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Private/Closed Bootleg Brothers 6

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Rex Raptor


Weevil was laughing at him, pointing at his hat that he just received from the shopkeep. Rex looked down at it, a red flush coming across his cheeks as he connected the absurdity of the situation and the dinkiness of the hat.

"W-Well, I uh...can't judge a spell card by the art!" He barked back defensively. "I got first dibs and this is a really potent item! One you couldn't get, so eat that!"

He shook his fist in the air before shoving the hat on his head with a tinge of embarrassment before stomping out towards the gateway.


Previously Gamingfan2
"Uh-huh, yeah." Magolor nodded along with Dart humility as he swirled around the Dragoon, seemingly admiring his equipment.
"Buddy, I would know. My wares include high-quality equipment AND at a good price. But now that introductions are out of the way..."

Magolor suddenly twirled flamboyantly before pointing at Dart.
"I hope you're ready for our fight, friend!"

She was gone! She had just stepped back and vanished! Jeice gritted his teeth, stepping back and looking around nervously. Her voice was coming from everywhere? What was this? Moving quicker than he could see? No, no, of course not. It had to be some sort of trick. Like Guldo's Time Stop. Jeice pressed a button on his scouter as he scanned the room. No sign of a power level either...

"Hrrrgh..." Jeice was sweating now. He took off, stopping to hover 20 ft off the ground. "Shut up! Show yourself and fight me, ya coward! I'll kill you!"


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Good. He was getting anxious. This strategy was proving far more effective than the previous one. She just needed to keep pushing it a bit further.

“Will you?” The voice of the misthios echoed around. “You’ve done little to quell doubts of that.”

Her vanishing had been through the consumption of one of her charges, leaving her with two remaining. Shadow of Nyx made the spartan woman practically a ghost among the living, an appropriate comparison. She was invisible to Jeice in both his and yes and his scouter.

Her weapon had been replaced with Artemis’ Bow, which she was aiming high. Kassandra was able to keep her Nyx form up, so long as she didn’t directly attack Jeice. The arrow she fired was just as undetectable as her, sailing high above before it plummeted toward the other end of the room. It was a stun arrow, and when it hit the distant edge of the room, near the water, it impacted with a dull, though heavy “thud.” A mere distraction.

Kassandra resumed her slinking, indeterminately casting more of the distraction arrows. She was playing mind games with Jeice, psyching him out, trying to force him to act more drastically. He was too fast to risk wasting charges on her arrows for special attacks, so she wanted to reserve her remaining two charges for when they went hand-to-hand again.


Previously mallard
The Taskmaster watched the only fight that had started. It was between a red alien and Kassandra: the woman that made a brutal spectacle of her last opponent. She was an interesting one. A strategist, and a clearly confident one at that. She had all sorts of magical doohickeys and powers, but one advantage the assassin felt he held over her was his obscurity. She'd drawn attention to herself with her brutality in the last match, and Tasky knew he wasn't the only one with an eye on her right now.

She likely wasn't the most dangerous one in the tourney right now, nor was she his next opponent, but it couldn't hurt to steal a couple of her moves...

The shark staggered to his feet, and was immediately attentive to the going-ons outside. While he didn't catch a whole lot of it, the hubbub was infecting the devilman with excitement. He was snapped out of his trance by another flurry of questions from Dagr, burdening him with an array of decisions. All the words were making him dizzy, but he did have his priorities straight.


The beetle was becoming increasingly unsure of how to feel about the situation. The other human had clearly been helping, but Kragg still felt as though he was left in the dust intellectually.

"Was I like how I am now?"

Another question was directed his way, to which the Earth's Bastion responded with a slow, unsure shake of his head.

As Raptor left with the magic hat, Lucario wished to make a purchase of his own, and he dropped a coin onto the counter. The currency disappeared upon contact with the surface, and the ethereal serpents behind the Shopkeep responded, slithering through the air and wrapping themselves around the Aura Pokémon's forearms. They faded and the Shopkeeper offered a short "Thank you for coming" before he turned to the next customer that came pouring in.

He slid over to where Nótt was as she leafed through the manual.

"That's a nifty one. It'll score ya a sword annnnd the knowledge to use it!"

Leaving her to consider her purchase, the Shopkeeper continued onto Warlock. He listened to Warlock's formalities, and then swept the coin off the table, taking it. The flower was situated in a small vase, and as the salesman reached under the counter, the flower receded into the vase. He held up the item, and handed it to Warlock with a smile.

"There ya go, big fella."

A moment later, the vase tipped over and shattered behind him, causing the Shopkeeper to jump in faux surprise.

As Weevil claimed his prize, two coins flew from his pocket and into the Shopkeep's hand, the man saluting to acknowledge that the transaction had gone through.
Audrey Redheart
Audrey held her gaze to the pocket she had that card stuffed into. She wouldn't use that again...She hoped. Her blade drooped to the side, held in a casual stance as the weapon was seen to be as pristine as ever. Instead, she noticed her opponent, the kid called Grazie, approach.
"Uh, hey." She shrugged before lifting her blade over her shoulder. "I mean, yeah, I'm Audrey Redheart, the Hero." Audrey quickly hid any awkwardness behind a smug grin and a boast.

"You must be...Grazie, huh? Listen kid, you can just give up now. This doesn't seem like it will be a fair fight, and as I am, you know, the Hero, I'm not fond of beating up a kid."
Okay, that wasn't technically true. She wasn't fond of beating up a kid, sure, but she'd do it if she had to.

The Warlock
The Warlock gave a nod as he took the Gracidea Flower in hand. It did seem a little silly as he stepped away from the shop, for someone so great and serious as he to take this small pink flower. As his mind led towards the same gateway of Rex Raptor, who he could only sneer at, the Mindripper wrapped the flower around his armored palm. His large hand did mean it was actually quite hard to spot.

As he approached Rex and the Gate, he looked to the child.
"Child. As a small mercy, I shall allow you this; An opportunity to give up now. You face the Elder's Greatest Champion, but they have not judged you fit for Punishment as you are." He offered, a condescending tone clear.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


"You bet!" Dart confidently pumped his fist in the air. "Let's not waste any time!"

With that, the Red Warrior took off through the gateway into their match, stumbling to a stop in the white void as the disembodied voice requested a new battlefield. Dart stroked his chin, deep in thought for a moment. He'd already chosen Hellena Prison and Seles... both hadn't gone as he'd expected, considering the alternate pick from his combatant. He had to think a little more outside the box.

But what place would be perfect enough?

That was when it struck him, and he snapped his fingers. "Got it! The Lair of the Feyrbrand - the Green-Tusked Dragon!"

He just hoped that the dragon's poison wasn't lingering in the air for the arena, like it had when he'd initially fought the beast with Lavitz and Shana by his side.


When the two had entered the white void of the pre-arena, Irnane had made her selection, as had Aegislash. A combination of a wizard's tower and a crumbling castle made for a grand, open, majestic arena around the two, and when the fight began, it was quick and clean. Utilizing the Sword of White Woe, Aegislash's physical attempts to battle saw immediately counters as his blade began to weaken with each blow, becoming brittle. Magic answered the special attacks led by the Royal Sword as the two went back and forth for a few minute, dancing all across the throne room...

And yet it was over too quickly. Part of Aegislash broke off from another blow, and he dropped to the ground. One of the sword's shadowy arms raised. <I yield.> His voice echoed in her mind. <There is no point in continuing in this state.>

Irnane stared at the sword for a moment, before she gave a nod and slid her sword back into its scabbard, and she offered her gray-skinned hand to Aegislash, who accepted it, and she pulled him back up to his usual hovering stance. She bowed her head in respect to her opponent, before the two crossed through the gateway back into the lobby.

Theirs was the first conclusion. Irnane's red eyes traveled toward the leaderboard to find, to her surprise, Aegislash had been struck with the score altogether, his name appearing in 'ELIMINATED.'

It seemed there would no longer be a Loser's Bracket to fall back on. She would have to be exceedingly careful from here on out.

The spartan's taunts rang through the arena once again. Jeice searched the area frantically. Still no sign of the warrior woman. A noise! A clatter! Jeice fired an energy blast in the direction of the noise. It struck the wall before disappaiting. No sign of the woman. Only... an arrow. Another clatter, behind him! Jeice looked back to see just another arrow rolling on the ground. She was messing with him. He grinded his teeth in frustration.

"I know what you are." Jeice called out. "You're just a stinking Guldo! A little freak with some special powers, but no real strength to back it up! I ain't having it!"

He took a deep breath, centering his energy once again. He shouted a battle cry, and a red aura whipped around him once again. Jeice shot to the ceiling of the arena and exploded into a swirling red vortex of energy. It was a technique he usually used in combination with Burter, his partner's blue aura mixing with Jeice's red aura to create a swirling purple vortex, called the Purple Spiral Flash. But Burter was not here, so Jeice had to use it himself. It was his Red Spiral Flash! Red energy spheres shot out of the vortex of red energy, raining down indiscriminately everywhere in the arena!


