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Private/Closed Bootleg Brothers 6


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Jeice was attempting to escape her now, but the misthios wasn't keen on letting him recover so quickly. Those two charges hadn't yet been juiced out, Hermes' speed remained for a little longer. Kassandra leapt to one of the pillars as Jeice began to rise, before she kicked off of it, aiming to tackle the man out of the air as she tried once more to plunge Arachne's Stinger into him, this time aiming for his exposed bicep.

Just before the speed would end, Kassandra would kick away from the mutant, intending to send him hurtling into the wall as she would skid to a stop on the floor, in the center of the room. Even if this second attack had failed, the first had refilled another charge, earning her back a little of what she had lost. "Am I still boring you?" The woman called. "Because you've yet to entertain me."


Previously Manu456Alola
Still not the most talkative, but it didn't seem like there was any ill will towards the priestess. A win in her book.

"Glad to hear that," Kirin replied. "I'm doing pretty good myself. Pretty pumped for this next fight, not gonna lie. I think getting a one-on-one against a swordfighter could be great for improving my own technique. I get the feeling it won't be as simple as that, though..."

Looking around as she spoke, she managed to spot her opponent idling around the gateway, quite possibly waiting for her. Hopefully she wouldn't mind waiting a tiny bit longer...

"That reminds me," she added. "what are you going to do now? Looks like a few people are still hanging around here, so I guess there's no rush to go back home."​

The two were brought back to the plaza in a flash of light, where the next round officially started. His opponent was now Chai, who looked a lot more like a regular human compared to Fjorrd.

"Show 'em what you are!" The dragonborn encouraged him with a smile, prompting Pit to run off near immediately, already looking forward to his next bout.

"I will! Thanks, Fjorrd!" The angel called out to the man as he ran, diving into the slowly diminishing crowd. After a moment, he stopped, looking around confusedly.

Something wrong, Pit?
"I... don't see this Chai guy anywhere."

Oh well, he was bound to show up soon.

Audrey soon made her own pick, and the white void around them began to shift, filling with swirling colors. Many structures emerged from the ground, building up what appeared to be a city, a plethora of gears sprouting from each building, turning incessantly to the tune of an invisible song. Some gears sprouted from the ground as well, which was coated in a thick layer of sand.

Both fighters were placed in the central area of the city, a castle bursting up from the earth: Order Castle. The ground around it caved in to form a moat, salt water filling it up despite the lack of an actual ocean nearby. A warm, sunset-like orange filled the sky, though there was no sun above the two.

"Alright missy, ya better be ready for this!" Grazie called out, the sand nearby her flowing in to envelop her whole body. When it dispersed, the Adept was covered in armor from head to toe, ready for battle. Summoning her shovel-shaped staff, Grazie was quick to throw it at Audrey, the weapon spinning along the ground like a buzzsaw, a layer of deceptively sand enveloping it. Once it reached its target, it would quickly slide around her before flying at the hero's back!​


Previously Gamingfan2
Magolor shrugged in response.
"Well, you don't see me with swords of my own, do you?"
It didn't seem to bother Dart though. Strangely, the environment seemed to take offense, and the earth itself shook as if awoken. Something was coming...and Magolor grew curious. Especially when Dart claimed he could use magic, throwing some kind of orb that broke in midair.
Flames suddenly surrounded the egg, as if to engulf him in a vortex of fire. Amused, Magolor spun with the tornado, surrounding himself in a tornado of his own magic, before he surged upwards! The fire vortex mixed with his own Bluster Magic, turning the mage into a egg shaped rocket, surrounded by an inferno!
Magolor flew upward and past Dart before slamming into a girder! The mage bounced off it, leaving a red-hot spot, and rebounded off another, giggling all the way. The wind surrounding him seemed to intensify, as if to further tease the hidden threat.
"Hmm? Has something been hiding here? How interesting! Come out and play!"

Kragg didn't answer his question, instead uttering two names.
"Uh...yeah. Ryuji." the phantom thief repeated, pointing at himself. There was a bit of uncomfortable silence as Ryuji didn't know how to proceed, until someone else spoke up. A white-haired kid that seemed to know Kragg.
"Oh, is he your friend?" Ryuji asked. "Sorry, I'm gonna borrow him real quick. We'll be back in no time!"
With that, he turned to Kragg.
"What do you say, big guy? Ready to throw down?"

The bone rush's kinetic force seemed to be absorbed by M.O.D.O.K's barrier, prompting laughter from the head. His forehead began to glow.
Without much time to move, Lucario used the foresight he had to bring his arms up, solidifying them into something like steel. M.O.D.O.K's blast struck Lucario, forcing the fighting/steel type back until it swept him off his feet.
Lucario managed to catch himself and flip back into a fighting stance, though a slight stumble and his hazy eyes betrayed the damage he had been dealt.

Suddenly she was behind him, launching off a pillar! Jeice turned in midair, catching Kass' wrist. The two spun through the air, and Kassandra's dagger glanced off his shoulder pauldron. The spartan woman hit him with a powerful kick before they hit the ground, sending Jeice flying into a nearby wall. He gasped in surprise, sliding down the wall to the floor.

What the hell just happened?!

The pain and weakness in his leg was getting worse by the moment. Jeice struggled to his feet, breathing heavily.
"It ain't... it ain't possible..." Jeice said. His captain's words rang through his head once again. She's not just some savage with sharpened sticks.

Jeice gritted his teeth. He looked down at his leg, stabbed and slashed. The strange poison of the blade was slowly eating away at the pauldron that had been hit. In his hand, a small ball of energy formed. In a sudden movement, the warrior jammed it into his injured leg. The energy attack cauterized the wound, stopping the bleeding. The, taking the partially destroyed pauldron, he removed it from the Battle Armor.
"Look at you. You get a few lucky hits in, and you get all high and mighty." Jeice said. "Let's do this."

Each time he launched himself at Kassandra and tried to overwhelm her, it hadn't worked. So Jeice kept it simple. Ignoring the pain and weakness in his leg, he walked towards Kassandra. At the last moment, he suddenly launched himself at her, hovering in the air. It was yet another powerful barrage of punches, attempting to overwelm Kassandra's defenses and beat her down.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


The gardevoir felt a bit awkward with this interaction. In past battles, before this tournament, she had never so much as given those she'd beaten a second look. They had been inferior, beneath her attention. To lose, and to speak with that who defeated her... it was uncomfortable and wholly alien to Neph.

She looked away for a moment. Kirin's question was of a deeply personal nature, and while Neph had certainly gained some initially begrudging respect for the priestess... she wasn't sure she wanted to start divulging in her own insecurities. At this point, Nephthys had been able to accept both her loss and her desire to see her trainer again. But at the same time, the thought of going back was weighing heavily upon her. She had abandoned him and her home... could she go back? She'd initially planned to return in victory, having conquered the tournament, to shove it in the face of her trainer and make him see that she belonged to this lifestyle, but clearly she wasn't as good as she thought she was.

<I may just... observe. Learn where I went wrong. How to better myself. And see who wins.> The gardevoir finally answered.


The attack did nothing, and even more - Magolor wasn't even interested in their fight!

Dart landed, his heels skidding against the ground, before he leveled Heat Blade back onto his shoulder, watching Magolor giggle and taunt at the thing that lay beneath them.

Admittedly, Dart had no idea that choosing this place as the arena could have brought something like this. The use of magic wind awakening something beneath - and it wasn't Feyrbrand.

"I didn't think it would be here," Dart told Magolor. "It's the Spirit of the Green Dragoon, master of the wind element. When you used your own wind attack, I guess it awoke it... We'll probably be fine to continue our fight so long as we don't enter the catacombs."


"EAT DEATH LASER! AAAHAHAHAHAHA!" M.O.D.O.K.s laughter boomed as a weapon emerged from the bottom of his chair the same moment the psychic beam struck Lucario, sending the Aura Pokémon skidding back. A flash of light illuminated the weapon, a shimmer opf red energy, before a beam of crimson light blasted out towards the Lucario to try and catch him off-guard and obliterate him with a blast tough enough to break through Dr. Doom's shields. It was comparable to a unibeam from the likes of Iron Man, though more concentrated. If Lucario would move, M.O.D.O.K. would spin with him, this attack capable of being redirected as the beam persisted for several seconds, cutting through the surrounding buildings, which would erupt in explosions of fire and heat, sending shrapnel through the battlefield.



"Look at you. You get a few lucky hits in, and you get all high and mighty."

As Jeice had been busy repairing some of her dealt damage, Kassandra swapped out her weapons. Arachne's Stinger had done its work, now she intended to use something else. Poseidon's Trident found its way into her hands as she rolled her shoulders.

"Let's do this."

"Let's," Kassandra agreed, watching as Jeice approached her. He usually charged immediately... he was hesitant now. Cautious. Uncertain. He'd likely try to close the distance more casually before using his burst of speed. After all, that was his primary mode of attack. He could certainly play a ranged game, yet so far, he hadn't attempted it that much. If he had, Kassandra would more easily build up her adrenaline charges anyway.

Fortunately, her ability to react was greater when wielding the trident. She could cover either side of her body with it, unlike her other weapons. It wasn't nearly as rapid as Arachne's Stinger, but it was a lot more versatile in melee combat. Her greatest offensive defense. The selection was fortuitous, as Jeice's new strategy was 1) what she'd predicted and 2) an attempt to overwhelm the misthios. Kassandra was further reminded of her battle against Rebellio. He had eliminated her after her loss against Specter last tournament. Jeice fought a bit differently, and could take more hits than Rebellio, but the misthios was far more experienced than before. She'd been a young woman in those days. She was the Keeper of Humanity now. She was the master of her own destiny, and she would not let some alien with a complex put a stop to what had been set in motion.

