peppermint muttered. "Have you tried being diagnosed by an actual doctor? Sounds like some unchecked trauma involved here."

"Trama...drama...yeah I'm totally an expert on the subject." Chai gave his 2 cents, eyes drifting to the Knuckles and Cayman brawl. "From where I'm sitting, just shake it off and try to chase what you want to do regardless, who cares if it's some angry coma monster or an alternate personality! Just uh, make sure to keep that on your resume."


Previously Gamingfan2
"Hah! So you're one of those." Magolor replied, still cheery.
Without elaboration, the catlike mage rolled up the paper and unveiled his hooded face with a wink.
"Wrong! I'm the one-and-only Magolor, a merchant by trade! Nice to meetcha!"
The magic merchant reached out for a handshake. If Dart accepted, he'd clasp his other hand over Dart's own and shake with both, sneaking in the same poster into Dart's grip.
"And you must be Dart! That's some real nice armor you got there. Quality looking sword too!"


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


She didn't know what an elevator was, so Jeice's elaboration fell on mostly deaf ears. However, just judging from the context, it was something with a downward trajectory. His choice of nickname in calling her 'red' however was... almost hilariously ironic.

He swooped in, leading with an array of thrown fists and kicks. They were quick and hard-hitting. Kassandra blocked the first few before a side kick knocked her to the side, into another punch that launched her back in the air.

His grin betrayed his confidence. Now if she could accentuate that. That rapid attack had built her up one charge- though the hits that landed had prevented her from filling the second. No matter, as it, and others, would be filled in little time. Kassandra's heels skid along the ground once more as she eyed Jeice, still leaving herself mostly open to his following attacks. He was keeping to the offensive, as she'd been hoping.


Oh...! So this was Magolor. Not... what Dart had been expecting. He was swiftly reminded of Mudkip in regards to adorability. "Ah, shucks," the mercenary scratched the back of his head. "They're not all that impressive. Really standard stuff from where I'm from."

While it might have been unclear if he was concealing the truth or not to Magolor - Dart was just being humble. And honest. They really weren't all that impressive when compared to most armor and weapons from the world he came from. Yet they suited the Red Warrior just fine, and had yet to fail him.

Or at least, fail him for long.

The white haired teen sighed.
"Perhaps you're right. Seeing an actual doctor is probably a good idea. But I certainly hope this isn't like a true crime story. I mean, if I've been hurting people during my blackouts..." Bakura hugged himself, rubbing his arms. He shivered. "I.. I don't want to..."

A loud growl interrupted the teen. His stomach groaned loudly, and Bakura felt a wave of hunger wash over him. How long had it been since he had eaten? He needed to eat, now. But Bakura tried to ignore the hunger. He looked over to Chai, frowning. "Well, right now I want some food. But more importantly, I want to figure out what's wrong with me. If there is something wrong with me."

He looked back to Kragg.
"... When I was fighting you, was I acting weird?" Bakura asked the massive warrior. He paused and shook his head. "I'm sorry. We've only just met, haven't we. I guess a better question is, how was I acting during the fight? Was I like how I am now?"


The Red Magma's flurry knocked Kass back even further, pushing her closer to one of the cavern walls. He was able to overwhelm the savage's defenses, but she was surprising tough. Not one of Jeice's attacks had been enough to draw blood. Usually, when Jeice hit someone, they at least started bleeding. Minos and MODOK were both weird enough that Jeice hadn't minded it, but Kass? She seemed like just a normal savage. No glowing skin or massive skulls. Even from the hits he was able to land, this woman looked barely hurt. Even so, she was still pushed back and open to his attacks. Jeice frowned. His scouter was able to track Kassandra, but the power levels she gave off were constantly fluctuating. It was like the Captain had said. Something was weird here...

Still, he pushed his perceived advantage. Jeice continued to pressure Kass, lashing out with another flurry of punches and kicks. These ones were a bit more careful, however. Not as reckless and powerful, more in line with testing Kass' defenses. At the end of his flurry, he aimed a sudden kick at Kassandra's legs, hoping to knock the spartan off her feet.


Previously Manu456Alola
She was here again.

The funky little salesman seemed exhilarated at the fact that she'd actually used his potion, shoving a new one right in her face. It was a little bigger, matching his rambling about it being the "Two Point Oh" version.