"Alright! Food and Fight it is!" Dagr said. She was really liking Beam, he kept things simple. It was too bad he would probably try to eat her if they just randomly met. Dagr ordered the food, and it didn't take long for it to arrive. A slab of raw meat for Beam, and a mug of mead for herself. Keeping it light inbetween matches. She tossed the slab of raw meat to Beam.

"C'mon, lets go find our opponents. Though, um..." Dagr started to giggle. "You might... you might wanna be careful with your opponent. Like, eating them. 'Cause they... they might."
Dagr laughed.
"They might... taste funny!" Dagr cackled, slapping the table. She wiped away a tear. "Ah, I'm hilarious."

The warrior princess downed the mead in an instant. With their meal finished, they walked out of the restaurant. A few of the matches were going, with one already finishing. The unusual blue warrior woman had defeated the magic sword! Cool stuff. And now, it looked like another warrior woman was going against a short red magic guy. Or at least, that's what Dagr thought was happening. There was no sign of the assassin woman, much to the red guy's frustration.

The blue lady, Irane, stepped out of the gateway. As Dagr scanned the lobby for either of the two jesters, she waved cheerfully to Irane.


Bakura's eyes widened. So he had acted different during the match? The massive earth guardian's answer left a lot to be desired, however.
"I was? Wh-what was I like?" Bakura asked. He looked to 808 and Chai. "I don't suppose either of you saw my match?"


The princess flipped through the sword manual. These were some pretty good techniques. And though they were made for a sword, Nótt felt confident they could translate well to her lance. The shopkeeper suddenly popped up, commenting that the manual also came with a sword. Nótt shrugged. It wasn't like she had any other options. The flower had been taken when she wasn't looking. Using her one and only coin, Nótt purchased the sword manual.

In that instant, it was as if Nótt had known the techniques in the manual all her life. She blinked, looking at her lance. There was also something new, a sword at her side. It was a slightly curved, katana-like blade. It wasn't a sword of Jotun design, it more resembled the blades of the people of Hoshido. The handle was black and silver, with gold cloth inlaid on the grip. The sheath was also quite elegant. It was black, with an artistic design of Moon-Wing on it. There was something familiar about this sword. Nótt wasn't one for swords, preferring lances, but she certainly wouldn't turn down a free blade.

Nótt walked through the store, finally finding Skull.

"Have you found anything you are interested in?" Nótt asked Skull.

Weevil Underwood

Synchronize helmet obtained. Weevil pumped his fist. There was nothing left in the shop for 1 coin, so the duelist quickly dashed out of the shop. He had the helmet. What other ways could he rig this next match in his favor? Weevil scanned the lobby. Audrey was keeping the Parasite Paracide card, so there was no chance he could convince her to plant it on Rinku. Rinku wasn't interested in trading either, so no way he could get the kid to take it.

Weevil rubbed his chin. Maybe... he was thinking about this whole tournament wrong. This wasn't a duel monsters tournament. No, it was a fighting tournament. With everything going on, Master Hand didn't really seem to be all that much of a stickler for the rules. So maybe... there was another way Weevil could put this in his favor. Weevil took out his Duel Monster cards, searching through them. Instead of trying to 'stack the deck' in his favor figuratively... Why didn't he just stack the deck, literally... Weevil chuckled. That yo-yo loser wouldn't know what hit him...

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Chai & Peppermint

"Eh? Nah, we've had other things we've been doing." Chai gestured to the boxing arena that Cayman and Knuckles were sparring in.

"Look kid, we aren't an expert or anything in the field but." 808 started. "Why don't you go back home and find a friend that can look over you because of this? Sounds like a personality you can't trust or remember is just a recipe for disaster.

Rex Raptor

At the gateway, Rex was holding the top hat to his ear, jiggling it around to try and figure out what exactly he did, hoping he didn't just get scammed into having a dud. During this, a tall alien like guy approached, telling him to forfeit.


Looking at the bracket and back to his opponent, it clicked in his head. Holy Crap! This guy is my opponent?? He ACTUALLY looks like he kills people for a living! Ngh...no matter, he may look people for a living, but my Dinos live to kill!

"Heh..." Rex fought through his initial jitters, pointing at him. "Listen bald spot, you ain't getting a free win that easy! You lost once in this tourney, and I'll be happy to shove ya out of it for good this time! Nyeh heh heh!"

Turning around and darting into the gate, he was to wait for Warlock to state his preferred area, that way he couldn't get suckered into a disadvantageous stage like he was by Weevil last time.


This nerd is taking forever to show up. What's he doing, getting a pedicure? Rinku wanted to have his fun, now. He went searching for wherever Weevil had crawled off too, looking near the restaurant first, the plaza courtyard, and then near the now busy shop. That's where he saw a distant green tuft plopped atop a pair of golden glasses. Seeing only the back view of the duelist, Rinku hopped over there, stopping a few feet behind him to surprise him.

"Boo!" He exclaimed. "Hiding from me, eh? If you were scared you could have threw the match already. You want to go ahead and fight? Or are you too bushy quaking in your boots?"
Weevil Underwood

Weevil chuckled to himself, going through his cards. Yes, yes... This would be perfect...


The sudden noise startled Weevil, and he jumped. Slowly, the insect duelist looked over his shoulder. It was Rinku, already eager to fight. Weevil just grinned at the demon, pushing up his glasses. He put his Duel Monster cards back into his Duel Disk and stood up.
"Not quite. I just knew for an opponent as tough as you, I had to do some extra preparations! Wouldn't want to disappoint you and give you a boring match." Weevil said sweetly. "But don't worry, I'm ready now."

The insect duelist started to make is way towards the gate. After a few moments, he stopped and turned to Rinku.
"Oops! Almost forgot!" Weevil said. The duelist dug through his pockets, fishing out a card. Another copy of his Parasite Paracide card. He handed it to Rinku. "Here!"

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist


As soon as Rinku tried to give something to the S class demon, Rinku flicked his hand, batting the card out of Weevil's grip. He looked Weevil in the eyes with a disapproving scowl.

"I don't need handouts. Keep every advantage you can get, kid." His scowl turned into a gleeful, blood fueled grin. "After all, you don't want to disappoint me...right?"

He gave a short wink before he leaped over Weevil, landing agilely on the other side of him, signaling for him to come with to the archway.
Weevil Underwood

The insect duelist rolled his eyes.
"Oh, don't be so droll." Weevil said. An unusual opponent, in an unusual tournament, required an unusual strategy. Weevil walked with Rinku. "You think I'd help you? No."
Weevil held out the card to Rinku again, grinning. His glasses shimmered, reflecting the bright light of the archway.

"I'm giving you this card because it has something fun. Something fun for me, at least. But if you think you're so weak that you having this card would be enough to lose to me, well then. I guess you're more of a coward then I thought." Weevil said to Rinku. He tossed the card towards Rinku, then walked past the demon kid into the gate. If Rinku took the card, great. If not, Weevil would just have to make do. He couldn't get everyone to carry around Parasite Paracide, after all. Not hesitating, he drew the five cards for his hand. This insect duelist grinned. What a surprise, a perfect starting hand.

"I choose Duelist Kingdom - Forest Zone." Weevil declared. He drew another card from his deck, and placed two cards face down on his duel disk.


Previously Manu456Alola
All of a sudden, Spamton's demeanor was briefly replaced by somber, static-y sentences. Maybe she'd struck a chord there? Kirin wasn't quite sure, given the salesman enigmatic yet eccentric behavior, and she hated being left in the dark like this. But if she won that next match, she could learn more about his intentions...

"Alright," she complied, taking Special Potion 2 from the salesman. More maniacal laughter filled her ears as the world around her changed in a flash of light - and she was back in the lobby, Round 3 already underway.

From the looks of it, Alter Knight was her next opponent. She certainly matched the "knight" aspect of her name; she was decked out in a suit of armor, with a shield and sword to boot. She actually rarely got the chance to fight against another sword user, so she was looking forward to that one.

Out the corner of her eye, the priestess spotted Neph, who seemed a little... relaxed? Not exactly what she'd expected after the conclusion to their match, but she felt glad that she felt better. Kirin decided she had a little time, so she decided to approach the Gardevoir and check up on her, waving from afar as she neared.

"Hey," she opened with a smile. "how're you feeling?"​

"Woah..." Pit couldn't help but feel a little flustered by the nord's words. It was like having another mentor, one that cared deeply for his students and wished nothing but the best for them.

He managed to shake the feeling off after a bit, pumping a fist and giving Fjorrd a determined smile. "Just you wait, man! I'll be shootin' lightning and stuff one day, and then we can have a REAL rematch!"

Sounds like plenty of fun. I wonder if Phosphora could teach you a thing or two about lightning powers...
"K-kid?!" Grazie frowned at Audrey's words, gritting her teeth. "I ain't no kid, missy! And do ya really think I'm givin' up after makin' it this far? Ohh, now you're cruisin' for a bruisin'!"