His fists and legs were rapid as Jeice led with a flurry of attacks. Kassandra had to strain herself to keep up - she couldn't display any weaknesses he could capitalize on. The trident blocked a trio of hits before she ducked, but he slugged her shoulder. Kassandra spun backward, the mutant still keeping on her, but the spartan used her spin to match his next blows. This continued for several moments as the trident became a blur, blocking the majority of attacks as she weaved and ducked, but a rare hit would meet its mark and knock the misthios back, back, and back still. They were nearing the edge of the platform, where the abyss of water sloshed softly beneath them. Most humans would have faltered beneath the blows already sustained, but Kassandra was no mere woman. She was a demigod. His blows stung, but they would not stop her.

Finally, they reached the edge, and another idea sprouted within the Keeper's mind. She used the trident to block one more attack, one that made her skid back, and sail off the edge. Kassandra became enveloped in the dark, chill waters beneath them, sinking beneath its surface.

And for a moment, all was still once the waves had ceased their excitement.



All around the platform, water began to rise like a self-sustained tsunami that rose high around Jeice, vast and thick enough that it blocked out the soft green glow that had filled their arena, casting Jeice in a watery darkness, the water extending to the shadowed ceiling above. And there it remained, as Kassandra stepped from the water, her sandals slapping against the platform. If Jeice were to try and go through the water wall, it would slosh him back. Attempts to blast holes through it would be quickly repaired.

What seemed to be a white outline of Jeice is what Kassandra saw, utilizing her eagle vision to view the mutant. As earlier evidenced, he could not see through the dark. He could detect her power level, as she wasn't utilizing stealth, but could he pinpoint it enough to accurately trade blows? That remained uncertain for now. Kassandra had cut off the lights, and enclosed them on the circular platform, meeting Jeice's strength, flight, and speed with trickery, darkness, and cunning.


Previously Gamingfan2
The oval mage circled around Dart, the last remnants of fire fizzling from of Magolor's wind. To Magolor, this seemed a little more interesting than a fight. To not only perfectly recreate a previous destroyed arena, combine two, but bring other creatures along for the ride as well?
Dart seemed uninterested though, prompting a "Booo!" from the mage.
"Aww, come on! Those catacombs aren't exactly like the ones in your world." Magolor teased. "Aren't you the littlest bit curious of what's down there? It could be something entirely different!"

A red glow emitted from M.O.D.O.K's chair, before it fired a concentrated beam at Lucario. The aura pokemon spun out of the way, but it didn't save him as M.O.D.O.K turned the beam. The machine turned with Lucario as the pokemon circled him, looking for an opening. Just as the beam grew close enough for Lucario to feel the searing heat, the pokemon suddenly dropped to the ground. Aura burst from his palms, propelling Lucario like a rocket as he kept low to the ground, just under the beam until he leaned back and unleashed a powerful flip kick under the machine.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist


Launched backwards by the gust, the demon attempted to resist against the force, the yellow bands coming in to assault him. However, as they attempted to bind his Yo-Yos, the slippery little devils snaked backwards inorganically, weaseling out of the ring's would-be grasp. Shortly afterwards, they raced to free Rinku, who himself was having less luck against the binds, one clasping near his neck. With four winding cuts, the Yo-Yos severed the bind, freeing him up to attack once more.

...That's exactly what he would do, if it weren't for the sudden appearance of a new bug friend. The parasite coming to life, it seemed to infect both him AND his yo-yos. Rinku's body became scaley, two insectoid wings sprouting on his back as plates of exoskeleton jutted out at random from his body. Now, one of his eyes seemed blackened, like that of an ant, a pink pentagram glowing from the center of it.

The Yo-Yos appeared very much like ticks with pulsating pink saw-blades jutting down under them, the yo-yo string firmly erupting from their backs.

"So what? You give me a makeover and think that's going to gross me out?" Rinku closed the eye he could, leaving only the pentagram one open. "You have no idea what I've seen, kid."

Leaping at the barrier, the eight tick like Yo-Yos tried to attack at the barrier, Rinku attempting to drop kick it and flip off of it. Though this thing seemed surprisingly sturdy...

Chai & 808

"Food? Seems like that hand thing thought up a solution to that. Go to the diner, should be a few blocks over to the north." 808 gestured with a paw. "We'd join, but I think we need to find our guy now."

"Speaking of..." Chai pointed at a pair of angels wings in the plaza. "I think that's our man."

"Well, there's our cue, guy. Keep your head on tight, won't you?"

Peppermint gave a smile before the color of the cat's eyes flickered, seeming to return to mannerisms like that of a regular cat. The cat shook it's head, blinking before leaping excitedly onto Chai's shoulder and draping itself across it.

"See ya around, Cayguy!" Chai waved. "Lemme know how this fight goes! Get that red rat!"

With a snide smirk, Chai bounded forward, sliding across the ground as he approached the angel.

"I'm here, fashionably late. That's how I roll, on purpose mind you." He shrugged. "Take it you are this 'Pit' guy right? ...Huh, those wings look really realistic. That some gizmo."

His flurry rush pressed the woman back, and this time Jeice could feel the difference. It wasn't like before, where she was easily shaking off his blows. Jeice could feel these hits landing, and hitting hard. Whatever that mad rush was moments ago, clearly she couldn't do it all the time. A desperation move? Hardly, with all the talk she had been spewing, she was far from desperate.

One powerful punch sent the spartan sailing off the edge of the platform they were fighting on. Massive waves of water shot up around the platform! But instead of crashing down, they continued spewing upwards. Walls of water, deep enough to severely darken the area they were in. Another trick, another gimmick. But Jeice wasn't going to let this one catch him off guard.

"You'll have to try better then that!" Jeice exclaimed. A red energy appeared around his hand, the same technique he had used against MODOK. The energy blade.
"Spinning Blade!" Jeice called out. The red warrior spun in place, so fast it appeared that he became a spinning circular blade of red energy! The spinning blade of energy launched itself into the wall of water, and with some effort, the energy blade cut through it! Jeice burst out the other side of the wall of water, right above where his scouter said Kassandra was lurking.

"Gotcha now! YEAAAAHHH!"

A pair of red energy spheres appeared in Jeice's hands, and Jeice launched a powerful barrage of energy blasts down to Kassandra!

Weevil Underwood

Weevil snickered, drawing another card.
"Gross you out? I'd say you look ten times better now! Haha! My Insect Barrier prevents enemy insects from being able to attack me or my monsters. And now, I'd say that applies to you and your little toys! Gyah ha ha!" Weevil cackled. The Kiseitai glowed around Rinku, and the energy around Weevil grew. This was fantastic! His opponent couldn't attack, Weevil was getting stronger, and his ultimate monster was growing!

"Three more turns!" Weevil exclaimed, pointing Rinku and setting a card. The Cocoon of Evolution began to pulse, a low groan resonating from the monster. "Three more turns, and my ultimate monster will be unleashed!"

Whoever said cheating didn't pay?


"Ah. Bye." Bakura said, waving as Chai and 808 ran off. They seemed quite nice. But first, he really, really needed to eat. Bakura hastily made his way towards the Regular Burger restaurant.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Prevents enemy insects from attacking? That's annoying. What even made me an insect anyway? I didn't see any sort of trigger.

As his Yo-Yo ticks bounced off the barrier and returned to their master's hands, The small insectoid demon had an idea.

But who says it has to be ME doing the fighting?

With a wide grin, Rinku took this as a challenge. He shot over into the trees. Several kicks, slams, and grinding sounds were heard. Suddenly, one by one, trees began to teeter over and fall...right towards Weevil! Ones that hadn't been close mouth to him were being ground down by the Yo-Yo ticks before Rinku kicked them. One particular tree Rinku had snapped and hurled to smother the stationary cocoon!


Previously mallard
The shark tried listening to the jotun's explanation, only picking up parts of it with slack-jawed focus. Then, another woman approached Dagr, who grabbed both of their attention. He picked up on her scent, and it was like Dagr- both were like humans, but different somehow. After coming to this revelation, the devilman sunk into the ground, and began blowing bubbles as if he were in the bath.

The interaction was rather short, and it made Dagr laugh, whatever the other woman said. Beam perked up, a wide grin on his face as he chuckled alongside her- though he didn't know what they were laughing about. She led them over to another woman, who also smelled like a creature the shark had never encountered before. This one talked a lot too, so Beam tuned out again, turning to study the sky. He tuned back in near the end of the conversation when Dagr said his name, instantly snapping to attention. He kept his trap shut until they waved bye to each other, and his vision wandered towards the crowds.
"Is Lord Chainsaw watching?"

"What do you say, big guy? Ready to throw down?"

Kragg thought he'd never ask. Instead of giving a verbal response, the large beetle looked Ryuji dead in the eye, and punched his fist into his opposing palm. Then, the Earth's Bastion lumbered past Skull and into the portal.

Once inside the void, the computer requested a location. He chose the Aetherian Forest Floor. The most hostile place in Aether due to its deadly megafauna, but which Kragg wasn't particularly afraid of himself. As long as The Heart wasn't present, that is.
Weevil Underwood

With pure strength, Rinku began kicking down trees. He was knocking them down towards him! Weevil panicked, dodging from side to side as trees fell all around him. Some of the falling trees struck Weevil, but they bounced off the red aura created by Kiseitai's effect. The red aura did look weakened now. Rinku then launched a sharpened tree at him and the cocoon!
"GAH! I'll use my other trap card! Another Vortex!" Weevil declared, activating his set card. It flipped up, revealing another Vortex card. Once again, and great wind and bands of energy exploded out. It knocked away the trees, protecting Weevil and the Cocoon of Evolution. The bands of gold energy raced towards Rinku and his tick yo-yos, attempting to restrain them.