"Gotta say, that potion worked really well. Pretty amazing for something you're giving out for free." Kirin commented, walking a little closer as to reach for the new potion, though she hesitated for a moment.

"Say, I never asked... How come you're selling this stuff only to me, in this tiny little shop? What exactly are you doing here?"​

Instinctively, Pit had raised his weapon, aiming for the nord to continue their battle, but his calmness and subsequent smile reminded him of the terms of the battle. It was over, and as Fjorrd put it, it felt like it was too soon.

The angel lowered his cannon as his former opponent approached, and he grasped the nord's extended arm. "Heck yeah."

Quite a short but intense battle, huh Pit?
"Yeah, totally. I thought I'd get zapped into a pair of fried angel wings for a second there, hehe." Pit replied, chuckling awkwardly before placing his attention on the nord once again. "Still though, why did you decide to call off the fight once you lost the tooth? Wouldn't it be better to stay in til' the end for a shot at the grand prize?"

With that fight over with, the next round was now underway. Grazie couldn't spot Axe nearby, leading her to ponder about where he'd gone considering everyone else's opponents were accounted for. Hopefully he was doing alright...

Her new opponent was clearly displayed on the screen: Audrey. She hadn't seen any of her battles, so the big ol' sword was her only lead as to her fighting style. Could she be like that Sumeragi priestess in battle? She wasn't very fun to fight, so she hoped not. Any sort of sudden transformation like Axe's wasn't out of the question either, so she had to stay on her toes.

Searching for the hero herself, the Adept spotted Audrey already looking at her, walking away from another fighter while closely examining her blade. Not one to dawdle around too much, Grazie walked over to the blue haired girl, waving from afar as she approached.

"Howdy! Ya must be Audrey, huh?"​
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A shift came in the mutant's style as he closed in again. His strikes were suddenly less fierce. More coordinated. The misthios narrowed her eyes. Had she been too aloof? Or... no, he was prodding her defenses. She wasn't very good at playing this role, clearly. She moved with the alien's dance, blocking the blows just as before, before he swung with his leg.

She saw it, and nearly reacted on instinct - but stopped herself. This provided an opportunity. Her second charge had been built by now. She had enough of a cushion to risk more damage.

Kassandra's legs swept out from under her, and for a moment, she was airborne - at Jeice's mercy. The spartan feigned surprise, her eyes going wide.


"It was what we promised, no?" Fjorrd chuckled, before he slowly lowered himself onto a knee - he wasn't the kind of man to talk down at anybody. Being such a big guy, it would have come natural. Nevertheless, he made himself eye-level with the angel. "I have no stakes in victory. I am old, and my story has been told. I can tell you yourself have many stories - but you're still young, with so much to prove. Seeing that youthful heart of bravery inside of you, it ignited another fire in me. I had to see what you could do. You still have a ways to go, but I know you'll only get stronger. It brings me great joy to see someone so youthful and kind as you to be so capable and powerful!" He patted Pit on the shoulder, his mannerisms almost a mix between awkward and fatherly - like he was subconsciously resisting those affectionate urges.

SppPPpPpaaaaa- PIPIS!

For a moment, Kirin's question seemed like it would go unanswered. Spamton continued to hold out the potion for a moment, staring wide-eyed at her as he held out the item, before his jaw slowly closed. For a moment, his eyes glazed over with static. "You can't help me..."

Immediately, his head snapped back up to look at her as he let out another of his insane cackles.
"You Seem [LIKE] A [[SWEET CHILD OF MINE]] Who Deserves A Fair [MILKSHAKE! MILKSHAKE!] In A Tournament Like This! I'm Here To Make Sure You Get That [LIMITED TIME OFFER]! You Do Wanna Be A [[BIG SHOT!!!]] Don't You? Of Course You Do - WHO WOULD>n'T!?!?"

Another laugh from the salesman, before he leaned casually against the counter on an arm, still holding the potion like a delicate flower. He glanced away for a moment, but Kirin could still hear that static. "Everyone forgot me..."

Once more, he whipped back toward Kirin with his slick dealer persona, his eyes manic.
"I Guess You've Earned Some [HONEST] From An [[NUMBER 1 RATED SALESMAN1997]]. Tell You What. You [WINNER!] This Next Match, And I'll Tell You All About My [[BIG]] Plan. Can You Do That, [CHUMMY CHUM CHUM]??"