The Adept of Sandstorm promptly stormed off after her outburst, clearly peeved by the Hero's words. She headed straight for the archway, passing through it and appearing in the usual white void. Unbelievable. After she treated her quite nicely, that's what this Audrey had to say to her?!

"Ight, I'm pickin' that beach I fought the frog lady in!"​

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Rinku arched a brow as Weevil started to get petty. Interacting with many of sin ridden souls in the demon world for hundreds of years, he'd come to see plenty of schemes, psychological tricks, and mind games. So when Weevil attempted to reverse psychology him into picking it up, Rinku's eye became half lidded and a knowing grin lay to rest on his face.

"Cute~" Putting his hands behind his head, the unassuming greater daemon whistled. "You know...I don't think I ever told you where my home was. The dark world it's called by whackjobs, the demon world is a common one, but you know one that sticks out? Hell. Let me send you to hell, I have a feeling you'll love it there."

He snapped his fingers for the AI to hear.

"Demon World Wastelands."

As both inquiries were accomplished, the Battlefield began to transform. At first, big lush trees began to erupt everywhere, accompanied by bushes and lush grass. However, the lush grass soon turned black and faded away as red sand began to pool up and form, as if flowing from a gaping wound.

The trees's bark turned grey and their leaves turned red. A crimson forest amidst a wasteland of sand and stone. The sky overhead crackled, as white clouds of the Forest biome clashed with that of the Demon world's black, causing a swirling grey mass that looked like it could form a tornado at any minute.

"Make yourself at home~"
Audrey Redheart
"Wh-" Audrey was caught off guard by Grazie's response, watching the Adept stomp off. "I was trying to be nice, ki- Urgh." She grumbled as the Hero soon began to follow towards the archway. Her cheeks puffed out as she shot Grazie an annoyed glare, before rolling her eyes.

"Fine, you little loser, don't say I didn't give you a chance." She mocked the young Adept for what Audrey percieved as a folly, sending a quick wave out to the crowds she could see which did, surprisingly, garner a non-small amount of cheers - She was the Hero, after all, and a popular one at that.

"The Orderscape." She bluntly told the voice, a smug grin suddenly popping onto her face, her blade remaining relaxed on her shoulder.

The Warlock
"Aren't you boisterous, then - Allow me to thank you for informing me what you will be using to fight, of course." As the small, and rather annoying, Rex Raptor boasted and walked further into the gate, the Warlock couldn't help but chuckle at his all but assured victory.

"Oh, you want me to choose first? How courteous." He continued to mock Raptor as the Mindripper followed through the gateway, quick to make his own choice.

"City 20, City Centre - By the Advent Gene Clinic." He raised his own voice as he ordered the AI generating each stage.


Previously Gamingfan2
"Eh, not really." Ryuji said with a shrug. "This stuff looks cool, but-"
Ryuji cut off as he laid his eyes on a pair of shoes. "Sweet Kicks", they were called. Their bright color appealed to Ryuji, who slammed his palm onto the counter, and waved at the Shopkeep with the other.
"Hey! Shopekeep." Ryuji called loudly. "I'll take those kicks!"
As soon as he said, two tokens flew out of his pouch and into the Shopkeep's hand, while the shoes vanished.
Ryuji blinked in confusion, before looking down to see himself already wearing them, with the footwear changing shape to fit him.
"Dude! That's kick-ass!" Ryuji admired his new duds, nodding in satisfaction before flashing Nott a expectant grin. "So? How do I look?"

Like magic, the snakes coiled around Lucario's arms and vanished, mystifying the pokemon. But Lucario could feel them, sensing their aura around his arms. What's stranger is that his mega brace remained in his arm, so he wasn't limited to one held item in this tournament. Though given how strange it already proved to be, it shouldn't have surprised him.
Lucario nodded to himself and turned towards the gateway.
"I'll be off." he told Marshtomp. "I won't disappoint you."

Lucario entered the gateway to the now familiar sight of darkness, save for the machine.
Lucario quickly inputted his map choice.
"Sinnoh's Battle Frontier"

And just like that, Dart was gone.
"Whoah, he's an eager one." Magolor muttered, before shrugging. "Oh well, here we go."
The little mage sauntered into the gateway, his choice of arena already in mind.
"Egg Engines please!"
Weevil Underwood

The forest wilted instantly, and the whole battlefield took on a barren, creepy vibe. Like a Graveyard field, but even worse. No doubt Fiend monsters would get a power bonus here. It gave Weevil the creeps, but he was quick to shake it off. It would take more than some hard light Industrial Illusion holograms to scare him.
"Don't mind if I do! Come on out, Hercules Beetle!" Weevil said, placing a card on his duel disk. In a burst of light, the massive purple Hercules beetle appeared before Weevil. It let out a low roar.

"I'll also equip it with my Insect Armor Laser Cannon!" Just as soon as the massive bug appeared, it was covered with a blue and red spiked armor. On its back, a massive laser cannon appeared. Weevil pointed to Rinku.
"Go, my monster! Attaaaack!"

A massive laser blast shot out of the cannon towards Rinku!

Hercules Beetle
  • Equipped with Insect Armor Laser Cannon
  • ATK: 2200. DEF: 2000

Field: Hercules Beetle (ATK mode)
Spell/Trap Card Zone: 2 face down cards
Hand: 2 cards
Grave: 0 cards


Nótt looked over the shoes Skull wore. They were bright red, with white straps and a gold buckle. At first, the princess thought they were a little strange and gaudy. Definitely made out of an unusual material, not leather, not metal. She took a step back, looking over Skull's whole fit with the shoes included. Surprisingly, it went well with it. The reds matched the red highlights of Skull's outfit, as did the gold straps. The white made them stand out a little bit, but it wasn't too terrible.

"It's not bad, actually." Nótt said after a moment of consideration. "Actually, it goes with your outfit quite well. Do they do anything?"

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

So he calls out other guys to fight for him, huh? Well at least that beetle looks like a fun plaything.

As the laser cannon was equipped to the creature, Rinku adjusted his posture, ready to react. So by the time the attack was called and the creature fired off the cannon blast, Rinku bend his legs, back, and arms to match the curvature of the laser, looking like he narrowly avoided it...on purpose?

"That was a toughie." He yawned exaggeratedly. "Eh, suppose I can play with you for a bit."

In a flash, he all but materialized over to the side of the creature with a dash, snickering as he swung a kick to the side of the creature. He would then do the same kind of movement to the other side, to the back, before appearing on the front side to deliver an uppercut to the Beetle's neck!

Rex Raptor

"-Allow me to thank you for informing me what you will be using to fight, of course."

"Tch!" Rex twitched, realizing his error. Flipping around, he pointed accusatorially at him. "Listen here, bub! I don't matter if you know or not! You might be a total freak, but I'd like to see you overcome a cretaceous crackdown! Even on your own map!"

Forfeiting his choice, the gene clinic appeared around them, the white lights with DNA strands and the structured greenery greeted the pair. The modern high tech facility was erected next to a street, seeming nearly spotless.

"What a hoity place..." Rex muttered, drawing cards from his duel deck. "But In any case, get ready! I'll use this nifty spell card double summon to get two dinosaurs out from the start! Uraby! Crawling Dragon #2! Reveal yourselves!"

Before Warlock's eyes, two creatures would manifest. A stocky looking dinosaur with a long snout that stayed close to the ground, and a salivating raptor looking one that gnashed and bit the air.

The raptor, Uraby, broke out into a sprint, leaping into the air and turning it's maw to bite into warlock's neck whilst Crawling Dragon #2 kept a subtle approach, slithering down behind some of the concrete structures.
The Warlock
"Hoity?" Seems the Warlock heard that, and frowned. "Child, this facility is a moneumentous improvement for the lives of all humans in this city, as it provid- You know what? No, I'm not going to explain this to a brat." He snarled out, interupting his own explanation as Rex summoned two Dinosaurs. They didn't look like much, which wasn't all too surprising given their species would've been dead in the Warlock's own world. Of course, the Warlock had made some distance from Rex Raptor at this point, enough to warrant any charging attacks towards the building.

"Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer." The Mindripper let out a small laugh as the Raptor went to attack, the Crawling Dragon's attempt at stealth not escaping his eye. "For you have now been judged..."

He set out a hand, flowing Psionic Energy to it and towards the beastly Dinosaur, his mind's gift raging with all the power of a void beyond life as the sheer energy, or perhaps a glimpse of the Hybrid's own insane and rended mind, aimed to overwhelm the creature's mind and completely stun it, for what little mind such a pathetic creature would have. More psionic energy soon flowed to a second hand on his left, clutched tightly to his chest for a moment. And, with a grunt of effort, the power of the void shot straight into the ground, and the Warlock's hands lifted upwards after a moment, the psionic energy lifted to the sky before it shot down, 4 quick pillars appearing around Rex before quickly disappearing, 4 haunted faces appearing from each.