The insect duelist drew a card, and Kiseitai restored Weevil's red aura. He had thought Insect Barrier would be enough, but clearly it wasn't. He needed something else to keep Rinku's attention as the Cocoon grew.
"I'll summon this! Flying Kamakiri #2! And I'll equip him with some Laser Cannon Armor!" Weevil announced. In a burst of light, a large grasshopper-like monster appeared. Metal armor formed around it, with a massive laser cannon on its back.

"Take this! Fire!" Weevil declared. A laser blast shot from the back of the massive insect, straight towards Rinku!

Weevil Stats
Field: Larvae Moth (equipped with Cocoon of Evolution) (defense mode), Flying Kamakiri #2 (equipped with Laser Cannon Armor)
Spell/Trap Zone: Kiseitai (equipped to Rinku), Cocoon of Evolution (equipped to Larvae Moth), Laser Cannon Armor (equipped to Flying Kamakiri #2), Vortex (targeting Rinku)
Grave: 4 cards
Hand: 1 card

Parasite Paracide

These duels were so strange. This was the third one he was in where the duelists did the fighting themselves! The insect watched with interest as Rinku began using the trees as weapons himself. Like the others, they hadn't really given the monster any instruction. So the insect tagged along close to Rinku, floating above the ground and waiting for any orders to be useful.


They were close to NiGHTS when Beam spoke up. Dagr stopped, taking a moment to look over the crowd. Beam had raved about this Lord Chainsaw, but had never said what he looked like. Let's see... He's also a devil person, like Beam. Beam called himself the shark devil... So this Lord Chainsaw guy might also have something weird going on with his face? Chains and saws.

Huh. I bet this guy's got like a big saw blade on his face! He's probably super buff like Beam, maybe even bigger, and wrapped with cool looking chains!

"I don't know, buddy. He could be here, what's he look like?" Dagr asked, scanning the crowd.
Audrey Redheart
The Hero gave a wide smirk and a grin as she saw the Orderscape form around her, despite the changes made by the beach Grazie asked for.
This'll be easy, she figured, turning her blade towards her foe.

"Get ready to lose, kid!" Audrey taunted in response to Grazie's call out, ready to swing her blade to either cleave right through the shovel, or send it right back at Grazie!

Then it slipped behind her.
"What the-" She turned to try and block it with her sword, but her surprise meant that soon she was sent flying into the air, dazed. Not wounded, the sword took the brunt of the blow, but it still stung. "Gr..." Audrey shook herself awake to pay attention to her surroundings. Grazie was there below her now - a diagonal angle down, she could work with that. The armor didn't exactly frighten her, she was used to bigger enemies getting a stronger mode or form anyway.

She brought her blade overhead, and began to use her momentum to dive right towards Grazie, intending to cut right through her!

The Warlock
The Warlock wasn't able to prevent this attack, the smoke enveloping him. There was a small grunt of pain, but once that smoke cleared, he was gone.

"I think you'll find, heretics are the only ones to be burned and roasted." His voice carried loud, revealing his location as on the roof of ADVENT's Gene Clinic that was nearby, before he disappeared, jumping down the opposite side of the building. Energy began to quickly rise from his hands and mind, into the ground. Those hands shot up several times, as if pulling up from the ground.

More psionic...things, carrying sticks of energy that buzzed to zap and far more focused than the ones that appeared before - 7 of them, their sticks crackling as each went to attack, 6 chasing to stun and zap the Two Headed King Rex from it's sides, while the last charged towards Rex Raptor himself.

The Mindripper, meanwhile, was encased in a psionic shielding, stuck in place to protect himself behind the building.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

More of those rings? Seen this one before.

The Tick-Yo-Yos chittered as they wove around and away from each individual ring, Ribku following in suite. As he was to backflip into another attack, he found himself unable to - something tugged at his ankle.


Looking down, he saw that one of the rings he missed had just snagged around his ankle, halting the demon in mid air! Struggling against it, the ring began to give, but not before a cannon blast struck Rinku square in the chest!


Rinku shattered through the remaining ring, torn bits of cloth flying in the air. The demon cringed, righting himself mid fall, slowing himself as he reached the ground further away. There was a nasty bruise on his bare chest, a few insectoid scales breaking off the area and falling into crumbled fragments on the ground.

Snarling, Rinku flipped his head up, squinting at the distant Weevil. His goal was clear: Squash the twerp. Ignoring the Parasite Paracide, he darted to the side, running a distance away from the battle. The demonic children's toys ground against the sand grains of the demon world, each one swerving and curving against it like a mixer.

Something began to billow, as Rinku shot back towards the fight, the Yo-Yos followed suite, curving upwards and onwards and repeating the process, garnering and gathering a ever growing wave of dead red sand. As Rinku got closer and closer, more sand was gathered and the wave got bigger!

"Fighting dirty, are we? Nobody fights dirtier than me!"

With a quick flash of pink, Rinku soared up along with the curvature of the wave as it crashed over the forest! It would swamp over the land and would try and suffocate everything and everyone down below! Now raising above the wave and over Weevil's position, he grinned maniacally as he would bear witness to a mortal drown in demonic sands!

Rex Raptor

"I don't need a lecture in religion from some quack." Rex spat. "Stay in your lane, bozo! The only 'ticks' I see here are the ones that need to be squashed!"

In a flush of purple and pink lights, 7 figures arose in front of him, Rex not seeming too worried about this. Flicking a strand of purple hair behind him, the dino duelist crossed his arms confidently.

"Ha! You think THAT will be enough? What a joke! Rex'll torch them all into nothing!"

One of humanoids stabbed one of their stunning devices into the left of Two Headed King Rex, who in response, lifted up the same leg and stomped down hard, lurching it's body forward and torching all the other in it's path! However, it missed one, which went beneath it's notice, running over to Rex!

"...! Uh, King Rex? Buddy?? You missed one!!"

Just then, out of the bushes, Crawling Dragon #2 leaped out! Its body behind used as a battering ram to smash the remaining enemy. Rex, looking around, quickly composed himself.

"Uh, y-yeah...thought that was gonna work?! Bet you forgot about crawling dragon #2! Cause I sure didn't!! Hahahahah!!"

He broke out into laughing, hands on his hips and sweat coming down his sideburns.

He had totally forgotten him.

Rex's field

Two Headed King Rex
Crawling Dragon#2

Cards in hand: 3


Previously mallard
Dagr asked what Lord Chainsaw looked like, and Beam was more than happy to tell her about him, wasting no time.

"Lord Chainsaw is big, strong, awesome, and has CHAINSAWS!!! RrrrrRRRRrrRRR rrrRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! HAHAHAHA!!!"

The devilman raised his fists and shook them with excitement as he mimicked the sound of a revving engine.

"Lord Chainsaw is the STRONGEST!!! BEST!!! CHAIN-SAW! CHAIN-SAW!"

He chanted the name of his hero, but despite his excitement, there was no Lord Chainsaw in the stands.

Perhaps it was an ancient cultural memory, passed down from when Jotun traveled in war bands, pillaging and fighting. Long before there was a kingdom to call home. But Beam's chanting was incredibly contagious to Dagr.

"CHAIN-SAW! CHAIN-SAW!" Dagr chanted along with Beam, shaking her poleax over her head. After a few more chants, Dagr grinned and relaxed. She looked around, but saw no sign of a Lord Chainsaw in the crowd.
"Hm... I'm not seeing anyone like that. Lots of weirdos, but no big strong awesome Lord Chainsaw." Dagr said. "Sun-Wing!"

Her Jotun eagle jumped to her arm.
"You go take a fly around, and see if you can find Lord Chainsaw! Got it?" Dagr said. The eagle glared at Dagr.


"Yeah really! Now get out there!" Dagr said. The eagle rolled its eyes before taking off, soaring up and over the crowd.
"Okay, Beam. If Lord Chainsaw is here, Sun-Wing will be sure to find him!" Dagr said.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


He stared back at Magolor for a moment, before he tapped his foot on the ground and stroked his chin with his free hand. "I dunno... is there any rules against... not fighting your opponent?" He wondered aloud. "I mean I guess I'm a little curious."

Actually it might not be a bad idea... he'd saved up some dragoon points from his last matches, but he'd used up a little against Warlock. Magolor was clearly a tricky opponent, and the dragoon might be the edge Dart needed to win this fight. Unfortunately, he needed more points again. With Magolor being difficult to land hits on, he couldn't build up those points.

But he'd already fought the Spirit of the Green Dragoon, and if it was down there, he knew he could accrue more than enough DP to use, and possibly have enough left over to warrant a rapid transformation in any coming fights, as they would undoubtedly be getting more difficult.

Nervously (nervous because he didn't want to break any rules) Dart scratched the back of his head, before he shrugged. "Uh... alright, I guess. Let's, uh, check it out."


"STAY STILL SO I CAN VAPORIZE YOU, YOU LITTLE-" M.O.D.O.K. stuck out a tongue in concentration as he focused the beam on Lucario, coming close before-

"GAH!" The Man-Mind spat as his chair bursted higher into the air, his shields taking a big blow to their integrity. Another hit or two like that and he'd be exposed. It was time to utilize the arena to his advantage.


He continued to fly up, before he turned to one of the windows and waved his hand. The window ripped out of Avengers Tower before he hurled it toward Lucario, spinning it to make it fly faster and hit harder, before the Doomsday Chair charged the A.I.M. Leader into the building.