Once more, he held out Special Potion 2 out toward Kirin, eagerly awaiting her to take it.

His assault continued to press the spartan back towards one of the cave walls. She was quite fast, and tough. Each hit she was able to block with near perfection. Then the leg sweep, one that fully knocked Kassandra off her feet. Whether she was planning something or not, Jeice wouldn't let this opportunity pass!

"Take this! Crusher Fastball!" Jeice called out. A sphere of glowing red energy suddenly appeared in his right hand. It looked identical to the Crusher Ball technique he had used in his fight against Pit and MODOK, but instead of hovering a few inches above his hand, he was actually holding the energy ball. It was a variation of his signature technique, sacrificing at bit of power for a faster attack. Jeice launched himself back and flung the energy sphere, spiking it down towards Kassandra.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Rather than the punch or kick she'd anticipated, Jeice summoned a ball of energy - the same kind (or similar) he had used to blow up the winged child. The misthios wasn't sure what that meant for her, but she wasn't interested in finding out. The Sword of Perseus arced before her, and given that Jeice wasn't performing as she had been hoping he would, she was getting rather bored of her initial strategy. The "Crusher Fastball" as Jeice had put it shot toward Kass, but in the air she had angled her sword between herself and it, and as the orb landed---

It pushed against the blade, and nigh instantaneously bounced off of it, headed right back toward the red alien's torso, shoving Kassandra back a short pace, giving her the inertia to twist her body into a landing. She had used this energy-deflection technique before against Medusa, and a few Gods before. In the last tournament, it had been used against Specter. "I'm confused," the spartan finally spoke. "Weren't you supposed to be remotely impressive? I'm getting nothing but a sniveling, untrained child who doesn't even know how to throw a proper punch."

Her angle had shifted. Now she would provoke him, earn more aggression and less analysis. He'd displayed before he was the type to get arrogant, cocky, and easily miffed. Kassandra wasn't a great actor, she had learned enough of that in her interactions with Thespis, the "first actor" in Greek drama. Perhaps he was the first known, but he built upon the precursor of the art.

But pissing off her foes?

Kassandra was a natural.

She deflected his Crusher Fastball! Jeice quickly twisted mid-air, barely dodging his own attack. It flew past the red-skinned alien, barely missing the floating pyramid, before hitting the ceiling. The energy ball exploded, shaking the chamber and illuminating it in red light for a moment. Jeice scowled and slowly descended back to the ground around 50 feet from Kassandra.

"You're one to talk." Jeice said. He pointed at Kassandra. "You're acting all weird. That redirection was the first time you actually tried to attack me. And it was my own bloody attack! You're dodging my attacks, and ya got the toughness to take the punches anyway."
His scowl deepened, and he tossed his hair behind him again.

"Alright, sweetheart. You want pain? I'm throwin' it on the barbie!" Jeice said. He held out his hand, and another Crusher Ball formed in it. This chick had a magic sword that redirected his Crusher Ball? He'd show her. Just like in Galactic Little League, he'd show this savage how his team made it to the Galactic Series!
"YAH! Crusher Ball!" Jeice called out. His method for launching this attack was a little different from the last one. Jeice stepped forward, pivoting and using his entire body to throw the energy ball at Kassandra. It was a true baseball pitch. It sped towards Kassandra, but this was no ordinary fastball. It was a splitter pitch! At the last moment, the Crusher Ball suddenly dipped down, a technique that threw off even the most skilled batters!


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


“Have you considered it’s because you’re simply that unimpressive?” The misthios asked as Jeice hurled his “crusher ball” forward. He obviously had some confidence in this one, given she'd just lopped one back at him while at a disadvantage, so rather than face it on, the misthios moved backwards - and seemed to fade into the shadows and black stone that surrounded them.

The crusher bal dipped down and erupted a moment later to a similar result as the previous one, but now, Jeice's own scouter was struggling to pick up the spartan woman - its weakness to stealth prevalent as Kassandra leaned fully into it, exerting seemingly no power level at all.

"This is what the Ginyu Force has to offer? Some runt from a litter of weaklings?" The woman's voice bounced off the walls of the cavern, making it almost impossible to detect where her voice was originating from. "You're a joke."
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