"And I am your Punishment."

And their cores, visible and bright, began to pulse, one of them could only give a look screaming at Rex to escape his surrounding foes as the demonic angel of death could only laugh when he watched.

"Living or dead, none touched by the void can avoid my call, for even the Spirits stand at my side in favor of the Elders!"
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Previously mallard
Dagr, the socially competent one, ordered the food. Beam bounced in his seat as he waited, and once the slab of raw meat arrived, the jotun tossed it to the shark. Beam's head swelled into that of the Shark Devil, and he snatched it out of the air in one gulp. His melon reverted to its normal state, and he hopped to his feet. He instantly sunk into comfortable submersion as Dagr made a joke.

"C'mon, lets go find our opponents. Though, um... You might... you might wanna be careful with your opponent. Like, eating them. 'Cause they... they might. They might... taste funny!"

As Dagr got up to walk out, Beam was left dumbfounded, instead of pleased by the joke. His jaw hang agape in shock and terror. After a moment of being stunned, he quickly swam after the jotun princess. The devilman cut her off and asked,


The water-ground type waved as Lucario left, clutching the paper bag in his other hand. But as Lucario disappeared into the portal, Marshtomp frowned. He was going to go home, but Lucario had been his friend, and it didn't feel right to ditch him in this fighting tournament, as the Pokémon was beginning to understand it. The Mud Fish looked around, and then followed after Lucario into the portal.

There was a bright light, causing the creature to wince, but as he opened his eyes, he was in a dimly lit area, surrounded by people and creatures of all shapes and sizes. There was a buzz of excitement amongst the crowd, as they waited for the match to begin...

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Rex Raptor

T-This guy is out of his mind!!

Freaking out as he found himself isolated from his prehistoric pets, four demonic faces surrounding him. Warlock talked as if he were knowing much about the divine, more that Rex could comprehend. As Rex started to lose his cool, he went to grab his head when he felt the hat he received there.

Wait. The hat!

His Hail Mary! As soon as he thought about using it in this situation, sparks fired from his fingertips...harshly. Enough for a firework like projectile to fire off and explode wildly near his feet, sending the boy flying and tumbling across the ground, leaving rex sized imprints on the nearby grass.

"AUGH!" He yelled out as he was thrown around, finding himself barley able to hold on to his cards through that.

But he should have count his poor fortune as a blessing, for he found himself with a bit safer distance from the mysterious faces and Warlock, Rex sweating as he looked suspiciously at the hat of his.

"Okay okay...freakazoid enemy...unpredictable hat. But a deck full of the oldest kings of the earth. I'll stick to what I do best!"

Getting back up and brushing off his green grass stained sleeves, Rex drew a card, looking at it for a split second before us Lott playing it.

"If those things are really from the afterlife, let me return them home! Sword Arm of Dragon! Skewer them! Piercing tail slash!"

Suddenly, a stegosaurus looking creature emerged, plates sharp like actual blades. Its tail was even sharper than them, like touching it would cause blood to come from your fingertips. The creature roared like some kind of eagle as it drove its tail to slash at all the pillar emerged ghosts at once! Meanwhile, Uraby and Crawling Dragon #2 were attempting to resist the psychic powers.
The Warlock
"Lucky you - Unfortunately for a brat, that will run out."

The moment the 'Sword Arm Of Dragon' had it's deadly tail cut through the spectres of energy, the zombie-like constructs imploded instantly, although luckily for the Dinosaur the only thing within reach of the explosions were it's own tail.

"Dragons, hm? Odd, for someone supposedly enamored with dinosaurs. Of course, both are archaic species, doomed to rot."
As far as the Warlock could tell, dragons were never technically a thing that lived in his own world's history, at least on Earth, but Rex Raptor didn't need to know that.
"However, I must commend you for giving me one to work with." The empowered psionic gripped the Gracidea flower tightly against his skin, as he began to shine a bright yellow glow.
His form began to slim slightly, the power behind this mere flower changing him further, angelic wings began to appear with a ghostly-aura behind his shoulders - They weren't moving with his flight, but it certainly matched his image of a godly-champion. The Gracidea flower shifted position, tying around his neck like a scarf and flowing down like a scarf. When the glow ended, the Warlock was already floating in the air, his towering strategy already keen with intimidation.

A smug grin on his face, the Sky Form of the Warlock was ready to fight. Psionic energy flowed from his head to his hand once more, before it came out. Unlike usual, this power was more...refined, less wasteful than what the Mindripper could muster of the energy of the void usually.

This energy left his hand, straight towards the Stegosaurus-like beast and...Didn't do anything. At a glance, anyway.

He was taking control of the monster for himself.
"Do not fret over those zombies you destroyed, dear beast seeking redemption, their deaths were as meaningless to me as they were to your Master." He coaxed mockingly towards the Sword Arm Of Dragon. It was unneeded, of course, but some people love to hear the sound of their own voice.
Weevil Underwood

Rinku struck the massive beetle, appearing on one side, than another, then right in front of it! Hercules Beetle groaned, but it's Insect Armor took most of the brunt. When Rinku appeared in front of the monster, it swung down with its massive horn. It clashed with Rinku's uppercut, the two pushing back against each other for a moment. The armor pieces on the chest of Hercules Beetle started to glow, and blades of light shot out from them towards Rinku!

Weevil drew a card from his deck, before setting another card face-down on the disk. A massive face-down duel monsters card appeared in front of Weevil, sideways.
"Crush him, Hercules Beetle! Grind him into the ground!" Weevil commanded.


The Jotun nearly tripped over Beam when he suddenly appeared in front of her. Vegetables? What- Ah. Her joke. The devilman was a real simple guy, of course her joke went over his head. Dagr chuckled, kneeling down to his level on the ground.
"Sorry, sharkman. I was just making a joke. Don't worry, I'm sure that NiGHTS gal tastes really good. No vegetables." Dagr said. She frowned, rubbing her chin. "Weird to speak the capital letter like that."

Dagr stood up, looking around the plaza.
"Now, if I was a purple jester or a blue jester, where would I be jesting..." Dagr muttered. More and more people were starting to head to their matches. Surely with all these fighters clearing out, it would be easier to find their opponents.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


First off...

What the hell was a guldo?

Secondly, the following spray of attacks was almost exactly what the misthios had been waiting for. Spherical orbs of energy hurtled all around, making the arena rumble, but Kassandra wasn't unsettled. Instead, she took advantage of the projectiles, slinking her way through the shadows, diving, ducking, and swerving out of the way of the many projectiles. Each near-miss boosted up her charges. She regained the third charge she'd used for her Shadow of Nyx - and then a fourth charge was filled.

Just keep doing what you're doing, the spartan thought as she continued her practice to fill up more of the charges at a rapid rate. All while Jeice used up his own energy. He was going to bleed himself dry while juicing up her own power- and then all at once, she would unleash it.

Just not yet.


A friendly wave. Irnane was almost intrigued by the gesture. She did not know this individual, had yet to interact with them. A friendly wave. How curious... one would never encounter such a thing in Vvardenfell. Irnane raised her own hand in a similar wave, mimicking the gesture, before she lowered her arm and retrieved her journal to continue documenting events. Another step had been climbed in this tournament, but there were still many more to take. Things hadn't been much more difficult than Sonic and NiGHTS, but the dark elf doubted it would stay that way.


"Hey, how're you feeling?"

The gardevoir opened her eyes and creased her brow in a moment of confusion - Kirin now stood before her. Had Neph somehow missed her when sensing about? No, that couldn't be it, she was too familiar with Kirin's signature to have made such a mistake. Nevertheless, here Kirin now stood, undetected by the Pokémon's psychic sensing.

Perhaps it really had been a mistake. Nephthys hadn't exactly been on her game lately, anyway...

<I... am well,> the gardevoir answered, somewhat hesitant and awkwardly. <How... are you?>


The nord's booming laughter thundered in his hardy humor, before he ruffled Pit's hair. "That's the spirit, son! Now- we shouldn't keep people waiting."

The world was fading around them, and in a sudden move - the dragonborn hefted Pit up and placed him upon his shoulder in a swift movement, before he stepped through the gateway back to the lobby. Following was the announcement of the next round, the contestants, and the subsequent setting off for battles.

Fjorrd breathed in deeply, before he set Pit back to the ground. "Show 'em what you are!" He encouraged.


When the world appeared around them, courtesy of "Egg Engines" from Magolor, Dart got an eyeful of their environment.

It was like the entrance to Feyrbrand's caves... but not. The forest had been replaced by dark metals of beams and platforms and gears, silent conveyor belts carrying nothing on their black surfaces. A fog hung in the air, limiting both of their vision, a mixture of purples and greens between them. More holes than Dart remembered now sat around them, some leaving into caves, others into mechanical shafts, all with uncertain destination - but it was clear that the true battlefield was beneath them. This place seemed just as abandoned as the city Warlock had chosen to fight in, though of a different vibe.