Unfortunately for Jeice, the bottomless pool meant a near infinite amount of water. What he'd evaded moved, as the misthios shifted its focus. The walls of water replaced any damage rapidly as it swooshed, beginning to spin around itself. "You've never fought the likes of Poseidon before, have you?" Kassandra asked as his blasts soaked into the thick sloshing water, sizzling against it before dissipating as the water gathered speed and ferocity at an increasing rate, Poseidon's trident glowing a shade brighter. "I'll admit, he could do this far better than I could, but I did pick up a trick or two from him."

It was as though the water had reversed and was now filling the upper cavern, creating rapidly diminishing choke points as the rush of the water grew powerful enough to begin shaking the cavern, the aqua spinning and churning with aggressive rapidity. "You can run and shoot and try to outspeed the water all you like, but at the end of the day, water is one of the few things nobody can overcome. Unlike you and I, it has no limits to its weight, to its power, to its endurance. It is all encompassing - and in case you hadn't noticed, there's a lot more of it just outside this room. An ocean's worth. And I know how to open that door keeping it from you."

The whirlpool only continued to intensify, relentless and virtually unstoppable as Kassandra emerged at the epicenter, the room itself filling to the brim as the trident grew a little brighter still. "Only one place for us to fight, Jeice. You might as well stop acting the coward you claimed I was."


Previously mallard
Shark Fiend
Beam listened to Dagr and nodded. He understood, and was grateful, but didn't know how to express it and just turned his attention back towards the crowd. He couldn't isolate a scent, so he just watched Sun-Wing fly around. The devilman saw the armored bird fly past a certain jester on top of a lamppost, but didn't pay it much mind...


Previously Manu456Alola
"Sounds like a solid idea to me. I'd probably do the same thing if I got eliminated from the tournament." The priestess said with a nod. A couple more battles were getting started, so Kirin took that as her cue to get going. She didn't want sit around too long, after all.

"Think it's about time I start my own fight, huh? My opponent's been waiting for a bit." She said, head turning towards Alter Knight once again. "Wish me luck. Maybe come watch if you get the chance!"

She left for the gateway after that, waving goodbye to Neph as she passed by Alter Knight. Once she was through the portal, she was greeted by that same white void, where she took a second to think about her stage pick.

"Hmm... how about Cyber-Kowloon City?"​

Pit's opponent was (purposefully) fashionably late, showing up out of nowhere before pointing out the angel's wings.

"Uh, they're not fake, hehe." He chuckled. "They're very much real-" As he spoke, Pit took notice of Chai's gear, jaw dropping wide open.

"Wait, you have a metal arm?! That's awesome, dude!"​

"Didn't I tell ya? I ain't no kid!" The Adept spat back in response to Audrey's initial taunts, grinning as she saw her opponent go flying with that first attack. The staff flew back to her as Audrey got her bearings, and just in time too - Audrey suddenly dove down with an overhead slash, giving Grazie just enough time to raise her own weapon in defense.

Grazie's staff proved durable enough to withstand the hit, the sand enveloping her weapon hardening to increase its defenses. Then, said sand would suddenly jump out to envelop Audrey's arm, aiming to then quickly yank it backwards to leave the Hero wide open. If successful, Grazie would take the chance to swing away with her staff!​
Weevil Underwood

The laser cannon was a direct hit! Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to knock the demon out of commission. He continued fighting, now whipping up a giant wave of sand to crush Weevil and his monsters! In a flash of metal and chitin, the Flying Kamakiri #2 scooped up Weevil and shot flew into the sky. They just managed to fly over the wave of sand, and it crashed down onto the battlefield. The Cocoon of Evolution, having been weakened by the earlier attack from the yo-yos, was knocked off the ground. It was pushed back by the wave of sand, half buried. Even so, it hadn't been enough to crush the massive cocoon.

Weevil took a moment to make sure he was all there, before grinning.
"So you can kick up a little sand. There's more to playing dirty than rolling in the dirt, you loser!" Weevil called out. Flying Kamakiri #2 set Weevil back down on the ground, and Weevil drew another card. His Ultimate Great Moth was so close to hatching! And this time, there was no weird psychic fairy lady to stand in its way!

"I'll bring back another friend from before. Return to the field, Hercules Beetle!" Weevil said, placing another card on his duel disk. "Rinku! I'll wipe you out in one big bug blitzkrieg! Attack!"

Flying Kamakiri #2 fired its laser cannon at Rinku once again, and Hercules Beetle launched the energy blades from its chest at the demon boy!


Jeice scoffed, flying over and hovering above Kassandra.
"Blah, blah, blah. You keep on talking, but you've pretty much spent this whole fight running and hiding. You've got a lot of gimmicks, an' you've just been adding talking me to death as one of them." Jeice called down to Kass.
"But now, I've got you in my sights for real. So, let's see how you like this." Jeice said.

Once again a pair of red energy spheres appeared in Jeice's hands, and Jeice launched a powerful barrage of energy blasts down to Kassandra!


Sun-Wing flew off, and the Jotun/Devilman pair continued heading towards NiGHTS. It only was a few steps closer before they got close enough Dagr felt comfortable calling out to the strange purple jester.
"Hey! Hello up there!" Dagr called up to NiGHTS. She offered the jester a smile, waving to her. "How's the weather?"

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

How bothersome. Weevil was still bugging him.

Grimacing at his reappearance, Rinku saw the Hercules Beetle make its own, the two enemy insects peeping to fire their attacks against him. And from behind? Parasite Paracide came trailing along, which Rinku registered as a multi pronged attack to distract from a finishing move, one he was determined to not let land.

Leaping upwards, he lashed his demonic Yo-Yos against every insect in sight as a distraction. A couple pinged off the the insect barrier of the armor bearing one, four also bounced off the barrier protecting the beetle one, but shockingly? No barrier protected Parasite Paracide, which let out a pitiful, almost betrayed noise as it shattered into a million pieces.

Furthermore, it seemed as though his insect mutations had begun to regress as a result of that. So that little one was responsible for all this? So if I'm not an insect now...

Oh yeah. Payback time.

Above the laser cannon armor's attack, he just had to cut through the distance that plagued him between Weevil and himself. Bounding forward, he curved his body in between the boomers he shaped crescent attacks, his Yo-Yos shrinking behind him, untickfied, almost like propellers. One of the crescent attacks slashed at his arm, and other across his cheek, but he wasn't going to let that stop him.

Weevil used to be carried at the mercy of flying Kamikiri, who stood right beside his master, this is something Rinku would use to his advantage. He would order his Yo-Yos to wrap around the pair, all right of them to wrap around the insect and dweeb into a binding mini cocoon of it's own, purple electricity zapping out of the strings to paralyze the trapped prey. Rinku would flash forward, stoping right at Weevil's face.

"Care to run that by me again?"

The S-Class demon would then piledrive the pair straight towards the ground, the Yo-Yos weaving themselves to act as a drill, screwing the pair into the earth, using Weevil and his bug as the drill bit!


Stopping their dream like melody on their invisible flute, NiGHTS peered an eye down below, a meeting a disinterested shark man and an enthused armor clad woman. Thats an interesting pair. NiGHTS smirked, fluttering off of the lamp pose and twirling through the air, stopping themselves a few feet from Dagr.

"Crisp! Say, i don't believe we've met, Visitor!" NiGHTS put their hands on their hips. "My name's NiGHTS, put 'er there!"

They extended their hand for a shake in a bold fashion. It looked like their demeanor had shifted somewhat from their battle with Sonic. Like her personality was more macho than before, as if Dagr was rubbing off on them after just meeting?


"Oh yeah, you know it. Latest in Armstrong tech and fluent in a hundred ways of ass kicking!" Chai boasted, punching the air a few times. "See Peppermint? This Pit guy knows it's cool."

The cat shook their head as their lights flickered, signifying Peppermint taking control again. "Yeah, sure, selling your soul to Vandelay was really worth it, huh?"

Chai blew this off, deciding to ignore her in favor of Pit's wings, which if he wasn't mistaken, the boy said were...real? Chai lifted his junk guitar, giving a cautious poke to the feathered wings.

"Wait, so like, are you an actual angel? Cause like, I'm totally not mentally prepared for the 'Heaven and hell are real' talk right now."
Weevil Underwood

The strands of the yo-yos wrapped around Weevil and Flying Kamakiri #2. It was incredibly painful, like sticking one's hand in an electric socket! Weevil screamed in pain. He was unable to move, completely paralyzed. Rinku sudden appeared in front of Weevil.
"Care to run that by me again?" The demon taunted.

Despite the pain, Weevil grinned. This brat thought that he was ahead, but Weevil had already planned for this!

"You... loser..." Weevil gasped out through the paralysis. Suddenly, Rinku felt he was unable to move as well! The same painful paralysis that captured Weevil was flowing over Rinku. It was the special effect of the Synchronize helmet Weevil had purchased from the coin store! It was the whole reason Weevil had bought the helmet, to prepare for this eventuality. Rinku would be paralyzed, unable to move or attack. He would be a sitting duck!

Or so Weevil thought. Despite this paralysis seeming to work, the yo-yos continued to move anyway! Weevil screamed in fear as they lifted him and Flying Kamakiri #2 up, and drilled the pair of them into the ground. Flying Kamakiri #2, being the larger of the two bound together, took the brunt of the damage. It screeched, the armor it wore being destroyed before the monster too was exploded into pixels. As for Weevil, the energy shield from Kiseitai protected him mostly. With the attack, it completely depleted the energy shield. As the attack ended, Weevil was ground against the side of the ground. It was painful, with the attack breaking one of the lens of his glasses and giving him some cuts. But he was still conscious, and able to fight.

Seeing that their duelist was in danger, Hercules Beetle launched another round of attacks at Rinku! Blades of energy shot out towards the demon boy.