An unseen moon hung in the air, obscured by the heavy mist, and its lunar glow cast an eeries light through the fog. Dart wasn't quite deterred - it was just another arena to fight in. He procured Heat Blade, hefting it to his shoulder and giving a brief nod to his opponent. "Let's do this."


The battlefield that appeared was at first annoying to the Mechanized Organism. It was just some gross neo-fantasy town he didn't recognize. That is, until he turned around to see that the giant tower stretching up into the sky was none other than Avengers Tower - exactly as requested. "EXCELLENT," M.O.D.O.K. turned toward Lucario, his Doomsday Chair powering up. "ALL SYSTEMS ARE OPTIMAL- NOW PREPARE TO BECOME PAST TENSE!"

As he spoke, four revving barrels emerged from the sides of his hovering seat, before they began to rapidly fire red laser beams in a wild frenzy of energy bolts toward the Aura Pokémon as M.O.D.O.K. cackled. Unbeknownst to A.I.M.s leader, the red bolts would actually be super effective against the dual steel type that Lucario was.

"BECOME DEAD!" M.O.D.O.K. roared.


Previously Gamingfan2
"Huh? Do they?"
Ryuji looked back at his new kicked, thinking over Nott's question. He was mostly focused on their cool factor, but they should do something, right?
"Uh...lessee." Ryuji said, leaning forward. The phantom thief dashed forward, surprising himself with how much faster he moved. In only a few seconds, he had made it to the edge of the lobby!
Ryuji skidded to a stop, eyes wide in disbelief.
"Wha-for real?!"
As if to confirm what just happened was real, the blonde turned tail and ran back, coming to a halt right in front of Nott. Once he came to terms with what happened, Ryuji grinned hugely.
"That is so cool!" he gushed, clearly pleased. "I'm even faster than I was at my peak in track!"

Magolor nodded as he took in the arena, before spreading his hands wide.
"Well, Dart. Welcome to my home! Or well, something close to it. Sure is an interesting place you chose."
Dart seemed to be itching to start, so Magolor returned the sentiment, summoning a magic rune with his right hand before suddenly gasping and pointing behind Dart.
"Woah! Look behind you!" he warned. As he spoke, Magolor created three balls of magic behind Dart, which all converged on his position. As they did, Magolor would launch a fireball from in his rune towards the Dragoon's front!

M.O.D.O.K wasted no time, immediately opening fire on Lucario. The aura pokemon flipped back, taking cover behind one of the statues. The beams still blasted into the defense, and it was already close to toppling. Keeping tabs on M.O.D.O.K's aura, Lucario summoned his bone staff and threw it to the left as he dashed to the right. The staff spun around, swerving around M.O.D.O.K's assault and towards his chair. Meanwhile Lucario approached on the other side, launching numerous small aura spheres to meet M.O.D.O.K's own assault.
"I will not. You will fall first, M.O.D.O.K." said Lucario, as if to keep M.O.D.O.K's focus on him.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Suddenly, otherwise static spikes flew out from the beetle, their function previously concealed. Rinku's eyes widened, still blocking the Beetle's retaliation. His grit his teeth, breaking off the attack and backflipping through the air. Spikes flew past him, one nicking his right shoulder, ripping through cloth and drawing blood from the small demon.

The punk has tricks. Didn't think he had a secondary plan ready. Hm! Looks like I'll need to try a bit harder than that.

"Okay then, that wasn't bad." Rinku brushed off his shoulder. "Let's turn it up a notch, shall we?"

In a burst of pink light, Rinku appeared to split into eight versions of himself! Each one giggling and laughing as they ran, flew, and cartwheeled around the giant bug. While they were racing around causing chaos, there was a hidden ninth version: the real one, that came up from Weevil's flank while his clones were causing a visual and auditory riot. He would aim right for the arm of Weevil with the duel disk, aiming to shatter his bones in the arm with a single blow!

Rex Raptor

"Ehh?? What are you up now?!"

The warlock was glowing and looked practically angelic, taken flight and seeming far more intimidating than before, if there were even such a thing.

"It's no matter, Sword arm of Dragon, knock him out of the sky!"

No response.

"...Eh? C'mon, get on with it!"

The dragon convulsed, twitching and shaking before firmly turning right around to face Rex, its eyes blank. That didn't look good. And in a quick move, it shot it's tail to pierce through Rex's skull, that is, until Uraby leaped up, taking the attack for Rex, the raptor like dinosaur shattering into thousands of polygons.

"Tch! That's a low blow!" Rex winced as he shielded his eyes with his arm. "But now that I know you got him on your side, I'll just have to lay down a power player of my own! Meet the Dino at the top of the food chain! Two Headed King Rex!!"

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a giant dark purple dinosaur appeared, its two heads snorting out charcoal smoke. Rex stood his ground with one of this stronger monsters taking the field. Stomping just like a Dinosaur Rex pointed forward.

"Those who disobey their king get mashed! King Rex! Show them why they call you the king of beasts!"

Both heads roared as a flurry of embers built in their mouths. Reeling back for a second, they leaned their head forward, a thick black cloud of smoke stormed forth, inside, a deceptively blazing inferno! Inside, the stegosaurus was cooked, screaming out like an avian before too, shattering into polygons whilst the heads started to angle up, the smoke coming Warlock's way!


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


This was Magolor's home...?

Given the changes Dart could see... he almost felt sorry for the little guy. His home was drab and sad and ugly. Then again, maybe it wasn't like that to Magolor and he actually quite liked it. It was here that the magic ball summoned a magic rune. Runes... Dart didn't often encounter those, but he'd seen a rare few in his time through the lands of his own home.

"Whoa! Look behind you!" Magolor called.

"Huh!?" Dart whirled around in time to see three orbs converging on him. With a quick slash, Heat Blade bisected them all, and they rapidly dissipated as their magical energy ebbed away, before a sudden fireball slugged against the Red Warrior's back---

And it flickered out against his armor.

Dart turned back toward Magolor, raising an eyebrow. Fire attacks? If Magolor's style relied on more of those, then he'd be in for a struggle; the Mercenary from Seles absorbed that kind of damage ever since his body had been improved by the Divine Dragoon.

Kicking off from the metal, Dart lunged toward Magolor, leading with a few slashes in the air. Flames jettisoned out of Heat Blade, propelling like projectiles of their own toward the magician.


A bone-like staff spun through the air from behind cover. M.O.D.O.K. gave it a sneer before he raised a hand, and a burst of psychic energy embedded the staff into the ground. As this happened, Lucario dashed from cover to begin hurling energy attacks at the Mechanized Organism. His systems beeped, alerting him that the jackal was on the move. His eyes swiveled to look at the dashing Pokémon, unconcerned as the aura spheres dissipated against the energy barrier surrounding M.O.D.O.K.


The beams of energy continued to fire toward Lucario as the back of his Doomsday Chair opened up - and a silo of rockets were fired, spiraling through the air to rain down upon the Aura Pokémon from above.

The energy attacks slowed, then stopped, and the glowing red energy vortex disappeared. Jeice hovered in the air, scanning the area. No sign of anything, still! No power level on his scouter, no sign of blood, nothing! He let out an angry scream. By now, the crowd was in the stands were starting to take notice. Cheers began to turn to boos and jeers. The assassin who had fought so fiercely in the previous matches was nowhere to be seen!

"RRRRGH! Where are you?!" Jeice called down into the arena. In a fit of anger, the red warrior threw a powerful energy blast into the wall next to him. He took a moment to breath, rubbing his head. He hated doing this stuff. Having to kill weaklings with no power level was grunt work. Jeice crossed his arms, looking down into the arena.

"You're boring me." He called down. Jeice looked around, trying to see if he could spot a referee or something. "Oi, Master Hand! My opponent ain't even doing anything!"


Skull suddenly took off running, with such speed that it left a breeze strong enough to blow Nótt's hair around. The Princess watched in surprise as Skull sprinted to the other side of the lobby, then back. He was nearly as fast as Dagr!
"Oh, my." Nótt said, looking down at Ryuji's shoes again. With that speed, Nótt realized why those shoes seemed familiar. They were the one bit of clothes worn by that incredibly fast blue creature, the one that had been eliminated in the second round. Incredibly strong, and now incredibly quick. Skull was becoming quite a powerful warrior, and now only with one new item.

"That's incredible. It seems like you've made a good choice with your item." Nótt said. "I'm sure it will help you quite a bit in your upcoming matches. And you'll need it. It looks like the tournament has eliminated the loser bracket, any loss now will remove us from the tournament."

"So then, Skull. New toys to play with. New fights announced. What should we do now?"