In the same instant, beams of light began to shoot out from the Cocoon of Evolution. A massive burst of energy exploded out, with a beam of light and energy bursting from the top of the cocoon. A shriek rang out through the arena. Emerging from the Cocoon, a massive bug was called forth. A horned moth, with thick green exoskeleton and beautiful blue wings. The Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth was summoned!


Dagr shook the strange woman's hand with a strong grip. One sentence in, and Dagr was already liking this lady. She had just floated down from the top of the lamp post after all, pretty incredible. In fact... there was something familiar about this jester.

"Well met! I'm Dagr." The Princess said. She gestured back to Beam. "This here is Beam, your opponent for this round of fights. He may look like a sweetheart, but he'll eat you up real quick."

Dagr leaned on her poleax, looking down at NiGHTS.
"I've seen bits and pieces of your fights. I've never seen anyone fight like you before! Those crazy transformations! They're so cool, how do you do it?" Dagr asked NiGHTS.
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Previously Manu456Alola


Despite having used (and seen) a wide variety of weapons and gear in his battles, Pit was very much intrigued by Chai’s prosthetic limb, staring at it like a little kid in a toy store. Nothing like an awesome metal arm.

“You bet I am! I dunno if some equivalent of Skyworld or the Underworld exist in your world, but they do in mine. And I also act as the captain of the royal guard for Lady Palutena, the Goddess of Light!”

The angel pumped a fist, placing it to his chest almost like a salute. He held that pose for a moment, before he processed the fact that there was an additional participant in their conversation.

“…no way. Is that a talking cat too!?”

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

"Heaven and Hell huh...real angels right there talkin' to me. I gotta reevaluate some of my life decisions..."

As Chai started to space out reflecting on no doubt regrettable moments of his life, 808 rolled their eyes, jumping off of Chai's shoulders and landing bipedal on the ground. Putting a hand on their hip, the cat pointed with the other paw to herself.

"More like speaking through my pet mechanical cat like a walkie-talkie with extra steps, but common misconception." The fabricated feline shrugged, offering a paw. "Peppermint, and this cute ball of fur is 808, good to meet ya, kid."

"...I'll just assume all rockstars go to heaven and leave it at that." Chai waved off, snapping back from his spiral. "So a high up angel, huh? That's cool...that's cool...bet that means the crowd is in for a real showstopper with this next one then, huh? Rock Legend vs Angels in heaven. That practically sounds like and album all by itself!"


NiGHTS grinned with a single eye open as Dagr introduced herself, before she gestured to her semi-aquatic companion: Beam. Looking up and down at the shake humanoid, NiGHTS nodded.

"So that's the guy I've been waiting on, eh? He sure does look like he has an appetite, but I'm anything but an all-you-can-eat!"

Turning back to Dagr, who proposed a question to her, NiGHTS responded by beating their chest once, puffing it out a bit exaggerated like.

"Nightmaren constitution!" She beamed. "Also comes with a bit of practice, like getting your stomach prepared for a hot dog eating contest!"


Previously Gamingfan2
Magolor laughed approvingly.
"Hee Hee! Now that's the spirit!"
Finally, the mage descended closer to the ground, sinking into one of the holes, vanishing save for one of his floating hand, which gave a cheeky wave before dipping in itself.

Kragg didn't respond, evidently the silent type. But his actions said enough.
"I'll take that as a yes." Ryuji said as he watched Kragg vanish into the gateway, before he soon followed suit.
Out came the machine, asking for his choice of arena. Ryuji crossed his arms, thinking aloud.
"Uhhh, maybe something cool. Like the Osaka jail, that was pretty kickass! Or maybe-
Before he knew it, his surroundings began to change.
"Aw crap."
Taking from his unintentional choice, the Forest Floor morphed into something different. Something more modern. The floor changed into a illuminated pathway, and the gigantic trees were changed into huge structures of the same material. Even the fauna had changed, becoming bright and semi-transparent, as if they were holograms. Yet they still had a physical presence, as the two fighters may find out soon. The Forest seem to have lost the life it had, yet remained just as threatening.
Ryuji rolled his shoulders, pumping himself up.
"Welp, no time to think now! Eat this!"
The phantom thief dashed at Kragg, moving like the wind thanks to his new kicks. Using his own momentum, Ryuji attacked Kragg with a wide swing of his Imprisoned Mjolnir!

After the strike, Lucario quickly flipped back to his feet. MODOK's shield was still intact, but Lucario had done a number to it.
He could sense MODOK was aware of this, and the machine went on the evasive, throwing a window panel at Lucario before fleeing into the unfamiliar tower.
Lucario quickly shoved its hands forward, releasing a short ranged pulse ahead of himself. It covered the window panel, which shuddered briefly before shattering. Glass shards showered over the steel type as they followed after the psychic head, crashing through the window panel beside MODOK's.

Alter Knight
Alter's opponent entered her gateway. She appeared to be a priest of some sort, given the talismans on her person. Not many priest wielded swords in her world, however.
Alter quietly entered her own gateway, meeting the void with barely hidden distain.
Before the computer even asked, Alter knight answered.
"Heavenhold." she snapped

The Princess's eyes widened.
"Nightmaren?" Dagr asked tentatively. She looked NiGHTS up and down once again. The jester didn't really seem nightmarish, but then again a lot of the depictions of the dökkálfr didn't paint them as nightmarish-looking either.
"Um... Say, you wouldn't happen to be from the realm of nightmares, would you?" Dagr asked NiGHTS, a little more nervous. Dagr had grown up with tales about how the dökkálfr would go into the dreams of naughty Jotun and drag them off into Dökkálfheimr to be tormented with nightmares for all time. Of course, they were scary stories to keep kids in line. But those stories terrified Dagr as a kid, and the thought of them still made her nervous to this day...


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


The two were now caught in the center of the hurricane that swirled around them, and Jeice's response was... mostly the same as it had been. He wasn't great for this sort of thing, the misthios thought. "Malakas, you're one to talk about blahs, it's all you say!" Kassandra scoffed as Jeice hovered above, before she sighed and shook her head, mildly amused, and said with a sigh; "Fine then, show me what you have."

Jeice fired more energy blasts.

The trident of Poseidon became a hazy blur as Kassandra twirled it. Unlike the sword of Perseus, it wouldn't rebound projectiles back, but it was a supernatural item, and the energy blasts that connected with the trident dissipated, crackling away upon meeting the golden weapon. For a few, the Keeper was sure to sidestep and slide around them, allowing her 5th charge to refill.

"Yawn," Kassandra made sure to make a show of it, patting her mouth with one hand. "Seriously? What was there to like about that, you just keep repeating the same three attacks. Get a hobby. Or better yet, go ahead and die so I can move on to an actually challenging opponent."

She gave him a smile at this, one that clearly said 'fuck you' in the most universal language possible.


The mercenary shook his head as he approached the hole Magolor sank into. "Man..." he muttered to himself. "And I thought it'd ramp up after Warlock. Aw well, beggars can't be choosers. Whatever that means."

Dart then took the plunge, dropping into the hole - and he landed deftly on a strange platform. He and Magolor had arrived in very large and dark cavern. There seemed to be no walls or floor, just an empty, swallowing abyss around them. Beams made of metal and crystal extended this way and that, snaking around like ropes of road, forming a complex system. Most led to other holes, while a few led toward nothing, simply dropping off into the abyss. It was strongly reminiscent of Feyrbrand's lair, but with an industrial spin courtesy of Magolor.

The Red Warrior took a moment to look around, before he frowned, thinking. "This place is a maze..." He visually followed the roads, but they were too winding, and all the holes they led to didn't tell him anything about their destinations. It was purely up to chance, it seemed.


The window proved distraction enough, as when Lucario crashed through another window - the Man-Mind was nowhere to be seen. However, Lucario didn't require sight for these kinds of things. He could sense M.O.D.O.K.s aura - and it was a particularly strong one, filled with malice and spite. It didn't make it hard to follow an unintentional trail left behind by the Mechanized Organism.

M.O.D.O.K. had weaved his way through Avengers tower, seemingly already knowing the general area of where he wanted to go, but the trail eventually stopped at an elevator after a t-section crossroads. M.O.D.O.K. hovered in front of it, struggling to reach his hand forward to tap the call button.
"YOU BLASTED MECHANISM, RESPOND TO MY CALL!" He spat at it, before his brow furrowed and he turned around to look at Lucario, and bared his oversized teeth. "STUPID DOG! YOU'RE MAKING ME LOOK BAD!"

Immediately if Lucario moved toward him, his quad lasers began to open fire, red beams of energy bursting towards Lucario, filling the hall. And yet, if Lucario was aware enough, he would detect that there seemed to be a second M.O.D.O.K. at the other end of the hallway, similarly firing lasers to catch the Aura Pokémon between them - and both were exerting an aura, meaning it wasn't a hologram.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

As the surges of electricity and pain flowed through his opponent - so did it flow through Rinku. The demon cringed, as they suddenly found themselves unable to move.

Had...his own demonic Yo-Yos's betrayed him? No, that couldn't be it, it's as if his own Ki was acting indiscriminately. But how could that be? Another one of Weevil's traps? He seemed to have a lot of those.

As Rinku's Yo-Yos continued to spin Weevil into the ground, Rinku was helplessly swung around, unable to right himself with his own Ki.

Before he knew it, an energy blade flew last him, but a second one tore upwards, severing two Yo-Yo strings and gashing his upper arm. The Yo-Yos associated with the strings gave out a snake like whispered screech before their glow faded. The others reacted to this, letting go of Weevil, and like a hurt animal, retreated back to safety of their owner. The pair of limp toys clattered against the ground whilst Rinku, paralysis starting to fade, flew through the air, landing on a mound of red sand.

"Ngh...that was cheap." Rinku muttered spitting out a glob of sand from his mouth. "...What's that??"

Watching as the moth emerged, Rinku grimaced, still feeling aftershocks of his own refracted Ki, his accuracy with the Yo-Yo's commands no doubt to be diminished if he didn't take a second to gain his bearings. Going to the other side of a tree he had fell earlier for cover, he placed a hand on his big bruise on his chest, a white aura cloaking his hand.

That guy no doubt has it worse off that me, commanding his own beasts are going to be delayed for sure, if he even knew where I went. Meanwhile...I just need to get myself back together. Once that happens, this kid is good as dead!


Noticing the change of Dagr's demeanor, NiGHTS's own was shaken. They had been all worked up with this tourney that they accidentally let that bit of information slip. Putting their hands together almost in a praying fashion, NiGHTS offered a reluctant smile.

"Apologies! I'm not your typical Nightmaren, I cut ties with them a good hundred and twenty years ago. Causing pain and fear just isn't what I'm all about, you know? In fact, it's kinds the opposite."

Putting a hand on their hips, NiGHTS beamed, putting a had to the front of her as if declaring something.

"I'm something of a dream vagrant now really, jumping from dream to dream enjoying every day as they come. If there is a Nightmaren or twenty in there, I just boot them out!"

Nodding their head at this, NiGHTS stroked her chin, floating as if laying down on an invisible bed, their legs kicking behind them.

"What about you? I don't recall seeing any dreams of yours around. What's your story?"


Reala looked on, his arms crossed disapprovingly. His black lips scraped down across his face like nails, his eyes narrowing. He stared daggers down at NiGHTS, his twin from afar, disgusted.

Look at them. Apologizing to a visitor for being a superior specimen. What does NiGHTS need forgiveness from a visitor for? If anything, they need to be on a knee before Master Wizeman, begging for a light punishment from his greatness!
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Previously Gamingfan2
"I'm not a-"
But M.O.D.O.K wasn't having it, already revving his guns. Lucario resummoned his bone staff and twirled it, deflecting some of the beams away before Lucario's sensed something. To the aura pokemon's surprise, a second M.O.D.O.K appeared behind himself, complete with another barrage of lasers. They struck Lucario's back, and he stumbled forward. While functionally the same, the copy's aura felt weaker than the original. Yet its projectiles stung more than he expected, as if they were fire type.
Lucario swung his arm forwards, throwing a wide arc-shaped aura projectile towards M.O.D.O.K. With the snake projectiles improving his range and power, Lucario would follow up with a barrage of his own consisting of close combat techniques!

"Ah, home sweet home!" said Magolor as he took in the surroundings. The faint sounds of machinery from the holes seemed to excite the little mage, who floated around and deeply studied each entrance. He had already vanished into one that struck his fancy before Dart's words brought him back.
"Wait, shouldn't you know how to go? I thought this place was familiar to you. The egg engines I know wasn't this convoluted."

She just managed to block his attacks once again! The spartan continued to mock him. She even had the audacity to yawn, as if he was boring her! This savage! And that cocky smirk. How dare she mock the mighty Ginyu Fo-

Hold on.

A realization hit Jeice. She was deliberately baiting him. It was the same thing she did right before she hit him with that flurry rush, and the same thing she had been doing this entire match. Jeice paused, floating mid-air above Kassandra.
"Hm... Okay then, savage." Jeice said to Kassandra. "I've been the one puttin' all the work into this relationship. If you think you can do so much better, then let's see it, huh?"
Jeice took a defensive stance, still floating above Kassandra.
"Come on then. If I've been boring you so much, why don't you show me what you've got?"

Weevil Underwood

The insect duelist gasped with relief as he was released from the yo-yo's paralysis. Relief. Sweet relief. He slowly crawled his way out of the hole the yo-yos drilled him into. That was the most painful experience he had ever gone through. But he was so close to winning this battle. And those rare cards waiting at the end... and... if he lost here.... He would be just a second rate duelists. A loser. Weevil was no loser. He was a regional champ. A regional champ! He'd win this, no matter what!

Weakly, Weevil drew a card from his deck. Kiseitai created more energy from Rinku, and the insect duelist felt a burst of energy. Weevil's wounds began to heal. He could do this. He could win! Weevil chuckled. And look who was here! The Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth had hatched from its cocoon. Its massive form dominated the battlefield. And strangely enough, Rinku was nowhere to be seen. The demon boy must be cowering in fear before his ultimate monster!

"Oh Rinku~!" Weevil called out. He looked at the card he drew. Killer Needle, another monster card. "Where are you~? Don't tell me you're the one hiding from me now? What's the matter, Rinku? Scared? Well, as someone once told me, if you're scared, why don't you go ahead and throw the match?!"
Weevil played Killer Needle face-down, in defense mode. A way to protect himself, should Rinku try to sneak attack.
"Let's see... where to have my ultimate monster attack..." Weevil pointed a random direction.
"Hercules Beetle, defend me! Now, my Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth! Show this fool your power! Attack!" Weevil commanded. Hercules Beetle moved in to defend Weevil. At the same time, the Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth began to beat its wings. Hurricane-force winds blew through a part of the battle arena, blowing away all that was in the area!


At NiGHTS explanation, Dagr relaxed. She waved her hand.
"No, no. You don't need to apologize. If anything, I should. I just heard 'Nightmaren' and made an assumption, even though we're from completely different worlds." Dagr said. Still, NiGHTS' explanation did put Dagr at ease. The way the jester described it, she sounded like she was a Ljósálfar. A fairy from Ljósálfarheimr, the land of dreams. But Dagr was once again going on assumptions, NiGHTS was from a completely different group of worlds. For all Dagr knew, it could be completely different.

Dagr nodded, leaning on her poleaxe once again
"As for my story, yeah, sure. I'm the princess of Jötunheimr, the land of giants. Technically, we call ourselves Jötun if you want to get into it. My sister Nótt is the one in line for the crown, but that'll change once I'm able to beat her butt in battle. She's here actually, so this tournament might be my chance to do it!" Dagr said. Why was she being so open about this? Eh, why not? It's not like these people were from her world, or even from the same group of worlds she was in.
"As for dreams, here's one for you. My dream that I'll beat my sister, become the queen of Jötunheimr, and have a reign that'll be a lot of fun for everyone!" Dagr said. She grinned. "Hey, it's pretty fun telling people about your dreams, huh?"


Previously Manu456Alola
The void quickly began to transform following Alter Knight's input, space warping to reveal a mountain emerging from below the two. As it rose higher in the air, a small town took form on its side, several small buildings sprouting from the ground, a small river flowing throughout the middle. While some of the buildings appeared rudimentary and from an era long past, others were very high-tech looking and covered in neon lights, a few actually arcade machines. A variety of neon signs and holograms appeared as well, haphazardly spread throughout, illuminating the area in the nighttime Kirin and Alter Knight found themselves in. A full moon hung high above, and a series of tall walls isolated the town from the rest of the area, limiting the arena somewhat.

"Alright," Kirin muttered, drawing her sword and procuring a set of talismans, imbuing them with her Septima. "Good luck!"

The Battle Priestess wasted no time as she rushed in, throwing her talismans one by one, adjusting her aim accordingly to Alter Knight's movements. Once she got close enough, she would strike with a series of careful yet swift slashes, trying to find an opening.​

"Uh, nice to meet you too," Pit replied, shaking 808's paw, a little surprised by how soft the fur was. For a robot, anyway. Chai spaced out for a bit in his attempt to comprehend his current interaction, which earned a chuckle from Palutena.

"Y'know, the existence of an afterlife does shock many mortals when they first find out. Though I guess not many learn about it BEFORE they die..."

"I mean, Magnus did seem to take his first meeting with me pretty well."

Regardless, Chai came to his own conclusion fairly quickly, focusing back on their actual upcoming battle. As he put it, it was bound to be quite the show, and Pit couldn't agree more. People here were full of surprises, so he couldn't wait to see what this opponent brought to the table! Even though he didn't quite know what a "rockstar" was...

"Aw yeah! I've never fought a rockstar before, so it's gotta be awesome! What do you say we get right to it?"​

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

That guy's voice is nauseating...

Rinku's wounds had sealed, and his Ki had evened out from his previous paralysis. From how Weevil was acting, sounded like he didn't take as much damage as he originally figured, on top of having a brand new pest to take care of. With only six of his eight Yo-Yos still in commission, he needed to be smart how he utilized the remainder.

Harsh winds began to brew, growing louder and closer. That moth of his seemed to have a lot of surface area...was this what Weevil was building up for this whole time? It was when the fallen tree he was hiding behind started to shake and get thrown up into the air did Rinku dash into action.

Pink vibrant energy burned off of his skin as he made a beeline towards Weevil, who made his position abundantly clear. Squinting his eyes through the soaring winds, he shot out his Yo-Yos all at once to split open the enemy beetle before dropkicking through the void it used to be to break the dweeb's chest open!


The genderless jester nodded along, listening intently to Dagr's story, her ambition. To beat her sister and claim her rightful place? That was an interesting yet all too familiar goal that they were aware about. While NiGHTS never had that themselves, their twin would have another opinion on the subject.

"Becoming queen by beating her, eh? Sounds like you two have a competing dream." NiGHTS nodded. "Can't say it doesn't sound familiar though. My own twin, Reala, has rhymes of that, and he's a handful."

Scoffing at his mention, they righted themselves, floating cross legged just a couple feet above Dagr.

"You two are still in the tourney after all, so we may get that big showdown after all!"


"I was waiting for you to say that." Chai grinned eagerly. "Let's go!!"