Weevil Underwood

Hercules Beetle fired its laser cannon again. The massive beam of energy passed harmlessly through the shadow clones of Rinku, the small demon boys laughing and taunting the big beetle. Suddenly, Rinku was there besides Weevil! His attack rushed towards the insect duelist, but at the last moment, the massive duel monsters card interposed itself between Weevil and the demon. It flipped up, and out of the card a hideous monster launched out. It was long and worm-like, with one massive eye. At the end of it's body, it's tail turned into a hand. The monster knocked away Rinku's attack, then quickly wrapped itself around Rinku. It didn't restrain the demon boy, instead turning incorporeal the moment it bound itself around Rinku.

Weevil quickly stumbled back, surprised at the appearance of Rinku, before laughing and pointing at him.
"Ha! Thought you could sneak up on me, huh?! Well, say hello to my Kiseitai! I'm sure the two of you will become very good friends!" Weevil said, drawing a card. Of course, it was just what he had placed there.

"Now I'll summon my Larvae Moth, and equip it with my Cocoon of Evolution!" Weevil announced. Between Rinku and Weevil, a large caterpillar creature appeared. The monster wasted no time spewing out a pink silk, quickly wrapping itself up. In moments, it had constructed a massive cocoon around itself!

Weevil now had three monsters out. Kiseitai around Rinku. A powered up Hercules Beetle. And a Larvae Moth, wrapped in the Cocoon of Evolution. Rinku had himself, and all the other shadow clones. But more noticeable was that Kiseitai was wrapped around the original Rinku, and not the clones!
"Hercules Beetle! That's the one! Attack!" Weevil yelled, pointing at the original Rinku. There was a loud roar of wings as the armored caprice on Hercules Beetle's back opened up. It shot towards Rinku, attempting to run down and gore the demon child with its massive horn!
The Warlock
"How quick you choose to turn on your own minions - I must say, I didn't expect such ruthlessness from a mere human..." The Warlock kept his gloating, with a surprisingly respectful - Well, as respectful as one saying mere human could be - smirk on his face for just a half second.

"But, it is just like humans to imitate those superior, is it not?" It changed into another snarl, as the hybrid's newfound flight had him move backwards to avoid the incoming thick smoke. It did, however, obscure his vision, which caused him to growl again.

"Your beasts - They could not be more pathetic, having carried out your foolish stratagems only to be left stranded among your enemies." He added as a following taunt, reminding himself that how many creatures Rex still had prepared (A mere two, easy pickings for the Elder's Greatest Champion, he had to remind himself of that too), before taking himself to the ground, landing on his feet. The smoke still obscured his view somewhat, which was just the price of being inhumanely tall at this point, but he was not deterred. The Mindripper knew where to aim a Lance.

"Now, feel the sheer power of the Void!" He laughed out, psionic energy flowed from head to his hands, pushed together now as if in prayer, fingers interlocked, before...!

"Your efforts will prove meaningless!"
The sound roared out like thunder, his hands flexing forward forward like a stretch - Before the Psionic Energy gathered BLASTED out forwards, directly towards Rex Raptor and Two Headed King Rex, a purple laser of sheer power with little to bound overflowing energy!


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


That fifth charge hadn't quite filled up when Jeice stopped his assault. It would have to do, as the mutant began to complain. He had no answers to finding the misthios. Good, she could use that again if needed. Kassandra notched another arrow in her bow, making sure it was of the explosive variety. It would erupt with fire upon contact.

"Oi, Master Hand!" Jeice yelled, and immediately, Kassandra let the arrow fly, headed for the center of his hair. It would likely burn away some of that mane, simultaneously eliminating a possible layer of defense, and possibly damaging Jeice's ego. Anybody with long hair took pride in it - that was a tenant of Sparta's culture, after all. "My opponent ain't even doing anything!"

Whether or not the arrow landed or dealt its damage, Kassandra emerged, Artemis' Bow now replaced with Arachne's Stinger, the green dagger twirled in the hand of the misthios as she now approached the mutant. "Having trouble?" The spartan called in a mocking tone as she emerged from the shadows. "For all of your bravado, you're pretty pathetic."

Again, she was egging him on. With the cushion of four guaranteed charges, she was confident she could take whatever he could deal.


Previously Gamingfan2
Magolor's trickery worked, redirecting Dart's focus enough for his fire magic to hit. It didn't seem to deal any damage, though it didn't seem to bother Magolor.
"Hee, I thought so." said the egg.
Dart leapt at the mage, swinging his sword. Magolor swirled his hands around, his rune following the movement before releasing a strong gust of wind, blowing out Dart's projectiles and pushing against Dart own approach. The fog was picked up and blown into the Dragoon, functioning as a brief smokescreen as Magolor began to lob magic bombs over, letting his wind carry them right into Dart's face!

M.O.D.O.K was a loudmouth, but he might have a point. His attacks were nothing like Lucario had experienced yet, but his confidence might be something he could use against him.
A barrier blocked his smaller aura spheres, while M.O.D.O.K used something similar to psychic to ground his bone staff into the ground. With another loud boast, the mechanical head released a hail of rockets over the aura pokemon. Just before they could land, the aura pokemon suddenly vanished. In a burst of speed, the pokemon seemingly blinked out of the existence before reappearing next to his bone staff near immediately. In one smooth motion, Lucario pulled the bone out and swung it at M.O.D.O.K, the staff extending to make up the distance. Lucario would follow up with repeated hyper-fast jabs at M.O.D.O.K again and again, searching for weakpoints.

"So then, Skull. New toys to play with. New fights announced. What should we do now?"
Once Nott's words sunk in, the blonde looked towards the matchups until his sights landed on his own. After a second of thinking, Ryuji nodded towards Nott.
"Guess we should get to our fights now, yeah? I can't wait to test these kicks on the field." said Ryuji, already getting excited over the prospect.
"Wish me luck!" the phantom thief said, before vanishing in a blur. A sudden screech was heard, and Ryuji reappeared in front of Nott, wearing an impish grin.
"Right, and now you have to tell your sis how sorry you are for underestimating us humans. Good luck with your fight!"
With that, Ryuji took off for real, sidestepping other fighters in the lobby until he came across "Kragg", who looked to be a huge beetle made of stone. Ryuji screeched to a halt, just barely overshooting past the Earth's Bastion. His newfound speed still felt a little weird.
Speaking of...
"Damn, you look weird! But like, also cool?" Ryuji said, looking Kragg over. "You're not some kinda Shadow, huh?"


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Wind and projectiles...

"You're not the up-close type, huh?" Dart called as his own fire was blasted back into him, simply dispersing against his body without harm. He would have preferred a more direct approach... but he could play this game a bit, too, he supposed. If it made Magolor happy.

Nothing sucked more than an opponent who wasn't having fun in a tournament. Warlock was an exception, he was a bonafide villain, but at least the end of their fight had been fun.

With one arm, Dart pulled out an orb of his own. "You prefer magic... well, I can do that, too!"

The bombs that sailed toward him, carried by the wind, the Red Warrior seemed to somehow see, even through the fog, as though his eyes weren't limited to human standards. Despite the strong winds, Dart was still moving forward, albeit at a much slower pace. He sidestepped one of the bombs, though it cost him a few feet as he skid back, before he ducked under a second, and leapt over a third - this allowing the wind to sweep him up.

The element of wind... Ser Lavitz had been that. The Green Dragoon...

Wind belonged to Feyrbrand. Magolor's use of the element unknowingly awoke something within the arena, activated by the magic. The ground gave a rumble as the metal underfoot creaked and groaned with ancient misery. What it had been was yet to be seen.

"Haha!" Dart laughed as he sailed back through the air, and tossed the orb he held away. It shattered in the air, and as that kind of magic always did, the attack it bore within was magically summoned directly upon Magolor's position. A geyser of flames swirled up to engulf the egg, like a tornado. The summoned wind only seemed to intensify the magic, exciting it to grow larger and wider, a burning wave of heat washing over the cold and dreary landscape.


This blasted mutt... it was so far evading everything! But the Mechanized Organism was no stranger to speedy and agile opponents. He had studied the likes of Spider-Man, Black Widow, and Captain America enough to recognize what an opponent would be like. The answer was almost always something heavy. People who fought like this were rarely capable of taking a lot of damage, so M.O.D.O.K. would need to hit hard. Harder than Lucario could handle.

His laser barrage had ended, so that left two weapons on cooldown, but the Man-Mind's arsenal was vast. He doubted it would exhaust against an opponent like this.

The staff rammed against the kinetic barrier. At first, M.O.D.O.K. feared it would deal decent damage - but it only budged the shield's integrity. This staff wasn't like most weapons, like a punch, a kick, or a flagman's shield. It was like an energy. This... this, the Man-Mind could use.

Lucario jabbed a few more times, flaring the shield barrier as the Mechanized Organism let out a cackle, his maw opening wide.
"WHAT A FOOL!" He shouted, before a purple beam of energy fired from his forehead, blitzing toward the Aura Pokémon. Even if Lucario dodged, or appeared elsewhere, the beam would almost instantaneously hone in on his position, moving just as fast, with a volatile power carried behind it. Should it land, not only would it deal searing physical damage, but the pain it would inflict upon the mind could be unreal - especially for false psychics such as the Lucario.