808 transformed into their floating ball form and flew alongside Chai as he went with a running start, vaulting into the portal. Landing inside of the battle area, Chai rested his guitar on his shoulders.

"Hey ominous AI voice! Bring up Rekka's fighting ring for me."


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Lucario's attack proved successful, as he battered through M.O.D.O.K.s shield, the bubble flaring and dissipating. The Aura Pokémon had to sustain some damage to do it, but he succeeded, and he followed through, completing his attack. The Mechanized Organism seemed to burst at the contact as the other cackled loudly. "CONFUSED? YOU SHOULD BE."

Another M.O.D.O.K. barreled toward them from the hall Lucario had taken to get here as the elevator doors shattered open, a third M.O.D.O.K. ripping his way forward, spittle flying from his grotesque grin.
"WHICH OF ME COULD BE REAL?" He sneered, and all three continued to fire upon Lucario.

"YOU WON'T KNOW," the second M.O.D.O.K. taunted.

"UNTIL THE COLLECTIVE I DEEM IT SO!" They all chanted in unison. Their auras were all the same, none brighter than the others, as though they were carbon copies of one another. That... or the real M.O.D.O.K. wasn't even here in this hall, and he was merely delaying the Aura Pokémon.


"Heh," the Red Warrior scratched the back of his head in mild embarrassment. "I guess I should, but... it's different. Bigger. And I had help last time, too. I would NOT have figured this out on my own."

He walked forward on the massive rope suspended beneath them. "But... maybe this hole?" He leapt down toward an adjacent rope, and pointed his sword toward one of the many holes.


The misthios couldn't contain a snort, and she covered her mouth slightly. "Sorry, sorry, it's just- it's funny. You said that like I have anything to prove to you." Kassandra recovered herself, and placed a hand on her hip. "That's just it though: I don't."


Kassandra's eyes suddenly dilated, and she took a step back. The voice that had suddenly appeared in her mind, unheard by Jeice, gave the misthios pause. It was a voice she recognized. Not the automated voice - it was Aletheia. The god within the Staff of Hermes. She had been dormant for centuries... why was she surfacing now? In this battle, of all places??

"Not now, Aletheia," Kassandra muttered to herself.

"We need to speak, Keeper."

"I said not now," the Keeper hissed.
Weevil Underwood

Rinku made his move. The demon boy burst through the Hercules Beetle, but instead of Weevil... a massive wasp awaited him! Killer Needle revealed itself, moving in to protect Weevil. With a single kick, Rinku destroyed Killer Needle. But the giant wasp had done its job, taking the attack Weevil would have taken. The insect duelist grinned sadistically.

"This is it, Rinku! Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth, Ultimate Tornado of Doom!" Weevil commanded. The Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth stopped creating the hurricane winds, a sphere of energy appearing beneath it. Crackles of lighting burst off of it, and suddenly a massive whirlwind of energy and wind shot down towards Rinku. The Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth's perfectly ultimate attack!


"Well, of course I'd be waiting 'till my mother either passed away or seceded the throne. But yeah, you get it! I certainly hope I get a matchup with my sis here, I know this time will be different." Dagr grinned, cracking her knuckles.
"Honestly, I'm just glad I'm getting to fight all these different people. Everyone here's so strong, and has so many different techniques that are different from my world. And I haven't even seen all the different styles from there! It's so cool."

"Anyway, I've been holding the two of you up for too long. We'll have plenty more time to talk after Beam beats you." Dagr teased NiGHTS. The Princess turned her attention back to the shark devil.
"Do your best, Beam! Eat her up!" Dagr cheered the shark devil. She walked away from the pair, waving as she did.

"Good luck! I'm gonna go find this Jevil guy." Dagr said.


"What?! You've been the one running around and hiding!" Jeice said. He snarled, crossing his arms. "See, I've got you figured out now. Your little gimmick. Your fighting style is just about countering your opponent's attacks. But if you can't counter an opponent's attack, you can't do anything at all. Right?!"

Of course, it all made sense! Why she was so good at dodging and evading, sneaking around. She was able to knock back and deflect his energy attacks, and that crazy flurry rush she did, it was only right in the middle of his attack that she did it! Jeice grinned. He had this broad all figured out. So proud of himself of this realization, he didn't notice Kassandra talking to herself.

"So come on then. Hit me with your best shot!" Jeice said to Kassandra.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


Jeice continued to shout stuff out in his usual tone, but Kassandra wasn't exactly listening to him. Aletheia was the goddess that lived within the Staff of Hermes... when she wanted to talk, it was often serious. Perhaps Aletheia was concerned over the misthios attempting to alter the course of history.

"Conclude your business," Aletheia's voice spoke within the Keeper's mind. "So we can talk."

"Ugh, malakas, fine," Kassandra groaned, unaware that her reply (and following actions) worked as a response to Jeice as well. The whirlpool had begun to stagnate around them, but as the misthios raised the trident a little higher, the tidal waters rose again, and this time reaching each corner of the room---

They covered the lights once more, dousing the cavern in a watery darkness.

With her Eagle Vision, Kassandra could see Jeice. Even if he somehow hid himself somewhere, his visage would be clear as day to her. A gift from the Isu.

The misthios darted toward Jeice, and whichever way he turned, the trident would react to Kassandra's impulses, sending out a blast of water both to soak him and disorient him, but also to push Kassandra in his direction as she aimed to slash him with a flurry of blows from the trident. To add lethality to the mix, Kassandra consumed one adrenaline slot to use Venomous Attacks.

The trident seeped a green, toxic cloud as it dripped with acidic venom. Every successful strike on Jeice would maintain its original appeal of force and sharpness, now coupled with poison that would eat away at flesh and armor it made contact with. Arachne's Stinger was naturally poisonous, yes, but its poison was passive. This was an active poison - far more deadly.


Previously Manu456Alola

Pit followed after Chai, pumped up in his own right. As the two entered the gateway, Chai was quick to provide his own input: a fighting ring. A good old classic for a battle.

"I'll pick, hmm... the Thunder Cloud Temple!"

With that second request, the white void filled with colors. A massive floating island manifested below the two fighters, spawning a series of buildings across it, though the biggest of them all was were Pit and Chai were placed; right at the very top of it. The actual fighting arena mostly resembled Rekka's ring, composed mostly of metal plating and gates, though they were contrasted by large stone pillars located at each of the four corners. They glowed with a soft azure hue, sky-blue electricity coursing from them and throughout the walls, forming a closed circuit high above the fighters.

A mix of lightning-fueled lamps and stage lights came to life above them, a series of screens along the walls showing photos of both fighters with a crimson "V.S." between them, similarly to a boxing match advertisement. Pit looked around in awe at this, summoning his Palutena Bow in his right hand.

"Talk about presentation, huh?" The angel commented, before he turned to face Chai with a grin. "You ready for this?!"

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Another creature had come between him and his prize but was quickly removed. Now there only was one threat to his goal: the moth. But it seemed the Perfect whatever moth was commanded to hit up with a strong burst of wind directly. That sounded painful.

But what Weevil surely didn't account for was positioning. Rinku was already nearby, dangerously so. So when the command was issued, the demon lunged towards Weevil, ending up behind him. His demonic Yo-Yos rushing to encircle the boy, but not paralyze him this time.

"So, kid. I think I could survive a direct hit of that thing...can you say the same? Looks big enough to hit us both!"

He snickered, hugging closer to Weevil at all times, ready for them both to be smashed by a torrent of brutal winds!


"Oh yeah! Almost forgot we had a fight. Well it was nice to meet you Dagr, good luck on your fight too!"

NiGHTS waved her off, putting their hands on their hips as they turned over to the otherwise silent Beam, who was waiting just outside their circle.

"You looks like a eager fella. What say you and I get on with the brawl then?!"


As the place materialized around them, Chai's chest seemed to beat by itself. An artificial heartbeat caused by the device lodged in it. An invisible pulse came from it, tingling the electronics in the stage. The speakers on the stage played a track in loud form, a guitar signifying the start of the match as sparks shot up from biggest screen. It felt as if they were right front and center for some kind of epic boxing match!

"Oh yeah, I can dig this." Chai nodded his head faintly to the beat as he looked around the stage, motioning over to Pit. "Let's do it, feather boy!"

As he said this, his guitar began to vibrate, sound waves compressing and building before-


He was sent forward with shocking speed, his feet flying off the ground as a the sound of a loud guitar blared through the area- Staccato Launch! Twirling his guitar in the air, he'd swing it to slam it over his head, using his strength and momentum to overwhelm his foe!
Audrey Redheart
"Urgh, nobody teach you to shut up!?" Was the next thing Grazie could hear over the sounds of their weapons colliding, Audrey's teeth beginning to grit as she pushed, hard.
She overextended a little too much, however, and she felt Grazie's sand grab at her arm, before pushing it off in order to throw the Hero off guard.

Eya's chosen one barely moved her sword in time to lessen the impact of swing, though was knocked back and had to roll back onto her feet.
"Hm, yeah, this is what I'd call a real boss fight! I just gotta find your weakness!" She decided, pointing her blade to the sky as a show of force - Lightning from the heavens absorbed into her sword once more before she lowered it, letting the sand at her feet take in some of it. At least she noticed that it was pretty good at stopping it, that was quite lucky.

"You scared yet, kid? I bet you can figure what godly lightning can do to ya." The Hero spat out her next taunt as she dashed right at Grazie once again. "Let's see how you handle my overcharged strikes!" She added - It was as if she was trying to channel the similarities of someone she knew from the world she was assuming Grazie originated with those words. She swung forward with 3 swings of her blade onto Grazie, each one with empowered force from the lightning stored within, before attempted to zip behind Grazie with a fast dash and another slash which would allow the lightning to pass out of the blade into the adept.