Previously mallard
Beam was relieved to hear that there would be no vegetables.

Dagr then went on to talk about jesters, which were unfamiliar to the shark. He tilted his head.

"Jesters? What is jester's scent??"

The Earth's Bastion felt as though he didn't really belong in this conversation; he had nothing much to add. Then, something came speeding closer, and his warrior instincts kicked in. The enormous beetle raised his bulky forearms defensively, pivoting to face the incoming speedster. However, there was no attack, and whoever it was had overshot his mark. Kragg looked over his shoulder to spot Ryuji. His next opponent.

The teen was less intimidating than the Aetherian expected, but he learned from Bakura not to underestimate a foe, especially if he had made it this far in the competition. Leaving conversation to the hairless apes, the brute slowly turned to Skull, who gave a backhanded compliment followed by a question. The human's energy was not met by the beetle. He simply pointed to himself and uttered, "Kragg." Then, he pointed towards the Phantom Thief. "Ryuji."

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Rex Raptor

He didn't know what the heck this guy was talking about, but it was over his pay grade. Blabbering on, probably talking about how much was gonna beat him, Warlock took action, preparing a tough attack. Rex got down lower, ready to run if Warlock were to try anything sketchy.

Suddenly, an intense blast of overwhelming energy blasted forth, Rex instinctively kicking off the ground and out of the way upon seeing any sort of change in behavior. Two Headed King Rex was far less agile. It instead attempted to duck its body to the right, only partially working. One of its vestigial wings were shot through, tearing off it's body and shattering in a flurry of disassembled polygons.

"ROOOOOAR!" The dinosaur howled in rage.

"Tch! Nobody shoots my Two Headed King Rex and gets to walk away! Get ready to be roasted!"

The two headed monsters practically vomited a thick cloud of blazing smoke from both mouths, one from the left and the other on the right. They then swerved their heads in a ovak formation to try and get the maximum coverage as possible.

Rex's Field:
Crawling Dragon #2
Two Headed King Rex

Cards in hand: 2


"Ngh! What the--?"

A strange foreign body attached to himself was really not what he expected to come from Weevil. To be honest, he expected a pushover, but instead got a wolf in sheep's clothing. This wasn't a for he could just play around with and not expect consequences.

Didn't expect to have to actually try this early. Oh well, it's time to make a mess.

Wincing as he could still feel the parasite on him, he stuck his hand into a bag that hung off of him, bringing it behind his back as the Beetle charged headlong his way. However, before the beetle could reach him-




Four Yo-Yos shot out, their main bodies energy glowing white with energy as they were to cut through beast, going to break open it's head, break open the skull, and then split the insect down the middle away from the cannon armor, the body would essentially move to the left and right of him as it would slide down in half!

"Okay, kid. Let's see you handle a real threat. Go long now....Hyaaah!"

Thrusting his hand forward, the Yo-Yos appeared to have a kind of their own, two of them swinging to bore into and through the cocoon while the two others would swing over the sever Weevil's knees.

A sudden spike on the scouter! Jeice spun in midair, backhanding the arrow away. The tip of it detonated, but didn't seem to even phase the warrior. He looked down to Kass with a scowl. Slowly he lowered himself to the ground. She called out to him, mocking him yet again. But this time, it didn't seem as effective.
"... What's your deal, mate." Jeice said. "Dodging, movin' all quick like. Turnin' invisible. And you chose to capitalize on it with a wimpy savage weapon like that?"

"You're talking big game, but you're the one that ain't doing anything." Jeice said. "Unless ya plan is ta bore me to death. And the crowd too."
The Spartan's weapon was different now, Jeice noting the strange green dagger.

"Let's get on with this!" Jeice exclaimed. He launched himself towards Kassandra. At the last second he seemed to vanish, putting on a burst of speed to appear to the warrior's right and aim a powerful kick at her!


With a burst of speed, Skull was gone. Nótt blinked, giving the teen a small wave.
"Good luc-"

"Right, and now you have to tell your sis how sorry you are for underestimating us humans. Good luck with your fight!"

"Wait!" Nótt said, but the teen was gone. And with that cheeky smile, Nótt knew what it was from. Likely one of the few embarrassing things that were now on the table from their wager. Skull ran to the mini arena, and Nótt sighed. Why did she have to take that cursed wager?

Dagr & Nótt

"Jester? What is jester's scent??" Beam asked. Dagr thought a moment, then grinned.
"I dunno, but they probably smell FUNNY aswldmweldp-" Dagr laughed again, but quickly shook it off. "Ah, I'm just kidding. I have no clue what they smell like. Ain't one of our strong suits as Jotun. She looked down to Beam.

"Eh, you have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?" Dagr said. "Jesters, well... where I'm from, their jobs are to make jokes. And even if you don't like their jokes, you're not allowed to hurt them. Because if you do, then it shows you don't have a sense of humor. But I'm sure that rule doesn't apply here."

Dagr pointed out the pictures of NiGHTS and Jevil.
"These guys look strange, but see the clothes they wear? Jesters usually wear stuff like that where I'm from. Pretty distinct stuff." Dagr said.

"Ahem. Dagr." A familiar voice spoke up behind the pair. Dagr turned around to see Nótt approach the pair.
"Well, well. Hey sis. How's the tournament going for you?" Dagr asked with a grin. She leaned on her poleax, watching Nótt expectantly. Nótt turned a little red, glancing away and clearing her throat.
"It would seem... these opponents are a little more difficult than I originally anticipated." Nótt said.

"Oh yeah, is that so? Yeah, I saw you lose your last match there. Against the skull guy, Ryuji, right? He sure looked tough." Dagr said. "We're both in the loser's bracket now, huh."
"Yes..." Nótt said. She awkwardly shifted her weight from one foot to another.
"And now... ahem..." Nótt cleared her throat "I have to say, well... Ooooooh, I am so sorryyyy. For having underestimated these humans..."
Each word she spoke was like it was painfully dragged out of the warrior princess. Nótt pressed her lips together, nodding awkwardly and looking away.

Dagr stared at Nótt in confusion. She looked down to Beam, then back to Nótt, chuckling.
"Um. What?" Dagr laughed. "What was that, sis?"
"It was nothing! Goodbye!" Nótt said, quickly turning and walking away. Dagr laughed.
"What the heck was that?!" Dagr said to Beam, wheezing. "Oh my gosh, this whole tourney has been a barrel of laughs."

Dagr looked around the lobby again, but there was still no sign of the jesters. The dark elf woman Dagr had waved to had sat down, and it appeared she was writing in a journal. Irnane had fought NiGHTS before, right? Maybe she knew something.
"Hey! You! Irnane, right?" Dagr called out to the woman, walking towards her. "Sorry to interrupt you. But you haven't seen that purple jester guy your fought in the first round, have you? Or an equally strange blue jester guy?"


Suddenly, another person appeared with great speed! Another teen, with blond hair, a skull mask, and black clothes. Not to mention, a large mace. The fighter that was going to be Kragg's opponent. That's right, there still was a tournament going on wasn't there. Bakura put a hand on Kragg's leg and looked up at the warrior.
"Your next fight is starting soon, isn't it?' Bakura said to Kragg. "Um... Thank you for helping me. I'm sorry if I did something during our fight. But thank you, so much..."
Bakura gave Kragg a smile.

The white haired teen turned towards Chai and 808.
"I should thank the two of you, too. I don't even know your names..." Bakura said. He smiled. "I'm Bakura."

Weevil Underwood

And the yo-yos were out. Finally, but only four of them. The four yo-yos struck Hercules Beetle, and the massive monster was enveloped in a flash of light! The light faded as the yo-yos punched through, but something was quite different. Instead of the massive Hercules Beetle, a different insect stood. This one more resembled a humanoid locust, with a bright green exoskeleton and dragonfly-like wings. It screeched in pain before exploding into pixels.

"Kiseitai isn't the only trick I have. You activated my Trap Card, Mimesis!" Weevil said. Sure enough, one of Weevil's face-down cards flipped up to reveal a purple card, one depicting a large creature switching places with a small insect.
"It allowed me to switch one insect monster on my field with one in my hand! And I chose Flying Kamakiri #1. And when Flying Kamakiri #1 is destroyed, it calls forth an insect monster directly from my deck! Swat my monsters all you like, you're getting swarmed!"

As he spoke, yet another insect monster appeared before Weevil. A massive black ant, the creature called Big Insect, appeared with a screech. Rinku unleashed another set of attacks with his yo-yos! The two that raced towards Weevil were intercepted. Big Insect threw itself into the yo-yos, stopping their attack but being destroyed in the process. The two yo-yos that attacked the Cocoon of Evolution also didn't do as well. They cut into the massive Cocoon, dealing quite a bit of damage to the outside. But they were unable to punch through the massive Cocoon, and the massive cocoon still stood strong.