The Warlock
While Rex Raptor was blabbing on about how weak the phantom warriors were, before trying to save face over forgetting his own creature, the Warlock stood up out of stasis.

"So, you defeated them so fast - Bravo, would you like a medal for slaying that which is already dead?" His loud voice shouted out towards Rex, despite his hiding behind the ADVENT clinic. With more purple glowing energy, The Warlock suddenly fired it up, with purple pillars of light suddenly appearing around Rex as 3 more psionic zombies, priming themselves to explode in an instant, appeared.

"Well, come and get me, Fool." The Mindripper taunted Rex, very obviously trying to lure either him or his monsters over to the Warlock.

Kassandra raised the waves around the arena again, obscuring the arena in darkness. A trick she used before. The scouter still showed where this woman was, but Jeice knew he needed more than that. He began to focus his ki, with the red aura letting off light and illuminating the area in a dull red glow. That, combined with the scouter, gave him a pretty good indication as to what the savage was doing.

A blast of water suddenly struck Jeice in the back, knocking him forwards. Out of the darkness, Kassandra launched herself at Jeice. The Ginyu Force member flew backwards, the water slowing his escape but still keeping him moving. In the dim light of his aura, Jeice quickly blocked and parried each attack in Kass' flurry.

It became immediately apparent that something was wrong. The strange aura that now covered Kassandra's trident quickly ate through Jeice's gloves, and he could feel it burning his skin. It was spreading up his arms, burning like acid! Jeice stopped blocking the attacks, instead trying his best to bob and weave around the attacks.

His arms, his leg... This wasn't looking good. A familiar energy formed around his foot. Jeice was being forced to improvise...

"Rgh... I... I WON'T LOSE TO YOU!!!" Jeice screamed. He suddenly grabbed the trident with both hands, and aimed a powerful kick at Kassandra's head. The energy around his foot was that of his energy blade, forming an incredibly sharp ki blade around his foot. It was an unusual, unorthodox move that Jeice had only tested, never used in battle, but Kassandra was an unusual, unorthodox opponent.

Weevil Underwood

Suddenly, Rinku was right behind him. No cards on the field. No cards in his hand. Weevil tried to go for his deck, but the yo-yos wrapped around him! Unlike last time, there was no paralysis!

"W-wait!" Weevil exclaimed.
"So, kid. I think I could survive a direct hit of that thing...can you say the same? Looks big enough to hit us both!" Rinku grinned.

Weevil looked up to his massive monster in panic. He struggled, trying to reach for a card, for something, anything!
"H-hold your fire!" Weevil screamed. But it was too late. The Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth unleashed its attack as Rinku gripped Weevil tighter. The massive tornado enveloped the pair of fighters....



Weevil Eliminated.JPG


"Hm, where is... ah! There!"

Having taken some time to calm herself over that rather embarrassing conversation with Dagr (why did Ryuji have her do that? Of course it was part of the bet, but he wasn't even watching! What's the point of embarrassing someone if you're not around to see it?!), Nótt was ready for her next fight. It was against Taskmaster, one of the men she had met in the very beginning of her time here in the tournament. He appears had won his fight against Masaru. And there the masked man was, lurking in a shadowy corner.

Despite the mask, Nótt had an idea of what he was doing. Scoping out the competition, like she had been doing during her time relaxing with Skull.
"Hello there! Taskmaster!" Nótt said, walking towards the mercenary. She gave the man a smile. "Are you enjoying your time in this tournament so far?"


The teen let out a satisfied sigh, leaning back in his seat at the Regular Burger. The teen had absolutely demolished 2 and half meals, eating so much food it surprised even him! But once he got started, Bakura realized just how hungry he was. And the best of all, the shopkeeper had told him it was free. Perks of being a competitor, Bakura supposed. Even if he had been eliminated.

His food finished, Bakura leaned forward and started watching some of the fights. Chai's fight was starting, up against an angelic-looking teen. Their fight even had their own theme music.
"Whoa..." Bakura said as the two started to go at it. It was like... an anime, or those fantasy battles in those ttrpgs he played.

His stomach full, and now he was out of the tournament. That meant... he should probably head home, shouldn't he? Bakura looked across the plaza to exit gate. Just walking through that, and he would be back in his own world. There, he could try to find the help of a doctor...

Why did the thought of that make a knot in stomach? It was like... there was something more to this. Something else. Was he really just crazy? Or sick? Bakura sighed, looking down at the table. Wait.

Bakura looked across the plaza again. There, not too far away and sitting by herself, was that strange creature that had fought alongside Kirin in the opening matches. Nephthys. The little blurb at the start of the tournament had called her a 'Gardevoir', and called her a Fairy and a Psychic. She definitely displayed quite a bit of psychic power during her battle with Weevil and Rex. If this really was all in his mind, perhaps she would be able to help.

Bakura approached the Pokemon. Now that he was closer, he could see how alien she looked. She looked like she was straight from a duel monsters card. He cleared his throat nervously.
"Uh, um... Excuse me? Ms. Nephthys?" Bakura asked. What was he doing? Could she even understand him? Would she even want to help him?


Previously turnt3chGodh34d


The blocks quickly began to wear down on Jeice, and he recognized that, changing his tactics. For the relative darkness and ferocity, he was doing fairly well at evading a great deal of her swings, all things considered. His hands grasped her trident, causing a full stop, and he yelled out his refusal of the current situation.

His kick came for her, and she could see it was almost completely unavoidable, the energy of his blade coating it. That was new and creative of him. Enough to force Kassandra to react accordingly. She'd built up a sixth charge, which she now expended as she called upon Ring of Chaos. A swell of heat and flames erupted out of Kassandra, carrying with it a repelling concussive force. It was dichotomy to the fluidity of the water around them as the vicious flames appeared like a ball of fire propelling outward with enough force to flatten most people into the ground - had they been standing anywhere.

The Ring of Chaos was a supernatural force that would repel everything around Kassandra for up to 7 meters with crushing force. Good for eliminating swarms of enemies, or pulling off maneuvers like this to evade any bad damage.

The fire would have been most prominent at Jeice's fingers, as that was nearest, quickly followed by his foot before it would rapidly overcome the rest of him if he didn't cover enough distance to evade the counter. The trident of Poseidon vanished in a flash of light, and as it did, the walls of water collapsed and Kassandra landed on the ground, now procuring the Hammer of Hades, black flames flickering off of the blunt end.

"And I won't lose to you," the misthios told her opponent. "I have too much at stake. You wanted a fight? You've got it."


She had to admit, she was getting a little too into some of these fights. Her body twitched with suppressed movements, staring intently as Weevil was finally outwitted, and put down. Finally, he'd lost, and his name appeared in the 'Eliminated' bracket.

Serves him right, the slimy little slug he was.

However, a voice drew her away from the fights. She would have noticed the approach if she hadn't been so invested in Weevil's defeat. The gardevoir's head snapped to the side, and she took in the visage of a young boy bearing long white hair. Immediately, the Embrace Pokémon recognized what he was. This boy was like Rex and Weevil. He came from where they did.

Nephthys had to suppress a groan. She just couldn't escape these kids, could she? She'd never met a trainer as obnoxious and ignorant as Weevil and Rex respectively. However, her passive empathy was quick to catch on to a genuine uncertainty emanating from this boy. She gave pause, enough to watch Weevil slink back through the gate to let his defeat fully soak in. How satisfying.

Her attention quickly redirected back toward Bakura.
<You can exclude the honorifics - I am just Nephthys.>


Previously Manu456Alola
Chai wasted no time in attacking, practically flying at Pit with an overhead swing of his guitar. Pit took a step back at the sight of this, the bow in his hands splitting in half to form two golden blades, proceeding to lift them above him in the shape of an 'X'. Chai's scrap guitar clashed with the divine weapons, sparks flying off from the impact, Pit proving more physically capable than Chai may have thought.

"This song's got you real pumped up, huh?"

Still clashing with Chai's attack, Pit would make a sudden attempt to kick his opponent in the gut and knock him away, choosing to roll under Chai should he fail. Regardless, he would seek to put some distance between them, joining his blades back into a bow before letting loose a flurry of arrows of light.​

Godly lightning? Yikes, she really was pulling a page out of Kirin's book. Just that she didn't need no partner to summon said lightning...

Grazie chose to play it a little more passively following this revelation, calling the nearby sand closer to her in preparation for Audrey's attack. When Audrey first struck, a thick wall of sand rose to meet her - and the hero nearly cut through it, pushing her back slightly as she went in for another swing. What remained of the sand wall suddenly burst outwards, kicking up a thick cloud that obscured Audrey's vision just enough for Grazie to leap backwards, away from another electrified swing.

Audrey paid little mind to this as she kept up the assault, this time jabbing with a bound forward - managing to just reach the retreating Grazie, striking her arm as part of the charge was released into her body. The Adept's body froze up for a second, the lightning coursing through her being quickly insulated by the sand, but it provided enough of an opening for Audrey to dash behind her, slashing at Grazie's back and letting loose the rest of the electric charge.

The Adept of Sandstorm was blasted backwards by the strike, gritting her teeth as she rolled along the sand-covered ground. The gash along her armor's back was already starting to heal up, being covered up by more sand - but she found herself struggling to move, the lightning coursing through her having more of a paralyzing effect than the likes of an Azure Striker's more destructive power.

"T-that's some right godly lightnin', no kiddin'...!"

Despite the paralysis effect placed on her, she managed to maintain her focus. That lightning was dang strong, but Audrey herself didn't seem extraordinarily durable. She just needed to pull the rug out from below her. The sands around the two remained still...​