Rinku was taking it up a notch, so Weevil would in kind. Weevil continued to back away, pulling something from his pocket. A duel monsters card. He 'drew' the duel monsters card from the top of his deck, grinning.
"I'll just set another monster face down." Weevil announced, another face-down card appearing before him. The Kiseitai around Rinku glowed for a moment, and a red energy appeared around Weevil. An energy shield, formed from energy Kiseitai was able to generate from Rinku. It wasn't draining any of the demon's energy, just creating some for Weevil.

Weevil Stats:
Field: Larvae Moth+Cocoon of Evolution, face-down monster
Spell/Trap Zone: Cocoon of Evolution, face-down card, Kiseitai
Grave: Mimesis, Flying Kamakiri #1, Insect Armor with Laser Cannon

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Okay. This was getting annoying.

The insect he wished to eliminate wasn't what he hit, Weevil's attack was intercepted, and the Cocoon was shockingly durable. It soon became clear that Weevil could catch his attacks and even take them to get an even further advantage.

"Getting on my nerves, but yet..." Rinku's smile grew wider, faint signs of pink energy flowing through him. "This is really getting me going! Hope everyone is watching, cause it's time to pull some legs!"

Rinku flexed his right hand, the remaining four Yo-Yos from his pouch finding their way to his fingers. It seemed he never needed to grab them before...but was doing it sheerly to put on an act? Without needing to throw them, the Yo-Yos flew around, the four new toys hitting the sandy ground and slinging forward, taking him with them.

The two Yo-Yos that hit big insect shot towards the facedown monster while the two that were attacking the cocoon were joined by the four Rinku was controlling. Which all spun in a circular formation in an area of the cocoon, spinning so fast and acting like a cutting drill. That's when Rinku himself would try and kick it open and aim to stomp the large cocoon towards it's master, smothering him in the spilling juices of his own dead beast!


808 gave a soft smile, lighter than she usually is when Chai is around. Bakura was a nice kid, not a great fit for this harsh tournament, but a good kid nonetheless.

"I'm peppermint." She held out her hand...err...paw for a shake. "And I'm speaking through 808, my pet cat. Easy on the fur."

"And I'm the guy that gets the crowd all revved up, I'm sure you heard them chanting my name." Chai proudly proclaimed. "You know? Chai! Chai! Chai! Ahhhhh!"

Chai said the last bit in a whispered cheer, mimicking a crowd, while Peppermint shook her head and facepalmed with her free hand.

"...808 is the cat, but Chai is the stray."



Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Her taunts seemed less effective - Jeice didn't view her as a threat. It made sense. She'd never take the taunts of someone else she deemed inferior seriously. So she'd just have to make him realize what he was dealing with. The arrow had still erupted, and that small bit had granted a fill on her fifth charge. She had more than enough to do what she needed to, now.

"Let's get on with this!" Jeice yelled, and blitzed toward her.

Kassandra called upon Slow Time, consuming 2 of her adrenaline slots. From her perspective, Jeice seemed to slow to a near crawl, and the mutant lunged toward the side, throwing a kick for her. The misthios turned her gaze toward him, and thrust her blade toward his extended leg, aiming to plunge Arachne's Stinger into his calf, before she would lunge forward to drive the blade up his calf and through his thigh as her other hand extended to grasp his throat, her hidden blade striking out from her wrist to plunge through his esophagus.


It would seem the earlier jotun was calling upon the dunmer again, approaching with a query concerning two individuals, both of whom Irnane had already familiarized herself with. NiGHTS and Jevil. "NiGHTS is male?" Irnane asked, focusing on the pronoun used for the jester. "I had assumed female, although... perhaps neither are accurate, or even apply. NiGHTS isn't the type to conform to traditional identity..."

The dark elf had to remind herself that she'd been asked a question, and quickly realigned her attention. "Did NiGHTS and Sonic not return from their match? NiGHTS won, but I admit I didn't see them return to the lobby - though the other jester you speak of was distracting me. I have not seen Jevil since I fought the sentient sword, no."

Saying these things out loud seemed fairly ridiculous when spoken. Truly put into perspective the sheer absurdity of a place like this.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

As Irnane & Dagr conversed about the whereabouts of the jesters in question, a faint tune began to fade in from the background. It was a soothing wind instrument, echoing almost ethereally, like a lullaby through the plaza. A flute. From the sound of it, it seemed as though it was coming from someplace up high.

NiGHTS seemed perched atop a streetlight near the fountain, their fingers aside their mouth with eyes closed. It looked as if they could be playing a flute, but there was nothing in their hands. Shimmers of sparkles danced down from their feet, having a single foot keeping them affixed to the top of the streetlight.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Upon the intriguing, oddly entrancing tune drifting through the lobby, the Nerevarine turned her gaze upwards, toward the great central fountain. There hovered NiGHTS, as though their conversation had summoned them. Irnane cast a glance at the leaderboard to find Dagr was the next opponent of the whimsical nightmaren.

"I found NiGHTS. Perhaps they heard us talking about them," Irnane told Dagr. "Good luck."
Weevil Underwood

And there were the other four yo-yos. Rinku was powering up as well, energy appearing around him. The demon boy zoomed forward, having his yo-yos pull him across the ground. Then all of them exploded outwards in their attacks. Two towards the face-down monster, the rest and Rinku towards the Cocoon of Evolution.

"Heh heh heh! It looks like it's time for another TRAP CARD!" Weevil exclaimed. His other face-down card flipped up, the card depicting a clawed hand surrounded by yellow bands of energy. These same bands of energy suddenly appeared around Rinku and his yo-yos. Before Rinku and his yo-yos could hit their targets, they were blasted back with a massive gust of wind! The yellow bands whipped around Rinku and his yo-yo's, attempting to restrain them in place.

"My Vortex trap card stops you from attacking! My monsters are safe, nice try, loser!" Weevil said to Rinku. Reaching into his pocket, Weevil 'drew' another card from his deck. He glanced at it, and his grin grew.

"I don't know how long that will last... But you seem quite eager to see my new monster. Why don't I show it to you?" Weevil said. As he spoke, Kiseitai glowed once again. The red energy shield around Weevil grew slightly brighter. Weevil gestured to his face-down monster. "Reveal yourself, Parasite Paracide!"

The monster flipped up, and another insect appeared. It was the one he had used twice so far in the tournament, the small green insect with strange tentacles. It screeched, launching itself towards Rinku. At the last moment, the creature turned incorporeal. It phased through Rinku, letting out a strange energy blast that would transform the figher into part insect!

After that, Parasite Paracide appeared again. It stood next to Rinku, facing down Weevil. The monster looked up towards Rinku expectantly.

"I'll also activate this magic card! Insect Barrier!" Weevil said, playing another card on his duel disk. A gold barrier appeared between Rinku and Weevil's monsters, glowing and pulsing.


The white haired teen looked to 808 curiously, before going with it and kneeling down. He shook the hand of the robot cat. Its fur felt surprisingly soft and realistic. Most strange. The pair... trio? Introduced themselves. Bakura smiled, then began to laugh at Peppermint's and Chai's antics. For people from different worlds, they seemed so... normal. They kind of reminded him of how Yugi and his friends acted. He smiled.
"It was really good to meet all of you. And thank you so much for helping me." Bakura said. "I suppose I'll go... try to find a doctor, or something..."

But before Bakura could step away, there was another loud growl. The white haired teen clutched his stomach. He was so... so...
"Hungry..." Bakura muttered. He looked to 808 and Chai, embaressed by how loud his stomach had been growling. "Do they have food here, before I go? I don't know the last time I've eaten..."


With nearly blinding speed, Kassandra suddenly attacked. Jeice quickly pulled back, but wasn't swift enough. The blade plunged into his calf. Jeice launched himself back, but Kass's second stab was able to slash the side of his thigh, a passing blow. Her fingers barely grazed his throat, a silver blade popping out a barely nicking the side of his neck.

Jeice struck the ground, and attempted to fly back into the air. The power level spike on his scouter was crazy high!


Jeice could feel the warm blood dripping down his leg. And something else. A strange burning sensation. Poison. He breathed heavily, still in fight or flight mode. She hadn't shown any capabilities of flight yet, but Jeice wouldn't count it out... Clearly, there was a whole bunch she was hiding.


The Jotun shrugged
"I dunno, I was just saying in the general, vague way I guess." Dagr said on Irnane's comment of NiGHTS' gender. Irnane pointed out the location of the otherworldly jester, and Dagr looked over to it. Sure enough, there she was.
"Hey, thanks!" Dagr said. "It's not my fight, though. My buddy Beam's gonna be the one fighting NiGHTS."
Dagr gestured to the shark devilman.

"Keep an eye out for that Jevil. And good luck..." Dagr trailed off, looking up to the leaderboard to see who Irnane was fighting next. She had already won her fight?

Whoa. Cool.

"Well, congrats on your victory! And good luck against whoever you're fighting next!" Dagr said to Irnane, giving the woman a thumbs up.